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America The Beautiful

America the Beautiful is an American patriotic song.

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[election commercial]. Ray Charles' "America The Beautiful" plays over slow motion video footage of people getting beat up at…
I always have to sing along to New York, New York and Ray Charles version of America The Beautiful.
Currently reading America The Beautiful by Ben Carson; The Language of God by Francis Collins; The Theology of J Calvin by Karl Bart & LOTR
UFC 33 Bruce Buffer stands up and we get "America The Beautiful" which I skipped. Then - are you kidding? - they start with a title fight.
MLB gets it right, has Tony Bennett sing America The Beautiful tonight. Cleon Jones, Mookie Wilson, Strawberry throw first pitches.
Beautiful day to walk through the puke covered streets of New York City
i never thought i'll see aucanquilcha, Chile...then end of america...such beautiful site they even have a cross at the top of the mountain
Beautiful fall day in one of the greatest cities in America! Happy Sunday everyone.
. Beyond Hollywood Circus,,, US media got to inform America of the beautiful world, people don't know much about.
What an opening drive! Ben surgical. Caps it off with a TD to the happiest man in America, AB!! Beautiful!
I wish our National Anthem was about something besides war -- like America the Beautiful, which makes my heart sing.
America's Episcopal Church received our gift of PAGEANTRY from the Church of England. Beautiful.
It's a beautiful day at the National Butterfly Center! Say hello to the Western Pygmy Blue, America's smallest Butterfly!
When people quote America the Beautiful but their political views are the opposite of promoting Brotherhood.
Extreme cave divers venture into the Jackson Blue cave in America. The Beautiful at 6pm
Good to see a film in which Latin America is not simply the beautiful setting for ugly drug deals, cartels, and corrupt…
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that pic could be from anywhere in America the beautiful. Its getting harder & harder but I'm still proud to be an American
America, the Beautiful:In the Words of John F. Kennedy by John F. Kennedy...
Natural wonderlands: The most scenic national parks in the USA: We chose 10 of the most beautiful parks coveri...
Hugs & kisses to All You Beautiful Ladies & Fist Bumps to the Guys ... Enjoy the Race
Official picture of the beautiful Miss America Betty Cantrell
America is such a beautiful place football on from 9:30 in the morning to late night can you ask for anything else🏈🇺🇸
Concept: re-releases AB/AP again but with stripped down versions of the songs and calls it "Make America Beautiful Again"
Sitting here wondering why Jeff is singing some operatic hip hop version of America the Beautiful in the living room.
If anyone makes fun of rappers for sampling old songs just bring up how America the Beautiful is God Save the Queen.
annual reminder that yes God Save The Queen sounds exactly like America The Beautiful.
GT fans are going to miss the beautiful of Team Thank you for the great years in America
I feel like the only person in America with the rose gold iPhone 6s Plus lol it's so beautiful. 😢😢😢
Queen Bee as a Rose bearer From the mythic movie "Coming To America" ... Beautiful, but too bad she is wearing...
America the Beautiful needs a Heavyweight fighter! Donald Trump can handle the task. He's Champion of
explain how bad CO2 is. The trees and plants love CO2. They get greener. Drive through America back country. Beautiful!!
"Oh can't you see I'm Coming to America"! 💥💥💥 The beautiful and hubby attended a…
America the Beautiful - Greg Vail tenor sax and Tara Faber ... .
Europe, you’ve been awesome. Paris was beautiful and Romania was an adventure. Now on to North America for the next leg of my trip.
Here are our top 10 things to see and do in one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Latin America. http…
How the *** can anyone kill the beautiful lions America must stop it now no wonder u have so many humans killed . https:…
America the beautiful. I adore our country. I refuse to believe our best days are behind us.
How To Hike America: The Definitive Guide to the 16 Most Beautiful Trails in the USA (English Edition). How To…
In America, Halloween - fun. At us we will remember the deceased - sadness. Beautiful Sunday friends
There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable...
S0690 [NEW] Providing annual use fees for the Support Special Needs Kids and the America the Beautiful specialty ...
recycled: America the Beutiful Closing - Arrangement: Play a recording of the song, “America the Beautiful” ...
Tea Pain hands the mic to Donald Trump as he croons his "America The Beautiful" remix.
"This house is based on three things. God the father. Jesus the son. And America the beautiful.".
I'm going to try and visit all of these book stores at some point.
Literally the first thing Wonder Woman does in America is fawn over a man who calls her beautiful. Then she goes shopping. ***
Obama nominates openly *** man to lead Army, Senates till has to confirm. America the Beautiful
There Are No Children Here The Story of Two Boys Growing up in the Other America
Just a couple of weeks to wait around here!
38% of Black children live in poverty. 30% of Latino children live in poverty. America, the Beautiful
It's a beautiful day at the Gary R. Allen invitational golf tournament in support of Guide Dogs of America
Good luck at Mrs. America to the beautiful, inspiring with a heart of gold
John K. King is among the 10 most awesome bookstores of the US in this list:
. America. The Bright and Beautiful. Where. Everyone is free. This. Freedom has been payed. For. Rember. Freedom. Is. …
Cycling Montana’s Beartooth Highway, ‘the most beautiful drive in America’
BLM is responsible for killing the starving horses. They're the butchers of America's beautiful horses with their round up horse slaughter.
I just blew out some speakers in my car by playing a choral performance of America the Beautiful
who's the most beautiful girl in the world (exclusive of America)
Ahh..the good ole days..When we actually fought for America~! A beautiful plane. How did Mitchell do it?
These are the most beautiful colleges in America:
I want all my books out and more. A dream room
Thanks to liberals. Becoming America the not-so-beautiful
Dr. Matt with his beautiful wife Laura and Tara (Dawn) Christensen, Miss America 1997. She was the guest speaker...
Guiding the unfurling the American flag at during America the Beautiful with 100+ high…
Autumn colors: Beautiful fall foliage around the USA via
Tickets are on sale now for APPLAUSE: America The Beautiful our co-fundraiser with Yuba Sutter Arts and Sutter...
Are you a coin collector? The latest America The Beautiful quarter's out and it features a three-dimensional tunnel.
America The Beautiful (song they taught us when we were little) grew the *** up & all i've seen is ameriKKKa the ugly.
No Toby Keith singing America The Beautiful? Step your pageantry up Europe!
On a brighter note, John Legend killed America The Beautiful. He should've just went on ahead and sang the Star Spangled Banner as well.
Congrats to Ohio native on being asked to sing "America The Beautiful" at in PHX htt…
It isn't The Beautiful America, I Once Knew, Its Face Is Very Ugly Now. Ray Charles was talking about a America, that he envision, visualize or imagine as a future possibility. Not That It Really Existed In American But That’s What I Wished For My Family and All People. - Ray Charles - America the Beautiful America, may God thy gold refine, America, sweet America, You know, God done shed his grace on thee, He crowned thy good, yes he did, with brotherhood, From sea to shining sea. America, I love you America, you see, My God he done shed his grace on thee, And you oughta love him for it, -
Last day in America for a while. Started it with a beautiful autumnal run around the streets of Reston, VA
I like that plus size girl on the Nikikutazama official video. "Skinny is beautiful" is a creation of Corporate America.
Cherry Springs in makes the list at number 2 for the most beautiful spots for in America. http…
20 Most Beautiful Beaches in America - STINSON BEACH, CALIFORNIA RP by Splashtablet iPad Cases - the
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hot Rod Magazine has got ALL 18 of the America's Most Beautiful Roadster contenders from the Grand National...
Be ashamed of the Affirmative Action President lobotomized *** elected,not of our beautiful America!:-)
It's a beautiful sight to see an African come into America. The spirit of relentless hard work and a drive to get better's art.
check out all 18 of the 2015 America's Most Beautiful Roadster Contenders
The most comprehensive review of the 2015 America's Most Beautiful Roadster Contenders
I got a message that this picture was "sensitive" media & did I really want to see it. America the Beautiful offensive?!gd grief
We're sticking to the classics on this winter day with our Collection!
My 'America the Beautiful' is making its way to NYC!
GRAYTON BEACH, FLORIDA. Voted the most beautiful beach in America... RP by Splashtablet iPad Cases -
has one of the most beautiful skylines in RP by Splashtablet iPad Cases -
Have you been there? 14 Of The Most Unbelievably Beautiful Drives In America - via
Chicago ❤ without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in America and the place I proudly call m
A must-see destination while backpacking South America, the beautiful beach town of Montañita, Ecuad
I think the Porsche 911 is one of the most beautiful cars ever made -
I hate the fact that in America we let people who are beautiful, with no talent, become insanely rich and popular. WHY?!!?
I swear I saw these in his eyes when he was conducting America the beautiful
This is America. Beautiful. Snapping necks and cashing checks since 1776. Greatest country in the history of the world
Everyone wanna leave the PNW but I love it here. This the most beautiful place in America b
My pal (a Grosse Pointe native) made this beautiful doc about The Morning After Girls on the road
Discover Why the Desert is One of America's Most Beautiful Spots http:/…
John Legend will perform America The Beautiful at the Super Bowl 2015 Ad - I4U News
OMG, I love this woman. She's so smart & beautiful. She needs head the anti for Am…
Pictures from our Veteran's Appreciation service. Our children did a fantastic job singing patriotic songs and one of our young people blessed us with a solo of "America the Beautiful"
greetings from America the beautiful Gulf Coast!
rap America the Beautiful at halftime then fly away on a bald eagle after the game
by azdesertgrl America the beautiful.
America's most beautiful college campuses! See if your school made the list
America's Next Top Model Logic - ellabellanyc: Tyra: “The judges see this beautiful girl..but she can’t...
If you are in the area, reserve your free tickets to the premeire of 'America the Beautiful 3'
The Police in America are purging...We were never notified.
I just got back to America after visiting your beautiful country and running the marathon. Thank yo…
Or "America The Beautiful" It really is disgusting to see what is happening.
Beautiful Homes in the 10 Best American Suburbs. Which is your favorite?.
America the beautiful that's how she played us wasn't that cute it must have been her make up.
Exclusively all the way from America to amman! The Beautiful Designs By will be available at
Help save one of the most beautiful places in America! Sign the petition now!
It's America Recycles Day! Join us in the movement to keep America beautiful!
From the capital city of Peru,south America.
I love that bathroom stalls in the UK are like beautiful closets with toilets inside. USA bathroom stalls suck! Pooping i…
Warm up: Beautiful hotel fireplaces around the USA via
The most beautiful city in the world is in America and is the city in which I live, the New York
Guess who made it on 'The USA's 10 Most Beautiful Bookshops'!
"The best folk in America r trying to close the gap between our ugly founding reality & beautiful founding dream"
The Chinese name for America is Meiguo, which literally means "beautiful country".
Between Tyrese singing the National Anthem and Jamie Foxx singing America The Beautiful, Sugar Shane has no chance tonight against Pacquiao.
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Never forget 9/11,prayers to the families who lost loved ones. America The Beautiful by Elvis Presley: via
Zac Brown Band with Leon Russell performed "America The Beautiful" and "Chicken Fried" at the Grammys on 1/31/10. Follow us ...
My "Keary" Memorial Plant Now everybody knows how plants enter my house "never to be seen alive again!!!" Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those "technical" people. I buy leaf spray, automatic water devices, cassette music designed just for plants. I've talked to the plants. I've recorded my voice for when I'm pressed for time. I created a song for the plants!! I chose the tune of "America The Beautiful" because I get chills seeing it performed. I think chills will help plants feel good too. "Oh beautiful for spacious leaves so broad, and deep dark green. Your roots so long and thirsty, the finest I've not seen!! Oh grow for me!! Live long for me! I'm breathing your O2. And if you live another day I'll be so proud of you!! In spite of all these desperate measures, and in light of the fact that my sisters produce BEAUTIFUL PLANTS, (they promise they're only watering), my plants die!!! I know what you're thinking: Listen, I've had plants from Azaleas to Zinnias with the same outcome!! I was passionate ...
Unfortunately, my daughter's high school graduation ceremony last night was tainted by the speech given by the key note speaker, Miko Peled. His speech was unbelievably inappropriate for a high school graduation and he used the stage to promote his own political agenda. Some people walked out in protest and I found myself wanting to stand up and interrupt him by singing "America The Beautiful" or "The Star Spangled Banner" as I listened to him basically bash my country. I have voiced my complaint to CHS and I urge anyone reading this to watch his speech at and express your opinion.
"America The Beautiful" will be sung by Martina McBride at 11:43AM; "God Bless America" will be sung by Florence Henderson at 11:47AM; 11:49AM is Invocation; TAPS at 11:52AM; 11:53AM National Anthem by LeAnn Rimes; 11:55AM flyover; 12:04PM"(Back Home Again in) Indiana" by Jim Neighbors, "...start your engines" announcement at 12:06AM by Mary Hulman George; 12:12PM 98th running of Indianapolis 500 ... Tune in on ABC friends, 1070AM radio for locaLS
Another great letter from a fan. THIS is why we do what we do: As I sit here drinking my morning coffee... Catching up on what Madison Rising has been up to... It brings tears to my eyes to see you guys working so faithfully to bring an all important message to the American People. A message that has been needing a Loud Voice... A voice delivered in a light for all to hear, a light for all to see. A message so important for every single man, woman and child of this nation, from age "8 to 80". A message that once rang loud and bright through this Great Nation... Once again, is spreading Loudly and Bright! With your "Most Excellent" renditions of the Star Spangled Banner, America The Beautiful and your original music... Americans have a 'creative force' driving the Spirit of Patriotism that has bled for, stood for and built a Great Nation... A Nation that once again is facing a foe to Our Liberty and Way of Life. Thank you! I salute you, Madison Rising. Cary X
Ray Charles and other great singing male stars sing "America The Beautiful" in 1991. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
Kat Perkins in the Middle East sings 'America The Beautiful' for soldiers on 4th of July!
As it stands today we have too many lawyers in government - many of whom are very smart and decent people - but they are not immune from acting like lawyers. Quoted from America The Beautiful, by Ben Carson, M.D. True statement by a true American Patriot!
Phil Robertson says black people liked Jim Crow: FREE SPEECH!!!. Coca-Cola sings "America The Beautiful" in different …
Brenda Wood's Last Word on the controversy over Coca-Cola's 'America The Beautiful' Super Bowl ad.
Jon Stewart on backlash against Coke's 'America The Beautiful' Super Bowl Ad: "They're singing 'America the Beautiful' while drinking Coca-Cola! How much more American assimilation can they have? Maybe if they were open-carrying a gun shaped like Jesus, while using a bald eagle strap-on to f**k an apple pie."
Remember this? Two years ago today, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert did a fantastic job singing 'America The Beautiful' before the Super Bowl in 2012 when the Giants beat the Patriots, 21-17.
Welcome to America… where singing America The Beautiful in any non English language is considered unconstitutional, and killing an unarmed black child makes you a celebrity. Don't you just love America? Oh the irony.
Wonders why we are all not Speaking and Singing in Navajo, Cherokee and Lakota.Etc. I mean...we came here and forced everyone to Speak our Language.Grow up and get a life.Oh yeah and BTW.America The Beautiful is NOT our National Anthem.Oh and the Bible is NOT our Constitution.
Really? I was reading some of the comments regarding the airing and contents about the Coca Cola commercial that was shown during the Superbowl, that were posted on a local news channel's page. If you are claiming to be an American from the USA and so stupid and moronic to think that "America The Beautiful" is our National's NOT! Our National Anthem is "The Star Spangled Banner"! If you want to continue to claim to be an American and live in this country...get your historic facts straight before you start your criticism and gripping! You made yourselves look like total *** Really!!! Oh...and if you think we speak "American"...we don''s called English! So stop being stupid!
The Star Spangled Banner/America The Beautiful by Whitney Houston on .what a tragic loss
As Emily Litella would say, "America The Beautiful is NOT our National Anthem???.Never mind."
Mericans mad over coke commercial because America The Beautiful was sung in different languages lol is it our fault you guys don't know any other language besides English here an idea pick up a book lmao oh merica xD
Just watched the Coke commercial and...America The Beautiful!? I thought all this hoopla was about the National Anthem
All this dustup about that Coke commercial. The ignorant *** will choke on their Chic-fil-a when they find out "America The Beautiful" was written by a ***
Like everyone in America, conservative talk show host Glenn Beck had an opinion on the Coca-Cola ad that was aired during the Super Bowl. The ad, which featured dozens of people singing a rendition of “America The Beautiful,” was controversial for some people because it dared to use different langua...
Stop complaining about trivial things such as multiracial AMERICANS singing "America The Beautiful" in their native languages to show the diversity and appreciation of this Country and just try to be grateful you were born here. Stop this hate and judgment of others because of their diversity.
I have seen so much about Coke's ad during the Super Bowl. Frankly, I think people are missing the point here. 1. Remember that each and every one of you (unless you are FULL Native American) has your roots planted in another country. 2. Don't confuse the National Anthem with America The Beautiful. 3. It is the diversity that our European forefathers brought to these shores that makes our nation what it is. It is also that diversity that Coke was trying to highlight. 4. I have a problem with illegal immigrants but NOT those who come to our shores the proper and legal way. 5. Yes, this is America and our national language is English. I do believe that all who call this land home should be learning to speak the language but do not expect them to denounce their rightful heritage. Rather, I ask they keep it alive so we all can learn about something other than ourselves. The only caveat to that statement is that your allegiance should be to this nation alone if you call it home. 6. No person has a right to tel ...
So, they say these were the Top Superbowl Commercials. What do you think? 1. Clydesdales and Puppies, Oh My! Budweiser makes us cry in our beer with this touching ad starring a puppy and his new "bud" – a Budweiser Clydesdale. 2 Budweiser: A Hero's Welcome A Soldier Comes Home Budweiser takes second place in Hulu's Adzone with this heartwarming ad featuring a soldier's coming home parade. 3 Coca-Cola: It's Beautiful From Sea to Shining Sea A multicultural rendition of "America The Beautiful" gives this visually striking ad for Coke its uplifting soundtrack. 4 Audi: Doberhuahua A Doberhua-what? A mismatched union of Doberman and Chihuahua (giant head, tiny body) wreaks havoc in this humorous ad from Audi. 5 Toyota: Terry Crews and the Muppets The Muppets Hit the Road In this Toyota ad, your old friends the Muppets hijack an unsuspecting driver's Highlander and take him on the ride of his life.
I can't believe some of the rude comments I've read in regards to Coke's America The Beautiful commerical! America is a melting pot made up of many cultures and diversities. I'm pretty sure our ancestors all came to America from another country! The true Native Americans were the Indians and we killed them and took their land! So next time your fat *** is at a Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, or Italian restaurant, just remember that! Have a great day! :)
A Coca Cola one minute ad that aired during the Super Bowl celebrated the United States’ cultural diversity as voices of a multiracial cast sang "America The Beautiful" in a variety of languages. Get over it you Racists and Bigots ~ don't you remember the CONSTITUTION and the First Amendment? Duh ~ Freedom of Speech? Or is that only for Whites who speak American?
America: Land stolen from the natives, it's predominant language belongs to England (a country in a totally separate continent), is named after an Italian (Amerigo Vespucci), and is the most diverse country on this planet. How dare Coca-Cola (a company that sells it's product in EVERY country of the world) translate the lyrics of "America The Beautiful" (not our country's National Anthem) to address other cultures? (This is America! Sing it in American, right?) That was one of the most "American" things you could have seen during yesterday's Super Bowl, so shut up.
While I 100% concur that those who are offended by the multi-lingual rendition of the America the Beautiful are clearly labeling themselves a bigot and a racist, I have been disappointed in the misinformation I have seen spread on the internet today, saying that the composer was a Russian immigrant, or that the first draft of the song was in a different language, etc... Here are some "factual type facts" which can be independently researched and confirmed about Katherine Lee Bates, composer of America the Beautiful: 1. Lifelong Republican until her mid 60's (died at 69). 2. She switched to the Democratic party noting increasing xenophobia in the Republican party at that time, due to their resistance to joining the League of Nations. (it can therefore be inferred that she would be proud to have her song sung in multiple languages). 3. She composed the first draft of America The Beautiful in 1893 after viewing Pikes Peak, in Colorado. That summer she was working at Colorado College teaching English. 4. She ...
To everyone who's complaining about America The Beautiful (NOT the National Anthem) being sung in different languages : why don't we sing it in Native American languages and then all go back where WE came from?
America The Beautiful shouldn't be "sung" in any language besides a Native American language... English is English not American
People are arguing that America The Beautiful isn't the National Anthem when they could just say that USA doesn't have an official language.
Okay, sharpen your knives and prepare to throw them at me but I am both shocked and disappointed at the negative response to the Coke ad. I listened to it again on YouTube and found it to be a beautiful rendition of a song that celebrates this country. Not just the speakers of English, but of all Americans. We have had people living in this country for a great many years who never learned or barely learned English. They are no less American. Please find the statement in the Constitution where it declares English as the "official language" of this country. Please spend lots of time looking too. Too soon many seem to have forgotten many things about the USA. For one, America The Beautiful is not our national song. The National Anthem is. Both are beautiful but one is an "official" song. The other just beautiful. So there is no precedence with regard to the "official" language that should be used. An unwillingness to accept the diversity of this country and to see that as a strength is the message ...
How ignorant, simple-minded, and racist can a person get seriously? People are still going on about the Coca Cola commercial singing "America The Beautiful" in other languages that weren't English. Last time I checked, America was an ethnically diverse country that doesn't even have an official language.
I hear so many hateful racist comments about Coca Cola. Maybe people had forgotten that the song "America The Beautiful" was written by a lesbiean, and there is no official language in America.
Karma. Use this for the haters, who are coming out of the woodwork about the 'America The Beautiful' Coke commercial. ALMOST as good as the white supremacist finding out he was 14% African!!! lol
Find it odd that people are offended by that Coke commercial that ran during the Super Bowl which had "America The Beautiful" sung in many languages. Wasn't this country built on immigrants from other counties coming to Ellis Island ? This is why the U.S. ranks # 17 in education. Children aren't paying attention in History Class. What's next, banning It's A Small World @ Disneyland ?
Can't believe people are getting so up in arms over the Coke commerical last night. I loved their commerical. Yes, there were singing in their national language. But, they were saying that they think America is beautiful. We are a nation of immigrants. A melting pot. And besides, America The Beautiful is not our national song. Or are you not American enough to know that?!?
There's a lot of butt-hurt about America The Beautiful in other languages. What about Puerto Rican Spanish, Or Native speaking Hawaiians?
America. We stole this land from the Native Americans but when someone sings America The Beautiful in another language it…
For those that don't like the Coca Cola commercial you may want to apologize to the Native Americans now and go back to whatever country your ancestors came from. English wasn't the language spoken by the first people in this land and it doesn't hurt to celebrate that America is a meeting place for all cultures. Do I think we should all speak English? You bet ya. Does it hurt to sing America The Beautiful in the languages of many people's homelands? Not one bit. We cringe at war and violence we see in places that don't touch us. Let's start to show the world a little peace, understanding, and cooperation right here by all of us working together as one.
She was proud to be American JUST LIKE those singing America The Beautiful - LOL - composed by a Russian Jewish *** LOL
How are people actually mad about the Coke commercial that had America The Beautiful sang in a different language than American English which is derived from a MASS multitude of different languages. For goodness' sake, half of our words are amalgamations of Grecian, Hebrew, and Latin that have been warped through the progression of linguistics throughout time.
1924 NY Times article re: America The Beautiful author endorsing Dems b/c GOP opposition to League of Nations.
From the Nobody Asked Me Dept. (Super Bowl ads division) Gold: Radio Shack. "The 80's called" Funny, included a host of 80's icons (Did you notice Kid & Play?) while selling the point that they've brought the franchise into the 21st Century. C'mon, ALF, the Hulkster, Cliff Claven and Mary Lou Retton (in a red, white and blue USA leotard) stripping an electronics store doesn't make you laugh? Silver: Budweiser. A-B spends millions each Super Bowl, so they should get it right. Still, while the puppies ad scored higher, the veteran's homecoming tugged on many more heartstrings. The Clydesdales say American tribute while clearly selling the Budweiser brand. In advertising parlance, this was an 8-run homer! Bronze: Tie: Coca-Cola & Cheerios. Why is an ad that celebrates a multicultural love for America The Beautiful in the least way controversial? The same Neanderthals will likely have a problem with the return of the mixed-race family for Cheerios. That little girl negotiating a new puppy in return for a bab ...
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That Coca-Cola - "America The Beautiful" commercial is getting a lot of hate right now on the internet because it wasn't all in "American English". These racist *** don't even know it featured the Keres language. A language that's been spoken for hundreds, if not a thousands of years since before we were even a country. Dey ignant. -durant
TΉΣ ШΛΚΣ ЦP CΛŁŁ: Super Bowl performers who stole the show... Bruno Mars takes the stage at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium this Sunday for the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVIII. Following performances of 'America The Beautiful' by Queen Latifah and 'The Star-Spangled Banner' by Renee Fleming, Mars will join the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the show... More:
God Bless America as performed by Celine Dion and Lee Greenwood. Visit the website to learn more about the Producer of this video. All too often, our thoughts of America The Beautiful, are clouded by all the politics & political agendas of today. This video is made… Today I went to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument and I thought I would share the pictures with you. I also recieved my America The Beautiful access pass which is a lifetime pass for national parks and federal recreational lands for those with permanent disabilities. This pass allows you to access these amazing places for free (and two guests) and take 50% off camping rates.
Last night, the USO of Metropolitan New York presented its 52nd Armed Forces Gala & Gold Medal Dinner. An American Hero from each military branch received an award; their stories of heroism and sacrifice beyond comprehension. Admiral William McCraven, Commander, United States Special Operation Command and Louis Chenevert, Chairman and CEO of United Technologies, received USO Distinguished Service Awards. Held at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, the house was packed. Recent Medal of Honor recipients Sergeant First Class Leroy and Staff Sergeant Ty Carter were in attendance. Sharing host duties were NBC personalities Willie Geist, Medal of Honor recipient Col. Jack Jacobs (Ret.), and Luke Russert. Country music artist Darryl Worley thoroughly entertained, performing his hits "Have You Forgotten" and "Awful Beautiful Life". Our own marvelous USO Show Troupe brought down the house with their performances of America The Beautiful and the Service Salute. It was an inspiring, memorable evening for al ...
My father told me more than once that there will be another revolution in this country. Obamacare is probably going to be the spark that starts the fire. First, Obama doesn't care about you and me. (Period) This is a social experiment gone awry. There are other ways to get care to have nots than to subjugate individual rights of every citizen. What we are witnessing is a complete leftist takeover of our government. We were lied to and then we're told another lie on top of that. The vast majority of this country is more concerned with who's team is going to win this game or that, or who danced with who on the cable. The children don't know anything about where a country is or how it became what it is. To know what is really going on you have to seek the truth from responsible people. Here is one of my heroes; Dr. Benjamin Carson, Emeritus Professor of Neurosurgery, and yes, oh by the way he is a man of color, not that it matters. So we will not go there (race). He wrote a book, America The Beautiful, out o ...
Writing a paper in the Stu about Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci and all of a sudden "America The Beautiful" starts being sung on tv. I was fairly creeped out yet, patriotic at the same time.
Honored to be singing America The Beautiful at today's Marriage Equality Bill Signing. Proud to be Illinoisian today.
if America wants a National Anthem as good as then change it from the Star Spangled Banner to America The Beautiful
I don’t care for it either. God don’t belong in baseball, or any sport. James Taylor doing America The Beautiful instead was great
Stop listening to the TV tell you about America the beautiful… up and be America the beautiful~Rivera Sun
Check out Week 8 of America the Beautiful!!! Send this too all your Vikings friends!
I liked a video from America the Beautiful Week 8
any chance that rendition of America the Beautiful will finally encourage MLB to end this pointless tradit…
Singing National Anthem. Starting near katherine lee bates home. Running on america the beautiful trail :)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
The song america starts Oh say can u see-,America the beautiful starts oh beautiful-,in reguard to James Taylor anyone can make that mistake
Melody or words? Special moment at Marathon survivors on the field w/James Taylor 4 America the Beautiful
Gloria doesn't know America The Beautiful. What has our world come to?
“O beautiful for spacious skies…” We love flying around the beautiful. Where do you like to visit?
This country/dubstep version of America the Beautiful is embarrassing. 🇨🇳
America the beautiful "A view of United States Of America from space at night
I posted it.i failed at trying to sing freefall so i did america the beautiful lol
Boston Marathon survivors, heroes take to the field for 'America the Beautiful'
O say! James Taylor mashes National Anthem, 'America the...
I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that he can America the Beautiful on Netfli
if you ain vote Obama unfollow me please,es America the Beautiful in Tomorrowland's Circle-Vision Theater,
VIDEO: James Taylor comes on to sing National Anthem before Game 2, starts singing "America The Beautiful" instead
Instead of National Anthem James Taylor started singing America the Beautiful@ WS last night. Gone to Carolina in his mind, I'm sure.
AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL as performed by Ray Charles in Sept 1972…
Don't know about you, but James Taylor did a clever mash-up of "America The Beautiful" & the National Anthem last night.
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Is it me or did it sound like James Taylor almost sang America the Beautiful instead of our National Anthem? (World Series Game 2.)
MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US FOR WHAT WE ARE DOING TO OUR COUNTRY. SO well written and so true!! Maureen Scott is an ardent American patriot who was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and retired to Richmond, VA, in 2000. Free from the nine-to-five grind of writing for employers and clients, she began writing political commentary to please herself and express her convictions, as do I. Our Pledge of Allegiance, a military band playing the National Anthem, and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, inspire her passion and views. Her life is guided by a firm belief that truth is the most important virtue, and that God knows what He is doing with her. Please take the time to read. I believe you will be glad you did. I give you Maureen Scott. The Architect of Destruction By Maureen Scott Barack Obama appears to be a tormented man filled with resentment, anger, and disdain for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He acts in the most hateful, spiteful, malevolent, vindictive ways in order to manipulate and maintain ...
Circarama and America The Beautiful's 1962 facade in a googie, Cold War reactant, Tomorrowland. Yep. You heard me.
I just played America The Beautiful by Black Label Society on at MILLER'S ALE HOUSE - Mt Laurel.
Ordering checks should not be such an anxiety inducing experience. America the Beautiful? Island Breeze? I DON'T KNOW
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL by Ray Charles. It is a beautiful song, no?
America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great: What is America becoming Or, more important...
Thank you for making "America the Beautiful" on the New York Times Bestsellers List. To purchase the book, go to http…
WOW! Dr. Ben Caron's AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL is on the NYT Bestseller List! Thank you readers!
Fund a scholarship, receive a signed copy of "America the Beautiful" by
Can America the beautiful and the fight song just NOT
1975:The revised film America the Beautiful opens at the Circle-so ehhh that question kinda sucked,My apologies lol
What's wrong with the Tea Party? These are the values which founded our country, and built, with God's help, America the Beautiful! GBU!
America, the Beautiful as seen from MT The Bighorn River of Wyoming & Montana, U.S. Aug 23.
In Lawton OK my neighbors talk to street signs, they sit there for hours... America the beautiful, where art thou?
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12 year old VIBE student Danielle Williams sang a heartfelt rendition of “America the Beautiful” at the Traveling...
I have America the Beautiful by Ray Charles on my music because of The Sandlot. ⚾️
I sung America the beautiful so pretty 👌🙌
Vince Gill and Amy Grant singing "America the Beautiful" gala. I think old George would be happy right now.
'Remember the time the guy was signing Beautiful America & I thought he was interpretive dancing' 'it's America the Beautiful'
I'm trying to go to open mic to hear rosemary sing America the beautiful again
12 year old Danielle Williams singing America the Beautiful at the Vietnam Traveling Wall in Santa…
And now they are doing a duet to America the Beautiful. Sometimes I forgot how truly lucky I am.
US-Mint: The 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters® Bags and Rolls - Great Bason National Park is available today!
America the beautiful America the beautiful WE DA BESS WE DONT GIVE TWO FUXX
I love rappers who rap about real stuff. The real problems in this society, especially "America the beautiful."
“East TN.. Off Hwy 81... On our way to PA... America the beautiful!
Join us tonight at 6pm to watch Danielle Williams perform “America the Beautiful” at the Traveling Vietnam Wall Opening Ceremonies!
What doesn’t the World know about the country you live in?... — america the beautiful is a lie
British people freaking out about the fact that we put marshmallows in our cereal and then I start singing America the Beautiful
For the band concert we are playing The Star Spangled Banner, The Stars and Stripes Forever, and America, the Beautiful.
That's America the Beautiful, different song, and we learned multiple verses of that one too. :)
Was waving an American flag out of the dorm window singing "America the beautiful" and got stung by a bee... I kept singing 🇺🇸
America the beautiful has came to a close, officially 10-1-2013. It took One Black Muslim and 350 Million American Idi…
Christy just emotional during Ray Charles' "America the Beautiful".
Love when just bursts out into America, The Beautiful 😂😂😂
This picture is beautiful. Just like our country. I pray we find our way back home America the beautiful ❤️🇺🇸
Oh America the beautiful! - Angela working for our buddy Jan Heylan at the ALMS race
And if you cay she can't sing live anymore.Just look up that 'America The Beautiful' performance from July 4th...SLAYED!
America the Beautiful performed by the ND band and sung by 80,000 fans.
Won't lie, tearing up a bit as the ND band plays America the beautiful. WHERE IS
They're singing america the beautiful, I am lost.
Having a blast exploring America the beautiful with my favorites :)
My sister got an America the Beautiful calendar. Her response? "Oh my gosh! Yay! I love America." .o.O Not something I thought I'd hear.
Check out Week 3's episode of America the Beautiful!!!
Check out what Shane had to do after losing to Gary!!! America The Beautiful Season 4 Week 3: via
Dear And we will brutalize anything that stands in the way of the resurrection of America the Beautiful.
Now people holding the laundry lines are singing America the Beautiful. draw
Colorado Springs today is just so beautiful. America the Beautiful indeed.
I think my little sister is singing America the Beautiful in the shower
America the Beautiful in Wood Frame 11 x 14-Born and Bred
I had a dream I was at Fenway Park by the San Francisco Bay, on a hot summer day and Ray Charles was singing America the Beautiful.
Today we performed America the Beautiful in honor of 9/11. Thank you, for a truly moving arrangement.
Who the f wakes up at 7 am blasting America the beautiful? And then Ice Cube?
Goodmorning to all our troops! Thank you for all you've done and continue to do for America the Beautiful!!! God Bless you all :) 🇺🇸
Find out more information about the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program at
Nothing like waking up to hear our son playing Jana Gana Mana (Indian National Anthem) and America the beautiful - back to back on the piano
Hearing our Scottish friends sing America the Beautiful in their accents was absolutely hilarious.
Nothing makes me smile like listening to my mom try to sing America, The Beautiful in church
America, the beautiful where the sick are left with a $21,000+ bill after insurance. God job
The church bells across from my house are playing 'America the Beautiful'
Love it when we sing America The Beautiful in church
Soo "America, the beautiful" was the son for meditation in church
“AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL by Ray Charles via that is right.
At sacred hearts mass today we sang America the beautiful, it literally gave me chills
Virginia's finest with an amazing rendition of America the Beautiful last night!
"We are in the midst of a national crisis—a fight to recover the souls of young men lost..."
Heal our Land with America the Beautiful never heard that rendition before today. Awesome song
Walked in and the pianist was playing "America the Beautiful".bless her heart.
America the Beautiful, America the Violent - Antoinette Tuff performed miracles on that crucial day at an Atlant...
As families head to church on this long Labor Day weekend, this mom offers a prayer to consider: via
EU Economy news: News: 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters® Bags and Rolls -- Fort McHenry National Monument and...
I just want a *** while Ray Charles version of 'America the Beautiful' plays in the background. Is that so much to ask?
It's a good thing this is a long weekend because I just blew my evening watching the documentary America the Beautiful on netflix. christ.
For some reason they sang America the beautiful in church today and the entire time I couldn't stop staring at the obese child near me...
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Do you know your ABC's? (play along!) ALTNOY, A Puro Dolor, A Thousand Miles, America the Beautiful, And I’m Telling You
Our student Aliyah did GREAT singing America The Beautiful at the US Open so good that sent her a message that she was
Me and my sluggish bowels honor Labor Day by straining out a personal rendition of "America the Beautiful"
America the beautiful with a twist of another
"America the Beautiful, America the Violent" well done girl! 😃.
On of our 12yr old vocal students Aliyah is getting ready ot sing America The Beautiful at the USO Open Arthur Ash Stadium
Very good post on A. Tuff's courage vs. masculine violence, in this case white male urban violence.
I liked a video America The Beautiful by Nathan East
This Duane Reade is playing "America The Beautiful" and it's making my life right now.
"Ray Charles - America The Beautiful is the best song for today." They better play it at the fireworks tonight!!
If you don't listen to "America The Beautiful" by Ray Charles you aren't American.
This morning Larry and I attended the 9 a.m. Mass at St. Peter's Cathedral. It was celebrated by Bishop Malooly to close the Fortnight of Freedom. The Mass ended with the singing of "America The Beautiful". As we drove home, I was stunned to see how few homes were flying flags. From the Cathedral to Pennsylvania Avenue, I only counted four flags. Do we show our lack of respect by ignoring what the forefathers of our country did to secure our status as an independent nation? We should bow our heads in shame! May God continue to bless the great United States of America, and long may our beautiful flag wave!
Greetings, music lovers! This week, the Municipal Band is playing THREE events, all free. This Wednesday, we’ll be at Noelridge Park near the lagoon at 7:30 PM. We have a bonus concert on Saturday, July 6th, downtown at the Farmers Market in Greene Square Park — downbeat is at 10:00 AM sharp. (Well, not sharp…we’ll play in tune. Rimshot!) And we’ll end the week at 7:30 PM Sunday at Ellis Park. In honor of our nation’s birth, our theme this week is America, and in keeping with this, some of our nation’s veterans will post the colors prior to our concert on Wednesday. The program is: Star Spangled Banner, vocals by Nathaniel Smale American Overture for Band (Jenkins) American Patrol (Meacham) They Can’t Take That Away From Me (Gershwin/arr. Barker), with guest artist Kelsey Madsen Armed Forces Salute (arr. Lowden) American Faces (Holsinger) America The Beautiful (Ward/arr. Dragon), with guest artist Kelsey Madsen Americans We (Fillmore/arr. Fennell) Hoagy Carmichael: An American Classic (arr ...
Edward Snowden had the FREEDOM to release Top Secret information. The United States Government has the FREDOM to charge him with treason and throw him in jail for the rest of his life. America The Beautiful!!!
Frankenmuth Parks and Recreation is proud to be sponsoring the Saginaw Eddy Concert Band for a live performance at Palmer Schau Platz in Memorial Park! Friday, June 28th at 7pm. (same place as the Frankenmuth Womens Club Concerts in the Park series) FREE admission Patriotic theme to kick off Independence Day celebrations: "The Saginaw Eddy Concert Band will present "We Are America" at the Frankenmuth Palmer Schau Platz on Friday, June 28th, 2013 starting at 7:00pm. Conductor Paul Lichau has selected a program that will stir the hearts of all Americans. Vocalists Lora and David Keenan will be featured throughout the concert with selections honoring American traditions. In addition to several Sousa marches, the band will highlight Carman Dragon's beautiful arrangement of "America The Beautiful" and a tribute to the war of the Pacific with Richard Rodger's "Victory at Sea". Terry Lenz, "the voice of the Eddy Band" will present a moving narration describing the excitement of flight with "Where Never Lark nor ...
"As I better understand human nature, I feel more emboldened to do things differently from everybody else and to chart my own course for a successful life. " ~Dr. Ben Carson Sr. in America The Beautiful
Recommend Dr. Ben Carson's book, America The Beautiful. Full of logical solutions for many of our troubles.
Well, today it is a raining day in Moultrie, GA, but every day is a raining day for the spirit of God when it comes to America. America The Beautiful used to be a wonder song the spirit told me this morning, the spirit wasn't talking with me this morning, just said hush. I didn't know what was going on and I was trying to listen, trying to understand what was going on and be obedience to the spirit and then this morning it came to me that the spirit was grieving because how America has became just like Israel. In the beginning the people of this country was his people and he was our God just like Israel, but after two hundred plus years of blessing now the curses are coming because our wick ways and our disobedience to God just like it came to Israel. Woe to us all, now God is sending stroms from the seas and stroms from the sky to destory certain places and bring the people back to repentance as in the day of Jonah and city of Nineveh, then ou...r land can be heal and America can go back to being beautif ...
from dave alvin---Ray Charles - GENIUS AND SOUL: THE 50th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION - Rhino Records 1997 I rode in a freight elevator once with Ray Charles. It was several years ago in San Francisco where an odd variety of artists from Lou Rawls to Ed McMahon to George Burns to my band at the time, The Blasters, were performing at some beer company convention. The only other person in the elevator was Ray's road manager who nodded his head silently as I got on. His serious, businesslike demeanor seemed to say, "That's right kid, you're standing next to THEE Ray Charles! And he doesn't care to hear or make any small talk because he's only here to sing 'America The Beautiful,' get paid and split. So be cool and we'll let you ride with us and you can tell your grandkids about it when you get old." Awestruck, I stood staring at Ray who was smiling and humming a melody to himself. I tried to think of something original to say but what could I possibly tell him that he'd never heard before? "Ah, gee, Mister Charle ...
We sang America The Beautiful at Mass today the following line just stood out for me today...America! America! God mend thine every flaw, Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty is law.
America the Beautiful. James Taylor's lovely arrangement from the Obama inauguration. Trying to learn it today.
So amazing seeing all the places my dad went growing up. Rural America is SO beautiful.
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