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American Express

American Express Company or AmEx, is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Three World Financial Center, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States.

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I'm proud to be an American. And the beauty of it is we can express our thoughts and never regrets it. But peace is needed
When will we be able to accept American Express contactless payments with your payment terminals?
Canadian Thanksgiving and working with American clients means I get x2 holidays to express my gratitude!
LA is doing an American Express presale first and then a full presale tomorrow!
Big thanks to Dan Abraham at American Military News for taking the 870 Express Tactical for a test drive. Check... https…
Imagine Card is a Reloadable American Express - goldmine of info
Iggy Azalea is facing a lawsuit over unpaid $300K credit card balance
Watching those American Express Open commercials makes me wonder if anyone at the agency or the w…
I can't express my admiration for the amazing work & leadership you're providing during this nightmare.…
It's funny how African-American men and women can express themselves and be called ani…
Thanks for choosing American Express. Enjoy your day.^In
We're looking for the most creative and unique rooms that express you! Entries accepted until 10/13…
This rep at American Express just hung up on my mom. They just hung up on the wrong person 😂
Wearing my New Kit to my Advanced Elite Squad Training at the American Express Elite Football Performance Centre…
Iggy Azalea is being sued by American Express for not paying a $300,000 credit card bill
Rapone has displayed his hatred of West Point, the Army, and America. . “Members of the military who harbor anti-American view…
Order Miche Bag Online!
When Xmas Comes to Town is a song from “The Polar Express”- an American Xmas Film from the yr 2004.…
🍃no Starbucks 🍵 today😔. Someone stole my wallet (yep) and attempted to use the American Express at Walgreens,...
North Korea: Trump in 'YOU'LL FIND OUT' warning to Kim as top US generals 'before storm' -…
She's so fancy...Being Sued by for Not Paying $300,000 Credit Card Bill…
i need to get an American Express credit card
After all the money Iggy Azalea has yet American Express still sue her for $299.147 Credit…
New post (Iggy Azalea Sued by American Express Over $300,000 Balance) has been published on Raver Meet -…
Man files suit against for failure to award points for initial credit card spend
‘The essence of American is the freedom to express yourself. If somebody does that by kneeling, God bless them.’
I read an article about epigenetics in Scientific American. Life experiences can determine which genes express. Nat…
FOW 24 NEWS: Iggy Azalea sued by American Express for nearly $3...
Iggy Azalea reportedly faces a lawsuit over her $300K credit card balance.
Iggy Azelea faces lawsuit from American Express for failure to pay $300,000 debt
American Express - World Luxury Expo will take place this year at the Luxurious Ritz-Carlton Jeddah
Executive Administrative Assistant - American Express - Phoenix, AZ: This is an exciting…
Want to Work From Home? How to Get Stay-at-Home Jobs at Amazon, American Express, CVS, Enterprise, and Others
American Express is delivering rich customer experiences based on critical, real-time
Been neglecting my American Express & Platinum Card.. cuz Discover been offering me more 😏
Guys, our Regency Ballroom show is already in its LAST tier. We had no clue so many of you guys had American Express.
Our featured member today is Obsessed with Cruising. Cruise Planners/American Express is an award winning agency...
American Express to offer 40% bonus on British Airways Avios points transfers
Global Head of Marketing, Accertify - American Express - Itasca, NY: This is a Band 40…
Great news! The Pine Tree Inn now accepts American Express!. *No federal endorsement intended*
American Express supports play that's promoting violence and assassination of the presid…
Thank u 4 the invite mistress-So true,especially as youre at the home of American Express, the Amex stadium and the…
Canceled my American Express account today. They tried to say they don't sponsor the assassination in the park, but ev…
to change name to ANTI-American Express to continue to support play
American Express: Native American women have started at least 17 new businesses a day since 2007 >…
Real Tme Analyst - American Express - D.F., Mexico: RTA Analyst for GOCM , your role is to support…
Check out new work on my portfolio: "American Express: Billy Ward Steve Marino: Director"
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"We thought Visa reported a good quarter and American Express reported a great quarter. But...
How do we get off ur mailing list for the flyers.Were receiving the American Express business flyers 2 times a week?
“The only reason I made a commercial for American Express was to pay for my American Express bill.” Peter Ustinov
‘Don’t pick a FIGHT with the US’ American ambassador sends CHILLING threat to North Korea
2 Arab-American women in NY City fall in love and express themselves through the power of the spoken word htt…
Bank bots answer about account balances & pending charges.
American Express cardholders: presale tickets for "Hamilton" at Pantages go on sale today at 10 a.m. Details:
Excellent article on the right of US voters to express their buying preference that government agencies "buy...
That depressing moment when it appears seeing Hamilton in LA will never happen because you don't have American Express. 😓…
I'm concerned on how tf you have an American Express 😂😂
American Express revenue beats estimates after marketing push
I would hardly define Emily being insulted…
Just pretend things are as you say they are doesn't change the trut…
$AXP results again were dragged by the end of its relationship with $COST
This would be cool if American Express did this.
A classic shot of Pan Am 707 Clipper Ocean Express at Munich in 1977. Photo by Stefan Roehrich
I thought part of being an American was that people had the Freedom to express thei…
Russia sends BOMBERS to US coast TWICE in two days as Trump-Putin relations intensify
American Express’s Platinum card is going to get even more competition.
Am I the only one more concerned that Loft takes American Express over Zephyr Pub in Kent, Ohio
Payment options: cash, Mpesa, Airtel Money, Master Card, American Express etc and make HUGE Sales with
Demolition of American Express on a misty day in Brighton.
We cover all the important aspects of the SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card from American Express:…
if I come to your museum to purchase a membership, do you take American Express? Also, may I use my membership immediately? Thx!
stream and save my new song 'Sooner Or Later' on Spotify to enter for your chance to win a $200 American Express gi…
Well god was with me in Nola this time, I didn't get arrested and I found a 300$ American Express debit gift card on bourbon💀💸
Tomorrow is your last day to take the Grands course and be entered to a $500 American Express gift card! Don't wait much longer!
Hit LIKE & Comment "ME" if you want it. WINNER receives a $2,000 American Express gift card!. ENTER HERE ->...
You can support the United Way by purchasing American Express brand gift cards on their website. Google "American Express gift card".
A perfect date night with your favorite his & her fragrances and a $250 American Express gift card!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Energy fans, don't forget to during the game for your chance to win a $25 American Express gift card…
For Super Bowl Sunday, one of our clients won an American Express gift card for betting on…
Win a $250 American Express gift card and his and hers Viktor & Rolf Fragrances! {US} (02/28/2017)
Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to take on Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Western Union and become the World Reserve Currency.
American Express agrees to $85m in refunds in federal suit. Read Blog:
One of the highest-priced single purchases ever charged to an American Express card was $2.5 million for a painting by…
It comes from all items with Wallis Simpson and their intrusions into Switzerland using American Express and more items.
WALL ST. JOURNAL American Express is feeling the heat from the competiti...
American Express will wave my annual fee for me to keep my card open. Should I do it???
American Express has the best credit cash back and point system to me.
19rodc451983. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Check, American Express, Cash. Any make or model, Homes and apartments, Rekeying,
Last day of is Sunday 18/12/16. You can earn £5 reward with American Express when you spend £10 or more.…
American Express in England: "Like paying with parts of dead babies."
Why would Shaq and American Express tie themselves to this RACIST???
At least, a good news from American Express. Alhamdulillah.
The challenges and needs of American are what drives every day. They know
New British Values or is that American/Daily Mail/Express/Sun values? Seems we hate foreigners (except Am…
Through December 31st, eligible American Express cardholders can earn 2x rewards when you Shop Small this holiday...
I'd made up my mind about this hotel something and now American Express have come with one ghen ghen discount. I'm confused 😩
American Express are running their Shop Small campaign again this year. In real terms...spend £10 and up on your...
Waitress told us that they did not accept American Express. She said, "We have never accepted American Express."
Shop Small 2016 IS HERE. Small Business Saturday marks the launch of Shop Small, the American Express® campaign…
Got an American Express card? Receive £5 when you spend £10 or more in a participating small business like The...
allso the beans are home grounded and I set the coffee with an American express which is a bit like espresso but less bitter
The first credit card was issued by American Express in 1951.
American Express is sending all jobs to India. Help us!
3-18 Dec spend £10 or more on your American Express Card in-store for a £5 statement credit
Do you support small business&have an American Express card ? If you spend £ 10 or more in the ProShop between 3-18 Dec you'l…
Any plans to offer auto-recurring payments thru American Express? Would really appreciate this feature for residential accounts.
set a new record with American Express! Read more:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
American here: always respected Russia. Focus on law. Just laws where people can express themselves are all that matter.
The club should start accepting Rupay, American Express,Diners cards at its resorts along with Mastercard & Visa
a $50 American Express Gift Card to buy FreshIQ products for all the men in your life!
Me: using hundreds of emoticon to express my gratitude. An american PCV: using exclamation mark and period.
Not they offer, they dont offer American Express Cards.
But they told me that Nedbank Lesotho is not a branch of S.Africa Nedbank and they do offer American Express Cards, is it true.
Went to Nedbank MSU HQ yestarday to open an American Express acc, even showed them a picture of a Ndbnk Amexp gld cad
It's materialistic but if I had an unlimited American Express black card I wouldn't be sad
I like using my American Express card but Ima start using my discover one smh
Hate spending money, but love to travel? This is just the thing for you...
I was at Standard Bank Lesotho HQ yestarday wanting to open an American Express acc and they say they dont have it isittrue
Information Security Manager - Operational Risk Management at American Express is a comprehensive an
Don't forget that it's Small Business Saturday! Time to pull out that American Express and shop until you drop...
It's Shop Small SATURDAY! Support you local small businesses. Those with American Express get extra rewards for...
American Express cardholders to redeem points at pharmacy chain Rite Aid
Kendrick Lamar and Shaq go soap shopping in new American Express commercial
Tina Fey is such a bully in that American Express plane commercial.
Shaq and Kendrick Lamar go soap shopping in a new American Express commercial
The COUNTDOWN is truly on for the 2016 Toni & Guy Culture Shock Show presented by American Express. . Our...
Senior Software Engineer - Java - American Express is on a journey of exciting transformation driven
American express severs ties with the great Roger Waters for his support to Palestine and his criticism of the Isra…
Hey Ck it out. This looks like a pattern . Dispute # 10321618 .
why is your .ca site only accepting American Express? Not a very progressive business model...
My mom won "Most Original" at work today for being an identity thief. she's a fraud analyst at American Express…
Hawaii is the object most often choked on by American Express in 1951.
American Express said to pull Roger Waters sponsorship over anti-Israel ...
lol...not doing that one. My brother is in the car writing an American Express travelers check
Let's end this violence perpetuated by the HRC campaign on November 8 No American should fear 2 express their preference!
Am Ex, just another brick in the Wall. Am Ex Disowns Pink Floyd's Roger Waters because of pro-Palestinian views
AMEX says no to Roger's Antisemitism: American Express cuts funding for Roger Waters tour
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Also the line for anything is super long but there's a special American Express cardholders only line and I am an American so I'm tempted
ZTO Express of China has largest US IPO this year: The latest company to offer American investors a piece of ...
.cuts ties with Roger Waters over his support for
All-American. Rookie of the Year. All-Star. And, just maybe, the guy who helps the Chicago Cubs realize a century-long dream.…
. Boycott . disowns singer because of pro-Palestinian views
Oh my god is that a black card? I turned around like why yes! but I prefer the term African American Express.
Glad to see American Express showing its true colors. They can go to ***
. American Express cuts funding for Roger Waters tour after statements
BREAKING: Terror has passengers forced to flee plane on FIRE at airport runway
Dear guy scrolling on your iPhone and paying for your Black Label with American Express: *yawn*
When it comes to aiding Israeli Apartheid, American Express is just another brick in The Wall, according to a new...
With American Express, we invite you to learn how to host a event Nov 26
Ya WCW think Panda Express is the Asian counterpart to American Express
American express cuts funding for Roger Waters tour after anti-Israel statements http…
Snap. Send. Share! Submit your photo NOW for a chance to win a $25 American Express Gift Card!
United States vs. American Express. professor writes about antitrust case for .
So tempted to get that credit card for the extra 30K miles but 80% of vendors hate American Express credit cards
We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
Are Delta flights not available through Amex Travel?. I have no experience with American Express Travel, but thoug…
like american express supposed to be up there as far as rank BUT NOBODY TAKE IT
7 eleven don't even take American Express smfh
Panda Express is considering giving its citizens a yearly income simply for being Indian American.
Is that a black card?. I prefer African American Express Card .
will face at the American Express Community Stadium in the 3rd Round of the
eventually TTower will be an attraction future generations of Free Americans will visit and express thier Ame…
Director of Credit/Collections -Service Delivery Leader II - American Express has been in existence
Senior UX Designer - American Express is a global service company, providing customers with exceptio
Manager/ Senior Manager, Airline Center of Excellence - American Express is a global service company
Engineer I - Job Description American Express is embarking on an exciting transformation driven by a
Lead Business Analyst - 1. American Express entered the travel agency business in 1915 and today is
Engineer - American Express Travel Related Services seeks an Engineer to serve as a core member of a
Relationship Officer - About American Express We are a Global services company and the world s la
Technical Project Manager - American Express is embarking on an exciting transformation journey. As
features full product support for MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover chip cards. htt…
Hello, Eric. I saw you were looking to add your prepaid American Express card to Samsung Pay. Prepaid A...
I wonder what gets rejected more in LA, me or my American Express card.
Guys: Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Express, Aero, and Pacsun just put out!
At least one dead, 26 wounded as militants storm American University in Kabul - The Express Tribune...
American Express Company (AXP) price at close, August 24, 2016, is 65.16.
Vargas said they would take Prasa Sales Director Sonia Barreto to business lunches and paid with an American Express Bla…
Never met Levinson. Ever. He directed those American Express spots for us for Seinfeld, an
FRAUD ALERT: Please DO NOT ACCEPT or giveaway American Express gift cards- even if you purchased them at a...
Work work work work (@ American Express in Federal Territory of, Kuala Lumpur)
Manager, New Sales (Indianapolis) - American Express is a leading global payments, network, and trav
Karl Malden, Actor & American Express spokesperson.born in Chicago but raised in Gary, Indiana
Why is American Express campaigning so hard to get me to dislike Tina Fey?
Tina Fey's American Express commercial is me every time I go shopping.
Rapper Lil Wanye sued by American Express over unpaid debt of $90,000: He…
Yes, incompetent Express Scripts programmers, American Express cards don’t have the same format as Visa and MasterCard.
What to expect from Costco switch from American Express to Visa: Sarah Anderson, Deseret News
LIVE on Privates 26k American Express we lit
Process Manager - These positions are responsible for ensuring American Express general ledger accou
Service Delivery Manager – Enterprise Cloud, Linux, Java, PAAS - American Express has embarked on
Me: Can I use your American Express card to get my Kanye West tickets?. Attorney: Ugh fine
I had floor seats for Kanye West ready to go but they slipped away from me because I don't have an American Express card. Why God? Why me? 😭
SAINT PABLO TOUR DATES. Tickets on sale 6/18. American Express pre-sale today at 10 AM!! Via
It disgusts me that we live in a country where you hear all about the "American Dream" but yet people can't freely express their political
Where will your digital world experience take you today ? (@ American Express Desert Ridge in Phoenix, AZ)
Sir, you can use other bank payment gateway expect American Express.
I received my new Priority Pass card today (through American Express Mexico) and I can't register an account. Help
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Black Sabbath's final American concert will be in San Antonio - San Antonio Express-News
Inside American Express' Big Data Journey. "Benefits from fraud improvement alone have paid for investments.
Can Ken Chenault get Wall Street to love American Express again?
American Express president dies suddenly on flight (CNBC) It sounds so strange, isn't it?
Good Morning, You will not be able to purchase Travelers Cheques using your American Express card
Glad to be headed home! (@ The Centurion Lounge by American Express in Las Vegas, NV)
Don't miss this low entry for a chance to a $100 American Express Gift Card! Ends 6/18!
.features Octavia Yearwood of recipient of Emerging Leaders Award!
Read my AMEX Gold card review and find out why it's great if you collect Aeroplan points
Justin Yu partners with American Express for upscale food service at Centurion Lounge at -
I generally like and enjoy Tina Fey's comedy. But these American Express ads? Not her finest moments 🏀
I'm sure most uses American Express (ATT) but listen todd carey dosent like you not true
Delivery right to your door. I accept Visa Mastercard Discover and American Express
ill just grab my American Express gold card and a litre of water
According to the American Express OPEN 2016 State of Women- Owned Report, they've named Florida as the top state...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Made the dankest bowl of frozen yogurt toppings and everything I get to the register and they don't take American Express... why God
Starting now American Express Ticket Presale Is Open. Save 20% on general admission tickets.
Amazon, Sony and American Express highlight the Top 10 for Customer Service
Grandpa: "I hope when I get to heaven they take American Express"
The South American Express has arrived in Otavalo. Tomorrow we will be back on Colombian soil and we look forward...
BRIEF-Viacom and form exclusive partnership. Read more: $AXP
BRIEF-and American Express form exclusive partnership. Read more: $VIA
Viacom and Form Exclusive Partnership and Launch a First-of-Its-Kind Data-D... Read more: $AXP
Viacom, AmEx to help advertisers target TV viewers
Viacom rolls out new ad targeting product powered by American Express via
The Wall Street Journal: Viacom partnering with Amex so advertisers can bet... Read more: $AXP
Me at work. Me: good morning :D. Customer: do you accept american express
i c ur in nashville but can only get tickets if ur an american express card holder... Im not.. What can i do here
A Few Benefits of the Amex Platinum Card You Might Not Know About. The Platinum Card from American Express is a li…
you offered me an American Express card. Per telephone. Now i struggle to fika the card. Has been to branch 5 times. Please call me
Hi! I booked my trip via American Express travel. Departing Union Station. Do I need a printed ticket or is my reference # good?
For on board purchases, we accept Mastercard (including the WestJet RBC), Visa, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.
Ace have you seen the American Express commercial with the dog on the check out conveyer belt
Hello! I know Joel & Nash are working on American Express right now, ...
Count 14 alleges that the defendant did not declare his AMEX (American Express) credit card. Count 16 is a totally new one ...
Why does ticket master only have the package deal for American Express members only 🙄🙄
I gotta say 2 adds I love and actually search for once in a while to watch: Tina Fay with American Express, and Gieco with the pig add. FAVS
Congressman Walter Jones to speak to Rep. Paul Ryan about USMC and American Express audits to spouses via oil exchange; anti
is very proud to announce the addition of American Express and Discover Card.…
Charles Mudede tells how an American Express commercial that used "Rescue Me" rescued Fontella Bass from poverty.
American Express is making me sick of Tina Fey and that's a gd shame.
A Q & A with Tony Paek, Data Scientist at American Express via
- Spike Lee is a racist and a hater. I'm switching to American Express.
On The Street March 18th, 1850: . Wells Fargo & Company was founded by Henry Wells & William Fargo, the two founders of American Express
1850: American Express is founded by Henry Wells and William Fargo.
Thomas Middleditch is in this American Express commercial in a role that could be played by literally anyone and it is truly baffling.
The chemistry between Thomas Middleditch and Tina Fey in this American Express commercial is out of control.
Great read from on American Express' moat and the value in Synchrony $AXP $SYF
American Express is looking for a Team Leader for Collections. If you have excellent leadership skill and relevant c…
[Games for Change and American Express launch game to save our national parks… https:/…
Federal judge OKs 'least bad' deal to end over gift cards
Why do you send out statements that run when they get wet?
Sorry for the delayed response. The companion certificate is transferable. Pls, contact the American Express Companion... 1/2
Please stop producing statements that run when wet.
Thank you & for the Lifetime Achievement Award – I am honoured!. h…
Why do envelopes with new cards also display the American express logo? Seems like an easy target for thieves.
American Express finalizes Costco split but what's next? - Business Insider
American Express’ digital wallet promises to innovate loyalty rewards
American Express Company (AXP) price at close, March 04, 2016, is 58.29.
check your inbox, your code is waiting for you!! As for fyi AE hates American Express cards. Go with. a visa when buying gifts
Don’t get American Express statements wet
please endorse some one. Every time you tried the hannity express, you have been shown out of touch with the American people.
I guess the "I want them to suffer" vote is one way to express your power as an American citizen. Pretty sad.
I just received excellent service from American Express.
Excited to have the American Bankruptcy Law Journal express interest in my newest article FYI
.and will Replace 30 Minutes of Commercials with Sponsored Content:
UNESCO & Knight Center offer new online course for Latin American judges on freedom of expression
American Express’ digital wallet patent promises to innovate rewards
Finance: Finance. A Finance career at American Express is much more than crunching numbers. It's a chance to d...
Hi, Saskia. You'll need to contact American Express, as they issue the voucher. ^Dave S
NBC tests American Express content in prime time
pipsefree It is the American Express logo cap or hat in a guardian seen in the credit card, similar to a Robin Hood hat, one side is shorter
every restaurant doesn't take American Express or Discover
Those who have an American Express card can now order tickets for Beyoncé’s concert at the King Baudouin Stadium: https:/…
Hi Ryan, American Express isn't a card we accept for direct debits. See ways to pay here: ^CM
Bout to go get an American Express card just so I can have monies and be ready when she announces this tour, or new music. or somethin
American Express is looking for Analyst / Senior Analyst OPEN Digital Marketing in New york
Jackson Hewitt teams up with American Express to target people without access to banking services this tax season.
Subsidies from on if you search inBE in 2014 American Express received 53 million €. Do they need it?
American Express is hiring a Manager - Java, Commercial Lending, apply now!
Went to this Jamaican restaurant and when the waiter brought the bill he said no American Express and no discounts..I'm offended 😭
Take the SANS 2016 Endpoint Protection Survey and enter to win a $400 American Express Gift Certificate!
New opening at American Express in - Credit Card Management
Cos of my build, I shop mainly in Express; Cheap Forever 21 & bankrupt American Apparel. I always shop in Zara US👍
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from $AXP
Hi!we support American Express, Barclays,HSBC, ING etc in France. . Please request your bank to be added:
Thank you Blue Hill, American Express & Food52 for hosting such a wonderful night! was a huge...
American Express to lay off 124 in downtown St. Petersburg next year via
Global Payments Capabilities needed in at American Express. Apply now!
NeuvooFortLaud: American Express is hiring! Systems Analyst in apply now!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
def worth American Express processing fees to buy a candy bar that is cheaper than the fee out of a suit case
Attention Amex users! American Express will give you £5 when you spend £10 on your card at the Sun Inn till...
Is it just me or does the American Express guy look a bit like Jay Garrick?
Presale access to when using American Express at Talking Stick Resort Arena.
hi do you guys accept American Express gift cards?
Apple Pay launches in Australia for American Express card holders
Apple Pay officially launches in Australia via American Express
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