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America Ferrera

America Georgina Ferrera (born April 18, 1984) is an American actress, best known for playing the lead role in the television comedy series Ugly Betty.

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America Ferrera and Ben Feldman are great, i'm indifferent about everyone else
Watching last weeks and dying. The back and forth is between America Ferrera and Ben Feldman is absolutely fantastic
Join Scarlett Johansson, Zendaya, America Ferrera and others on The Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017.
It's such a cute series. I love America Ferrera and I've always crushed on Ben Feldman but his shows always gets cancelled.
Bull. Ask Mindy Kaling, Candance Wu, America Ferrera, Aziz Ansari, etc., whether or not they want to be represented in film.
Actresses who would be a better choice: Ellie Kemper, Zosia Mamet, Allison Brie, Eden Sher, Jillian Bell, America Ferrera, K…
Remember how we were all supposed to buy that Bradley Whitford was America Ferrera's dad in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?
Superstore is a solid comedy, America Ferrera and Ben Feldman steal the show, but it badly needs to find it's voice to continue.
'Superstore': Ben Feldman on acing bird poop scenes with America Ferrera via
Just gave Designated Survivor a whirl. Will continue watching future episodes. . But why Jack Bauer and not a America Ferrera? 😈
America Ferrera, Johnny Galecki, Bryan Cranston, and Jesse Eisenberg are a few of Clinton's $2,700 donors.
In what way is this even remotely true "I am America Ferrera and according to Donald Trump, I am probably a rapist".
.would say my body 'probably like a 2' | Getty
America Ferrera at According to Donald Trump, "I'm probably a rapist"
America Ferrera: "Donald is not making America great again. He's making America hate again."
America Ferrera: "Occasionally, I needed a free meal to get through the school day" // Can't emphasize how important this vi…
America Ferrera: "Donald Trump is not making America great again. He is making America hate again."http…
America Ferrera STUNS in gorgeous dress at the
America Ferrera slams Donald Trump at to him 'I'm probably a rapist'
The Academy announces diverse class of new members including Idris Elba, John Boyega and America Ferrera
📷 nowhollywood: Eva Longoria and America Ferrera at the launch of Cris Abrego’s book: Make It Reality:...
Mae Whitman, Aaron Sorkin, and America Ferrera mourn the loss of their shows gone too soon:
📷 inquisitiveg: America Ferrera attends the Ugly Betty Reunion at the ATX Television Festival in...
Watching Superstore. Ben Feldman is very cute. So is America Ferrera. That's my review of Superstore.
The after party was so much fun. We got to chat with America Ferrera and our good friend, Daymond John! http…
America Ferrera is the best part of Special Correspondents. Kelly Macdonald and Vera Fermiga are close seconds
America Ferrera and Ben Feldman star in a hilarious workplace comedy about a unique family of employees at a...
Actor James Woods is 69 today. Melissa Joan Hart is 40. The not-at-all-ugly America Ferrera of "Ugly Betty" is 32.
My doppelgänger (America Ferrera) and favorite Sabrina (Melissa Joan-Hart) were both born today. What a time to be alive!
A fan saw Jennifer Lawrence at a restaurant/bar in New York a few hours ago. America Ferrera was also there. (05.04.16)
America Ferrera's Crazy Vegas Trip with the Cast of Superstore - Late Night with Seth…
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America Ferrera's smile is insured for $10 million.
Nowadays I'd describe myself as earnest, terribly earnest. I'm the person w...
What happened to America Ferrera she did so great in Ugly Betty
Just one example is America Ferrera and Huerta blatantly lying about an incident, only for it to be debunked by video evidence.
"My siblings are my best friends" - America Ferrera. . . Hello instagram ✋ @ Batu
… America Ferrera wore this sweater jacket in an episode of Ugly Betty. More like…
"If a movie were to be made about you, who would you like to play you?" | America Ferrera or Mickey Ferriols. 😬
The actress America Ferrera reads an essay about a date in the Tanzanian countryside that, with a bus accident, takes a life-altering turn.
the media that BS=??? -- Halston=???-- America Ferrera=America Ferrera shared the role of BS in the first portion, and that America Ferrera
Because BS had appeared to him as "America Ferrera" (he won't specify this as a criticism - he merely wants it pointed out to the fans@ in
Or America Ferrera who compared bernie policies to chavez and other boogeyman to scare poor L.american voters.
America Ferrera: It all starts with a dream.
it'll go kristen stewart, ellen page, america ferrera, a hot butch girl, a Single fat girl, the cute goth from ncis, and then steve buscemi
America Ferrera - Opening of The American Pavilion at Cannes - May 2015
Photo: Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton be a part of actors America Ferrera and Eva Longoria on stage at Las Vega…
Chelsea Clinton and America Ferrera cancel Boulder appearance due to travel delays via
Chelsea Clinton and America Ferrera cancel appearance via
Are you mad that America Ferrera makes more money pretending to work in a store every week than you actually working in a store every day?
Alright I gotta say it... there is no way America Ferrera and Blake Lively fit in that same pair of pants I'm calling
I just want to be in my sweats, walk my dog, watch TV and eat pizza. America Ferrera.
sophia vergara, Sandra Oh, Mindy kaling, America Ferrera... So they're not just for blacks only either
5 dollars says America Ferrera is wearing the Traveling Pants under that dress rn.
Rewatched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants recently and cried at almost every one of America Ferrera's scenes
This sisterhood continues to remain, with or without the pants! It's been more than ten years since Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, Amber
Superstore: come for Mark McKinney and America Ferrera, stay for Ben Feldman.
As an added bonus, it's starring the incomparable America Ferrera and that little cutie, Ben Feldman!
The ensemble is completely hilarious & ridiculous and great to see America Ferrera and Ben Feldman leading the pack in a comedy.
*** Ben Feldman again on an NBC romantic comedy. I loved A to Z man and America Ferrera is great but I got a bad feeling about this.
It makes me so childishly happy knowing Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, and Amber Tamblyn still hang out all the time
Tonight at 7 is all-new starting with the premieres of Superstore starring America Ferrera and Ben Feldman and...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Gimme a reason to watch SUPERSTORE. America Ferrera and Ben Feldman as its adorable meant-for-each-other leads. OK!
Don't think is going to make it.Aside from America Ferrera and Ben Feldman the supporting characters are obnoxious.
Also, it's not too early to ship Ben Feldman and America Ferrera's characters right? (Fine she's not exactly free to date so I'll stop)
Hollywood's biggest stars are going for gold in 2016! Angela Bassett, America Ferrera, Chloë Grace Moretz and Dennis Quaid c…
About that time the Golden Globes misidentified America Ferrera as Gina Rodriguez:
happens, *** Golden Globes confused America Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez.. Where's the outrage
America Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez are not the same person. The rest of the world knows that, of course, but the Golden Globes' official
I do not believe Michael Peña is going to survive but as long as America Ferrera does I'm good.
Angela Bassett, America Ferrera, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Dennis Quaid reveal the nominees for the 73rd annual Golden Globe…
Tina Brown's Second Annual Women in the World Texas to feature America Ferrera, Admiral William...
Dr. Gary Rothfeld Why did Hollywood actress America Ferrera want to convert to Judaism, ha... Celeb Dermatologist
Just remembered we live in a world where the 'ugly' girls are Rachael Leigh Cook & America Ferrera! 😫
David Tutera threw a party for Vanessa Williams and America Ferrera and Judith Light showed up together.
I will forever love America Ferrera for giving a chubby Puerto Rican girl someone to look up to.
Ben Feldman and America Ferrera are going to be in a TV show together.
Update your maps at Navteq
Ariella Ferrera is an Adult Glamour Model and Actress born in Colombia, South America –
I lied I am actually Blake Lively's dog when he steals the pizza out of America Ferrera's hand
Someone told me I look like America Ferrera once but I hella don't see it
Last night summed up: bachelor party in onesies, and America Ferrera
The employees at Panera just debated if I looked more like America Ferrera or Gina Rodriguez. Mama, I'm blessed.
Good for the pinata sales . America Ferrera, where are you?
I'm amazed America Ferrera never legally changed her name
Ariella Ferrera In My Girlfriends Busty Friend . Description:. Ariella walks in on Kurt sexting with his gir
I was talking to this woman at my mom's work and she casually said "my niece, America Ferrera..." ummm introduce us?
|| To keep my FC as America Ferrera, or change to Aubrey Plaza or someone else?
nikz, you really look like America Ferrera, so pretty...:)
No Thanks, America Ferrera -- A Chicana Response to 'Thank you, Donald Trump!'
Someone needs to educate America Ferrera that illegal alien invaders are not valid immigrants. Period!
America Ferrera’s Faux Bob, and More of the Best Beauty Looks Lately
.has reminded me it's also been a year since we bumped into America Ferrera (aka Ugly Betty) in Cardiff Castle.
What is like to turn 30 through the words of Keira Knightley, America Ferrera & more:
If we can use easy ones, America Ferrera
Shakira hits out at Donald Trump's 'hateful and racist' speech via
Dear do you also remember Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Kristen Wiig, T.J. Miller, Jonah Hill, or Cameron Diaz?
R u guyz tired of going 2 the gym and not seeing rZULTS? Shoot me a text; I'm a lyfstyl expert and can help you be the next America Ferrera.
Good Evening America Ferrera Happy Monday to you HI I am a huge fan of you how are you doing how was your weekend and night!
“You, Mr. Trump, are living in an outdated fantasy of a bigoted America” -
ICYMI: My open letter to Donald Trump: "Thank you Donald Trump!"
WATCH VIDEO: Looking for 'The Next McGyver,' hopes to inspire young women
Looking for 'The Next McGyver,' America Ferrera hopes to inspire young women |
we all wear the same pant size because America ferrera
did anyone see American Pharaoh trending and read it as America Ferrera or was that just me
Totally sitting at a communal table in this brunch place in Venice next to America Ferrera
Stars Blake Lively, America Ferrera, Alexis Bledel & Amber Tamblyn teamed up for brunch on 15...
"When there’s too much of the same thing and not enough to reflect the world that I live in, I take it personally."
Thank you, Donald Trump and thank you America Ferrara...…
When people mention American Farrow all I think of is America Ferrera
One serious question: why is everyone so surprised when I introduce myself and say my name like? Hello America Ferrera exist too???
America Ferrera by Nino Muñoz. I'm obsessed with her entire look in this pic.
wait how did I just see this amazing post from today...
Check out my palm reading of America Ferrera.
By request, my palm reading of actress America Ferrera is now up on YouTube
The cast of gang reunited for America Ferrera's birthday.
BE A WATER BABY. "Once I started drinking more water, my skin, hair and nails all flourished."-America Ferrera
I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States. Let's "Make America Ferrera Great Again!"
America Ferrera has well and truly left her Ugly Betty days behind her.
America Ferrera is a Honduran- American actor. She is so beautiful 😍😍
I just read this. This is very powerful! Good for her! . Thank You, Donald Trump! via
America Ferrera & Salma Hayek: The smiley stars meet up at The Prophet premiere at LACMA's Bing Theatre.
America Ferrera's perfectly groomed eyebrows & soft red pout have us lusting after her style:
America Ferrera owned Donald Trump in the Huffington post 💥
michael peña, america ferrera, Rosario Dawson, im crying this is great
America Ferrera reunites with Ugly Betty! See the cute pic:
"America Ferrera? ok I halfway believe in you because she did say it in Gotta Kick It Up 😂
Fabulous reading of Antigone with America Ferrera & Anne-Marie Slaughter
America Ferrera: Politics should be more diverse: "Ugly Betty" star helps Voto Latino celebrate 10 years.
Keynote speakers. Paul Lorem, a Yale student from South Sudan. The other one is America Ferrera who played Ugly Betty
oh right America Ferrera and Alexis Bledel are like 33 now ***
Only two Latinas have won Best Comedy Actress: First was America Ferrera in 2007, and second was Gina Rodriguez tonight.
I took a buzzfeed quiz on which SOTTP character I am and I got Blake Lively. You got America Ferrera.
'Cesar Chavez', film featuring John Malkovich, Michael Pena and America Ferrera, starts in 2 hours. Get tix now!
The Hollywood prankster who ambushed Brad Pitt and America Ferrera at red carpet events earlier this year has struck again after lunging at reality TV star Kim Kardashian as she arrived at a Paris Fashion Week show on Thursday.
How about a True Detective with Kelly Hu and America Ferrera?
& THE EMMY FOR COMEDY ACTRESS GOES TO...: America Ferrera in 2007 for this series
God wants you to cast America Ferrera more
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America Ferrera gets my vote, if you're going for a doppleganger (though I think she has some height on you) :)
people say i look like America Ferrera.
America Ferrera to host documentary series for Pivot and...
People say I look like America Ferrera and I'm starting to see it.
If America Ferrera was born in Canada would her father have called her Canada Zamboni?
'How to Train Your Dragon 3' Pushed Back a Year to 2017: . Original voice cast Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera and Cate Blanchett are co...
Did you know that America Ferrera insured her teeth for $10 million dollars according to
Sara Jay in Naughty America; Only for a limited time $9.95 in a...: Sara Jay in Naughty America; Only for a...
America Ferrera enjoys date under the stars with husband Ryan Piers Williams ...
the pics of what he did to America Ferrera literally made my skin crawl. They got long lense & it's freaky as ***
There's an *** who claims he's a "prankster" who gropes celebs all the time. He climbed up America Ferrera's dress. Literally.
lmfao I am the america Ferrera of life
The dad from Ugly Betty told me I look like her but w/out the glasses & stuff. So basically like America Ferrera lol I was almost insulted😂😅
America Ferrera is a true role model, beautiful and sucessful!
When they make a movie about my life, I want America Ferrera to play me.
I need to take my America Ferrera picture off my camera but I'm too tired to move
I love America Ferrera in this movie. The chick has huevos.
Rewatching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...seriously, how does the same pair of jeans fit Blake Lively and America Ferrera?
America Ferrera sat down for an exclusive interview to explain the story of the title character. .
WATCH: America Ferrera & Gabriel Mann explain their characters and the story of their latest film
Just found out that I share birthday with America Ferrera, Melissa Hart, Rosie Huntington, Suri Cruise, and Kourtney Kardashian hehehee
Has anyone actually thought about the fact that America Ferrera's name is actually America? 🇺🇸
what a shame I'm watching America Ferrera rock it how do the pants fit them all??? Wow magic
No one understands my obsession with Ugly Betty, I connect with America Ferrera on a deep emotional level
but I think that's just her character ruining everything bc America Ferrera is pretty cool she was the original Fawn
America ferrera's monologue is all the life in this Jawn
random fact, I know a girl who looks /just/ like Ugly Betty. Not America Ferrera. Betty.
We spoke to & recently about Check out our interview here:
Photoset: smallwind: 2014 6/8 Kit Harington and America Ferrera attended the premiere of Twentieth Century...
Hello it is I, insanely talented actress, America Ferrera.
I'm in love with america ferrera's voice
Eli, don’t feel bad. I too would be totally flustered around America Ferrera. She’s lovely.
America Ferrera keeps it floral while exiting Katsuya after eating dinner with friends on Thursday (July 17) in Los…
America Ferrera has kind of got some JLo in her 👌
Another gorgeous lady, America Ferrera, in Cartier jewelry from Beladora at the "How To Train Your Dragon 2"...
Thank you John Thomas for getting me cast in this series. You may not remember it but you got me the audition. Got to do some fun improv with the cast on the "B" roll. Everyone, We are thrilled to announce that Saved by the Pole was just nominated for for an Imagen award. We are up for "Best Comedic Web Series". The award ceremony will be held Friday, Aug. 1st at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Other nominees (in other categories) include: Rosario Dawson, Michelle Rodriguez, America Ferrera, Judy Reyes & John Leguizamo and now SAVED BY THE POLE!!! Congrats Jonisha Rios!!! Saved by the Pole Congrats Jonisha Rios!!!
Former co-stars America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn don matching outfits
Kristen Wiig, America Ferrera, and Kit Harington stay out of the rain in the Today show studios to promote How to Train Your Dragon 2 on Friday morning (June 13) in New York City. The new film is in theaters today! Be sure to check it out! “I would never want to do that,” Kit [...]
Here's your chance to record a question on Skype for America Ferrera for her movie How To Train Your Dragon 2.
“Blockbuster FRIDAY” This week Hollywood flick How to Train Your Dragon 2 (3D) IDIL Rating: * * * * Stars Cast: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Cate Blanchett, Djimon Hounsou, America Ferrera, Kit Harington Direction: Dean DeBlois Genre: Animation Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes Story: Four years after Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) befriended Toothless, the dragon, the duo (now inseparable) embarks on new trips of discovery. However, disturbing their idyllic setting and peace of the land is a mighty dragon trapper with vicious intentions. Can the dragon riders rescue dragons from the clutches of the mighty villain who wishes to form a dragon army for his own good? Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2 should be studied by filmmakers to learn 'how to make a sequel'. For a change, it is not just a rehash or remake of the 2010 Oscar-nominated film. While keeping the spirit, titular characters and visual excellence of the previous installment intact, a new story, characters and plot twists are introduced to lend novelty to ...
America Ferrera is all smiles while attending the LA Film Festival screening and Q&A for her latest film How To Train Your Dragon 2 held at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on Monday (June 9) in Los Angeles. The 30-year-old actress was joined at the event by the animated film’s writer and director Dean DeBlo
I constantly get America Ferrera and Jordan Sparks mixed up
HOW TO TRIAN YOUR DRAGON 2 (June 13-19 Rated: PG Show times: 7:00 & 9:00 PM Matinees on Saturday June 14 & Sunday June 15 at 2:00 PM ***Attention parents there will be a COLORING CONTEST for this movie prizes to be won deadline is Thursday June 19 please have ALL contest forms in by 9:00pm*** GOOD LUCK :) How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie Synopsis Five years after Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and Toothless successfully united dragons and vikings on the island of Berk, Astrid (America Ferrera), Snotlout (Jonah Hill) and the rest of the gang have fun with a new contact sport in which they race dragons, grab sheep and dump them into a net. Meanwhile, Hiccup and Toothless enjoy adventures of their own as Hiccup adjusts to having only one leg and enjoys his new flying apparatus. While riding their dragons, Hiccup and Astrid discover a dragon trapper named Eret (Kit Harrington) who captures Astrid's dragon, Stormfly, in a net. Eret was hired by Drago Bludvist to catch dragons for his dragon army. Hiccup wants to find D ...
HOW TO Train Your Dragon 2 (PG) Animated Adventure/Fantasy. Based on the book series by Cressida Cowell. The village of Vikings now live in peace with their dragon friends, until Hiccup (voice of Jay Baruchel), Astrid (voice of America Ferrera), and Toothless discover two people each with different kinds of relationships with dragons.
Just talked to Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera & Dean DeBlois about Can't wait for this one ^EB
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If America Ferrera can fit into Blake Lively's pants, anything is possible.
“If he tries to look up a woman's dress again, he's going to get stomped".” Actor Brad Pitt speaks out about Ukrainian prankster Vitalii Sediuk who accosted him at the premiere of Maleficent and actress America Ferrera at Cannes
ACTOR Brad Pitt has spoken out about the red carpet attack that left Ukrainian TV presenter Vitalii Sediuk behind bars. The notorious prankster accosted Pitt at the world premiere of Maleficent in Hollywood last week. "I looked down and the nutter was trying to bury his face in my crotch," Pitt told People magazine. He said Sediuk would make life difficult for genuine fans hoping to get autographs from the stars. Sediuk, 25, who is known for pulling pranks on celebrities, spent two days in jail after being pulled off the red carpet by security guards. He pleaded no contest to battery and unlawful activity, and was sentenced to three years of probation and a year's worth of psychiatric counselling. The TV presenter was also ordered to stay 500 yards (457m) away from all celebrity events, including awards shows and premieres. He must also stay away from Pitt and his fiancee Angelina Jolie, who stars in Maleficent. In his statement about the incident, Pitt said: "I was at the end of the line signing autograp ...
Real Woman Have Curves. It's true and it's a movie too. It's an oldie and with America Ferrera, who is all woman, it could be a goodie.
. has some excited kiddies. Hiccup and Astrid (Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera) and director Dean Deblois were on CP24 to talk about How to Train Your Dragon 2... they have been fans since the first movie and watch the TV series... Can't wait till June 13th!!!
what he did to America ferrera was disgusting
I have been compared to mila kunis and America ferrera and I'm distraught because I'm not even close to their level of beauty
How to Train Your Dragon 2 was twice as awesome. Tomorrow I’m chattin’ with America Ferrera and Jay Baruchel. Maybe I dress up as a dragon.
Why are they calling this guy a prankster when he sexually assaulted Leonardo DiCaprio, America Ferrera, Will Smith and attacked Brad Pitt
A women at the store told me I look like America Ferrera 😐
Am i the only one thinking that Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera seem like a much more legit couple in then anyone else going now.
America Ferrera at the Los Angeles Times 2014 Hero Complex Film Festival - "How to Train Your Dragon 2"
America Ferrera and Judith Light attend the 13th annual Women Who Care event
There's a girl in one of my classes who literally looks exactly like America Ferrera in Ugly Betty.
America Ferrera stars alongside Jay Baruchel in “How Tot Train Your Dragon 2,” the second film in the animated 3D trilogy about a young Viking calledHiccup and his dragon, Toothless. As the thrilling story unfolds, Hiccup has an unexpected meeting with an extraordinary woman who shares his passion
America Ferrera comes back as Astrid in 'How To Train Your Dragon 2' |...
A recap of stunts by man who accosted Brad Pitt LOS ANGELES (AP) — Since 2011, former television journalist Vitalii Sediuk has gained a reputation for outlandish stunts involving celebrities that have gotten him mocked, slapped, arrested (twice) and fired from the Ukranian television station 1+1. His leap at Brad Pitt from a fan bleacher area at the "Maleficent" premiere Wednesday landed him in a Hollywood jail facing a possible battery charge. Here's a look at the incidents that have gained him notoriety and a rap sheet. UNWELCOME GIFT TO MADONNA Sediuk drew Madonna's scorn when he presented the singer-actress a bouquet of hydrangeas at 2011's Venice Film Festival and called her "my princess." Madonna proclaimed, "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas" and stowed the flowers under a table before starting a press conference. PUCKERING UP TO Will Smith In 2012, Sediuk hugged Will Smith at the red carpet premiere of "Men In Black III" and tried to take it a step further, moving in to kiss the actor on the mouth. ...
A new feature of our evening will be a Movie Memorabilia Auction featuring posters signed by a wide range of film stars and legends on the red carpets of their premiere's...just a few names include Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Emma Stone, Cate Blanchett, Andrew Garfield, America Ferrera, James McAvoy and Scarlett Johannson!
America ferrera and Lily Collins will forever be my favorite actresses.
America Ferrera has been hitting it out of the park in the fashion stakes lately and this showing at the...
Another excellent episode of the "Years of Living Dangerously" series. In Episode 6, "Winds of Change" (May 19, 2014), America Ferrera reports on how public policy has supported the growth of wind and solar power in Kansas, and how the oil and gas companies, and their well-funded lobbyists and allies like the Heartland Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council, are pushing lawmakers to reverse this. Meanwhile, New York Times journalist Bittman discovers that extracting natural gas through fracking delays our transition to renewable energy and that fracking wells leak a large amount of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, which makes fracked natural gas as dirty as, or dirtier than, burning coal.
Flashback: America Ferrera, the voice of Astrid in How to Train Your Dragon (1 & 2), Lords of Dogtown, Ugly Betty
America Ferrera will be in attendance for the June 1 screening of X/Y ONLY, though her nearly-as-lovely hubby,...
Jay Baruchel & America Ferrera will continue to reprise their roles in Netflix-exclusive DREAMWORKS DRAGONS show:
Thanks for your recap of in with and ht…
Why was Vitalii Sediuk arrested for punching Brad Pitt in the face, but not for putting his head up America Ferrera's sk…
America Ferrera and Jay Baruchel chat How To Train Your Dragon 2 for the Film Festival today
How to Train Your Dragon 2's director, Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera
Good Afternoon America Ferrera hows it going today happy Saturday to you ! I am a huge fan of you I love you from Wisconsin!
We’re back next week with advice from Mike Holmes, plus a chat with stars America Ferrera and Jay Baruchel!
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Aww shucks I'm gonna miss on late night. He's making America Ferrera visibly uncomfortable by just being honest and it's GENIUS!
America Ferrera in & pumps at the How To Train Your Dragon 2 Cannes Photocall. http…
America Ferrera shocked by red carpet prank - Celebrity Balla |
Dragons are taking over Cannes! America Ferrera, Jay Baruchel and Djimon Hounsou join Toothless at a press event at the Cannes Film Festival. And here are a couple of photos from the red carpet event. How to Train Your Dragon 2 akan tayang pada bulan Juni.
America Ferrera's reaction to having her first time at the Cannes Film Festival soured by an annoying prankster...
You may have seen that a man reportedly dove under America Ferrera's dress at the Cannes Film Festival. But who is the man behind the stunt?
The Cannes Film Festival is best known for its fabulous South-of-France location, star-studded attendees and elegant, designer red carpet fashion.Unfortunately for actress America Ferrera, a man wasn't so much interested in her George Hoeika Couture gown but rather what was under it.
A strange moment at the Cannes Film Festival for Ugly Betty star America Ferrera. A man tried to crawl under her dress and take photos!
America Ferrera sexual harassed on red carpet at Cannes. This is not a prank.
A serial prankster has been caught crawling beneath the dress of actress America Ferrera as she posed for photographs at the Cannes Film Festival
America Ferrera Ambushed At Cannes Film Festival By Repeat Offender - Can we get some better...
We spoke to about the Cannes red-carpet incident, Cate Blanchett geek-outs, and Game of Thrones.
Man crawls under America Ferrera's dress at Cannes - Photos indicate the man is fully grown and not, as you might ...
In Cannes, France, a man crawled under America Ferrera’s dress. That’s weird. Usually people sneak into America from Mexico.
She should have put a stiletto through his ear:
America Ferrera ambushed by man attempting to crawl under her dress on Cannes red carpet
BEHIND THE SCENES of Episode 6: Rex Parris takes America Ferrera on a tour of Lancaster, CA - the first town powered by solar energy. For the full story, tune in to watch on Monday, May 19th @ 8pm ET/PT on Showtime Networks
America Ferrera – A Man Tries to Crawl Under her voluminous white dress:     A man tried to crawl under “How...
Cannes: America Ferrera on Red-Carpet ‘Ankle Biters’ and Game of Thrones Geek-Outs: At the beachside party following the Cannes prem...
Prankster tries to climb under America Ferrera's dress at Cannes
The ‘journalist’ who just sexually harassed America Ferrera on the red carpet
Man jumps under america Ferrera dress on red carpet
Man crashes the red carpet, hides under America Ferrera's dress (no - this isn't a joke):
A guy snuck under America Ferrera's dress at the and her reaction is PRICELESS:
America Ferrara's reaction after some creep crawled under her gown at Cannes (seriously, *** )
America Ferrera's reaction to this guy creeping under her dress on the red carpet is perfect:
Mon dieu! A prankster tried to crawl under gown on the red carpet. PHOTO:
Can we get some better security in here, please? America Ferrera is the latest victim of so-called prankster and Ukrainian journalist Vitalii Sediuk, who gross...
America Ferrera ambushed in Cannes by man diving under her dress - Los Angeles Times
Cate Blanchett was a shocked bystander as a man climbed under the dress of fellow actor America Ferrera on the Cannes red carpet.
Where is the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when you need them? America Ferrera got a strange ...
Something very strange happened to America Ferrera on the Cannes red carpet:
This is that Ukrainian prankster looking up America Ferrera's dress at Cannes, getting yanked away by security, and Cate Blanchett consoling her afterward. How very dare!...
A man was arrested at Cannes, Friday, May 16, after he tried to slip his head under America Ferrera's gown on the red carpet
On my last day at Cannes I discovered that How to train a dragon 2 is a wonderful film, I saw the truly amazing Cate Blanchett LIVE who made jokes with the journalists about her kids stroking her Oscar at supervised times and visiting a random journalist and his wife in Bangladesh, I went to a couple of more red carpets and witnessed a crazy guy jump behind America Ferrera as the security dragged him by the ankle and I saw the beginning of a Clint Eastwood movie at the beach cinema! Au revoir, Cannes, tout etait super!
America Ferrera had an unpleasant Cannes Film Festival appearance on Friday when creepy and insufferable red carpet prankster Vitalii Sediuk crawled underneath her dress. The "journalist," who has previously targeted Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio and others with his stu
Man attacks America Ferrera on Cannes red carpet, hides under her dress
America Ferrera Takes Toothless the Dragon to Cannes! America Ferrera and Jay Baruchel heat up the 2014 Cannes Film Festival with the help of their dragon friend Toothless on Thursday afternoon (May 15) in Cannes, France.…
Toothless, the dragon from "How to Train Your Dragon 2" came our to meet the media on Croisette at Cannes with voice actors America Ferrera, Djimon Hounsou a...
Okay so with my Sis Tiff at the hospital and the nurse turns to me and says I look like someone she knows then she says America Ferrera- girl who played Ugly Betty. I get that all the time. Lol. They always say but not the ugly version the actual actress. Lmao.
Freida Pinto waits for her car wearing some sweet kicks at the Nice airport on Wednesday (May 14) in Nice, France. The 29-year-old actress wasn’t the only star to arrive at the airport that day for the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Julianne Moore, America Ferrera, and Adele Exarchopoulos also were spot
America Ferrera on starring in her husband's film
One of the first stars we met at Dallas International Film Festival, America Ferrera, is 30. Very nice. Happy BDay!
NEW YORK – Hillary Rodham Clinton took the stage here Thursday with her daughter, Chelsea, and actress America Ferrera to begin what the former secretary of state calls a series of “No Ceilings” conversations aimed at encouraging women and girls to aim high.
Tomorrow! If you are in or near Rhode Island, please join us for our FREE event, open to the public; beginning at 2:30 tomorrow at East Providence High School as we tune in to the Clinton Foundation's "Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation" live webcast, hosted by Secretary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton and Moderated by actress America Ferrera. Please share this with anyone you know who may be interested! The talk will discuss accomplishments women have made in the last 20 years and challenges still faced. Join us to take part in this important talk!
Hamilton Collection
OK ~ Tribeca Film Festival kicks off. I am grateful to be attending with press credentials, but I have called it to their attention in the past that their track record for screening Latino films is abysmal. Out of 89 feature films five are Latin American: Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Colombia (that brings us to 5% in a city that is 27% Latino). Then add two feature films from the U.S. : one starring & produced by America Ferrera and another one featuring Sofia Vergara & John Leguizamo. That brings us up to seven. Then there is a documentary where Eva Longoria is the Executive Producer on the abuse of Latino farm workers in the U.S. That brings us up to eight representing a total of 8% from the total. Of 58 shorts there are three in that category: that's 5%. Really?!
Michael Pena, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, John Malkovich and rest of the actors gave a real performance in
Hello Grace, After watching your morning news on the so called "Big Hero 6 whitewash crap" I have my theory on this whole thing that you judging this in the same way as the Jordan/human torch problem. “Big Hero 6 whitewash” is not only the most bogus news but you being jumping the gun with this and I just comparing this to the “Michael b. Jordan playing the human torch” and when Bleeding Cool had sources said Josh Trusk got fired from the fantastic four reboot. It different in animation than live action, I mean people didn't got mad when David Warner voiced Ra’s al Ghul in Batman the Animated Series or David Spade as Kuzco in Emperor new’s groove or the cast of Dreamworks’ Prince of Eygpt or Deviegh Chase in Lilo and Stitch or America Ferrera(who is latino) play a white Viking in how to train your dragon or even Miguel Ferrer playing Shao in Mulan And because it take place in San Francisco mash-up with Japanese influences seen maybe that the 6 main casts will be diverse in the same way in th ...
Cesar Chavez is a well done movie. The acting, the script. the scenes from our central valley. I highly recommend seeing it- wherever you are. America Ferrera is wonderful as Mrs. Helen Chavez. I remember the boycott, & El Malcriado (the newspaper)-we helped. My Mom took us to a march in Modesto in 1969. I still work with farmworker families. I know those fields. La cosecha.!
Title: Fashion and Styling Spring Internship! - Description: NYC fashion stylist Annie Ladino is seeking interns who are interested in getting hands on experience with fashion styling. Annie has done work with Julia Roberts, America Ferrera, Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooklyn Decker, Jaime... - Company: Annie Ladino Styling
Ugly Betty -The Complete Fourth & Final Season . You've come a long way, Betty! See how the heartwarming and hilarious journey ends for Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner America Ferrera in the Fourth And Final Season of ABCs Ugly Betty. After years of hard work in the world of high fashion, Betty is finally getting her just desserts. Watch as televisions favorite ugly duckling blossoms, both professionally and personally, yet never loses the unique spirit that makes her so special, and discover what is to become of all your favorite faces at MODE. Complete your Ugly Betty collection with the shows most inspiring and surprising season ever. Relive all 20 episodes of the Final Season uninterrupted and enjoy never-before seen bonus features, available only on DVD. Its a must-have for every Ugly Betty fan! Reserve $16 Postage $3.50, or pickup Riverside Launceston. Ends Thursday 8.25am
My fashion idol is America Ferrera from Ugly Betty. Personally I think her character’s fashion sense is w …
good idea, how abt America Ferrera from Ugly Betty? She's gorgeous too.
End of Watch is one of my favorite movies. Like who doesn't love Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena & America Ferrera in the same movie? 🚓🚨🔫
you. are not. ready. like America Ferrera from Ugly Betty, you had a good run but people keep on forgetting who you are and what you do.
America Ferrera is welcome back to my TV anytime, but not in that godawful nun detective project.
[ * still wants to use America Ferrera as a charrie*]
Guess I kinda do look like America Ferrera 😒
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