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American Hero

Wag the Dog: A Novel is a 2004 satirical conspiracy theory novel, originally published as American Hero in 1993, written by Larry Beinhart.

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Sending thoughts to American Hero who's been hospitalized
Who wins the 2nd U.S. Neither nor but "American Hero" ht…
Congratulations great job tonight. TY for your dedication to God, Family & country. You are an American Hero!
Ed Snowden is an American Hero in the tradition of Daniel Ellsburg and Nathan Hale, but because you're not an American . . .
Thank you 4 making this "Live" video possible with Astronaut Hoot Gibson! He's an "American Hero" & an Inspiration to all!
Not even a close contest Mr. Glen Coffee is my American Hero
Semper Fi Amber you have my thoughts and prayers. Your husband is an American Hero!👍
Did a rad partner WOD with American Hero and life-size G.I. Joe action figure Ben Coker today before hitting a PR...
Mohammed Ali - Greatest of all time, defender of justice, American Hero. . Colin Kaepernick - Traitor?. Someone explain the d…
Joel Stave, American Hero, is the greatest college quarterback/35 yo sophomore ever. You shut your dirty *** mo
A Portrait of an American Hero and a Generation That Is Slowly Fading Away -Smithsonian
is a real American Hero. Worlds Greatest Athlete with The double gold.
One of the greatest moments in my life to shake the hand of an American Hero. Thanks you Barney Barnum!
Donald Trump is an American Hero. Just like Mike Tyson and Buddy Holly. I love him and his daughter Tanya Tucker!. -Gary Busey-
American Heroes: Meghan Smith: Send us a picture of your American Hero! Tell us their name,…
Army Capt. Humayun Khan is an American Hero who was sacrificed at the hands of Islamic Terrorists. Clinton, NBC,...
If you don't know a real American Hero, I ask you to read about Audie Murphy
Dallas Police Chief David Brown you truly are an American Hero. What a story .. one everyone can take something...
American Hero, Henry Ossian Flipper was the first Man to graduate from in 1877.
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Celebrate by watching a bunch of goals from a true American Hero, Dylan Larkin (s/t
Read the article on him in Men's Journal. SSG Clint Romesha, a true American Hero (CMH). Not SpecOps, just a grunt
Two years ago today. R.I.P. Louis Zamperini. -. A true American Hero: Louis Zamperini has passed at age...
my condolences to the entire Family & team @ Enterprise! A firing irony that this American Hero passes on an American Holiday!
RIP Jack Taylor, known mostly as the founder of Enterprise Rentals, he was a true American Hero, WWII, and one of the most giving humans!
This man William Porter disparages those who honor the memory of murdered American Hero's
On Thursday May 26, 2016, We welcomed home a true American Hero. Join me in this moment of silence for Radrick Davis AKA Guc…
Your hero died on the toilet, I don't have a party and I'm not American
Big shoutout to for amputating my leg, he truly is an American hero, definitely the best surgeon around
Wow. The embodiment of Duty Honor Country. A true American Hero. . I doubt any of my friends can get through this...
American Falls School District has two proposals up for vote
you are my hero! Thank you for the words that shout out truths from American schools.
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Obama policy. He bragged about having fewer nuclear warheads and such, he halted research into new designs
Was that a DoD sequester compliance, policy change or Exec Order? Just curious about source.
Jon is a meme bandito. We need an all American hero who will put him down for good.
How does a $20B/yr nuke upgrade program by DoD fit erosion argument? Would think MEast Wars diverted resource more
it's not just size but Obama has weakened the nuclear forces which can be dangerous
Hi george, can u play believe it or not, theme song from Greatest American Hero, thank u
who would want to go into battle with commander Hillary? She suffers from arrogantly believing her own nonsense
Especially after hypocritical LWNJ's were so rabid about Scooter Libby? And what about the American hero Petraeus?
Yo, What about a line for FORMER military. Not everybody stays for 20 years.
Perhaps Commander-in-Chief Trump would return the Air Corps to the Army, where it belongs.
I have grandchildren serving in the military right now and I can tell you that Trump will overwhelmingly get the…
military members don't want to be Benghazi-ed
American Red Cross dedicates new Indianapolis chapter headquarters
Proud to have the support of patriot Thank you to a true American Hero!
Waterbury school board to decide 2017 projects Republican-American
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Oct. 16, 1996: Terrorist-hero Michael Collins stirs up memories for an Irish-American lad, writes Peter Freyne
American bison named the official mammal of the United States
'American Hero' with could be my favorite superhero film.
Turnovers and touchdowns as American football takes off in Nigeria
We represent working families as long as deficits are an American hero.
he kept his room and bunk tidy.. that makes Donald a real American hero!.
Sgt. Alvin York would not approve. Hero WW I know American History. Vote
I wish I could watch Snapchat 24/7 she is so brilliant an American hero x
Hero Dogs Chester Nez at the Native American Museum, and practicing on the metro, and pressing door buttons!...
Chief Keef legit an American hero, came up from nothing, if my kids dont learn bout him in their history books then the US…
Man caught with gun suspected in Waterbury shooting Republican-American
That face you make when you don't give a $hit that you knowingly left a group of American Hero's to die...
Prince, American Hero, Once Got The Kardashians Kicked Off A TV Show: Prince had the Kardashian's booted from...
DT, don't Vet these guys who ran against you. Get General Colin Powell, he is an American Hero that could do a great job helping you
A war book recommendation: The Immortal Irishman: The Irish Revolutionary Who Became an American Hero b..., more at:
Do you think is an American Hero for exposing NSA? or traitor. .
American Hero: Greg Gadson to share his inspirational story ...
Michael Hastings, American Hero and a journalist with integrity, brutally murdered by the CIA over investigation
Thank you so much for ur service LCpl John T Sims Jr. A true American Hero!
If you have a chance go by Purple Heart - visit the Wall Of Hero's, tribute to our American Hero's. https…
The American struggled for a a moment, so now it was last resort it seemed. Without a moment of hesitation he grabbed --
I post this is Honor of the American Hero's who have fought 4 us All. 1st. via
"Seoul Celebrates the Home of an American Hero." Read & learn about Korea's long independence struggle with Japan.
- A-Grade choke out-ing. He made a point of catching the American's throat between his hands. "You're gettin' cheeky, -
Keep watching this: Marcia Clark's hero speech "I am offended as a woman and as a mother". YES. From 23.44
The waning influence of American political parties
Thank you Morgan Freeman for being the most epic guide the last few weeks. I enjoyed being an American hero while driving.
“I’m no hero,” he maintained. “The reason I agreed to write American Sniper (his autobiography, written with...
the only father i need is the founder of smuckers, Jerome Monroe Smucker! American hero!
My Dad, the Babe: Growing up with an American Hero by Dorothy Ruth Pirone book
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When a kidnapper held a press conference with a gun to a man's head
None of this would stop him continuing to poke and prod at his fellow American's stomache, with quite the malicious grin. -
Seoul Celebrates the Home of an American Hero, via
Happy birthday you goofy *** 🏻 but love you bro and ur an American hero
Happy 18th birthday to this American hero/pizza addict but more…
Why vote for anyone but Donald Trump, self made American hero. Love America and is working hard to give back!
TONY ~ enough busting my BALLS, ok. and Cruz is an American War Hero?. You won't change my mind. So let it go.
honor the legacy of an American hero & fighter for worker justice
ALL Wis Media anti trump 24/7Cruz is a Liar If you can't vote Trump- Vote Kasich- Cruz lies 24/7 is the Real American Hero
Seoul Celebrates the Home of an American Hero - New York Times
I wrote about my love for and how much it meant to find my first Asian American hero for http…
I liked a video The Greatest American Hero Theme Song - Believe it or Not
I'm in St Petersburg for the Poynter Institute's Pulitzer Centennial event with an American hero, . http…
as god is my witness, i do not recall ever having heard the third verse of The Greatest American Hero theme, but apparently it is real
In the US “A third of urban real estate is devoted to parking garages that could become parks” . That is utter...
New Americans in Salt Lake County - Partnership for a New American Economy
A Native American WWII hero who served as a code talker has died at the age of 92
Grand Canyon University, in partnership with EANGUS and the EANGUS Auxiliary, announce the American Hero's...
While exploring Calvary Cemetery, I found a Medal of Honor recipient and an American Hero!. SKINKER, ALEXANDER R.
Neil Armstrong is an American Hero, so was Buzz Aldrin, Pete Conrad, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, the list goes on
Truly honored to meet with true American Hero at
God Bless Santiago from San Antonio! A TRUE American Hero! Thanks for sharing his story. Thankful for his service & bravery!
The loss of a true American Hero...
Thankful to learn about leadership from an American Hero - General Stan McChrystal
ship his French-Canadian *** back to Canada. Bring back the American Hero.
is an American Hero and a worthy spokesperson for Blue Collars--glad to have him on board -
I'll take it a step further. Morris Dees is a courageous man with honor and integrity. A TRUE American Hero!!
Me too. Im a huge fan of Gus Grissom. He is a true American Hero. He knew the risks but was willing to take them.
. Dr. M. You are a real American Hero! I hope you're taking your own vitamins! . WE NEED…
Chris Kyle is an American Hero. OBAMA has refused to recognize Chris. It couldn't be because of all the warrior lives Chris saved could it?
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General Omar Bradley . The soliders general!! A friend of my fathers and an American Hero!
Lets not forget a true American Hero 🇺🇸 Chris Kyle 02-02-13 anniversary of his untimely death. He saved so many RIP
Movies out in Dubai this week: Brooklyn, Concussion, Sisters, American Hero: Our pick ...
Tonight as voting Americans tune out & tune-in to see help American Hero's Veterans
General Chuck Yeager is what a great patriot and a genuine American Hero looks like.
Got an interesting movie for yah... "American Hero"
Let's award this American Hero the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
On Feb 19,witness the incredible true story of how American Hero & Gold Medal Champion changed the world.
Question: was Robert Ford really a coward? Or was he an American Hero
Happy Veterans Day to our selfless American Hero's! We will never forget what you've sacrificed for this country
I know Mary makes me sick ! Chris Kyle a great American Hero icon and Legend right up there with General George Patton!
. Then there's American Hero's Channel, which is 24/7 Hitler. . ...more like Aryan Nation's Hero Channel...
John Barry: An American Hero in the Age of Sail by McGrath, Tim
Chris Mintz. What a example of what it means to be a American Hero. Guys and Gals like this are true hero's
Ali it's not just The Greatest boxer of all times, American Hero, he's Worldwide Super Hero and…
Update your maps at Navteq
My Dad, the American Hero. "I don't want email, I don't want to talk to people."
Watch Stephen Dorff become a superhero in American Hero trailer
"The Star Spangled Banner" by Madison Rising from American Hero // Love this version!!! ♫
American Hero trailer is catchy and The ridiculous 6 with Adam Sandler and Taylor Lautner
Look who has added their endorsement to another American Hero!
Detroit Public Theatre makes the most of 'American Hero' - Detroit Free Press
Ash Williams is the great American Hero we've been waiting for! .
this is the perfect example of what our country holds up as a priority. An attic over an American Hero. Dis…
Jim Webb, American Hero: True.I've only known 1 Democrat who was proud of my service. The rest think I kill people.
The Great John Brown my American Hero and every American and every human should learn and study John Brown My...
After last night's debate I don't understand how the GOP loses. Never seen four bigger losers on one stage. Jim Webb is an American Hero!
Jessie,. Chris Kyle was an American Hero! How childish to take lawsuit winnings from a dead man and his family! Loser
Jesse ventura I'd a *** Chris American Hero.not as swipe Ventura
The Murderer as American Hero: From Chris Kyle of American Sniper infamy to the fictional characters in ...
While makes an anti-hero out of another mass murderer the TPP trade deal will murder American jobs.
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Stephen Dorff is an American Hero on new poster
Governor to look in on work at former Warner Gardens in Waterbury Republican-American
Rihanna released American Oxygen but thinks Rachel is the true hero lol ok
Day three with the theme song from the Greatest American Hero stuck in my head. Please, God, make it stop!
.has he had his Nobel Peace gong yet? what a true American hero he is. the totem of a dying nation
“What You Missed”: Paris train hero, Alek Scarlatos, was rehearsing for “Dancing with the Stars” when he found...
Frank Zappa died a hero and an American treasure. You former SEN. Slade Gorton, give the first amendment. And humans, "a bad name"
Mathew B. Juan, a Native American from Arizona was a Hero of World War I
Quoted on today. Read the article, Chris Mintz is an American hero
Waterbury woman charged with workers' comp fraud Republican-American
Willie Nelson, American Hero, definitely smoked weed in the
Whoever has been posting these around LA is a true American hero
Chris Mintz, is a name we should remember. A hero who stop the shooter in Oregon.
Design hero goes down. American Apparel Files for Bankruptcy
I added a video to a playlist The Greatest American Hero - and
American Airlines identifies flight 550 captain, praises 'extraordinary' crew
Michael Bennett is an American hero, a legend in his own time. Too often do we forget to hold it over Dallas that they killed The President.
Cleveland Indians pitcher Cody Anderson named American League Pitcher of the Month
is an American hero for defending her constituents' rights and defending the Constitution. The 15th is still being attacked.
remembered as an American Revolutionary & Hero.
America out here fiending for a Steven Spielberg movie that tells the story of a Humble Middle American Dad who turns out to be a hero.
you are truly an American hero. A winning quarterback who in my eyes has never been giving a fair chance. Your number 1 in my book
A true American hero of his time who sees it how it is A God of his Podcast, book, and wit.
American Sniper.why did I have to watch you again?
being an American hero is the hardest job but I'm proud
Physical Activity and Heart Failure Risk in Men - American College of Cardiology
Phoenix-based pilot dies during American Airlines flight
I really believe in what the American Genre Film Archive are doing so I pledged to this Kickstarter. Take a look. .
Want to help an American Hero and his family win $1 million
Much like "The Greatest American Hero", the first intelligent beings on this planet lost the instruction book
. Illegal Kryptonians start taking all the American hero jobs.
Support this American Hero - now broadcasting on - give spinal cord injury patients hope ht…
Bill Hicks.another dead American Hero! Shame on those who stole his "style" upon his passing.
Eliot Ness: The Rise and Fall of an American Hero -
Today was an honor to be invited to meet with President George HW Bush and Barbra. A true American Hero.
Crazy Horse Crazy Horse is an American Hero as is Geronimo
A True Lakota West and American Hero!! Our Thoughts are with his Family and Friends!!! http…
Click to read about one of my best friends who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country! A true American Hero
Military Team: 21 Reasons to Become an American Hero and Enlist Into the United States Marine Corps
Today's American Hero is Sgt. Ryan Pitts of the U.S. Army who was awared the Medal of Honor in Afghanistan.
I know the real Ed Snowden was an American Hero. Keep watching MSNBC, or CNN.
via In case you missed this inspiring message from a true American Hero. Ex-Congressman Al…
William Katt: Greatest American Hero. If you learned 1 lesson here. its The Instruction Book is Important!
Meriwether Lewis : The Assassination of an American Hero and the Silver Mines...
Chris Kyle is an American Hero and always will be.
"The only thing I regret are the lives I couldn't save"--- Chris Kyle, American Hero.
In my opinion if u think Chris Kyle is anything but an American Hero. There is something seriously wrong.
if you think Chris Kyle is an American Hero but think Bree Newsome as an American terrorist.
Wisdom from an Elder, American Hero, Civil Rights Icon, and United Methodist minister, the Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery...
Remembering an American Hero today. On this day 6 years ago we lost Ed Thomas.
John Cena is an American Hero, he's the main reason we won the revolutionary war
Staff Sgt. Paul G. Smith, American Hero, put his precious life on the line for the USA. God Bless & R.I.P. soldier!
rest in peace American Hero-thank you for your service God bless your soul and your family
American Hero channel is airing a program called, "Mafia vs KKK" Who is the hero in this show?
Harriet Tubman: Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman: Portrait of an American Hero: Harriet Tubman is one of t
We serve it as an appetizer! Wasting our youth for stupidity! No more dead American Hero's for squat.
Hollywood leftists trash American Hero, show how completely out of bureaucracy and focus on next big power takes all.
Just finished watching American Sniper. The movie was great. Chris Kyle a real American Hero.
So jazzed about tonight. Gotta forget about the great loss of an American Hero and focus on gourmet people.
So sad to hear about the pass of the Greatest American Hero the True legend You will be missed ❤️😭❤️
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American Hero rest in peace. Thank you to our armed services members past and present.
Just know that Caitlyn Jenner was an American Hero in the 70s for winning a gold medal at the decathlon in the Olympics
.send two letters a week to Dean Cain asking, "What's it like being THE American Hero?" And, "Come on, how many inches?"
A true American Hero just like these two men- Sheriff David Clarke and John Wayne- America at its best
Students talking to an American Hero! Korean and Vietnam War veteran. What an experience for our students!
This guy is one of our great American Hero's. This is Christian Bryant an employee of SOS Pleasantburg. He...
Stop calling Bruce Jenner an "American Hero." Chris Kyle and everyone like HIM is an American Hero.
Bruce is a true American Hero, both as an athlete and as a human with feelings and brave enough to share.
I also miss Mark Eaton, American Hero, the Pride of Delaware
Kyle Carpenter. Being an American Hero like a boss. ;)...
to honor the life of an American Hero w/ an Irish heritage: LT Michael Patrick Murphy 🇺🇸🍀 http…
Joe Louis: 50 Years an American Hero, by Joe Louis Barrow Jr. (his son) 1988 wDJ
American Crime: Real American Hero, A: Brian Dennehy is the big fisted sheriff Buford Pusser who speaks softly and ca
Face of a warrior. Not a racist or a bigget, but a true American Hero! SEMPER FI, Brother!
i truly hope Eddie Routh burns in *** for murdering a true American Hero, Chris Kyle & of course, Chad Littlefield as well
This is Jose Rodriguez he is Latino. He is an American Hero and he is responsible for getting import
Meet the man Chris Kyle, called a true American Hero. -
Justin Moore paid homage to Chris Kyle an American Hero & if you disagree leave.
Everybody needs2thank Rep Johnson who spent7yrs asPOW in Hanoi Hilton as he is a true American Hero!
Jimmy Craig is an American hero, more so than George or Kennedy honestly
NBC permits a Muslim to attack our American hero by calling him a racist who commits murder when we are at war?.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Abraham Lincoln, a true hero!
I say Col. for President. He's currently the Greatest American Hero in the political arena with balls …
Fearless by is a great story about an American Hero. I just finished reading again with my 13 yr boy Must read
Chris Kyle never passed up a shot and he was an American hero, think about it Josh
is an American hero. Today, in his name, our nation recommits to ensuring that all veterans can access the care t…
I just said it harol and then dos. Haroldas its natice American.
Top 300 Ranks!!! This time 11-25: 2nd tier pitchers & Arenado. Plus, why Braun is an American hero.
Learning about US History? Check out Blue Planet Tales: Davy Crockett, the First American Hero! FREE for two days.
How do you tolerate ignorant and disrespectful words directed towards a true American Hero? http…
is a true American Hero. Thank you for your service.
We have to change this... Viola Liuzzo a great American Hero shall never be forgotten!. NEVER!
Pierce Bronson you can be an American Hero! You know what to do. 😏😅😂
Brian Williams reporting on the Vietnam War and the American Hero of the time Jane Fonda
Al Sharpton an American Hero tax cheat and President confidant and some say a home grown Terrorist
Today is Frederick Douglass' birthday. Find out more about his true American Hero
A true American Hero in every way! One of the best officers you could have met!
I wish everyone would stop picking on a true American Hero like Brian Williams.
is an *** of the worst kind, Chris Kyle was a true American Hero,
So, I have watched the movie and now read the book...What an inspiration and a true American Hero! God…
One of the best movies I've in a long time...true American Hero!!!
Chris Kyle was a true American Hero. Left me in tears.
On his birthday, I remember an American Hero - a true /
Hope still exists ! A true American Hero in Today's World .!
It’s Chris Kyle Day!Texas Governor Greg Abbott made February 2nd the state’s official day to honor the American Hero
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Honoring an American Hero today, Flag at half staff in Southern Illinois, God Bless Chris Kyle
You are becoming an American Hero real fast. Jim Clancy, Hank Williams Jr should take note & offer thanks to you.
Jesse Ventura has lost all credibility with his badmouthing an American Hero.
If you don't think Chris Kyle is an American Hero. You're in the wrong country.
Just saw American Sniper, Chris Kyle was an awesome man, an excellent sniper, and a true American Hero. It's a...
Saw it today with the wife & absolutely loved it! was in every way an American Hero & Patriot! ***
PS For the record, Michael Moore and Seth Rogan are *** I'm actually ashamed I ever enjoyed there movies, I don't think I could ever watch them again with out disgust, there just actors what have they done for this country? NOTHING,,,.Because Chris Kyle is a REAL American Hero...
Chris Kyle: an American Hero! 🇺🇸 NASCAR n Chris Kyle, match made in *** 😒
if y'all believe Chris Kyle is an American Hero! 🇺🇸
American Sniper was such a good movie and Chris Kyle was a true American Hero like so many others who serve everyday all over the world. During the movie, I had a moment where I lost it and I want to share it with you, as many of you know our daughter Tammy Clark Roman served in the Army and what you probably don't know is she was on the Honor Guard Detail who performed the military honors for service men and women at their military funerals. During the movie there was a scene showing a military funeral for one of the fallen soldiers, Tammy was sitting between her Dad and brother Scott and when that Military Honor Detail snapped to attention, I saw her snap to attention sitting there in the theatre seat, she suddenly sat straight up with a serious look on her face and she stayed that way throughout the entire scene and at the end, I saw a tear roll down her cheek. When the scene was over she looked over at me and of course I was crying by then. I have never been more proud of her than I was at that m ...
Seth...I like your films, but right now, I wanna kick your *** Chris is an American Hero. Period. Go to war.…
American Sniper’: American Hero or American Psycho? Breaking box office records, director Clint Eastwood’s newest film, “American Sniper,” raked in $107 million in its wide release in theaters over the four-day Martin Luther King holiday weekend, the biggest-ever January weekend film opening. A week earlier, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences rewarded the film with six Oscar nominations, including nods for best picture and best actor. It even moved Vice President Joe Biden, who reportedly teared up while watching it. “American Sniper” exemplifies a sense of macho, white male braggadocio that is symbolic of all that is wrong with the right-wing, pro-war, pro-gun, bully culture of the United States. Should we really be surprised that both the American public and the Academy are rewarding a film about a man who, judging by his own words, appeared to be a psychotic mass murderer?
Best movie I've seen in years. Chris Kyle is an American Hero. Hollywood is full of liberal cowards. fair coverage
Here are my words of wisdom Today. - Mr. Michael Moore your mouth should have permanent duct tape placed over it. - Mr. Liam Neisam shame on you. - NE Patriots - cheaters never win NOR should they be allowed to play in the Super Bowl. - Chris Kyle IS an American Hero. - PTSD is real. Chocolate cures everything.
Michael Moore represents everything that is wrong with this country.He is just another hate mongering Liberal opportunist like Al Gore that peddles Liberal hate to the amoral, ignorant for profit.he is simply trying to defame an American Hero in order to garnish attention in an attempt to make himself relevant.just ignore him until he crawls his fat ,hateful, slovenly, a** back under the rock that he came from again.
John Taylor Gatto is an American Hero (trying to save your children from the beast)!!!
By far the coolest feeling ever. Walking out of American Sniper with no one saying a word. Chris Kyle thank you for your service. You are truly an American Hero. God bless you and your family.
Is it me or is almost every action movie out now the good American Hero takes out the Russian Mafia all by himself...?
What a terrific movie. It was a truly amazing tribute to Chris Kyle. He was a true American Hero. We…
Just saw American Sniper. Great movie and a true American Hero in every sense of the word! RIP Chris Kyle
I had the privilege of watching American Sniper. What an American Hero! What a great movie!
Just got done watching American Sniper. The movie is a must see Chris Kyle is an American Hero. Screw the liberals who say otherwise. Go see the movie.
American Hero, authored by Dr. Jindra, the memoirs of Staff Sergeant Leonard Jindra, were published last month by Infinity Publishing.
Chris Kyle is an American hero. The greatest tragedy is that he died helping another veteran try to cope with his...
is a book that 6-7 of us read last weekend, and we all liked it. Black heroine, Native American hero. Romantic suspense/contemporary.
To our fallen soldiers. May their bravery, and heroism be remembered and honored forever. A Hero Star was presented to Gold Star Parents Janice & Steven Milley to Honor and Remember Our American Hero U.S. Army Ranger 1st Lt. Scott F. Milley Hometown: Sudbury, Massachusetts This nation will remain the land of the free, only so long as it is the home of the brave. Thank you for raising a fine young man who served our country. Forever in our thoughts. Bill & Cindy Witkowski Hero Stars
Check out Spanish american Souvenir Admiral Dewey Welcome our Hero gold Medal via
BreakingNews – BOND DUMPS SKUSA PKC FOR LAKC!!! American Hero Sean Bond has decided against racing at SKUSA PKC California this year and opted to commit to a full racing season at LAKC instead. Speaking exclusively with KartPaparazzi, Bond cited track selection as his primary reason. Bond who competed a full season of SKUSA PKC California last year told us that he remains supportive of the SKUSA organization but that racing locally at LAKC in 2015 makes more sense to him. SKUSA PKC California is scheduled to have its season opener at Buttonwillow on February 7th. The series is scheduled to race twice at Buttonwillow and make a single visit at Willow Springs, Adams Race Track, Simraceway, and Streets of Lancaster.
Maria Tallchiefis a Native American ballerina who is known worldwide. via
If we had a bigger place I would so love to take this baby in for our American hero ❤️ Hope this baby finds a great 2nd home away from home.
Tribute to the first American hero killed in Belgium, 2 September, 1944.
i honestly aspire to be like that guy who stayed up for 5 days straight watching dawson's creek. An american hero
Rockin an American flag don't make you a hero, word to ground zero
Ron Swanson is a true American hero
hero and native Wardell Turner is buried in Arlington .. w/video.
Why does the uk get their own big hero 6 it's not fair I want Dan and Phil in the American one too. ***
Tina Belcher´s christmas wish has come true (except this firefighters are american)!. Tina is my hero!
oh yeah... Ugh... I hope she's American
well actually.. She said she loves american accents I think.. So be weird if she liked her own 😂
Sheriff is a true American Hero. God Bless you Sheriff Alex Underwood for helping this little boy be your friend!
The Flight Leader - December 2014: "There I was... Doolittle Raider, an American hero"
Shout out to a true American hero for writing a poem about this country, no.this world is forever in debt to you
MLK is a national hero whose legacy belongs to the American people. Some members of his family don’t see it that way.
Happy Birthday to my buddy and true American hero
When a German hacker leftist offers up serious critique of American hacker hero-myth, hacker solutionists sure seem to get fe…
lives two lives 😏 American by day English farmer by night
Birdman, Big Hero 6, American Horror Story: Freak Show Listed in Nominations for the 26th Annual Producers Guild...
It really bugs me that Chris Kyle, an American hero, died from a senseless murder and our president can't even acknowledge it.
108 yr-old WWII hero Richard Overton gave out the game day ball at this weekend's US Army 'All-American' bowl!
I got this in an E-Mail: It is a MUST READ in light of the recent events. _ Here is a real American Hero -- a former POW -- Col. Bud Day It is men like this who have made and preserved this nation !!! Colonel Bud Day defines “torture” I got shot down over North Vietnam in 1967, a Sqdn. Commander. After I returned in 1973...I published 2 books that dealt a lot With "real torture" in Hanoi . Our make-believe president is Branding our country as a bunch of torturers when he has No idea what torture is. As for me, I was put thru a mock execution because I would not respond.. Pistol whipped on the head.same event.. Couple of days later... Hung by my feet all day. I escaped and a couple of weeks later, I got Shot and recaptured. Shot was OK...what happened afterwards was not. They marched me to Vinh...put me in the rope trick, trick...almost Pulled my arms out of the sockets. Beat me on the head with a Little wooden rod until my eyes were swelled shut, and my unshot, Unbroken hand a pulp. Next day hung ...
Chris Kyle was the true definition of an American Hero.
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