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American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior is a sports entertainment spin-off of Sasuke. It began on December 12, 2009 in Los Angeles, California, with the top 10 competitors moving on to compete at Mount Midoriyama in Japan.

Zach Gowen American Gladiator Michael Dudikoff

Someone on American ninja warrior just got bamboozaled
Did you catch Josh Levin on American Ninja Warrior? He's a big fan of
Need to put him on American ninja warrior 😂
American Ninja Warrior Tré Dortch shares why he uses Zija products.
1st woman American Ninja Warrior proves women can be anything, even super heroes https…
Watching American Ninja Warrior waaah and I always wanted to be Jessie Graff grabe ka BOW
Only kids could mistake piles of their own clutter as some kind of American Ninja Warrior course.
Big Show is cosplaying as a part of the American Ninja Warrior set.
I bet I would win American ninja warrior
Oh wait! I know the celeb that is all about it. He's an American Ninja Warrior host. I love him.
Watching of American Ninja Warrior geek out over Harry Potter is making my heart smile!
Ninja Warrior UK is an atrocious show. They've taken everything good about American Ninja Warrior out and doubled down on the stupid parts.
Dear American ninja warrior: . I love you a lot . That's all
Okay where is he located? And he should try out for American Ninja Warrior
coat and came back over and was like "actually you know I'm training for American ninja warrior" I'm crying
This could be the next American ninja warrior
Breast Cancer Awareness
would you ever do American Ninja Warrior
I hijacked Jessica's team call to share a bit of my story and WHY we're going after American Ninja Warrior at the...
PE American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course! Students used the skills they've learned to roll, balance, hop and toss…
Drinking an abhorrent amount of alcohol while watching American Ninja Warrior. So I'm basically doing cardio. *feels the…
With the circus shutting down in May, Batman will now do all his recruiting from 'American Ninja Warrior'.
Dating in feels like American ninja warrior 😒
Just crying while watching American ninja warrior, wbu
I realize ninja warrior is the closest thing to American Gladiators my kids will see — feeling disappointed
Don't let the corn dog throw you off, is a professional on the course.
repost via from Getting ready for American Ninja Warrior with coach Karl…
Watching american ninja warrior on Axn pakistan .
American Ninja Warrior is back to entral you all, tune in now.
When american ninja warrior conquers the unconquerable.
I miss you my American ninja warrior baby 😘.
If dogs could compete, Snoopy would be the next American Ninja Warrior! . This 8 month-old rat…
The American Ninja Warrior in the world has a new gym in Windsor. He (attempted) 2 train me:
Get into warrior mode with these endurance-testing exercises.
If you ever want to feel useless watch American ninja warrior while eating lasagna and drinking Dr. Pepper
Check out and download this past episode of the podcast with American Ninja Warrior - Maggi Thorne.
When things get a little too intense, Morgan Freeman helps us come down a notch.
heck yeah that's where American Ninja Warrior was iirc
Can we all just imagine how amazing it would be to see on American Ninja Warrior??
But anyways I've seen better footage of people falling I mean just watch American Ninja Warrior
Hey preston if you see this I have a long american ninja warrior map 40% done when I finish I want to race you on it 100obstacles
Nobody watching that trash Pro Bowl either! I'd rather watch that Ninja Warrior American Gladiator thing. At least they t…
We will be open this weekend! . Hope you come by to try the American Ninja Warrior obstacles!
American Ninja Warrior star Jessie Graff does high kicks at Emmys
Toronto. Please share this casting notice. Looking for kids 11-15 for an American Ninja Warrior meets Power Rangers new ga…
Me:"I don't even think anybody on Fruit Ninja Warrior would be able to do that...". Jeana:"Fruit Ninja Warrior?". Me:"American Ninja Warrior."
Ima be on American Ninja Warrior one day... watch
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
or pull KGB off the set of American Ninja Warrior and back on to the field
They think American Ninja Warrior is only valid if they wear bells and the bells don't make a sound
If you clear all 4 stages of American Ninja Warrior, that automatically makes you a certified ninja.
I liked a video American Ninja Warrior - SNL
American Ninja Warrior gets better with each passing week. I really hope this show gets renewed for an 10th season.
I still remember when William Moseley (king peter) try out for American Ninja Warrior but failed
Being a wrestler and on American Ninja Warrior is great, but was on with .
Watch this young girl crush an 'American Ninja Warrior' obstacle course
Are YOU an American Ninja Warrior? Post your pics or videos of family, friends or yourself in beast mode... We...
Thanks for all the great Makerspace & design challenge ideas! Here's our American Ninja Warrior co…
Here's my reaction to the 5yo girl who crushed the backyard NBC American Ninja Warrior course. And her awesome dad.
We made a prototype for the next American Ninja Warrior obstacle
One of our members (Chase Sargent) is prepping for American Ninja Warrior and TRC is one of his training grounds!... https…
Dad of the year puts 5-year-old daughter through course to be the next "American Ninja Warrior."
Awesome Father builds DIY 'American Ninja Warrior' course for daughter in back yard Not a helicopter parent   10% Off
PSA :. If you are feeling bad, watch American Ninja Warrior. You won't regret all the eye candy 😏
Seeing Jessie Graff become the first girl to finish stage 1 of American Ninja Warrior is cool, I love seeing girls make history this season
NBC Jessie Graff was on American Ninja Warrior again Monday night, and she crushed once again, becoming the first...
There was a guy named Alex Moran on American Ninja Warrior.
American Ninja Warrior. America's Got Talent. American Idol. it sounds like I love the US but I just love reality shows
Just a reminder, we are all celebrating AMERICA today, so no NBC American Ninja Warrior tonight. Instead, enjoy...
In honor of America, someone start training for American Ninja Warrior with me.
Air Force One. Coming to America. American Ninja Warrior. I see you, cable provider.
If your idea of being patriotic consists of watching American Pie or American Ninja Warrior, and listening to the band America: GTFO.
One-Legged Athlete Compete on 'American Ninja Warrior.' Family of US student killed in Swan River, Manitoba (MB), CA
Hampton Inn Madera: no Warriors game tonight so American Ninja Warrior new favorite show. Wing Stop bag an illusion
This dad on American Ninja Warrior is so inspiring. He lost his wife to breast cancer. "You gotta pick yourself up and move on" 😭😭😭
So hockey can't get Game 2 of its championship series on network TV because of American Ninja Warrior. I don't even know who…
'American Ninja Warrior': Kacy Catanzaro on Her Stunning Run via on Broken skull challenge:)
Across from hotel in Indy people queued up around block for Trump event, next to sets for American Ninja Warrior.
My new sounds: Zach Gowen: Wrestling For Warriors, & American Ninja Warrior on
My new sounds: Zach Gowen on the American Ninja Warrior course on
Every time "American Ninja Warrior" doesn't invite Michael Dudikoff, an angel has its wings cut…
Old debate: Are drivers athletes? Four will try to prove they are by trying out for American Ninja Warrior: .
Teachers: Bring an American Ninja Warrior to your classroom! We'll chat a/b climate sci., earth day & more! Sign up:
My boys have been greatly inspired by American Ninja Warrior, and obstacle courses like this are a super way to...
So stoked to being seeing AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR LIVE.. Hoping for a ticket upgrade!!! !
Imma join the american ninja warrior lol
Have just discovered American Ninja Warrior. This is like Total Wipeout on speed. No sign of Michael Dudikoff though.
I liked a video American Ninja Warrior - Kacy Catanzaro
It's a remodel of Ninja, to celebrate attempt at American Ninja Warrior, the TV show.
Biking goes up despite city offering bike "Infrastructure" fit for "American Ninja Warrior"
Today is a great day!!! I got my whip back!! I got my American Ninja Warrior tickets…
just got my American Ninja Warrior tickets for Indianapolis!! Now how do I win VIP Seats?!!
Click here to support The Next American Ninja Warrior by sean quinlan
Update your maps at Navteq
American ninja warrior on my tv screen rn
yup! If you finished watching one season ng american ninja warrior dun ang finals
Cool report on Ryan Elementary School & the American Ninja Warrior course. . Friends of Ryan Elementary
Great news everyone! I have been officially selected to be on this season of American Ninja Warrior. Time to see how far I can get.
Posing down in Las Vegas with Wolfpack warrior She is one of the few women on American Ninja...
2 types of guys that watch American Ninja Warrior . G1- I could do all that easy. Me- That guy's jogging. Probably CGI. Who can jog like that?
In which I analyze American Ninja Warrior form, a.k.a. the post I was born to write
On how one transformed herself into an American Ninja Warrior contestant ...
You should totally do American Ninja Warrior. Everytime I watch it, I'm all "Kevin could do that."
resident (myself) is headed to American Ninja Warrior...Studios
Workin' two jobs today. From The Herd straight to something special for American Ninja Warrior 🎤
he's been training for American ninja warrior but um im actually in love 🙈
American Ninja Warrior is going to be filming at work. I'm pumped.
Can i go to american ninja warrior please!💪
American Ninja Warrior "The Chuckster" on Sun. Mar. 13 from 12-2 for an autographs picture session. Come on out!
Anastasia Walsh from Cheney is headed to CA in April to compete in American Ninja Warrior! Congrats!
Track cycling warrior interviewed by American Ninja Warrior at Media Summit! https:/…
some American ninja warrior stuff there...
has actually just been at the gym training for American Ninja Warrior
Awesome news! Nicole Hatcher are amazing teacher and coach made it on the show of American Ninja Warrior!
. Sets Premiere Date for via is back June 1
looks like I made the cut! I will be on season 8 of American Ninja Warrior!
Billy Navarette, who was one of our Men of the Year, is going to compete in American Ninja Warrior Season 8!
So. Gonna be on American Ninja Warrior. This is officially a thing.
he's just chilling doing American ninja warrior. Prob just training for bay watch
American Ninja Warrior is full of very impressive, very fit people who I would probably absolutely hate in person.
There is free on demand American Ninja Warrior on the hotel TV. You're welcome.
Check out our FREE American Ninja Warrior PODCAST on iTunes! We would love if you would listen, review and share!
We built a massive American Ninja Warrior style obstacle course for Guess who was faster than me.. 🖕🏾
Taken by Josh Lewellen in April 2015, during setup of American Ninja Warrior taping
In non-heretical cataloging ideas news: SBNation is hiring an American Ninja Warrior blogger.
I watch American Ninja Warrior for the bad puns
love the American Ninja Warrior course you got. Do you ever plan on I'm trying out for the show?
Maybe you should watch American Ninja Warrior and see what girls like me are capable of!!
I’m hiring a full-time person to blog about American Ninja Warrior
me: gets winded walking up one flight of stairs . also me: still thinks I'm going to one day make it big on American Ninja Warrior
I bet these American Ninja Warrior competitors would do better if they had a physique like me.
I thought you were gonna be an American Ninja Warrior?
Really excited about American Ninja Warrior coming to OKC! Can you tell me how to get tickets?
Worked out for the first time in 2 weeks and I only passed out and saw Jesus ONCE! I'm coming for you, American Ninja Warrior!!
May be a conflict of interest with me being the next American Ninja Warrior and all.
Let's all apply to this dream job (full-time American Ninja Warrior blogger)
Yesterday, I took my son to an American Ninja Warrior-esque course. Today, I feel like I’m 80.
I don't need femsine even biology is misandrist, boys have to complete the American Ninja Warrior course first
I became an addict to American Ninja Warrior. I see this contest and I feel the adrenaline like I'm making the exercises😂 *-*
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
A former contestant on "American Ninja Warrior" was recently featured in a new spinoff series, "Team Ninja Warrior".
Utahn races through obstacles on 'American Ninja Warrior' spinoff
Currently sweating my balls off on the stairclimber and watching American Ninja Warrior and I'm feeling 300% more unfit
Sometimes I think I'd be good at American Ninja Warrior. Then I remember that I'm ten pounds overweight and get winded t…
My daughter re: American Ninja Warrior: "I bet you'd be sweating to death and couldn't handle it."
Heres the line up for this weeks episode of Grease Live, Girlfriends Guide To Divorce, The Muppets, American Ninja Warrior.
American Ninja Warrior, but it's actually me trying to maneuver through your yard without getting caught by your wife.
I can't wait to start training for American Ninja Warrior! 😍
I may not be a contender for American Ninja Warrior or The Hunger Games, but today I definitely solidified my place in Supermarket Sweep...
Life goal is to compete on American Ninja Warrior
Two days later and I still don't know where I can watch American Ninja Warrior USA vs the world
I get so hype every single time I watch American Ninja Warrior. Lol.
Hi my name is Naomi and I'm addicted to American ninja warrior
Oh so thats Salmon Stairs of workout that Oliver Queen used to do in Arrow and i see it now in American Ninja Warrior. Awes!
Love American Ninja Warrior but TEAM American Ninja Warrior is just that much better! Side by side with your opponent 😁
I liked a video James McGrath at 2015 Orlando Finals | American Ninja Warrior
I liked a video Brendan Couvreux at 2015 Kansas City Finals | American Ninja Warrior
Why does everyone in American Ninja Warrior make this look so easy?
NEWS FLASH!! Have you heard of The American Ninja Warrior Wolfpack? If not, catch up with the news! :-) I'm...
Scotts Valley's one and only Kevin the Bull will be competing on American Ninja Warrior on the Esquire Network @ 8!
Native American warrior class NG (but samurai and ninja classes still totally PC).
American Ninja Warrior is Garbage. Give me Orig Ninja Warrior with old people or nothing at all.
I beg you to turn on the Nat Geo channel and watch the documentary "Super Squirrel" .. It's American ninja warrior for squirrels
We have so much Ninja Warrior Gold, videos, competitions, gyms.
Want to compete like a Ninja? Check out our list of Ninja competitions.
Want to train like a Ninja? Check out our list of gyms by state
American ninja warrior bout to be lit
Just in case you didn't have it. These are the teams for
Team USA in American Ninja Warrior has 2 dudes who finished Mt Midoriyama last season. 2 firsts. Stacked squad! I love this show.
Kind of just want to forget my career goals and train to become an American Ninja Warrior.
Nothing makes me feel more athletically inadequate and incredibly stressed than when I'm watching American Ninja Warrior.
it's the best! I can't get enough American Ninja Warrior!
The only sport I care about is American Ninja Warrior
American Ninja Warrior Training. *** this crap is so hard! By the time you learn the technique…
"That doesn't look so hard" I whisper to myself while sitting on the couch eating an ice cream sandwich & watching Ame…
I feel like I have an American Ninja Warrior in my belly lol 👣
Anthony taught us about American Ninja Warrior today
Using nootropics during workouts, training sessions, and in competition via
American Ninja Warrior Vs American Gladiators. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!…
American ninja warrior is well worth watching all day. Welcome to the club of not being able to stop watching it now.
I watched American ninja warrior: America vs the world Sunday night. It was pretty neat.
Put them on the American Ninja Warrior course.
Kinda hooked on to American Ninja Warrior!!. Phew**. Have been dreaming of it too!! LOL
I did 7 pullups today so obviously I'm now applying for American Ninja Warrior.
personally I'd prefer going back to the ancient traditions of bravest warrior.. Winner of Wrestlemania or American Ninja Warrior
Hamilton Collection
watching american ninja warrior vs the world season3 go Japan!
when i grow up i wanna be a rich white guy that has time to practice for American Ninja Warrior all day
When Brian Arnold isn't part of team USA for American Ninja Warrior vs. the world 😩😭
The electronics guy at Nebraska Furniture mart injured himself trying out for American Ninja Warrior.. I told him he was my hero👍🏼
This team American Ninja Warrior might be top 2 worst ninja related thing
Name that American Ninja Warrior: runner edition! [current SV coaches/XC team can't play-let's see who recognizes]:
This new American Ninja Warrior team stuff is gonna be lit af
Here's American Ninja Warrior, John McClane, who conquered the Mt. Midoriyama of his day (Nakatomi Plaza.) 😜
Felice, should give American Ninja Warrior a second try..
It's amazing how my family can hear everything I say until "I want to watch American Ninja Warrior"
So when is Liam going on American Ninja Warrior?
dont listen to your the first american ninja warrior. issac is a JERK
Gino is the next winner of American ninja warrior
Watching American Ninja Warrior. Honestly, parkour is the best sport of all.
I'm watching American Ninja Warrior, and I think I'm in love with you. You inspire people to overcome any kind of obstacles
Things for 2016:. 1. Be on American Ninja Warrior again. 2. Backpack through Europe. 3. Don't get married, duh. 4. Win the lottery. Easy enough
I want to be an American Ninja Warrior but I also like pizza. So I don't know.
How I should've spent my trip: swimming, relaxing, meeting new people. How I spent it: Trading sleep to watch "American Ninja Warrior"
Here in Albuquerque, we have a gym dedicated to trading for American Ninja Warrior.
Oh hey what'd I miss in the other side of Ninja: American Warrior?
life goals: be on both American Ninja Warrior and Survivor. and not die.
I saw what you did on American Ninja Warrior and I love your performance.You are one of my favorite ANW
I love to see you in American ninja warrior
I imagine the pitch was "what if a YouTube star from American Ninja Warrior fought crime?" . To be honest, I wish I saw it while super high.
Mini American Ninja Warrior course in the backyard for Christmas. 52 degree Christmas in Ohio…
she could win American Ninja Warrior in those heels.
The Orioles physical exam is harder than that used by Navy SEALs, American Ninja Warrior, and the International Olympic Committee.
I watch American Ninja Warrior for motivation. I tried American Gladiator but had The Running Man nightmares. I blame spandex.
Has a CDS alum ever been crowned an American Ninja Warrior? One can only dream! Enjoy the sunshine.
Oh *** of course a wacky Hipster would start an assassin club. It's the next step after American Ninja Warrior.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'm changing my life goals and training to be on American Ninja Warrior. It just feels right, you know
Spending my saturday night watching American Ninja Warrior wbu
American Ninja Warrior. You mean the grown up version of the hot lava game?
Ngl I want to be the first American Ninja Warrior
Thanks for the follow, American Ninja Warrior? How cool is that?!
If camp had an American Ninja Warrior course as a skill, that would be so turnt.
At his fall festival and he out here practicing American Ninja Warrior
There's a woman competing on American Ninja Warrior dressed as Big Bird.
-- Really enjoyed your walking tour of NW 23rd! Following for more Portland tours & good luck w/ American Ninja Warrior! 👍
Just want someone to watch American Ninja Warrior with ⚔
would you ever want to do the American Ninja Warrior course?
Boston is having an American Ninja Warrior themed fun night tonight to raise money for their band program! 🎷🎺
Do you watch American Ninja Warrior because there is a person that had alopecia was on that show and his name was Kevin Bull.
My love for American Ninja Warrior is public record, but profile of Geoff Britten is really great:
*does some wii fit yoga poses* i am basically an American Ninja Warrior
Remember when American Ninja Warrior was cool and called American Gladiator?
Have you seen the new team version of American Ninja Warrior?
Newswire: Esquire Network to encourage stealth teamwork with American Ninja Warrior spinoff
Jaden and Yesi doing some American Ninja Warrior routines. @ Miami Lakes…
Totally real T-Rex trains to be an 'American Ninja Warrior': . America Ninja Warriors need have ...
I'm positive I'd be a wonderful commentator on American Ninja Warrior
American Ninja Warrior got me on the edge of my seat rn gawd ***
Haven't been keeping up w American Ninja Warrior but have the finale on right now & watching that guy finish stage 3 was pretty epic
American Ninja Warrior is so intense 😁😁😁 Thank you for introducing me to this.
we just watched the first person to ever complete Stage 3 in American Ninja Warrior
thoughts on the first American to go to Stage 4 in American Ninja Warrior?
*** cuz just made American Ninja Warrior. He my size
wow now the guy right after becomes the first ever American Ninja Warrior wow
watching that American Ninja Warrior the Vegas final🙌
you should definitely try out for American Ninja Warrior. Seems like Arrow skills would come in handy.
if you can believe it Mr Peterman is watching between switching back to American Ninja Warrior
oh my god this dude just fell with two jumps away from being the first ever American Ninja Warrior, ouch.
Screw college football! Watching the repay of NBC's American Ninja Warrior. This is totally insane show. Next season should b off the chain.
American Ninja Warrior is some crazy stuff
I feel like this American Ninja Warrior course sets people up for terrible, terrible failure
Dark chocolate, American Ninja Warrior & a heating pad. I'm just one sexy combination of fun and exciting
you should apply for American Ninja Warrior! Click the link above!
Alethia: *watching American Ninja Warrior* look at those quads. there's nothing on that wall, it's all muscle. wow.
So I should give up my dream of seeing you compete on American Ninja Warrior? *sigh*..
Spending my Saturday night catching up on American Ninja Warrior! These guys make it look so easy
I've never seen American Ninja Warrior until tonight and it's amazing
American Ninja Warrior on a Saturday's a party🎉
Tree Top Adventure. I am no American Ninja Warrior but completed the green and the blue course.…
Because of TV: I think I would make a good detective, chef, doctor, secret agent, or an American Ninja Warrior.
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