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American Flag

The national flag of the United States of America (or the American flag) consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with white, with a blue rectangle in the canton (referred to specifically as the union ) bearing fifty small, white, five-pointed stars arranged in nine offset horizontal rows of six stars (top and bottom) alternating with rows of five stars.

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On Election Day... 65 Million pledged allegiance to the American Flag. 🇺🇸. 62 Million pledged allegiance to the Russian…
What's next? Maybe they can have Bill Ayres stand on the American Flag during the halftime show
Roger Goodell has no respect for the American Flag 🇺🇸
Why are you disrespecting the American Flag by covering it with the Gadsden flag?
🔥FEATURED POST 🔥. - assisting in hanging the American Flag at the
assisted in placing the American Flag in Key West and are assisting while the community starts to rebound from Irma.…
I served in Iraq (Army). I'd burn the American Flag too, considering state sanctioned police executions are accepta…
Police officer takes the time to pick up an American Flag blown to the ground by Hurricane Irma. God Bless this man!!! 🇺🇸 http…
Dear All School Systems. & . Teachers. Betsy Ross did not invent the American Flag.
As hurricane Irma moves through, a first responder in Coral Springs, Florida retrieves an American Flag on the anniversary…
Liberals Are Saying the American Flag is Offensive to Muslims - Share If You Don't Give A ***
In last 8 years, how many times did Schumer cry, when our troops landed at Dover Air Force Base in their caskets draped in OUR American Flag
Kid Rock is desecrating our American flag yet again. He desecrated the American Flag during Super Bowl 2004 (cont)…
"..we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms and we all salute the same great American Flag"-DJT
Props to Paul Goodloe of the Weather Channel for making sure an American Flag didn't fall casualty to
They were praising the kid for wearing a free speech shirt and waving the American Flag. ACLU support…
Learn how the American Flag made it all the way to the North Pole:
I remember in the tumult of the sixties, George Foreman and his American Flag at the Olymp…
Wilson Roofing Paris, IL placing stars on roof top American Flag today, donated to Combat Disabled Marine Veteran…
WATCH: Liberal Thug STOMPS on the American Flag - Look How the National Guard Responds via
"We will be one People, under one God, saluting one American Flag.". President Trump risks all for us -- please pray for h…
White feminism is Lana Del Rey thinking Trump ruined the American Flag lol
High school senior in S. Carolina was asked to remove an American Flag from his pick-up truck. Community response. https:…
Reminds me of the Democrat Convention when they chose to display NO American Flag. That shoul…
"You lied about fighting in the Vietnam War. That's like punching the American Flag in the face man!"
While the rest of the G20 leaders wore a special G20 lapel pin, President Trump simply wore an American Flag lapel pin.…
Surprise, surprise... Bernie Sanders supporter urinates on the American Flag.
Who's that good lookin' guy in the American Flag pants from Kenton County?? 🤣
I haven't seen this many people wearing American Flag clothes since George Bush Sr. was president.
The amount of American flag swimsuits that will be seen today will be crazy.
The flag may be small, but this was one of the coolest moments of being an American. I was…
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Giant American flag displayed on the Mackinac Bridge for Independence Day
It's slow for all you *** wearing the American flag tank tops today. Don't even put ya hand out for a pound.
The correct way to refer to the flag is ‘Flag of the United States of America.’ Any other name is a nickname, inclu…
Let's see how many girls rap themselves in the American flag and take a picture this year
FreeEnterprise: Meet the family-run company behind the flags that you wave
I have nothing American flag related to wear today🤔
I have never experienced as much terror as I did this morning when I had to look for 15 minutes to find my American flag hat. 🇺🇸😅
Terry cloth American flag tribute lines beach in front of TradeWinds Island Resorts
This *** Jason Whitlock draped in an American flag lol
This Marine lost his leg in Afghanistan but still ran the Boston Marathon today:
I only walk when I wear my American flag pants because these colors don't run
Going to wear red, white & blue for Viking 2, one of our 1st Mars landers sports the American flag:
It is 7 IN THE MORNING and my brother woke us all up by BLASTING the star spangled banner and RUNNING around the house with…
Don't wave a Flag then insult those that have dedicated their lives to preserve its Values--a…
Here is how you fly the American flag! We hope everyone has an awesome 4th!
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See all the wonderful and interesting ways the American flag has changed throughout our history:…
13 of the boldest American flag looks ever worn 🇺🇸.
4th of July American Flag Cake by Sara Daniel via
An act of true patriotism: Fly the American flag upside down this Fourth of July | Via
Canada's flag is way wayyt nicer than the american flag, just saying
It's the Quick, post a picture of you wearing the American flag as clothing & make sure to use the word "Merica…
On celebrate with depiction of the American flag in "Untitled" (1983), from our collection. https:…
Happy 4th of July, America! Remember, every time an American flag is burned, a democrat gets his wings.
i swear when i get on snapchat later i better not see nannn GROWN *** woman or man in the american flag .. imma scream 😐
Don't take pictures with the American Flag draped over you today. 🤗
NEWS FLASH!!!. "Professional Politician" writes law that bans flags at Arlington!. That is all.
Happy 4th of July from The Beatles!. Shop the iconic image here plus more:
Slow. Clap. I think I need an American flag behind my profile pic for next year!
Happy 4th of July! We hope everyone has a fun & safe holiday! We're currently obsessing over this DIY backdrop!
I enjoy all of the tourists that are reppin America today with their Old Navy tshirts & American flag bucket hats
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Bartman (wearing his new short American flag running silks): "if some freedom pops out, don't be alarme…
I have a pair of American flag shorts I've been waiting all year to finally wear
If your Mom never forced you to wear a crappy flag shirt from Old Navy on the 4th of July, are you really even America…
Stop wearing American flag 🇺🇸 print clothing we aren't welcomed here and y'all look stupid 😂
My mother stole my only american flag shirt so it looks like I'm not going anywhere today🙄 like I bought the shirt for today💁🏻
The American flag has changed a lot since the Continental Congress passed an act establishing an official flag for the…
Your mcm is currently at the lake with a American flag bathing suit screaming "Saturday's are for the boys" while shotg…
BRILLIANT!. MARCH 21, 1982: Robin Williams channeled the voice of the American flag. . Full VIDEO: ht…
just saw some fool wearing a MAGA shirt and american flag shorts wipe out on his bike so hard and i am living. happy 4th of july everyone!!!
Happy 4th of July! Proud of my flag, proud to be an American! Blessed to celebrate a day like this & live in a free country!
I'd like to take this time to admit that in 10th grade I physically went out and bought that American flag shirt so I could match kellin thx
Everyone in gym today has American flag attire on or a Donald Trump hat.It's absolutely great.
Happy !!!. Celebrate with the freedom to Who can create the best American flag, 42…
Just nutted in a shirt with the American flag on it
The stars on the original American flag were in a circle so all the Colonies would appear equal.…
If you haven't bought at least 1 American flag t-shirt from Old Navy in your life, I question your patriotism.
I'll never be as American as this guy in his flag swim trunks, Crocs and tank top, slouching horizontally on this public b…
What can’t you take to Arlington National Cemetery on July 4? An American flag.
Wake up losers J. J. Watt has already planted a small American flag in every yard in his neighborhood and deadlifted 1776 poun…
SHENANDOAH - The Shenandoah Rotary Club is looking for sponsors for its American Flag project. Local residents...
Stop and say hello and see some cool Tennessee River fish - just look for the giant American Flag along…
I looked up at the TV and you were interviewing sheila Jackson Lee what were you looking for the American Flag on Mars? Crazy!
Happy Flag Day! Celebrate the adoption of the American Flag. (Photo on exhibit in JOHN WAYNE: The Legend as a Local
Happy Flag Day! The Continental Congress adopted the the American Flag on June 14th, 1777. The original flag had... https…
On this day in 1777, we adopted the American Flag! Show us your American Pride by sharing a pic of you rocking the…
I walked down coastal highway this weekend in an American Flag speedo over top of my shorts
Honestly makes me sad how some American citizens have no respect for the flag or country they live in. But love the freedoms it gives them
why is there not am American Flag ne t to Memorial Day?🇺🇸😥 So disrespectful when done for every oth…
It's birthday party today & he's dressed like an American flag enjoying drinks and I'm at home working…
I tried to post a pic of today's BBQ but couldn't decide between legs in the pool or American flag bikini. They might kick me off FB, guys.
To the country, to the POTUS And especially to the great American flag. Never forget the hero's that fell and the hero's that didn't. cause
The American flag is more than just fabric
It's sad to see so much disrespect for the American flag
As a cool thank you to veterans, man rebuilds entire roof as the American flag – check it out … via
lol, yeah I just used the American flag to show where the flag would be
My 2-1/2, 4-1/2 and 6 when they see the American flag they automatically said "Mr. Trump." I love it.
“…in my eyes, the American flag is waving in both of them…” – Walt Disney
I'm like the regular American flag? You have an issue with that. on Memorial Day. You are stupid
Party Foul: Dropped my phone on the American Flag on the cake. 🇺🇸. Just a little tipsy. 😅
If you think is about a 3 day weekend, you have NEVER been handed a folded American flag. . Thank you for yo…
When did putting up the American flag become controversial?
Ryan captured every American flag at Arlington and then some!
Driving home to GA. Awesome to see people lined up on highway overpasses waving an American flag. Easy to forget what to…
I don't have to lay it all for you trumpers but kiss my *** if you want to wave your proud Ame…
It's time for this Georgia HOA to hear from ALL of us. What a disgrace! .
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The American flag—and respect for it—is an important part of the Girl Scout Movement and our nation’s history.
"And let us never forget that in honoring our flag, we honor the American men and women who have…
Thank you to the Holgate American Legion Post 340 for inviting Flag City Honor Flight to speak at your Memorial Day
Just passed 2 teenagers running on HWY59 w/police escort- one with American flag,other with "We Support Our Troops" fla…
regrann from votevets - The American flag should be hung at half-staff until noon on Memorial…
No it's actually illegal to let the American flag touch the ground. Once it does it needs to be burned.
nationalism is the disease that created the Nazis. everyone go burn an american flag.
A 48-star American ensign was flown on the USS LST-493. The USS LST-493 was a ship-to-shore transport ship, that...
I don't care where your from, on Memorial Day weekend you shouldn't be flying anything but the American flag.
He wore an American flag around his waste like a tutu at a march for trump rally ...but sure he's a Bernie supporter.
"You are the warriors of freedom. You are the protectors of that great American flag"
Israelis dont burn the American flag Under no circumstances, and if I see someone in Israel burning the American flag, I'l…
Just saw your dad in an american flag shirt in the braves dugout...ITS INCREDIBLE
Reminder: Burning an American flag doesn't make you a protester. It makes you an ***
During WW2, 1 of the 5 US Marines raising the American flag atop Mount Suribachi was Michael Strank. He was KIA a…
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I would be awesome if would pose with the American Flag tonight due to
Earlier I made an American flag on a giant Light Bright and a thrilled man in an American flag shirt appeared out of thin a…
When 4 people against the DNC coincidentally die in the time frame of a month, I don't know how that isn't a red flag to ever…
Lmao how do y'all get the Liberian flag and American flag mixed up? This 🇺🇸 is the American flag and This 🇱🇷 is the Liberian flag!!
Rendering a salute to the American flag during the National earlier today.
The American Flag is not a bikini. The American Flag does not want to be jammed up your *** crack. It's your countries f…
Memorial Day Challenge:. 1 - Hang an American flag. 2 - Have a moment of silence for our Fallen Heroes. 3 - Challenge other…
Ignore Joe & Mika MSNBC they have a Nerve Flying an American Flag behind them on set they are No Patriots! Traitors!
At RFK Stadium. Last stop of the day. American Flag 🇺🇸 raised by Marine Corp Staff Sgt Josh Krueger of Chapter 37 a…
04/25/1976: Former then Rick Monday becomes a national hero when he saves an American Flag about to be s…
Drop off your worn American Flag at the LPL. It'll go to Sun 5/28 Memorial Day Watchfire Tribute at
To all the *** dissing the American Flag - watch the disabled Veterans run the entire race carrying a Flag!
Too bad that half the audience did not even realize that they were holding the Russian Flag and not the American Flag.
People living under the protection of the American Flag and still despise this great country America!
The Filipino-American Flag ceremony in front of the Quezon City hall.The old City Hall was in Highway 54 (EDSA) n…
Dan y don't you go burn an American Flag. U r a frikn *** Get exited Butt Head!
For me I have grown up with the American Flag flying at my high school football games. Being out on the field wait…
Before creating the American Flag, Betsy Ross was better known as 'Fisty Crustynipples the Clown' for a travelling circus.
Thank you, FedEx, for standing behind your employee who stood up for the American Flag. Finally, some common sense!
New artwork for sale! - "Lake Ella with Lamppost and American Flag" -
I will b marching in Austin, Texas. sign material purchased today. American Flag, poster board & my sign holder.Wearing black…
There is a proper way to dispose of a tattered American Flag. We at the Legion do just that. If you have a flag...
Donating a new American Flag to Ville Platte Elementary School and Central Fire station in Ville Platte.
fly a new American Flag on January 20th as a symbol of a new start and the moving forward of our great…
often & enjoy. He Put Red and Blue Christmas Lights on A House, Now WATCH the American Flag.
Burn the American Flag, face Consequences. When you disrespect the American flag your showing other countries they can…
Vote on a Should there be Consequences for Burning the American Flag?.
said people who burn the American Flag should lose their citizenship? Too bad he doesn't feel that way about peop…
The propper way to dispose of the American Flag is burning it, someone should read more about sacrifices made for o…
Warning: Don’t Burn the American Flag in Front of DEMOCRAT Senator Joe Manchin
Burning our American Flag should be tried for treason. Presidents we have had that all or Americans did not like. *** grow up stop the BS. .
please go on notice, if you make it illegal to burn the American Flag, I, a US veteran, will burn one everyday in protest.
I'm trying to find the clip of Yokozuna doing the Banzai Drop on Hacksaw Jim Duggan who was covered with the American Flag
BREAKING- Jack Larson Reportedly seen sitting on American Flag in act against the election of Trump
This isn't even the American Flag emoji. praying for you all
American Flag at the Observation Tower on Brasstown Bald mountain.
We will sing the National Anthem & America the beautiful & wave the American Flag all over the Country. Freedom is back
Finished this 72" x 48" commission that will hang vertically. My first vertical American Flag painting!. Now on... http…
Tim Conway Jr. tonight trying to help Clinton w/an American Flag pin(it's his cell!)Sooo Funny!Great time!!
Ok why is Tim Kaine not wearing an American Flag... oh yeah he's a Democrat.
"Ain't there like 13 stars on the American Flag cause we got 13 colonies." -Alexa
"One people,under one God, saluting one American Flag,it's time to embrace a new, inclusive and prospe…
Excellent article about symbolism of American Flag.
.& Armed Forces hold an American Flag during during the National Anthem prior to game vs. Redskins.
Patriotic spirit day at West. Thanks to for letting me rock the American Flag bandana.
So sad when the American Flag and Star Spangled banner becomes republican symbol. The Left is lost.
I stand fearlessly for small dogs, the American Flag, motherhood and the Bible. That's why p
American Ppl viewing American Flag feel more supportive to Republican candidates Yes it's that firmly cemented
American Flag to remain at Half Staff until Sunset on July 22nd in honor of the officers killed in Baton Rouge LA.
did you pay Arthur Blank million dollars too like my were insanely paid for waving American Flag?
Kaley Cuoco Apologizes After Getting Slammed for Posting Pic of Her Dogs Sitting on an American Flag
Kaley Cuoco writes long Apology After Image of Her Dog Sitting on an American Flag went viral
Kaley Cuoco Apologizes for Photo of Dogs Sitting on an American Flag...
Fly your American Flag at half staff in honor of the senseless death of the Judicial system. .
can't believe I forgot to wrap myself in an American Flag n' take a sweet Insta pic of me in a field do I even love Americ…
is displaying a massive American Flag over Highway 80. @ Whitemarsh…
"Fireworks are not allowed on the beach.". Me: That's what you think! *strips to reveal American flag speedo* 🎆
almost every truck you see has an American flag flying behind it 🇺🇸
The fact that my phone doesn't have an American flag emoji is disappointing on days like today.
Instagram today is gonna be sparkler pics, and girls in American flag bikinis with the caption "Red, white, and better t…
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Check this super cute American Flag pretzels recipe. So cute & easy to make too!
One of these years I am just gonna buy that American flag bikini at Target and freaking YOLO.
Every yearthe family dresses in American flag gear to celebrate…
Mark Dice Checks if Americans Know How Many Stars Are on the American Flag -
"All those Marines are true American heroes"
I'm ready to start running around with an American flag and screaming USA but I'm the only one awake and that'd be frowned upon
This is the day where all the white girls wear their American flag swimsuits from target & stay posted up at the lake. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Shoutout to my *** wearing the American flag shirts today keepin it washed out there
was it great when Francis Scott Key wrote how the flag was still there and then became a American Colonization Society mem.
*sees guy on highway driving a motorcycle wearing an American flag* "oh look another guy with America oozing out his ***
Happy Independence Day Celebrate with your lpkids by making your own American flag:
Bricks thrown through window of Ohio home flying Confederate flag via
Beautiful visualization. Should have ended with the American flag
Hopefully by the end of the day my American flag jorts will be covered in beer, semen, and vomit
It's not Fourth of July until I post a gif of Ron Swanson behind an American flag because America.
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It would be Un-American if I didn't wear my flag swim trunks
Again! I ask the question? Would these people who desecrate the American flag welcome…
I can't find my American flag shorts so Fourth of July is cancelled everyone stay home
The 4th makes me think of vanilla ice cream & American flag cupcakes & fruit & the smell of burgers cooking & beer & the pool & fam 💙
PATRIOTS bodily kept the American flag up @ Fort Henry, & when they were killed, others replaced them.
You wouldn't believe the amount of American flag themed bathing suits at the beach today.
If you don't drink Budweiser, incorporate an American flag into your outfit and post it on the Internet today are you even an American?
Arsonist burns 79-year-old woman’s American flags twice in three days via
Pictured here: The daughter of a Mexican immigrant, dressed as a Turkish demi-goddess, dressed in the American flag.
happy 4th I saw an inbred kid w an american flag shirt and a make america great again hat and he looked like he was gonna shoot up a school
Happy Enjoy this historic photo of the American flag on top of the museum during final construction
Brush up on your American flag etiquette this These mistakes aren't cool: https:/…
Happy Fourth of July FAIL! - How Many Stars on the American Flag? Zombie U.S. Citizens Don't Know
Happy Today at 12:30, the Fort Pitt Blockhouse will raise the American flag over Point State Park.
If your mom never forced you to wear a flag shirt from Old Navy, are you even American?
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Pretty cool that Israel honored the American frontier spirit by putting a sheriff's badge on their flag!
THIS if Batman waving an American flag is the most patriotic thing EVER
Why are American flag leggings a thing 😑💀
My mom still forces me to wear an Old Navy Flag shirt. And she isn't even American 🇺🇸
Thinking about how my mom each year on the 4th would make me wear an American Flag shirt from Old Navy
Alex Keller ran the entire with a LARGE American flag. Awesome.
Sitting here watching Hurt Locker in my American Flag Tshirt drinking a beer.
Took some ATVs through some mud and over some rocks to get to the summit of American Flag…
If people wanna wear they American flag outfits today.. so what ? 😂 dang y'all ain't pay for they stuff
Bad day to wear white... but that's the only color that looked good with my American Flag shorts...😕
New artwork for sale! - "Mount Rushmore Closeup with American Flag" -
Shoutout to the guy running in front of Kroger while wearing a Captin America costume and holding the American Flag
Just hung the American Flag at my daughter's new house in Silver Spring, MD.
American Flag folding animation in memory for those who have served our country https:/…
The Church and the American Flag: something all churches should come to terms with. via
Love the American Flag columns at the garage entrance to the casino.
Veteran takes action after he sees Mexican Flag above American Flag! & Join
This should be American Flag, that covers the LGBT, black, mexican, handicap, elderly. All AMERICANS SHOOT BACK!!
Guns CaMo American Flag and bald eagles are this nations back bone
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