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American Gods

American Gods is a Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novel by Neil Gaiman.

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Don't forget to tune in to watch American Gods, Season 1 Episode 2: The Secret of Spoons- to meet Media.…
Ooh, I haven't heard of this! What's it about? I'm reading American Gods til I can get to the libr…
'American Gods' reflects country's immigrant past and present
Really good job on the American Gods. Cast its definitely gonna be a great show and a great cast 2 accompany
6 minutes into American Gods on Amazon Prime and already have said WOW three times. I think I'm going to lo…
REMINDER: American Gods started on Amazon Prime today. I continue to be an huge fan of the magic of Bryan Fuller
American Gods and Silicon Valley were both so good tonight.
Read the book now for my Labor Day entertainment "American Gods" series premier. Can't wait!
.& when I read American Gods which takes place in my little unglaciated corner of Wisconsin, I noticed…
I've got Coraline too to read. Thinking about leaving American Gods till the Summer.
My review of "American Gods," Starz's fun blend of sex, violence, and aging deities
Better not get like that here in America that's all American democracy is the gods grace try taking that…
The went to and had some fun with We found the adorable evidence:
[Mashable] Prepare to worship the deities of 'American Gods'
Only one day left until American Gods premieres!
American Gods, the 10 Bands Meme, and Trump's Feud with the Judiciary. Judges, save us: Donald Trump's battle aga...
Old Gods or new? Choose wisely. Watch American Gods on Amazon Prime Video on 1 May.
If you're a fan of you're going to love the new show. Let the cast & creators tell you why:
So excited for the recap show with Tune in after you watch the first Gods ep!…
It's a fake arrest - see how unbiased we are - we arrest, unless they burn the American flag.…
The deities behind 'American Gods' are off to a bloody start - LA Times
like if I thought the way women in american gods was bad...
Fingers crossed Gillian Anderson wins an emmy for her role on American Gods, she truly deserves it. Her work is magica…
Prepare to worship the deities of 'American Gods': Belief is power in the world of American…
The new 'American Gods' TV series premieres on Starz this Sunday - there's still time to grab a copy, and get started!…
i can't wait for Gillian Anderson to win an emmy for her role as media on American Gods, this so has to happen
From Fargo to American Gods, The Leftovers to Legion, find out which shows are employing your favorite novelists…
Where do I buy the new Stars series American Gods? *checks iTunes*
I'm so looking forward to American Gods.
After debating on buying this book at the bookstore on over 5 separate trips, I finally pulled the trigger
This just in. Prepare to worship the deities of 'American Gods'
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
'American Gods' creator Bryan Fuller on life, death and deities - CNET via http…
I'm offline this weekend for Family Time. Which means I won't be around on Sunday night when AMERICAN GODS begins. Watch i…
'American Gods' is a gorgeous mess, writes
Prepare to worship the deities of 'American Gods'
I inhabit the post-apocalyptic vampire world of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend. How can I watch American Gods?
I was raised by a vampire, exchanged in birth w the devil's spawn, staring at a childhoold pond, how can I watch American Gods?
One of my favorite critics,Tim Goodman (reviews. 'American Gods!' via
I think that's great, but how hard is it to Google "the author of American Gods" to learn more?
An amazing article on prolific author Come see his works such as Stardust, American Gods, and Anansi…
minotaurs p bisonlike, making me think of the bison-headed guy in American Gods
This times holiday read was Anansi Boys by Loved it. Just as good as American Gods and surely deserving of a tv adaptation
American Gods; Anansi Boys. Rereading because there's going to be a TV series any day now, and because Jeff and I took a road trip.
"American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. Loved it so much, I'm now reading "Anansi Boys"
Just re-read American Gods after years.. *** I enjoyed it more than I recall. Stellar. May as well revisit Anansi Boys.
(yes I know Anansi Boys was a sequel to American Gods)
keep hearing about the American Gods tv show and must admit I love Neil Gaiman but hated the book and couldn't finish it...Anansi Boys FTW
Do I want to pay to watch American Gods just for Peter Stormare...? maybe.
American Gods is getter good reviews! Phew. *breathes out*
With & on the cusp of premiering, I want to talk about religion & belief. On
I'm really looking forward to seeing Neil Gaiman's American Gods on the small screen: via
I think I'll need to pick up this C2E2 exclusive American Gods variant from the booth.
Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson recorded an original disco song for the finale!
American Gods is astonishingly imaginative and insanely entertaining. Here’s our rave review of episode one:…
American Gods tells a timely story about immigration, war, and dangerous con men
One of American Gods’ most interesting characters has been changed to reflect an era dominated by Silicon Valley.
Even though I saw it at SXSW, I'm still frantically awaiting AMERICAN GODS so I can revisit & live in…
I need to watch thumper and american gods
As premiere of American Gods approaches, I realize how nervous I am about it. That book means so much to me for reasons I can't nail down.
Meet Mr. Wednesday, Shadow Moon & more in new clip and character promos
'American Gods:' Upcoming Starz series screens at Bard. Bard College professor and author Ne…
Coming soon to TV, here's a great, non-spoilery intro to the story and characters of classic novel.
I know American Gods is coming to India on Amazon Prime, but feel like asking anyway, so that maybe he…
One of American Gods’ most interesting characters underwent a big change
American Gods is getting rave reviews: Here’s what you need to know
What did we think of the first two episodes of Read here…
Can I assume you have read American Gods or Anansi Boys by
Get ready for American Gods with a new clip and six character promos
On page 161 of 541 of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
I can't wait to see Gillian Anderson's first appearance as Lucy saying 'U want to see Lucy's *** ' 🙌🏻…
want to watch American Gods, gotta pay for Amazon Prime, want to watch The White Princess gotta pay for Super Channel. both Starz shows >(
I'm kind of ridiculously pumped for American Gods
Peter Stormare’s Czernobog gets an American Gods character promo, new featurette released
Only a half hour more of waiting! — attending Neil Gaiman and American Gods at Richard B. Fisher Center for the...
Weird rereading American Gods w/ mental images of TV cast. Except Czernobog, since I'd already imagined him as Peter Stormare the 1st time.
Star Wars and MST3K revival and Twin Peaks and American Gods and Handmaid's Tale and Dark Tower and OMGWTFBBQ I can't even!
Super excited about American Gods series, will you be involved with screenplay. Love to see Sandman w/…
Gorgeous illustrated - by Dave McKean - edition of Neil Gaiman's American Gods ($120!)...
For the chance to win one of five exclusive American Gods prints signed by artist Dave McKean...
Read Norse Mythology, re-read American Gods, must complete with Good Omens!
New issue of has articles on Dr Who Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 + American Gods + Good Omens plus lots more
Neil Gaiman's American Gods, illustrated by Dave McKean – in pictures
I totally forgot until the American Gods trailer popped up on my feed today that Kristen Chenoweth was in Pushing Daisies 🙈🙊
So this is why people are asking me about American Gods. I've had a dozen or so people ask me about this in the...
Ugh I love Brian Fuller. So excited he's a part of American Gods.
A Brian Fuller TV show and comic retelling of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods: Shadows are out soon.
Trying to figure out which character Kristen Chenoweth is in American Gods
And you know what? I'd probably watch American Gods just because of a certain Emily Jane Browning alone. :P
Okay, excited about American Gods and love Kristen Chenoweth, BUT Easter is supposed to be like, hella voluptuous. And that tech god...
📷 I would shiver the whole night through Emily Browning as Laura Moon, American Gods
Emily Browning playing two characters in American Gods
Did you see me talking about AMERICAN GODS in Iceland? made an amazing film & here's the teaser:
i'm interested in the American Gods tv adaptation because I feel like there was a vital story there the book never really was able to tell
Illustration: Dave McKean for the Folio Society edition of American Gods
The new Folio Society edition of American Gods is Neil Gaiman's 'director's cut'
American Gods is going to be your next must-watch show.
Wanna read what the buzz is all about? Jst know this is gonna blow you away. Proud to be a part of it.
Seriously. If someone has Starz, I'll totally throw down some awesome food for watchies.
American Gods in summary:. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson learns that Odin is his dad, who currently lives in the USA as a serial grifter nomad
The has things to say about American Gods:
On page 106 of 784 of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
do you know when and if American Gods will be available on other services
American Gods' creators say their show has new meaning in 'a climate that vilifies immigrants'
Dear Thank you so much for fixing the headline. signed. a grateful author
io9 was at SXSW premiere and tells all! via
.raises the bar with AMERICAN GODS. A great show with mystery, action, wit & incredible visuals. New TV ob…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
American Gods. Less a TV show than an acid trip with a narrative. Will be the most original thing on TV. Amazing.
This headline is actually a lie, The 1st season of American Gods was wrapped before the election. Fix it?
American Gods’ creators say their show has new meaning in ‘a climate that vilifies immigrants’
Emily Browning will be playing two characters on it was revealed at
I am pumped for American Gods. The only way it could've been better is if they resurrected
This new illustrated edition of American Gods is simply heavenly.
American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Watership Down by Richard Adams, The Deadzone by Stephen King, Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.
American Gods is the story of our times. We need the stories of immigrants who shaped out country more than ever.
American Gods is my favorite thing ever.(sorry MCR)
Hey how's it going?! Any books you recommend? I'm reading American Gods and Mike Mignola has a new bo…
If you want good shows to watch in 2017 fave this list:. 1. American Gods. 2. Twin Peaks. 3. Riverdale. 4. The Handmaid's Tale. 5. 24: Legacy
I'm reading The Underground Railroad by and American Gods by
Congrats to ! I also suggest Good Omens & American Gods as starters if you've not read Gaiman. Good Om…
Ricky Whittle goes from supporting role in the 100 to main man in American Gods. Can't knock the hustle.
On page 143 of 635 of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
Update your maps at Navteq
Exclusive: Read an extended preview of Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods'
Stocked up on a few extra books in the Kindle sale. Looking forward to:. Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods'. Anthony Horowitz's 'House Of Silk'
20% done with American Gods, by Neil Gaiman: I think it's picking up? I hope it's pickin...
6% done with American Gods, by Neil Gaiman: I am going into this completely blind and I ...
Hey guess what! American Gods is a great book & I am only 11 years late in saying so. Now I must to go to House On the Rock again.
I'm so excited for American Gods. David Slade and Bryan Fuller are a visual/storytelling force to be reckoned with.
Hey Nico, do you want to do an American Gods commission? I heard you’re a fan of that book ;)
If it proves popular, it would be awesome if there was somehow an American Gods house. Bone Orchard! Might not translate.
.Lost star Jeremy Davies to play Jesus in American Gods
TfeelW you miss Justified & Hannibal and you find out Jeremy Davies is playing Jesus on American Gods
Exclusive: 'Lost' alum joins 'American Gods' as Jesus via
I'm FINALLY reading American Gods and of course it's so good but the British exposition/dialogue from Middle American characters is jarring
Slade House, most work by Stephen King, The Girl on the Train, American Gods.
Hey Amy Davis I'm eating lunch in Cairo, Illinois and it makes me want to read American Gods again. You are...
I know American Gods is set to start in 2017 but how far into 2017 will it be? Cant wait, you are amazing.
Er, Ryan from Dream Team, aka Ricky Whittle, is playing the lead role in American Gods!
American Gods looks amazing. A eerie version of Amazing Grace would be awesome in the show.
Here’s the first footage from American Gods, courtesy of Comic-Con
So the trailer for American gods looks ok...maybe not exactly how I would have wanted it but I'm sure it'll be great...right?
Ricky Whittle said "Hello Lex" to a fan dressed as Lexa in the American Gods panel (via
American Gods is going to be the death of me I SWEAR
I'm too scared to watch the trailer for 's American Gods because I love the book so so much.
The American Gods trailer is looking pretty great:
The 1st trailer for American Gods is here! It's gloriously dark and magical and funky. SO stoked. https:/…
Mr. has somehow managed to attract every great actor in the world to American Gods. That trailer is exactly pe…
American Gods looks like it will be intense.
American Gods' first teaser is here
American Gods and Good Omens are two of my favorites. This looks great already!
Either the world is crazy or you are in first American Gods trailer
Seeing is Believing: First Trailer for AMERICAN GODS It's Wednesday in America again.
Neil Gaiman's American Gods intrigued me with Ian McShane, Peter Stormare and Gillian Anderson being cast, but this trailer sold me on it.
Galileo's Middle Finger. Ready Player One. Sand Man. Like... all of the Disc World books. American Gods.
Listen as Mr. Nancy in American Gods with Gillian Anderson and Ian McShane is THE MOST I could have wished for. Perfect.
about once a month I remember that Brian Fuller is making and American Gods tv series and I'm just
"It’s almost unfair to every other show on TV how good American Gods will be.". We didn't say it, they did:.
📷 neil-gaiman: fridarome: You guys, Gillian Anderson is playing Media in American Gods, and I’m not...
is working on American Gods with Neil you have to spend time together you're both my feminist icons!!
Gillian Anderson is going to play the role of media in American Gods. .
Gillian Anderson joins the cast of Neil Gaiman's American Gods via
I'm not generally an optimistic person, but you tell me is going to play Media in American Gods, suddenly I'm Gottfried Leibniz.
I totally agree wrt gaiman as a person but American Gods is one of my fav books ever. I grew up in American Midwest and he just -
What?! Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' directed by Brian Fuller and Gillian Anderson as MEDIA? So freaking cool!
Neil Gaiman has quite the following, and he wrote American Gods while driving through the midwest. WI towns in there.
is American Gods avalaible in spanish for Kindle with the discount?
Me waiting for photos of Jonathan Tucker as Lok in American Gods!!!
Devoured "American Gods" some months and now totally liking "Anansi Boys" bei . How much imagination can be packed in a book?
Guys, Al Swearengen is filming 's American Gods in my hometown. All is right with the world.
Especially Smoke & Mirrors, although I've also been keen to reread American Gods (and Anansi Boys) in anticipation of the series.
Nice! I bought My Kind of Crazy from Brookline Booksmith, and BTAF member Sarah got me American Gods as a birthday gift. ♥
No, it doesn't, especially since Bryan Fuller is busy with American Gods now. But it's good to know they're all interested.
American Gods & Anansi Boys both great intros to his style & mythos. After that, Sandman.
Well, you've got a friend in Neil Gaiman's American Gods, Beowulf: Low Key. (say is slowly, then say it fast(ly)) 😎
i always wanted spn to be more like American Gods you know? the epic road trip, the grey areas, women and poc who stay alive.…
Did you miss our BookTuber Tuesday? This one's about American Gods by Neil Gaiman:
Not every character in American Gods will be in Season 1...
have you finished the production of season 1 of American Gods?
Having champagne problems because is gonna be on American Gods and I'd like to keep on, keep on drinking! ☺🎉🎊💗
"This was not simply cold: this was science..." from "American Gods: The Tenth..."
"“You just have to hold it in your mind..." from "American Gods: The Tenth..."
On page 130 of 635 of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman: Reading in bed while everyone (cats ...
All purpose parts banner
American and European museums take such marvellous care of our Gods and Goddesses. Not a bad thing.
Still sad about Lincoln's death on The 100,but looking forward to seeing you on American Gods.Know you'll do good as always😄
On page 339 of 635 of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman: "You're slow. But you get in there i...
I wanna read American gods so badly rn but I don't have my copy here rip tbh
American Gods - tv-series. It is true. You probably heard it from me.
xD terrible. BUT I think I heard there's an American Gods film coming out eventually or something. And yes level in a bit
Uhm. Sorry. I mixed it up with American Gods. Again. Let's go level...
Now Playing: American Horror Story - Jessica Lange - Gods And Monsters. Listen now at
On page 557 of 635 of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
1 of 5 stars to American Gods by Neil Gaiman
How did you like AMERICAN GODS? I read it a few years ago, but I remember how much I loved it.
From to my recent self. Gaiman, Neil. American Gods. New York: HarperCollins, 2011.…
So, Rise of the Guardians is a solid kids adventure movie. Conceptually it reminded me of Hogfather or American Gods, a little.
- I had to try and explain American Gods to a friend again last week. I had to question my choice in friends.
I need to get that, currently reading American gods for about the 5th time.
I'm listening to American Gods from while walking around Beijing.
Recently heard about American Gods being adapted into a tv show and I can't wait!
I super love Neil Gaiman, and American Gods is one of my faves by him. So I'm stoked about the TV series!
American Gods translation was scuppered several times because execs wanted to cast everyone white. The author does know his work..
As sad as I am that Lincoln died, I'm so happy & proud of Ricky and hope American Gods becomes a HIT. I already plan on w…
I don't know if realizes how happy he makes everyone but he's so sweet. everyone go watch American Gods when it's out 👍🏻
My dad's reading American Gods right now. He has trouble with the premise of divinity in it & Shadow's suspension of disbelief.
Day 16 of is a liked this, read that! If you like Neil Gaiman's American Gods,…
Finally finished American Gods. Beautiful. I'm sure my copy will be reread multiple times before I leave this earth
Finally picked up a copy of American gods to read in preparation for the TV adaptation, can't wait!
you are an American hero , you do Gods work, I pray for you every day
Off to read American Gods by In my defense, raising children has put me a bit behind.
Just posted on review of American Gods. Loved it even more the second time. Swet
American Gods 10th anniversary audiobook is exactly as long as driving from LA to Seattle, a good journey 😊
"If *** is other people then Purgatory is airports." -- American Gods,
From homeless drug addict. to the only African-American EGOT winner. (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony)
Crispin Glover and Jonathan Tucker have been cast in American Gods
Words can't explain how badly I want to see the TV adaptation of "American Gods". Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday!
How about American Gods by Neil Gaiman or The Once and Future King by TH White??? Two of my favorites
Sean Harris will be Mad Sweeney for the adaptation of American Gods:
Sean Harris in American Gods e altri casting
American Gods is rounding out its cast, and is set to begin shooting next month.
Sean Harris, Yetide Badaki and Bruce Langley have signed on for the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods:
Whoa, Sean Harris as Mad Sweeney? The American Gods casting has been A+ so far.
Sean Harris, Bruce Langley and Yetide Badaki have all joined the cast of American Gods, which is based on Neil Gaiman's novel.
We're a great resource for set designers. We made these for Reign, Goodman Theatre, American Gods, Writers Theatre.
2 days into American Gods & I can't put it down. Plus, it's got me wishing I could make another pilgrimage to the House on the Rock.
Finished listening to American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Try and get it free:
I just read 'American Gods' and is like love or your favorite flavor. You know you like, but you can not explain it...
Cool. American Gods is one of my fave books. Coolest person I've met is either Nathan Fillion or Leonard Nimoy
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
'American Gods' nabs a 'Deadwood' vet to star, and Neil Gaiman is thrilled
This week, our workers are recommending House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski and American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
Favourite Author(s)? Why is American Gods so good? Shaving: Yes or no and why? For Jonny: Best way to kill zach snyder? Go!
Why you should believe in Neil Gaiman and Bryan Fuller's American Gods by Chris Jordan.
YES! In my head when I read American Gods, Shadow was played by a young Forest Whitaker. This will do.
Finished my review book and now I have another, but I have a new Kevin Hearne and I REALLY want to re-read American Gods.
I'm sorry I spent two years trying to like Sandman, then didn't have any energy left over for American Gods.
cards on the table I accidentally left my copy of American Gods in the kitchen in UK and never finished but I'm interested!
Lenox Avenue: Midnight by Langston Hughes reminds me so much of American Gods it's like they're written for each other. Or to.
Neil Gaiman on protecting racial diversity in new 'American Gods' adaptation
On page 336 of 465 of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman: Chapter 14 in progress
Gaiman: American Gods. "This novel is going on so long--OH A PLOT TWIST!" Great concepts. Good story. Little long-winded.
Well, I'm reading American Gods, finally. With my good friends Mike Mike Pace and Josh Josh Voltaire.
Re-Reading 'American Gods' by and first-timing it through Hemingway's 'The Sun Also Rises'.
Bryan Fuller says American Gods will be 'Marvel Universe with Gods':
rereading "American Gods" today: while Shadow drives by Hinzelmann's burning house&hears a siren, I hear one as well...
My tutor told me to put my favourite author in my personal statement, I think I might go with Neil Gaiman, American Gods being my fave
"The Library at Mount Char" by is the book I wanted "American Gods" to be. Strong recommendation if you are into that genre.
Oh wait I was thinking of the confirmed tv series for American Gods... there ain't any news of a Good Omens adaptation just yet
Pain hurts, just as greed intoxicates and lust burns. — Neil Gaiman, American Gods
Funny how everything in American Gods is culminating at Lookout Mountain--the place that's highest on my list of trips to take.
Hannibal director reunites with Bryan Fuller to adapt Neil Gaiman's American Gods
Great news for fans – TV adaptation to begin production in March!
i want St Vincent's Digital Witness for an expository montage about technology/New Gods in the American Gods show
Dear Starz: Please don't screw up Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" via
Get it right or don't do it (but casting Tom Waits as Mr Wednesday would be a good start)
The "American Gods" TV show, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, will begin production in March 2016. No cast announced as yet.
American Gods is upon us! Thank you for making my dream come true
I've never read American Gods, but I loved Neverwhere. I'm looking forward to reading Anasazi Boys.
I have read THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, AMERICAN GODS, Anansi Boys, CORALINE back to back, and I think I may have fallen in love with
".What people need to concern themselves with right now, according to the American evangelist, is how they are...
I love how Jacksonville has an appearance in American Gods. I grew up there. :)
So I finally trudge to American eagle & honey when I tell you the thick thigh gods and slim waist gods rejoiced!
I was the same about American Gods but I loved Neverwhere
American Gods favourite character?: I have read Neil Gaiman's book American Gods and I found the tought of god...
"Add to Home Screen": “We must also consider realities such as the fact that the American Christian church sti...
I finally just read this, Please Starz: Please don’t screw up Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” -
"Please don’t screw up AMERICAN GODS". pleads with Starz to do right by in TV adaptation
Whoah stop press. is writing American Gods 2??! This is good news.
New feature in wrap up of new study fantasy shows -
*suddenly praying for Viggo Mortensen to play Wednesday in American Gods*
I've bought and lent out five copies of 's American Gods. Just bought number six today. Anyone need to read it?
"Studio Job" may be my favorite ep of Leverage just bc I already knew the fiddle game con from American Gods XD
On page 100 of 541 of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
The Guardian American Gods TV adaptation to begin production in March The Guardian The Starz version of Neil Gaiman
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Please tell me who are your favourite American gods or which god were you missing from Neil Gaiman's novel.
for variety, American Pastoral, American Gods, Executive Orders, or Joe College. great American novel, Sci-fi, thriller, comedy
Every Gaiman book is different. My faves are American Gods and Anansi Boys.
Starz beat them to it (American Gods) Pushing Daisies had TWO seasons. I lament Amazing Screw-on Head and Mockingbird Lane.
if u like Terry Prachet and Neil Gaiman, I suggest Good Omens, American Gods and Anansi Boys. Fast smart read. You'll be LOL
Anansi Boys is a much lighter book in the same verse (and the audio is amazing) if American Gods isn't quite working
It looks like Bryan Fuller is dying to work with Lee again. So maybe that or his new project American Gods. Who knows :-)
Anónimo ha dicho: Brian Fuller wants to cast Gillian in his new Star's project American Gods if Hannibal...
.is writing episodes for the Starz series
After meeting Shadow in Fragile Things, I have American Gods waiting 4 me on the bedside table - roll on bedtime.
they let everyone out of their contracts and the showrunner is doing “American Gods”
Borrowed American Gods by Neil Gaiman and The Green Mile by Stephen King from the library. Life is good.
This line, from American Gods by Neil Gaiman could not be more true.
Given that the majority of the American Gods cast is non-white, I hope Bryan Fuller finds a role for Hetienne Park.
I went to buy American Gods to learn about s interest in it, reading the cover, this book/coming series sounds amazing!
I literally recommended her American Gods which has A WEIRD CAT GODDESS SEX SCENE that I forgot about. In high school.
in other news I'm reading american gods by Neil Gaiman and there was a female character named sam
what do you think when people label American Gods as "godpunk"?
yeah. But u can't tell me that every American hadn't been informed about contraception. It's on billboards for Gods sake.
They need to play Whoomp There It Is right now. It just feels like the American thing to do.
I'm not a proud American we have MLS for gods sake
Golden Horn and American Pharoah in the same year...the racing gods have been kind to us. :)
For only a dollar a month, you can save some Japanese girls from american gods, like carly Lloyd
I support my American bobsledding team what you mean 😂
American greed is the reason I want cable
Read American Gods on vacation. Found myself a few hundred feet from where the proscript is set as I read it
Someone buy me a hard copy of Neil Gaiman American Gods so I can reread it the right way
What the *** is happening with these boys before the OTRA tour? 4/4 are walking sex Gods. Hopefully this is a preview of American leg.
Hey, now that Hannibal's over, can Caroline Dhavernas play Laura Moon in American Gods?
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