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American Idol

American Idol, titled American Idol: The Search for a Superstar for the first season, is a reality television singing competition created by Simon Fuller and produced by FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment.

Bo Bice Simon Cowell Taylor Hicks Adam Lambert David Archuleta Jennifer Hudson Kris Allen Randy Jackson Former American Idol William Hung Carrie Underwood Kelly Clarkson Ruben Studdard David Cook Ryan Seacrest Donald Trump Clark Beckham

Remember when she was the only artist to get a tribute on American idol? 💅
can we have viewers choice next season like American idol
Former American Idol judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. are still pals, even after the show ha
Taylor Hicks should not have won the 5th season of American Idol
and are trending like it's American Idol and Ryan Seacrest just said voting is open.
This dude is now the longest running American Idol. Long may he reign.
When your name is Taylor Hicks and everyone asks "like the guy from American Idol?" 🙃🙃🙃
Who says Yo Dawg more? Destiny or Randy Jackson of American Idol fame?
Remember that one season of American Idol that Emilio filled in for Randy Jackson? What a great performance
I think I say "dope" more than Randy Jackson did on American Idol.
American Idol's Taylor Hicks comes to the new Salt City Grille to showcase some of CNY's favorite foods.
American Idol pays tribute to Elton John on his 70th birthday with and more! Watch:
fr tho. Anoop Desai should've won season 8 of American Idol
via introducing himself for American Idol season 8 so cute!
Woo! 'American Idol' star Taylor Hicks in Syracuse today for food TV show
Just happened upon Clark Beckham, the second-place finisher on season 14 of American Idol. The winner must have been quite talented.
"If you go all American Idol in my car I will kick you out and your *** can walk home"😂
Currently watching American Idol/X Factor auditions on YouTube in the internet office at work... what am I doing with myself
he was in IM5 & was on american idol last year nfnfjsks
in Africa,journey to the motherland,saw this doc in 2008 on "American Idol gives…
It's a no from me dawg - wise words of Randy Jackson on American idol
american idol. -I feel like every family watched this religiously. -everyone talked about it at school. -pants on the gro…
American Idol winner Candice Glover performs at American Equestrians Got Talent finale in ...
I'm still hoping that American Idol and Glee will make a comeback.
The ugly *** chick in Mass Effect: Andromeda reminds me of that "otaku" from that episode American Idol.
his name is Trent Harmon. He won American Idol last season.
I liked a video American Idol girl with an attitude
Hit like if you too thought that this hashtag has something to do with American/Indian Idol Junior. .
I haven't voted for anyone this hard since Trent Harmon on American Idol :, D You are loved.
Last week was Dancing with the Stars and this week it's American Idol at LOL LOL Land rehearsal
Girl power tested in Afghan version of American Idol
He really became a millionaire from music? Like, his goofball album that came out after he was on American Idol?
I liked a video "I Told You So" Carrie with Randy Travis from American Idol
Crackheads on American Idol now? 🎤 They really moving up in the world 😂
Top 20 Contestant on FOX’s American Idol, speaker is one of America's premiere performers.…
react to this hilarious video of the Top Ten worst American Idol auditions ever .
Just a reminder of the time Samir Nasri auditioned for American Idol.
. Sing on the top of your lungs as if you're a performing on American Idol & Simon says you win...
Ever think that the people who voted for Donald Trump probably voted for Kris Allen over Adam Lambert on "American Idol"?
Lee DeWyze (from American Idol) shows off the gear he uses onstage!. Video available on
That dude from American Idol is shouting out Airplane Radio my dudes have made it to the top
Life after American Idol : . Adam Lambert is obsessing over his new dog Pharoah. Can you blame him?" . h…
Based on my experience singing in the car, I think I definitely could have made the top 20 in American Idol.
I'd put Bones in the Top 5. But based on popularity, American Idol has to be
Awesome little girls size XXS 6/7 American Idol shirt top black blue logo
Jennifer Lopez Arriving on the Set of American Idol in Hollywood - October 2015
.replaced their lead singer with Former American Idol contestant James Durbin!. Read more:
Top 10 American Idol contestant, Trevor Douglas, consistently likes my IG posts. I must be doing something right.
'American Idol' Alum Picked as New Singer of Frankie Banali confirms Seann Nicols is out
American Idol's James Durbin joins Quiet Riot as new lead singer - Digital Journal
American Idol's Harry Connick Jr and Jennifer Lopez reminisce after final
Jennifer Lopez Arriving on the set of American Idol in Hollywood
Restoration of an American Idol is a great album...
Restoration of an American Idol is my favorite album rn 🔥
Restoration of an American Idol lowkey blessed me bc I had no clue who Supa Bwe was before
Restoration of an American Idol is just the start. 🙂🤘🏽
The track list for 'Restoration of an American Idol' album looks crazy. https…
Jennifer Lopez predicts 15th and final season of American Idol...
"Okay when David Cook won American Idol, my mom punched me in the face"
Trump winning the election is the political equivalent of William Hung winning American Idol.
would have voted for William Hung to win American Idol not sarcastically
Demi Lavato from American Idol to appear on Grammys. Where in the *** is William Hung?
It's like being angry Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert on American Idol after text voting for William Hung
Don't listen to Neil Diamond. He's too good. Listen to American Idol tryouts or something.
American Idol veteran to open for Nickelback at Jones County Fair
Don't ever give up on your dreams. Candice Glover and Caleb Johnson were rejected from American Idol twice before winning the show.
the last time i saw you live was the American Idol tour.. back in like 2011! talk about long overdue 😩😩
Ever wonder about my American Idol days? Check this out... .
Yeah she was a contestant on American Idol and argued with Whitney Houston 2 days before her death…
•°* Jessica Sanchez. she was Actually Robbed on American Idol like ??? how did she NOT win ???
Interviewing Colton Dixon: 'American Idol' finalist, playing Winter Jam at Santander Arena, talks about new disc…
David wrote "Nagasaki Reno" with Kellie Pickler after the American Idol alum caught her boyfriend cheating and told David all about it.
Carrie Underwood. The third singer I know from American Idol. After Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert. County genius!
You didnt know who Jennifer Hudson was. This is her. She landed this role after coming 4th in American Idol
Am I the only person who remembers Jennifer Hudson from American Idol? Along with Adam, Clay, Carrie & Kelly?!
Former 'American Idol' contestant cries over being called 'white boy'
Former 'American Idol' contestant Bo Bice called “white boy” at airport Popeye’s, literally cries about it…
The only reason I watched American Idol was to see Simon Cowell be rude to people.
I liked a video Tori Kelly on American Idol rejection and meeting Simon Cowell again + her new acting
Poor The former contestant was called "white boy" at a -…
I actually liked Bo Bice on American Idol. But whining that being called 'white boy' is racist & getting a min wage worker susp…
Racial dialogue opened after American Idol’s Bo Bice is called “white boy” at Popeye’s
lol why did this get air time? This why he didn't win American idol 🙄
Lawd. No more American Idol so... Jam with this Bo.
This is the most attention Bo Bice has had since he bombed on American Idol
omg jlo rotting on american idol AND the voice
American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen will be in our Showroom for a special one night performance Jan. 14th. Tix sta…
American Idol finalist Bo Bice outraged over 'racial prejudice' after Popeye's employee calls him 'white boy'
Tony Tuff entered American Idol and won the X-Factor.
Its time equal treatment means every1! not just blacks! 'American Idol' runner-up Bo Bice called boy' at Popeyes |
😂😂😂 "the Former American Idol contestant"
Bo Bice, noted white guy who was on 'American Idol,' cries on tv after being called white at an airport Popeye's
'American Idol' runner-up Bo Bice says he was called 'white boy' at Popeyes
"Former American Idol contestant" might as well be "One-time 'Home Improvement' guest star." It is 2017.
the first yr of American Idol...He screamed "fuc# that Ryan Sechrist" lmao and slammed the phone
You can lose your job for calling the season 4 American Idol runner-up a "white boy" but not for calling FLOTUS an "ape…
LMAO nah he was on American Idol about 10 years ago. He's in the depths of unknown with Ruben Studdard and the Asian kid.
Former American Idol contestant Bo Bice, is crying on TV for being called a "white boy" at Popeyes.
'American Idol' runner-up threatens to sue Popeyes after being called a 'white boy'.
Out of curiosity, I check to see why Bo Bice (American idol alumni) is randomly trending and my reaction goes as fo…
Former 'American Idol' finalist Bo Bice claims racism after Popeyes employee calls him 'white boy'
Bo Bice, you so white People Magazine would do a story on your tears if I called you white. via…
Bo Bice wants to sue Popeyes after an employee called him “that white boy.” He prefers to be called “the loser from Amer…
american idol finalist Bo Bice cries on TV while recounting story of being called "white boy" at an airport popeye's https…
Never forget when Ryan Seacrest tried to high five a blind guy on American Idol...
I want bc so I can open my locked rooms and host Project Runway and American Idol. So help a poor young student ;-(
Award winning songstress and American Idol star Fantasia Barrino weds again for the seco..
The starmaker-mentor at 'American Idol' shines light on what it takes to succeed after the lights go down
On a scale from Kim Kardashian to the Leave Brittney Alone video, my crying face is a Paula Abdul after a moving audition on American Idol.
Black don't crack y'all. Ruben Studdard looks younger now than on American Idol!
Here's a real Christmas treat for you. Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard reunite 13 years after American Idol.🎄
Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry all lost American Idol, but they're still more well known than Jackie Evancho.
Kelly Clarkson on The Voice you got to think all the way back to when she won American Idol which is no longer a show crazines
is upon us! SING their hearts out! They're facing off a la American Idol. Judges?
It's time for to SING their hearts out! Our SHOWDOWN a la American Idol!
Many voters value charisma & pizzazz over relevant experience. Good for voting for "American Idol"; kinda dumb for POTUS.
Tune in to the live stream of Ismael Rosa Live at the Mambo Cafe (with Devin Velez from American Idol) here:.
Kelly Pickler, no doubt from American Idol, remember that?
Good point, Ken ... Different discussions, for sure. It wasn't only Aretha. I see way too many American Idol moment…
I've love you when you won American idol your the best . Enjoy the holidays
alyssas brother just asked me when I was trying out for American Idol😅
It's been like an hour and it's Gona be a no for the man from American idol voice ctfu
..I loved her on American Idol, especially when she was paired with Steven Tyler!
I'm singing and my friend asks, "How far would you make it on American Idol?" 😭😭😭. Tryna shade me.
that would be nice. They didn't do that on the final season of American Idol for the deceased contestants. I was mad abt that.
with Hint: the year that Kelly Clarkson Won First American Idol Contest.
Welcome to American Idol. If you can vote out the qualified candidate, you may be rewarded with some beautiful mush…
Tevin "The American Idol" Farmer returns to December 2nd, in Tix are…
I want to take Ryan Seacrest's job. I want his job on 'American Idol...
The National Anthem is not to be sung like you're trying out for American Idol. Should be sung in rhythm and in key
At some point, this country got lost in the sauce. I blame American Idol...
Thanksgiving Fun with Fam: The Voice meets American Idol on the set of Empire!
like American Idol, but for chocolate
So I've been thinking about the election and I wonder if someone on american idol won by oh 2million votes and...
Lake Expo just ran a great story featuring American Idol winner Trent Harmon and what lead to his success!.
When one of those old American Idol games.
I liked a video from Donnel Bolton Canta Jigglypuff's Song | American Idol
her live performance of this at American Idol made it my fav song of hers😩
People are too busy watching American idol to watch something like this that matters to them in real life.
I don't want to be the cliche American Idol dude. I want to be differen...
American Idol-Style Contest for Fish-Free Aquaculture Feed - steps in the right direction for sustainability
Can't decide if I want to watch the American Idol finale or pay a stranger to shoot me up with heroin and kick me down a…
I feel like is judging me right now. She's definitely Simon on American Idol too.
I love me some american idol but most of all , especially when he sings in spanish !
Todrick Hall audition on American idol season 9.. .
I don't watch 'American Idol' - that'd be like getting divorced from...
Always wanted to make sportscenter way more than American Idol growing up...dream realized…
Yea this performance of Memory is good but still not as good Miranda Cosgrove in School of Rock or David Cook on season 6 of American Idol
American Idol 2010 Adorable Baby Pictures Show Aaron Kelly in a Bucket and Casey James with His Puppy
I liked a video from Jessica Sanchez Sings "The Prayer" at American Idol's Season 15
No show has gotten me this hype since "American Idol" ...
I voted for Kelly Clarkson I'm so glad she won American Idol
Trump's success so far has been as surprising to me as that guy who won American Idol over Adam Lavigne's
So happy to own a piece of American Idol/history! You can to - visit his Kickstarter at: http…
I've been watching 'American Idol' since its debut season in 2002. Back ...
Rolling Stone named Nicki Minaj the best American Idol judge since Simon Cowell.
Clearly the man who judged on American Idol has now ripped off 2z's idea .
American Idol 7 singer David Archuleta released his long-awaited new single, 'Numb.' Check out the lyric video: https:…
I wasn't exactly a big fan of "American Idol." But I will forever be grateful for that talent show, giving us the incredible Kelly Clarkson!
RIP Vine. Thank you for giving me opportunities I never knew were possible after American Idol. It was a fun ride.
This Kelly Clarkson song brings back special memories, of her becoming the original and best ever American Idol!
probably also charges you and hacks your phone! Beware! This is not American Idol!
The Former American Idol runner-up David Archuleta has released a new song “Numb“ with the lyric video.
If I learned anything from American Idol it's that song choice is v important.
*my heart will go on by Celine dion plays*. Brittany: I got full points on the American idol game to this song
Come see American Idol winner perform a FREE concert by JCPenney court near Santa HQ tomorrow at 6 pm!…
Text to vote? Election '16 not 'American Idol'. | USA Today.
Taylor Hicks is one of the most beloved AMERICAN IDOL winners of all time. See him LIVE on 11/20!
Do you guys remember the hot guy on American Idol who accidentally shot his brother as a kid?
'American Idol' winner to perform at Greenwich Odeum tonight - WPRI 12 Eyewitness News
Remember from American Idol? Just discovered he's now in and they're really good!! 🎶 http…
Text to vote? is not 'American Idol,' via Don't fall for…
"I don't trust any of you mother fbecause you let Ruben Studdard win American Idol not Clay Aiken" preac…
Bo Bice is 41 today. The southern "rocker" who took second place during the 4th season of "American Idol".
Man I'm old!! My salt & pepper has seasoned nicely😜 See the Stars of 'American Idol' Then and Now
This week in 2009, Britney Spears became the first non-American Idol artist to debut a on the Hot 100 this century ("3…
One plus to having a reality tv star as President will be the American Idol-style voting he'll use to decide which way to…
"Everyone thought Jennifer Hudson would win American Idol." Michael Moore making a compelling case to VOTE https:/…
doesn't matter who judges are they have yet to turn out a superstar like American Idol
This election is like if the American Idol season finale came down to Sanjaya Malakar and the pants on the ground guy
*Audience and judges stares silently as I destroy the American Idol sign live on stage* "WE DO NOT WORSHIP FALSE IDOLS"
If ever becomes like American Idol where the judges always quit I hope Bruno is never one of them 🙌🏽
New BOMBSHELL email from Clinton leaked exposing she was involved in rigging Sanjaya Malakar's season of American Idol
Simon Cowell denies being mean on American Idol, claims
He's become the American Idol auditioner who sings like a duck burping but insists the judges "don't know talent!"
Lmao @ critiquing. In 2016 they still out here pretending that they are on the judges panel on American Idol? 😭😂😂😭
if the American Idol contests, all the audience and a few of the judges had all been drinking since noon the day before
Part of Kaepernick ' s audition contract is that he must go before J. Lo & the rest of the American Idol judges.
U always knew the American Idol contestant was done for when the judges asked them if they could sing another song.. It's a no for me dog
Trump declaring war on the GOP is like those American Idol hopefuls who can't really sing telling the judges "you don't know real talent!"
Adam's experience from competing on American Idol gives him a major advantage over the other judges on X-Factor Australia
Trump, just so you know, you can't pick X-factor, The Voice and American Idol celebrities as your judges.
Trump it's the Supreme COURT. Not The Supremes. You can't have an American Idol contest of 20 judges.
These judges, what are they from, American Idol?
Donald Trump is reminding me of American Idol auditions when the judges would tell the bad singer to stop and they wouldn't
Donald Trump like that American Idol contestant that keep singing when the judges say it's a "No" to Hollywood. Mans just keeps going.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
This is much better than American Idol..not just Adam but the judges are awesome and its not pretentious like Idol
my brother just told me I should be on American idol bc I have a good voice & Im pretty sure that's the nicest thing he's ever said to me:')
14yrs later & singing shows still haven't found an artist as great as American Idol's inaugural winner. We are obvsly just wasting time here
Burnell Taylor's "Ready for Love" cover is undoubtedly the best American Idol performance ever.
People the Presidency is a real thing, it affects people in real life. It's not like voting for American Idol. This rea…
American idol literally used to be so important to our parents lol.. show changed the world
Hillary allowed American's to be slaughtered so F U and your American Idol election coverage. Lock Her *** Up
“Idol” creator Simon Fuller has sold his home in Beverly Hills for $14.6 million. ... Simon Cowell has tighte...
Jennifer Hudson had some terrible song choices in American Idol 😕
Why is this American Idol wearing a City of Culture 2017 badge?
Simon Cowell leaving American Idol has made the show better , says rival Simon ...
Wait? The OG Ricki Lake show and American Idol had an overlap??
Money Mouth Entmt and I are extremely proud to announce that we have signed Lazaro Arbos 6th place finalist from American Idol season 12!!
JD Mallder looks like David Cook, the contestant who beat David Archuleta on American Idol 🎤.
You'll see, there's this one chapter where he talks about American Idol being on the TV in a diner and how David Archuleta was
"A Man’s World, by James Brown, as performed by, American Idol's Joshua Ledet..."
Carrie Underwood is easily the most successful American Idol right? Kelly Clarkson is close but who after that
Kind of like the friends & families of the American Idol contestants who for years told them they could sing
The kicker is Adam Lambert, as the American Idol alum bursts into the scene like a bat out of *** .
I re watched American Idol was such a touch and go journey for you
American Idol's Danny Gokey coming to the Florence Civic Center - WBTW - Myrtle Beach and Florence SC
Poor Donald Trump "Better than when Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert on American Idol.". via
"If you cannot handle the truth, then you cannot be on American Idol" - Stacey😂
dyl said I can go on american idol with my singing voice (raspy sick voice)
uber drive be thinkin he on American idol soul edition or somethin.
I really wish we could've see Old Christine's reaction to American Idol being cancelled.
does it? I dunno. It makes me look like a dinosaur. If they weren't on American Idol, they're nuthin'. Or if they can't rap
Ppl are scared to vote 3rd party but unafraid to vote HRC or DT. These are ppl who only vote like they do American idol.
When I can't sleep I watch bad American idol auditions
No one has! Maybe he's one of those rejected singers from American Idol that really thinks they CAN sing.
hi! I LOVED you in American Idol!! I acually cried when you went home! Anyways I was your 1,001 follower!😂
if you look real close on the blade that black smudge pretty recognizable signtuare, Randy Jackson from american idol
No every jehadi is not a Karl Marx. Some kill people by singing in American Idol. Those are not Muslims
Nigel Lythgoe responds to Mariah Carey's comment that was "abusive"
*** . one of my neighbors is gettin it! Singing at the top of their lungs like this is american idol! YOU DO IT BOO!
I would like to thank American Idol for giving us Carrie Underwood bless u
Mariah Carey says her time on was 'the most abusive experience.'
Why is E news showing this woman farting in her American Idol audition 😂😂😂
"American Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe has hit back following Mariah Carey's explosive allegations!
American Idol alum Adam Lambert as Eddie, a role played by rock legend Meat Loaf in the 1975 film via
Watch out American Idol, little Jack has a new song! (Video) -
American Idol winner covers 'Dream Weaver' for the new movie
Save the date! "A Night With Jackson, MO - 8/5, 7pm - $25. American Idol star arrives in the Heartland
American Idol star arrives in the Heartland via |
American Idol star arrives in the Heartland
American Idol star arrives in the Heartland - KFVS
Karaoke or simply a place to practice your audition for American Idol
I couldn't stand American Idol even for a moment, but for some reason, I can handle Arab Idol. Is that racist? I'm not sure.
I’m weirdly attracted to Simon Cowell and it creeps me out because I was like 6 when American Idol came out. 🤔
i just read that Simon Cowell went completely broke @ age 32 and moved back in with his parents before American Idol. No excuses. Let's grow
David Archuleta signed autographed American Idol signed by artist
//Put Chewgi on American Idol. Vorkken will be the Simon Cowell of the show.
Simon Cowell gave her a no during the audition round of American Idol...
I still can't believe Simon Cowell said no to Tori Kelly on American Idol. But she made her own records in her bedroom & got here so
'American Idol' winner performs emotional tribute to grandfather at the Grand Ole Opry: This 22-year-old country…
I love u. Like fr tho American Idol was super lit with u. U should've won tho its okay u won in my heart
I love your music like American Idol season 14 was lit with u. Um it was either 14 or 15. Think it was fifteen.
I read Jay-Z's book, so Goodreads thinks I should read one on that American Idol runner-up scrub David Archuleta smh
Oh, I get it; 'Battlebots' is American Idol for nerds. Two minute robot battle and eight minutes talking about it.
This is one beautiful soul!! American Idol season 12 winner candace_glover. She sang her song…
American Idol finalist Jessica Meuse to sing at Wetumpka Depot to help children's theatre:
I definitely think Carrie Underwood is the most successful American Idol. Kelly Clarkson
my entire history of watching reality tv is two seasons of Project Greenlight and one season of American Idol. That's it.
Frenchmen Street has been mentioned on shows such as "American Idol". Many musical icons are a part of New...
Hanging at the Capitol with American Idol & Bruce Johnston rehearsal concert h…
More people voting for American Idol than they do the U.S. Presidency is why China is winning.
'American Idol' is sometimes lumped with reality shows and it has that...
“I was then contacted by one of the talent producers from American Idol, Peter Cohen, calling me from LA. The...
Obviously neither 'American Idol' nor 'Dancing With the Stars' is a va...
.Fantasia had her 1st child at 16 and went on to win American Idol, star on Broadway, and make millions
GONE! Castle, Muppets, American Idol. still watch Grey's Anatomy, American Grit, Shark Tank,. once they get cancelled-only DVD's left!
I saw Journey on that tour with Randy Jackson on Bass. Yes..the "American Idol" Randy Jackson.
'American Idol' winner Trent Harmon to perform at Memorial Day Concert
So is American Idol meets a Gary Marshall ensemble movie. Oh boy.
Last 'American Idol' champ sings at this Sun. concert on the Capitol West Lawn
Update your maps at Navteq
Scotty McCreery won the 10th season of American Idol on this day in 2011. He and runner-up, Lauren Alaina, signed contracts with Mercury.
American Idol star Phillip Phillips to join Tim McGraw, Train at Falcon Stadium American Kickoff Concert. Read more:
American Idol. Also I don't really see anything for Will except he successfully gets Cynthia Davis show cancelled...
And you can see American Idol alum at her hometown Williamson Apple Blossom Festival Sunday at 1:00.
Frankly, if 'American Idol' was the way I'd have to audition as a sing...
'American Idol' winner Trent Harmon to sing national anthem at Richmond -…
This Fri, May 20, don't miss winner of Season 8 of American Idol in Sacramento!
Performing live at Live Music Showcase Cleveland at the House of Blues, this previous American Idol perform can...
Remember this American Idol star? Here is your chance to watch him perform live in our WXYZ bar!
Bill Press gets going again and Don Lemon jumps to commercial like he's about to announce who got voted off American Idol
Another much needed girls night out! Entertaining show- Kris Allen, American Idol winner. — eating listening to...
I know. We live in an American Idol worshipping
"American Idol" star Casey Abrams will be taking the stage this Friday, May 20th with Luke Wade from "The Voice"...
TV Upfronts: Studio Scorecard: Vertical integration (and the exit of 'American Idol') catapults 20th to the top of…
I liked a video Fergie - Big Girls don't Cry [Live at American Idol 720p HDTV x264].mkv
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
BonnyCombs25: Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell head out to dinner after American Idol final - …
Forget 'American Idol': This is the best singing show on TV via
Crystal Bowersox has the voice of an angel and it's a *** near sin that she didn't win American Idol
If I have a name out there from this thing called 'American Idol,' I don't ...
this is a little old but I just ran into a girl from American Idol signing your skinning dipping song at some Karoake place!
American Idol finalist TYANNA JONES & Leah Sykes: A Fundraising Concert for Murray Hill Theatre will be Fri. May...
bet athletes hate standing around listening to over sung American Idol style renditions of the National Anthem every night
"American Idol" sensation Danny Gokey to perform at Riverview Conference Center
Today In History: In an American Idol shocker, Chris Daughtry gets voted off Season 5 and finished 4th. Taylor Hicks won that season
Still don't know how Taylor Hicks won American Idol
Taylor Hicks from American Idol is here in late May filming "State Plate" new show about each state's iconic food. ***
David your year on American Idol was Top Five and Your Performances Made Me Cry. Will you ever Tour Again? I'm in Spokane
In 2014, American Idol's Clark Beckham was invited and shocked attendees with an unexpected performance! What will happen at…
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