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American Masters

American Masters is a PBS television show which produces biographies on the artists, actors and writers of the United States who have left a profound impact on the nation's popular culture.

James Baldwin George Plimpton Pete Seeger John Lennon Inventing David Geffen Carole King Charlie Rose Geffen Records Ken Burns Mike Nichols Eero Saarinen Philip Roth

American Masters' Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise has been nominated for a Image Award!
Rebel insurgents with nowhere to flee left holding the bag by their American Imperialist Masters. VICTORY TO ASSAD!
Sold! To the highest bidder! Bend over and grab your ankles, American middle class. Your masters are c…
Either u're a snowflake or an un-American traitor. When are u gonna grow a pair & step any from the puppet masters?…
Evidence of Life, 45 x 60, by See more by Len at 2/11-3/26:
got to love the can't tell the truth to the American people because there liberal masters tell them not to
This masters is looking like the move every day...but that debt tho 😪
Hope this will be available in th UK 💿📼🎥📹
Bing Crosby Rediscovered: American Masters. Sun. 12/18, 4pm on Sponsored by the *** & *** Fund of
PM Harper was a American lap dog and dogs only have a limited understanding of their masters language
The Transformation of the American Left and Why Hillary Clinton Would Have Destroyed the World -- Puppet Masters
Fun fact: as an outed sexworker I won't be able to set foot on american soil. Border control will reject me.
'"Eero Saarinen: The Architect Who Saw the Future" will make its television premiere on
Lovely to see using our Indy theme (to power their American Masters blog…
Ralph's classmate and colleague, Eero Saarinen, is featured in an upcoming American Masters documentary...
PBS's American Masters ends their 30th anniversary year with a documentary on architect Eero Saarinen on Dec. 27…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
American Masters is on. Think this is David Foster. Don't know. They're talking about Laura Nyro right now.
GOOD LUCK COACH GLADYS! is up in Buffalo this weekend competing in the American Masters Weightlifing...
this American election was stolen before it began by the DC Consensus, the real puppet masters. Nov 8 is pure political theatre.
. Brainwashed Cannon fodder dying to the hundreds just so that their American-Saudi-Qatari-Turkish masters are pleased
.had graduated 80% of the African American Masters of Sciences in Marine Sciences students!
Almost every American citizen has commented on the current campaign for presidency |
I'll never know why I have to prove I can find the area of a triangle to get my masters in South American gang history but I mean ok
His Masters Voice (aka at it again. When will Aussies stand up to American & say eff off out of
Milos Raonic to face Andy Murray in semifinals of Paris Masters:
Mr. sometimes has some good views, but his core problem is that he wants to please his Protestant masters at American think-tanks.
G&G is a proud sponsor of the American Masters Olympic Lifting Championships taking place Nov.…
John Isner defeat fellow American Jack Sock to reach semi-finals of Paris Masters
American masters s26e07 marvin hamlisch the way he was hdtv xvid-asap 2014 avi
Instead of Unite and try to break the siege on they listen to their American masters and fight each other
I envy your chance, American citizens, to deal on 11/8 a decisive blow to the rule of the Masters ...…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I Envy You, Americans...only you, American citizens, can defeat the Masters of Discourse...
Getting ready for the American Masters Weight Lifting Championships this weekend! Free to the publ…
African americans used to get whipped for not obeying their slave masters. Now an African American is the President. Th…
- Masters of Ceremonies of 1804 List Recognition Ceremony &Reception
Masters of the Pacific Coast: Tribes of American Northwest, Arrival, Canoes ... finest examples anywhere on Earth
John Isner loses his cool in victory over Jack Sock via
Weekend plans? Kick back with the American Masters Podcast. Season 1 is now streaming!
Marin Cilic has upset Novak Djokovic in the Paris Masters quarters:
[Daily Mail] . John Isner loses his cool at Paris Masters but giant American downs Jack Sock 7-6, 4-6, 6-4 to reac…
Tonight's Fusion schedule includes the first documentary about Norman Lear, presented by AMERICAN MASTERS.
Today I am about my masters thesis, the state of my country's politics, the state of american politics, death, and black mirror
Isner outlasts Sock to make Paris semis. American John Isner sealed his place in the semi-finals of the Paris Masters on Friday with a 7-6 …
Isner holds off Sock 7-6 4-6 6-4 and becomes the rare American to reach the semifinals of the Paris Masters. Hug at th…
The most patriotic thing an American can do this week is ... for freedom or your new Russian masters!
The Highwaymen on American Masters followed by Willie Nelson receiving the Gershwin Prize. for the win! 👍🏻
An outtake from David Bowie's 1997 interview for the American Masters film "Lou Reed: Rock And Roll Heart"
Follow the country music star's journey with "American Masters: Loretta Lynn" on CPTV4U on Sunday, 5/8 at 8:30 p.m.
Finished watching sad, but inspiring “American Masters – Janis: Little Girl Blue”
watching Janis: Little Girl Blue on PBS American Masters. beautiful . heartbreakingly beautiful.
Rock out from your couch tonite 8/7c with American Masters says this historic music venue. I agree!
I added a video to a playlist Stella Adler: Awake and Dream! from "American Masters"
And Did I mention Austin City Limits, American Masters, Nature and great serials like "Prime Suspect" and now "Downton Abbey" 👍😎.
Another watchdog doing what he likes as far as his masters are not affected
American imperialists call themselves masters of the world but youre all nothing but theives and mirderers you doomed animals
Just watched very good PBS American Masters docu about Amazing number of huge hit songs. Interesting.
Check out this video from PBS: American Masters, Carole King: Natural Woman
Got to Watch! Excellent. Soundtrack of our lives. American Masters, Carole King: Natural Woman
Discover the Pulitzer-winning playwright August Wilson in this documentary:
Matchups for the DreamHack Masters Malmö North American closed qualifier are out:.
Missed last night's profile on Watch the full doc, now online:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
DreamHack: seangares marcwinther You can find information here: :)
1974 Lee Elder 1st African-American professional golfer to qualify . for the Masters Tournament.
Fine Hemingway documentary: Rivers to the Sea. Part of American Masters series.
Checkin is live, the North American qualifier for DreamHack Masters Malmö starts in 15 minutes!.
Brit Hume yr doing a great job for your. FOXNEWS SAUDI ARABIA MASTERS. American people should not have health care.
It's not unpatriotic to believe in American people rather than corrupt politicians, or their corporate puppet masters
Carole King fans: PBS has featured Carole King and the story of the Tapestry album in its American Masters and Masterpiece series. It is tr…
Today's morning TV consists of PBS' American Masters Carole King episode and I may never watch anything but this ever again.
Delve into the life of Carole King tomorrow at 3PM on a new
“Hey :) nice to meet you. I’m a Romanian-American girl doing a masters in Russian and East European Studies at Oxford.” - bazmeg.
Tiger Woods became the youngest man and the 1st African American to win the U.S. Masters.
The North American qualifier for DreamHack Masters Malmö starts today. Participate? Signup for the open qualifier at
It’s crunch time! You can print your poster online for Rush services available.
It's a fine day! A Natural Woman premieres tonight on at 9pm! ht…
1st American Masters and Grand Masters Championship: Invitation to participate in the 1st American Masters…
Do yourself a favor and watch the American Masters on Althea Gibson. It's about way more than her. A great watch for Black History Month.
Fats Domino to be profiled by PBS' 'American Masters' next month: His first release for Imperial Records, “The...
George Washington: Thomas Jefferson were SLAVE MASTERS and they are still American Heroes... RACISM unfettered...?
LINCROFT Brookdale's Visiting Writers Series wraps up with two African-American masters of verse and graphic novels.
This is what's expected from American's who are Masters of Weapons Sales, whilst Climate Change is killing many!
African American celebrities are agents of capital used by their corporate masters to distract and visually numb the people.
any word on the American masters 10k record for at tonight? Did she get it?
Humor me - I needed some lightness - PBS -American Masters inter. Julie Kent on Beauty.
Obama is caught in a tough place: between the American public & his Islamic masters that demand a caliphate.
OMG As a first generation American, I am dying at the second episode of "Masters of None"! Exactly my life!
B.A.A. CLUB UPDATE: The Pacific 10,000m Pursuit was held tonight in Sacramento, Calif., offering an uncommon...
It's absolutely obvious how Dark & these truly are! Any American who doesn't see the of Our CountryNow?
you have lost all creditbiliy with the American people you have lied and decieved all of us for 7 years , no more, no two masters
Watch this on any network if you are American.
Why are American jazz masters all $2000+ yo , I'm just a broke boi tryna rip
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Don't forget he will demonize the American people -His puppet masters and the squatter loath America
Andrea Kowch is a self-taught US artist, influenced by the work of American Masters.
We do we ? She is American not Pakistani. Also yes ashamed to the extent her masters used her to kill innocent handicap.
Bubba on course in Bahamas: Two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson will take a two-shot lead into the...
out of 12 😣 and I'm doing it online through SNHU. It's for my masters in military/American history.
Dorthea Lange amazing women shaped American history from the turned of the last century.
Received recognition from National Masters News for my USATF Masters All American 5K qualifying time!
Image from video: "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song" American Masters . compare to cover 'art'
The "not working" is exactly what the Anti American squatter & his puppet masters goal is
I know they don't have American Deli or Wing Masters 😔
is becoming like their American masters no respect for anything
I was thinking about this earlier, after my J.D. I want my masters in African American Studies
Allowed by lax gun laws advocates for for his masters. Isis is armed by surplus American arms via …
A huge 80kg for , the World Masters Champion, at the 2015 American Open ...…
He-Man - Masters of the Universe (1987). American scince fantasy action film directed by Garry Goddard. Amazing!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
James Baldwin and Margaret Mead in Conversation - Revisited - American Masters
EXPLORING MUSIC (1000) continues its American Masters series with the music of composer Robert Ward.
It's not the British Open any more than it's the American Masters (with its insane greens). It is the Open Championship.
in to American Masters it sheds light on the 75-year history of the pre-eminent ballet.. at 8pm on
Dinner by Chef Rick Moonen at the James Beard American Restaurant in Milan. All my Top Chef Masters,…
American Pharoah jockey Victor Espinoza races Jimmy for the illustrious Quadruple Crown:
Delores Beery, Mezzo Soprano, and Ann Almond Pope, piano, will present a free concert "American Masters of Popular...
African American and Palestine Liberation "unity is the biggest... threat to establishment"
Winn Claybaugh's Best of Masters: Ted Gibson | American Salon thank you xo
Ms masters is wearing an American horror story shirt why is that the coolest thing she's done all year
Video: tmaction: A great little episode of American Masters featuring James Baldwin in San Fran in the 60s.
The Jazz Masters at noon today play the music of the legendary American composer Cole Porter, who was born on this date in 1891.
Yes welcome to American masters in the US dominion called France
Our interview with Nancy Buirski, director of can be found in English
At Royal Cup, we've spent countless hours researching and developing our award-winning premium iced blends.
Like FG would go against our American masters.
& shoutout Congratulations on your win at the Pan American Masters Championships!
Our Masters team had tryouts this weekend for the Pan American Maccabi Games! Thanks to all and congrats!
Les Paul would have been 100 years young today.American Masters : Les PAUL Chasing Sound
I liked a video The Cole Porter Story - Part 2 presented by American Masters
Yes, very true, but we also have PBS, which gave us American Masters, Nova, and ultimately, Ken Burns' work.
I'll try to go man! I do miss latin american ruby conferences, my masters is draining all my energy & time :(
imagine how he felt watching us at American masters
Fina go to wing masters or American deli I'm hungry af
Denis O’Hare has the title role in Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive, a documentary coming to the PBS series American Masters.
i wonders if American slaves can break the shackles of their Zionist masters
Speaking of Pete Seeger, if you haven't ever seen this, do yourself a favor and watch: PBS American Masters
Tonight's concert is part of a series we've done over the years celebrating American masters. -Botstein
1 of 2 Dennis Hopper [Died 29th May 2010] Played William S Burroughs in American Masters episode "The Source: The Story of the..
Original American abstract art influenced by African traditions, Masters,
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
My taxi driver holds a masters in sociology from India. Very educated, speaks 6 languages...pursuing the American dream. Best of luck to him
I'm convinced that no American care more about FIFA than - this is his Masters and he's killing it again.
Is it an Imperial or American Needle brand? Just curious if the members ones are different than the Masters ones
Fifa's Sepp Blatter should go, says . Bow before your American masters.
To paraphrase a famous American politician, 'reports of our power are greatly exaggerated'...
During the Great Depression, the government employed some of our favorite painters to create massive public works. http:…
My Iranian-American neighbor in Dallas who's husband is UTSW cancer researcher got Masters In Nutrition 2013. She's"super taster"
Yeah this final question just solidified that I should specialize in 19th and 20th century American Literature for my masters 🙌
The Guaranty Building looks beautiful on today's Masters of American Architecture tour!
The West, Israel and the American pay masters are plotting to destroy Turkey via well planned propaganda.
60% of my Senior Female Execs are Native American with MASTERS degrees- WE r the 1% of AMERICA
Here we go in a couple of weeks I will be representing the USA at the Pan American Masters…
I sho' have! Anytime American Masters is about as artist I love I am THERE woman!
"The American Petroleum Institute: Masters of Deception much deception from big corp
the large scale North American genocides largely carried out by wasps,my ancestral slave masters weren't Jews,large swaths of power
Putin on arrests: "Our American partners use such methods to achieve their selfish aims and illegally persecute people."
If you have problem with Pakistan not listening to your Indian or American Masters so be it.
Watching American Masters American Ballet documentary to give my head a rest.
thanks I recommend it if anyone is every in Chicago great collection of American Greats as well as some European masters
Black Slaves, Indian Masters: Slavery, Emancipation, and Citizenship in the Native American South by
Calling Ohioans! June 4 at join in a conversation about museums in the 21st century:
We're proud to announce we've been chosen as the Taste Champion from the "American Masters Of Taste"…
Take a quick look at the history of ABT! What a magical place that has produced and given careers to some of the...
sketchbook gesso oil watercolor masters from American provinces
Loretta Lynch says that in preparation for the 2016 Copa American being held in the US for first time, $110 million in bribes were paid.
DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League Arrives in North American Stores WizKids has announced that all you lucky gamers in North
Big Oil: Masters of Deception and Inhumanity. Last week, the American Petroleum Institute -- the primary lobbying...
PBS American Masters: Alexander Calder (1998) - One of the few documentaries about this great 2...
American Masters teams up with Emmy- & Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Ric Burns to co-produce a new documentary...
Now I know I'm tired and depressed because I'm suddenly watching American Masters special on Judy Garland.
"American Masters" features compositions by American greats Aaron Copland, George Whitefield Chadwick, and John...
"for free via streaming video, on PBS's American Masters website below:. "
Watch the PBS American Masters documentary on Mike Nichols and Elaine May
There's gonna be an American Masters about Ricky Jay, so I guess public television is just my personal wish-fulfillment service now.
American Masters: alive & well! & being Rocked in NoHo by the actors of Rob Nagles' Williams and Inge academy class. Bravo
The 1996 episode of "American Masters" about the comedy of Mike Nichols and Elaine May is online
I watched the American Masters of Mel Brooks. Until tonight, I thought he did like eighty movies.
Monday. PBS American Masters online. Hot Jeff Bridges from 'Against All Odds' at minute 25:26. You're welcome.
's college degree of the history of American folk music, but with a multicultural bend. Or Masters poetry in CA.
Seeing previews for American horror story gets me pumped 😈
according to Aaron, atleast 5 of the 8 american masters that have top cut worlds will be at philly (1/2)
To be a proud American you must agree to be less important than those appointed as your masters...
Great art by Latin American masters can be found all over L.A. - visit these museums to see them:
american horror story. Don't have to watch the old ones. Or masters of sex.
US Masters American Made 4string bass for sale in store.
I did my masters dissertation on this it's really hard to find UK written articles loads of American also RCN and NMC
The 2014 holiday season promises to be a bonanza for Bing Crosby fans via
no- pursuing a masters in American history now. Glutton for punishment.
How's everyone feeling about Leave a review on and let me know what you think!
Alumna Junko Tsunashima '74 recently won an Emmy award for her work on American Masters!
American Masters: Billie Jean King (2013) 1hr 23m [NR] This edition of the Emmy-winning series commemorates the 40...
American Masters from the Collection of Janet and Joe Westheimer | McNay Art Museum
The best way for US to get into wars and make money for the puppet masters is to lie to the American people-works gr8
The October issue of The American magazine, which features a preview of Young Masters Art Prize in the arts...
Second Lt. Mohammad Zeeshan Rafique RA . Stallion in blessed raid on Apostate Navy and their American masters.
Mujahid knights who led the blessed raid on Apostate Navy n its American masters
We've never exploited anybody. It is the Kurdish terrorist pigs and their American masters who exploit...
Wrong. Your history is pure. It is you Kurdish terrorist and your American masters who are prime examples...
Man, I can never get past Rank 4 on Tetris The Grand Masters 2. My puny American reflexes just can't keep up!
absolutely. They all profit from the fear of the American people. This way, their corp masters are hidden from view
American comedy owes a lot to Kaufman and Hart period. They were masters of the form, perfect collaborators.
out today! new cd American Masters. Three generations of American music performed by a superstar
Puppet Masters: Meet another Neo-Nazi fighting on behalf of Kiev: So we already reported on the American Nazi ...
Interesting to see some studies on CrossFit compared to other programs.. injury rates, effectiveness, etc.
Let's see if the same scrutiny is applied to the new CrossFit/ACSM studies as was applied to previous ones.
My new album The American Masters is available on
Your American masters still have capital punishment.
not one American knew you at this years US Masters, but everyone will now after an impressive
"Cannibals All! or, Slaves without Masters" (1857) by George Fitzhugh. Discussed here:
As a Native American, I dont mind these names of Professional sports teams, but U dont see names like "Slavedrivers" or "Masters"
Have you considered an American summer camp experience are on campus tonight! Don't miss …
American Bubba Watson beats compatriot Jordan Spieth and Swedens Jonas Blixt by three shots to win win the Masters.
Silicon Valley aka American Psychos and Masters of the Universe for the 21st century:
American Martial Arts & the Region 7 Masters invite you to the Oct. UFAF/CKD black belt test and student...
10 World and 11 American Records fall at the LaCamas Classic/NW Zones Masters Meet
L.A. Masters Horse Show Abounds in Famous Daughters: You don't have to be rich (or even ow...
THX 4 the follow! . I'm ANOTHER American who is sick & tired of leftist fascists,their genocidal Muslim…
with French Institutes encour. American students to come 2 France for science Masters …
The deer woman was an episode of masters of horror series, directed by John Landis, from The American Werewolve in London.
one that I believe came on PBS' American Masters that dealt with Selznik and Hitchcock's working relationship.
When is american masters joan rivers on? I thought they said today @ 10c but fail !
The Tale of an American Librarian: Rise of the Earth Dragon (Dragon Masters by Tr...
Shamus Kahn holds a conversation to show us who exactly gets to live the American dream today:
Wish you were watching this right now, Mary McCleary: Sister Rosetta on American Masters, PBS. One can't see it too many times :-)
David Lipsky beats Graeme Storm in play-off for Omega European Masters. The American David Lipsky won his first...
The masters of investigative report have written a most compelling book about...
you are not American - bad luck. There's always the masters though
David Lipsky beat Graeme Storm in a one-hole play-off to win the European masters, the American’s first victory in Europe.
American David Lipsky wins European Masters during 1st hole of playoff with …
oh shoot I forgot about going back for my masters to become an NP.
Top shows to watch:. American horror story. Orange is TNB. Masters of sex. Strain. Modern family
Hey FBI. !. Mr. Holder He is in trouble with his Jew Masters. They don't take to that American Truth
American David Lipsky beat Graeme Storm at the first hole of a play-off to claim victory at the Omega European Masters at Crans-sur-Sierre.
American David Lipsky overcomes England's Graeme Storm in a play-off at the European Masters in Switzerland.
Lipsky wins European Masters - American David Lipsky beat overnight leader Graeme Storm at the first extra hole of...
Kajukenbo being known as, "The First American Mixed Martial Art". Advisors to are the top Kajukenbo masters.
See why called the "most shocking, incisive and honest portrait of American sexuality": http:/…
David Lipsky defeats Graeme Storm in a playoff to win the European Masters: American David Lipsky won the Euro...
nice work David Leach, Tor Kingdon and post team on American Masters.
Got onto PBS this evening and saw an American Masters with Dorothea Lange and then a Charlie Rose with Sting just...
Tune in tonight: 'American Masters' recalls visionary photographer
Cannot wait for this! [VIDEO] Sneak Peek at PBS's American Masters: The Boomer List - BWWTVWorld
Woody Guthrie, survivor of the Great Depression, The Great Dust Bowl, and an "Okie" outsider. An advocate for the down-trodden, a singer, songwriter, soldier, painter and poet. The Ramblin' Man who encapsulated the ideals and struggles of America through his music and life with boundless passion, self-expression, and compassion. Woody Guthrie born on this day, July 14, 1912. A timeline of his life via American Masters | PBS can be found here:
Still watching American Masters - Inventing David Geffen . It's a two hour doc. I'm finished with hour one.
Listening to John Legend - 'You & I' once more and then I'll close the night by watching American Masters - David Geffen
I really enjoyed watching this American Masters documentary about music mogul DAVID GEFFEN and how determined he was.
American Masters: David Geffen is on Chicago's PBS station, WTTW ch. 11 from 1:00am-3:00am. Out of towners, Check your local listings.
Currently watching American Masters on ballerina and major Thinspo Tanny LeClercq, and choreographer and dancer George Balanchine, too
Watching the PBS: American Masters documentary on David Geffen. I need to get my media mogul skills on this level.
just watched Inventing David Geffen after your rec on story, I'm hooked on American Masters now
At the time of Maya Angelou’s death, May 28, 2014, she was participating in the first feature documentary about her life for the American Masters series, Maya Angelou: The People’s Poet. Production on the film will continue.
Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King and The Battle of the Sexes. | Watch full episodes and more from American Masters here.
Plimpton American Masters is well worth a watch.
- Hey, bacon masters, why not try an EpicMealTime take on a TRUE American classic - an APPLE PIE!!!
Proud to announce we received the Award of Excellence in National Judging from American Masters of Taste!
who put their trust & faith in European American Slave Masters are the ones who remained under their control. Christianity is
Our masters in the federal bureaucracy scoff at paying taxes (via American Thinker)
The Marvin Hamlisch American Masters is so good and available to watch online. So if it interests you, you should watch it. Well done
Instant reblog! Watched the American Masters doc last night BTW—really enjoyed it.
Family Entertainment Spectacular! American Wrestling stars come to town for 1 night only! .
Leinster Masters XI only 2-0 up after 2 mins against an American college side in practice match 😀
♥♥ The Houses One of the World's Foremost Collections of Modern and Contemporary American Art. Experience it Today
omg I love Masters Sun! Mary stayed out all night (american name) and Shut up flower boy band will always be special to me.
"This data is not a good sign for our economic health". The Rise of the Master’s Degree via
The MA is the new BA as far as education goes. Yikes.
American university may be the one for my masters
Kudos 2 rockstar PreK kids for an awesome trip 2 the Nat. Museum of the American Indian. Urban experts & Metro riding masters!
rumor has it that is waiting for his American masters to approve his trip to to watch Frack
African American slavery will not end until all financial assets are seized from the claws of the capitalist masters.
I am pursuing a Masters' degree for this exact reason.
the American Masters documentary on George Plimpton is pretty great. if you're into writing and/or sports, give it a watch.
Master's degrees are as typical now as bachelor's degrees were in the 60s. A sign of credential inflation?
LOVE THIS! --- Lego Creates Pixel Art of the Mona Lisa, American Gothic and Other Works of Art
The historic Savannah tours are the equivalent of a Masters degree in American History.
American Masters: Remarkable life of famed journalist George Plimpton: writer, editor, amateur sportsman, and actor, 8/7 KET2
I do indeed! “WOW, American Masters on George Plimpton is fantastic. Remember going to parties at his place
Meeting with exec producer for American Masters at big PBS conf. Earnest people everywhere, keep mentioning Ken Burns, Ira Glass, etc etc.
There is an American Masters program on George Plimpton on PBS Friday. He would try anything and then write about it. And he was the first man Jackie Kennedy dated after her year of mourning. He once went and got me a cup of coffee and brought it to me. My friend said, "Well, he is well known to do things like that." That is OK, I was thrilled. And he started the Paris Review.
American Masters celebrates the wonderful world of music game-changer and definitive soul singer Sam Cooke.
The extraordinarily talented James Baldwin pushed literature to its limits with his frank handling of themes of race and religion. A fixture of the Greenwich Village literary scene in the 1950s, Baldwin set out to change the way people viewed African-American literature. Here are four more facts about James Baldwin. 1) When Baldwin was just in his teens, he followed in the footsteps of his preacher stepfather and began preaching his own sermons to the congregation. He stated that this early religious work helped him as a writer. 2) Baldwin’s landmark work, Notes on a Native Son, was an homage Native Son, a novel by Baldwin's good friend Richard Wright. 3) After Baldwin died in 1987, Amherst University created a scholarship in his name to assist underserved writers whose voices, like Baldwin’s, deserved to be heard. 4) The United States Postal Service created a first class stamp featuring Baldwin’s image in 2005. James Baldwin-About the Author [American Masters] James Baldwin-Biography [The European ...
EARTH DAY TV: "People said 'Wait a second... This is not how we have to live.'" Discover the history of environmentalism from the 1960s to today — with archival footage and narration by Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd, Van Jones and Isabel Allende. A Fierce Green Fire from American Masters | PBS tonight: KQED 9, 9pm.
To do list: Finish Tom Clancy,s last book Command Authority, watch Captain Phillips on blue ray,much needed sleep in order to watch the last nine holes of the American Masters...
PLIMPTON! STARRING George Plimpton AS HIMSELF will premiere on American Masters on May 16th. Mark your calendars!
Got Roku? On Netflix, highly recommend "20 Feet From Stardom" the Oscar winning film about pop/rock back-up singers. Jagger, Sting, Springsteen - amazing list of stars. And instead of Netflix, click on PBS, then American Masters, and find "Inventing David Geffen." The back story from CSN, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, to Gun & Roses, Geffen Records, and DreamWorks films. Incredible.
I have been watching PBS, American Masters, love it! Last night Phil Ochs. Before that, Philip Roth. Magnificent portrayals.
American Masters explores the life and career of Pulitzer Prize- and National Book Award-winning novelist Philip Roth, often referred to as the greatest living American writer.
Relaxing with my honey watching John Lennon NYC on American Masters
...and so she was. Thanks to American Masters | PBS. "The men liked to put me down as the best woman painter. I think I’m one of the best painters.” -Georgia O'Keeffe
I'm watching "American Masters" on PBS. They're featuring Marvin Hamlisch. He and his wife are sharing the story of how they met and fell in love. I'm a sucker for love stories.
Enjoy this feature on Willa Cather from American Masters | PBS. Included is an interview with NET Nebraska's own Christine Lesiak and Joel Geyer.
Remember folksinger Pete Seeger today at 1pm with Hudson River Journeys. This local production celebrates how the Hudson River inspired Seeger and artist Len Tantillo and how they inspired each other. tuned at 4pm for American Masters | PBS profile of Pete Seeger: The Power of Song.
"To My Old Brown Earth" from PBS American Masters series "Pete Seeger: Power of Song" in 2007. Pete passed away January 27, 2014 at the age of 94. An inspiri...
Watch a special presentation of American Masters, Pete Seeger: The Power of Song later today at 2pm on WVIA-TV
Mention of Denishawn in NY Times dance Isn't it time for a PBS American Masters doc?
Happy birthday to "out" David Geffen. Born February 21, 1943. Known as an American business magnate, producer, film studio executive and philanthropist. Known for creating Asylum Records in 1970, Geffen Records in 1980 and DGC Records in 1990. And in 1994, along with Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg, he founded DreamWorks SKG. Before he came out of the closet he wanted to marry Cher...wait, wasn't that *** After having an odd encounter with Geffen on a beach on Oahu, I had mixed feelings about him. But that changed when I watched a PBS American Masters program on him. Wow, drive and an ear/eye for talent! Not every *** teen can grow up to be a multi-billionaire, but he does prove somewhat that "It gets better!"
Happy Black History Month! Please join American Masters in celebrating black history with a screening and discussion of "James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket." We will be joined by the the film's Co-Writers/Producers Karen Thorsen and Douglas K. Dempsey and our co-host, AFROPUNK. AFROPUNK is a cul...
We teamed up with PBS New York (Thirteen) for a very special interactive online screening of 'American Masters - James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket'. All y…
Watching PBS' American Masters documentary on John Lennon when he lived in NYC. It's excellent. They are also talking about Abbie Hoffman in it. When I was attending Boston College, I lived in a huge, beautiful Victorian house with a wonderful family - mother was from upstate NY and father was from Italy. It just so happens that their daughter was married to Abbie Hoffman's son! And I went to Hoffman's ex-wife place once for a seder!
Ooh, the American Masters episode about Bill Clinton is on. I'm such a nerd.
Also well worth catching if you can during this 50th anniversary of Beatle-mania is the PBS American Masters: John Lennon.
Tonight's Viewing Options include the season premiere of Diners Drive-In's & Dives, NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics, The Muppets (Disney), a new American Masters about Alice Walker - the TTTP Pick of the Night, an NBA doubleheader on ESPN, From Here to Eternity (TCM), Knocked Up (TBS), Jarhead (Flix), and new episodes of Enlisted, Raising Hope, Bering Sea Gold, Smackdown, Helix, Ghost Adventures, Cold Justice, APB with Troy Dunn, $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty, Oprah: Where Are They Now, The Diamond Collar, Best Week Ever, Real Time with Bill Maher, Fashion Police, and more...What will you be watching?
Highlights for tonight: Behind the Headlines at 7p, Charlie Rose: The Week at 7:30p, MASTERPIECE | PBS Mystery! Sherlock S3 "His Last Vow" at 8p, Prof Ghoul: Mill of Stone Women at 10p on WKNO. Washington Week at 7p, Behind the Headlines at 7:30p, American Masters: Alice Walker at 8p on WKNO2.
COURTESY OF DON PETERSON Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Duke Ellington (at piano) and Cab Calloway (r.) and trumpeter Hot Lips Page looking over the Duke’s shoulder in 1939. The American Masters’ documentary chronicles the accomplishments of the “Godmother of Rock & Roll." BROADCAST WNET - Channel 13 Documentary: "Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The Godmother of Rock & Roll," the American Masters season opener that celebrates the rich history of the African-American gospel singer and guitar virtuoso who has been described as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Her work inspired Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and others. Date/Time: Feb. 22 at 9 p.m. EZRA SHAW/GETTY IMAGES HBO’s documentary goes on stage and behind the scenes with superstar Beyonce. HBO Documentary: "Beyoncé: A Documentary Special." The feature-length HBO film, directed by the superstar, features a look at her childhood in Houston, behind-the-scene peeks and dynamic live performances. "HBO has ...
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