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American Idol

American Idol, titled American Idol: The Search for a Superstar for the first season, is a reality television singing competition created by Simon Fuller and produced by FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment.

Ryan Seacrest Katy Perry Simon Cowell Taylor Hicks Randy Jackson Scotty McCreery Adam Lambert Jessica Sanchez Lee Dewyze David Archuleta Joshua Ledet Carrie Underwood Haley Reinhart Guthrie Green Kelly Clarkson Former American Idol

Make America great again with judges for . American Idol! . Simon Cowell & Clint Eastwood & Paula…
Matthew just said "isn't Aaron Carter the *** guy that won American Idol?" ...he was referring to Clay Aiken.
Former 'American Idol' judge, hit songwriter Kara DioGuardi of York has passion to help others - Press Herald
Keith Urban has hinted that he won’t be returning for the American Idol reboot.
Yung Joc out here wildin lookin like Fantasia on American Idol
Woodsville teen among hopefuls at American Idol auditions in Boston
Regis Philbin talks about joining American Idol outside Restaurant in WATCH…
View the video: Memphis teen at 'American Idol' auditions
Today in 2002, Kelly Clarkson became the first ever winner of American Idol, she has come so far! 👏
Partnering with OUR first responders for all the happenings of “American Idol.”. Our home town heroes...…
On this day in 2002, was crowned the very first "American Idol"!
Because Simon Cowell would not let me on American Idol, I would up as a dragon at Comedy Connection.
American Idol winner, David Cook is landing at Saturn on September 12th with Kathryn Dean 💫 Tickets are still...
'Pickler & Ben,' starring American Idol's Kellie Pickler, to air in Louisville on Sept. 18 - The Courier-Journal
I love her energy--she reminds me of Paris from American Idol and Fantasia mixed.
Daily Fact: appeared as an extra on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch a couple of months before auditioning for American Idol.
TCA 2017 Travel Log - A competitor for 'American Idol,' mutants, and Seth MacFarlane in space ...: “The Orville…
I just liked this song ATM from American Idol season 10 finalist Robbie Rosen
Going on American Idol look out for me😂💯
Also...wasn't profitable or whatever but Fox was going to buy back American Idol! So use that money and wra…
Walking out of the exam early is like walking out of american idol after putting a clown *** performance.
Fox is betting on singing competition as the new
Being the Only Asian Idol in American Newspapers, BTS Popularity Can't be Underestimated: via
The bright side of possible nuclear war is we might not have to live to see the American Idol revival.
No because the judges decided to turn this season into American Idol
if wants 2 make this a singing show, pls go back to American Idol or be a guest judge on x factor, 2 many singers
Bih I sings my heart out!! I win American idol every night in the…
I think it's time Magdiel, it's time to go into American Idol! Dannnggg😍 blessed my ears
DYK? American Idol is currently the only valley to run on solar power.
American Idol season 9 black guy goes crazy! - YouTube
Still don't know what song to sing for my American idol audition 😐
Anyone remember that one year of American Idol when no one voted for the most talented person cause we thought it was in the bag?
Whoever in the Bay that can sing, American Idol coming to Oakland August 20th
I thought this was America's Got Talent not American Idol
After watching American Idol go to ABC, Fox counters with a new musical competition show:
Its hard to believe started on american idol! She's like giving emmy winning performances out here!
It's not VS anymore, we won. Katy doing American idol and canceling performances due to low ticket sales and G…
"time's flying by, moving so fast" on American idol, but in my heart. 💓
I love younger katie. She was gonna be a kids bop star and sing breakaway by Kelly Clarkson when she auditioned for…
The dog acts should have been cut first. is turning into American Idol
I just won a contest to skip the line at American idol from this video lol I'm pretty stoked
Fox to counter ABC's 'American Idol' with new contest . CLICK BELOW FOR FULL STORY...
2 more great magic acts went home tonight on this is outrageous. You're not the voice or American idol stop choosing singers
I liked a video LonelyGirl15 with Katharine McPhee American Idol!
You know someone did a Parkway Drive cover on American Idol once. What a hero
Dude. another golden buzzer for a stupid singer!!! *** when did this become American Idol?!
American Idol is having tryouts at Guthrie Green on September 1st 🙌🏻 you need to go and make me proud.
Are you ready to be a star? American Idol is coming to with auditions at Guthrie Green!
[Author: tmz-staff] "American Idol" is getting closer to assembling a full squad -- the...
America's Got talent should be called American Idol . they only pick singer and sad stories. pi…
'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery cited after authorities say he had a loaded handgun at an airport.
Randy Jackson who later went to Star in American Idol, Playing Bass on Tour with JOURNEY.Steve Perry-Vocals, Neil Schon G…
Boston!. American Idol star is playing here on Saturday night! limited tickets left here:
Ryan Seacrest was originally asked to be a judge on 'American Idol'
VIDEO|on his new music, American Idol and his tribute to George Michael via
The most over employed person in Hollywood is returning to 'American Idol'
I still don't understand the whole American Idol coming back on ABC thing.
Think I might have seen em on American idol yrs ago 😳😳
UPDATE: Ryan Seacrest will get ~$12M for hosting 'American Idol'--$3M less than he made the last season on Fox
this guy just said American Idol is the only singing show with successful contestants...scuse me sir, have you heard of One Direction?
Remember that episode when you mentioned reasons why is still working? He's still at it!
Who should join Katy Perry as an judge? Vote!
You will be missed Chester. Your music was ❤️ by the world. Dalton Rapattoni - Top 5 Revealed "Numb" - AMERICAN IDOL h…
American Idol winner set to perform in Arlington via
Ryan Seacrest will return as host of "American Idol" -
I'm so dramatic when what I've done comes on after transformers I raise the volume & step into my own American idol LMAO I love Chester! 😣👼🏻
Holy *** I never realized that parole hearings work just like a prison version of American Idol
Adam Lambert approves of Katy Perry as an "American Idol" judge, says new music is more "glam rock".
From EOA: American Idol to hold open auditions in Annapolis on September 5th
Ryan Seacrest to host 'American Idol' on ABC via
Ryan Seacrest to return as host of 'American Idol' reboot in 2018
Ryan Seacrest will host ABC's new 'American Idol' -
OJ will become a judge on the revamp of American Idol and, later, marry Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest is officially returning as American Idol's host:
AP: Ryan Seacrest will resume at host of American Idol when it relaunches on and next year
Dear , I remember when I first saw you on American Idol. You were my idol. You made me feel like I co…
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So happy I got to see in concert again for the first time since the American Idol tour 8 years ago
‘American Idol’ alum Haley Reinhart arrested for battery (
Sos I'm thinking about auditioning for American Idol but I don't know what to sing for the audition.. plz help
Haley Reinhart has been charged with battery for allegedly punching a suburban bouncer in the head.
Oh, hello. Do you need some self esteem? Here ya go..."Former American Idol contestant arrested at a suburban bar."
Ok I know this doesn't matter now especially because he's Queen's current lead singer but WHY DIDNT Adam Lambert WIN AMERICAN…
I get the thinking of Hey, one day I might strike it rich. America has always been American Idol America
Ok here making her debut on American idol is Thelma with her 15 min rendition of Lenard skyward free bird on trumpet 🎺
Daughtry should have won American Idol season 5
American Idol's Scotty McCreery sings a duet with his Mother at Church!
This dude hasn't been relevant since he was on American idol djsksksk
Planning to audition? Sign up in advance for the city nearest you:
Former "American Idol" contestant Haley Reinhart was arrested in Chicago this weekend
RIP general Platt, the singer of pants on the ground from American idol
Oh man I'd kill for some classic early aughts reality tv! I've been pining for some old American Idol episodes too lol
American Idol winner Lee Dewyze will play the Monocle on 8/18. Grab your tickets to this one fast:
Happy 4th of July, but just remember David Archuleta was robbed of the 2008 American Idol championship
I'm gonna be that person. I have. Joshua Ledet from American Idol
I liked a video Thinking Out Loud-Ed Sheeran cover by American Idol 11 Joshua Ledet and Yarra @
Rehearsing with Lee Dewyze, American Idol winner, for a concert and block party with the Liam's Life organization... h…
JohnyB doing rhythm guitar tracks in Nashville with producer and Former American Idol vocal coach, James Lugo.…
Yeah, I suppose so. I remember when Joshua Ledet got cut from American Idol and I…
American Idol and you should remember Carly Rose & Vino, they were on Season 2 of The X Factor alo…
I agree with Golden AGT becoming just another American Idol singing contest? We believe…
Katy Perry announces online auditions for 'American Idol' are now open |.. Related Articles:
Sign up for Audition Alerts on and you'll be first to know when the location is announced!
Over 20 years of American couch idol programming and productions trained a population to fake it up , fake for...
American Idol finalist makes his Muny debut - KSDK
Country crooner and American Idol champ Scotty McCreery is taking fans on an emotional walk down memory lane in the brand-new music video…
Save up that gas money if you want to try out for American Idol this year!!! ~ Keeler
American Idol is getting rebooted? Didn't it just get cancelled? This is gonna be spiderman all over again!
American Idol auditions are NOW OPEN!. is ready! Head to for more info!
Katy's BIG announcement at GMA it's about American Idol
During Katy Perry revealed she wants Rihanna to be a full time judge on American Idol with her.
| The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from is that The Auditions for American Idol are now open
Is there any Katycat that are going to show up at american idol just to see Katy ?
ABC's online auditions now open! Go to to submit your audition today--if you think you're
Katy has just announced on that auditions for the new season of American Idol are now open! |
No 'American Idol' auditions in Philly area for show's ABC revival season
Here we go!. “ABC's hitting the road for auditions. Head to for info on cities.
We are looking for Get audition info at
he's from american idol. I haven't found a song i disliked.
AUDITION: America Idol: skip the line. The global phenomenon AMERICAN IDOL is back with world-renowned judge Katy...
Oh Katys announcement on GMA was about American Idol?
American Idol 2017 Auditions Are Open! If you think YOU are the next - audition online or in person:…
Update your maps at Navteq
NEW: announces on that auditions are now open:
ABC: Get Gordon Ramsay to judge American Idol - Sign the Petition! via
04, 2004, American Idol winner was at No.1 on the US singles…
"The girl who occupied the third place in the tenth season of American Idol has grown up and is read…
You were great in American Idol, The Secret Life of Bees, Black Nativity, and the Oscar-winning film Dreamgirls as Effie White.
I don't care what anyone says, Adam Lambert won season 8 of American Idol
Playing Revolution Bar & Music Hall today as direct support to JAX of American Idol! See you from the stage with...
In 2014, KISS performed on the Season 13 finale of American Idol where they were joined by ultimate winner Caleb Johnson.
I've got an idea for the perfect judge to replace Simon on the new American Idol: James Comey.
Imagine auditioning for American Idol and Katy Perry is the one that tells you, you can't sing 💀
Katy Perry will once again join American Idol as a judge! 🎤
Katy Perry will officially be joining the judging panel on ABC's reboot of American Idol.
Katy Perry will be a judge on the new season of American Idol!
Katy Perry to judge 'American Idol' for ABC - American Idol reboot may have missed out on...
Katy Perry is reportedly in serious talks to join ABC's reboot of American Idol as a judge on the upcoming season. http…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Fox is clearly not happy that they lost the bidding war to ABC!
ABC's top reality exec says he wants American Idol to launch after Oscars and hold auditions at Disney theme parks. htt…
Wonderful if we have live and dangerous-ly entertaining on American Idol but choice of judges key
Tonight, is Katy Perry becoming a judge on the new American Idol? Don’t miss
-I'm still waiting to hear Adam Lambert's name announced
would be a great American Idol Judge too
‘American Idol’ ruined how we listen to singers. Did Auto-Tune fix it?
It turns out might have killed Carol Burnett's comeback!
American Idol is one show that ran it's course and should be left in the past
If you plan on tuning in to the 'American Idol' reboot, you might just see .
Former contestant Chris Daughtry will reportedly be a judge on for the ABC reboot!
Chris Daughtry joins reboot as judge:
What's going on with American Idol today an announcement (not from AI) that Katy Perry & Chris Daughtry will be judges on reboot of AI
Katy Perry to be 'American Idol' judge, reports say - Newsday
Seeing ABC flogging the dead horse in American Idol while killing off makes no financial sense.
Dark horse: Katy Perry 'set to become new American Idol': qua
Katy Perry in talks to judge ABC's 'American Idol' revival
Simon Cowell turned down offer to re-join 'American Idol'
Simon Cowell tells TODAY he won't be returning to 'American Idol'
Kelly Clarkson not in 'American Idol' revival, joins 'The Voice' instead
For why? ⚡️ “ABC is officially reviving American Idol”.
American idol doesn't need to be rebooted.
ABC hit the jackpot with The Bachelor, Dancing With The Stars and now American Idol. All 3 shows are VERY popular.
so ABC is reviving American Idol, but this series is still dead? that's wrong
American Idol is back! Why Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood & more NEED to be judges. American Idol is officially...
"We are still not over the treatment of Haley Reinhart in season 10. Never forget."
me: I'm so glad American Idol is over so I can stop obsessing over it and finally get my life together! . American I…
American Idol is returning to TV this fall on ABC one of my biggest regrets was not trying out for the show the I...
4 burning questions we have about ABC's revival
ABC please don't do this, trust me as someone who lived through both the climax and decline of "American Idol" just let it die
Now that ABC has an AMERICAN IDOL reboot, how long until there is an American Idol world at Disneyland?
Kelly Ripa really, really wants Ryan Seacrest to host the American Idol revival. Read:
It's official, is coming back to our screens this year on .
'American Idol' to return ... on ABC via BAD IDEA.
Why tf is American Idol coming back
It's official. is coming to in 2018.
ABC is bringing American Idol back? At this point, we only have 7 ideas left and 4 of them are singing shows.
"American Idol" is coming back, and it will air on ABC!
'American Idol' stars: Where are they now?
5 most interesting moments in 'American Idol' history - WJLA
With the return of lets hope they turn out some more
.on reboot: 'I don't know if I can host it'
American Idol is back?! 😱 we can help make this the best season yet 💯 shoot us a dm 😏
ABC has confirmed the return of American Idol.
ABC, I think you can do better than American idol. Or can you?
.Vote by sharing because no one can top the original 'American…
ABC announces revival of 'American Idol' next season:
.EXCLUSIVE: to return to TV on ABC in 2018:
ABC should get to host the new American Idol.
gets 'IDOL,' mocks for canceling it...
American Idol is BACK. NEW: is bringing back for the 2017-2018 season.
American Idol thirsty for that next Carrie Underwood.
.Who is your favorite American Idol contestant of all-time? What is your favorite American Idol moment?…
Get TIX to see American Idol with the May 12 & 13 before they're gone!. 🎟🎟 https:…
If ABC is smart, they'll tap former judge Kelly Clarkson as a judge
I just hope Trump does not think this was done as a tribute to him. He is an idol in his mind and wants us to all agree. "American Idol"
ABC officially gets 'IDOL,' mocks FOX for canceling it...
People want another series of American Idol like they want to see the next installment of The Divergent Series.
It's official: is returning to television — but on ABC
trending in the US... That's higher than . .
This is how excited everyone is about American Idol coming back
What do you think about returning to television!? Details HERE:
ABC is officially reviving American Idol. translation:. ABC is officially reviving Into CBS
American Idol is coming back during the 2017-18 television season.
What bothered me the most about American Idol is the teens would vote for the cute guy who couldn't sing. Drove me crazy.
Shouldn't we wait until the last bunch of American Idol created celebrities start dying off before creating more? One…
Jason Aldean and his wife of two years, Former American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr, will welcome their first...
ABC announces revival of 'American Idol' next season
American Idol fan favorite will sing his heart out in Spokane June 12. Tickets: ht…
is anyone else still mad David Cook won American Idol in 2008 instead of David Archuleta or is it just me
I heard they're thinking of bringing American Idol back. That is only okay under 3 conditions: Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul…
American Idol Is Back! ABC Picking Up Hit Show - American Idol is coming back to TV but will Simon Cowell or Ry...
Oh the good ole American Idol days 😂 of course still looked beautiful, despite the 2005 fashion 😉
'American Idol' reboot: Ryan Seacrest could host if he's willing to do a lot of flying - Goldderby
'American Idol' to return on ABC, Ryan Seacrest eyed to host
Happy birthday to this pretty cool dude who I think was on American idol, whatever show that is. Hope you're having…
ATL to LA as a radio DJ, then to American Idol. How one jumps from radio DJ to a prime TV slot, basical…
A true hero.Lost his life while we sit watching 'American Idol'. "Ask not what you can…
They don't make you feel like I do . They don't make you perform you was my American idol
isn't he a judge on American Idol or sumn
Didnt he say he was bored after American Idol went off? He clearly is not a fan of sleep 😦
Remember when the height of comedy was American Idol judge parodies? So glad that we, as a country, have moved past that
7 years ago today, Lady Gaga performed "Alejandro" on American Idol.
All new! Monday lineup featuring La' Porsha Renae from American Idol on
An Irish girl rocker, Carly Smithson did a great version of this song on American Idol a fe…
Not near as good as Phillip Phillips version from American Idol!
May daw ang pantapat kay M, pero she looks more like Jessica Sanchez, fil-am finalist of American Idol.
Jessica Sanchez back in 2012 on season 11 of American Idol was ROBBED and I'm still not over it
1) What kind of duet at the finale where you might be crowned the American Idol 😂4ever. 2) How did Jessica Sanchez NOT…
Purple rain tribute by American Idol alumni. Gorgeous and Chilling!
Not at all trying to be funny here, but I saw the photo and thought this was about American Idol alumni, Ruben Studdard?
Whoever won American Idol this year ain't gon' be able to tolerate Foghorn Leghorn like Jar Jar Binks will.
Hey Keith, this is CJ Harris from season 13 American Idol mom.. How are you. Love your music.
Interviews with Jeff Hoad (The Rich and Famous, ex Kings of the Sun) and James Durbin (Quiet Riot, ex American Idol)
"savage" is in the background of the german version of "American Idol" 😍😱💕
These days every American idol watcher I know is suddenly a political expert. Couldn't discuss an issue…
That's like, idk. J. Hud being allowed to compete on American Idol again.
nothing will compare to Kelly Clarkson singing piece by piece on American idol in 2016
The sun is out, the birds are chirping and it's the weekend!
Im gone be on American idol one day 😭😇
Random what-if:. What if American Idol aired live in all time zones in the U.S. at the same time back when it was still on air?
It'll be a good thing. Who won American Idol when JHud was on it? . (Waits). EXACTLY. And JHud went on t…
For voting on American Idol contestants. (Don't tell them it's not on!)
Singing in the shower be having you feel like you competing in the season finale of American idol. 🗣😂😂
More K-Pop idols are coming our way! is currently in negotiations to launch their 1st audition show.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
On this day last year, American Idol aired it's grand finale. 365 days later on Fox I'm watching
Better than any song off of coloring book.
I love shmokin alone in the car cus I sing like I swear I can be on American Idol then I put the volume a lil lower and I'm…
I'll trust you. Here I thought Australian/American was the only language barrier.
Everytime I see live I'm reminded that he wouldn't get thru the first round of *** Week on American Idol bc of his expressions
Make an inclusive android anachronic story at an american idol contest.
You're not family until you watch American Idol together
A year ago today sang for the last time on American Idol, giving a powerful performance of SITW! Perf…
This was the hardest song to sing on the American idol game when I was little 🙄
We are thrilled to announce American Idol winner, will give a free concert to close the Steak 'n Shake Carb Night Burger Bash!
Watching American idol clips from like 8 years ago. The days
If we date be ready for my passenger seat American Idol shows staring me and literally any song you put on bc I'll know it
Yep, I sang Boyz 2 Men in front of the senior class like I was about to try out for season one American Idol
Remember when she was the only artist to get a tribute on American idol? 💅
can we have viewers choice next season like American idol
Former American Idol judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. are still pals, even after the show ha
Taylor Hicks should not have won the 5th season of American Idol
and are trending like it's American Idol and Ryan Seacrest just said voting is open.
This dude is now the longest running American Idol. Long may he reign.
.gives 'American Idol' alum props as new frontman
When your name is Taylor Hicks and everyone asks "like the guy from American Idol?" 🙃🙃🙃
Who says Yo Dawg more? Destiny or Randy Jackson of American Idol fame?
Remember that one season of American Idol that Emilio filled in for Randy Jackson? What a great performance
I think I say "dope" more than Randy Jackson did on American Idol.
American Idol's Taylor Hicks comes to the new Salt City Grille to showcase some of CNY's favorite foods.
American Idol pays tribute to Elton John on his 70th birthday with and more! Watch:
fr tho. Anoop Desai should've won season 8 of American Idol
via introducing himself for American Idol season 8 so cute!
Woo! 'American Idol' star Taylor Hicks in Syracuse today for food TV show
Just happened upon Clark Beckham, the second-place finisher on season 14 of American Idol. The winner must have been quite talented.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
"If you go all American Idol in my car I will kick you out and your *** can walk home"😂
Currently watching American Idol/X Factor auditions on YouTube in the internet office at work... what am I doing with myself
he was in IM5 & was on american idol last year nfnfjsks
in Africa,journey to the motherland,saw this doc in 2008 on "American Idol gives…
It's a no from me dawg - wise words of Randy Jackson on American idol
american idol. -I feel like every family watched this religiously. -everyone talked about it at school. -pants on the gro…
American Idol winner Candice Glover performs at American Equestrians Got Talent finale in ...
I'm still hoping that American Idol and Glee will make a comeback.
The ugly *** chick in Mass Effect: Andromeda reminds me of that "otaku" from that episode American Idol.
his name is Trent Harmon. He won American Idol last season.
I liked a video American Idol girl with an attitude
Hit like if you too thought that this hashtag has something to do with American/Indian Idol Junior. .
I haven't voted for anyone this hard since Trent Harmon on American Idol :, D You are loved.
Last week was Dancing with the Stars and this week it's American Idol at LOL LOL Land rehearsal
Girl power tested in Afghan version of American Idol
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
He really became a millionaire from music? Like, his goofball album that came out after he was on American Idol?
I liked a video "I Told You So" Carrie with Randy Travis from American Idol
Crackheads on American Idol now? 🎤 They really moving up in the world 😂
Top 20 Contestant on FOX’s American Idol, speaker is one of America's premiere performers.…
react to this hilarious video of the Top Ten worst American Idol auditions ever .
Just a reminder of the time Samir Nasri auditioned for American Idol.
. Sing on the top of your lungs as if you're a performing on American Idol & Simon says you win...
Ever think that the people who voted for Donald Trump probably voted for Kris Allen over Adam Lambert on "American Idol"?
Lee Dewyze (from American Idol) shows off the gear he uses onstage!. Video available on
That dude from American Idol is shouting out Airplane Radio my dudes have made it to the top
Life after American Idol : . Adam Lambert is obsessing over his new dog Pharoah. Can you blame him?" . h…
Based on my experience singing in the car, I think I definitely could have made the top 20 in American Idol.
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