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American Bandstand

American Bandstand is an American music-performance show that aired in various versions from 1952 to 1989 and was hosted from 1956 until its final season by Dick Clark, who also served as producer.

Soul Train Elvis Presley Jerry Lee Lewis Bobby Rydell Donna Summer Ray Charles Chuck Berry Stevie Wonder Ricky Nelson Chubby Checker Ed Sullivan Show Frankie Avalon Roy Orbison Rebel Rouser New York City United States Little Richard

American Bandstand Night is just one of the great events offered at Jubilee Los Lunas in NM:
I suppose this sort of thing has been around since American Bandstand's Rate a Record, the top 40 countdown on the radio…
Like said our parents had American Bandstand and Soul Train our generation had 106 and parks thats amazing *Chills*
From '64, the sweet Betty Everett on American Bandstand
"Going down in history like American Bandstand" ...very appropriate for this
106 & trl are comparable. Soul Train & American bandstand are comparable. They're two different platforms
" Parents have American Bandstand in Soul Train and we had 106 " -
Can't front I feel some type of way with 106 coming to an end. Wale was right. Our parents had "Soul Train &" "American Bandstand" (cont)
I never thought I'd say this, but Wale is so right. 106 is OUR American Bandstand, our Soul Train. I'm all sad now😢😢.
He real tho. 106 n Park was our Soul Train/American Bandstand. Never looked at it like that
Wale ALWAYS speaks the real. Parents had American Bandstand. We had 106. 👊
He compared American Bandstand and 106 & Park like TRL didn't exist.
Clark, late TV host of American Bandstand "most impressed" with American Christmas Classics - now at 50% sale!
That brings back memories. I learned to dance watching American Bandstand
Bobby Day performed "Rockin' Robin" on American Bandstand on this day in 1958 -
My dad just told me he was on American Bandstand 😱
We’re Goin’ Hoppin’ — Remember the days of Hullabaloo, Shindig, & of course American Bandstand?
U.S. & Russia waging Cold War, Cuba in late-breaking news, no justice for African-Americans... shall I tune into American Bandstand today?
I so wish American Bandstand was still around, ˜˜
LL Cool J on American Bandstand was HUGE for Rap music. Plus ever Diana Ross was willing to put him on a TV spec…
It has been the most amazing thing ever. We are the luckiest fanbase on the planet. I'll always have American Bandstand - live!
news: That time *** Clark met Randy Rand. on American Bandstand.
The Doors performing The Crystal Ship and Light My Fire Live on American Bandstand in 1967. Also includes a short interview done by Host *** Clark.
That brings back memories too. As a kid I watched Soul Train, American Bandstand.
Watched a live show with an American Bandstand vibe.
I added a video to a playlist supremes 76 i'm gonna let my heart do the walking american bandstand
"Listening to a dial tone in Bb, until American Tel & Tel messed and turned it into a mediocre whistle, was fine."
I know that song is in german but I fell in love with it. but it was a woman singing it. I had glenn millers great American bandstand album
Who doesn't love Little Anthony and the Imperials? Here's a great shot from American Bandstand in 1958:
Who's ready for American Bandstand Jam? Semi-formal dance + dinner, 7-10 p.m., TONIGHT, in the Klein…
hey guys, remember when Public Image, Ltd was on American Bandstand?
Were you looking for a video of awkward dancing to Loose Ends on American Bandstand? Here it is:
Music is the best cure for finals stress. Sign up to attend tonight's American Bandstand Jam by visiting the office S1-19.
Put on your retro gear & attend the American Bandstand Jam tonight at 7pm. Prepay at S1-19 in the Winnet Building! 💃👯
Don't forget to attend the American Bandstand Jam tonight at 7PM. Students can prepay and sign up in S1-19!
"its got a good beat and you can dance to it" is that not the criteria? Oh, wait that was American Bandstand! LOL
Some wonderful memories on American Bandstand with Mr. Clark!
I was on American Bandstand once and did Rate-a-Record. I gave "Jive Talkin'"a "10" 'cause I could dance to it. .
we didn't get Top of the Pops here or Peel Sessions. Instead it was American Bandstand and Soul Train so a lot of pop music.
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1976 - Judy Collins performed "Send in the Clowns" via
dear england, . i'm sorry for the way *** clark was rude to the Pink Floyd on American Bandstand. That song rocked. best,. America
I was raped back stage at American Bandstand.
-You may be thinking of American Bandstand, no?
all i want to know is who thought it was going to be a good idea to book PiL to appear on american bandstand? genius!
I had a group named Klique in the 80's. We were pretty successful. Soul Train, American Bandstand etc.
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Yea there was Soul Train, American Bandstand but SoulTrain was cater mainly to the black audience, MTV was bigger global national,racialwise
19 year old Stevie Wonder on his American Bandstand debut with *** Clark.
Slim Harpo was on American Bandstand 6/5/61 & sang Rainin' In My Heart. Someone out there open those AB vaults! Find it!
if only you had been around during American Bandstand with *** Clark. You would have had record deals quicker. u can do it!
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History 1967 - Paul Revere & the Raiders performed "Peace of Mind" on "American Bandstand."
On this day in music history: November 17, 1973 - “Space Race” by Billy Preston hits on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also peaking at on the Hot 100 on November 24, 1973. Written and produced by Billy Preston, it is the second and final R&B chart topper for the prolific musician from Houston, TX. Originally titled “Funky Thing In A”, the instrumental track is released from Preston’s eighth studio album “Everybody Likes Some Kind Of Music”. Preston will debut the ARP Odyssey synthesizer on the song, using it to play the signature lead keyboard line. The track also features drummer Manuel Kellough and guitarist David T. Walker (with the horns arranged by Paul Riser). Issued as the follow up to his chart topping pop single “Will It Go ‘Round In Circles”, it will be another smash for Preston. The song will find sustained popularity when *** Clark uses it as a music bed for the mid show break on “American Bandstand”. “Space Race” is certified Gold in the US by the RIA ...
Who else can find a great American Bandstand video and share it?
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1984 - The Pat Benatar video for "We Belong" was aired via
If you ever watched American bandstand let me know!
*** Clark of the American Bandstand who did New Years Eve ball drops at Time Square until he suffered a stroke & died was oldest living man
interviewing on American Bandstand in 1984. Grant performed
when Monica and Ross are on american bandstand
Great hair as the lead for the Pure Prairie League! On American Bandstand! Fabulous voice, period
On this day in 1957 Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones perfomed "Black Slacks" on American Bandstand -
This Day In Music: October 28th 1956, Elvis Presley made his second appearance on US TV’s The Ed Sullivan Show, where the host presents him with a gold record for ‘Love Me Tender’. 1957, After a show at the Pan Pacific Auditorium in Los Angeles, local police told Elvis Presley that he was not allowed to wiggle his hips onstage, the local press also ran headlines saying Elvis would have to clean up his act. The next night, the Los Angeles Vice Squad filmed his entire concert, to study his performance. 1958, Buddy Holly appeared on *** Clark's American Bandstand, where he lip-synched ‘It's So Easy’ and ‘Heartbeat’. It would be Holly's last major TV appearance. 1961, Raymond Jones went into Liverpool's NEMS Record store trying to buy Beatles records that had been released in Germany. Shop manager Brian Epstein promised to investigate further. 1962, The Beatles played at the Empire in Liverpool, their first gig at Liverpool's top theatre. Eight acts were on the bill including Little Richard, Cr ...
McDowell brings 'King's voice' to Bandstand: ... at *** Clark's American Bandstand Theater, has always had a ...
that's rad. Congrats. I love that video, great late 70s-early 80s band promo video for like american bandstand vibe
Today in historical video: PiL visits "American Bandstand," 1980.
PIL, American Bandstand. I clearly see myself in the third live shot, on the left. I remember that well!! I was...
American Bandstand was pretty cool, but we watched SOoul Train to learn how to dance!
More goodies in the mail from last week: A terrific 100-card American Bandstand set from
New podcast is up! Episode 102: Dracula's Got Ebola Get ready to see us on American Bandstand! Look out, Rick Dees!
The Sylvers performed Cotton Candy on American Bandstand on this day in 1976. …
Do you miss American Bandstand? Reminisce and listen to *** Clark's interview with Autograph on this day in 1985:
.performs on the American Bandstand set in 1987.
On January 26th, 1980, just after releasing his 2nd single Prince appeared on "American Bandstand" for the 1st time: http:/…
1977: Shaun Cassidy performed his cover of "Da Doo Ron Ron" on *** Clark's American Bandstand.
It's rumored that calls his man cave "The Burt Locker." And it's where he watches old American Bandstand tapes
oh that's great! My Mom worked with them in the gift shop @ *** Clarks American Bandstand Theater in Branson.
On this day in 1952, Philadelphia dance show Bandstand hosted by Bob Horn (later by *** Clark as American Bandstand) debuted on WFIL-TV.
*** Clark, and Little Richard hanging out backstage on the American Bandstand set.
just saw all the pics & vid from the American Bandstand Reunion that took place last night... yep I missed out on a good time!
I miss American Bandstand, a lot. I miss *** Clark, a LOT. A man like that only comes along once in a billion lifetimes. ~Micahisgod
backstage with American Bandstand regulars, and in 1983!
ok, I really liked the dance contest on American Bandstand.
American Bandstand was good too but like Soul Train was not readily available in Toronto.
I never missed a show growing up as well as American Bandstand *** Clark)!
Rock Music History: 1957 The television show American Bandstand is syndicated nationally where it would run for the next 32 years.
Candid of and hanging out backstage on American Bandstand in 1985.
This wedding appears to be happening on the set of American Bandstand. Sorry, all other weddings.
my photo of PiL at American Bandstand 1980 ht…
Then afterwards, the morning wrapped up with American Bandstand and Soul Train!
on a handstand... On my American bandstand
Nice program lined up for tomorrow's Hawaii County Band concert. Mo'oheau bandstand, noon. Phantom of the Opera, An American in Paris...
Sometimes, I stay up at night thinking about how the Wu-Tang Clan never got to perform on American Bandstand.
washdn out 4 the wknd for the AMERICAN BANDSTAND ALUMNI DANCER'S REUNION - but change of plan will be babysitting a lil doggie instead...
"PiL on American Bandstand 1980 photo by PiL played AB ?! Learned something new
my photo of at American Bandstand 1980 http…
I added a video to a playlist The Blessed- American Bandstand
my photo of at American Bandstand 1980
The Doors live on American Bandstand '67. Crystal Ship/Light My Fire. Like Ray's answer to *** We're in the music.
On this day in 1976 Donna Summer performed "Love To Love You Baby" on "American Bandstand"
*** Clark interviews Donna Summer on American Bandstand. She talks about her new movie "Thank God It's Friday," recording her new album, what's it like work...
*** Clark and after she performed on American Bandstand in 1986 http…
American Bandstand! I could tell that from what I was able to
Solo shot of performing on American Bandstand in 1980.
1983 - On "American Bandstand," a video of Donna Summer performing "She Works Hard for the Money" was shown.
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1977 - Johnny Rivers performed "Swayin' to the Music" via
On this day in 1983 the Stray Cats performed "She's Sexy and 17" on "American Bandstand."
On this day in 1983 "American Bandstand" aired the video of Donna Summer's "She Works Hard For The Money."
"Pac-Man Fever" Performance from American Bandstand from the 80s
If you had a color TV in the early 1960's, you were watching "American Bandstand" in original "green tint"! :-)
I loved American Bandstand! Of course when I watched I think they had moved to CA
yes. DAS is very Black. Remember. American Bandstand started in Philly. We had all of the music there. Teddy to hall/oats
FANTASTIC! Like an Intergalactic American Bandstand! The whole set was amazing.
Bonjovi Trivia for you: met them on American Bandstand in the 80's! Big hair/leather pants/fantastic guys! Google it!
On this day in 1960 hit maker Bobby Vee performed "Devil Or Angel" on American Bandstand -
Like he had a sort of Intergalactic American Bandstand/Soul Train thing going. Could've done more with it.
yes... If american bandstand was a gang in the nations prison systems
This Sunday we will be competing in American Gladiator Bandstand!!
The Doors Live at "American Bandstand" 1967 Full HD Footage: via When the Doors were new.
*** Clark American Bandstand "Ill give it a 9... interesting concept but can you dance to it?" What does say?
57-years-ago in August American Bandstand was picked up nationally and made it's way into America's heart and...
Boy I know you ain't talking with them American bandstand glittery pants on
yes! I show the clip about poetry not being able to be measured like American Bandstand.
Scene was apparently cast with American Bandstand and Soul Train rejects.
44 years ago today, our man Don Cornelius and his idea of a "black American Bandstand" premiered on Chicago's...
ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC August 6th (Don't forget to LIKE/FOLLOW AMERICANA MUSIC FOUNDATION and PULL DOWN and CHECK RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS to make sure you get your daily posts of daily history everyday). 1955: Elvis Presley's first number one record was released. The song was called "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" and when it hit the top of the US Country charts several months later, it stayed there for 5 weeks. 1955: "A Fool for You" by Ray Charles & His Band topped the R&B chart. 1956: Chuck Berry, LaVern Baker, Frankie Lymon and Connie Francis (singing for Tuesday Weld) began work on the movie Rock, Rock, Rock! 1960: The Beatles went to evaluate drummer Pete Best at the Casbah Coffee Club in Liverpool, England. 1960: Chubby Checker performed his smash hit "The Twist" on American Bandstand. "THE TWIST" IS ONE OF ONLY TWO SONGS TO RE-ENTER THE CHARTS AND RETURN TO # 1.THIS HAPPENED IN September 1960 AND 18 months later in 1962 for two weeks in January. THE OTHER IS BING CROSBY'S "WHITE CHRISTMAS. 196 ...
Good Wednesday morning .. a gorgeous summer day is in store. Nice David Price debut last night for the Tigers, and a nice win too. It's August 6th, and in the headlines on this day .. in 1890, Cy Young pitched his first game, eventually winning 511 .. and the first execution using the electric chair took place in New York .. 1939, Dinah Shore debuts her own show on NBC Radio .. 1945, the Enola *** dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan .. 1960, Chubby Checker showed us how to do the 'twist' on American Bandstand .. 1973, Stevie Wonder was seriously injured in a crash, was in a coma for 4 days, and lost his sense of smell .. 1981, Stevie Nicks released her solo album "Bella Donna" .. 1986, Timothy Dalton became the 4th James Bond .. and in 1996, the novel "Game of Thrones" was released. People born August 6th were Leo Carillo (Cisco Kid) in 1881 .. Hoot Gibson in 1892 ..Dutch Schultz in '02 .. Lucille Ball in '11 ..Robert Mitchum in '17 ..Selma Diamond (Night Court) in '20 .. Andy Warhol in '28 . ...
The answer to yesterday's trivia question is:. American Bandstand
On this date in 1957, "American Bandstand," hosted by *** Clark, became a nationally televised show on ABC
American Bandstand, hosted by *** Clark, debuted on network TV in 1957
Today 1958, Duane Eddy performs 'Rebel Rouser' on American Bandstand. The song would later be used in
On this day in 1958 Duane Eddy performed "Rebel Rouser" on American Bandstand -
Watching Jersey Boys tonight made me realise how much I have missed American Bandstand. What an era of music and performance...
Today in 1973, American Bandstand celebrates its 20th anniversary with a 90 minute television special!!
Just Thinking I know its Monday, but Who remembers how SATURDAYS WERE??,, Getting up pj's on for a while windows open front door(livingroom) open Mom cleaning that storm door that They said keep Locked with Windex or they told you to and I would clean that thing no streaks lol. Cartoons on in the den at my house Mom cleaning up washing hanging up clothes breakfast been cooked My dad outside doing yard work cussing at the lawnmower mad cause its "Smoking" need to go get a spark plug or oil for it.Me still looking at Cartoons hair need to be combed Mom on a schedule and tell you Exactly when she was to do it you Knew it was ti.e when Get the greasr comb brush and sot it floor..(Hated that moment).. My friends knocking at the door Too Early for my Mom and it was 830-900am lol She says No, Helen Ann's not having co right now dont yall have some things to do at your house?? Lol Then later American Bandstand it was ok Esp if it showed people WE liked and The favorite Soul Train. if you Were outside? You came i ...
Cousin Jim's Thought for the Day: One time my kids wanted to surprise me with a good breakfast in bed on Father's Day - they put a cot in the kitchen. Today in history On June 12, 1898, General Emilio Aguinaldo declared the independence of the Philippines, from Spain. In 1939, the Baseball Hall of Fame opened in New York. In 1954, Fr. Dominic Savio was canonized and became the youngest saint ever canonized by the Catholic Church. In 1965, the singing duo "Sonny and Cher" performed on "American Bandstand," in their first TV appearance. In 1979, Bryan Allen, an amateur cyclist, took the "Albatross" down a runway and up in the air for the first successful human-powered flight across the English Channel. In 1996, federal judges in Philadelphia, Pa., blocked a law against Internet indecency. In 1997, the Boeing 777 completed its first flight and became the world's largest twin-jet aircraft. And in 2002, the Lakers completed a sweep of the Nets in the NBA finals - and Shaq was named the finals' MVP. The parting ...
Today in Rock & Roll: Births 1927: Al Fairweather 1928: Vic Damone 1941: Chick Corea 1941: Roy Harper 1942: Len Barry 1943: Reg Presley (The Troggs) 1948: Barry Bailey (Atlanta Rhythm Section) 1951: Brad Delp (Boston) 1951: Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick) Events 1959: Sam Cooke insists on racially integrated seating for tonight's dual-headlining show with Jackie Wilson in Norfolk, VA. 1961: Frankie Avalon begins a 12-day tour of South America, one of the first rock tours to play on the continent. 1962: Brenda Lee dislocates her neck while performing at the Latin Casino in Cherry Hill, NJ, and is hospitalized; one year later to the day, the teen idol finally graduates from the showbiz-friendly high school Hollywood Professional. 1965: Sonny and Cher make their US television debut, singing "Just You" on ABC-TV's American Bandstand. 1966: The Dave Clark Five break a record by becoming the first rock band to make 12 appearances on CBS-TV's Ed Sullivan Show. 1968: Elvis Presley's 27th film, Speedway, starring Nanc ...
I WANT TO BE YOUR LOVER/ WHY YOU WANNA TREAT ME SO BAD-Prince's First Appearance on American Bandstand The two hour *** Clark tribute show that aired on New Year's Eve counted down the top 30 moments/clips from his career, an eclectic selection of highlights that showcased Clark's versatility, ad-libbing skills and peerless ability to connect with artists (and fans) from several different generations. Choosing such a list is inherently subjective because Clark's multi-decade career cannot be summarized in just two hours--or, to be more precise, his career could be summarized in several different ways if only two hours are available to do so. One clip that did not make the cut is Prince's American Bandstand debut, a performance that became as infamous for Prince's brief answers when being interviewed by Clark as it did for Prince's precocity; Prince's debut album, "For You," contained this soon to be famous declaration on the cover: "Produced, Arranged, Composed & Performed by Prince." Clark explained tha ...
Your Sunday reading material of historical factoids and events... Enjoy! June 1st: On this Day 1956: Doris Day signs a major five-year, million-dollar recording contract with Columbia. 1957 - Elvis Presley's "Too Much" hit in the U.K. 1957: NBC-TV chooses Ricky Nelson as one of Five Stars For Springtime on its variety special of the same name, along with Patti Page, Nat King Cole, Gordon MacRae, and Andy Williams. 1959 - Dion & the Belmonts performed "A Teenager in Love" on "American Bandstand." 1959, The first edition of Juke Box Jury aired on the BBC. The shows host, David Jacobs, lead a revolving panel of guests in critiquing the week's top record releases. Although the songs were never played in their entirety, the four judges gave a verdict on whether each would be a "hit" or a "miss". 1959, 'The Battle Of New Orleans' by Johnny Horton went to No.1 on both the Country and Pop charts in the US, where it will stay for two months. The song was originally a poem written by high school teacher James Morri ...
So fun reading these posts. The memories! Back in the 60's we used to go "pool hopping" in Mission Valley. Just hit all the pools at the fancy hotels. I remember seeing "2001" at the drive-In on El Cajon Blvd. Can't believe they really used to show Bullfights on channel 12 live from TJ. (The original reality show!) Bob Dale with his bowties and afternoon movie. Grunion runs in OB. The beach covered with them in the moonlight! Regis Philbin had a local show, and Saturday had "TV 8 Dancetime" a local, live, show like American Bandstand. Ozzies Band Contest! Oh man, I could go! Thanks for your posts, all.
If you like American Bandstand, Ed Sullivan Show, Club MTV, and TRL, you will love my new show I'm developing. Old music, underground & pop.
I so wish I could've been in my teens & 20s in the 1950s & 60s!! I was born to be on shows like American Bandstand & The Lawrence Welk Show!
Black & white TV's!!! *** Clark's American Bandstand & Soul Train!!! Dancing in the living room to both!! Mary Tyler Moore, All in the Family, Brady Bunch & The Partridge Family, The Monkeys. What were some of your favorite TV shows?
Events April 29 1813 - A patent for rubber was given to J.F. Hummel of Philadelphia, PA. 1879 - Electric arc lights were used for the first time -- in Cleveland, OH. 1918 - Center fielder Tris Speaker executed the fourth unassisted double play of his career in the Cleveland Indians' 8-4 loss to the Chicago White Sox. 1945 - American soldiers liberated the Nazi concentration camp in Dachau, Germany, where tens of thousands of people had perished. 1960 - *** Clark told a House of Representatives investigating committee looking into the payola scandal that he, the host of American Bandstand, never took payola for records featured on his daily TV show. Clark would, however, relinquish rights to music publishing that he owned. The value of those rights, Clark indicated 30 years later, amounted to about $80 million. 1961 - “Spanning the globe ... to bring you the constant variety of sport, the constant variety of human competition, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. This is ABC’s Wide World of . ...
Jersey Boys (Bway, 2nd Nat'l Tour) – ECC / Singers Dodger Stage Holdings Call Type Equity Chorus Contract Production (League) $1807/week minimum • Chorus rules are in effect. • A monitor will be provided. Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend. Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions. Currently on Broadway and on tour. From the mean streets of Jersey to American Bandstand: the thrilling story of how a group of blue-collar boys from the wrong side of the tracks became the biggest doo *** sensation of all time: The Four Seasons. Other It brings to life the exciting early days of rock-and-roll, and the price of fame for four guys who had nothing – and everything – to lose. Seeking Equity male and female singers who move extremely well, for possible replacements in the Broadway and 2nd National Tour companies. To comprise the ensemble and understudy principals. Audition Information When: Equity Chorus Call / Singers Tuesday, May 13, 2014 10 AM – Equit ...
'The Now Explosion'...26 Weeks That Changed Music-Television On Saturday, March 14, 1970, music shows on television changed forever when 'The Now Explosion' debuted on Atlanta's WATL. Till then, all there was were teen dance shows like 'American Bandstand' and artist appearances on variety shows. 'Now Explosion' was created to trun weekend television into a Top 40 radio station. The show was created by Bob Whitney, who I spoke with yesterday. Bob had started in broadcasting as a disc jockey, but by the late 60s, was GM of Philadelphia UHF television station owned by Daniel Overmyer. The idea of a video type radio show had been in Bob's head for a couple of years. UHF stations had notoriously low viewership and a weekend music show like this could attract the younger demo and, fill vast swaths of weekend programing time with an idea youth market advertisers should flock too. the link, you'll see photos of the pilot being shot at WFAA in Dallas October 18-20, 1969. In early 1970, Bob moved from the US Comm ...
Travis watching American Bandstand. Jackson Browne's Late For the Sky playing nondiagetic like. Yup.
VETERAN ROCKER FABIAN FORTE RECOVERING FROM HEART SURGERY Former Chancellor Records recording artist and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native Fabian Forte has been sidelined from live performance for a brief season, as he recovers from heart surgery performed in Pittsburgh on 07 April. Forte, who tours regularly with fellow Philadelphia veteran rockers Bobby Rydell and Frankie Avalon, underwent an aorta route, a valve replacement and a bypass. He is presently recovering at home. An influence on such artists as the New Colony Six (who acknowledged him in the sleeve notes of their second album, Colonization) and Dion DiMucci (who covered his material), Forte was responsible for one of rock and roll's defining moments with his utterly stupendous 1959 Chancellor label single, Turn Me Loose. Here is a live American Bandstand clip from that year, in which Forte reprises that classic moment:
Who remembers on Saturdays after Soul Train and American Bandstand was the program Shot Gun Tom had when he would go to High Schools and Jr. High Schools and film us Dancing ?
Michael Stanley has defined the Cleveland Rock Scene for decades. From a band called Silk, to the leader of The Michael Stanley Band, as a solo performer and currently, Michael Stanley and The Resonators- he’s done it all. From The Cleveland Agora to American Bandstand, Drew Carey Show to Arenas acr...
Born on 2day are Chuck Conners-Steven Seagal-Mandy Moore-Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer-Angelo Poffo-Jesse Neal-Orlando Jones-Joseph Pulitzer-Haley Joel Osment-Harry Morgan-and Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest-Cher and Gene Simmons on the cover of People magazine in 1978-President Kennedy threw out the 1st pitch in 1961-Charlie Chaplin gets and Oscar in 1972-Nat King Cole gets beaten up in 1956-John Travolta performs on American Bandstand in 1976-Little Eva died in 2003-Public Enemy released Fear of A Black Planet in 1990-and on this day the 1st color 3D film opened the movie was House of Wax starring Vincent Price in 1953-and that izit 4-2day!! and another Happy B-day 2 T.B. !!!
I was more into American Bandstand, American Top 40, pro wrestling, and pretty much prime time TV.
TV, Radio, Press (8) 1962 : Russia's official newspaper, Pravda, warns Soviet teens of the decadent dangers of the new "twist" dance craze. 1969 : Joanie Sommers guests on the syndicated Frankie Avalon Easter (TV) Special 1972 : The Monkees' Micky Dolenz guest stars as himself in tonight's "Barbara Lost" episode of ABC-TV's My Three Sons. 1974 : Al Green performs his hit Here I Am (Come and Take Me) on Soul Train. Green, who had broken an arm and was wearing a sling, performed the song live, which was rare on the show because live performances were expensive and complicated to produce. 1975 : Labelle performs their recent hit, Lady Marmalade, on CBS-TV's Cher show . 1978 : Peter Frampton guest-stars on NBC-TV's Black Sheep Squadron. 1991 : Ringo Starr guest stars as himself in tonight's "Brush With Greatness" episode of Fox-TV's The Simpsons. 1998 : On the TV show Murphy Brown, Candice Bergen's lead character turns 50, and her coworkers celebrate by recreating an episode of American Bandstand. *** Clark, ...
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I gotta say I am sad to hear my favourite Meteorologist is retiring from Television. Late Night will not be the same without Dave Letterman. Jimmy Fallon is great at what he does but I will miss Dave & Paul almost as much as Johnny Carson & Ed McMahon. The Times they are a Changing . Some of the best bands in the world were introduced to my eyes & ears on both of those shows since the 70's with Johnny & the early 80's with Letterman, Keyboard player Extraordinaire Paul Shafer & the world's most Dangerous Band. Well Done Dave. These shows & American Bandstand exposed us to the soundtrack of our lives , for that I thank you .
Who Do You Love got me woppin down Marcy like I’m on American Bandstand 😝
Innovations (1) 1982 : Pop duo Buckner & Garcia appear on American Bandstand to perform their hit single "Pac-Man Fever." The single, from their album of the same name, had previously hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and been certified gold by the RIAA, signifying the first successful song about or based on a video game. Video games in 1982 had only become popular in the past few years, and the appearance of coin-operated video game arcades (where Pac-Man reigned supreme at the time) signified the first time computing technology was embraced by home consumers for its entertainment value alone.
March 20th gives us two birthday greats - Happy birthday to Vera Lynn, Britain's favorite (or favourite) sentimental singer of the war years and beyond, known for such classics as "The White Cliffs Of Dover", "Auf Wiedersehn", and this one: And another happy birthday to a Radio 57 favorite bandleader - Larry Elgart, who, by himself or with brother Les, has kept swinging through the years with a warm, yet bouncy sound. Known for the Hooked On Swing albums, he and Les also recorded the famous original theme for American Bandstand.
End of the Day Trivia: The popular show American Bandstand started in 1952 and was hosted by whom?
On this day in 1976 Larry Groce performed his Top 10 hit "Junk Food Junkie" on American Bandstand -
On this day in 1989, *** Clark announces that he will no longer be hosting American Bandstand after 33 years on the job.
When Raton, N.M.-based The Fireballs made its debut on "American Bandstand" in 1960, guitarist George Tomsco was petrified. Not because he was about to perform on the nationally broadcast dance party, but because of how host *** Clark announced them.
This is the second song Benny Mardones performed when he was on American Bandstand. The other song was his smash hit "Into The Night" Benny explains ...
ON This Day in 1959 - Bobby Rydell made his first TV appearance, on "American Bandstand.". 1960 - Elvis Presley...
Today in R&R History: 1959 - Bobby Rydell makes his first television appearance on ABC's American Bandstand.
Throwback Thursday. Picture on left is from 1961. I was with my Aunt Jeannie Windy Ridge Deer Farm who took me everywhere with her. The photo on the right is my sister and I with my Aunt Mary who was teaching us "new steps straight from American Bandstand" in my Grandmother's living room. We lost my Aunt Mary to cancer when she was only 49 and there hasn't been a day that has gone by that she has not been thought about and missed. Both of my aunts played an integral part in my childhood. Love you Aunt Jeannie!!!
On this date back in '59, Bobby Rydell made his debut TV appearance on American Bandstand. His actual name is Robert Louis Ridarelli ((
Yeah, back in the day. Me and Big John, and Monte Montes used to go to American Bandstand, In the early sixties, when in Philly.
32 years ago today, Buckner & Garcia appeared on American Bandstand performing their hit single, "Pac-Man Fever". The song was intended to be a one-off - the duo had no intention of basing their career around video game novelty songs. However, Columbia Records had other ideas and insisted that the pair record an album with such ditties as "Froggy's Lament" and "Do the Donkey Kong".
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Today in History - March 20 0141 - The 6th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet took place. 1413 - Henry V took the throne of England upon the death of his father Henry IV. 1525 - Paris' parliament began its pursuit of Protestants. 1602 - The United Dutch East Indian Company (VOC) was formed. 1616 - Walter Raleigh was released from Tower of London to seek gold in Guyana. 1627 - France & Spain signed an accord for fighting Protestantism. 1792 - In Paris, the Legislative Assembly approved the use of the guillotine. 1815 - Napoleon Bonaparte entered Paris after his escape from Elba and began his "Hundred Days" rule. 1816 - The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed its right to review state court decisions. 1865 - A plan by John Wilkes Booth to abduct U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was ruined when Lincoln changed his plans and did not appear at the Soldier’s Home near Washington, DC. 1868 - Jesse James Gang robbed a bank in Russelville, KY, of $14,000. 1885 - John Matzeliger of Surinam patented the shoe laci ...
On this day in 1989, After 37 years on the air, *** Clark announced his retirement from American Bandstand.
On this day in 1959 Bobby Rydell ("Volare", "We Got Love") made his first of many appearances on American Bandstand -
March 20th has not been a good day in MUSIC.. Today in 1969 John Lennon marries Yoko Ono at the Rock of Gibraltar in France some would say this was the start of the end for The 1977 the band T-REX plays their last concert before MARC BOLEN is killed in a car accident...1989 *** CLARK hosts his last episode of AMERICAN BANDSTAND ...1991 ERIC CLAPTON'S son CONNOR falls to his death from a 53 story his grief ERIC CLAPTON writes TEARS IN HEAVEN...TO THOSE WHO HAVE LOST AND TO THOSE WHO ARE GONE I SALUTE YOU \m/ \m/
I grew up listening to the great Terry Kath and Chicago from 1971 on, and I'm trying to recall were they ever on any shows on Television like American Bandstand, The Midnight Special or Don Kirschner's Rock Concert. I don't ever remember seeing them. If not was there an...
3/20/1989, *** Clark announces his retirement from American Bandstand. On April 8th, comedian David Hirsch would take over, but the show was never the same and came to an end on October 7th. It continued to tape live at the Harrah's Club and Casino in Reno, Nevada, and aired locally until the mid-1990s.
25 years ago today, *** Clark announces he will no longer host his creation, American Bandstand, after 33 years.
The March Equinox occurs at 16:57 UTC today! Happy Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere! Happy Autumn in the Southern! Happy Birthday Carl Palmer! Happy Birthday "Martha Jones!" Happy Birthday Daniel OConnell! March 20: In 1600 five Swedish noblemen are beheaded in the "Linköping Bloodbath"; in 1616 Sir Walter Raleigh is freed from the Tower of London after 13 years of imprisonment; in 1760 the "Great Fire" of Boston, Massachusetts, destroys 349 buildings; in 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is published; in 1861 an earthquake completely destroys Mendoza, Argentina; in 1916 Albert Einstein publishes his general theory of relativity; in 1922 the USS Langley (CV-1) is commissioned as the first United States Navy aircraft carrier; in 1933 Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, as Chief of Police of Munich, orders the creation of Dachau Concentration Camp and appoints Theodor Eicke as the camp commandant; in 1942 General Douglas MacArthur, at Terowie, South Australia, makes his famous speech re ...
Thursday, March 20 The first Motown Tour of England started in 1965 - 2 shows per night for 21 nights (Stevie Wonder, Miracles, Supremes, Temptations, Martha & Vandellas) Elvis played at Bell Auditorium in Augusta, GA in 1956. Bobby Rydell made his first appearance on American Bandstand in 1959. John & Yoko married in 1969. Gloria Estefan was injured in a tour bus accident in 1990. Chart action: "Surrender" became the 15th for Elvis in 1961. Janis Jopin started a 2 week run at with "Me & Bobby McGee" in 1971. She had died almost a year earlier. Birthdays: Jerry Reed (would have been 77); Carl Palmer from Emerson, Lake & Palmer (67)
AMERICAN BANDSTAND FAST DANCING* *** Clark JITTERBUG CAROLINA SHAG Don't Knock The Rock Rock Around The Clock But he did not invent to the term!
Halle Bears school concert was great tonight! Jo went to baseball practice instead which was his choice and Haileys grade didn't participate in it. It was a super adorable concert about the American Bandstand:)
Had a goofy time dancing and singing with Ryan and Julia to "Happy" today. Ryan and I always talk about the current music on the radio, and he tells me I always give the same comment if I like it. It has a good beat. I tried to explain American Bandstand and rating the beat of the songs, but it just doesn't quite compute to the modern child!
On this day March 20, 1970 the boys from Beaver County had the record in the country. "The Rapper". We were on a plane to California sipping champagne, on our way to do *** Clark's American Bandstand Show! Ahhh the good life! We had a blast. Jimmie Ross.
I mean just watch old reruns of American Bandstand and Soul Train and you tell me which race is more fun.
"Solitaire": A brief review of the rise and success on the charts of 1983 posted by Steven Housman's Music History Facts. With some arrangements, little changes and her powerful and dramatic interpretation of "Solitaire", this song became in her second smash hit after the giant "Gloria". Enjoy her wonderful performance at American Bandstand, here!
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Waiting to watch pixie perform in her school play American Bandstand!!
It would sound like something that would come from either American Bandstand or a really great 70s movie.
On this day in 1962 Barbara George performed "I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)" on American Bandstand -
I taped this AMERICAN BANDSTAND 35 years ago this month. We taped this at ABC Prospect Studios in Hollywood, CA -...
You the only guy left in Philly who used to go to American Bandstand show every week?
On this day in 1972 Denise LaSalle performed her # 1 R&B hit "Trapped By A Thing Called Love" on American Bandstand -
we'd present an award together just like we did on American bandstand for *** Clark
My Mom went on the *** Clark show American Bandstand. I bet she knows it.
~ Historic Happenings In Music ~ March 18th: On this Day 1902: Opera legend Enrico Caruso begins his path to becoming the world's first recording star when he waxes ten songs for Italy's Gramophone and Typewriter Company. 1939, Frank Sinatra made his first recording, a song called 'Our Love', with the Frank Mane band. 1958: Jerry Lee Lewis becomes the first musician to appear on American Bandstand actually singing and not lip-synching his performance. Singing "Great Balls of Fire," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," and "Breathless" live, he also becomes the first guest to perform three songs on the program. 1959: EMI announces its intention to halt production of 78 rpm records. 1960: Rio Bravo, the classic Howard Hawks/John Wayne Western that also stars Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson, opens in US theaters. 1965, The Rolling Stones were each fined £5 ($8.50) for urinating in a public place, following an incident that had taken place at a petrol station after a gig at the ABC Theatre in Romford, Essex, England ...
In 1958, Jerry Lee Lewis became the first recording star to actually sing live, rather than lip sync, on *** Clark's 'American Bandstand',
On this day in 1958, inductee Jerry Lee Lewis was the first musician on American Bandstand singing and not lip-synching his songs!
Today in R&R History: 1958: Jerry Lee Lewis is the first act on American Bandstand not lip-syncing his performance. Great Balls of Fire!
I'm gonna go with solid gold as well ;) maybe a Bit of American bandstand dancing
I guess there were angels on American Bandstand, we just didn't know it,. but they laughed & they danced to their own heavenly tune!
On this day in 1973 Edward Bear performed "Last Song" on American Bandstand -
Amongst some of the programs, Just the Ten of Us, Mr. Belvedere, Night Court, Small Wonder, (The Best of) American Bandstand. This is insane
I think they should bring back American Bandstand, 60's music and all. I volunteer to host and/or dance.
yesterday I saw his 1st interview on AMERICAN BANDSTAND
Hold on...Soul Train is on. Bring on Solid Gold & American Bandstand & the day will be shot.
Clip of *** Clark presenting The Beatles' short film (ie: early rock video) of Strawberry Fields Forever on American Bandstand in 1967. Clip taken from the ...
Good Morning! It's time for The Endless Summer Beach & Dance Party's "RATE A RECORD" I started this yesterday. Those of you who remember this from *** Clark's AMERICAN BANDSTAND know that you score the 2 songs anywhere between a low of 35, to a high of 98. Monday we rated Jr Walker's "What Does It Take" at 94, and the Chairmen's "Give Me Just a Little More Time" at 89 Today's RATE A RECORD: O.C. SMITH "BRENDA" "LADY SOUL"
Keep your eyes open!! This past Saturday night, "PBS" aired "Ed Sullivan's Rock & Roll Classics"!! I had completely forgotten some of the songs but when they were played, I knew every word!!! (For young folks, YES we could understand what the words were) Did I just reveal my age? I have caught myself thinking about "American Bandstand" & "Kilgo's canteen"!!! Man-O-man, I sho nuf' is gettin old!
Events March 11 1791 - Samuel Mulliken of Philadelphia, PA became the first person to receive more than one patent from the U.S. Patent Office. Four patents were issued for his machines: (1) to thresh corn and grain, (2) to break and swingle hemp, (3) to cut polished marble, and (4) to raise the nap on cloths. 1888 - A blizzard started to roar along the Atlantic Seaboard of the U.S., shutting down communication and transportation lines. The white stuff continued to fall for three days in the “Great Blizzard of 1888.” More than 400 people died.(March 11-14). 1909 - The first gold medal to a perfect-score bowler was awarded to A.C. Jellison. The honor was bestowed by the American Bowling Congress. 1927 - Samuel Roxy Rothafel opened the famous Roxy Theatre in New York City. The showplace was indeed a palace. It cost $10,000,000 to build and held 6,200 theatregoers. The Roxy truly was part of the ‘golden age of the movie palace’. The screen was 18-feet by 22-feet. The first feature shown at the Roxy w ...
(LONG POST) This is how we rolled through the 1960's The sixties were the age of youth, as 70 million children from the post-war baby boom became teenagers and young adults. The movement away from the conservative fifties continued and eventually resulted in revolutionary ways of thinking and real change in the cultural fabric of American life. No longer content to be images of the generation ahead of them, young people wanted change. The changes affected education, values, lifestyles, laws, and entertainment. Many of the revolutionary ideas which began in the sixties are continuing to evolve today. Youth predominated the culture of the 1960's. The post World War II Baby Boom had created 70 million teenagers for the sixties, and these youth swayed the fashion, the fads and the politics of the decade. California surfers took to skateboards as a way to stay fit out of season, and by 1963, the fad had spread across the country. Barbie dolls, introduced by Mattel in 1959, became a huge success in the si ...
"HIP CHECK" Billed as "the hippest trip in America", Soul Train was deep throated host DON CORNELIUS' answer to AMERICAN BANDSTAND, a wall-to-wall assault of the funkiest fashions, fiercest 'fros, and fanciest dance moves (THE ROBOT, THE SLIDE, and THE FUNKY CHICKEN) ever busted out on the boob-tube. Sponsored by ULTRA SHEEN and AFRO SHEEN..."natural"-ly.
Popular Culture Elvis Presley purchases a mansion in Memphis, Tennessee and calls it Graceland The Cavern Club opens in Liverpool ( Where the Beetle's started ) The Film Jailhouse Rock premiers with Elvis Presley "American Bandstand" the teenagers chart music show makes its network debut on ABC Popular Films The Ten Commandments Around the World in Eighty Days 12 Angry men Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley The Bridge on the River Kwai The Three Faces of Eve Popular Books The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss From Russia with Love - Ian Fleming The Guns of Navarone - Alistair MacLean
The "Polyester Ball" wishes a happy birthday to BEVERLY BREMERS (born March 10, 1950 in Chicago, Illinois), who recorded the Top 20 million-selling hit "Don't Say You Don't Remember" (Beverly performed the song on *** Clark's "American Bandstand" on its April 22, 1972 broadcast.) After relocating with her family to the New York City area, Beverly performed on CBS-TV's "Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour" on her thirteenth birthday. In 1969, she joined Broadway's "Hair" early in its first run playing Chrissy, and then returned to the musical and played the female lead Sheila during the final phase of Hair's original Broadway run. Bremers is now a successful songwriter, composing the theme song for the Disney Channel's "Mousercise" (which earned her a Platinum Record for selling over 1 million copies), an in-demand voice-over actress (she's Slug Boy's mom on the Cartoon Network's "Cow and Chicken"), and is also a well-respected vocal coach in the Orange County, California area.
who all remember waking up on a Saturday morning doing your chores and watching Soul Train an American Bandstand?
This Swedish rock group formed in 1972 and this was from their 1975 performance on American Bandstand with *** Clark – talk about a blast from the past?
did someone ever seen the Tom Fogerty apperance at American Bandstand ? ? Tom was playing Joyful Ressurection with a Black Telecaster and a Kustom amps next to him ? ? ? ?
Anybody remember these dancers? The regulars from American Bandstand when it was broadcast from Philly.
"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" - Roy Orbison on American Bandstand 1966 vay anasını be
"ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN" This is a live 1981 video of The Righteous Brothers performing their big hit on American Bandstand.
MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY: Pac-Man Fever- Buckner & Garcia on American Bandstand in '82
Imus show sounds a lot like American Bandstand in the '50s. I give it a 85.
Fabian taking us back to the American Bandstand days!
I added a video to a playlist A Taste of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie (American Bandstand Special)
she is an incredible woman! Been a huge fan since she said she wanted to "rule the world" on American Bandstand!
Anytime I think of Rick Santorum, I think Little House on the Prairie, American Bandstand, *** Barrel. Weird, huh?
I remember watching them play this on American Bandstand when they first came out .
How did Cha Cha win the American Bandstand contest at Rydell? She doesn't even go here!
that cool, I go back to American bandstand n Soul Train days. I prolly know as much bout him as he does lol jk
Jack McDade, *** Clark’s very first musical guest on American Bandstand in July of 1956 stopped by Hunterdon...
WHAM made their U.S. TV debut THIS day, 1983! Appeared on 'American Bandstand' - and playing NOW on 94.1 - willie b
March 5, 1983: Wham! makes there US television debut on American Bandstand
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Photo: Bob Serrao once appeared on American Bandstand, sang for Steve Allen and released two records. At...
The arm motions for The Village People's song 'YMCA' originated from the kids of *** Clark's 'American Bandstand'...
Friday YouTube Jams: The day Public Image Limited took over American Bandstand: (cheers
Remembering growing up in the fifties. The Delaware Water Gap Blues Being six foot one in the seventh grade can have its advantages and disadvantages. For me, one disadvantage reared its head when my friends and I went to the Hy-way Theater on Route 4 on Saturday afternoon for the weekly kiddie matinee, with its treasures of fifteen cartoons, a batman serial and two monster movies. Each week I had to face an irate ticket seller who would not let me in for the twelve and under children’s price of twenty-five cents. The advantages began when the opposite sex became a more important part of my existence. It was a never ending source of amazement to me that upon reaching that six foot plateau, girls viewed me in a curious way. As if by magic, I had become three years older, more mature, and possessing the sex appeal of Elvis Presley. If the reader has not already guessed, this chapter in my life was set in the era of Elvis Presley, Dion and the Belmonts, and *** Clark’s American Bandstand from Phila ...
Over 40 Years of Connecting People With God's Love and Faith In May 1967, Kenneth Copeland was walking along the bed of the Arkansas River in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when the Lord dropped the vision of the ministry into his heart: to preach the gospel to the nations—a call that would include using every available voice to preach the uncompromised message of faith to meet the needs of people worldwide. It all started though with simple steps of obedience and faith, walking in love and the integrity of God's Word. In 1957 at 20 years of age, with a hit record, Pledge of Love, at on the national charts and on the local charts Kenneth looked to be on his way to a successful singing career appearing on American Bandstand and featured next to Ricky Nelson in Dig Magazine. But God had other plans. He met Gloria and asked her to marry him on their first date. She said yes. At that time, they lived in a rented apartment with a rollaway bed, coffeepot they cooked in and kept their food on the porch to keep it cold. Thin ...
CULTURAL ICON: The late *** Clark, founder of the popular television show, "American Bandstand," donated the show's podium and background props to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. (US), thus establishing the show's place as a fixture of American culture.
just cause I remember this song and watching it on american bandstand lol one of my quirks
LL Cool J on "American Bandstand" was HUGE in terms of the "tanning" of America. Run DMC introduced on SNL by Spike Lee as …
Tap fight with my big bro pat, he wanted american bandstand, yes I lost.
Dancing like I am on Shindig. 99.9% will be googling Shindig. Dance Show Like American Bandstand in 60's.
TODAY IN MUSIC. 1958 - Tommy Sands performed "Sing Boy Sing" on "American Bandstand." 1981 - The Association performed "Dreamer" on "American Bandstand." 1970 - Led Zeppelin performed as the Nobs in Denmark after the family of Ferdinand von Zeppelin threatened a lawsuit. 1977 - Ray Charles was attacked by an audience member onstage. 1996 - The original members of Kiss appeared at the Grammy Awards. It was the first time in 17 years that the band had appeared in full make-up and costumes.
Public Image Ltd.'s appearance on 'American Bandstand' was one of TV's most surreal music performances.
Early friday morning watching old episodes of American Bandstand on ytube dating back to 1955 brought back many memories of me growing up in the Bronx New York City these were the good old days Have a great day
*** Clark once called the singer of this band an "a--hole" before an 'American Bandstand' appearance. Find out who it is ...
I remember White kids running up to me in 1985 to tell me they saw some dude named LL Cool J on American Bandstand & asked …
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Man, I wish I lived in the 50s. I'd watch American Bandstand every day and listen to Elvis.
Just watched American bandstand 1964 Just like Romeo and Juliet and saw a girl I had the biggest crush on possible back then dancing with her partner. I was 17 and she was 15 back then. If you type in Just like Romeo and Juliet on u tube and click on the American Bandstand you can see her. She was 15 her name was Carol House and she was a very Lovely Girl. It is my hope she has had a great Life!
My sister was several years older then me but we would get together and practice out smooth dance moves to *** Clark and American Bandstand. We fought over every thing else but we could shake it up with the music of the day.
I added a video to a playlist The Jacksons Interviewed by *** Clark on American Bandstand
Thursday, February 27, 2014 The late Guy Mitchell ("Singing The Blues") is born in 1927 Jerry Lee Lewis' son, Steve Allen Lewis (named after the TV host) is born, 1959 *** Jagger is hospitalized in New York with a respiratory infection, 1976 During the taping of her TV talk show, James Brown asks host Rolanda White to marry him (she doesn't), 1997 Carlos Santana is given the key to his home town of Autlan, Mexico, 2001 Jefferson Airplane is fined $1,000 for onstage profanity in Oklahoma City, 1970 James Brown is paroled from prison after serving two years on drug and assault charges, 1991 Keith Richards is arrested for heroin possession in Toronto (he is given a suspended sentence and one year probation), 1977 Jamie Foxx wins a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the movie, "Ray", 2005 Randy Newman receives the Best Original Song Academy Award (for "We Belong Together" from "Toy Story 3"), 2011 The Miracles make their first TV appearance, on "American Bandstand", 1960 "The Beach Boys: An ...
*** Clark Interviews Stevie Woods - American Bandstand 1981, how Stevie was discovered in Hollywood by Peter...
The Miracles first TV appearance is on "American Bandstand" in 1960.
Whose appearance on 'American Bandstand' prompted host *** Clark to call him an "a--hole"? Find out ...
I was checking out some videos on YouTube and ran across Dokken on American Bandstand! WOW how times have changed!
WE ARE SO PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE-FREE SHAG DANCE LESSONS FOR JUNIORS (Ages 10-17) AND THEIR PARENTS!!! It's been a dream for several years to have a JOHNNY HENSLEY'S JUNIOR SHAG CITY...the television show. Problem has been, most of the Juniors are in Upstate North Carolina. SO ! We have decided to start our OWN FREE SHAG DANCE CLASSES FOR JUNIORS...and THEIR PARENT WHO WOULD LIKE TO LEARN.STARTING THIS SUNDAY, MARCH 2, 3-6PM, at AUGUSTA'S FINEST, .the AUGUSTA RIVERFRONT MARRIOTT HOTEL AND CONVENTION CENTER. We'll have several top-shelf DANCE TEACHERS including JUDY AND JOHNNY TURNER, who have also shared our love for the JUNIORS and wanting to help them develop. PARTNERS ARE NOT NEEDED...FOR JUNIORS OR THE PARENTS. We Will Go Slow !!! Dress is casual, but "appropriate". We'll plan to give FREE LESSONS EVERY SUNDAY DURING MARCH...and possibly TAPING 4 ALL NEW TELEVISION SHOWS featuring our NEW STARS... on the last Sunday, MARCH 30. The only thing we're asking of the JUNIORS and THE PARENTS .is to s ...
On this date in 1960 - The Miracles made their first TV appearance on "American Bandstand."
Today's Music Trivia: On this day in 1961, what recording act became Motown's first act to appear on American Bandstand?
Who remembers a Saturday morning getting up and American Bandstand coming on after the cartoon's and everybody getting up and doing a real line dance to the music with *** Clark!!! My Family had the best going on!
OK. guess I should have done it this way. Regarding the VERY early days, there were two kids shows: Ranger Jim and Clooney (Cloony?) the Clown. I think I was on the dismay of my parents! I think they were in the afternoons when the station was on only part of the day. In the mid 60s, there was "Swamp-a-Go-Go" "American Bandstand" spinoff. It was on Saturdays.
Trey's dance during the12/6/97 twist should be on American Bandstand
CARTOON CHARACTER THEME WITH SHASTA SOULSTAR AMERICAN BANDSTAND sings 60's, 70's disco., Rock & Roll, Motown, beautiful romantic songs and also pop music from the 40's to today. Many say she sounds like Diana Krall but Shasta brings her own style, flair and warmth to every song. A definite pro and always a lot of fun and Philly Roots. ..ATTIRE: CARTOON CHARACTER OR OLDIES RETRO
The days of the Record Hops . Before American Bandstand, local radio jocks ruled the music world. Hingham kids went to hops at the Surf in Nantasket, drawn by Bob Clayton of "Boston Ballroom" and Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsburg, who ruled the roost in the late 50's/early 60's. Arnie is 88 now, and living in retirement on the Coast of Maine.
On this day in 1963 hit maker Johnny Tillotson ("Poetry In Motion", "Without You") performed on American Bandstand -
Oh, American Bandstand... I like your $5 shoes, but I'm not. a. fan.
Why can't the big dance of the year be because American Bandstand is coming to film us? Sincerely, born in the wrong generation.
This is the 56th birthday of my first son. Kenneth Barton Paschen was born at 4:44 pm on a Wednesday at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle after a wild ride to the hospital in a police car two days before. That ride proved unnecessary, as the pains stopped before we got there. It was exciting, though! Kenny was a good baby. When he was about a year and a half he loved to watch TV. He loved American Bandstand and would stand a couple of inches from the screen and bounce up and down to the music. And when the Price is Right with Bob Barker came on, he played close attention. He’d run behind the drapes, and throw them back yelling, “BobBabba!” He didn’t particularly like school and when he was about in the second grade, instead of walking to the school that was a couple of blocks away, he’d hide in the bushes until his dad left for work, and then come back in. When we’d finally get to school, the teacher asked him why he did that. He said, “My mom can teach me!” Later, when he was j ...
I added a video to a playlist American Bandstand Dance Contest 1984
Showtime at the Apollo, Soul Train, American Bandstand, Ed Sullivan Show. Which one do you think broke in the most African American artists?
There are 5 books about American Bandstand and there weren't any about Soul Train, so I decided it was time.
don't use your new boy toy to try and set R&B back to the days of American Bandstand so no1 will notice ur lack of rhythm lmao
.cover and have an 'American Bandstand' moment in their "If I Could Change Your Mind" video:
Since American Bandstand went off the air, our bands have been held up by cheap stands from China.
There is more dancing in this episode than on "American Bandstand." Where's Lord Gino?
Guitar innovator, the great Les Paul and Mary Ford on American Bandstand: via How High the Moon
When American Bandstand went black it never went back.
Watch John Lydon make a mockery of American Bandstand and The Tomorrow Show:
If you didn't have your birthday party at American Bandstand and they didn't play Barbie Girl there is a 70% chance you're lame.
Hanging out with my dance partner Diana at a Thai restaurant near the gymnastics place where we just finished our workshop. We decided to look up a swing website that shall go unnamed and on their history of swing dancing, this quote came up: "In the 50′s and 60′s with the influx of Rock and Roll, partner dancing slowed down in the United States." I have often heard this highly inaccurate quote many times. If by "partner dancing", they simply mean lead and follow dances, then that quote is completely wrong, since anybody who has ever seen American Bandstand or a Rock and Roll exploitation flick, can attest to! Partner dancing slowed down somewhat after World War 2 with the influx of the Tin Pan Alley balladeers (Perry Como and his ilk) along with Be Bop jazz, which was intended for listening and oftentimes even had signs put up at the clubs playing Be Bop stating "No lindy hoping ," but Rock n Roll brought back partner dancing, and swing dancing in particular. As someone who got into Smooth Lindy Hop ...
I've got the theme to American Bandstand stuck in my head.
It's not exactly "Soul Train" or "American Bandstand" but very, VERY enjoyable. Dance contest from a...
Bow wow - I'm going down in history like American bandstand - The irony
American Bandstand and Soul Train were how we got down.
Hope you're enjoying this beautiful Friday! On this day in 1970, The Jackson Five made their TV debut by performing "I Want You Back" and "ABC" on American Bandstand.
1st question: Which family musical act made their debut on the show American bandstand on this day in 1970? Hint: The hint is in the question. (family musical act)
mëngjes i mirë, good morning!!! (Albanian) Today is Friday, Feb. 21, the 52nd day of 2014. There are 313 days left in the year. On this day in history. 1842 - 1st known sewing machine patented in U.S 1878 - 1st telephone book issued, 50 subscribers (Connecticut) 1885 - Washington Monument dedicated in Washington D.C. 1925 - 1st issue of "New Yorker" magazine published 1931 - Alka Seltzer introduced 1970 - Jackson 5 make TV debut on American Bandstand
2/21 44 years ago The Jackson 5 made their television debut on American Bandstand. Today, starch your lapels and boogie on down for a Glazed and Confused Donut Bacon Melt to celebrate!
Good Friday Morning, It's an exciting Friday Morning here at the station, at least for me it is. I'm actually off this weekend. I did not have to slide my way into work this morning on icy sidewalks, and high temperatures over the next day or two should be in the 50's. Of course rain and wind comes with it, but we've gone through much worse lately. I had a great night out on the town last night. Conestoga Elementary PTO roller skating party was a blast. Followed that up with a Shamrock Shake. That's about as exciting as it gets around here right now. I did learn several things. Roller Skating is NOT like riding a bike. If you haven't roller skated in 25 years you can NOT jump right back on the rink like you never left. These new skates are no good. They are clearly responsible for the extreme pain in my feet and ankles. Oh and my thighs, quads, and lower back too. I never felt like this 25 years ago so it must be the skates. I also learned kids these days have huge feet. As for the Shamrock ...
Today in Rock February Fifteenth Featured Artist Incubus Incubus Incubus vocalist Brandon Boyd (middle) is born in Van Nuys, CA. 1976 1940's *** Avory is born in East Molesey, Surrey, England. The drummer is with the Kinks from ’64 – ’84. He once auditioned for the Rolling Stones but was turned down. 1944 John Helliwell (Supertramp) has a birthday. The sax player hails from in Todmorden, Yorkshire, England. 1945 Santana bassist (’66 – ’76) David Brown is born. He’s with the group when they play Woodstock in ’69. 1947 1950's *** Clark has it wired. Jerry Lee Lewis performs “Great Balls of Fire” and “Breathless” on American Bandstand. That evening Lewis appears on the prime-time The *** Clark Show. 1958 1960's The Beatles The Beatles "Meet The Beatles!" begins an 11 week run as the album in the U.S. 1964 The Beatles release “Nowhere Man” in the U.S. Though credited to John Lennon/Paul McCartney, it was predominately written by John after he’d fruitlessly spent the night tr ...
Remember *** Clark... the guy from American Bandstand and Rockin' New years eve?
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