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American People

Americans, or American people, are the citizens of the United States.

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When GOP claims they are doing something great for the "American People, keep in mind which Americans they're talking about…
WE are with this Man 100%, Our President DONALD J TRUMP, Man & Voice of the American People.
What *WAS* wrong, Mr Trump, was telling Congress and the American People that he'd never met with the Russians. Drain…
AG Jeff Sessions, We, the American People, want a full investigation of Obama wire tapping Trump's tower.
Van Jones is beginning to realize that President Trump is far more popular with the American People than the Democrats t…
Trump,. Thank you for your integrity, being a man of your word, & faithful to the American People ! . 35 days…
Next in line for the title 'Enemy of the American People': The Congressional Budget Office.
And Chris LYING Wallace cannot FORCE the American People to believe his lies!! He has been lying since???
FAKE MARINE BIOLOGY NEWS is the anemone of the American People!
Mr President: Can we please stop the greatest sham on the American People please?
Ann!! That's why the American People don't trust the Media!! What have they ever done to deserve the Trust o…
Enemy of the American People: If anyone in the media gets killed, the REAL murderer will not be a deranged fan — the assas…
Hon press is "enemy of the American People" reminds me of Pakistan dictators like who befooled US, & Gen Zia
Cindy Sheehan;. Was Trump wrong when he said this:. "The media is the enemy of the American People?"
No one called real journalists the Enemy of the American People he said specific TV stations were. Stop creating more
Really worth noting Trump says "fake news media" is enemy of American people but has yet to say the same of Russia undermin…
The only "Enemy of the American People" is our He's a dangerous embarrassment to this country!
➡️ there,he'll be able to make calls . look over contracts while concealing just what he's up. to from the American People ➡️
“Enemy of the American people” is the kind of language historically used to justify violence.
Every GOP official should answer whether they think it's appropriate for the President to call the media "enemy of the America…
Trump's team sent out an open survey criticizing American press. When people responded favorably to the media, they bla…
I'm glad to see someone on is telling their viewers the truth about Trump! Enemy of the American People
Trump calls the media 'the enemy of the American People'
Perched on finger, enemy of the American people is scolded for having a so-so crazy day.
The MSM is the enemy of the American people because they are no longer fact-based journalists, they are political activ…
Hey Fake News media, if you defend pedophiles, then you're the enemy of the American People.
Anyone who declares the free press an enemy of the American people, is an enemy of democracy.👇🇷🇺
is over seas bashing our President, don't he realize he is putting t American People at risk
Talk about cowardice. Republicans are trying to ram through Pruitt's confirmation before the American people find out wh…
Trump says the media is the true enemy of the American people. So let's take a poll. Who do you think does MORE HARM to th…
Hi, the President of the United States declared that a free press is the enemy of the American people. If anything, we'…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
President Trump calls the news media the "enemy of the American people"
Dear President Trump,. The media is not "the enemy of the American People.". Sincerely,. Vet who took an oath to defend a…
We hate the truth. We hate police officers. We hate America. We are the Alt-Left. We are the Enemy of the American People. We are…
It's not just inappropriate for President Trump to call the US media "the enemy of the American people," it's unAmerican.
Trump calls mainstream media: Enemy of the American People. For some reason, morons think he's wrong.
Sad. Searching for adulation. And how much is this trip costing the American people? And your sons' trips??!!
This is the enemy of the American people
Always great to start the day on to talk about all that has done for the American people so far. Much m…
Do you believe the mainstream media is an enemy of the American people?
'Enemy of the American People': NEW YORK DAILY NEWS - Trump, not ISIS, is America’s greatest existential threat
MSM journos are butt-hurt that they're losing the gravy train that they rolled over and begged for. . "Enemy of the Am…
.“More and more people are seeing this hypocrisy and they’re not buying it. The American people are not stupid…
An attack on a free press by a sitting US president is a slap in the face to democracy, our country's founders and the Amer…
he's also lied straight to the faces of the American people more times than you can count but...
Do you believe that the mainstream media has become the "Enemy of the American People"?
Only a FAKE PRESIDENT would declare the First Amendment to be the enemy of the American people.
I love that part of the 1st Amendment that declares the press the enemy of the American people.
It's really bad. It's really, really, really bad. . A president declaring the New York Times the enemy of the American peo…
Demonizing the media echoes the world's worst tyrants. The American people need a free press more than they need a childish…
Remember every person who endorsed, defended & said we should work with Donald Trump. Lets make sure these anti American pe…
The FAKE NEWS media (failing is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American Pe…
Enemy of the American People:. Who installed The Patriot Act, invaded Iraq, bombed 7 countries and created the largest refugee crisis.
President Trump says the news media are not his enemy, but are "the enemy of the American People"
Pretty well the perfect analogy...but, where does that leave that American People? I am Canadian, so I'm OK
So, lets investigate informing American People, not guy that possibly committed treason... well played
Meet Obama's National Security Advisor, Susan Rice. She lied repeatedly to the American People about Benghazi.
You lied to the American People after placing your hand on the Bible and taking an oath before GOD! Special place for lying to God. 🔥
Cuba Gooding Jr. breaking down as OJ Simpson in American People vs. OJ Simpson is seriously incredible.
Meet NEC Director Gary Cohn. He's the financial genius WORKING PRO BONO for Trump and the American People.
So this is what it is like to live under a President who doesn't actively hate the American People.
I am honored to serve you, the great American People, as your 45th President of the United States!. President Trump. ht…
Basically it was Hamilton + his enablers = Wall Street vs. Thomas Jefferson + American People against each other...…
U people r so out of touch with the American People. Love Trump! Poll numbers LOL. MCCain LOL Graham LOL
Serious stuff! Time for the American People to Act and Stop the Spark from Reaching the Powder Keg!
I like to thank you for your courage and standing on principle for the American People and Mr. Cohen.
.Here’s President Obama’s Exit Letter to the American People
You fools think you are GOD?! Beware because the American people see what you are trying to do.
The American people simply will not tolerate ongoing BS. Actions have consequences; even some Trump voters tur…
Obama told Dems look out for the American people. Warning or admonishment? Either way it's too late.
you need to be. honestly with the American people . The truth will come out
Pence's CLAIM: "American people...want us to repeal and replace Obamacare" . FACT: Only 26% want ACA repealed
"Obama is the greatest hoax imposed on the American people in history" .
"The American people look up to you," President Obama tells service members at farewell ceremony https…
& the American people say McConnell is a hypocrite & we won't tolerate him.
The slogan is Dem's latest attempt to play on the "stupidity of the American people".
Be Very Careful Fooling around with ACA, SS, Medicare you might actual Unite the American People
all the people in government, including congress, should be held to the same requirements as other American citizens r for health insurance!
hope you're right. i have 0 confidence in the American people to correct this before it's too late.
Heres a list of white American terrorists. Terrorists whose identities are somehow not projected onto all white people...Bc w…
Yes, they will. The American people will tolerate it. You single-handedly raised their level of toleration for these tact…
It galls me to hear "the American people sent a message" when you lost seats in both houses & pop vote (and YES, both par…
They OBVIOUSLY missed the mandate from the American People!
Assange has never been proven wrong. Obama and Hillary lie to the American people daily. It's that simple.
You've built up the tolerance of the American people, Expect some of the same medicine, if not stronger.…
McConnell said the American people will not tolerate dems blocking Supreme Court nominations. L…
I'm so tired of republicans talking about what "the American people" want. The majority of Americans voted for Hillary Cl…
is saying "the American people won't stand for the Senate not filling a Supreme Court vacancy". Cue Rod Serling
~ they are the ones sick ... oh... they've never been sick on our end. The American people! .
To repeal Obamacare without another option in place is reckless, ignorant, and shows a complete disregard for the Americ…
✅ House passes Midnight Rules Relief Act. First step in ensuring American people have say in costly last min…
seriously? Tell the American people exactly how Obamacare has failed. You really have no idea what you are talking about.
The American People have spoken. destroyed our healthcare system we want it back
The GOP literally has no plan, and now they're promising the American people they'll have something
His term of office is not over yet. He is still the president, picked TWICE by the American people whose will was NEVER…
Mr. Sanders: Don't lie to the American people. You couldn't even Stand-up 2 & while they…
Okay, this is officially scary. These agencies are meant to protect the American people.
We're going to keep our promise to the American people. Our 1st order of business will be to repeal & replace Obamacare htt…
So what is the over/under bet on when Trump's going to help the American people find out if a POTUS can pardon himself?
.“The negative impact of is obvious. You, the American people have felt it directly.” https:…
This year isn't about a Conservative resurgence, it's about a hardworking, nation-loving, take no crap, American people re…
Once again Barrack Hussein Obama has conned the American people. Obamacare premiums are set to skyrocket in 2017!
Hey, your poll shows that the American people do NOT want to repeal (What do you thin…
Mr. Trump: Don’t lie to the American people. Tell the Republicans you won't allow them to cut Social Security, Medicare, an…
One day everyone will probably separate so keep guards up eyes open and ears to the ground.others will guide the American People
This is NOT retaliation against Russia, it is retaliation against the American People for not electing the...
The House and Senate forgets who they represent, the American People, not the insurance companies.
From day 1 of the campaign, it was let's 'Make America Great Again', the American People have spoken, it's time... htt…
When the US wakes up with its new Fuhrer tomorrow, I look forward to living the historical lead-up to WW3, as voted by the American People.
You have never represented the American People! You represent the United Nations & Middle East! You have divided Nations, n…
is with us the American People! My future Vote on November 8th Trump for President of the...
Don't let them off the hook Jason!!. We the American People stand with you. God help you bring Justice!!
Matt Bennett is concerned about stolen email. No! the email was returned to the American People.
I want you to PROVE to the American People that Julian Assange isn't working alone and pretending to be several different sources.
LOL ... its like you expect the American People have never seen Casablanca .
It's no longer about the American People, life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. It's all corruption and greed! :(
. Make a call and support the American People, No race gender or religion. Unite to fight corrupt Gov. Your Gov!. NEVER DEM!
As a future POTUS, I urge the American People to watch this video. We must bring Hillary to "heel". h…
Glenn Beck must get back on meds so he can think clearly get back on the side of the American People. His Fox shows…
Ok let me rephrase that - Money stolen for YOU the American People (and Haitian people)
not one that kills 4 United States Marines and a US ambassador, and been lying to the American People since 198…
Bill Clinton Lying to American People on national TV in 60 Minutes interview about Gennifer Flowers relationship.
.Clint Eastwood doesn't lie: President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American People. ht…
Donald Trump Jr Blames the American People for His Dad's Refusal to Release His Tax Returns via
Senate Democrats are threatening the health and safety of the American People. . The Zika virus is a danger.
Senate Democrats are putting partisan politics over the health of the American People. . This November, let's clean house…
ask Gary Johnson about smoking pot the American People deserve to know the TRUTH The White House is No Place For Smoking Pot
Robby Mook - . How much does Hillary pay you . to lie to the American People?
We've never had a White House that lies to the American People, avoids Questions, misrepresents security questions,as Obamas!
This is Republicans admiting you Cant Escape the Fate of Political Hate when you bet AGAINST the American People
Once again, this Administration pretends to be the ‘most transparent in history’ as it pulls wool over the eyes of the…
Hillary Clinton has been lying 2 the American people from the beginning of her email scandal & almost 1.5 years later…
Yes, but it also shouldn't take an American newspaper to make people recognize the force of the criticism…
American must now get very tough, very smart and very vigilant. We cannot admit people into our country without extrao…
. Please do the American people a favor. When you go on the air today. Talk about lowering PAYROLL TAXES! It is killing us!
India is involve in Baluchistan terrorist attacks.But i request to American people to discuss his Govt, and stop Indian support please.
We're not hearing much from the people who've called Obama a "Nazi" for 7+ years about American Nazi Party's endorsemen…
Yeah, especially those filthy feduwul workuhs mooching the American people. And, we can't wait to see those filth unemployed.
The media have shown their true colors. They do not give a *** about America or the American people.
This monster cat wants to say hello to American people.Jibanyan of Yo-kai Watch
I can't wait to go back to Japan. I love American people but I miss Japanese food so much
Trump in Iowa was great. He's having a conversation with the American people at these rallies instead of reading some poll…
Don't stress because of Social Media - the people see the truth.
That NativeFetish is Real&so is the of Native American People! We are still here…
They are in the business of protecting Ms Clinton against the American people…
release your b4 U try 2 tell the American people how to pay their taxes! Do U pay anything? OH THE
Why is it that when Obama is involved, our enemies wind up with a better deal than the American people?. https:…
deliberately misled & betrayed the American people https:/…
It's really no surprise that those who are looting the American people are angry that Trump is standing up against them.
the people who called us 'un-American' for generations now reveal the true Quisling nature of their patriotism
If American workers aren't able to keep 100% of what they earn themselves, then people shouldn't be able to pass on >$5M TAX FREE to others.
Obama, lying to the face of the American people:
Try rebooting Trump and showing the American People your tax returns. How is he allowed to get away without releasing his returns.
This episode demonstrates how the Obama admin continues to mislead the American people about dealings with
The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money. -- Alexis de Tocqueville
Think i need to grow some dreads and wear red, gold and green... Tired of people thinking im American, when i come to Europe.
It's the American people that paid 400 million ransom dollars to Iran.think about it!!
Hillary, we have some questions about your cozy relationship with everyone except the American people.
Worked with the amazing team at This American Life on this intimate look at the lives of displaced people living... htt…
The Campaign is an audition to the American People about your problem solving skill set. Show the people you it.
Given 1 ride in a time machine I'd go back to the American Revolution & show people and
People are more upset that a preseason NFL game was cancelled, then whats going on in American Politics
🔸 is telling the American people lies, nothing but lies. htt…
If the American people at the grassroots level begin to stand up and fight back, profound and positive changes take plac…
Huckabee: "People like Hillary...have used government to get rich at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers."
American People be wise, don't vote for 👎👎👎
67% of American people do not trust her, that's not because she is a Girl Scout.
He underestimates the ability of the American people to watch videos and see his obvious lies for themselves. SAD!
As President, I WILL fix this rigged system and only answer to YOU, the American people!
I would never underestimate the collective lunacy of the American people. They gave us the Kardashians.
Delta airlines hacked, but the American people are too fragile for the truth? It's not an outage. A corporation doesn't just go down.
The American people are being ganged up on. We asked for and all *** has broke loose.
People complain about Hillary's detachment from normal Americans, but for $225,000 she'll deliver a speech to any Amer…
Show the American People that you are a results oriented builder. Less talk. More action.Avoid controversy at all costs.
WATCH: Let's talk about decades of Clinton's caught lying to the American people.
Just realised I've always heard 'nerd' as 'nurd' when an American says it. Just like Scottish people can't say 'Karl'...
Video Do what is best for the American People. Bobby Knight I don't care about Rep. or Dem. Party.
JOB is taking care of the American People, clearly the Republican Party has failed the American people.
Who cares that she lied to Congress, the American People, and the mother of a Benghazi hero!
What an amazing First Lady Melania Trump will be. A First lady the American People can really be proud of
All Politicians do is sell the American People a dream...Be that dream...Stay Woke..💯💯💯
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Have been totally exposed, they've failed to carry out their solemn obligation to the American People, a Free Press!
Funded by Saudi . Above the Law. Lied to American People. We deserve better
the Judge has ruled the GOP will not fail the American People, for you or the Hail Mary you think you have, it's over.
Bobby Knight video. Does whats right for the American People. I don't care about (D) or R party.
We the American People want the Clinton Foundation Emails Released . What are they Hiding?
Not until the Republican GOP is smashed to pieces will the American People ever be able to establish a representative party to represent US
Who cares. So has the Democrat and Republican Party and the American People had to deal with their faulty positions for decades.
Why is everyone in the Republican Party Racist & Ignorant? Mean Nasty and don't give a *** about the American People.
The Greatest Subversive Plot in History---Report to the American People on UNESCO via
Say yes to Kenny Rodeo for POTUS 2016. Conservative & ready to serve the American People.
You said on FoxNews that the American People should make the decision but you spent MILLIONS reelecting Senator Cochran ...1/2
I'm guessing only The US gov, NASA and Military would orchestrate such horror on American People and Canadians.
The majority of the American Media are a joke and a disgrace. They do not care about the American People.
Check out Battlefield America : The War on the American People by John W. Whitehead...
however it's the new talking point at FOX NEWS, Talk Radio and of course Trump. I believe the American People will reject this and Trump.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Crazy Donald Trump thinks the American People will not remember his lies and insults to blacks and latinos.
Clearly the Catholic Church can make the same kind of mistake as the American People in 2008 and 2012.
Indeed Open Society Foundations is a Soros operation, and USAID (From the American People) is a CIA front.
American People created a Constitutional Republic for the United States of America.
"The Anger of the American People". Interesting acct on the psychological mindsets in this political battle 4 minds.
Look Ryan, You disrespected American People as soon as in Failed to Show Support for Our Nominee, Get Off Your High Horse, Stand Tall
GOP "leadership" ? Only care about The Club and Gravy Train. Care less about America or American People.
Paul Ryan took his mask off-He does NOT care about the American People & the dying middle-class-Thank U for being Our Voice
I guess these illegals are pouring into our borders because of Trump- Another invasion upon the American People taxpayers-Middle-Class dying
I knew I did not like Paul Ryan- I am on fire- Just another Politician-Ryan could care less about the American People! Middle class is dying
Ready or Not via Ryan not for the American People! What a jerk!Trump is for the poor middle class
Hillary Clinton’s Six Step Plan to Disarm the American People – Annie Get your gun...NOW while you can & AMMO
What has happened to you? Trust us! The collective consciousness of the American People, we got this! WE know who we need-Trump!
Did Pam Bondi wear a mask and whip a Prostitute? Please share with all of the American People!!! THANKS
keep speaking your mind Arizona. Let America see that Cruz is for Cruz and not the American People.
Trump Funded that, ... Rubio was a part of it, and the American People were not a concern
WOW !! And this is just ANOTHER Reason WE NEED TRUMP !! Keep jobs in America for American People !
Steve Schmidt/Morning Joe: "The Effects of Globalization have been devastating to American People." We are ready for Trump!
This 🖕 is the sign Roberts gave the American People & Constitution when he imposed Obamacare 😡‼️
Nikita Khrushchev said"We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can...
From Utah beach, Normandy, France. Thanks to the American People for your sacrifice
If you want a leader that'll show no mercy to other nations and do what's best for the American People then vote for Aaron W. Davis in 2036!
We the American People are standing up and using the Constitution to save the Constitution. https:/…
Bill Clinton came out and told the American People that Obama's legacy is horrible! I agree with him!
Mitch works for his party but is paid by the American People! McConnel is th "Welfare Queen" senator. Lazy BUM
If this is true the American people r going to revolt like you have never seen! 4 ONCE LISTEN!
Go get them Senator the American people are with you.
You calling "Lucifer" is rich! If anyone's been a betrayer, it's YOU who broke every promise to the American people!
The American people are tired of your thinly veiled racism.
They can put all you corrupt *** up here , the American people don't want more corruption
McConnell, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ELECTED OBAMA for 4 yrs. He has responsibilities until his term ACTUALLY ends, not when…
Finally someone has emerged in American politics that can be trusted. by majority of people in America and the whole world.
The will continue to observe the so that the American people have a voice in the next
The GOP is useless and a huge burden on the American people. Republicans have made America the laughingstock of the world. …
The American people have a voice.We re-elected Are you being serious, or is this just a big joke like
Its amazing as to how ignorant he believes the American people are!
.the American people did have a voice, we elected Obama twice!
Reid: "There is no good reason for Republicans to waste any more of the American people’s time. Senator Grassley should do his job"
The American people have by voting for President Obama
The American people did have a say as to who should nominate a vacant seat. Twice.
It seems that the American people are in your mentions, right now, telling you to
"As president, I promise to never bone the American people because I've never had an erection anyway and I know not the sensation of touch."
It is astounding how many seemingly intelligent people somehow come across as incredibly dumb when it comes to (American) …
how is this even ethical? Trump will use the presidency to bolster his businesses and not help the American people.
Wrong. The American people already had a voice in this process. The 2012 Presidential elections. https:…
Hamilton Collection
You have been obstructing President Obama since his first day in office. The American people will remember that.
.The American people have a direct voice & we used it in 2012, when we elected Obama, again!
The Senate majority is giving the American people a voice on the next
Who gave this fool the authority to instruct the American people on what to do when we have spoken twice. Pathet…
Lame duck POTUS is doing us a disservice w/ attempt to tip balance of in the 11th hr
The American people elected a president w/307 days left in term. It's disrespectful to us, the office, the court.
BREAKING! Huge VICTORY for the American people! REJECTS the Please RT!
I urge GOP leaders to respect the Constitution & voices of the American people.
.Hey, Sen. Mitch Manturtle ... when the American people vote Clinton and she noms Obama to SCOTUS, that'…
The American people should have a say in the next Supreme Court justice. Read my full statement here:
The American people deserve fair consideration, hearing and vote on
. It sickens me to know that you can lie to the American people without one ounce of remorse.
made me believe in the goodness of the American people again. I will not allow his character to be smeared…
How about you grow up? The American people decided when we re-elected President Obama for a second term.
The same people who do not think more of themselves or others. It's sad but American society has created monsters.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
"The American people should decide who fills Justice Scalia's seat." -
Nominating a Supreme Court Justice is duty & responsibility to the American people.
McConnell: "We were elected to work for the American people by the Amer. people. As a thank you, we refuse to work for …
Do you honestly think the American people are stupid? . POTUS & VP Biden VOTED no, but they voted.
The American people voted for TWICE to lead this nation. You also got elected. Please
Civility might be rare in U.S. politics. But the American people deserve better. via
The American people chose President Obama. It should be his choice!
The American people are perfectly capable of having their say on the So let’s give them a voice. https…
Sen. Roberts' bill to block GMO labeling violates the will of the American people who overwhelmingly believe that GMOs shou…
.65 MILLION American people spoke in 2012 when we elected to a 2nd 4 YEAR TERM!
The American people elected Obama...twice. I think that counts as our voice.
SCOTUS does not belong to the GOP. It belongs to the American People. They elected Barack Obama to do his job as POTUS. Do your job!
Oh you think your "Republican" so you can totally DISS the American People??? Do you? Is that that way it works
See John W. Whitehead at the Virginia Festival His Best-Book 'Battlefield America:The War on the American People:
Bloomberg will not enter presidential race, fearing it would help Trump or Cruz win (Reuters). sad American People is abandoned to curse
Get your iPhone insurance today!
The only thing we need to focus in our future economy is making sure that our national healthcare is more affordable for the American People
doesn't care about Republican Elites; he's uniting the American People!! Get on board GOP!! =
Neal... Are you capa tosta?? Listen to what he's (Ken Langone)saying! We, the American People are fed up the s…
is the real fraud working for the mafia establishment, they are desperate, trying to stop & the American People
Via Give the American People a Voice on the Next Supreme Court Justice: President Barack Obam...
Great another reporter misunderstanding the American People but get a media outlet to voice his opinion. TY FOX.
Ryan, in his position, should say, "I will work in good faith with whomever the American People elect president." No more.
no respect for the White House or the Government or the American People
I would love to be a member of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee and make changes the American People need!
"Anime is Real and a right of the American People" - Bernie Sanders
I believe that Conservative beliefs can make this country great again, and do what is best for the American People!
We love our Great Country and we need a leader that is committed to the US Constitution and loves the American People!
the American People will be voting for someone who builds bridges not closes them sorry Chris
My latest interview with Stefan Molyneux – The State of the Union: A Big Joke on the American People
GOP Reps to Navy Secretary on Iran Seizing Sailors: Feds Should Apologize to the American People
Liberty, Equality, Power Vol. 1 : A History of the American People to 1877 by...
●if we keep going, we can empty the entire Chamber! A true gift to the American People!
State Terrorism directed against the American People and Democracy Itselfs
George Soros Is the Enemy of the American People and Traditional American Values
Obama EPA set to act against Congress & American People on climate change. …
More Union Payoffs to Ripping the American People off right n front of R eyes THIS HAS TO STOP …
That reminded me of this fr. "BATTLEFIELD AMERICA: The War on the American People' by John Whitehead-
Jane Sanders will make an amazing First Lady that American People, especially young women, can look up to
Sorry, I still don't believe the American People yet have the will to make a Bernie Sanders presidency a reality.
I am extremely patriotic and support the American People - my Country- Flag and Veterans - Law Enforcement- First...
or congress governors state houses? Obama: I’m Confident in the Wisdom of American People to Not Elect a Repub Pres
[ Politics ] Open Question : Obama Insult's the United States Congress and such overseas. Isn't he Insulting the American People to since…
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