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American Pickers

American Pickers (also known as The Pickers in some international markets) is an American reality television series that premiered on January 18, 2010 on History Channel.

Frank Fritz History Channel Pawn Stars Mike Wolfe Antiques Roadshow West Virginia

I have BRASS 12 gauge empty shells, 1 box, what do I do with?
Frank from American Pickers has another show-
Wow, I love I just won this for free, The Best of American Pickers - Dvd ( Brand New )
"This is the worst episode of American Pickers ever." -OMG 😂 . If you're not listening to the True…
About to get drunk and watch reruns of American Pickers
I️ am 100% NOT a fan of you not calling me back. If I️ wanted to be ignored I️ would just talk to…
*** It’s 4 days before Remembrance Day and you’re airing American Pickers and Forged in Fire. Come on!…
Got junk? 'American Pickers' coming to Texas via
American Pickers visit 'a really good experience,' Moundsville toy collector says
American Pickers stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz filmed the May episode of the History Channel's show at the...
Never seen Stranger things, Game of Thrones any of that.. All I watch is sports, cooking competitions, the voice an…
Should team up with American Pickers and overhaul some of their barn finds...
Who knows, they might make you an offer!
*** American Pickers is my all time favorite show. Legendary.
Say my name you American Pickers wannabe. Yeah, I need some FAVORS but NO I will not do you FAVORS.
American Pickers coming to North Texas and looking for leads
Falling asleep on the couch watching American Pickers... No wonder I don't have any friends😭 .
American Pickers is okay. That little guy goves off some creepy vibes, though. Not sure what it is.
Just can't get into that show. Now American Pickers? That's my jam yo!
Missed an episode of on Check out this link for full episodes and more!…
I've just watched episode S2017E19 of American Pickers!
My show is even better than an American Pickers and Pawn Stars marathon.
American Pickers is alright but can you shake things up and fill my morning with something else for once ???
You are SO nice to watch! You must be a nice guy.. my daughters hubs r same as u.. I cannot even stand “American pickers” or
American pickers mostly is good though. But History hasn’t been a History Channel since like ’99.
American Pickers and a snoring dachshund, not a bad end to Monday night!
This episode of American pickers is good usually there just buying garbage lol this stuff is actually cool 😃
Watching American Pickers go through Bakelite items with my dad, mind just goes to firearms and
Happy Birthday American Pickers.I enjoy watching your sho
Watching American Pickers and thinking this is a lifestyle-bullet that I'm glad I managed to dodge.
but anyone ever watched American Pickers? two white guys ride around the US spending hours telling people how cool their antique stuff is...
im such a nerd, be binge watching American Pickers.
can you please show something other than American Pickers all day? I want to watch something actually history related.
I added a video to a playlist American Pickers: Original Pringle | History
Tonight's a new episode of American Pickers and it's 's Birthday! Who says Monday's are the worst.
Segura looks like Frank Fritz from American Pickers, Daniels looks like Ed Gein. Hmm.
Are you a fan of on We dug through 17 season to find some of Mike & Frank's best picks.
Yo I hope Justin doesn’t think I’m watching American Pickers tonight.
American Pickers comes on and all of a sudden I think I'm an expert on antique signs and pinball machines.
History History Channel or Pawn Shop and American Pickers History Channel ?
Might watch baseball tonight. Unless there are some American Pickers reruns on.
Love the show, but why all the"best of" for season 17?? Where's the NEW shows? Have they quit?? Maybe just made enough cashola for a while lol.
dude a guy actually just came into my coffee shop and said he wrote the theme song to American Pickers…
The show American Pickers is going to film in OK later this month and are looking for people with unique collection…
'American Pickers' is seeking Oklahoma hidden treasures for show via
Lol that's seriously how I watch my American Pickers
American Pickers looking for collectors in the area
Did he was called an American Pickers
All those American cotton pickers who go against trump should be stripped of all assets and deported back to Africa where they belong.
American Pickers is actually the best show on tv
Am stuck in traffic watching American Pickers😎
Been watching the Canadian version of that American Pickers show, and (I guess unsurprisingly) everyone's much more polite and less skeevy
Guilty pleasure: Watching American Pickers on History. I love this show!
If you like American Pickers on History then read this post, they will be in Oklahoma late October & November.
I know it’s not real but I love American pickers just to see the old stuff from back in the day
I would watch the *** out of a Jawa reality TV show like Storage Wars…
Final results r in sorry American pickers
I honestly feel like this and like American Pickers, Lizard Lick and the like are maybe people in failing industries ?
Im weird bro. I watch shark tank, Pawn Stars, american pickers, all that and i be deeply interested it.
I think I’m just moving to Antiques Roadshow, Pawn Stars and American Pickers. Way less disappointing.
Bro you bought it in middle America where people watch Antique Roadshow and American Pickers like crazy. You got hornswoggled.
while I wait for the new trailer, I watch American Pickers, makes me wonder what I'll do if I find treasures along the way?
Love American Pickers. There was a marathon on earlier. Lol
American Pickers makes me wanna stab my eyes out.
PSA: If you are not watching this game, go home delete it off your DVR and watch American Pickers reruns
I spend far too much time watching "American Pickers."
has had American Pickers on all day. I'm not complaining one bit. Wish that was my job.
Im watching American pickers they made downtown San Antonio look like we’re cowboys if you dont put some face tattoos & polo shirts in there
play something other than American Pickers! Show history stuff like documentaries!
Now look at me, moping on the couch watching American Pickers. This was not ideal.
Every time i see American Pickers on tv now i think about the and it makes me smile.
American Pickers is so good tonight
The want to hear from you! Learn how to share your antiques with them here:
If I turn on the History Channel again and American Pickers is on, I’m gonna blow my brains out with a rare antique revolutionary war musket
'American Pickers' coming to Greene County looking for sellers via
Family tour Summer 2017 takes us to the American Pickers store in Le Claire, IA.
"He's too strong and horny when he's insane, everyone around him can feel it." - Frank Fritz/American Pickers
when i first saw it I thought the guy on the left was Frank from American Pickers
We're watching American pickers on History Channel at the moment
I've clicked on the show American Pickers thinking it was the movie American Pie way too often. It's annoying
I LOVE American Pickers!!! I can't stop watching and even have my 10yr old hooked. I ❤️ the history they find. Can't wait to shop in TN!!
Mike & Frank off of American Pickers are such real *** lmao. I love them.
John Jr. on American pickers just gave me my life philosophy in words: having a lot of stuff means you're living a good life.
Nah sorry just the park and I did see her on American Pickers once
The more I watch American Pickers, the more I realize I will be someone who I let them visit but not buy anything...
I saw Frankie from American Pickers at Torquefest in Dubuque the other weekend!
Does any-one know the episode-title for their visit (5-28-12) to Oliver Springs, Tennessee? The guy that owned the doctor's-building was named Charles Tichy, and he (now) owns the old bank-building (across the street) - which used to be my dad's furniture-business in the 1970's. (That building was featured in the "October Sky"-film - in 1999.) / I can't depend on the date this show was made, because it aired later. (I'd certainly appreciate any leads, so that I can track-down the video.) Thanks a load! I love the show! Andy (5-17-17) (5:24 p.m.)
On an episode of American pickers it was brought up how the younger generation was becoming interested in old trades.
coming on15min Time to turn off FNC, take a nap! Back in one hour for American P…
Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” on the History Channel will be in West Virginia in May
American Pickers will film several episodes in beginning in June and they need your help. YES, YOU.…
Do you know or have something that they may be interested in?
If you 2 are still in Memphis you gonna hit up antique archeology I know I'd love to go to 1 of th…
Nursing home receives highest rating and American Pickers want to look through your garage and attic.
American Pickers are coming to Illinois. Do you have any antiques?
Seriously? Cancel LMS and replace it with Roseanne? Oh well. Leaves more space on my DVR for American Pickers.
3's current obsession: American Pickers. "Oh wow look what they found Mom!"
Hey dad what do we have at the farm
a friend of mine was on American pickers. That's the only episode I've seen
Deadliest Catch, American Pickers, & Pawn Stars gets me every single time.stuck, for hours
American Pickers to film in Ohio in June via
This guy on American Pickers bought 3 of his neighbors houses and connected them all to his house by secret passages 😱 cool af
Just bought two bud platnum signs from a junkie in need of a fix 10 bucks a pop. Guess american pickers tought me well
We wanted to share... Hi Dawn,. . My name is Alina and I work with History’s American Pickers. The American...
I heard that American farms are moving to Mexico to grow their produce labor is cheaper and they s…
‘American Pickers’ coming to the St. Louis area and looking for leads
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
American Pickers is coming to Illinois and they are looking for leads .
‘American Pickers’ coming the St. Louis area and looking for leads
THE AMERICAN PICKERS ARE COMING TO OHIO THIS JUNE!. If you have remarkable & exceptional items ready to be...
American Pickers crew is heading to Illinois. They need you to tell them where to go.
I watch way too much American Pickers
Having become addicted to American Pickers, finally get why Sandra from was same with Antiques Roadshow (the backstories).
My mom is literally watching American Pickers. She is the female Bob Ducca.
American pickers, the sequel and prequel to extreme hoarders
Hey even if we don't sell any of this crap, we still make $500 grand per garbage picking season on American Trash Pickers
American Pickers: he happier version of Hoarders
American Pickers and Hoarders is kinda the same amirite?
when does the new series start mike, getting fed up with watching American pickers now,
oh nice, I forgot about American Pickers. If you're around Grandpa I'm sure you've seen it a lot
Yeah. I've seen him on Craig Ferguson a few times (and I think American Pickers), he was chill
Slave labour was a pillar of the economy of the American south & they weren't keen on losing…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Here. Born here. Ancestors are PA Dutch. I know this sounds dody but hubby & I adore you, Star T…
Reruns of American Pickers are better than 5 pm show.
Last year they talked with Randy Evans of American Saturday Night about his collections!
Question of the day: Pawn Stars or American Pickers?
I added a video to a playlist The Untold Truth Of American Pickers
Day off. Meant to be decluttering, weeding, visiting tip. But FIRST I need to play Exploding Kittens, watch American Pickers & eat hummus.
Today my cold is so horrible that it took me a full half hour to realise I was watching American Pickers
How about hiring American human beings? Buzzfeed has a great article on how American pickers are being…
Watch American Pickers for a couple hours the fog will clear and you can get back to living again.
American Pickers would love your place..
American Pickers would give you big money for them, but the Pawn Stars guys would need t…
I switched to American Pickers, can't watch.
When they show Danielle on the phone on American Pickers but she isn’t on the phone and it’s just her contact list and she’s faking it…..
Watching American Pickers on the History Channel ! Too much fun ! You don't realize you're learning something !
Guys seriously. I marathon American Pickers. I am so so average
CNN arguing "why was there the Civil War?" for the last hour. . Meanwhile, History Channel is 9 episodes into an "American Pickers" marathon
Been to the American Pickers shop yet? See what Archaeology is like & what you'll find there:…
when American Pickers is on the only time I touch my remote control is to cancel the automatic shut off notice
Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and their team are excited to return to Ohio
A Show about Nothing - There is a reality-television program called American Pickers, and what happens on it is...
He probably IS watching the History Channel, since the History Channel shows nothing but American Pickers and Pawn Stars.
The TV show American Pickers is heading to West Virginia in May and they are looking for leads throughout the...
Watch "American Pickers" Marathon Episodes and tonight start at 9/8c.Pm. is new American Pickers episode Don't miss…
Want to be picked by They're coming to Ohio in June. Info
American Puppers: Like American Pickers but i travel around & pay people to let me pet their dogs.
announces concert series for 2017-18. American Pickers returning to Ohio. Read those stories at:
Watching American pickers and this girl has an against me shirt on???
I like falling asleep to American Pickers
Somewhere in purgatory, American Pickers is on TV
American Pickers is some insane tale of traveling hoarders looting other hoarders
I'm watching American Pickers I could not be more like him
I'll be watching American pickers the rest of the night. Hope the Red Sox never win another game
I'm not going to be satisfied until I've seen every episode of American Pickers
I love watching American Pickers. I have to be like 46 years old on the inside.
"Places like this dont exist anymore" . - Frank from Season 16 episode 12 of American Pickers
"Wow, this guy is a one of a kind collector". - Mike from Season 13 episode 4 of American Pickers
It just calms me, I don't know why... -my obsession with American Pickers
Watching American pickers and the two dudes are arguing with each other about their relationship and reading from a relationship book
Shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars are so cheap. You could offer them an I owe you and they'll still lowball you 💀
I'm sure if you found an American Pickers type outfit, they could set you up with one for price.
False dichotomy. One can love American Pickers AND love history. Not sure about Pawn Stars, though.
History 101: If by "I love history" you mean "I love American Pickers and Pawn Stars on the History Channel," you don't love history.
Got to see this while I'm Nashville. Love American Pickers
Except for the remarks about American Pickers (I'm a fan) this is good. ☺ || A Show about Nothing
I've decided I want my own version of American Pickers and I'll call it "Kristen's Krap"
American Pickers, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are retuning to Virginia in May. Do you have large, rare...
/r/user has been posting thousands of comments about Frank Fritz from American Pickers. For the last. Five. Years.
Redditor (or Frank Fritz from American Pickers himself) caught with 41,515 karma all earned by... astroturfing Fra…
Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz and team are returning to Virginia to film episodes of "American Pickers" in May and they...
American Pickers star Frank Fritz stars in new series Beyond the Stars May 2017
Made a stop in LeClaire, IA on my way back to Indianapolis to visit Antique Archaeology. Home of American Pickers o…
btw American Pickers *** What were you thinking?! Better have all episodes On Demand ASAP
How is this happening? The only other celebrity he's vaguely aware of and likes is Jack White because he was on American Pickers.
I only watch creative or economic reality tv. Face Off, Tanked, American Pickers, The Profit. That kinda stuff.
Yo American pickers is on. You watching?? This episode is nuts
Kismet is funny! Who owns your face? Welp, I own mine; and I own Frank Fritz's from American Pickers, as well as th…
is a joke. No history shows in sight. Just swamp people & American pickers. You cancelled your only good show.
I watch yukon gold,big bang theory and american pickers
American Pickers to film in WV :~)people who are interested may call 1-855-OLD-RUST (653-7878), or email AmericanP…
Regret that Mike & Frank from American Pickers didn't show up a few years ago when I was being evicted.
I've watched far too much American Pickers marathons this week.
"American Pickers" episodes moves to Monday's I' started to love to love Monday's thanks Americ…
watching last night's new episode of American Pickers that I have recorded on my DVR
This guy is like the poor mans American Pickers.
Are ALL them hoarders with 14 Indian motorcycles rusting in da woods on 'American Pickers' ex-employees of Rockefeller's businesses?
Love old movies myself. But on TV I can't stop watching American Pickers!
It's 2am.I'm watching American Pickers.3rd shift life.
Internet is out at 1:40 in the morning awesome! No American pickers to fall asleep tonight
I'm watching American pickers and it's making me so mad. Hoarding is so strange. Such a waste of resources.
I never get tired of watching American Pickers.
"Dollar *** dollar store is open for business" - that was actually said on American Pickers.
it is annoying when American Pickers does a musical episode, isn't it? 😄
I've been binge watching American Pickers for 2 weeks straight. Help me.
ever thought of putting shows about history on your network?. Pawn Stars?. American pickers?. Junk channel for morons
Chillaxin to the max with Mr. Weebs. We love American Pickers… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sweet Home Alabama plays as the American Pickers camera zooms in on a dusty but mint condition King of Queens 27 disc set. The mother-lode.
Who you callin' a "Turd?" Mind your manners young man! Mama's watching American Pickers. My kind of folks. 🤣🙃👵
When your watching American Pickers and Dani is at a Auction and you see a 1.5 second picture of Lady Gaga's childhood piano on an easel.
I watch way too much American Pickers for an 18 year old.
History canceling mid-season while they run 72 hour blocks of American Pickers is the pussification of America
GOD is speaking sexual things about my channel these EMOs . They get called an American Pickers
Just want to be with someone who I'm okay with staying up til 6am watching American Pickers and not get bored and fall asleep 👌🏼
Clearly the Springbok people are fans of American Pickers. At least you made their front page
Pawn Stars in 2009, or American pickers now?
Not sure what to make of how much American Pickers I've been watching lately.
I'm watching American Pickers & this woman worked as a carny for 45 years. -before it was garbagey- . What a cool life.
Intervention, American Pickers, Ancient Aliens, and others we watched free recently.I pay you monthly to NOT pay extra
We will not watch when Shepard Smut Smith is on. Turned to American Pickers. See who OReilly has on 8 eastern
I'd rather watch re-runs of American Pickers, than Shepard Smith!🤣
AMERICAN PICKERS rerun is on. Later, suckers!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
New blog up by the History reality show "American pickers" co-host danielle colby
I just wanna go home and watch American Pickers 💰💰
Staples Center is going to look like a house on American Pickers , with all these statuses going up all over the place .
this is such a no-brainer. American Pickers is cool but we don't need 72-hour marathon blocks of it.
Danni D of American Pickers. I'd LOVE to taste every nook and cranny of her!
I finished all my homework at 8pm and now I'm watching American Pickers and I gotta say it's not the same when I'm not procrastinating
American Pickers has created a firestorm of interest in "antiques" so to do my part, i will sell my grandpa for $48
Or just watch History, or American Pickers Channel, if you prefer. All they show anymore. America is sad
Coming this weekend to the Southern Ideal Home Show
"What a fantastic episode of American Pickers"- No One
American Pickers dig through gbage. Canadian Pickers go antiquing.
Gunna get super baked and watch American Pickers 😏
Does anyone else watch “American Pickers?” It’s kind of addicting. Not my usual kind of show.
I'm watching American Pickers 2010x23 "Frank Flips" laying on the couch...
Early this evening: "It's Friday night, the possibilities for fun are endless!". Now: "I hope the American Pickers can buy th…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Currently watching the Canadian version of American pickers. I need sleep.
the jobs are there now for the American whites who wanted illegals gone. So they need to apply for the jobs as pickers.
need u to do a American pickers thing at his bus yard
This lady on American Pickers had 15 beagles. Each one thiccer than the last 📿😏😥
being ill isnt bad when you can watch American Pickers and Storage Hunters all day
It would be fun to see the American Pickers try to pick the Chicago Art Institute.
This dude on American pickers is me
No way man! They based their name on the American pickers show!
Sometimes you just need to make some spaghetti and brownies and watch American Pickers with your best friend. ❤❤
Repost from buelltonchamber using repostregramapp - American Pickers are coming to town! Contact…
Hubs: Are you going to stay up and watch American Pickers with me tonight?. Me: ?. When the *** would you catch me wasting sleep for that.
We served together in the Storage Wars, in the 132nd American Pickers.
Just one time I want to see the American Pickers totally annihilate a rickety barn when trying to get a 70 year old car out of it
Atleast I have American pickers to keep me entertained
"I fall asleep well to American Pickers"
Get your iPhone insurance today!
American Pickers is so addictive. I start watching for 5 min and before I know it, I'm about 5 episodes deep.
can somebody PLEASE tell me why my mother is crying watching american pickers?
making an appearance on American Pickers!
One thing that make me nervous is waiting,drive me insane,All American pickers I watch saw 3 times,i just get nervous waiting,
Danielle on American Pickers is pure sexy
Hey guys, can you ask American Pickers what they'll pay for old metal and wood?.
I've watched way too many episodes of Pawn Stars and american pickers and basically all those cheesy shows on the History Channel stop me
Not sure if the target audience are watching American Pickers on Dave, but they just ran the new ad!
Dad: "When I die, call up those guys from American Pickers and try to sell them my stuff"
American pickers to film in California via
Hey saw this and thought of you. Get yourself online at antique archaeology (American Pickers).
yo did you catch that episode of American pickers?
I'm gonna watch American pickers now
Yes. He uses it othr times. Do U really think illegals R "taking"jobs?How many "real American" crop pickers do U know?
I think Frank from American Pickers said that, right?
Imagine how expensive fresh fruit and vegetables will be when farmers have to pay minimum wage to American pickers.
I'd say I had no idea American tomato pickers had lost their jobs.
yeah and I noticed no History Channel. I need my American Pickers !
Busy day so I'm watching 'American Pickers.'
my dad really loves the show American Pickers. he's showing me all his favorite clips of the show
WOW nailed Presidents' Day with multiple episodes of American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and Swamp People!
Saucy says: was that sofa found on American Pickers?
American Pickers is on at this time of night? I need to become a night owl!
See Frank Fritz from History Channel’s American Pickers & Sara Bendrick from DIY Network’s I Hate my Yard this wknd…
You never know when those American Pickers are gonna stop by to buy all this crap. *throws another empty pudding cup into…
This guy on American pickers right now has a voice just like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.
I wonder when Mike and Frank from American Pickers go to Wal Mart if they try to get them to come down on the prices?😂😂
20 years from now one of those coffee mugs turns up on American Pickers
American Pickers to film in California - Yucaipa/Calimesa News Mirror
.is filming in California this Spring & here's how you can get you & your antiques on the show:.
Drinking coffee and watching American Pickers, I've never felt like such a dad
is making me watch American pickers again!
I've just watched episode S2014E19 of American Pickers!
I've just watched episode S2014E18 of American Pickers!
Maybe you can have American Pickers come over and help?! 😄
. is going to talk about his book? Next thing you know American Pickers will be on every day.
It says a lot about our culture that today on the Channel - MLK Day - there will be an American Pickers marath…
I have a thirst right now and it is Dan Auerbach. Thanks American Pickers.
I just head on over to the History Channel and watch American Pickers or Forged in Fire
Best case American Pickers marathon. ;-)
mike your house looks like you should call American Pickers -I don't think they're too far from you
No it's not. American Pickers DVR time. Somebody on this *** team has to go. GM, coach, players - I don't know.
I never realized it until I caught a few minutes of the show, but American Pickers is basically Antiques Roadshow for dudes.
I dug it up, it's at 30-min. mark here: If you want, you should actually call me when you have 20mins.
I will be watching American Pickers on the History Channel
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Now you see on top of waiting for American pickers,with all that stuff in living room and dining room,not easy to live this way
In this episode of CHiPs, Ponch & Jon fix up an animal hoarder with a future American Pickers subject S2, Ep17
Anyone else find it odd that the only non "American Pickers" show on the History Channel, in what seems like...
My life goal is to accumulate enough stuff that when American Pickers comes to visit 30 years from now I'll be able to retire comfortably.
I'll watch American Pickers, a better show than anything from cartoons.
Catch last night's episode of online, On Demand, or in the app.
Yorkville man to appear on next Monday
Have a collection of antique items? Then you could be on 'American Pickers' - Sierra Star
American Pickers on History is seeking those with interesting collections to be on their show! Click below for...
The Family Plot by puts a wonderful "American Pickers" spin on the traditional ghost story. Loved it.
I liked a video from The Untold Truth Of American Pickers
American pickers you've done it again
NH was also mentioned in American Pickers last night they were in Orange Co looking at cars and Norwich car show mentioned
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