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American Nazi Party

The American Nazi Party (ANP) was an American political party founded by veteran U.S. Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell.

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nope he speaks for the rational patriotic american people. Enjoy your Nazi party buddy
If the Repub Nazi Party funds that usrless wall, every true American must take it to the streets.
You mean the American Nazi party slogan maga?
You left out that we beat the Nazis, is it because your dad was a Member of the American Nazi Party? Is…
that's the bridge you're gonna die on? I'm sure Ronald Reagan would be so proud gop is now th…
"It was one thing to defend the American Nazi Party’s right to march in Skokie, Ill. in 1977, when the liberal...
Democratic Party SJW & G soros unite to build a new elite force ninja nazi's to shut down…
has done a marvelous job of unifying the KKK, American Nazi party, white supremacists, tax dodging billionaires
attorney, David Goldberg who represented ACLU! Notice the irony here...a Jewish attorney defending the rights of American Nazi party!
Influence of American laws on Nazi legal system; UK also didn't ban its Fascist party until May 1940.
I mean I'd certainly want more than $10/hr given the inherent danger that comes w/ you being supporte…
How does it feel to be the American Nazi Party?
Hey I noticed you're hosting the website for the American Nazi Party (Care to ex…
KKK, American Nazi party, Antifa have one huge thing in common their colors! The colors are representative of all Communist parties.
.This is you now. You represent what American soldiers died fighting against in WW2. You are the American Nazi Part…
George Lincoln Rockwell and members of the American Nazi Party attend a Nation of Islam summit in 1961. [1600x1118]…
Alex Haley also interviewed George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi Party. Playboy caught *** but it was bold to assign Haley.
Said that John Birch society was a "kindergarten" for American Nazi Party members
well you're more American than the *** that support Nazi practices
As compared by what it meant when the American Nazi Party used it?
not surprised. The American Nazi Party praised Trump when he won the election as a win for them
was the American Nazi Party slogan in the 1930s.
The fact that he's lumpingall Germanstogether,or that hes comparing my American flag toa Nazi Party Flag
Trump's cabinet picks are being celebrated by the American Neo-Nazi Party, which is like the Republican Party, only mo…
My point was that "America First" was not a slogan of the GAB or American Nazi party. Hearst is a sideshow to this.
It was the rallying cry of the American bund (American Nazi Party).
the American Nazi party threw a party to celebrate. Look it up
I read that it is a slogan used by the American nazi party, so.
Donald Trump's "America 1st" slogan is known to be that of a German American Nazi Party. The double standards is ridiculous
America First was the 1930s American NAZI PARTY slogan
How are your KKK benefits these days? I heard the American Nazi Party's pension plan dried up so I'm wondering how…
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America First was the slogan of the American NAZI PARTY of the 1930s
America First wasn't that the American nazi party slogan back in the 1930s
The Press begins by calling this, 'Change'... --'America First, America First' is from the American Nazi Party
Ok so they've chosen as their headline the motto of the American Nazi Party pre- WW2. COOL.
"America First" was the slogan of The American Nazi Party. that's 1 meme.
Just a reminder "America First" was the group who was against sending American aide to stop the Nazi party durning the holocaust.carry on
Apparently, is regarded as the head of the American Nazi party.
This was the American Nazi Party's slogan in the 1930s. Yup.
And the slogan of the American Nazi party gets a second life. Who would have thought
Trump using an American Nazi party slogan during the inauguration is.
America First was a slogan used by the American Nazi Party in the 1960s
KKK being more open, Alt-Right, American Nazi party and all the racism thrown at Obama and his wife and John Lewis
I'm angry because T* has been glowingly endorsed by the American Nazi party, wants to eliminate funding for the poor, and allied with Putin
Today's the first day of the Fourth Reich. A collective of while nationalists, the American Nazi Party& the KKK now govern America
The American NAZI Party, The KKK and most Russians would beg to differ.
Trumps popularity has slipped with all groups except racist white nationalists, white supremacists, the Klan and th…
Along with the KKK and American Nazi party?
Nazi didn't mean NSDAP in Goyimany either, although Rockwell did have the American Nazi Party, which is a…
if is OK with the American Nazi Party, & their 11k followers, hope he's ok with being blocked by a racist troll.
Goofy guess he doesn't want American to have jobs and decent pay the new nazi's party member
He was also endorsed by the American Nazi Party. If the dead could scream...
This sounds like a joke, but it's true: the day I found out the American Nazi Party exists was the day I found out…
KKK, American Nazi Party praise Trump's hiring of Bannon | TheHill This is our Government now🖕🏻
hearing Donald Trump and the American Nazi Party are also skipping the march, huge blow
Go to American Nazi Party Ohio. We must change systems, or perish. This current system just offers us a different way to die.
Excerpts from the FBI report on the American Nazi Party (1965) Propaganda & gaining as much publicity as possible was the…
or how about the actual American Nazi Party. You can tell they're Nazis, because it's right i…
He's endorsed by the KKK and the American Nazi Party. But sure. Pragmatism.
What ever happened to the American Nazi party?
Trumps America, in which the American Nazi party, the KKK and every racist nut job with an axe to grind all voted…
you agree with the American Nazi Party then. Good to know.
oh, really? You think it's ok to grab women's crotches? Fascinatin…
Yes, he has the Russians, the KKK and the American Nazi party with him.
I'm not crying. I will, however,protest a president who is supported by the A…
Bill White, leader of the American Nazi Party, in a homosexual relationship with Luke
these are Trump supporters, you a closet racist, a klansmen or a American Nazi party member punk
fact that any Black American is part of this party is beyond me. It's like a Jewish person becoming part of the naz…
wait so wright and sharpton and NOI are bad but KKK, David Duke, american nazi party, etc. are cool?
Trump, literally the KKK and the American Nazi party's choice of candidate, isn't a racist.
Trump has been endorsed by the KKK, the American Nazi Party, and a bunch of other white nationalist groups.
2 days until rotten orange endorsed by American Nazi Party is sworn in (many ppl will be swearing)
American Nazi Party chairman said he saw Bannon hiring as proof Trump might be for real.
In 1977, a group from the American Nazi Party wanted to hold a march in Skokie, Ill... a largely Jewish community with Holocaust survivors
Total # of deaths connected to American Nazi Party in last quarter century: ZERO; Total # of deaths connected to Al Sharpto…
The chairman of the American Nazi Party was surprised Trump put Steve Bannon in the White House. https…
American Nazi Party literature shows up in Missoula | | - Helena Independent Record
endorsed by the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan and yes deplorables this is true,
1939 Madison Square Garden American Nazi party convention, where did they all go? They just didn't leave America
Nonsense. The KKK _endorses_ Trump. So does the American Nazi party.
Btw, who knew there was an American Nazi Party? 'Hitler was misunderstood' Yeah, right...
I'll just leave this here: American Nazi Party leader sees 'a real opportunity' with a presidency.
that pic is a rally from the American nazi party
How fitting: presumably the American Nazi Party and Trump's/Putin's other fans will also praise Assange as one of...
Why was the new American Nazi Party started by a Jewish man in the 60s?
He has the backing of the American Nazi Party and the KKK, enough said. Even Hitler…
American nazi party leader talking to MLK
A vote for Trump is essentially a vote for an American Nazi party.
I blame Hillary and her divisive, hateful, anti-American rhetoric.
So you didn't vote for McCain and Romney but you are voting for Trump? I feel bad for the American Nazi Party that…
Applying the same logic here - where's your application to the American Nazi Party, Matty boy? .
Trump says his "movement" has accomplished more than any in American politics. True. The rise of the Nazi Party hasn't happened here before.
join the American Nazi party or donate po bx 216 Meadville Pa 88
The GOP under Trump is the New American Nazi Party, time to send idle hands of a do nothing R party is to send the…
Fascist Nazi dreams of GOP Big Tent, KKK, American Nazi Party & White Aryans, will be the GOP
Do you support X's ideas on racial separatism? Or his sympathies w/ American Nazi Party? Funny seeing lefties quote him
Do you mean anything like the American Nazi party endorsement? They endorsed Clinton. Try harder.
There hasn't been an 'American Nazi Party' since 1967 when Rockwell was assassinated.
More Nazis & racists for Trump. Don't think they'll be your friends, they won't. They call you a ***
Cut the crap, okay? The leader of the American Nazi Party supports and endorses Donald Trump.
The American Nazi Party, the KKK, & White Nationalists all are enthusiastic about a Trump Presidency. Stand against them. Vote…
As a *** to another *** enjoy Fuhrer Groper Drumpf's cozy relationship with the KKK and The American Nazi Party
Yesterday I actually read an amazing story about how the daughter of George Lincoln Rockwell, the American Nazi Party founder
The American Nazi Party is evil and honestly, a threat to safety. I'd never put an attack past them.
So, what will the New Republican party be called?. The American Nazi Party?
Start with the American Nazi Party and our CIA torturers.
Little Giant Ladders
Absolutely! My personal fave is the enthusiastic support he gets from the American party!
Awesome. Trump is bringing the American Nazi Party to as his special guests.
Banning one but not another is like closing up the KKK but ignoring what the Aryan Nations or American Nazi Party...
The same David Duke who was a former imperial wizard of the KKK and a member of the American Nazi Party.
I think we need to specifically mention the KKK, the American Nazi party etc. RT
is the true American Nazi Party. Abe and Teddy must be spinning in their graves!
File suit against the DNC and Clinton Campaign- inciting violence, assault of a minor, etc. Libs are the New American Naz…
American Nazi Party's Ministry of Public Affairs - Ben "Let's Get this Shoah on the Road" Garrison introduces Johnn…
Now, now. We both know that the American Nazi Party has endorsed
Wonder if the citation's from Stormfront or good old Klan or American Nazi Party sites. 💅
The true story of a lone American paratrooper voted Sportsman of the Century and killed by Hitler’s Nazi party.
H. W. Bush just made it official: are the new the is the new Neo-Nazi American Party.
hints of early American support for the Nazi party whose members studied…
Call them what they truly are America, republicans are the "American Nazi Party". Tell us, all America
ISIS uses Trump in recruiting videos.They want a Pres Trump, so does
fun fact, the American Nazi Party is headquartered on Mack Ave. Still.
all well and good, but it leaves out the nod to the American Nazi party that this meme represents.
finally a candidate both Sheldon Adelson and the American nazi party can agree on
his campaign manager in 1988 prez run was a former leader in American Nazi Party
We must stop taking muslims in America or any non white person past commander American Nazi party
Declassified docs show that the American Nazi Party was targeted for subversion. GLR was misguided, though.
As a past commander of P a the American Nazi party we must takes these blacks here from africa
When you are muslim and commit crimes, the american nazi party wants to skip the whole "justice system" and try you as an enemy combatant
explain why the ALTRight, KKK, Nazi american party, even ISIS and the Russians are rooting for the then
Ever hear of the American Nazi Party? That's who they vote for. Not different from the bernitards brownshirts on the left.
So there you have it - trump is supported by the american nazi party, the kkk AND the countrys largest police union? *** ??
The 'American Nazi party' photo is a bit of a giveaway. Crikey, you're non too bright are you.
I knew the republican party was the american nazi party when they were foaming at the mouth cuz christie hugged obama after hurricane sandy
The American Nazi Party is in full bloom thanks to spineless Republicans and
The American Nazi Party leader supports Donald Trump. Comparisons of Trump to Hitler stick for a reason.
American Nazi Party chairman: Trump is a 'real opportunity'
Vaudeville comedian Doc Rockwell had a son who grew up to be famous... as leader of the American Nazi Party.
The similarities are frightening, the American Nazi Party is alive and well in the USA
there in no American Nazi party, there are no neo Nazis, I bet you'll say no Holocaust either
When did you join the American nazi party?
Look at it again. It's a trump standard, It's a message that he stands with the Nazi's.
Look at it. Yes, you know what you're seeing. It's a dogwhistle to the deplorables.
his avatar says "in hoc signo vinces" which just so happens to be a motto of the American Nazi Party, so...
We're not hearing much from the people who've called Obama a "Nazi" for 7+ years about American Nazi Party's endorsemen…
The American Nazi Party leader is very hopeful about what a Trump presidency will do to further a white...
Washington Post: American Nazi Party and Ku Klux Klan say a Trump presidency would help legitimize white supremacy.
Nazi leader says election of Trump would present "a real opportunity for people like white nationalists"
Trump & the forces he's emboldening are fascist & white supremacist
I have no problem with American Nazi Party chair Rocky Suhayda endorsing Trump (recall Palestinians burned...
We have two for two, ladies and gentleman. The KKK AND the American Nazi Party both support . That's it!
today:. 1 candidate was endorsed by a former CIA director and 1 was by the head of the american nazi party for being a "real opportunity"
American Nazi Party rallies behind . This is not a joke - it's a trend. Bigots LOVE this man. .
Trump, congrats on the endorsement from the chairman of the American Nazi Party! Care to disavow? I didn't think so.
Chairman of the American Nazi Party: a win would be a "real opportunity for...white nationalists."
U heard it hear 1st folks: American Party: victory would be ‘real opportunity’
Head of the American Nazi Party thinks Donald Trump is a "real opportunity" for Americans
Yep. They know is their American Party leader hoping for a Trump Victory.
What is it about American Nazi Party - we thought it died out but they got a new mascot - is their guy!
While Hillary got endorsement from CIA Chief, I got support from American Nazi Party! Nice! h…
Don't think he means tax cuts. . Chairman of the American Nazi Party says victory would be great opportunity. h…
Leader of American Nazi Party: Trump win will be ‘a real opportunity’ for us
So Trump now has the support of David Duke, North Korea & the American Nazi Party.
You mean like the American Nazi party?
I used to follow the American Nazi Party ironically just unfollowed because of how depressed I got when I just lost a follower myself
The Klan & various other hate orgs (American Nazi Party, Aryan Circle, etc.) were the last targets of COINTELPRO before the program ended.
At this point has more support from the American nazi party and the KKK then he does by the Republican party.
This is just plain embarrassing that the leader of an American political party is being praised by a Neo-Nazi.
Good for U go ahead, Trump is Hillary, may be worse, supported by KKK, American Nazi party every little good Marxist
George Soros who is a Nazi living anti American is behind Dem Party and /Obama/Hillary. Get educated ***
and now you are pissing all over the American flag with your support for the modern day Nazi Party - Democrats.
Did they find Clinton's emails where she's praised by Putin, the Klan, and the American Nazi Party? . Oh wait, that's Trump.
"Duke was a Republican, he also was an American Nazi, a Democrat, and a Reform Party member. He…" — Thomas Carroll
Isis is not real. Al quaeda(?) wasn't real either. *** the nazi party might've been an American project.
I mean, there was an American Nazi party for a long time =\
if you google "republicans against neo-nazi's" and "republican party is the American nazi party" you get the same results.
The mass shootings here were US citizens not Muslim shooter in UK several wks ago was of the American Nazi Party
A lot of people don't know that was the founder of the American Nazi Party
Go to American Nazi Party Ohio. We are betrayed. Capitalists outsource to non white lands. We are left poor and jobless. ENOUGH!
You know your company is the host of the website for the American Nazi Party? Seems like bad business.
And Dump just became the first major-party candidate to win an American Nazi Party endorsement.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
been a longtime member of the "New American Nazi Party," an a capella vocal chorale that's performed in hospitals & senior centers
Welp we have a major party presidential candidate posting neo-Nazi images & calling for American citizens to be deported. Happy 4th of July!
Cause that's why the KKK and American NAZI p…
praises Elie Wiesel after conferring with American party members on web content via
Cause that's why the KKK and American NAZI party are all GOP.
Don't play dumb. Look at his newsfeed. He's endorsed by David Duke and the American Nazi Party
Occupy Wall Street endorsed by the Ku Klux Krat Party, by the American Nazi Party, by SPUSA, CPUSA, CAIR, Trump, David Duke..
Head of American Nazi Party praises Trump but says he's not quite ready to extend an official endorsement.
.Donald Trump is the first major party presidential candidate to be endorsed by the American Nazi Party.
this antisemitic blood libel propagated by the Nazi Party and American sympathizers U parrot these libels SAD!
Calling us Nazi's is "political correctness run amok" said the leader of the American Nazi Party
Donald Trump is endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party, Vladimir Putin and North Korea.
I wouldn't think that for the candidate endorsed by David Duke, the American Nazi Party, and Council of Conservative Citizens.
G Eazy looks like the leader of the American Nazi Party
Authoritarianism has been in American politics since the American Nazi Party kept us out of WWII until Pearl Harbor.
most people are unaware that the American Nazi Party was a big political movement during the lead-up to America's involvement in WWII
At least that KKK rally got shut down today. No wait that was an American Nazi Party meeting. Oh wait it was a Trump rally.
Today's research connects Mafia gambling in Kenosha to the American Nazi Party's training camp in New Berlin...
Now Trump has the endorsements of both Communist Party leader Putin and the American Nazi Party. How could he lose?
They are fast becoming the American Nazi Party!
Sure what branch of the KKK or American Nazi party do you represent? I'll decide who I feel blessed by. Not U
Take heart. Just remember that in Dec. 1941 the American NAZI party had 1million members. They were Leftists too.
Dear American Nazi Party Who is the worst one ever? Hitler or Stalin?.
Where have all the supporters gone? Poor American Nazi Party. No respect.
Scottish Resistance becoming reminiscent of the American Nazi Party. . Endless coverage . for roughly a dozen folk.
Check out American Nazi Party Ohio. The American people are losing hope, thanks to a hopelessly corrupt economic/political system.
Remember supporters, esp. Christians. The American Nazi Party will be behind you in line at the polls. Vote your conscience.
Getting coffee at spot I've been coming for 16 years & informs me bldg was once HQ of the American Nazi Party. Owner confirms!
American Nazi Party agrees w/ you. And KKK. Lovely American compatriots. Most un-American supporters to be had.
I'm a Reagan conservative, Trump is a disease. WP and the American nazi party back him
"funding of the Nazi party. How many American corporations were involved, from GM through IBM" ...& Ford
sound more like Adolf everyday. Welcome to the American Nazi party
White power was a term coined by the american Nazi party. Black power was a term coined during the civil rights movement
the poor scion of American Aristocracy (whose grandfather did business with Nazi party financiers.)
Did you know the American nazi party rallied at Madison square garden in 1939 with 20,000 people? Hidden history.
the leader of the American Nazi Party looked like a villain from Bioshock
What do you think Trump’s approval rating is within the American Nazi Party?
Would be illuminating to know Trump’s approval rating within the American Nazi Party.100%?
American history exam:. Who led the nazi party?. *sees David hasslehouf as an answer*. *Fills in David hasslehouf*
Check out American Nazi Party Ohio. Just 62 people in this world have the same amount of wealth as 3.6 billion.
have a good night I choose not to vote for a guy supported by the American Nazi Party that's just me
The American Nazi Party, picketing to keep the Washington Redskins all white, October 1961. Photo by Neil Leifer.
Yor dad is an *** “The ACLU is to Christians what the American Nazi party is to Jews”
This is what the American Nazi party looks like. Trumps is there leader and the rest of the NEO fascist follow.
George Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi Party holds a news conference in Arlington, Virginia, Nov. 3, 1965.
Fascinating alliance between Black Muslims from the Nation of Islam and the American Nazi Party!
I believe that is what Trump is promising his fans from the KKK and American Nazi Party.
She was guilty of being a Muslim woman in front of the new leader of the American Nazi Party.
Shhh..Matthew, let 'em run Trump. It will be death of GOP. Sadly, might become American Nazi Party.
.That isn't the case. American Nazi Party, KKK, Aryan Nation, skinheads profess superiority to POC & Jews.
If people try to say Blono is insignificant, tell them that we made State Farm, a Vice President, and the founder of the American Nazi Party
That's just Hitler's contingency in the United States. "Fished Out" Klu Klux klan or the American Nazi Party
Bernie Sanders Hides behind this when actually He's an American Nazi a Party member! Winder Are Jewish Backing him?🤔
TIL the first result on google for “Nazi” is the official website for the American Nazi Party.
- - > ANP, that's the American Nazi Party by the way!
I'm sure the American Nazi Party would show up if Trump couldn't make it; he's their unofficial spokesman!
".@ AC360 His ratings will rise because among Trump's followers are members of the KKK and American Nazi Party."
imagine waking up and thinking "im going to join the American Nazi party" today
is the leader of the American Nazi Party, and this guy will be his information minister.
Run as a candidate for the American Neo-Nazi Party, know they're looking for a New facial toupee to salute too.
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He's the American Hitler. I'm not using hyperbole when I say that. This is what the rise of the Nazi party looked liked.
“Swastika on the ballot”: American Nazi Party lobbyist registers in Washington | High Gloss and Sauce
'Swastika on the ballot': American Nazi Party gets its first lobbyist - U.S. News
Judicial-Inc Archive: American Nazi party leader turns out to be Jewish
Question: Who is the American Nazi Party more likely to support in 2016? Jeb Bush...
Anyone else finding it strange all these groups have national HQ in N. Virginia:. -Libertarian Party. -American Nazi Party. -National Rifle ***
I'm willing to vote for anyone that isn't the New American Nazi Party.
Whatever. You have to have dual qualification as certifiably insane AND American Nazi Party card to read Corsi
Hey Joe! How about a sieg heil or heil trump? No to American Nazi party, gop!
Hey, just like the American Nazi Party wanting to kill Jews...
Wev still have an American Nazi Party here.
sounds like the NAZI'S requiring jews to wear the star of David, American GOP party has really gone completely crazy
More and more I really feel like our Republican party should be called the American Nazi party. They are talking...
Republican Party :Trump wants American Muslims to be treated like Jews in nazi Germany.Carson thinks a good analogy for refugees is dogs. 😒
How do you ignored the beginning of the American Nazi party?
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Because the / party doesn't just on immigrants and refugees.
Its Official! the changes name to the Party, names as puppethead for brigade
We've been telling you for years now.When will you be FINALLY ready to take a stand? .
The American Nazi Party reaches out to all White soldiers and White veterans to join ranks and have their voices and concerns …
Official American Party statement on Dylann Roof and much more coming very soon on our website.
Brand new American Party report just posted! What are we all about and what is our current mission? -
NEW American Nazi Party Report: What can we learn from November 9th, 1923?
I googled "nazi" and the first thing that came up was the URL to the American nazi party.
Do you also support the American Nazi Party? Why don't you love America?
Explain the role community plays in moral decision-making by examining the readings mentioned above. Hints: Nazi...
were allies with the American party.
when you add the home grown like kkk, skin heads, Aryan brotherhood, American NAZI PARTY the list is greater
That was originally included in the program of the American Nazi Party?
Using the rhetoric of "liberty" or "freedom" to push an agenda of oppression is common. I.E. the neo-nazi American Freedom party
On watching the History of the American Nazi Party it's like hearing the Candidates 'debate'. Hope they end up like Rockwell.
Website Builder 728x90
I'm not sure if I should follow the American Nazi Party
John Boehner’s resignation shows the wheels have come off the Republican party now the new American Nazi Party
you represent the faces of the American nazi party
Motorists traveling outside Salem, Oregon saw one of the "litter cleanup" signs crediting the American Nazi party. Marion County officials …
American Liberty Alliance is a Neo Nazi group that was associated with the Tea Party. ALA is the Oz arm
George Lincoln Rockwell (leader of the American Nazi Party) and two other Nazis listening to Malcol…
I think he's the dude that formed the American Nazi Party. Noble effort, to be sure, but it didn't really stick did it?
For some reason, mine ended up on the page of the official American Neo-Nazi party once. That was a fun month.
It's very disappointing when the KKK 😨, and the American NAZI 😨 Party, can't get along, play nice😠
the nazi party was never defeated according to my American friend. It lives on today in the U.S. leadership
No different than Trump meeting with the American Nazi Party.
American Racist, Bigot, Nazi, Skinhead & Ignoramus Party of Gawd intends to push bills to ban Planned Parenthood though our government.
The guy who founded the American Nazi Party was named George Lincoln Rockwell so just naming your kid Lincoln doesn't mean he'll turn out ok
Important words from the American Nazi Party. Thank you for spreading awareness.
The State government of New Jersey is very corrupt and run by members of American Nazi Party. Which I said years ago.
I agree. Thank you. Wise words from the American Nazi Party.
Ironically, Jews could be running the American Nazi Party. They keep it dead in the water with old racist rhetoric.
American Nazi Party leader George Rockwell confronting MLK in front of the Dallas County Courthouse. 1965.
you should also check out the American Nazi Party platform
To counter the Freedom Riders, George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party toured its "Hate Bus" across South too.
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