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The America First Committee (AFC) was the foremost non-interventionist pressure group against the American entry into World War II.

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Exclusive: Dalai Lama calls America First "not very nice"
Dalai Lama worries US is becoming more 'selfish, nationalist', says America First 'sounded in my ear not very nice.' http…
trump bought it hook, line & sinker as "America First" & too stupid to see they were conned. via
America First. Germany First. New Zealand First. These are nazi war cries, make no mistake. And our President Trumble said Australia First.
On what basis? You're a fool. I know America First offends you but too bad. Buy a one way ticket out…
Big meetings today at the United Nations. So many interesting leaders. America First will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
The American people wanted a President who put America First. Hillary put Wall Street first.
"America First" is not the target of human beings, you know!. It is welfare, peace,…
Trump"s UN Speech: the Swamp"s Wine in an "America First!" Bottle: In his maiden speech to the United Nations……
You shamed America with warmonger speech! In one hand "America First" o…
President Trump at the UN: "I will always put America first", so should any leaders. → If u don't care yourself, how can u…
🇺🇸It's about time that we have a President who puts America first. And not someone like the previous President who…
In Country, it is first, but in Country it is it is after others Nigeria.
.is absolutely correct!There will be no more apologizing for putting America's interests first. 🇺🇸
'Slaps' and 'hugs': Trump's 1st UN speech to bring 'America First' outlook to a world body he insulted
NPRs David Folkenflick likes to write smear campaign hit pieces.. America First Media has heard that's not all he likes to…
Donald Trump's America First doctrine will destroy the United Nations
See some of the first color photos of cowboys in the American west.
Go n listen to Trump UN address. It was all about America first
At an event with global leaders, President Trump reaffirmed his commitment to America First, not globalism. That takes g…
Donald Trump’s Big Speech: America First Makes Its Debut at the UN via
.on Trump: "who’s he hiring? People who want to go to war constantly."
New post (With Combative Style and Epithets, Trump Takes America First to the U.N.) has been published on all new -…
I thought you said America's first baby
He will always put America first? Where is his response to the Russian attack n America? Where is the demand to protect…
Trump defies spirit of co-operation with America first message via
Speaking in UN about Harvey and "America First" ...what about World problems?? Trump has no charisma he is not a qualified leader.
.unashamed about putting America first: RG Director talks to on speech
Does that count as putting America first? Apologizing to a foreign leader when his bodyguards beat people in your own coun…
Trump is never going to put America first.
Donald Trump could change his sex now and become America's First Female President
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PENCE shuttling between DC and NY to try to urge Senate Republicans to pass Graham-Cassidy — Bill is short of 50,
America's reaction when Robert Mueller issues the first criminal indictments. 🇺🇸
Latest: Trump pushes “America first” doctrine in speech to United Nations
We have no place for Sanctuary cities in our Country . It's time we take care of our Veterans our country & our future…
If your state has a candidate supporting America First policies, ask them to contact fr…
Trump warns An America first president addresses the
Analysis: Trump insists on 'America First.' Who will follow?
As an insane you will always damage n hurt America First
Over 40% of America's 500 largest corporations were founded by first-generation immigrants or their children.
Trump is not apologetic about his "America first" ideology, he went to the UN to reiterate it.
"We will totally destroy North Korea" . "I will always put America first". We have a MAN in the White House! Great speech!…
"America First"? At the United Nations? Trump is such a psychopath he doesn't re…
"First Black to _" is still a phrase in 2017 America. We arrived here in 1619
TRUMP (earlier): I will always put America first. TRUMP (now): I'm sorry that Americans put their faces in the way of your bod…
5 takeaways from President Trump's United Nations speech, from North Korea to 'America First' foreign policy
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Isn't it refreshing to have a whose mantra is "Make America First" instead of "Hate America First!"
President Trump defended his "America First" doctrine while arguing it need not impede international cooperation.
Your daughter is an amazing women. A role model for all. You must be very proud of her. America First
LIVE 12:00-2:00 PM ET: President Trump is scheduled to give his 'America First' speech at the United Nations today…
America First- calls for “new unity” during American Legion speech in Reno. Join NOW on FBN
Donald has already depleted the entire budget for the Secret Service due to his golf outings. That's not America First -…
U.S. vows major overhaul of NAFTA. The initials will be the same but they'll stand for New America First Trade Agreement.
Trump will put America first in terms of military, trade, economy, and safety.
It's so disgusting so see the MSM trying to destroy our Nation on a daily basis . America is first for me always .. 🇺🇸
just got North America's first location for Austrian cheese buns
Hundreds are gathering for America First! rally in Laguna Beach. Several arrests have been made. WATCH:
In Laguna Beach at the America First ANTIFA & Protestors are here rallying in the 100's
Imagine this legacy, sir. Donald Trump, putting country first, in a heroic, move, resigned, safeguarding democracy in A…
People demonstrating against illegal immigration in were outnumbered by hundreds of counter-protesters
"The Great American Eclipse" . The total Solar Eclipse 2017 will take place on August 21, for the first time in 99 years…
Today is the first official Hydroski b2b in America.. And we got a very special guest wit us.. Let's go! . 😜😜😜😜.
Fascism in America is a movement to abolish the First Amendment for its political opponents.
Why is everyone in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation trying to stop it? We're pushing for Justice!
Heated arguments at the America First demonstration in Laguna Beach
Thread. A young Quaker girl, helping her father time an America's first female astronomer. Recreate that mag…
America first? You can say that once you're out of office. The country wasn't thi…
- World's first fluorescent frog found in South America, Researchers from a Nat...
Laguna Beach at the America First Vigil - 100's of protesters & ANTIFA - False media narrative about our vigil
Friends, I'm fed up with the anti-American movement. Please join me for a nationwide America First Rally on 9/09/17 https:…
The America First vigil planned at Laguna Beach has drawn counter protestors. Crowd chanting "love trumps hate"
‘America First!’ rally gets off to tense start in Laguna Beach
marissa has been my best friend since 2nd grade (first friend in America actually) and this entire time she thought I was illegal (-:
If you woke up tomorrow, and America had passed a Hate Speech exception to the First Amendment, what do you think, honestly…
RNC will not see one penny from me. I'll donate to Trump's campaign and to individual House Reps and S…
Bex's first day in America, her agent sent her a limousine and took her to Whitney Housten concert!
America First Media Broke the Story First! Seth Rich and his Girlfriend Kelsey Mulka were in FACT broken up during the m…
Picture of the thug that tried to assault the black man speaking at the America First Rally in Laguna Beach, CA. Do you…
Nearly 80 years ago Dr Seuss had some things to say about America First that are still true to…
Live Coverage: Protests Break out at America First Rally in Laguna Beach... via
The Beatles landed in America for the first time, 1964
LIVE on In Laguna Beach at the America First Vigil - Protestors & rally attendees have began to flood i… htt…
One who claims to put America First knows the answer is simple.
if you support the removal of all Republicans who don't support our president's America First Agenda!
Follow this link for our first blog of the America Tour this summer! .
It's time. Each day you are in office is a day America is closer to losing its soul. Do the first selfless act of your…
Bruce Yandle: American consumers will lose from some of President Trump's "America First" policies:
How does this fit into the America First foreign global policy?
"America First does not mean America alone." | U.S. Vice President Mike Pence
Carlos Slim's rag can't figure out what America First energy policy is doing to poor Russia's economy 😂
Who is the leader of the free world?. Team G19 (20 minus the "America First").
Six Months of America First. Last week, the President began the process of renegotiating the United States-Korea Free T…
Gen. McChrystal Criticizes Trump's 'America First' Policy - I hear you General, but the Orange *** is NOT a leader
. I have been calling it the "American Party" for awhile. America First and MAGA is the foundation after all.
it was amazing seeing General Stanley McChrystal last night as he spoke about the problem with ‘America First'…
Read in context, Captain America's first battle (1984) with homophobic mind control is surprisingly intense.
Lindbergh would've colluded w Hitler. "America First" was itself a con, and Bannon doesn't strike me being above treason
When you're on first name basis with the former first lady of the United States of America. *** girl
Praying for your endeavor to help America and cut out some of the rot!!! I also first heard of you on God speed ❤🇺🇸👏
Why do you draw that conclusion? He does seem to be a true America First fanatic, but how could he have not known?
So back then it wasn't America first. But now it is. Hm.
America first. Unless you're a Trump, then it's Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea etc.
My interview w on what America First means. .
It's popular for the first time ever. What would America look like with democratic majorities, and governorships? Figure that out,
First we have to have a Congress that is willing to put America first. The Dems,Rinos, & MS…
3/3 would be your first language" the Germans died laughing as I ate the rest of my dinner humming god bless America
Oh yeah, it's America first all right. Maybe he should back up those words with s…
You can say you are "America First" while supporting a POTUS whose business' goods are not manufactured in America...…
Everyone should have learned from the events of 2015-2016 that the GOP is a fake party and that their owners hate "Americ…
Trump's 'America first' agenda imperils effort to rein in banks, EU lawmakers say
It is imperative to if we are going to implement America First agenda.
"We will protect our workers, promote our industry, and be proud of our history. We will put America first!" -
You know America First Media is getting close in the Seth Rich investigation when Metro D.C. Detectives troll and attack…
Stopping trump is putting America first! Country before party ✊🏼
Isolationism may be unpopular,yet there is sound reasoning to its intentions
In America we are so free that if your first job doesn't pay you enough to live on, you can go ahead and freely get a…
A re-up of Bannon at CPAC. Hits all his buzzwords/ideology. It's "America First" on steroids. They arrived w…
Cheap slogans that he has never lived by. "By American, Hire American" "Make American Great Again" "America First" " Made…
If Donald Trump wants to talk about "made in America" maybe he should look at his own products first?
Excited to join at America First Rally August 26th in Pennsylvania. Deplorables Unite!
Here's the link for tickets and info:
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Making America the first '4th World Country'!
Also, follow the host of our great show "America First", airing M, W and Fridays
I just want to put this out there... . America First with Fred Durst
America First rhymes with American musician and film director Fred Durst
Dan, Trump has withdrawn the US as leader of anything in the world. America First! Or should we say Russia First after today?
A shift of global leadership that looks to be the new normal. There is a price to pay if your mission is America First. https:…
I liked a video America First, the Galactic Empire Second
North Korea and the dangers of America First.  . The Trump administration may put Seoul at risk to protect the US
says Trump's "America First" policy is “the American version of Nazism.".North Korea ,cmon..we Americans thought of it first.
N. Korea just went there, comparing Trump to Hitler, calling "America First" the "American version of Nazism.".
America First is excited to back Bo Copley in his run for United States Senate in West Virginia!
Lutheranism is not America First. Largest church body is in Ethiopia!
Donald Trump Poisons the World. We need to take care of America First . This is China let them clean up their own mess
Donald Trump and America First will develop further under this Presidency and put further pressure on the Union. (EU)
Correct me if I'm wrong. Amazing how "America First" originated with an aviator who made the first solo crossing of the Atlantic.
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It is what it is, but let's not pretend Trump is about "America First". He's about overtly rejecting liberalism, and u…
When they said “America First doesn’t mean America Alone” they meant ‘we’re going to stand with Syria and Nicaragua on Clima…
Pushing the president of Montenegro in a photo op is not a good way to demonstrate "America First" says Lionel Barber at event
"America First in caps": Allies concerned about Paris climate deal, U.S. relations
"America First in caps": Allies concerned about Trump decision
"This is 'America First' in caps." on Trump withdrawing from Paris climate agreement:…
Ed Markey: "Trump admin may call its foreign policy America First but this budget makes clear its economic policy will make Ame…
Places to not go to this summer,1,France,2England,3 Italy,4 Amsterdam! I think I'll tour America First.
America First? No, Says Former Secretary of State in her new book "Democracy"…
From diabetic to bionic: America's type 1 diabetics don't have to wait much longer for the tech that could free them http…
The first streetlights in America were installed in Philadelphia around 1757. Friday morning's fact.
The Chefs' Throwdown was the first event in Bermuda in 2017 in the build up to the 35th America’s...
.first do “not bode well for the health of our children,” according to former EPA Admin https:…
How is refusing to focus on clean energy while destroying, polluting, and poisonin…
'Captain America: The First Avenger' director Joe Johnston will take us back to Narnia with 'The Silver Chair'
"To get the kingdom into people you need to first get 'America' out of them" -
We've got to stop the fear peddlers like the fake EU violence stories, bc so much of America is voting…
exactly. It's the biggest issue in terms of why Trump's America first policy…
America first, then global. Not rocket science
America's roller coaster: Ride the ups and downs during President's Trump first 100 days in the White House
Another war for 🇮🇱? This is absolutely insane! Let the 🇰🇷 and 🇯🇵 fight, not our boys! Americans voted for America FIRST, n…
Oh, you *** must be so proud of your boy Donny! He loves to say America First, but ends up putting Russia First!
In 2017, the US faces a growing economic divide and continuing cultural fragmentation by h…
"Nearly one-quarter of the billion dollar startup companies had a founder who first came to America as an immigrant student…
GOP is it America first or Russia first? Time to choose Country or Party.
"To get the kingdom of God into someone, you first have to get America out of them, or it just becomes another American thi…
I think he's not using globalist in the usual way. I think he means he's for America first but not whil…
The to scientific research will put America last, not first, on the global stage.
Poll on Pres Trump's America First Promise. 62% believe he's keeping that promise. How about sharing if you
Brazil hit by first general strike in two decades
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Wow so when Paul Manafort was chairman of Trump's America First campaign, he was acting as a foreign agent for Russia?
: Investors look to global growth for earnings power America First may be a main policy of the White Hou…
Bank in America First time in college freshmen. FAFSA need, 3.3GPA, community service.
At least Jeb Bush was honest about what he would do as POTUS; Trump's America First lie to win and then threats to bomb Syria hu…
Thanks Donald! We supported you and your America First rhetoric and got Jeb Bush.
"America First," or America for sale? That's the question as prepares to host Chinese President Xi Jinping at his…
in an "America First" Administration: analysis and a checklist for Chinese investors
Four famines in Africa and Yemen underscore the human cost of global retreat and America First policies
Foreign Direct Investment in an 'America First' Administration via and
America First my *** Budget proposed cutting cuts to the Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration and the FEMA
The deputy P.M. of Iraqi Kurdistan speaks about the battle against ISIS and what America First means for the region
‘America First,’ from Ukraine to Africa: How Trump has been a setback for democracy
‘America First,’ from Ukraine to Africa: How Trump threatens democracy worldwide /via
Because of nuanced lies being taught via school and media, millennials believe Trump wants 'America Only' not 'America First'.
Obama using small companies with CEOs in foreign countries is NOT AMERICA FIRST! HELP!
America First needs Goverrnment Contractors better salaries, health care benefits, vacation time
The only thing standing in the way of this happening in America is Trump! Thank you for putting Americans first! http…
if attending a new brunch, walk up to the first white woman in a Make America Great Again hat and kill her to earn brunch respect.
Heads to the Houston Rodeo for Opinions on Slogan
In my first 52 days in office, captures of fugitive slaves are up 12%! We are Making America Great Again!
Yet one more reason why I cannot get behind the "America first" mentality. We have so, so much and yet we do so lit…
Ford Motor Co. and corporate Houston First American struggle to lose loans, North America and Athens.
Thank you for having the guts to put America first over party Senator.
Maybe America wouldn't be so obese if people parked in the first available spot instead of driving around looking for one by the door
Scarlett Johansson delivered a diabolical impersonation of America's first daughter.
politicians need to be businessmen first! Politicians second! They were sent to TAKE CARE OF THE BUSINESS OF AMERICA! it's their jobs!!
The writings on the wall, dots being connected. We know so Senators know. Who will fall on the sword first for America? He will be a patriot
CNN’S Brian Stelter does not get it little bald headed fat liberal so insecure he couldn’t recognize real…
America First Always, that goes for hiring Legal Americans First!!!
Watters Heads to the Rodeo for Opinions on Trump's 'America First' Slogan | Fox News Insider
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Alabama church asks for permission to become the first in America to have its own police force:
Do liberals agree with putting 'America First'?
you: first&foremost, modern christian person of African descent in America trying 2 love your way through the darkness of advanced capitalis
😊😊Its Great to have a First Lady that's works at Making America Great Again!
Our citizens should come first America. Not our illegals. Join me & other veterans & enlist in the USFA at
I am an "America First" guy on just one issue: the ordering of country names in web drop-downs.
America first was group of anti-Semites in 30s in the US who wanted us to leave Hitler alone
this been going on as long as CIA existed after every1 still in denial 🤔
The Tournament is only in its first year, but by virtue of this gold mine, is already America's best conference…
Three Island youngsters earn All-American status on first day of Hershey Championships
'America First' puts freedom and leadership last, says Executive Director
WATTERS' WORLD: Watters heads to the rodeo for opinions on Trump's 'America First' slogan v…
On this day, Halsey performed her first show in South America at Lollapalooza in Brasil to an amazing crowd who sang e…
I don't get it how is America First like Hitler?? That's the most ignorant thing over ever heard
America will commemorate the centenary of its entry into the first world war in April
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If impeachment was good enough for South Korea it should be good enough for us, after all 'America First' right?
our police need to be properly trained. Like all other First world nations. America the arm pit of the world.
Sorry Keith not just GOP in America First. Such well-known Nazis as JFK, Gore Vidal and Norman Thomas were too. Crack a book
Since we can't predict when they will radicalize, how about let none of them in? What a concept ! America First. https:/…
"Celebrating protectionism, hailing 'America First!' in a virtual State of the Union address – it doesn't get any...
's talk last night on Trump, Gatsby and the American dream was outstanding. Wilson & 'America First' was a stand out.
Donald Trump's mantra is America First. So does it matter that Melania isn't wearing American designers?…
Now, explain how this is "America First" 😂 Looks like Putin gave Trump a Cleveland Steamer instead.
How 'America First' could turn into 'India First'. Nandan Nilekani, co-founder of one of India's biggest outsour
ASIA | America First? Trump's US prepares to talk human rights in Geneva
Trump's 'America First' has consequences on Phl real estate - Philippine Star
How 'America First' could turn into to 'India First'
half my TL is now muppet related. I need to follow more people. Swedish Chef # 2. But Scott prefers America First 🙄
Wall Street Journal makes it clear that America First means free trade with Britain.
Miller,the 31-year-old former Jeff Sessions aide and America First true believer with no legal background of his own
I'm worried for the Republic. Read "America First" published on Spiegel Online
How is giving up 50 years of bipartisan Middle East policy so Netanyahu gets whatever he wants "America First" or tough deal making?
So much for America First. Liberty and justice for all Republicans.
"We are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, a new vision will govern our land. From this day, it's going to be, 'America First.
The demise of the fiduciary rule: America First? Clients Second! John Bogle in NYT
You cannot say "America First," then draw a moral equivalency between America and the evil that is Putin
I liked a video France welcomes Trump in his own words / America First - France Second
The is sponsored by Turkish Airlines so clearly that America First thing is working out well.
Rabbi Wirtschafter to the full sanctuary at Christ Church Cathedral: "Nothing is more unamerican than America First."
"America First" has political gravity to it that other nations remember. Was as bad as 43's use of 'Crusade'.
In Trump’s push for ‘America First,’ troubling echoes of anti-Semitic crusade Putting yourself first is anti-Semitic
I couldn't have said it any better Military Jobs safety America First
"Trump was not talking to the intellectuals when he said 'America First,'" legt Pete Hoekstra - Republican met NL roots - uit in Washington
As Trump stresses 'America First', China plays the world leader
Trident is & always has been America's first line of defence. Even though it doesn't work, was never designed 2 protect U…
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Already had one, but we TOOK out the TRASH Friday! MORON! America first!
The left finds code in ever freaking word, America First which word is it that offends? America or first because you hate both
Is Global Equality the Enemy of National Equality? My new paper, timed to coincide with Trump's "America first"!
well the slogan America First was used by Fascist sympathisers who opposed helping Britain like Lindbergh and Father Coughlin
You said, 'I don't know what America first means.' That's obvious.
Donald Trump says "America comes first." We should hold him to these words as 51% of America is female.
When I first came to America I used to drive last So So Def records and was in aw. Love your music so much.
All the Swearing in grandure, Look at all of the DISTRUCTION in AL GA where is the disaster relief from GOV AMERICA FIRST DJT WHERE IS IT
Quit whining and get to work rebuilding America. America First, not Israel First.
The ONLY reason anyone would believe that "America first" is "depressing and vulgar, is someone that has been...
"...and remember it will always be America first, like messing with the Israel embassy!
me to. America needs to start working about America first and foremost.
might want to share with the uninformed. Woodrow Wilson ran on "America First" b4 Trump
Donald Trump's unprecedented and divisive speech
If you had all power over America, what would you do first?   10% Off
It was a day filled with incredible emotion and grief. Chapecoense played their first match since the plane crash. ➡️
Is this an "America First" movement or does it include Islamic nations? Quite a quandary for those on the left huh?
UK is leaving an existing trade deal where UK is an equal partner to seek one with the US which will be based on America…
Since you and McCain seem to love war let's put it this way:. American Workers. American Infrastructure . American Vets
Trump's vision to resurrect from the swamp of crony capitalism and domestic social htt…
dear people of the world. When you see selfish self-serving Trump's America First nonsense, please know we don't all feel…
Every single day I receive first hand reports of hateful vandalism at America's mosques and temples. Both Muslims & Jews are…
Christians: May we be guided by the Scriptures that remind us, "Seek first the Kingdom of God" and not, "Seek first the king…
When you get to the point where you have a problem with phrases like "All Lives Matter" and "America First," it's time to…
America first! That seems to be upsetting a lot of people ..and the word jobs also upsetting peop…
America First rhetoric will lead those dependent on US to go their own way to detriment of US influence & stability http…
If the phrase America First is at all confusing to you, your name and elected official ought not be in the same sentence w/out…
This is what America First will look like: On Jan 3, HR 193, The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017, was introduced…
America First it is my motto it is about Time America puts the interest of her citizens first
That's why you'll never be President, kiddo. . Lindsey Graham: 'I Don't Know What America First Means' - Breitbart
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Y'all make sure you go to page and Let him know what "America First" means. -Educate him
Such bills have been introduced before but not w:. GOP House AND Senate. "America First" POTUS w platform that dovetails w…
"America First" wasn't just about avoiding European war, it was about suppressing domestic leftism
America First. Then Canada obviously. China, Russia, Germany, France, India, Israel. Britain definitely in the top sec…
From Australia to Taiwan to Pakistan to India, world jittery about Trump's "America First" inaugural speech
you would not punch Richard Spencer? are you ok with America First? Real question
If you think saying "America first" is vulgar & depressing, you should go home and rethink your life.
Today is the first day of the rest of AMERICA'S life.
10 years ago, I watched some dude shave Mr. McMahon's head on WWE for WrestleMania. Tonight is his first day as President o…
It should never be radical to say AMERICA FIRST!. About *** time. For decades it's been other countries first. That has…
I00% honesty I voted for but I am very optimistic for our future. America first!!
Donald Trump inheriting world in disarray; his America First message, protectionism risks making bad situation worse http…
Kristol finally just came out and admitted he doesn't want America First; Trump's election is like turning lights on & see…
Peso takes lurch lower as Trump declares 'America first'
.: Make in India. : Make in America. nothing wrong. Nation first always featured in NBC s Science of Love
The first black president of the United States of America acknowledged the birth of my daughter... Amazing ✊🏾
We are not playing games. The work begins. & America sees the first rays of light shine in a long time shine…
And if u don't c the irony in wearing Gucci when your boss brags about America first…
You think your truckling will save the refugee deal? "From this moment on, it's going to be America first."
Pickaway First, America First! Thanks to my boy Drew for coming with - he was for President…
The first episode of this new reality show called "America" was kinda boring!!
Trump has a new vision; America first. Because no other leader of America thought to prioritize AMERICA?!!
Wow. The first thing up on the new website is a plan to eliminate the Action Plan.
President Trump and his son Barron Trump! God bless the First Family! God bless America!
Remember "America First" was the slogan of the domestic pro-fascist, pro-Nazi movement in the US in the 1930s.
I hope the first dance is to "Donald Lost The Popular Vote By Three Million Votes" sung by America.
"We can never get civil rights in America until our human rights are first restored." - Malcolm X: ht…
Reminder that Trump's "America First" slogan was recycled from American Nazi sympathizers from WWII
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