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American Bandstand

American Bandstand is an American music-performance show that aired in various versions from 1952 to 1989 and was hosted from 1956 until its final season by Dick Clark, who also served as producer.

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Just watched this video of a 19yo Prince being interviewed on American Bandstand. He was so shy!
Terry Black lip syncs Unless You Care on American Bandstand on November 14, 1964 -
Remember American Bandstand? Member Dickie Clark? Member it being in Philly at the old WFIL?…
It's not the set of American Bandstand or The Dating Game, but it is…
Video of the day: *** Clark interviewed Madonna on American Bandstand (January 14 1984)
I give this post a 96. It had a good beat and I could understand the words (American Bandstand) 😉 what do you think…
Strawberry Alarm Clock ("Incense And Peppermints") appeared on American Bandstand on this day in 1967 -
full credit. And man, this poor halftime show. Looked like a bad impromptu American Bandstand vignette
You ladies absolutely rockin' it on American Bandstand in '83 especially "Want You".
Bet he used to kill it down at American Bandstand
Didn't Black Dynamite dance off of this song during season 2? That episode with Soul Train vs. American Bandstand?
41 years ago, today (in 1975) ABBA was on American Bandstand with SOS! . *See the comments below for the video
Prince TV Appearances from American Bandstand on December 16th, 1979 until Saturday Night Live on November 1st, 201…
On this day in 1975, ABBA were guests on ABC TV’s “American Bandstand".
Today in 1975, were guests on American Bandstand. They performed "S.O.S."
I added a video to a playlist Blondie - Heart Of Glass ( American Bandstand )
I added a video to a playlist "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" - Roy Orbison on American Bandstand 1966
I liked a video American Bandstand -- Doing The South Street and more.
The other persuasion groups. We heard those songs on the radio or American
*** Clark's American Bandstand Rate theSong: It's got a nice beat, it's easy to dance to. I give it a 36.
At the Hop cover by Fire Jam Band of Danny and the Juniors. The video is from the American Bandstand Show...
On this day in 1963 Major Lance performed "Monkey Time" on American Bandstand -
On this day in 1960 the Drifters performed "Save The Last Dance For Me" on American Bandstand -
On this day in 1975 Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds performed "Fallin' In Love" on American Bandstand -
On This Day In 1957, 'American Bandstand' first aired on US TV. *** Clark had replaced Bob Horn the previous...
Wish *** Clark Productions would release those old American Bandstand episodes in full tho
1985 Press Photo *** Clark host of American Bandstand is seen here with Fabian,
1981 appearance - American Bandstand in support of his debut single, a cover of the Eric Carmen tune "She Did It"
In her body that's a noodle went in her call it sushi god *** where's tunchi Jamaican banjo I meet American bandstand standards
Listen to "From American Bandstand, meet singer .INTERVIEW" via
Join the Nassau South Shore Chapter for their “American’s Bandstand” Fundraiser on Wednesday June 15th at 6:00pm...
We're in Philly..I am ready for American Bandstand!
I liked a video from Prince First TV Appearance -American Bandstand
Don't stand another chance is actually a Janet Jackson song, Not Michael Jackson. She Performed it on American Bandstand in 1984.
*** Clark's American Bandstand a Retrospective Covers Forty Years Worth of the Best of American Bandstand, a
American Bandstand, Dance Fever, Soul Train, millenials have no idea. LOL
The edges of the camera shot on American Bandstand, maybe.
January 16 1987 – Beastie Boys become the first act to be censored by American Bandstand. aww happy
I watch em for the music tho. This ain't American Bandstand.
Also in 1958, the instrumental group The Champs appeared on ABC-TV’s American Bandstand to perform “Tequila” and “El Rancho Rock.”
ERA dances in CA look like this AMERICAN BANDSTAND & Soul Train are EQUAL in CALIFORNIA on DANCEFLOORS
in his purple hour, on, of all places, white-bread American Bandstand.
cool Holly I'm a longtime Prince fan my favorite song is I wanna be your lover 1st heard it on american bandstand in '79
"This is a classroom, not American Bandstand!" 😂😂
next thing we know Dustin will be hosting American bandstand
I liked a video from Prince First Ever Full TV Interview! American Bandstand 1979!
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Back in American Bandstand days I'd give it a 98! It's got a good beat, and easy to dance to! 😂 Seriously, 👍🏻! Fun song!
Today in 1978, Brian Wilson and Mike Love performed at American Bandstand with Celebration
The Original Stars American Bandstand. I was not able to use my camera like we ...
On this day in 1959 the Crests featuring Johnny Maestro ("16 Candles") appeared on American Bandstand -
Arlene trying to show *** Clark how to stroll on American Bandstand ~
Did American Bandstand influence judges as kids? Wait, they're not American. Never mind.
Video: - May 3, 2002 - joined *** Clark on ABC TV to celebrate 50th Ann. of American Bandstand.
I loved American Bandstand. I remember watching this one Saturday afternoon. It was amazing.
Heard Elvis shot his TV because *** Clark didn't play his latest single that week on American Bandstand.
I wonder if a show like American Bandstand or Soul Train would work today. I don't if a show where people dance to music would fly today.
It really was! It was the time of Hippies, Disco Music, and American Bandstand and Soul Train for all of us.
Whirly Girl by OXO. I might be the only person that remembers when this group was on American Bandstand…
American Bandstand celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 1977 with a performance by an "all star" band including...
On this day in 1979 Roger Voudouris performed "Get Used To It" on American Bandstand -
The 'shake your body' performance on American bandstand when a 'cop' comes to remove stage 'invaders' and ends up dancing is epic
After Iconic, have the video with her on American Bandstand and MTV with her "rule the world" comment, then sing V,V,V
5 Days Out!! This Monday, we get on our very own AMERICAN BANDSTAND! Chicago's Victory Gardens presents Musical...
On this day in 1968 Iron Butterfly ("In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida") appeared on American Bandstand -
Audrey! I am remembering when we would clean our rooms and be on the phone all thru American Bandstand followed...
On this day in 1960 Jack Scott performed "Burning Bridges" on American Bandstand -
check out Connie francis on American bandstand "who's sorry now ". You tube!
Currently watching a VHS tape of on American bandstand not mad past me recorded this & not mad at all current me still has it
As we wiggled our tushes to American Bandstand we were encouraging the to do this.
On this day in 1975 Sugarloaf with Jerry Corbetta performed "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" on American Bandstand -
On this date in 1980 Pat Benatar performed on American Bandstand.
knocking American bandstand that was my gig hay!:)
dancing doesn't put the rock in the hoop,this ain't American Bandstand or American Idol,this is March basketball
I still love this one, - Somebody To Love, American Bandstand, 1967
S/O to radio & American Bandstand television legend Tommy McCarthy for the music his…
American Bandstand was something we watched every Saturday & Danced..
On this Leap Day, we're holding our position with American Bandstand by Wayne Horvitz!
Look at with this 1960s American Bandstand dancer avi.
Get this guy on American Bandstand pronto!
I know you ain't talking with them glittery American bandstand pants. Michael Jackson invented the dab didn't he I did it smooth
Did you watch *** Clark on American Bandstand, Cornelius on Soul Train? What dance shows did you like most...
Well, don't forget that also performed at American Bandstand, which can be seen here:
I liked a video American Bandstand 1970s Dancer 19
American Bandstand with all races.Like American Music Awards. Then I died.Now I am back I watch Vh1 & Bravo
Brenda Lee Sweet Nothins as she appeared on American Bandstand
American Bandstand: "At the Hop", by Danny and the Juniors: I believe that was 1956. Notice the dres
Wow, I love I just won this for free, American Bandstand Lot-Beatles Tribute,Steppenwolf,Paul
On this day in 1959 Little Anthony & the Imperials ("Goin' Out Of My Head") appeared on American Bandstand -
That really was some Chubby Checker, American Bandstand style trolling by Cam. Love it.
On this day in 1982 Toni Basil performed her # 1 hit "Mickey" on American Bandstand.
American Bandstand: *** Clark and the Making of a Rock 'n' Roll Empire by Jack
On this day in 1959 Marv Johnson performed "You Got What It Takes" on American Bandstand -
*** Clark will be remembered as the host of American Bandstand and now he's gone.
My suggestion is to watch a lot of 80's American Bandstand on Youtube. A little scary but should help.
At least, that's what who played "American Bandstand" dancer, Meg Pryor said in an interview.
I liked a video American Bandstand 1970s Dancer 14
I thought Season 8 was awesome...I love the Voice, Idol, American Bandstand when it was on 😂
Are you old enuf to rem American Bandstand? Do do do do do do do dodo do..
I liked a video American Bandstand 1970s Dancer 10
Flashback to the Roll Bounce days and your American Bandstand glittery pants :)
Why do I feel like I'm watching "Rate a Record" on American Bandstand? On taxes, Trump is ordinary GOP, BTW.
This .AMERICAN BANDSTAND SHOW was from MEMORIAL DAY MAY 30th 1964 and these kids were doing a...
Dangerous performance in American Bandstand, 2002. i adore how he looks here tbh.
Just fan-girling out over Lew Klein, was EVP of American Bandstand & past Pres. of Gateway Comm.
On this day in 1967 Pink Floyd cancelled their first US Tour after Syd Barrett refused to lip-synch on American Bandstand
we prefer when bands do fake playing /s/ American Bandstand
Why did no one question why American Bandstand was at Rydell high?
"It was 1969 and I was with the band Mercy. *** Clark had me on the phone as his audience on American Bandstand...
Up to that time, this was the most expensive and elaborate set ever constructed for "American Bandstand."
American Bandstand to get me to work on this rainy morning!
Happy Friday morning! Did you know performed on American Bandstand? Hear music & talk from Chris at
On this day in 1965 the Left Banke performed "Walk Away Renee" on American Bandstand.
On this day in 1967 the Grass Roots ("Two Divided By Love") appeared on American Bandstand -
On this day in 1972 Rufus Thomas performed "Do The Funky Chicken" on American Bandstand -
"American Bandstand" hosted by *** Clark was canceled by ABC after 30 years on television 28 years ago today. Laura Branigan was on finale
- it was the American Bandstand of Philly and launched number of careers, so all was good.
That one time we were on American Bandstand​...
On AB, for you Younger People, thats American Bandstand, popular show in the 70s😀😀
Undated Press Photo *** Clark host and emcee of The New American Bandstand
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Tbh I still don't know why Naomi didn't get with white boy Troy cuz he was still cute with them American Bandstand glittery pants on 😂😍
Tony I'm so old I remember watching kids dance to "Duke of Earl" on American Bandstand lol
The producers of saw perform his single "She Did It" on American Bandstand!
On this day in 1962 the Duprees performed "You Belong To Me" on American Bandstand -
On this day in 1959 Bobby Rydell performed "Kissin' Time" on American Bandstand -
Power trio Blue Cheer play their raucous cover of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues" on American Bandstand in 1968.
AMERICAN BANDSTAND or Soul Train...Which came first, American Bandstand, or Soul Train? Who stayed on the air the...
Main relationship goal is the child of a featured dancer on American Bandstand
Just playing a Jackson Browne song and realized I'm listening to the song playing on American Bandstand in "Taxi Driver".
In 1967, the doors were on American Bandstand, than told a man about their 2nd album. A.K.A "Strange Days."🎧🎶🎤
Good times for sure. Been there since day 1 and loved every minute. American Bandstand is my fav memory seeing her Live.
On this day in 1967 the Five Americans performed "Western Union" on American Bandstand -
Oh, only if I could. I was scarred in my pre-teen years by this. People actually danced to PMF on American Bandstand!?!
A rather unreal appearance by the Syd era Floyd on American Bandstand. "Apples and oranges" (1967).
The late-great Mary Wells ("My Guy") appeared on American Bandstand on this day in 1961 -
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Back on July 7, 1977, *** CLARK of American Bandstand got married! What an he was. 4 I remember that every yr!
Question of the day. American Bandstand or Lawrence Welk? Get voting!
in 1963, little Stevie Wonder made his tv debut on "American Bandstand!"
Michael Jackson performed 'Dangerous' twice during American Bandstand's 50th, because he wasn't pleased with it. could I have been at American Bandstand if that was the case!?
TBH: I wish I was alive for American Bandstand in the 80's.
How much fun is this?!?! I used to watch it (Soul Train) and American Bandstand on Saturday afternoon when I was...
Despite his hearing problem, Stanley enjoyed listening to music, and he watched American Bandstand on television.
This month in history!. In 1956, *** Clark hosted American Bandstand for the very first time. You can’t help but...
There was an episode of American bandstand in the 60s which they were trying to pick a Paul McCartney look alike.. No winner was selected
1969 - American Bandstand hosts a reunion of Je...
this still sounds so good Skyy let's celebrate american bandstand 1982 via
if you preferred American Bandstand over Soul Train.
The KingBees on American Bandstand. From the media archives of *** Clark Productions.
From OCTOBER of 1964 on AMERICAN BANDSTAND with *** CLARK here are .THE HONDELLS with."LITTLE...
"I have the same goal I've had ever since I was a girl. I want to rule the world - Madonna" American Bandstand
American song book this week. Bastille day next week. Bandstand about to be lit.
1960 - Hank Ballard and the Midnighters performed "Finger Poppin' Time" on "American Bandstand."
I liked American Bandstand but I LOVED me some Soul Train!
On this day in 1981 Kim Carnes performed "Bette Davis Eyes" on "American Bandstand."
I liked a video Righteous Brothers - Rock N Roll Heaven on American Bandstand 1981
Just got a sneak preview of new musical spectacular "American Bandstand". Absolutely worth your time to see it. Opens tomorrow
American Bandstand *** Clark and the Making Of. by John A Jackson - 1997
should join 2 create tv show for rock bands. American Idol is dead, how about a reformatted American Bandstand?
It's like American Bandstand the hits just keep on coming 15-1 over
On June 5, Roy Orbison performed on American Bandstand, hosted by the late great *** Clark.…
Wanna feel old? Explain how cool American Bandstand was to an 11 year old.
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1971 - Paul Humphrey and the Cool-Aid Chemists performed "Cool-Aid"
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1965 - Junior Walker and the All-Stars performed "Shotgun"
On this day in 1977 the Addrisi Brothers performed "Slow Dancin' Don't Turn Me On" on American Bandstand -
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We're putting on an American Bandstand play at GT Camp this year. I forgot how much I loved…
You're either grew up in a Soul Train or an American Bandstand house | Lyn Collins - Think
We brought American Bandstand back to Philadelphia for Paoli Hospital's Cancer Survivors Day celebration yesterday!
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1983 - The Hollies performed "Stop in the Name of Love"
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1959 - Johnny and the Hurricanes performed "Crossfire" via
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1958 - Danny & the Juniors sang "Rock 'n' Roll is Here to Stay"
American Bandstand brought rock 'n' roll music into millions of households and showed Americans how
break the american bandstand stage and pay homage to Soul Train
The Doors - The Crystal Ship/Light My Fire Live at American Bandstand 67' Saw this when it first aired.
I just put on Boogie Fever & I'm dancing circa 1975 American Bandstand .
The great Bobby Darin driving the girls wild on the set of "American Bandstand". He usta' manage and be a mentor...
That one sounds like a late 80s American Bandstand ditty
You should host a new American Bandstand or a New Year's Eve Special. Oh and give me your age defying secrets!
American Bandstand ran from 1952-1989. Van Lantz was the only band to be featured yearly for the show's entire run.
Join Jack Fisher, an American Bandstand Dancer & 60s Rock & Roll DJ, as you relive the 1960s!
Watching American Bandstand dancers and having them rate the song
LOL. I def remember American Bandstand. But not solid Gold. *hangs head in shame
My first appearance on American Bandstand a dream come true, with the greatest *** Clark 1984
This is how you do a tv appearance...Pil on American Bandstand...
I thought you guys had a sports radio call-in show, not *** Clark's American Bandstand.
Michael Jackson before his performance on American Bandstand's 50th anniversary which took place on April 20th 2002.
*** Clark with the Kids American Bandstand 1 trading card
And the fact that he mentioned her American Bandstand performances...yeah he's a fan.
I was on American Bandstand... now I'm on summer break!
NJ teen appears on “American Bandstand” in 1963 and belts out what becomes a tune:
Just announced! performs in on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at *** Clark's American Bandstand Theatre!
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1970 - Bobbi Martin performed "For the Love of Him" via
On May 30, 1963 Lesley Gore performed "It's My Party" on American Bandstand. The song would go on to become...
hehe Soul Train followed American Bandstand if I'm not mistaken. It's been awhile. This is for you, my dear
May 30 1963 : Lesley Gore makes her first TV appearance, performing "It's My Party" on American Bandstand.
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1962 - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles performed "I'll Try Something New" on American Bandstand.
On this day in 1966 the Gentrys performed their Top 5 hit "Keep On Dancing" on American Bandstand.
On this day in 1977 Alan O' Day performed his # 1 hit "Undercover Angel" on American Bandstand.
umm no ive been since I was 3 😊 i kissed the tv when he was on American Bandstand
Me either.. closest was American Bandstand, but that was 1984! LOL
Last Live Auditions are being held this Saturday May 30th 2-6pm for a TV Variety Show like American Bandstand and...
On this day in 1967 the Buckinghams performed "Kind Of A Drag" and "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" on American Bandstand.
Prince Ivan starts summer concert series at *** Clark's American Bandstand Theater in Branson on June 3!
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1972-Love Unlimited sang "Walkin' in the Rain with the One I Love"
On this day in 1978 Donna Summer sang "Last Dance" on "American Bandstand."
On this day in 1984 the Romantics performed "One In A Million" and "Open Your Door" on American Bandstand.
American Bandstand: Room full of awkward dancers plus one dude that is determined to be scouted for his talent and, dammit! He WILL BE SEEN.
Still one of the coolest/weirdest things on U.S. TV ever: John Lydon and PiL on AMERICAN BANDSTAND:
Trying To Narrow down to my top 25 songs!!! Please help! What are your top 20? Remember American BandStand?...
As they use to say on American Bandstand "It's got a good beat and you can dance to it!" 👍👍 Looking forward to more :)
Little Giant Ladders
Better than Chubby Checker on American Bandstand in his heyday
I liked a video Graces on American Bandstand
My mom is over here reliving her American Bandstand/Soul Train days😂
If this was American Bandstand and if I was rating that song, a definite 98. It's as 1980s as you can get, sounds sort of like Go West.
I make em say, *** man, that Kid he's a grand man Cause I bust a handstands on American Bandstand.
Tatum Street will be playing a mixture of folk and Latin American music on the bandstand tomorrow (Monday 25th...
I was raised on Motown and American Bandstand where you could understand lyrics & no mention of killing cops or people.
May 24 1969 : The Guess Who make their debut on American television, singing These Eyes and "Laughing" on ABC-TV's American Bandstand.
Today in 1980 performs his classic 'Lets get serious' on American Bandstand
The rejects were sent across the hall to serve as tokens on American Bandstand, was the gag I recall from childhood.
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1961 - Little Caesar & the Romans sang "Those Oldies but Goodies"
Screw American Bandstand...Soul Train was the coolest hour of American television during the 70s and 80s.
Chad & Jeremy with A Summer Song on American Bandstand 11/28/1964 -
The Pyramids with Penetration on American Bandstand 3/28/1964 plus *** Clark interviews the band! -
Holiday - Madonna on American Bandstand (1984). This is how I saw Madonna for the 1st time. I'll always remember it.
When they suggested these guys to *** Clark for an American Bandstand gig, he HESITATED!
This will be my first time this close since American Bandstand!
On this day in 1971 Sugarloaf with Jerry Corbetta performed "Green-Eyed Lady" on American Bandstand.
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1976 - Kool and the Gang performed "Love and Understanding"
Original man in a strange land. You never my butt on American bandstand
On this day in 1983 (May 21), Def Leppard make their only appearance with *** Clark on American Bandstand and...
There needs to be another American Bandstand/Dance Party USA show. Can someone make that happen?
TV show of the day: American Bandstand​
TV show of the day: American Bandstand
On this day in 1966 the Tokens performed "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and "I Hear Trumpets Blow" on American Bandstand.
Soul Train and American Bandstand. Now that was dancing.
1982, aged 16, performs her first single "Young Love" on American Bandstand.
From the YOU & ME & HIM playlist, Blondie on American Bandstand! What?
"Bandstand Boogie" from American Bandstand - the real life Hairspray! Next up: Chamber Orchestra. Still seats available for you...
1972 - Gladys Knight and the Pips performed "Help Me Make it Through the Night" on American Bandstand.
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Diff'rent Strokes - Searching for a person to host a re-vamp of American Bandstand
Who holds the record for most American Bandstand appearances? See our 2015 Family Music Festival checklist:
like we look at American Bandstand or Star Search.
So far, for me, nothing has topped being in the American Bandstand audience that day - a close second is her posting my tattoo
I have talked with many boomers and we can't figure out why American Bandstand blacks were seamless with teenagers.Vocab great!
I just wanna go on american bandstand and sing rock ballads from the 60s
Saturday afternoons meant American Bandstand followed by Soul Train!.
Your Saturday was not complete without American Bandstand.
On this day 1980. John invites audience on stage to dance with PIL on American Bandstand. Poptones, Careering.
This day in history... May 17th 1980. PiL perform 'Poptones' and 'Careering' on American Bandstand.
I remember that as a rate a record on American Bandstand (I think?) pretty sure
I wanted to be on American Bandstand 😃
Well if you take Fall Creek that can take you all the way to The Welk or American Bandstand Theater, n there's a bank thru..
eayhing American Bandstand and thinking that *** Clark was awesome
I'm calling this my American Bandstand hair because it reminds me of Brittany Snow on that show.…
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American Bandstand for Julz! I'm on my way to Duluth to pick my daughter up from school 💕
just turned 50! Competing in a major contest at American Bandstand bldg Tuesday! 50=new 30
American Bandstand Sidewalk Surfin' Jan & Dean. *** Clark. Somewhere I have my photos of their...
My contribution to The Whispers: Lady -American Bandstand.. 😉 lot of ya'll won't know nuthin'…
"Nothing you can do to me me away from my guy, my guy." Saturday morning American Bandstand!
On this day in 1972 Gallery performed "Nice To Be With You" and "I Believe In Music" on American Bandstand.
On this day in 1978 Chic performed "Everybody Dance" on "American Bandstand."
on a headstand on my american bandstand somersaults cartwheels biii- I'll show myself out
Never did I need to go on american bandstand, I needed a more melanin dominant spot like
Philly music peaked during the American Bandstand Era.
Original man in a strange land, you'll never see my butt on American bandstand.
On this day in 1973 Dobie Gray performed his Top 5 hit "Drift Away" on American Bandstand.
Feels like the time *** Clark lost American Bandstand. So do what he did. Bring back more games shows, he prepared U for it.
Was spelunking through American Bandstand videos on YouTube and naturally this GIF happened.
maybe u can have a show like American Bandstand wer u have Artist sing n teens dance? Dat would be cool 2 see
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Start a new "American Bandstand", and host New Years Eve countdown events...
American Idol was a good show but it was never going to be the next American Bandstand.
VINTAGE on american bandstand, and *** clark
Two things: 1) I love Jersey Boys. 2) The evolution of the programming format for American Bandstand is fascinating. That is all.
Prince been coming through for folks ever since he shaded *** Clark and his record label on American Bandstand in 1980
Enough probably can't be said about American Bandstand's influence...
Besides me, another thing was born in *** Clark's American
On this day in 1982 Atlantic Starr performed their first big hit "Circles" on American Bandstand.
I really wish American Bandstand still existed.
Today in 1958: The Champs perform their No. 1 “Tequila” on American Bandstand.
On this day in 1966 the Shadows Of Knight performed "Gloria" and "Oh Yeah" on American Bandstand.
lip-sync error '82 by Go Go's American Bandstand 6:30 mark Belinda is nowhere near the mic & the 2nd verse starts.
I watched solid gold and American bandstand!
Thanks, Sara, now I just want to sit and watch American Bandstand videos the rest of the day!
I remember first seeing you on American Bandstand in, I think, '82. Do you remember that day well?
Did you ever rush home from school to watch American Bandstand?
Today in *** Clark's American Bandstand History. 1967 - The Electric Prunes performed "Get Me to the World on Time"
nani fact: when nani was our age, she was on tv for San Diego's mini version of American Bandstand
Tickets to our May 15th tribute to American Bandstand would make a great Mother's Day gift!
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