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American Revolution

The American Revolution was the political upheaval during the last half of the 18th century in which thirteen colonies in North America joined together to break free from the British Empire, combining to become the United States of America.

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History came alive this week when the 5th grade hosted their "American Revolution Living Museum".
The legendary Tom Brokaw still commands the audience at the grand opening of the Museum of American Revolution.
is a proud sponsor of the grand opening of the Museum of the American Revolution.
Democratic revolutions are not easy or clean. The American revolution was not. Co-existence w/theocratic dictator…
I have no patience for Americans who reap the benefits of the American revolution, while denying democratic revolutions to foreign peoples.
These are American poets who are fighting the good fight. This is the voice of the revolution!. This is art.
Idk maybe because the Iranian Revolution took place in 1979 where they overthrew an American-installed leader. Shocking…
"A New Revolution: Museum of the American Revolution to open in Philadelphia April 19"
It would make the American Revolution look like a Sunday picnic. Hundreds of millions with guns, poor…
Shall we blame the American, French, or Industrial revolution?
Buddy I am part of the Sons of the American Revol…
American Revolution Museum exceeds fundraising goal at $152M -
Trivia Question: How many battles of the American Revolution took place in North Carolina?
Honored to receive this award today.
4th Graders practicing for their SS/drama/musical collaboration about the American Revolution htt…
American Revolution brings New Rights & for Women EVELYN'S PROMISE by Betty Bolte…
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Daughters of the American Revolution, Topeka VFW to honor Vietnam-era veterans at ceremony - Topeka Capital Jou...
The Museum of the American Revolution is opening this month on April 19! It will be a must visit! Are you going?…
📷 gravitywon: American Revolution + some of the iconic Revolutionary War battles
Many of the survivors of the American Revolution survived well into the age of photography.
Chris Hayes compares current-day policing in cities to British rule just before the American Revolution.
Podcast: Alan Taylor on why Seven Years War was part of the American Revolution
who has the power? the people through the elected president,or the beaurocratic oligarchy? It's time for a new American Revolution
Here are the speakers for the opening ceremony of the Museum of the American Revolution.
The Museum of the American Revolution has some prominent speakers slated to appear at its grand opening.…
Hear complete story of American Revolution at Opens 4/19 in
Peter Marshall: Nathan Hale, one of the heroes of the American Revolution, was hung. Why? Paul Lynde: Heredity!
Journal of the American Revolution talks about Charles Carroll of
Why God is in the Declaration but not the Constitution - Journal of the American Revolution
RIP Crispus Attucks, killed on this day in 1770 inaugurating the American Revolution
Commemorating death of Crispus Attucks and 4 others who followed, 1st to give their lives for our American Revolution.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
March 5, 1770 Crispus Attucks, the first martyr of the American Revolution, was killed in the Boston Massacre.
On my birthday in 1770, British soldiers kill 5 men in Boston Massacre, first casualties of American Revolution .
If you want to read a great book on the Revolutionary Era, I recommend "The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution (1763-1789)."
On in 1782, French and British battle in the Indian Ocean. via American Revolution...
You are responsible for something the British Army couldn't do in 1783: The destruction of the American Revolution.
[AAC] LIMITE 1/6 Spain and the American Revolution - Johns Hopkins University, juin 2018
To mark the birthday of Thomas Paine, discover the role and legacy of the founding father of the American Revolution.
“You have the American Revolution, you have the Civil War, you have the Second World War; they’re getting bigger and bigger.
an anime prequel? I am curious if "real world events" such as the American Revolution are mirrored in other Londons.
A4: What if the American Revolution didn't happen? would we still be living in colonies? Would America exist?# Ci149
Today in King George III, who lived thru the 7 Years War, American Revolution, & Napoleonic Wars, dies in…
You can't very well talk about Benedict Arnold with out mentioning the American Revolution either.
6th graders examined artifacts provided by the Chester County Historical Society. Making the American Revolution co…
Harry Kim and Tom Paris travel back to the American Revolution, and a secretive ceremony threatens to prevent them from returning home.
I'm very real. I am a Daughter of the American Revolution. You are Fake patriot. Fake christian.
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Also won the American Revolution. Wrote the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Awful privilege
Perry will deliver the Energy Dept. version of Jeff Spicoli's explanation of the American Revolution, get a standing ovation from cmte.
The Texas State Children of the American Revolution, the offspring of the Sons&Daughters of the AR, met our Consul…
George Washington: yo pass me the Declaration of Independence . Me: you better not start the American Revolution . Geor…
Second plenary now from Thomas Devine on religion, the Scottish Enlightenment, and the American Revolution!
Recap of Journal of the American Revolution starting 2017: book award, conference at roundrobin:
East India Co & American Revolution are ignored in UK schools. Not teaching history of empire is biggest British problem
So in the movie Harrison Bergeron second American Revolution caused by advance in tech and a huge income disparity
We need a second American Revolution to return our Democracy to the common man!.
The first American Revolution was about deposing a King, and so might the second...
Review the "Sons of Liberty" in fostering the American Revolution and then tell us more about "equality".
If they kill democracy, then I am under no obligation to obey. It'll be time for the second American Revolution.
Major causes of the American Revolution included the intolerable acts that punished americans and bred discontent
This video will bring tears to your eyes - it shows what sacrifices we made for the second American Revolution
I just call them Welsh. That pisses them off faster than an American Revolution.
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well the first for sure but the second is arguable, the American Revolution left the British Empire still strong.
Exactly! 1776 will commence again. We need to gear up for the second American Revolution to stop the globalists!
This second American Revolution is of the exact flavor of the first and is a rejection of the Marxist Class System of the Washington Elite.
"Tfw you realize that in the American Revolution, France helped us and now after our second revolution, we must he…
The second American Revolution was won yesterday. has the opportunity to be another George Washington.
. It required all 13 colonies to defeat the British Empire. Tobacco money financed the American Revolution.
RNT US Studies class literally building the stepping stones of the Freedom Trail that lead to the American Revolution.…
Thanks to renewing member Valley Forge National Hist. Park educates about the people and legacy of the American Revolution.
Happy Birthday to the USMC: During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress passes a resolution stating…
When history is written abt the 2nd American Revolution, it'll be great to read how a "basket of deplorables" took down t…
🤔🤔... I got mad respect for all the soldiers from the American Revolution to the war against Isis
Notes on the American Revolution: On this day in 1783, the last British soldiers left NY after occupying it since Sept.…
Reading Gordon S. Wood and the hilarious review of his book by Michael Zuckerman. Have I just found the Genovese of the American Revolution?
that contributed to the American Revolution? explains:
Paying taxes for the "Stamp Act"- one of the big events leading to the American Revolution!
Loosa Schoona Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will meet at Jeffery’s on the Bruce Square Monday, Nov. 14, at 2:30 p.m.
George Washington served as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution.
Tracy Chapman Talking about a revolution or something inside so strong by Labi Siffre or American *** by Green day
greatest American Revolution since the original one in 1776!! .
The American Revolution was a political upheaval that took place between 2016 and 2020.
Couple of anecdotes: my uncles were college students in the midwest during the Iranian revolution and the American embassy hostage crisis
True political revolution, the people have spoken. Shockwave to the crooked system of American Politics. The White House…
How will Donald Trump's election affect the relationship between the USA & Europe? A Comment by T. Silberfeld
REVOLUTION: The AMERICAN PUBLIC should demand a REVOTE, Trump has NO political qualifications!
Second American Revolution: world gulps as Americans opt for fateful choice
My point: American colonies broke from an external oppressor. The French rose up against their own, inspired by the…
exactly; a revolution, a coup d'etat of the establishment by the American people, without a single shot being fired.
An American Flag was laid down in the center of the oval with a message written on it in bold black sharpe . "The Revolution will come"
My family has been here since before the American Revolution. I'm sure as *** not leaving now. -J
I Agree,An American Revolution with not one Shot Fired in the Name of Freedom in out land...
im honestly waiting for an American revolution
My heart goes out to my American friends. Stick together. Hold each other up. Begin a revolution. Fight hate with love.…
Wore all black today to mourn the death of American Democracy and to welcome in the revolution.
American Spring concludes with peaceful transition. Germany is the next regime turnover. Viva la Revolution.
If he's not your president, then your not an American. Deal with it and move on - or cry about it - or join the revolution
This wasn't a second American revolution, it was a second Declaration of Independence. The war will come next.
Continental Army Currency. A medium of exchange that depends on the American army during the American Revolution
The Pirate Party embodies the actual spirit of the American Revolution. Iceland is a microcosm of America. We can learn from…
These scientists are searching for a part of the American Revolution under the sea!
Yea, after he hit her on it. I can't trace family to I less American?
like Duckworth is a literal Daughter of the American Revolution through her father *** Mark
Inside the struggle over Israel's role in American foreign policy:
Daughter of the American Revolution, i.e. DAR. Kirk didn't grasp this evidently. Neither did the LAT judging from t…
Caught fully ignorant. Kirk != no research. Not many have traced their history to pre american revolution. Easy to…
Duckworth’s mother is Thai, but her father was a Marine whose family roots trace to before the American Revolution. https:…
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to the campaign aide who had to tell Mark Kirk that Tammy Duckworth *did* have descendants fight in the America…
Her father was also an Army WWII veteran, and traces family back American Revolution.
I think it was just a rebuttal to her claim of being a "daughter of the Ame…
when you lose on 11/08 it's going to be because people like me, with family ties to the American Revolution, love…
Kirk's remark is pure racism - Duckworth doesn't "look" American so she cant be a Daughter of the Revolution. Its not…
You twits, put it in context: She means she's a member of the D.A.R., the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Thank u 4 serving 'American since 1903. Veteran of every war'. So not the French-Indian, Revolution or Civil Wars w…
Lt. Dan's family served ever war from American Revolution through Vietnam; most got killed, but he "only" lost his legs...
Mark Kirk ASSuming someone can't have family who served in the American Revolution because of how they look is the point. Grow…
& so says I full blooded American with warrior lineage going back to the American revolution & luv to Victor :)
The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution will be donating to the Poricy Park Conservancy...
that would be the American Revolution because it revolutionized the way countries revolt inspiring the French Revolution
Eyewitness to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution: American journalist's diary released in full
😡 If it's impossible to be both daughter of an immigrant and a daughter of the American Revolution, I have to go tell my kid…
that'll be the second "American Revolution." The entire political/economic leadership is corrupt. Evident in
Her father's heritage goes back to before the American Revolution. She IS a member o…
Call for Papers on “The Adams Family and the American Revolution” Via
Very soon, i think there's going to be an American revolution, where Constitution protectors will take up arms to take back our nation.
Her father is American, a WWII vet whose family fought in the American Revolution. Mark Kirk is a complete *** (Wa…
Note: after the silence following Mark Kirks attack, Tammy Duckworth explains the Daughters of the American Revolut…
Tammy Duckworth is a Daughter of the American Revolution, a Purple Heart recipient & daughter of an immigrant. None…
Learn all about Cascade Creek a grassfed brand of AMERICAN lamb at
"Musket" is an obvious reference to the violent American Revolution. What a coward is.
Both ancestors & mine stood together during American Revolution. This is what America looks like.
hi pls write my essay on the American revolution for me I can't do it anymore
Stand in Solidarity with American Embassy, Dublin Oct.31 at 12pm
“I’m a daughter of the American Revolution. I’ve bled for this nation. When we go to war, families like mine are the first…
If Tammy Duckworth's ancestor who served in the American Revolution just produces a long-form birth certificate, that'll…
US war hero family traces back to American Revolution!. is the worst kind of racist! https…
Japanese Inspired. Oregon Crafted. The American saké revolution has begun! Join us.
Mark Kirk is a "liberal" Republican and he just cruelly mocked Tammy Duckworth for having ancestors who fought in the America…
First Trump attacks a Goldstar family and now Sen Kirk attacks a Daughter of the American Revolution. Nice going…
The American Revolution was sparked by British gov't gunning down citizens and disrupting freedom of assembly. Sound familiar?
you are a coward!!! How dare you mock a woman who lost her legs fighting for you. Daughter of the American Revolution? U ***
It was in response to Duckworth's "I am a daughter of the American Revolution", which has a complex meaning Kirk likely stuck on
And a daughter of the American Revolution u need to be proven to be one!
Having said all that: the Daughters of the American Revolution are kind of a creepy organization.
"My family has served this nation in uniform going back to the Revolution.".
*Listens to Hamilton while studying the American revolution to feel more productive when in reality I haven't even started this essay*
DAR: Any woman, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution
additional fun fact: Daughters of the American Revolution commissioned a statue in Duckworth's likeness because of her ancestry.
26 October 1776: Benjamin Franklin leaves for France, to seek French support for the American Revolution.
Deborah Sampson, warrier of the American Revolution, was honorably discharge in 1783…
Newton was English, and died long before the American Revolution.
Blacks owned land and slaves during the American Revolution. Had this been about white supremacy then how was that possible?
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'Daughter of the American Revolution (Founding Father Spawn)' saw Alexander hamilton get replaced by a non-white ma…
American Revolution stations with timelines, primary sources, sorting and creative caption contests.…
finally me and my baby is done w his project! all the books in the world for a hanger mobile this *** chose the American Revolution 😩
My cousin Diana St.John Anderson is a Daughter of the American Revolution and this is an important project that...
During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the king's tyranny never…
"The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands...
So, what were the candidates' solutions for the Syrian crisis, again? The Syrian Civil War began like the American Revolution.
Do you know anyone who experienced the American Revolution?
We are LIVING the second American Revolution. It's called and the PATRIOTS are on the
Listen up history buffs! Dr. Gordon Wood talks American Revolution and share his thoughts on Arab Spring on 10/20.
JBIO LUDWICK Gingerbread for Liberty! How a German Baker Helped Win the American Revolution by
in the name of the founding fathers, the daughters of the American revolution and the American spirit, amen
"How do you offend someone with the American Revolution?"
"so-called revolution..." it's well edited. He means "American Invasion lead by mercenaries" so sa…
Chicken curry is European/ American. Chillies and capsicums brought from Mexico by Portuguese. Taken to Goa.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
this election is our American revolution.
`Third world' U.S. airports could use an upgrade.
In American Revolution, only 2-3% of population actively fought against Great Britain. Only 10% identified with cause.
A look into the of the American Revolution like never before seen
In this watershed election, the American Revolution is on the ballot. Will you be free to control your life--or--will gover…
Eleven letters from George Washington written just after the American Revolution.
Fingersflying: Give me liberty, or give me death! ~ Patrick Henry March 23rd 1775, became the war cry of the American Revolution
"The American revs declared some things. But they also supposed, wondered, questioned, asked & pondered many more."
Read this, and see if you find modern parallels in Blueprint to a revolution.
it was so hard to focus in American History today because we went over the American Revolution...brb singing Hamilton THE ENTIRE TIME
I like how one of the many reasons for the American Revolution was that the American colonists really, really hated Quebec.
that Asian American women are not frail, not lotus blossoms, not quiet. Our backs can bear the weight of revolution.
Yo wanna write my US history paper asking about how economics motivates the outbreak of the American revolution?
Not surprising that a Brit would overlook a seemingly horrible loss and make a tactical error. American Revolution…
Saad Almasmari's American dream is alive and well
domain names
Priming horn used in the American Revolution
piece of anti American garbage. My ancestors fought in the revolution for that right you scum.
Entire government is corrupt. Time for a revolution.
The concept of this being good for the people, is completely .
"daughters" or DAR are female decedents of Patriots who fought in the American Revolution
know how it works but your not a Daughter of the American Revolution you might be a great,great,great granddaughter if anything.
I'll arm this revolution & the next 1 too if thats what it takes but not a single American boot on their soil
strong birthplace of the American Revolution @ Boston, Massachusetts
What did the Declaration of Independence do?. a. Ended the American Revolution. b. Declared our independence (from...
Wow- check out all of these resources from and the
are the American Revolution in reverse, begging for a King to rule over them
Reproduction of a mortar used by the British in the American Revolution
America was barely even a new Nation when it was sold out by the Rich & Wellborn. American 2
"So the aftermath of the American revolution? Gave freedom for some. Freedom for white men" YAAAS professor go AWWFFF
Brainstorming inspiration for theme "Taking a Stand" from &
wow Revolution Radio is some of Green Day's best work since American *** can't wait to get my hands on it! 📻🔥
"Could King George have avoided the American Revolution by providing better UX to the colonies?" by
The success of the American Revolution was not easily duplicated in Latin America.
Be positive America even when feel like give in give up if foundation we build on give the American Revolution form England got hard
get used to it. re-education of american citizens in next 4 will mirror cultural revolution in PRC
Did you know Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was also a super spymaster? Learn more in our latest blog post!
Was James Lafayette really a double agent during the American Revolution? Learn more on our blog:
Benedict Arnold is America's most famous traitor, but why did he do it? has an answer:
Daughter of the American Revolution? Really? ladies in your family tree maybe but not u kid. ,
What ever contributions Paul Revere made to the American Revolution he was also the nation's first forensic dentist
Capitalizing on how much LOVES we created this "Real Story" American Revolution Display
Book Review: The Captive Heart by Michelle Griep: This is a 'captivating' American Revolution romance with wo...
We must put our American Hat on and get tough like our family did during the American Revolution.
For over 20 years I have been telling this truth. America is not a Republic! . TIME FOR: American 2
Starting the American Revolution Children's Book projects today! So many great ideas!
related podcast episode on how to research forgotten peoples during the American Revolution
in the northern colonies of British North America in the generation before the American Revolution.
Violence has always been a last resort.. American Revolution..the peaceful process failed when Britain was angry the colonies declared ind.
the American Revolution, the French Revolution, The Russian Revolution & MANY MORE were CAUSED by less than what U & the 1% R doing TODAY
Parent organization is the Brigade of the American Revolution, which re-enacts Civil War times
Atty. James Otis' 1760 court arguments against Writs of Assistance led to American Revolution in 1776
Nice talk on John Small to the Horseshoe Prairie Chapter of Dtrs of the American Revolution. Thanks, Amanda!
The Hispanic Flank of the American Revolution by Miguel Perez | Creators Syndicate via
1800s was an exciting time aside of the Civil War bloodshed, bc it gave birth to the cotton gin, post American Revolution, and IndustrialRev
Generally unknown is the role of Rome and the Jesuit Order in the American Revolution.
Harry Potter or the American Revolution??? Who can tell??
I'd absolutely open an American Revolution-themed Mexican restaurant just so I could have a menu item named the Aaron Burrito.
Writing an alternate history of the American Revolution wherein Benjamin Franklin is the Hulk.
Given 1 ride in a time machine I'd go back to the American Revolution & show people and
Dark Frontier, think the American Revolution in Space. & Andrew Palmer talk about it here:.
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US "right to free speech...pioneered by whistleblowers exposing wrongdoing" during height of American Revolution https:/…
Paul Ryan is to the Trump Revolution as Benedict Arnold was to the American Revolution. Time for TRUMP.
You can say that of the Philippine Revolution, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, of any revolution. NUTS.
I ask my friends go through one single day & calculate all taxes they end up paying gas, food, etc. American Revolution was just tea tax!
It's strange because the Continental Army used guerilla tactics during the American Revolution.
Robert Klein tells that Washington, Hamilton & Jefferson would have been hung had the American Revolution failed.
A number of Connecticut figures played important roles in the American Revolution and the often contentious...
From my blog: Is it the American Revolution or the War of Independence? | The Professional Interpreter
As well as every single war fought before then including the American Revolution. Heard of Crispus Attucks?
I live in FL. I have Kids. A son and daughter of the American Revolution. What about their Dreams Senator? Democrats
Daughters of the American Revolution chapter to honor Vietnam War veterans at The Mirage
Banastre Tarleton - "a legend and great British officer of the American Revolution " talk about POV, not mine
. Political sucide. And an American Revolution would have been all over again.
the American Revolution ended an era of modern Western Civilization too... That turned out ok.
Few people realized how strong Martha Jefferson's selfie game was during the American Revolution
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Daughters of American Revolution and the United States flags featured at Mt. Carmel Elks Flag Day Sunday. Elks...
2) This was at Fort Pitt, and it was before the American Revolution. It's extremely unlikely in my estimation, and certainly not
also carpool karaoke... I do enjoy musicals but I usually understand them I have zero idea about the American Revolution
Divine right went out with the American Revolution and doesn't belong ...
The second Middle Passage is the sale & relocation of 1 million enslaved people in the South after the American Revolution…
I'm afraid if Hillary gets in there & puts Liberals on the Supreme Court it will be in jeopardy. 2nd American Revolution!
NEW Sleds on Boston Common: A Story from the American Revolution by Louise Borde
listening to Hamilton makes me want to fight for the revolution and im not even american istg
Birthday of Samuel Slater, father of the American Industrial Revolution.
A luminary of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine died 1809
Major Problems in the Era of the American Revolution, 1760-1791: Documents and E
I had so much fun in my American Revolution class and it was all thanks to she's great!
The American weed revolution is being fought in Prague by a Kanye West co-producer:
Teach your children that fighting back against big government is as old as the American Revolution!
Our first African American president endorsed our party's first female presidential nominee. History made. Progress is real. Real revolution
Black folks station in life didn't improve after American Revolution either.
been rapping about the American Revolution since 2007
American Revolution: run by landowners. The French Revolution: started by lawyers and journalists. It's the middle class, man.
. If that happens, . there will be an American Revolution. And I'll start it myself.
The left is undoing the American Revolution, and it's been their goal since the mid-sixties.
I spent months profiling two American leftists as they prepared to travel to Syria to join the Kurdish revolution.
In the city next to mine some important battle happened during the American Revolution and we had to reenact it all the time at school.
I'm an American, so I think revolution is a good response for assuming that a young woman walking alone is a prostitute.
. Trump wins there will be a race war. . Clinton wins there will be an American Revolution.
Sounds like the beginning of the American Revolution to me.
How do you think we got through WW2? Dust Bowl? Civil War? American Revolution? How do you think we got through it? By being offended.
Handbell Concerts, Music of John Williams, Music of the American Revolution plus more in the WWUH Classical...
Kona Grill Gluten Free: Patrick Henry was a extremely distinguished figure in the American Revolution.
try: Sybil Ludington & Star the real heros of American Revolution
Forum tonight: David Barrow (York), '...Alfred the Great and the American Revolution on the London Stage’. KM, KG/07, 6pm!
Sons, Daughters of the American Revolution lay wreath at Wheeling Park. STORY:
Wonderful article about Jewish soldiers in the American Revolution, ahead of Memorial Day
The Civil War was the second American Revolution and the first modern war.
how about the Civil War and reconstruction as a 2nd American Revolution?
Review of Ed Cline's 'Sparrowhawk' which dramatizes events leading up to the American Revolution.
Sometimes when I'm very sleepy and see Phyllis Schlafly I start thinking she was alive during the American Revolution
ICYMI: my new article on Iroquoian food diplomacy in the American Revolution, in Diplomatic History
Reporting the War: Freedom of the Press from the American Revolution to the War
On in 1781, Patriot siege of Ninety Six, South Carolina, begins. American Revolution...
Becky Bates-McArthur and Barbara Dillon recognized for 50 years of service with Daughters of the American Revolution
I wrote a rap about the American Revolution for English...where's my record deal???
In the minds and hearts of the people;: Prologue to the American Revolution: 17
History of California Society, Daughters of the American Revolution - 3 Vols.
TIL: The first sub was created during American Revolution (by a Yalie), was pedal-powered
Welcome Lehman College Div of Ed to a performance of American Revolution. https…
During my Ochem final the School House Rock song about the American Revolution that Mrs McDowell played in 8th grade was stuck in my head
Thanks to Susan Thomas, Tennessee State Regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution, for donating Legacies...
Well Well - Elena Kagan is an Aspect of the Soul of King George III who we fought the American Revolution against...
Really cool history of the American Revolution! Presented by .
Ok.So... I dreamt I was baking cakes to support the American Revolution. Some Jungle Book stuff too. Too much Hamilton I suppose.
How the Irish Won the American Revolution: A New Look at the Forgotten Heroes of America's War of Independence When
Local students named outstanding students by Sons of the American Revolution - Journal Gazette and Times
Why do ppl criticize dancing/music in political rallies? From French to American Revolution, revolutionary music has been used in gatherings
I hope some American Revolution tourists run into 's Hancock from Fallout 4 on the street. 😂
oriskany started the forum topic Birth of the United States - Wargaming the American Revolution in the group Hi...
He was a major general in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, a member of
Dr. Shprintzen's American Revolution class welcomed re-enactor Karl Fritzinger to discuss life in Continental Army.
I got involved in the DC Madam case for the same reasons a farmer became a Minuteman during the American Revolution.
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