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American Apparel

American Apparel is a clothing manufacturer in the United States.

Dov Charney Urban Outfitters Calvin Klein Wet Seal Courtney Act

Enter now for your chance to win a custom-built Arctic Cat sled from American Snowmobiler and Curve Industries, as…
🚨new music alert 🚨makes American Eagle Apparel music for the outlet store only two exits away from ***
"Lil American apparel one piece? That's for the people living that night life"
I have like 6 Vox shirts and I wear them all the time! That was a g…
Dress for Success!, It's not all about math, it's about life! Shop American Apparel online
oh so American Apparel has branched out into book cover design now? God bless Dov Charney! 🕊️
American Apparel's founder seems to be resurrecting his 'dead' brand under a new name
petition to make the American Apparel space in Royal Oak a Pizza Hut / KFC combo
On April 18 all American Apparel stores will close. On April 19 starving African children will finally have clothing that's…
American Apparel's stores will shut down in April, but founder Dov Charney is keeping busy with a defamation lawsuit https…
It didn't take Dov Charney to bounce back from American Apparel. .
I told my dad about the American Apparel sale so he went to check it out while I was working and actually bought stuff LOL
You know, in the last few months, HMV has *ended*. American Apparel has *ended*. Radio Shack has *ended*. Uber can…
I want to ride around American Apparel on a scooter sucking on a lollipop in a miniskirt listening to this song
the nicest white man just paid for my shoes at American apparel g. reparations 💀
Styled by the amazing at American Apparel
Come visit me at the american apparel @ boca park!
standing there. In my American apparel underwear.
just submitted mine for your American Apparel/ Free people haul!! Took me forever girl 💕💕💕💕
American Apparel had trash clothes anyway
spurning flashy shopbois at the new American Apparel, members favor community-sourced twinks
This American Apparel zip hoodie is made out of California fleece which, opposed to typical synthetic fleece, is...
Thank you for your brilliance // Farewell, American Apparel. Your moment has passed
American apparel is going out of business and I couldn't be happier about these sales rn
She looks so perfect standing there in my American apparel underwear and I know now, that I'm so down. Your lipstick stain is a work of art
Is there an American apparel in westfeilds Stratford
I have to visit American apparel before it closes down. Been wanting easy jeans for the longest.
Last weekend I bought the softest flannel at American Apparel and I've had major trouble wearing anything other than it ever since
I think I'm gonna go to American apparel and see if they have anything super cheap in my size
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: American Apparel Cropped Easy Sweater. via
American consumers will spend an average of $75 each on food, decorations, team apparel and more for Super Bowl LI.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The Linited, American Apparel and now Wet Seal are closing. What's next Ingles?
American Apparel and Wet Seal closing down, Macy's closing a bunch of stores this year.. malls really might not exist i…
American Apparel and Glamour Kills was really ALL I wore in high school
A Canadian company bought American Apparel. Please tell me someone in marketing is renaming the company 'Apologetic A…
The American Apparel liquidation is going to be amazing $
I really don't care about American apparel closing down, my thick *** couldn't fit their clothes anyways 😒
Just know that I will be going ham at the American Apparel Everything Must Go sale.
Is american apparel having sales lol
When I get back I'm going straight to American Apparel.
me walking into American apparel: "oooh this plain white v neck is cute ? *looks at price tag $59.99" uhh nvm"
American Apparel is shutting down so that means SALES SALES SALES!
Re American Apparel, it's almost like ignoring sexual assault and harassment for decades had consequences for a business because it's bad 🤔🤔
The employees are American apparel never really seemed concerned with selling anything??
Kuechly definitely needs one! It's from American Apparel but you may be able to get cheaper one on amazon.
Fortunately, a canadian is buying it
American Apparel is having a going-out-of-business sale so I went to go buy some socks. First result:
American Apparel is going out of business because all their close is legally made in America so it's mad expensive n other companies who
40% off of everything at American Apparel!
So American Apparel was sold for $88 million. The same price as 2 sweatshirts and 2 shirts at their stores.
American Apparel is probably closing bc they charge $100 for an inch of thread.
My friend who works at American Apparel told me Seulgi was there today buying pants and asked for a size 0.
Another retail store shuts down: we'll tell you why.
If American Apparel wasn't so stupidly overpriced they would still be in business because it did have some decent clothes.
It seems that the inevitable has finally happened. American Apparel is closing its doors:
"American Apparel" went bankrupt, may no longer be made in USA.
⚡️ “American Apparel is officially shutting down”.
American Apparel has closed. Trump finally found out his boyshorts were made by mexicans in LA & not by his fellow sexual…
American Apparel is closing? 👀. Never really like their stuff, but still kinda surprising.
Wow. 💔. ⚡ American Apparel is officially shutting down.
American Apparel is officially over as we know it
me: American Apparel is so expensive its not even that cute . me when i found out they were having a bankruptcy sale: ht…
As if American Apparel is closing down! Devastated
I used to be so pressed for American Apparel in high school 😂
Only can save us now. . ⚡️ “A Canadian company is buying American Apparel”.
Haven't we as a free market made fun of American Apparel enough yet to halt production?
Nearly 3,500 AA workers will lose their jobs as a result
Ask the Orange Corn Chip to save it ⚡️ “American Apparel is officially shutting down”.
American Apparel might not be American much longer.
I dont care about American Apparel shutting down. I care about the sale they need to have on their easy jeans.
Aw man i really liked American apparel ☹️
Gildan got tired of the Vlone jokes and bought American Apparel
me stealing clothes from American Apparel before they shut down
American Apparel is closing all 110 stores as well as its L.A. headquarters:
Congratulations to Montréal's for winning the bid of American Apparel and know management will lead the brand forward.
American apparel can't be worth that much
domain names
American Apparel looks like it could be going Canadian after Gildan wins an $88 million bid ht…
Speculation is swirling that Amazon could buy American Apparel
Next Level Apparel challenges Gildan with bid for bankrupt American Apparel
EXCLUSIVE: Next Level Apparel challenges Gildan with a bid for bankrupt American Apparel - source.
The fate of American Apparel's 3,500 LA workers will likely be decided this week
I remember when American Apparel would drop thousands of catalogs at the surf expo just selling blank t-shirts, always made quality gear 💯
I really think a lot of its greed. American Apparel sees their clothes in Los Angeles. They’re bankrupt
American apparel goes bankrupt for a second time, yeah they steal funds
American Apparel declares bankruptcy again; a buyer could close all its stores
Gildan to buy bankrupt American Apparel for $66M
American Apparel filing for bankruptcy again but they still gonna charge $30 for a single white sock smh
With its 2nd bankruptcy in 13 months and with the Citizens United decision, American Apparel could be the next President.
American Apparel files for second bankruptcy protection
American Apparel files for bankruptcy again.
American Apparel was bought by Gildan for $66 million after bankruptcy filing. Kanye will now have a choice of blanks fo…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Breaking news Gildan Activewear to buy American Apparel brand for $66 mln
American Apparel files for second bankruptcy in a year, after signalling all UK stores will be closed down
Me waiting for the huge American apparel sale in light of the 2nd bankruptcy:
American Apparel files for bankruptcy for second time via
American Apparel is filing for bankruptcy. Deep V Mansquads planning vigils nationwide.
American Apparel files for bankruptcy again
.was just bought by the company that made "Pablo" merch: .
American Apparel has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in 13 months
American Apparel files for bankruptcy in US
In its Chapter 11 petition, American Apparel listed assets and liabilities of $100 to $500 million:…
Gildan offers $66M for American Apparel brand after clothing line goes bankrupt again
.filed for bankruptcy on Monday for the second time in just over a year.
American Apparel is filing for bankruptcy again. The good news is that they're only two more bankruptcies away from running…
En blommig tekopp - American Apparel really know about that ”unisex” thing. *** well. (English version)
Are there any American Apparel stores that have friendly/happy sales associates?! Bc i really don't think any exsist
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I remember meeting Anthony Hamilton a couple years back when I was manager at American Apparel in *** s Kitchen. He sa…
I liked a video American Apparel Ad Girls with Courtney Act, Alaska 5000 and Willam
we were married at the UBC boathouse in 2103. Met in 2007 while working at the American Apparel on 4th avenue.
buys an American apparel tennis skirt... never wears it
none of the tops from American apparel fit me...
I tried to find out what brand of high waisted jeans ariana grande wears bc she has a smol booty too & they're $90 American apparel ones lol
Famous 'Subway Garnet' Is Relegated to a Storage Drawer at the American Mus... Read Blog:
I'm stressed and depressed but I'm not well dressed because I can't afford the entirety of American apparel
The American Apparel t-shirt is the smoothest and softest t-shirt you'll ever wear
I know, I saw them on American Apparel and their $90 I might just go to a thrift shop and find some there
American apparel has back ordered my pink bodysuit for a month now. What y'all doing?
Free student discount at American Apparel, Apple, Urban Outfitters, ASOS +loads more with 👉
American Apparel is said to be considering moving manufacturing out of California - Los Angeles Times
That jacket tho , american apparel who ?top shop who ?
Me in my brain: I'm gonna buy a skirt and/or a dress at American Apparel today no tops. me irl:
Breast Cancer Awareness
And the bad news continues... . . . . .
REPORT: American Apparel is looking to sell off troubled company.
American Apparel seeking to move downtown LA headquarters to lower minimum wage state.
Literally the point of American Apparel is that they don't do that.
"people going golfing to have sex"- American Apparel's marketing strategy.
Garment Factory Workers in Southern California Are Calling for a Boycott of American Apparel h…
Police Blotter: Women rob American Apparel of an estimated $2000 - Daily Northwestern
Lol someone type AA and they were talking about American Apparel but I thought Amino Acid. Break needs to start rn
I liked a video from DIY Pleated Skirt Tutorial (like the American Apparel Tennis
We've partnered with for a basics on-demand service at 79 stores nationwide. https:…
Me shopping for swimsuits at American Apparel
How American Apparel is boosting marketing creativity with data.
"Kanye is like the American apparel of music"
American Apparel lays off hundreds of workers and considers outsourcing some manufacturing
I'd like to thank my weight for keeping me from wearing anything from American Apparel ever even if I wanted to
Is american apparel one of the ones that hates fat people bc I found a hoody and Idk abt the dimensions
All-in-One soap is like the best soap ever, you can get it at American apparel or trader joes. It will literally change your life
"No one has been to space since 2011" "so space is American apparel?"
Click here to watch the movie: Faye Reagan - American Apparel Shoot 5
Once again I've spend my weekly payment in American Apparel
Got this amazing shirt, designed by my best friend Liz Popolo- all proceeds to campaign. Get yours to help!
American apparel for the summer. Victoria secret for the winter
they dress like they shop at some basic store like American apparel or something but she is my homie
This Krue shirt is really comfy. I was expecting a thin undershirt type thing, but I got an awesome American Apparel tshirt. ❤
I really want one of those American Apparel full body suits 🙇🏽 but that's not my style.
one really good brand that I've always loved is American Apparel!!
Rose all day women T-shirt concert shirt American apparel instagram…
I bought every scrunchy american apparel makes today and i just dumped out the bag on my bed and I'm feeling sorta guilty idk
Is there an American apparel at the mall in N.O??
Tfw u lowkey get called out by the staff at American Apparel for stopping by to look around like once a week :-/
Unno fi stop wear American apparel body suit as swim suit. It don't look good
45.) American Apparel is overrated with them basic *** clothes & outrageous *** prices.
Found a bag of new American Apparel clothes in room lol forgot I went on a little shopping spree a few months ago 🆒
I just clipped this American Apparel nail polish from to
Spring shades at our Whyte Avenue store Source: American Apparel...
South Central LA is next cool spot in the sights of American Apparel founder Dov Charney
You can now order American Apparel like pizza delivery
1. I worked at american apparel and was occasionally asked to take work selfies, despite working in backstock
I liked a video from Collective Haul | Thrift Finds // American Apparel ft. Try On
Everyone looks so good here wearing my American Apparel underwear.
I need to be at American apparel this weekend
not a celebrity, mind you, but just someone who works at American apparel.
at american apparel (which is my first mistake) and a song is playing that goes there's something inside you and I'm like no there isn't
Using an American Apparel dress as a bath towel to dry off body after shower the towels R all in the dryer lol htt…
sometimes, I feel, I, truly feel, like lying on the former American Apparel Brazil store sidewalk and just stay there... crying...
Electronic Device Insurance
American Apparel is offering on-demand delivery via Postmates partnership
Here's an old american apparel dressing room selfie
I was so mad at American apparel they had this dress I wanted in an xs but I was real life considering buying it
In collaboration with Postmates, American Apparel will offer a one-hour delivery service for customers:
american apparel and like brandy melville sell really fast. i had a bunch of old AA leggings and i got $
. American Apparel. In need of a basic tee or underwear but have no time…
You are raise $140M in and American Apparel is your partner vi…
You can now order American Apparel like pizza ... via
You can now order American Apparel like pizza shipping and delivery... -
Did anyone else know that they closed the American Apparel in the Fashion Valley mall? This is very upsetting to me
Jesenia bought me Pizza My Heart tonight because I drove her to American Apparel 💕 Bless her
Attorneys for American Apparel accused Dov Charney in court this week of helping to form the group that’s aiming to unionize the company’s …
Always fun to watch>American Apparel founder Dov Charney sues former lawyers
Be bold and beautiful in this white V-neck tee shirt from American Apparel. Pair with the Alpha...
All of my American Apparel shirts shorten over time because Dov Charney is trying to make me show off my belly, probably.
American Apparel is hiring at their distribution center in La Mirada!! Click the image for more details.
hello James, what a lovely idea! It's from American Apparel. I've just looked on their site and I think they only have...
I love wearing red lipstick, high heels and American Apparel
CL modeling for Alexander Wang and hanging out with Jean Paul Gaultier while your faves still wearing American Apparel shorts,…
- The bright pink bandeau top from American Apparel looks perfect on Chloe. 😄 Her stylist has good taste.
American Apparel execs, Charney testify in bankruptcy court - New York Business Journal. Interesting testimony.
Dov Charney accuses American Apparel executives of plotting his 2014 ouster (reporting f/ courtroom):
Dov Charney wants back at American Apparel {csmonitor}
Dov Charney assails ‘faithless’ American Apparel board as he takes witness stand in Delaware bankruptcy court
Dov Charney assails ‘faithless’ American Apparel board in court to try to win back company
Dov Charney, the founder of American Apparel, told a U.S. judge on Thursday the board threatened "character assassination" if he fought his…
Let the dude come back. Not like anyone shops here anymore. 'Charney Argues...for His Return to American Apparel'
nytimesbusiness: Dov Charney argues in court for a return to American Apparel
Dov Charney Argues in Court for a Return to American Apparel: Mr. Charney, who was fired from American Apparel...
Cos of my build, I shop mainly in Express; Cheap Forever 21 & bankrupt American Apparel. I always shop in Zara US👍
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Dov Charney's bid for American Apparel is reportedly moving forward
Dov Charney May Be Returning to American Apparel: Last we heard from Dov Charney, the ousted former CEO and fo...
Is Dov Charney about to make an unbelievable comeback at American Apparel?
American Apparel once posted a fireworks was actually the Challenger space shuttle
The 'big loser' of American Apparel's filing for Chapter 11 is Dov Charney
GQMagazine: Dov Charney must now legally STFU about American Apparel
NYT loved the American Apparel play I hated it
Jim was from Kansas, and so far Arizona was no different. Life had turned sour for the American Apparel model.
Dov Charney, a young Canadian, did us-and the world-a major service creating American Apparel, despite all his slightly obtuse antics.
American Apparel sees bright future after unless Dov Charney gets in the way
American Apparel says it can't guarantee Dov Charney won't be a problem post-reorganization.
Here are the gross horny texts American Apparel's CEO Dov Charney sent to employees
American Apparel bankruptcy, who's next in the retail industry? Better be secure with a Trade Credit Insurance
So basically American Apparel is going to change its look to come back from its bankruptcy. This should be interesting
American Apparel warned of delisting by New York Stock Exchange
American Apparel files for bankruptcy So Americans don't want made in America as much as before when …
American Apparel files Chap. 11. Is it a $$ issue or just a ploy to use the courts to get rid of Dov Charney?
This whole area is like a giant American Apparel theme park with pockets of south-central LA recreations.
Spree: The fresh-faced beauty carried an American Apparel bag seemingly full of new purchases
Love how quiet my apartment is before American Apparel opens :-) 💤💤
I bought these tops today at American Apparel and I became a space girl/light reflector/part of The Craft witch
You need to take finance out on every item of clothing in american apparel. Or sell your firstborn.
She looks so perfect standing there with my american apparel and underwear.
You do know I'm decked out in my American flag apparel today though 9/11 🇺🇸
This is happening at my new job. Check it out.
American flag apparel today because 14 years ago we showed no matter what happens freedom WILL prevail.
She looks so perfect standing there in my american apparel underwear !!! 🎶🎶🎤
Putting the over/under of American flag apparel/god bless America apparel at 4.5 today. Use to be a lot higher working at a bigger store.
My favourite nonsense is tagging American Apparel.. They don care.
Online fashion brand American Swan appoints Sharad Thakur as its Chief Marketing Officer   10% Off
1. Roll around in bed for a few hours. 2. Get kind of dressed. 3. DONT EAT! to do list for American Apparel models
Got an interview at American Apparel lol
Lord all mighty keep me out of American Apparel, I just went HAM on their sale rack $$$
Heels & American Apparel leggings from two good little foot boys!. Dog hair from my two pit bulls ❤️ lol. ht…
It's about time American Apparel is gone for good - Central Florida Future
Come into our leasing office today and get a free American Apparel tank top when you your and sign your lease!
Sex, lies, and conspiracies at American Apparel
More like the moment American Apparel committed corporate suicide.
How secret dossier of sexual liaisions led to downfall on American Apparel's CEO
Try to read the opening of American Apparel narrative and see if you can stop there. (You can’t)
Inside the 'conspiracy' that forced Dov Charney out of American Apparel via
Inside the ‘conspiracy’ that forced Dov Charney out of American Apparel (-
I guess this means the American Apparel web site will be (cough "less-interesting" cough)
BOOM: with all the juice on how Dov Charney was pushed out of American Apparel
Stand by for a big one on American Apparel coming from ...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I remember when I went to the American Apparel close to Union Square the girls were so snotty and stuck up. Like babes you're not Dov Charney
American Apparel bout to go out of business because Dov Charney wanna put his dicc in everything
I'm buying an American Apparel fanny pack
American Apparel is reportedly about to go bankrupt, and that's not even the worst part:
American Apparel models are cool but they don't define beauty.
American Apparel is such a great store, but after your done shopping there looking at your bank account hurts your soul
Why Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and American Apparel are so expensive
Each molly-munching lovechild of Spencer's Gifts & American Apparel now angrily rioting on social media, in the rain lol
The only way our new American Apparel t-shirts could be any cuter is if your child were in one of them! Get yours...
American Apparel accuses Dov Charney of using slurs against workers and keeping sex videos on company servers
1 by 1, iconic brands like Gap, J. Crew and American Apparel have reported slumping sales, overtaken by Eurostyle.
American Apparel is baring its dirty legal laundry against its ousted chief executive, Dov Charney.
Imagine being able to even afford American Apparel underwear...then a girl stealing them from you.
What kind of girl does American Apparel think you are?
Shady only gets his close from American Apparel, Calvin Klein and Armani Jeans. HE MUST BE COOKED ON THE SHISLAH
New opening at American Apparel in - -
I feel like a fat baby in American Apparel clothes
I wish Mill allowed plain black T's my American Apparel shirts are so *** comfortable
I flooded American Apparel w/ my tears last night these are live pics of us pouring them down the stairs into the sea
(Union St., Haight St., Berkeley, Palo Alto) needed in # at American Apparel. Apply now!
“All black today in a Neil Barrett coat, American Apparel tee, Topman jeans and black church's.” - Sam for Vogue
Could this Kickstarter-funded label be the next American Apparel?
apparently you can stop at American Apparel on Third Ave & comb through my high school/college closet.
My only goal in life is to lose a little weight so I can fit into American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, NastyGal, and UNIF's…
Ger, there's a biography of FFC in the discount bookshop beside American Apparel at the ex Molly Malone end of Grafton St-€5.99.
...and his mini me Dov Charney formerly of American Apparel.
My favorite vandal strikes again, destroying American Apparel billboards in the House of Pies parking lot.
The mall in Palm desert Is 🚮 though for not having Urban Outfitters or American Apparel
American Apparel is saying they don't want "Instagram *** as models but have hypersexualized every single image of a girl in their ads 👀
Dorothy Allison said she likes my shoes. She likes American Apparel shoe laces. That's not very southern gothic.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
““Wearing American flag apparel in foreign countries”
Now only if this sale was going on while I was in LA. They have an American apparel store on every corner.
Just got to ny I'm in an american apparel and goodbye horses is playing welcome to new york
But yall I saw the biggest *** of my life yesterday in American Apparel! IT WAS LIKE STRIPPER BOOTY I STG SHE HAD TO BE A STRIPPER😩😍
Just spent 14$ in American Apparel. Thanks to their 90% off 🙈
I just bought American apparel shorts that are usually 60$ for 6$. SCORE
Just got 32 items from American Apparel for $105! Check out their sale section online, today's the last day. 90% off.
“Wearing American flag apparel in foreign countries”
One time I had a chicken katsu bento and it made me feel so gross I vomited outside an American apparel, and I was able to steal socks
Just spent a shocking amount on american apparel
Dropped off my resume for American apparel wish me luck
American Apparel got up to 90% off 😪 and i dont get paid until friday omg im so sad
But why does American Apparel have all those littty bitty *** kids on their website
This has been stuck in my head all day / American Apparel Ad Girls with Courtney Act, Alaska5000 and Willam
Spent just over $50 for American apparel that actually costs dang near $600 but apparently the former ceo was a freaking perv
Let me be really common and take a photo of me trying on clothes at american apparel while pouting and later uploading it to instagram
Wearing American flag apparel in foreign countries
If you want to know why I'm always broke it's because I live walking distance from an American apparel store
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