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American Horror Story

American Horror Story is an anthology horror-drama television series created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

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Petition to have the name 'American Horror Story' stripped from AHS and given to Twin Peaks, all seasons of AHS folded…
Kathy Bates on new Netflix comedy, cannabis and American Horror Story
The new American Horror Story trailer reveals link to Season 4's 'Freak Show'
Watching season 1 of American Horror Story for the third time bc Violet and Tate
Evan Peters will play Charles Manson, Andy Warhol and more in American Horror Story: Cult
Evan Peters to play Andy Warhol, Charles Manson in American Horror Story: Cult via…
American Horror Story: Cult centers on a Michigan *** who loses it when Trump gets elected. (No, for real.)
I just added American Horror Story to my library!
One Tree Hill, I just started Glee, American Horror Story (real weird but I enjoy it)
Sarah Paulson said she’d like Emma Thompson to appear on American Horror Story.
Scream Queens was much better than American Horror Story they cancelled the wrong Ryan Murphy show
It's Sunday and I'm the white nun from American Horror Story: Asylum. . My favorite season!
You know what was amazing? American Horror Story: Asylum. That is hands down the best season/plot out of all of them.
i) American Horror Story (2011- ); Season 1 to 3 . Murder House, Asylum and Coven are my fav. Freak Show onward are not that…
anyways Asylum was the best season of American Horror Story goodnight and good morning
When someone tells me they didn't like American Horror Story: Asylum
I got Lana Winters! on which American Horror Story: Asylum" Character are you
Zachary Quinto was amazing in American Horror Story. Big fan of his.
the first 3 seasons of American Horror Story talking to the later seasons
New post (Happy Halloween ~ American Horror Story style...) has been published on Black Friday Discount -…
The first teaser for American Horror Story: Cult isn't clowning around.
American Horror Story is so good. I'm gonna watch hotel. That's the only one I didn't see
This fall, prepare to get initiated into “American Horror Story:…
"American Horror Story: Cult" - NEGROMANCER 2.0: Negromancer News Bits and Bites from July 16th to ...
American Horror Story : CULT looks like it's gonna be a lit season. I need Jessica Lange back
American Horror Story: Cult is the Title for the 7th Installment
This season of American Horror Story is officially called AHS: Cult
We all need to be real and know that only seasons 1-4 of American horror Story were good.
I'm so excited to announce I'll no longer be watching American Horror Story!
Are you ready for today ? American Horror Story: THEME REVEAL !
Do u think the creators of American Horror Story were sitting eating beef at a Murder Mystery Dinner and lightbulbs burst in their heads
Can't believe there are actual people who don't believe the best season of American Horror Story is Asylum
Official American Horror Story Season 7 title will be revealed Thursday July 20. And suddenly... it will all make sense.
THREAD:. Some of the best American Horror Story teasers, from each season. And how they relate to their season.
American Horror Story: My Abusive Ex's Grandma Works for Disney and I Ran Into Her at the Inn Between and We Made E…
At San Diego Comic-Con, immerse yourself in the worlds of Legion, Archer, American Horror Story and more at...
I get you praising her, but what were NOT gonna do is reduce aunt Angie's career to American Horror Story. *stares…
American Horror Story and Babe actor James Cromwell sentenced to jail
American Horror Story star James Cromwell sentenced to a week in jail after 2015 power plant arrest.…
Like Black Mirror, Twin Peaks, or American Horror Story? Then you need to check out Inside No. 9 on
He's also in American horror story but I don't watch that
They used his music in the first season of American Horror Story from the movie Twisted Nerve.
Gaga in the seventh season of american horror story ?? it will be?? I would love too much, I really love her. h…
Shows: Bates motel, American horror story, parks and recreation,dear white people. Movie: the good neighbor, masterm…
I've just watched episode S01E01 of American Horror Story!
The andy look a like in american horror story just died😱😱
Looking at american horror story and there is a andy look a like but he just died he is demon ayh
I've just watched episode S04E01 of American Horror Story!
Rumor: Lady Gaga will return to American Horror Story . This was confirmed by an article in Vogue. What do you you think…
honestly I seriously distrust people that wanna argue asylum wasn't the best season of American horror story
Can't wait for this American Horror Story spin-off.
I've just watched episode S02E05 of American Horror Story!
Lady Gaga is rumored to be returning for the upcoming season of American Horror Story! Do you think it's true?? https…
This American Horror Story show cool as fucc
Lady Gaga is rumored to return for the 7th season of American Horror Story.
Is Lady Gaga returning to American Horror Story for Season 7? This magazine sure seems to think so!
Lady Gaga is rumored to "return for an undisclosed role in the election-themed" Season 7 of American Horror Story.
Shows I need more of right now:. Game of Thrones. The 100. Ricky and Morty. American Horror Story
Beware the Blood Moon. The nightmare comes to in a terrifying new maze based on American Horror Story: Roan…
Yes, he reminds/reminded me of "Cricket" in American Horror Story: Roanoke . (played by ac…
'American Horror Story' actor Ben Woolf reportedly dies after being struck by car via
Angela Bassett is the ultimate badass in American Horror Story ever since Coven
Ugly Betty . Everybody hates Chris . How to get away with murder. Prison break. American Horror Story
Tonight I'll be reprising the role of The Bearded Lady from American Horror Story (circa…
news Would Ryan Murphy Do a Housewives Season of Feud or American Horror Story?: If you are a fan of…
I have so many..but I love vampire diaries, PLL, awkward., the newsroom and American Horror Story are some of…
Will Jessica Lange return to American Horror Story for new crossover season?
She's great in the OJ Simpson series and American Horror Story
no one seems to realize that Clay Jensen's dad was a witch hunter in American Horror Story: Coven
The more you fear something the more power you give it. . -Tate Langdon, American Horror Story
Honestly, I'm just ready for another season of American Horror Story
Check out this song : American Horror Story - Jessica Lange Gods And Monsters
okay i'm going to watch American Horror Story
Who said that American Horror Story isn't scary ?
Ok. Pendant mes vacances je finis :. - 13 reason why. - Mr Robot. - American Horror Story. - Orange is the new black. - Once Upon a Time
I've just watched episode S06E10 of American Horror Story!
I've just watched episode S06E07 of American Horror Story!
I've just watched episode S06E03 of American Horror Story!
Sarah Paulson says she'd like to take on the role of Donald Trump for the next season of American Horror Story:
Sarah Paulson wants back in on American Horror Story
Sarah Paulson wants to play Trump in the 'bats---' next season of 'American Horror Story' http…
.reportedly wants to play in American Horror Story's election season
Russell edgington remains one of my fave villains. The actor's really great in American Horror Story
If you want to watch english tv series, here are some:. • Grey's Anatomy. • How To Get Away With Murder. • American Horror Story. • Scandal
American Horror Story. -asylum and Freak Show are terrible skip them. -the actors are amazing. -you never know what's…
"Motion pictures are the expression of our souls, our inner dreams and fantasies.". — Elsa Mars, American Horror Story: Freakshow
Richard Ramirez and Aileen Wuornos dancing to "Sweet Jane by the Cowboy Junkies" in American Horror Story, iconic
Court Justice. 👀 what u in American Horror Story: Coven. I'm going somewhere out loud as A MAN R AT KILLING THAT'S WHY IS
The hotel that inspired American Horror Story has a dark history!
True! It's all like a demented fun house. American Horror Story: White House.
You know what ok. That's fine. Life wasn't crazy enough let's go all in.
Binge watching American horror story where have I been this whole time
ok try and tell me american horror story isn't THE BEST
America just went through the worst election ever and American Horror Story wants to make it the theme of season 7... https:/…
Professor screened an ep of American Horror Story tonight. I knew it wasn't my thing & never watched & now I really know it isn't my thing.
Can't get enough of American Horror Story. It's such a God *** good show 😊
Season 7 of American Horror Story will be about the 2016 election. This just might be the scariest season yet
I love American horror story so much omg
Why's American Horror Story always picking on scorpios?
Golfers named as plane crash victims
DFO plane crash: American golfers named as victims of horror plane crash at Essendon Fields >>…
REVEALED: The US victims of the Essendon plane crash
I would like to let everyone know that American Horror Story season 7 is literally going to be about the election. This isn't a joke
I got to serve Zachary Quinto from American Horror Story, Star Trek or Heroes ANDDD international model Miles McMillan 😩😍 http…
*** fita watch American horror story lol
it's so trendy now but my gut instinct tells me it's exactly like the american horror story hotel and I Will Not Go In There
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
*** forgot how good the first season of American Horror story is! Love it! the best season!
Watching American horror story, after 3 seasons, Jessica Lange is Amazing
I liked a video American Horror Story Gods and monsters Lana Del Rey S3
I just watched S06E09 of American Horror Story with Daenerys Targaryen in King's Landing.
Ryan Murphy reveals American Horror Story season 7 will be about the election we just went through: http…
Ryan Murphy says the next American Horror Story is about the 2016 election
The next season of American Horror story has already given me nightmares. 😕
I can see it now. American Horror Story: Trump's America
Next "AHS" season will be about the 2016 election
Thanks to a horrendous year of politics, "American Horror Story" producer Ryan Murphy says season 7 will be about t…
is gonna be on the new season of American Horror Story, wow I'm pumped🙌🏻
New details have been revealed about the next season of "American Horror Story" and they are INTENSE
Ryan Murphy Wednesday, 2-15, that the next installment of will be about 2016
'American Horror Story' season 7 will focus on Trump election
Fans of American Horror Story knows Ryan Murphy is a huge troll. Maybe he's joking that the next season will be about the election?
American Horror Story's next season will tackle the most terrifying tale of all: the US election
This last Twit Election has now become a certified AMERICAN HORROR STORY. The insanity surrounding Twit is surreal.
The new season of will tackle its most terrifying subject yet: the 2016 election
American horror Story season 7 will be based around the recent American Election.this should be interesting! :O.
‘American Horror Story’ to Devote Season 7 to the American Horror Story We’re Currently Living
Ryan Murphy reveals season 7 will focus on the 2016 election:
AMERICAN HORROR STORY SEASON 7 storyline will get political!
Too real: AHS Season 7 will be based on the 2016 election.
Ryan Murphy reveals next season of 'American Horror Story' will be about the 2016 Presidential Election
I just wanna thank American Horror Story for introducing me to Melanie Martinez because Carousel in the Freak Show Promo was ICONIC
American Horror Story's season 7 theme has been CONFIRMED:. 🇺🇸 💀 📖.
OMG! Ryan Murphy just revealed the theme for the next season of American Horror Story! 😱
Ryan Murphy is doing the 2016 election on American Horror Story next season.
First Gossip Girl, then American Horror Story. Boycotting Netflix the second they take off How I Met Your Mother
Emily Thorne just watched S03E02 of American Horror Story "Résurrection"
Do we really, I mean really have to bear four years of this "American Horror Story. : Capitol Hill"?
the fact i still never finished American Horror Story or Grey's Anatomy 🤔😑
I've just watched episode S04E12 of American Horror Story!
On tonight's episode of American Horror Story: Coven --
The greatest moment in American Horror Story - ever. Don't argue with me on this one.
Oh and Breaking Bad and Black Mirror as well as the 3 first seasons of American Horror Story and The Secret of Crickley Hall*
I'm sorry, that Turbo Tax commercial with Kathy Bates could give people more nightmares than one whole season of American Horror Story.
She did Marcia Clark justice. Really can't wait for when she wins one for American Horror Story 💕
This "American Horror Story"-inspired Kathy Bates/turbotax commercial is scarier than all of "American Horror Story" seaso…
Barbara Tarbuck, actress on 'General Hospital' and 'American Horror Story,' dies at 74
"General Hospital" and "American Horror Story" actress Barbara Tarbuck has died at 74
Barbara Tarbuck of 'General Hospital' and 'American Horror Story' dies via - rest wi…
Actress Barbara Tarbuck who played Jane Jacks on ``General Hospital'' and Mother Superior Claudia on ``American Horror Story" has died.
This is the most amazing critical commentary on American Horror Story
since the next season of American Horror Story is coming out in a couple weeks, heres a thread of my favorite AHS moments
Eventually catching up on American Horror Story: Coven. Enjoying it so far
The best American Horror Story to date for me is I'm sittin here watching all over again with sheer excitement!
My favorite season of American Horror Story is Emma Roberts.
I did not know that Danny Huston was in American Horror Story. This may have made my whole day 💕
ESPN Feature: "Best NBA Players under-28 who watch American Horror Story but not The Walking Dead", by Jeff Goodman
We still have some of the Integrity Toys Kyle Spencer dolls from the "American Horror Story: Coven" series in...
If you like classic monster stories and shows like American Horror Story, start Penny Dreadful on Netflix
The iconic Liz and Iris shootout to Hotline Bling by Drake in American Horror Story: Hotel (2015)
Les presento a Finn Wittrock, the crazy one of American Horror Story: Freak Show. . Let's to admire how beaitiful he is. ht…
A freak-show from the early 1900s. The inspiration for the characters of American Horror Story: Freak Show.
Remember Liz Taylor from American Horror Story? This is her now! 😍
Just watched American Horror Story S06E10 (I'm now at 6 months 0 day 7 hours)
This was the worst American horror story season ever !
In The Land of Gods and Monsters, or Thoughts on American Horror Story: Freak Show.
We have American horror story on demand! Woohoo
I refuse to watch American Horror Story at night
American horror story's new episode is so good
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you end an astonishing season!
finale review, as a major Asylum character came (out of retirement) to play
The season finale of American horror story was trash 🙄🙄🙄🙄
why did American Horror Story have to end like this
by far THE worst season of american horror story
I can't stop binge watching the new season of American horror story😍
[ He seems genuinely excited ] ❝ Really? alright, well, we should watch American Horror Story, its pretty good ❞
Roanoke was definitely the best season of American Horror Story
American horror story: return to Roanoke a third time bc were crazy
The series finale of American Horror Story was beautiful.
Coven was the best season of American Horror Story don't @ me
When you're doing a photoshoot while watching American Horror Story and it hits commercial…
Shoutout to the girls who got me into American Horror Story
if she stans american horror story, SHE IS SHOOK FROM THE FINALE
Remember when American Horror Story used to be good?
American Horror Story: Roanoke is the sixth season of the FX horror anthology television series American Horror Story. It premiered on Septe
Even when Sarah Paulson dies, she still comes back!! She is the true queen of American Horror Story https:…
Only one official occupant of the old Roanoke mansion survives.
is on American Horror Story and my heart is racing
Okay, well American Horror Story season 6 was...good. It was alright. I'm just glad they're going back to their normal style in season 7.
So this is a TV show, in a TV show, in a TV show, in another TV show? . American Horror Story: Inception 🤔. Me:…
After a great season of American Horror Story, I gotta say the ending left me disappointed for some reason 😕
AHS: Roanoke's season finale left too many loose ends
I fell off with Empire, no idea what's going on. These days all I care about are American Horror Story, Catching Kelce & The Walking Dead
Binge watched a whole lot of American Horror Story tonight & I'm almost at The Red Wedding in my book. Hello nightmares!
I think the next season of American Horror Story is this election and Trump's presidency
I've just watched episode S06E06 of American Horror Story!
omg the moment you realize that American Horror Story Roanoke is the plot of Scooby Doo on Zombie Island slick
A group of teens wander onto the Roanoke house grounds on
Well guess what... we are all living in an American Horror Story🙃
There's going to be an American Horror Story Murder House & Coven crossover season 🙌🏻
American Horror Story comes back on tonight
American horror story is so weird but good
im watching american horror story and i just cant belie-- oh wait.. no thats just Indiana election results coming in. m…
Best way to spend any night: Ice cream and American Horror Story with Maria 😍😍
I don't like how American horror story turned out. Like it was cool in the beginning and then phroots
This is the wildest season they've done for American Horror Story in a long time
I don't know if I can handle watching American Horror Story: Roanoke tonight considering we're already living a true American…
"what do you watch on netflix" . yaaa you tell me anything from american horror story to OITNB to bobs burgers
Jus saw "del" from "big time in hollywood florida" on American horror story. Whoohoo We want season2 of real bad
Catching up on American Horror Story because it's much less…
.BTW your role in American Horror Story was weak. You're a terrible actress.
I've just watched episode S06E09 of American Horror Story!
All purpose parts banner
I didn't vote for Walking Dead or American Horror Story. I voted for Channel Zero. It's way better and freakier.
Currently in study hall ignoring everyone watching American Horror Story 😛 lets see if this brightens me up
This is the worst episode of 'American Horror Story' and 'Black Mirror' ever. A REALITY TV STAR IS PRESIDENT. THIS IS H…
And how awesome is Cuba Gooding Jr. on American Horror Story
American Horror Story or The Muppet Christmas Carol, what to do, what to do??
Totally didn't realise Chaz Bono was in American Horror Story until I saw his name pop up in the end credits!
. Hiya another great performance in the latest American Horror Story following ur Emmy Marcia. Get Gary Cole on board please?
Me if Jessica Lange comes back to American Horror Story as the real Butcher.
It's almost 2:30 am and I've screamed so many times bc of American Horror Story. Season 6 is mad crazy😰
CONFIRMED: Lady Gaga will reprise her role as Scathach in a future season of American Horror Story. She is the original Cove…
the next season of American Horror Story should take place in South Jersey's Pine Barrens with the New Jersey Devil
Lady Gaga's character in American Horror Story: Roanoke is, in fact, the Original Supreme, according to Ryan Murphy! htt…
The burning at the stake of Myrtle Snow in American Horror Story: Coven (2013)
We're very happy to add Ryan Murphy, creator of American Horror Story & husband David Miller as the first Elf...
Me: Why did I stop watching American Horror Story?. AHS: (vomits blood into the skull of a dead hooker baby). Me: Oh yeah. Right.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
With Halloween around the corner, you can live a "horror story" in the Horrorday Inn from American Horror Story!…
The *** medium in American Horror Story is my new Halloween costume idea
Is it bad that reading about Judaism and the (Hebrew) Bible's Ten Commandments reminded me of American Horror Story: Hotel's opening?
Had a dream about American Horror Story, lol. The colony was trying to kill my friends and I. It was weird.
"American Horror Story" recap: Lost Colony of Roanoke's history revealed in "Chapter 4"
. Why does he remind me so much of James Patrick March from American Horror Story: Hotel ?
Hermione Granger just watched American Horror Story | S06E03, «Chapter 3» in the Gryffindor common room.
Finally watching American Horror Story & the scariest thing is Dylan McDermott gets hurt within the first 5 min.
Saw this at today (Jareth costume) Got a shrunken head prop and American Horror Story keychain
Lady Gaga and Cuba Gooding Jr. got steamy in the woods on American Horror Story:
Was planning to watch American Horror Story but home alone this week, so...The West Wing it is!
American Horror Story: Roanoke is a big disappointment for me. Reality horror tv is scary cause its true. Format doesn't work for fiction.
Told my friend she couldn't watch American Horror Story at my apt because I don't want all them spirits in my space.
Jimmy "Lobster Boy" Darling at the end of American Horror Story: Freakshow has better hands than WR Seth Roberts.
some of the AHS cast at the American Horror Story maze at Horror Nights
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I didn't know Niel Patrick Harris is in season 4 of American Horror Story, I'm so happy right now
Not feeling these new American Horror Story episodes. Where the *** is the title sequence? I don't like change Ryan Murphy.
"American Horror Story" recap: learn the backstory of the haunted house |
Everyone was excited about American horror story. I'm over here excited about Law and Order and Chicago PD.
American Horror Story needs to stop playing games and have Evan Peters in an episode already 😩❤️😂
Week 2 of was notably weaker but Angela Bassett is liiiving — my recap:
Watch American Horror Story pay homage to more than 80 years of cinematic history:
I couldn't even watch the end to American Horror story
Everything we know about the mysterious season after watching episode 2
How episode 2 of connected more dots to season one,
I keep hearing things above me in my apartment. I live on the top floor. I need to stop watching American Horror Story alone in the dark
American horror story got me shook 😩😱🙈💀
My little date with Val was so cute wine pizza and American Horror Story 💕😊😊
I cry every time I go through another episode of American Horror Story, and there's still no Evan Peters.
New season of New Girl, American Horror Story, Grey's Anatomy, and The Walking Dead starts in a month? Goodbye social life
Note: she played Cuba's MOM in Boyz & now she's playing his SISTER 25 yrs later in American Horror Story. 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Well thanks American Horror Story, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.
"American Horror Story" recap: "Chapter 2" reveals backstory of the haunted house
Almost forgot about American horror story tonight . 😌Good thing I just remembers 🙌🏾 Siri wouldn't have let me anyway
is doing such a good job at ruining your previous success IT has become an American Horror Story ...
Tonight's was A) pretty scary, and B) had a lot of pigs, so let's recap:
Rolling Stone recounts the story you all know by heart, as American Horror Story takes on The Lost Colony...
American Horror Story is awesome for incorporating the Lost colony of Roanoke!
The new American Horror Story made me jump and I bit my lip! I'll now be referring to myself as Thilip until it gets better
I can already tell the new season of American Horror Story is going to be badass after only seeing one episode ❤
The true story behind 'American Horror Story' Season Six, as told in 1930
Wait so is the new American Horror Story supposed to be like investigation discovery
Is American Horror story something I need to have seen previous seasons to understand? Or can I just start watching it now?
Don't really understand the big deal about American Horror Story...Friends is where its at 🙌
It's cute how you guys still think American Horror Story will be good
I don't know why I'm watching American horror story.
Incase any was wondering, American Horror Story is on tonight
DIRTY DOZEN EXCLUSIVE: Take a look at the next new American Horror Story (AHS) Theme!!
oh my other phone upstairs when American horror story go off I'll look at it 😂😘
American horror story isn't starting off so good for some reason..
But really, what the heck is the theme? Everything we know about
In a group chat with my cousins watching the new American Horror Story
Hello rope with pictures you make the season premiere of American Horror Story a little less creepy!
I've just watched episode S06E01 of American Horror Story!
American horror 6 story looks like it's gonna be good asf
Stressed to the max! Trying to unwind watching American horror story S6 E1!
It is raining teeth in American Horror Story and all my sister can talk about is where Sarah Paulson got her sweater.
Im 10% here for american horror story reinventing itself
freakshow was the most embarrassing season American horror story ever aired. they really owe us an apology for even mak…
Downfall of being a canadian, not being able to watch American Horror Story live 😣😣
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
the 13th commandment: thou shalt not talk during American Horror Story
don't let me down American horror story
American Horror Story recap so far: Marcia Clark is banging OJ Simpson
I sweatergawd if I miss American horror story bc my mom went to this lame *** back to school night we gone be FIGHTING
I wish I was at home watching American horror story 😭
TRENDING. American Horror Story. TRUE EVENTS. Sarah Paulson. _ _ _. Hopefully Gaga is in this first episode
American Horror Story with has us like
American Horror Story coming back tonight has me like
Here's a basic description of every season of American Horror Story thus far.
I missed the first 10 minutes of American horror story and now I'm so confused! *** is this?
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