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American Assassin

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940 in Pasadena, California) is an American conspiracy theorist and a retired philosophy professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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'American Assassin' star Dylan O'Brien on his big screen comeback qua
I added a video to a playlist American Hot Sniper Assassin Commando Girl by PF3D (Game Play Video)
Tyler hasn't seen American Assassin yet, he's been too busy. But he did watch DOB on the Late Late Show, and the Mets pitc…
my of the vs. the film. Is one better than the other?…
Seen American Assassin yet? Click the link to find out if great minds do, in fact, think alike!.
American assassin was ok. No one good dies.
great performance in American Assassin! 👌🏼I appreciate your work and talent as an actor!
What does it take to become Mitch Rapp? Find out this Friday, secure your tickets today:
ever heard of American Assassin? he was labeled BETTER than matt damon’s Jason Bourne? ever heard of the Death Cure?
STARTING FRIDAY: The Hitman's Bodyguard plays at 7pm followed by American Assassin at 9:20! No shows Sunday or Monday. htt…
American assassin aka best movie of 2017
The characters in the American Assassin movie chose Hamilton watches to keep pace with them on their mission.
Great UI reel created by Territory Studio for their work on American Assassin
That is to say, I do not worship a nation, in which a phil…
Scott Adkins is criminally underused in American productions... American Assassin being the latest culprit
American Assassin was aweskme bro. You are definitely an action star now lol. Bummer how Scott Adkins went out though
Finally saw American Assassin. They did a good job, but I still would have had Chris Cooper as Hurley and Joan Allen as Irene Kennedy.
American Assassin is a sillier and duller Jason Bourne: EW review 4
REVIEW 'American Assassin' is fast and furious fun
American Assassin looks so, so bad. Looks like it wants so hard to be John Wick, but none can touch the king.
The ending of American Assassin got me like
Dylan O'Brien with Lysa Flynn & Kevin Flynn at the American Assassin after party in Minnesota Sep 8 2017 [via:
is going to see American Assassin today. I made this to get her even more excited ✌✌✌
.is Mitch Rapp in Get your tickets now:
[PICTURES] Dylan attends a screening of 'American Assassin' on September 12, 2017 in Hollywood, California.
Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien attend the Los Angeles Special Screening of 'American Assassin'
I appreciate the fact that people don't spoil American Assassin btw, you guys are so nice
In 25 hours i'll be watching american assassin...not feeling okay not sure if i'm ready
Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey at the screening of "American Assassin"
Wait *** american assassin has 33% on rotten tomatoes...that cant be true bc the trailers and released scenes look good as *** 🤔
You're getting all your friends to go see American Assassin, right?.
Dylan O'Brien @ the 'American Assassin' screening at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
How long until we get the AMERICAN ASSASSIN and AMERICAN MADE team-up movie?
📸| Tyler Posey today supporting Dylan O'brien for his new movie American Assassin
How 'American Assassin' book series took a long, twisting path to become movie
When make his exit from the American Assassin after party after a long day of taking care of fans.
the only movies left are American Assassin, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and the Lego Ninjago movie 😂😂
On September 14, see Dylan O'Brien and Michael Keaton in the gripping American Assassin.
I attended American Assassin screening today. So. *** Good. I sensed Vince Flynn's soul in it. I really did.
Watch Taylor Kitsch opens up about playing a villain opposite Michael Keaton in “American Assassin"…
American Assassin by Vince Flynn! It's what the movie is based off of
On page 160 of 544 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
New still of Dylan O'Brien as Mitch Rapp in "American Assassin"
Dylan O'Brien behind the scenes of 'American Assassin'.
On page 112 of 544 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
Even though plot is much different from book to movie, I just finished Vince Flynn's American Assassin in time to watch 1st Mitch Rapp film.
On page 225 of 544 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
Dylans interviews about American Assassin are amazing and I LOVE seeing the chemistry between him and Michael Keaton
Sanaa Lathan, Dylan O'Brien, & Michael Keaton all in a movie together. SIGN ME UP. . American Assassin can have my coins
It takes one to kill one in the latest red-band trailer for American Assassin
Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Kitsch take aim for the slick new American Assassin character posters
Man watched Savage Dog the ending was so unnecessary. Probs my last Adkins movie. Wait ninja is casted in American Assassin
Vince Flynn books kick *** and the movies American Assassin is going to be fantabulous!!
Yes! I'm guessing you are too. I recently started the Mitch Rapp series (American Assassin) by Vince F…
American Assassin to debut in movie theaters on September 15, 2017. Based on the novel by Vince Flynn.…
On page 448 of 516 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
They said you're the little Jason Bourne in American Assassin, they said you've achieved your dream :D
[NEWS] The first trailer for American Assassin should be released in the next week or so. (via
I'm so excited for American Assassin, Dylan has worked so *** this movie and Mitch Rapp is the best character he's ever played so far
are there plans for a special movie edition of the American Assassin book? 😄
Daily reminder Dylan as Mitch Rapp is gonna be legendary and American Assassin is the best thing that happened to his caree…
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A BTS image from camera test as Mitch Rapp. It's going to be a busy week for American Assassin fans. htt…
New Drawing of Dylan O'Brien as Mitch Rapp (with full beard) in American Assassin. Little one, more to come. Hope you like it…
yeh that looks awesome too. They're so fast. I totally want to try American football too
nope, american assassin starts filming first, in September and he will be back to finish filming teen wolf in October
nope he won't, actually, he needs the beard to film American Assassin
that's totally possible he's training for his new role in American Assassin, since it's a very hard and physical role
"Xero’s double identity...assimilation narrative within the American Black man."
American Assassin!! Yep Deepwater Horizon. I feel like a proud mom tbh 😔 from youtube videos to starring in a major film 😭
I finished American Assassin and I am NOT happy
[NEWS] Dylan is scheduled to start filming American Assassin in September!
I am 90% sure that his beard is for American assassin movie.
there's speculations he's staying shaggy for American Assassin (only for a few scenes, though)
American's baby faced assassin ⚡️ “Lilly King is not here for Team Russia's doping drama”.
I guess and had sympathy for of and no regard for victim
I don't know what the heck American assassin is let me live 😤
So apparently Dylan's beard is for his role in American Assassin 🤔
Anonymous said: Aren't American Assassin and Stratton kind of the same theme?
I wonder if Dylan has been working out a little for American Assassin bc he looks thiccer than usual 👀
Anonymous said: thinking about all the naked!dylbae fight scenes in american assassin... and all the...
I wanna know if Dylan is letting his hair and beard grow because of his next role on the movie American Assassin ...
It's hilarious how American feminists don't ever talk about these issues.
I hope Dylan has his beard in the first scene of American Assassin
I really hope he's keeping the beard for American Assassin and it won't last because baby you look better without it. :)).
he is shooting for American assassin 😤😤😤😤
When does American assassin start filming
Getting ready for American Assassin, I'm so proud of him!
First book is American Assassin... will be playing Mitch Rapp in the film adaption, alongside
Hope you are getting lots of rest & relaxation! Wonderful news about American Assassin! Congrats!
Need her in the IDF Sniper, or American CIA Assassin group. Congratulation on the Gold Medal
News: Dylan O'Brien is confirmed to play Mitch Rapp in the movie 'American Assassin'. [via: http…
Trump Delivering One of the Biggest Tax Cuts Since Reagan, Every American Needs to See it via
Caught an American Ninja video of and pretty sure her alter ego is either super hero or Assassin.
I love the assassin's creed games and I think a Wild West or American civil war game could be a cool idea
I'm an American aquarium drinker. I assassin down the avenue.I'm hiding out in the big city blinking.What was I thinkin when I let go of you
I've gotten to the part in American Assassin where they actually go into the Middle East and I'm getting so confused already
NEW info about Dylan O'Brien's upcoming movie: 'American Assassin' . Will start filming in September!
Ok but listen...Dylan O'Brien playing a CIA agent in American Assassin. I'll be six ft under ground after seeing the movie.
On page 370 of 544 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
can't wait for the movie American Assassin to come out. Wonder who they'll get to play Mitch Rapp?
I'm tired of these movies/tv shows/books with "American" in the title. American Dad. American Sniper. American Assassin. AMERICAN YOU STOP?!
.to star in 'American Assassin' movie adaptation
If you haven't already, read Vince Flynn's American Assassin before the movie adaption comes out!
Michael Keaton will star in movie adaptation of 'American Assassin':
Michael Keaton will play a badass spy trainer in American Assassin via
10 years huh? If you like thrillers any of Vince Flynn's books are awesome, start with American Assassin.
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Please read: American Theocracy by Kevin Phillips & Assassin's Gate for enlightenment.
Out of all zhe stupid American traditions you have, Christmas good. . /The Russian assassin is a fan of Christmas.
What's your Inquisitor? My canon Inquisitor is a Female Double-Wielding Assassin Human. Ginger with the American voice :p
I'm sitting here at 1:33 am eating cheez its and watching American dad this is the life
Collin Wright was born to American Assassin Thomas Wright and unknown mother. Thomas raised Collin until he was six and then, for reasons~
You know you watch too much American Dad when your dream has a complex story line (mine was about Steve being an assassin)
Dude. How do you think I passed my history exam on the American Revolution last year? Assassin's Creed 3! ;)
Into the badlands is like Ninja Assassin, Django, and Ip Man rolled in one with a little American Ninja 3 sprinkled in
I just finished American Assassin. Wow Mitch Rapp is totally awesome. Now on to Kill Shot then Term Limits.
Oh *** of course a wacky Hipster would start an assassin club. It's the next step after American Ninja Warrior.
Still nothing from on American Assassin franchise will they just let the film right expire
asnd our military protected an assassin in FT Hood knew he was dissident pols protect Islam vs American
I was hoping it would be the guy off of Assassin's Creed. But it's just a Native American.
On page 90 of my first Vince Flynn novel American Assassin. Wow , awesome can't put it down. Mitch Rapp is totally awesome.
Might be the American air raid. I'm probably wrong, but they bombed a car they thought an assassin was in.
Kristen/Phoebe was a bad *** Jesse/Mike was a kitchenware assassin (all stuffs he used to kill mostly utensils lol)American…
Read about the new African American avenging angel assassin. Catch my blog about the new thriller, Sista's Revenge
Govt is like high school. Fell in love w/ white supremacist assassin/watching them pitch narrative to African-American President Priceless!
then they decided to start w/ American Assassin. It's hard to cast 23 yr old Rapp, but they wanted Chris Hemsworth.
So we had a lecture about Native American-English diplomacy and watched the trailer for Assassin's Creed 3 lmaooo
"Almost midnight. I finally got you.". "Not today.". I bite into an apple. Disgraced, the American Medical Association assassin slinks off.
Michel Angeligue - Assassin or Heroine My review of SISTA’S REVENGE, the African American avenging angel
Mainstream liberal media share the same Character as their Blond American assassin.
how cool would it be if u announced Mitch Rapp / American Assassin today!!
Lets get moving on American Assassin, Mitch Rapp is the Angel of Death
My top 5 Mitch Rapp books: Transfer of Power, Consent to Kill, The Survivor, American Assassin, and Memorial Day
The Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn! First book is American Assassin!
Anything by Vince Flynn. His Mitch Rapp series is outstanding! The first book is American Assassin, give it a try!
Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series is a must read. Starts w/ American Assassin, & a new one, The Survivor, is out on 10/6!
try I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes, American Assassin by Vince Flynn, Joe Victim by 👍
Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn, they are incredible! Series begins w/ American Assassin. New one, The S…
the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn, you'll be hooked fast! Start with American Assassin. You'll like Rapp & be glad you did!
I got the thriller series for you. The Mitch Rapp series, by Vince Flynn! Start with American Assassin, you'll thank me later!
try Vince Flynn, his Mitch Rapp series is awesome! Start with American Assassin, let me know how you like it!!
Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series, start with American Assassin, I've read several of his books in one day.
Vince Flynn for sure, Mitch Rapp may be the best character ever created. I suggest starting with American Assassin
finished American Assassin: A Thriller (Mitch Rapp Book 1) by Vince Flynn and gave it 4 stars
starting at the beginning with American Assassin allows you to grow with the character, Mitch Rapp. You won't regret it!
" American Assassin " 1st/printing by Vince Flynn excellent condition
On page 353 of 544 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
On page 238 of 544 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
i wanna play the American Revolution one, which iirc is Assassin;s Creed 3
When you remember that Muse had been playing Assassin, The Groove and Showbiz songs in the UK and you become the Most Bitter American.
watched Everly... English assassin girl is clearly speaking lines written for an American - no Brit actually speaks like that!🙈
A new African American female assassin in the hood. See my review of SISTA’S REVENGE by at
Just brushing up on my American history, I... I say history.
I'd maybe play it. I'd love American Midwest or Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the teenage assassin learns from Altair
American fans, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist is now available to view on Hulu plus in the USA!
American super assassin on boat hesitates and gets shot and falls into Mediterranean. Drowns.
British PM rebranded as ‘ASDIC’, until american engineers pointed out, be an assassin. Future uzi lord. Blogger. It’s not that i needed.
you are lucky you aren't here rn, I would grind on you while kissing all over your body you cute American
Anyone Wanna Buy a Presidential Assassin’s Car?: To your left is a 1955 Chevrolet BelAir station wagon with a tie in to American murd...
The assassin tried to slip away into the night An American MP in Korea http:/…
Andrew Cheney plays a British assassin with a fun spark who defects to the American forces
I definitely recommend Vince Flynn! You'll love Mitch Rapp. Start with "American Assassin".
1 of 5 stars to American Assassin by Vince Flynn
Just finished American Assassin by Vince Flynn. Great recommendation from the spy thriller is def a genre I can get into!
The Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn. I'm hooked. Start with American Assassin. U can Google the chron order.:-)
Thanks to I've stayed up way too late reading American Assassin by Vince Flynn.
take it easy! perfection will cause a stroke! I like Vince Flynn, American Assassin.
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How can I play Mitch Rapp in the American Assassin film?!? You need a new face, not an established one.
Vince Flynn is a great author. Really enjoying American Assassin.
On page 162 of 435 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
Finished reading Vince Flynn's American Assassin and loved it .. next on the list is Luke Murphy's Dead Mans Hand
American Assassin by the late Vince Flynn or Power Down by Ben Coes.
You travel a lot.Do your start to shoot Happyland this month? another suggestion : American Assassin by Vince Flynn
Found potential new Robie replacement American Assassin by Vince Flynn
, Robert, I love the Mitch Rapp series written by Vince Flynn, you have any info about American Assassin, since his death?
you need to look into playing CIA operative, Mitch Rapp, in the upcoming American Assassin movie
I'd read American Assassin then Kill Shot. That will give you the character development. Half Price Books should have them.
have you read any Vince Flynn books? I'm reading American Assassin and it's really good. After you've read the Japanese book.
Brad do you have any info on status of Vince Flynn movie American Assassin? Know you were friends.
you should look in to playing Mitch Rapp in the American Assassin movie. good book written by Vince Flynn.
On page 82 of 435 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
On page 30 of 435 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
Revolutionary Suicide- Huey P. Newton or the "American Assassin" series by Vince Flynn. . . All of Vince's books are dope
anything by Vince Flynn! Start with number 1 American Assassin ! Awesome reads!
Have decided to work my way through the entire Vince Flynn collection. I start with American Assassin today. Wish me luck.
Farewell to my favorite thriller writer Vince Flynn. Died June 19, 2013 of prostate cancer (47 years old) . . . . . insert commercial for cancer screening here His books include . . . . . Transfer of Power (1999) The Third Option (2000) Separation of Power (2001) Executive Power (2003) Memorial Day (2004) Consent to Kill (2005) Act of Treason (2006) Protect and Defend (2007) Extreme Measures (2008) Pursuit of Honor (2009) American Assassin (2010) Kill Shot (2012) The Last Man (2012) The Survivor (2013) At the time of his death he was working on another novel with a co-writer so "Mitch Rapp and Scott Coleman" may live on but his Mr. Flynn's flair will be missed.
Wonderful to see my review of Vince Flynn's "American Assassin" here!!! Read Lynn Kinnaman Daily on
On page 276 of 435 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
On page 202 of 435 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
Vince Flynn Great author. Died last week. American Assassin is 1st in Mitch Rapp series
“If you're not busy living, you're dying.” ― Vince Flynn, American Assassin
Still sad over the passing of Vince Flynn. They are still trying to find someone to star as Mitch Rapp in American Assassin. Bruce Willis is going to he Stan Hurley. Do you think I should audition???
I mourn the loss of Vince Flynn. Vince's flagship creation, Mitch Rapp, is the the best covert operator in all of fiction. Vince was a master of character development. With loss of Vince, we also lose Rapp, Kennedy, Hurley, Coleman, Reilly, Nash and Stansfield. Vince's final work, The Survivor, will be released on 8/8/13. The 2010 publication, American Assassin, is currently in production as the first Mitch Rapp franchise movie. In addition there will be authors that will work with the Vince Flynn estate to carry on the work of Mitch Rapp. In the same way that Eric Van Lustbader works with the Ludlum estate to carry on Jason Bourne. Vince, you are not truly dead until no one remembers that you lived. It will be a long time before you are forgotten. Thank you Vince.
Novelist Vince Flynn, who was diagnosed with stage three metastatic prostate cancer in 2010, but continued to write his best-selling thrillers, has died at the age of 47. He's best known for his CIA page-turners that starred Mitch Rapp, a counterterrorism operative who made Flynn the darling of conservatives. He wrote 14 USA TODAY best sellers. Three reached No. 2 on the list: Kill Shot and The Last Man (both in 2012) and American Assassin in 2010.
Only read American Assassin, but Kill Shot and Pursuit of Honor will head to the top of my To Be Read pile
By Alex Dobuzinskis LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Vince Flynn, the best-selling author of the Mitch Rapp series of political thrillers that includes "American Assassin" and "The Last Man," died on Wednesday at age 47 after a battle with prostate cancer, his representatives said. Flynn, who turned to writi...
Just finished listening to Vince Flynn's American Assassin. It's time for a trip to the for MORE!
The thing about writing from the perspective of a drug addict is truly staggering amount of heroin-related information floating around in my google search history. I feel like anyone using my computer would immediately worry for my well-being. I swear I'm not on heroin, I'm just a writer.
The Man of Steel is the talk of the town! I'm seeing that familiar S logo everywhere I look and it's got me thinking about all the great Superman stories I've read in my lifetime. So... what's your favorite?
Just wondering how I got off on Sunday. A rarity in the retail world. Looking forward to quality time with my man and seeing the new Superman flick.
Calling Kim Kay. Calling Kim Kay. How many more innocent children are going to die on your watch Kim??? We know you know where Dylan is... Your little fake hate blog here gives it away... Are his bones burning up in a hollowed-out tree in Black Forest now that you guys have an arsonist out there lighting fires across town? Did Doug McBurney already dismember him like he did to Jessica Ridgeway and distribute his body parts across the mountain? Or does Bob have the boy bound up and chained as a sex slave in his basement for future ShadowGov assassin programming? After all it's only a murder if you can find the body otherwise it's just a missing person, isn't that right? Nice motto. God is still waiting for you to do the right thing and tell the truth about how pastor Bob organized these abductions and used you to advance his own perverse mission... Tick tock tick tock -How much longer till all your secrets are revealed?
BEIRUT (AP) — The Syrian government has dismissed U.S. statements it used chemical weapons as "full of lies."
Reading memes on the internet, see one about how a teacher asks a question about 9/11 in HISTORY CLASS. I WAS IN HISTORY CLASS WHEN 9/11 HAPPENED!
There are Two People who know why and how Abiola died besides God of course. Ibrahim Babangida Abdulsalami Abubakar. There is also the distinct possibility that Abiola died from the pressure and stress that accumulated over a period of 4 years and simply suffered a heart attack that killed him. For those that believe that the US delegation that visited him murdered him, it is an absurd notion.
“According to legend this money was hidden away in wine casks, and, escaping the search of Napoleon’s soldiers when they entered Frankfurt, was restored intact in the same casks in 1814, when the elector (Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau) returned to the electorate (Germany). The facts are somewhat less romantic, and more businesslike.” This last line indicates the money was never returned by Rothschild to Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau. The encyclopaedia goes on to state, “Nathan Mayer Rothschild invested this $3,000,000 in, gold from the East India Company knowing that it would be needed for Wellington’s peninsula campaign.” On the stolen money Nathan made, “no less than four profits: i) On the sale of Wellington’s paper which he bought at 50 cents on the dollar and collected at par; ii) on the sale of gold to Wellington; iii) on its repurchase; and iv) on forwarding it to Portugal.” 1815: The five Rothschild brothers work to supply gold to both Wellington’s army (through Nathan in ...
LifeNews frequently reports on abortion clinics closing down for a variety of reasons. We know that those abortion facility closures result in lives saved -- as
I don't necessarily like being kicked by an admin on BF3, but it does make me feel happy.
Check out this great item: American Assassin by Vince Flynn (2010, Hardcover) HCDJ 1st Ed. / Printing
Oranje! had MOXIE and BALLS -- no wonder I took on the Name! -- its more than just Dutch Soccer - the Worlds Best: READ - the Dutch Protestants would not be conquered. They had a great leader. His name was William I of Orange, surnamed “the Silent.” He had been raised in the court of Charles V, the “Holy Roman Emperor,” and was fit to lead a people to political liberty. He waged war from the sea commanding the bravest soldiers of the age... This William I of Orange became the Father of religious liberty and greatly beloved of his people. He did not force the Anabaptists to go to war, as they were non-resistant. He further gave the European Jews religious liberty, so much so that they migrated to Amsterdam, calling it “the New Jerusalem.” (Rembrandt painted some of his greatest portraits using the Jews of Amsterdam to illustrate Biblical characters.) William ultimately produced in his seventeen year-old son, Prince Maurice, a man who became the greatest soldier of the age. Maurice contributed . ...
THIS GUYS IS WORSE THAT AN PRESIDENT ASSASSIN Edward Snowden’s I believe that Mr. Snowden did NOT act alone. In something as big of this, I do NOT believe there a long Wolfe in this case..There are, and will be more people that are found that were connected to Mr. Snowden...Pre. Lincoln Assassin John Wilkes Booth did not act alone, thats why page out of his personal Diary were missing never recover. (and this guy keepe a daily diary ) J.F.Kennedy Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. We know with an overwhelming fact exist, that there was a 2nd shooter...Dr. King assassin James early Ray. Had accomplisher in the US Gov..”how can you get a American passport in three days and go true the Canadian immigration without notice.Mr.Edward This is a “Lets make a Scandal to embarrass the President going WRONG...or it went on Steroid..” Hate the current President or NOT. This is bed for our National Security..This guy need to be in the USA..CIA must get to work!!
The Primitives - Crash '95 (Dumb & Dumber Movie Soundtrack ) A Tribute to the American Assassin of New York State
How the government might use your phone records to stop terrorists.
Hey there, the new ETA is about 30 minutes from now. We'll update you if we need to extend maintenance or if we complete it sooner than expected. In the meantime, let us know which At-Wills you have slotted for your character?
"I'm neither traitor nor hero. I'm an American," is how Snowden describes himself to the South China Morning Post, but, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released today the American people are quite clear...
A significant share of Americans suspect that a key part of the political class is not serious about immigration enforcement, and they therefore worry that they are being sold a solution that is really a recipe for further problems.
Obama paid lawyers very early in his life to cover his life and school records up, keep it secret, and remain undefiled by vetting and scrutiny.However, he's created a culture of government that does just about everything underhanded, and of all things. SPY ON AMERICANS . GOTTA LOVE THIS
-Ashley and Mary Kate Fuller, twin actresses (Full House) Born in 1986. -Tim Russert, American television host, Meet the Press, dies at 58 in 2008. -Convicted Martin Luther King assassin James Earl Ray recaptured in 1977. Chinese Proverb...He Who has everything coming his way, is in wrong lane. Ha Ha Today is National "Olive Day". Try one in a Martini
When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others
Well Just now finished Assasins Creed 3 ! and. Connor Kenway (Ratonhaketon) Y U NO HERE during the chera chola pandiya dynasities :/ ! u could have chased the british away ! :/ ( this is just a wish dont get all historical fact wid me :P ) ;)
Ishrat, would-be Modi assassin, was an LeT fidayeen: Headley TO NIA In what would come as a great relief for CM Narendra Modi and Gujarat police, David Headly has said the killed girl was an fidayeen, or suicide bomber. Bearing out the version of Gujarat Police, American-born Lashker-e-Toiba terrorist David Headley has claimed before NIA sleuths that Ishrat Jahan, a Mumbai girl killed in a police encounter in Ahmedabad, was a suicide bomber of the outfit. Official sources said that Headley shared this information with the four-member team comprising officials from National Investigation Agency and Law Department during their visit to Chicago in the US. The girl, whose death had sparked a major controversy, was alleged to be a member of Lashker's suicide squad who had been inducted by top LeT operative Muzamil. Headley's information corroborates the stand of Gujarat Police and the Centre. The encounter had run into controversy after Jahan's family claimed that she was just a student and filed an appeal in ...
just got Assassin's Creed 3 for Wii U in the mail. for those who don't know and actually care, it's a game where you play as a Native American assassin during the Revolutionary War. so far it's pretty much blowing my mind..
Some feel the "Fed" is a "bunch of organized crooks" (as John Adams put it) and others feel some of its practices "are in violation of the U.S. Constitution.
On Tuesday Senator Marco Rubio (D-FL) cited "Biblical compassion" as a reason to support the "Gang of Eight" immigration bill. Rubio told CBN that he supports the bill because “[o]ur faith has always been about compassion and it compels you to do something."
Lawyer Girl is getting out of her job around the same time that I'm getting out of the military, so I suggested we start an assassin team. She's down. Colombian girl and American ex-military guy doing contract wetwork...I'd watch it.
Where would you like to see future Assassin's Creed games take place? (Country/Settings/Time Periods etc.) -Terra
Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski started a weekly Internet television program today, after alleging that the country’s television stations and newspapers are squeezing him out of their coverage.
As an avid follower of the Metal Gear solid franchise, the release of this game came as not only a complete shock, but also a spark of excitement. You see, though many Metal Gear Solid fans strayed away from the games after Sons of Liberty due to the disappearance of Solid Snake, and the appearance of the feeble bodied and quite Androgynous Jack (AKA: Raiden), I felt his appearance in the game was necessary, as well as uplifting for the series as a whole. So as my game selection finally narrowed down to Peace Walker, I have finally managed to beat that and get my hands on Metal Gear Rising (Revengence). I must say that after I played and beat this game, I would rate it 8/10. Why not a perfect score? This is why. The game-play was a great success, like nothing I’ve played before, combining stealth maneuvering, and high octane action combat with lighting speed, it had you at the edge of your seat the whole way through, the experience all around is comparable to a roller coaster ride. The controls were p . ...
Tomorrow night the flea-a-torium is gonna be set on fire!!! TWA's Lethal Lottery show you don't want miss. This show is ran by the fans... All wrestlers names will be drawn out by the fans and that's not it! The matches will be drawn out also... What type of matches will be done tomorrow night??? Who knows what?? Who vs who and what type of match. This is setting up for one of the biggest events in the Knox , Blount, and Sevier Counties. We are talking about TWA's Red, White, and Blood! Thursday July 11th Greenacres Fleamarket Better known to the wrestling world the Flea-A-Torium. TWA stars that will be on hand for this Thursday night's Lethal Lottery... Joey Knight, Tyler Jett, Charles Long, Alex Pain, Steven Cadillac Burns, Ox Harley, Tristen Ramsey, Jungle Jim Strickland, "The American Nightmare" Elliott R MorieRussell, Assassin and and many more! See you tomorrow night! Bell time 7:30pm - Doors open 6:30pm... Be there!!!
Yesterday was a greuling experience.a whole day of putting a foot and a half of papers in order. It was very painful to look at the willful acts to harm me. But the interesting part was that I felt so free when I was done.It felt like saucer riding in the snow. Suddenly it occurs to me why having bodies makes us free. The evidence is indisputable. When the time comes to face God.we will speak with complete surity until all tendency to commit wrong is gone. I loved that man because he was a liar. I didn't love him. I was naive. He planned to harm me from the beginning. He planned with the state to ruin me even further. He was stalking me. But he is a skilled character assassin. He gave no thought to the harm that was done to us. He malisciously told me he was divorced and planned to harm me so I couldn't participate in government, and he could ruin Norco. His interest in Norconian is not what you think it is. You should see what 6 or 7 hours a day in front of a camera can do for a well
Dan Brown opens his fourth Robert Langdon thriller running--or rather lying down. The Harvard professor awakens in a hospital. In rapid sequence he discovers that he's lost two days from his memory; that--astonishingly--he's in Florence, Italy; and most shocking of all, that he's in the hospital because persons unknown have tried to murder him. Most of these facts are given to him by a (naturally) pretty young doctor. Mere pages into the novel, an assassin is shooting up the hospital and Langdon and this doctor are on the run. ("She knew it was probably just the adrenaline, but she found herself strangely attracted to the American professor. In addition to his being handsome, he seemed to possess a sincerely good heart. In some distant, alternate life, Robert Langdon might even be someone she could be with.") Soon enough, there are more revelations--about this impressive doctor, about mysterious objects secreted on Langdon's person, and about a larger conspiracy. Of course, the conspiracy can only be foi ...
An American Assassin on beats that straight rock, leaving you with something sick built on 16 Blocks
We've been linked with an Armenian guy who has scored 30 goals in all competition this past season. His name is Henrikh Mkhitrayan and he has played for Shaktar Donetsk this season. Personally I don't really want this guy. Why? Because despite the fact that he has scored 30 in all competitions, it was in a poor league (Ukranian compared to the EPL), so we have absolutely no idea how he will go in one of Europe's top divisions. At least with a player from the German, Spanish, Italian etc. leagues, we have some idea of how well they perform in a top league. So anyway, do you agree with me? Matt
Fifty years ago today, George Wallace stood at the doors of the University of Alabama to prevent two black prospective students from registering. (The nationalized Alabama national guard ordered him aside.) Fifty years ago this evening, president John F. Kennedy went on national TV to make the case that civil rights are a moral imperative. (The Civil Rights Act was passed in his memory two years later.) Fifty years ago tonight, Medgar Evers was murdered in his driveway for the crime of demanding justice and equality. )It took 30 years for his assassin to be brought to justice.) Fifty years later, we have an African-American president. He is publicly reviled, disrespected, hated, obstructed, called a pretender, a terrorist, a Muslim, a traitor and worse. In fifty years, we have made progress, but oh, we have a long way to go.
biography[-]by Steve Huey One of the founding fathers of synth pop, Gary Numan's influence extends far beyond his lone American hit, "Cars," which still stands as one of the defining new wave singles. That seminal track helped usher in the synth pop era on both sides of the Atlantic, especially his native U.K., where he was a genuine pop star and consistent hitmaker during the early '80s. Even after new wave had petered out, Numan's impact continued to make itself felt; his dark, paranoid vision, theatrically icy alien persona, and clinical, robotic sound were echoed strongly in the work of many goth rock and (especially) industrial artists to come. For his part, Numan just kept on recording, and by the late '90s he'd become a hip name to drop; prominent alt-rock bands covered his hits in concert, and a goth-flavored brand of industrial dance christened darkwave looked to him as its mentor. Numan was born Gary Anthony James Webb on March 8, 1958, in the West London section of Hammersmith. A shy child, mus ...
finished American Assassin by Vince Flynn, another great book in the Mitch Rapp series.
A film by Mike Gibbons & Patrick Rynne aimed at exploring and supporting the emerging surf culture of Cuba. The non-profit organization Royal 70 (
Europeans Have Had Enough Of Islam By Geert Wilders: Europe has had enough of Islam. More than three quarters of the Dutch (77 percent) believe that Islam is no enrichment for our country. More than two-thirds – 68 percent – say that there is enough Islam in the Netherlands. It is striking that a majority of voters from all political parties (from PVV to VVD, CDA, D66, PvdA, SP and 50plus) share this view. A poll conducted by the research bureau of Maurice de Hond (the Dutch equivalent of Gallup), commissioned by the PVV, among a representative sample of over 1,900 people also shows other striking results: A majority of 55 percent favors stopping immigration from Islamic countries. 63 percent say: no new mosques. 72 percent favor a constitutional ban on Sharia law in the Netherlands. 64 percent say that the arrival of immigrants from Islamic countries has not been beneficial to the Netherlands. Nearly three-quarters – 73 percent – of all Dutch see a relationship between Islam and the recent terror ...
Rush quoted obamacare is going up 88 percent. Wonder how many democrats will pick this up like they did with california rates that they said went down. I bet the democrats will leave this ohio stuff alone. Lets see.
Thanks, that's great news! The link in the last sentence is to the only page I could find on your website where the webcast was available (through the pop-out player.)
So Assassins Creed 4 is coming out, then theres Brotherhood & Revelations in-between so thats 6 main games. Then there's another 9 games on the side, so there are 15 AC games total. Never thought the series would go past 2 tbh.
After watching the first day of E3, it looks like i will be leaving Xbox for PS4 this holiday season due the the restrictions Xbox has on it's consumers.
So haven't read too much on these new consoles yet. But I can tell you right now if xbox and ps4 do not allow used games (as is rumoured), as well as pump up the content in their games (start producing full games instead of incomplete ones) then the market is going to tank like it did in '83. And I'm not the only one saying this. A lot of analysts agree.
Helen Mirren has responded to being listed as one of the candidates for 12th Doctor. On her recent odds of 25-1, she said: “Oh, please — I would put much longer odds on it than that. She added: “But I think it’s absolutely time for a female Doctor Who. I’m so sick of that man with his girl sidekick. “I could name at least 10 wonderful British actresses who would absolutely kill in that role.’’ This isn’t the first time Mirren has been associated with the show. In 2011 she was quoted as saying: “I would like to play the new female Doctor. I don’t want to just be his sidekick.” Source: Doctor Who TV
When did Yankee Hotel Foxtrot become life's soundtrack?
Elder Scrolls Online, you look so pretty! *grabby hands* I also really loved the AC4 stuff. Looks like it took the good stuff from AC3 (Lots of naval stuff + tree running) and mixed it with Equilibrium-style gunslinging. Beautiful graphics. Edward already looks more charismatic and likable than Connor ever was.. But Ezio will always be my assassin.
Finished listening to Elmore Leonard's The Hot Kid. Starting on American Assassin by Vince Flynn. I still like bedtime stories read to me.
I've been on this book for so long like my 1st book of the summer American Assassin-Vince Flynn need to hurry and move on.
Forgot how dope it was to be a Native American Assassin
I've always pictured R. Lee Ermey as in the later books. Probably too old for American Assassin.
Are you a Vince Flynn fan? His book American Assassin will be made into film. What should play Mitch Rapp?
Thanx4follow. Me24U. Caught U in "Cold Light Of Day". Hope they cast U in Vince Flynn books as Mitch Rapp, American Assassin
On page 335 of 435 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
American Assassin (Book on Cds, Vince Flynn, New york times bestseller)
On page 269 of 435 of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn
Just finished Vince Flynn's latest in the Mitch Rapp series; The Last Man. He's is one of the best 'political' thriller writers. If you haven't read him yet, start with; American Assassin...there are 13 more in the series, all action packed!
The leaked, official Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag - (US) trailer.October 29th. What do you think? arh?
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I think Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag will be about the French Revolution. Because the third one is about the American one. :P
The NWO New World Order is controlled by the most powerful man in the World the BLACK POPE ADOLFO NICOLAS PACHON who has bis Generals carry out his Commands ...
freaking Cyborg Raiden, dammit...i'm dead even as Venom I think -Mac
My father watch too much show. -.- Say what if my bf is an American later his secret is an assassin lolol!!!
Assassin's Creed 3 has taught me a lot about history. Most importantly that hypothermia wasn't invented until after the American revolution.
*** I was way off on my assassins creed 4 guess. Time period a little after American revolution in the Caribbean. You are a pirate assassin, called assassins creed black flag
Learning about the american revolution & the renaissance and all I can think about is Assassin's Creed..
I Wouldn't Mind being Assassinated. . . . Only people of power who instilled hatred in others Hearts because of the greatness they produce get Assassinated . I wanna be that woman one day
Hey any of you want try American Ninja Assassin game on tv?
The world premiere trailer for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag leaked online Saturday.
Tonight in Primetime on KCBD KCBD-NewsChannel 11 - 11.1 7:00PM – AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR Comedian Matt Iseman hosts the heart-racing obstacle course competition series “American Ninja Warrior.” Top finishers from the preliminary rounds take on a challenging obstacle course to compete for the chance to move onto the finals round in Las Vegas and the chance to win $500,000. 8:00PM – CHICAGO FIRE NAZDAROVYA DAWSON PUTS HERSELF IN DANGER TO HELP HER BROTHER—Dawson (Monica Raymund) attempts to help her brother Antonio (guest star Jon Seda) unravel the details of his drugs-and-gang investigation, and goes behind his back in turning to an unlikely source for assistance. 9:00PM – SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE KEVIN HART/MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS 10:00PM – KCBD-NewChannel 11 at Ten KCBD-THIStv - 11.2 7:00PM - 9:00PM The Grand (TV-14, R, **+) In Las Vegas, a newly reformed drug user enters a Texas Hold 'Em tournament in hopes of winning enough to save the casino he inherited from his grandfather 9:00PM – 11:00P ...
Why CNN doesn't say El Ponchis is an American citizen?
Gonna have a *** of a lot of free time out here. Book suggestions?
i thought the assassin creed games were going in chronological order of the ancestors of the main character( the assassins even tho are the protagonists they arent the MAIN character . their decedent is ) so how can the next game be with pirates where the last games was the american revolution...
The Assassin’s Creed (series is going really downhill. American Revolution was pushing it, now… pirates?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
The 'Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag' trailer has arrived two days earlier than expected! Check out the franchise's new protagonist, Edward Kenway, in action.
...finally watched Clooney's assassin pic, The American...slow-placed, but excellent...the novel must be really terrific!...
1 - What is the Russian American political solution to change the regime in Syria 2 - be representative of peoples Syria 3 - Coalition does not represent everyone, represents a small group of Sunni Muslims in Syria 4 - be representative of Alawites 5 - sometimes out words of some people in the coalition, as if there were no One in Syria only two groups are the Coalition and the gang assassin Bashar al-Assad, we do not accept Only hand over power, as if a cow, would be handed over to them is this wise words Will the Russians and the Americans do not know the size of this coalition certainly know that all these people can not afford the municipal administration of Tal Hamis.
A trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag has made its way onto the net. The trailer was accidentally leaked by a news outlet and subsequently taken down, but not before viewers managed to upload it to video sharing websites. Watch it below:
If not young Achilles, at least his master? MAYBE EDWARD KNEW THE FIRST AMERICAN ASSASSIN (get to see the robes)
13-year-old assassin murdered in Mexico !. Which generation is this? By Rafael Romo, CNN Senior Latin American Affairs Editor March 2, 2013 -- Updated 1534 GMT (2334 HKT) STORY HIGHLIGHTS Jose Armando Moreno Leos, 13, last month had admitted being a hit man, authorities say He was found this week murdered execution-style, a state's attorney says He had been released from custody in compliance with Mexico's constitution (CNN) -- A 13-year-old boy who had confessed to being an assassin for a Mexican drug cartel was among six people found murdered execution-style, authorities in the central Mexican state of Zacatecas have confirmed. The boy, identified as Jose Armando Moreno Leos by officials, was arrested only three weeks ago by the Mexican Federal Police, according to Arturo Nahle Garcia, state's attorney in Zacatecas. "After being detained, he confessed to authorities that he had participated in at least 10 homicides and that he was somebody who was good at shooting with a high-caliber weapon," Nahle Gar ...
First the poster, then the title, then the character's name and now the official trailer for Assassian's Creed 4: Black Flag has been leaked? Man the holes in Ubisoft are bigger then Donald Trumps bank account o.o
Hey guys! The next Assassin's Creed is going to be set during the American Revolution!
"The History During Hoover’s presidency, Andrew Mellon became Hoover’s Secretary of the Treasury and Dupont’s primary investor. He appointed his future nephew-in-law, Harry J. Anslinger, to head the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Secret meetings were held by these financial tycoons. Hemp was declared dangerous and a threat to their billion dollar enterprises. For their dynasties to remain intact, hemp had to go. This then led these men to take an obscure Mexican slang word: ‘marihuana’ and push it into the consciousness of America to demonize hemp."
This is a re-edit of the original video I posted.I fixed some of the audio tracks, and added and cut some scenes, but for the most part its exactly the same.
Just heard some rumor that AC4 will be about pirates around the time of the American revolution and to make matters worse ubisoft hasn't denied it, I hope this isn't real because I'm getting tired of the guns it's not so much there a pain I just hate guns they ruin everything that's good about a assassin, come on ubisoft at least put it in Japan this way it's the same time period but with no stupid guns. Also having a katana that would be awesome.
"The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, an delivereth them" Ps 34v7: An American missionary and his wife bravely went to their station, where, 20yrs before, two missionaries had been killed and eaten by the natives. They said as they took up their work it seemed often they were surrounded not only by the hostile natives, but by the very powers of darkness. These latter were so real, that night after night they were forced to get up and strengthen their hearts by reading the Word of God. Again, they would pray. One day a man came and said, "I would like to see your watchmen close at hand." The missionary replied:"I have no watchmen; I have only a cook and a little herd boy. What watchmen do you mean?" The man asked permission to look through the missionaries' home. Every corner of the house was carefully searched and the man came out of the house greatly disappointed. Then the missionary asked the man to tell him about the watchmen to whom he reffered. Here is the man's answer: "Wh ...
Via GamesRadar, this is the leaked first trailer for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. In the trailer, a grizzled pirate describes Captain Edward Kenway, who I presume is the protagonist of the next Assassin's Creed. "There was a time I thought myself the deadliest scourge of these seas," the...
Americaroopam: Kamal Haasan’s Flawed Scripting Ram Puniyani The release of Vishwaroopam, the latest film from Kamal Haasan was mired in controversies. (Feb 2013). Haasan decided to arrange a pre-screening for some groups, despite the film being cleared by the censors. These Muslim groups raised lots of objections and demanded for the ban on the film. As matters unfolded, these groups agreed for the release of the film after some cuts in the film, which the renowned actor-producer did and film went on to get very good response on the box office. The demand for ban was totally out of place and unwarranted. The cutting of some scenes and the background recitation of Quran, before and after the acts of terror, was done by the producer. .Film all through creates the feel that Quran is the source of inspiration for violence. Though Haasan went on to say that the film is a tribute to Indian Muslims, as such the film falls in the trap of the Islamophobia created by America, American media and media here at home ...
”the inner circle” then ”the fifth assassin” by brad meltzer. That's if you like American history novels.
with NOS and Dust in the engine bay ... Go kill yourself now, young American assassin !
If you are an American person you can own Assassin's Run, for just 3 of your dollars and 6 of your funny little cents
When will Jean Claude van Damme stop trying!
I want to expand my movie horizons! Everyone suggest your best movie for me to watch.
Just for Laugh: Friend 1: American Airlines once Offered Unlimited First-Class Tickets for Life, for $250,000. Friend 2: Yes its a good business model, they can later use $50,000 out of it, to hire an assassin and get that passenger done with his life.
"This may be the first contact with an Al Qaeda wizard using magic on American soil," Ramón said.
Claus von Stauffenberg was an unlikely assassin. In Tunisia the year before the assassination attempt, Stauffenberg's jeep had been strafed by an American plane, leaving him with one eye and one hand - with just three fingers left on it. He had amazed his doctors by the speed of his recovery - learning to dress so dextrously using his teeth and three fingers that he joked that he did not know what he had ever used the other seven for - but the idea that this maimed staff officer could prime a bomb, then carry his heavy, suspiciously bulging briefcase into the dictator's presence and plant it under his nose, was unthinkable. Until he did it.
My Argument For Placing Responsibility For Gun Safety And The Right of Ownership Any effort to retain unlimited rights to gun ownership should be based upon gun owners ability to own, keep and use guns responsibly. Suggesting or accepting that using the most violent and discriminatory method of addressing a violation of your property rights is the same level of force that would be appropriate should your life, or safety or that of another be threatened, is wrong. Police have enough trouble making those kinds of split second level decisions. Somebody killing another human being because they find that person in their home at night may be legal, but sometimes there are mistakes. Right now the Pistorius shooting in the press. Whether his story is true is up to the courts to decide. I think that instead of trying to decide if he used his weapon in what he perceived as self defense, or that he used the gun in his home to murder his girlfriend, you first need to think about why he had a gun. The result his of hi ...
Will do! I might even try American Nightmare :)
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