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American Sniper

Chris Kyle (born 1974) is a former United States Navy SEAL. He is the deadliest sniper in United States military history, with 160 confirmed kills (out of 255 claimed kills).

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After watching American Sniper again I'm even more depressed that Hillary is going to be out next president
Every time I see Lone Survivor or American sniper, I feel like enlisting.
American sniper will always be my favourite movie
I always think of the Malvos when I see "American Sniper" phrase
American Sniper has got to be the best War movie out there.
An band of brothers, out to recapture
I still can't choose between Black Hawk Down, American Sniper, & Lone Survivor.
American Sniper is such an underrated movie..
An Iraqi band of brothers: They watch 'American Sniper' and play 'Call of Duty' – and they're out to recapture Mosul
The band of brothers are out to capture from They watch American Sniper and play Call of Duty. https…
Skadoodle huge performance for the american sniper. lov u Tyler ❤️
I feel like watching Lone Survivor or American Sniper but neither are on Netflix gr8
American Sniper was good, the attention to detail was astonishing. Clint Eastwood is a great director. Have you seen Gran Torino?
Chris Kyle's hometown of Odessa, Texas unveiled this memorial statue of the American Sniper 🇺🇸
Trying to decide whether to watch American Sniper or Practical Magic.
Routh found Guilty in 'American Sniper' trial. (Sent from WFAA)
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People mad that Bradley Cooper who played the American Sniper is not a republican is like being mad Dr.Pepper isn't a real d…
If you think it's absurd that Bradley Cooper was in American Sniper but is at the DNC, I got some bad news about OJ in…
The 'American Sniper' star opens up on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden.'
You’ll Be Seeing a Lot More of 'American Sniper' Widow Taya Kyle on Fox News via
Taya Kyle, widow of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle, is joining the team
Delusional Repubs Upset That Bradley Cooper (played American Sniper) sat in at DNC via
New Contributing Factor podcast with American Sniper's Kevin Lacz (Listen here or i…
Could you perhaps cover the story of people being upset over Bradley Cooper not being a Republican because of American Sniper?
Bradley Cooper attends upsets some conservative fans
Chris Kyle's hometown of Odessa, TX unveils memorial statue of the American Sniper.
. The man is losing the election and his sanity...
fans are upset Bradley Cooper attended the
American Sniper.. Have no idea how I slept on that
Bradley Cooper shows up to the DNC. Not an American Sniper. . h…
Republicans lose their minds seeing 'American Sniper' actor at the DNC. Hey—he was one of us!
I'm conservative. I don't care that Bradley Cooper was at the DNC. He did an excellent job in American Sniper.
Memorial for 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle unveiled in Texas. Chris Kyle was a hero.
When Republicans thought Bradley Cooper was one of them since he's on American Sniper, but they saw him at the DNC http…
Memorial for real-life 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle unveiled in Texas city where he was born
wait till they find out American Sniper is an extremely dramatized version of stories Chris Kyle made up to begin with
Some people actually believe Bradley Cooper was the American Sniper. Have you people ever seen a movie? Do you know wh…
criticize "American Sniper" actor Cooper for attending It's a MOVIE you ignorant manipulati…
American Sniper fans upset about Bradley Cooper at the DNC. They feel betrayed. No one tell them about the baby.
Like conservatives have seen any if his movies except American Sniper. You go Bradley Cooper.
Bradley Cooper's DNC appearance irks American Sniper fans because they think that movies are real & actors don't act
Bradley Cooper's DNC appearance irks some conservatives because of his portrayal of Navy SEAL in 'American Sniper.'
With the ads for the new Snowden movie and in the spirit of Aliens v Predator + Batman v Superman I can't wait for American Sniper v Snowden
"American Sniper" had fewer medals than claimed, Navy says: In his best selling book, Chris Kyle wrote he had received two Silver Sta...
American Sniper is one of the best movie's ever made
(American Sniper and confusion. I must believe I'm a winner in this dirty war and I do believe.)
“American Sniper” Chris Kyle didn’t receive all the medals he said he was awarded in his book. finds:
After an investigation,Navy lowers 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle's medal count He is an American my book.
‘American Sniper’ exaggerated medal count: Chris Kyle, regarded as the deadliest sniper in U.S. military hist...
The police down Baton Rouge legit look like they're going to a casting call for the Lone Survivor or American Sniper. Ain't that serious.
went fishing, saw a few gators like usual and then headed back home to get emotional watching "American Sniper"
Documents show different medal count for 'American Sniper'
THE BFG is Spielberg's AMERICAN SNIPER: a fantastical tale by a master that feels amateurish; made for those already familiar w/ subject.
oh jedjxi there's so many I lovvve American sniper tho
Started reading American Sniper today and it's one of the best books I've read in a while 😍 I haven't put it down.
just can't let a hero rest. Political correctness run amok. It is quite sickening
Documents show different medal count for 'American Sniper'.
A Navy investigation found "American Sniper" Navy Seal Chris Kyle overstated the number of medals he was awarded
If you saw 'American Sniper' than surely understand what I mean. This Nazi propaganda machine is nothing but a culture of death. Death cult
Jesse Ventura's $1.8M award in "American Sniper" case tossed out: Former Minnesota governor says he was defam...
How do you distract 80 Marines? Put on American Sniper in the squad bay
Nothing like watching Lone Surviver, American Sniper, & Seal Team Six is this Memorial Day!
so basically im watching military movies all day. American Sniper, Seal Team 6, Act of Valor, Officer & a Gentleman, & Lone Survivor
San Andreas, American Sniper, Annabelle, Godzilla + many more they're not desperate enough to just chose harry if hes no good.
We go to the movies for important films like Lone Survivor, American Sniper, 13 Hrs.
"13 hours" to begin Memorial Day Weekend. Wonder if I can fit in "Lone Survivor", "Blackhawk Down", and "American Sniper".
Best war movies of all time: 'American Sniper,' 'Saving Private Ryan,' more - Newsday
finally watched American Sniper, it really is us Christians/Jews vs Islam
Documents show different medal count for 'American Sniper no big deal, Bradley Cooper lies all the time, its his job
The movies like Black Hawk Down, Zero Dark Thirty, Saving Private Ryan, and American Sniper always get me man.honor the troops everyday
Ohh my gosh. American Sniper touch my heart
Watching Flags of Our Fathers. Hated American Sniper, but I heard that this and Letters From Iwo Jima are far better and more nuanced.
Picking off Germans on D-Day as an American Sniper.. Saving Private Ryan meets Red Orchestra 2!
American Sniper memorial will include trees from George W Bush's Texas ranch
Headstone of 'American Sniper' and 'The Legend' Chris Kyle unveiled at the Texas State Cemetery this week | SOFREP
American Sniper, featuring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle and directed by Clint Eastwood. If you've not watched it, put it on your list.
i dont waste my time with that fake stuff! Give me real life stuff (Lone Survivor, American Sniper, etc.)
American Sniper, all time favorite movie 😩❤️
Just got through watching American Sniper. Good movie frl
Just saw American Sniper for the first time, I'm never watching a war movie again.
Crazy to think that a Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle were good friends. Two great books and movies in Lone Survivor and American Sniper
Andrew Peterson says relationship in American Sniper very accurate and that wife was under as much stress worrying about Chris.
I'll never forget how painfully quiet it was in the theater after American Sniper ended.
Just me or does Zach Ryder look like Bradley Cooper in American Sniper??
“I’m no hero,” he maintained. “The reason I agreed to write American Sniper (his autobiography, written with...
It'd take 21 hours exercise/week & about $1900-$2100/week in training, food, supplements to get American Sniper body
What you'd have to pay to build to bulk up like Bradley Cooper did for American Sniper
I added a video to a playlist Delta sniper John McPhee on The movie American Sniper .The Sheriff of
Our eBook title is American Sniper. Listen to interview with Chris Kyle's widow, Taya
I'm not going to say I haven't before. But it's like everyone thinks they are the "American sniper" suddenly.
Double tap for the American sniper Patrick Kane🇺🇸... (Vine by Hockeys Best™)
looks like a school boy but shoots like American Sniper! Man is deadly.
and I are the American Snipers of The Division. is carrying our sniper ammo.
Let's not forget the Wife of 'American Sniper' Taya Kyle has also endorsed
when my options are to either go back to sleep or keep watching American Sniper, I choose American Sniper
Last year there was American Sniper, now we need Korean Sniper starring PraY.
American sniper it's such a good movie!
Man Chris Kyle the "American Sniper " guy was a weird cat, appreciate his service but he seemed like he signed up for the wrong reasons
face & I watched American Sniper and of course it ended with me ugly crying
PUNISHER SKULL decal sticker car truck windows Just like in American Sniper!
PUNISHER SKULL 10" Tall decal sticker car truck Just like in American Sniper!
How was this movie received? Like wow this reminds me a lot of the American Sniper argument. UGH
Chemicals used in the production of crystal meth - the drug made infamous in the American TV crime drama - were recovered
The American Sniper before it was painted.
I'm tired of these movies/tv shows/books with "American" in the title. American Dad. American Sniper. American Assassin. AMERICAN YOU STOP?!
I could watch American Sniper 12 times in a row and be completely content with life.
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An hour into American Sniper and I'm crying.
Someone come cuddle and watch American sniper w me
Steph Curry is the American Sniper of basketball
the american sniper murders 8 people with one bullet 2000miles away from a beach chair in hawaii, winks at the camera and says "I…
This fool Stephen curry Is the American sniper 🤑
American Sniper is my favorite movie right now
Finally got a chance to watch American Sniper. What a good movie
American Sniper was another great movie of his also.
Never understood how people could watch the same movie over and over again until I saw American Sniper
can anyone recommend any films along the same line as 'Gone Girl' or 'American Sniper' please 😘
The snipers in the Enemy at the Gates didn't chat so much as in American Sniper. Oh, and Elliot Grey just died.
.American Sniper killed on gun range, NOT safe in Public Parks …
American Sniper murderer Eddie Ray Routh wants new trial 1 year after conviction. Attorneys still say he's insane.
Eddie Ray Routh, convicted of killing "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, wants a new trial
They made Chris Kyle look like a protagonist super hero in "American Sniper" like he didn't murder unarmed children
Chris Kyle, (the soldier portrayed in American Sniper) was not a hero. He partook in an imperialist war and killed hundreds o…
American Sniper, Lone Survivor, Act of Valor, 13 Hours and Nicholas Sparks movies are my favorite..there's no in betwee…
Chris Kyle was murdered on this day 3 years ago... Guess that means I need to watch American Sniper sometime today.
Taya recently sat down with Sawyer Smith for a chat about God, Guns, American Sniper and more...check out the...
True American Hero Chuck Mawhinney! Deadliest Marine sniper in U. S. history. What an honor to see him again! https…
Kingdom Forgiver: looking for the Other Way in an 'American Sniper' world NEW POST
American Sniper ruined so many things about last year.
American Sniper is my favourite movie
well I mean he watched American Sniper like a true *** American last summer
American Sniper never gets old Chris Kyle is the 🐐
ughh I get propa Bradley Cooper in American Sniper when I read abt Al Shabab killin ppl :'(
American Sniper really gave me insight about what soldiers go through in war. It's crazy. We don't value these people enough.
. Winter soldier. Revenant. American sniper. Age of ultron. Boy in the striped pamajas (comedy)
Get over yourself Hollywood! Didn't they snub American Sniper? Better yet, give them all an Oscar... Sry 4 the sarcasm!
I am no military general, but after reading and watching American Sniper, we need to step up. Big time!!
American Sniper plot: A superhero in the form of an angel (Chris Kyle) is infallible and omnipresent while a make-believe sniper hunts him.
I had to fight back sobbing like a baby just at the trailer of American Sniper.
The end of American sniper is so sad man
watched American sniper last night it was one of the most saddest movies I've ever seen
I can't find American Sniper anywhere in my room
1. Rise of the dark knight, 2. goodfellas, 3.American gangster. American sniper and Blow tie for 4th.
Why audiences, veterans like 'American Sniper'2: via
This week I am watching... American Sniper... For like the 20th time, emotional, based on true story!
Saw the trailer for The 13. Kinda wanna see how white it is on a range of 1 to American Sniper.
I just watched American sniper for the first one
Didn't see American Sniper down under. Around here it's just another US war movie.
American Sniper gets me every time 😰
Beautiful building in L'Ocean, where scenes of American Sniper were shot i think.
The end of American sniper always makes me cry
I can't watch American Sniper one single time w/o my gf imagining herself boning Bradley Cooper ffs 😓
American Sniper is a sad movie mane
Two of my faves in one movie. Cool. . NW: American Sniper.
I wasn't wrong... it's really . NW: American Sniper.
Just watched American sniper for the first time, loved it just like everyone else
Ugh American Sniper u get me every time
American sniper is so sad 😢.. We always watching war movies lol
I hear Bradley Cooper plays two black men in the American Sniper?
Finally got around to watching American Sniper. B Coops was great. Oh, and only his friends can call him that.
Watching American Sniper - I wonder how it did internationally?
I cry every time I watch American sniper. God bless Chris Kyle, and God bless all veterans.
The ending of American Sniper reminds me of when my cousin AJ passed away, just a smaller city but so much love. 💗
Watching American Sniper always puts me in the feels.
The ending of American sniper gets me everytime
I wanted to tell you thank you for portraying Chris Kyle in such a honorable way. You gave honor to Chris in American Sniper.
from acting to directing - Where eagles dare to American Sniper. Love em all! Sheer brilliance
example 2014 big movie was American Sniper. Wasn't predicted to be a blockbuster but has zero comp and made a killing.
American Sniper was a great movie and it would have killed my score
"No I haven't seen American Sniper yet. I also don't chain up my dog in my overgrown yard nor support the confederate states of America"
American Sniper is a movie that is based on the life of Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Its an amazing movie, gave me goosebumps :)
The widow of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle's strong defense of gun rights [Video]
'American Sniper' Actor One of Nearly 100 Actors who Sent this Letter to Obama on Guns
Krasinski trained with Jason Walsh who also prepped Bradley Cooper for her "American Sniper" role. might want to change her to his
'Real blessing' for woman widowed by American Sniper's murderer via
I just watched American Sniper, I'm an emotional wreck with back to work blues 😭
The real American Sniper was a hate-filled killer. Why are simplistic patriots treating him as a...
Finally seen American Sniper, Chris Kyle is a true hero for Americans just sad a former marine killed him.
The other 2 books needed:The Things They Carried - you should already have AND American Sniper by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice
and I gotta give mad respect to American Sniper.
American Sniper is top 5 best movies
Literally just sat here and cried watching American Sniper 😭😭😭
The ending of American Sniper gives me chills 🇺🇸
American Sniper is such a sad movie 💔😭
Finally watched American Sniper. How did this/Bradley Cooper not win an Oscar. Powerful stuff.
Why did I sit here and watch American Sniper.😥😢
.been watching American Sniper. First time. Just tuned in for the punt.
American Sniper gets my emotions kicking. Screw terrorists and screw eddie routh.
American sniper is still the best movie ever
Wow, I love I just won this for free, American Sniper UV Code
watched american sniper. WOW . kind of freaked me out.
American Sniper is one of my favorite movies.
i just finished watching American Sniper with him and im currently crying bc i love him so much and he died
American sniper is still one of the best movies I've seen.
I will always love & respect Bradley Cooper's acting in American Sniper !!
Watching American sniper as Clique as it sounds, feeds my desire to be in the military even more😈
American sniper gets me every time 😭
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I could watch American Sniper over and over. This is about my 4th time watching it.
One of my fav actors... Limitless, American Sniper, Silver Linings, Hangover.
American Sniper is my favorite movie ✊🏼🇺🇸
American Sniper is the best movie ever
American Sniper is one of the greatest films I've ever watched
All in my feels watching American Sniper tf
Watching American Sniper for the first time & I'm crying this is so sad ***
Was so looking forward to a early night till my brother turned on American sniper 🙄
Went to the bar for 40min, came home, grabbed a beer, and now I'm watching American Sniper when I have an entire design pr…
American Sniper is probably one of the coolest movies I have seen 🇺🇸
War movies are usually great but American Sniper was absolutely superb
End of Watch has to be up there with American Sniper and Marley and Me with the most emotional endings ever.
Now I'm watching American Sniper for the first time...
Watching American Sniper dis joint like dat
Tomorrow he asked me to watch American Sniper or Saving Private Ryan with him. Sorry kid but I'm not ready for that.
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"As much as I would like to see American Sniper I will probably never be emotionally prepared." My response when people talk to me about it.
Kingsman, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Battleship, American Sniper and the 1st six Fast and Furious felms.
Could there be any more ads for Michael Bay’s propaganda in Los Angeles right now? Desperate to be another American Sniper, I see.
I swear the ending of American Sniper gets me every time. Rest easy Chris Kyle.
American Sniper is the best movie man
to American-English actress and fashion designer Sienna Miller! 'Nancy Schultz' in "Fox Catcher"; 'Taya' in "American Sniper"
Having a chilled night watching American Sniper! One of my favourite films!
Late on American Sniper, but an awesome movie, Chris Kyle is a true American hero!
It's as jarring as the fake baby scene from American Sniper. It's like they mixed up the props table with craft services.
American Sniper is such a good movie. Chris Kyle is an American hero.
American Sniper & Zero Dark Thirty, both were the reality & can't be termed as only propaganda.
.Hollywood blockbusters - American Sniper & Zero Dark Thirty - are perfect examples of propaganda deftly mixed with ‘art’.
everytime I watch American Sniper, it really touches my heart. Chris Kyle was the best. A True born Hero. We love you buddy.
Til this day watching American Sniper still made me cry!! 😢 R.I.P. Chris Kyle 💪
The movie American Sniper is unreal. Chris Kyle was and is a true hero. Thank you.
Just watched American Sniper for the first time. RIP Chris Kyle, what a hero!🇺🇸
- No far too cheesy & far fetched for me! I like things like *** John Wick, Zero Dark Thirty, American Sniper 😊
American Sniper and torturers from Zero Dark Thirty are Obama's heroes. Everyone else must be discredited. Think about that.
Nick Lachey was supposed to be in American Sniper..I dont know which scene but he shoulda be a solider
American Sniper, Lone Survivor, & Act of Valor are some of the best war movies ever made. ✔️
American Sniper make me wana join the Navy Seal 💯
American Sniper was the movie that Americans needed to see. God Bless Chris Kyle!
American Sniper - Clint Eastwood: U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq with only one mission to p...
Just watched Eastwood's 'American Sniper'. 20 minutes too long but what a powerful film. Recommended. Kyle's the man.
American Sniper makes me want to become a navy seal even more
I will not be going to see American Sniper. Not because of the controversy, I just haven't seen American Pie 3 or Ameri…
Watching American sniper for the 3rd time this week.. Could watch it over & over
Finally watching American Sniper. This movie does a great job showing the sacrifices of the military wife and family. o7
Southpaw and American Sniper are my two favourite films👀
Has anyone watched American Sniper with the scene with the mother and son?! Tell me again you want to accept refugees...
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Tennant was basically the American sniper of his generation. What a rebellious hero.
I feel like some people have read American sniper one too many times. Who am I kidding. Watched, watched one too many times, not read
Watching American sniper, and my gosh do I LOVE this movie
That guy looks like Chris Kyle the American Sniper.
you should read Chris Kyles American Sniper. The book really lays out who they are, and ROE's affects on fighting them
So is American Sniper worth a watch?? Iv heard its good
that's fun . Just watching American sniper .. I never seen it before
Have you seen his review of the documentary, AMERICAN SNIPER? It's amazeballs, bruh.
we gonna fire back long range American sniper on them *** this world is cray cray!
American Sniper really served its war propaganda purpose.
Noam Chomsky's Take on the film American Sniper via
I wish I never watched American Sniper, it gives me nightmares.
Watching "Lone Survivor" or "American Sniper" the day after a terror attack by Muslims maybe wasn't the best idea. htt…
s/o to my mom for deleting the recording of American Sniper off the dvr :-)
10 of the most bizarre elections in American history
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On page 197 of 528 of American Sniper, by Chris Kyle: I am laughing more than I should at...
Staying in, curled up on the couch watching "American Sniper" while makes horrendous noise outside.
The end of American Sniper made me really sad
Sort of coming along! Reviewing the film year!! Covering American Sniper and Birdman so far and that's only January!! lol
The guy wearing the American Sniper hat needs some target practice. He couldn't hit the broad side of the toilet.
if the kids r on the scope...American sniper time.and a kid will shoot u one day too.what u do u do? roads...
Ready to go into my coma now but watching American Sniper at the moment
American Sniper was a very enjoyable movie
Just watched American sniper right to the end and wow the ending is horrible. Highlights what absolute scumbags there are in the world.
Sienna Miller - Arriving for the Screening of Her New Movie American Sniper in Los Angeles
Eating red box cheesy pasta with a face mask on and American sniper
I can watch American Sniper literally everyday.
On page 235 of 379 of American Sniper, by Chris Kyle
Thinking about it, the film that was shown in Inglorious Basterds is pretty much what American Sniper was.
That's the two boys fast asleep. Now time for pizza, wine and American Sniper 😊
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
In the last two days I have watched The Dallas Buyer's Club, Unbroken and now American Sniper for the first time. All of them devastating.
How edgy is American Sniper when they are on that roof in the sand storm
And the list goes on, American Sniper, Hurt Locker, Behind Enemy Lines, 3 Kings and Courage Under Fire.
come on now American Sniper that's not how you treat your fellow American 😂😂😂
Another one would be American Sniper or Blackhawk Down for me. 👍
Without Blackhawk Down, and maybe American Sniper, it wouldn't have gotten made, but those two movies put *** in seats.
American Sniper (2014) - Clint Eastwood's biopic, led by Bradley Cooper, shows all sides of Chris Kyle, even the darker ones. Well done [A-]
Did anyone ask Tarantino what he thought about American Sniper since its literally the movie in Inglourious Basterds
I feel line the fineness of both Chris Kyle and Bradley Cooper were down played in American Sniper
Bradley Cooper is excellent portraying Chris Kyle in American Sniper. What a tragic end for a real hero.
Trying to watch American Sniper. I can't understand a word Bradley Cooper is saying
American Sniper dispelled any lingering romance about snipers in my mind (from youthful intake of Metal Gear Solid, Saving Private Ryan).
Imitation game"Better film to watch? The Imitation game or American Sniper?"
NEW YORK (Reuters) - "American Sniper" co-stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller reunite to cook up a storm in "Burnt" as formidable chefs
Bradley Cooper on American Sniper fake baby: 'Eat your heart out, Muppets' - Entertainment Weekly
'American Sniper's' wife visits with military families in Colorado Springs via
Taya Kyle, wife of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle, to speak at the Broadmoor
American Sniper is hands down one of the greatest movies of all time and Chris Kyle is the definition of a hero.
Larry the cable guy stars in: American Sniper
When you find out your dad has HBO and the theory of everything AND American Sniper are on HBOGo.
So far it's all very "Michael Bay does the establishing character scenes from American Sniper".
Come out .and watch American Sniper the Alpha Gamma Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Co-Ed…
Marcus Luttrell's life story is the movie Lone Survivor & Chris Kyle's life story is the movie American Sniper. Two true American Heros.
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