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Amelia Lily

The eighth UK series of The X Factor was broadcast on ITV from 20 August 2011, with the live shows starting on 8 October 2011. The winner was girl group Little Mix, while the runner-up was Marcus Collins.

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Celebrity Big Brother's Sam Thompson and Amelia Lily are dating (but aren't official just yet)…
Celebrity Big Brother’s Sam Thompson and Amelia Lily are dating (but aren’t official…
Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson have been on a date – but did they kiss?
Amelia Lily reveals she is dating Sam Thompson as they are spotted on a night out in London after leaving Celebrit…
talks love, career and with Mail Online via
talks love, life and career post with Mail Online via
Celebrity Big Brother star Amelia Lily breaks her silence on her Sam Thompson romance and reveals all about their …
CBB stars Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson are dating. .
Bleary-eyed Amelia Lily hides her face as she climbs into a taxi after first date with CBB…
Gutted Sarah Harding won it should of been Sam Thompson Amelia Lily or Jemma Lucy.Sarah is just full of showmance with…
Amelia Lily reveals she and Sam Thompson ARE dating: qua
Amelia Lily teases at a future romance with Sam Thompson
Bleary-eyed Amelia Lily heads home after date with co-star Sam Thompson:
Sam Thompson and Amelia Lily have first night out together since leaving Celebrity Big Brother 👀
Would ur followers like free tickets to see Amelia Lily on our live show on Monday 4th? Pls email wrightstuff
Sam Thompson and Amelia Lily spotted partying together.
Keeping a low profile: Sam Thompson was spotted on a night out with Amelia Lily at Embargo ... via
😍 and pictured together for FIRST time since sparking romance in
Meet Lily. This is where she goes when the smoke detector batteries die. Not dealing with that h*ckery. 13/10 would comfort…
So he stuck to his word! Amelia Lily couples up with Sam Thompson on date - Daily Star: Daily… UK New Entertainment
"JUST Book Me On BOOKr" -- Big Brother news: Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson stumble home on date night | BOOKr .. --…
Lol at Amelia lily covering her face coming out of a club like she's some kinda celeb
and try to HIDE under their jackets as they leave club at 2am
Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson stumble home from post Big Brother date night - Daily Star… UK New Entertainment
Sam Thompson gets cosy with Amelia Lily on romantic date night – after saying he didn't…
Sam Thompson cuddles up to Amelia Lily on cosy night out
Spotted together for the first time after on an exciting first date .
Amelia Lily enjoys night out with CBB co-star Sam Thompson must be desperate she was after broom in his affections
. . Celebrity Big Brother's Chad Johnson goes clubbing with Jemma Lucy and Amelia Lily ...
Sam Thompson still has feelings for his ex and regrets asking Amelia Lily out
. . Celebrity Big Brother FINAL: Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily in SHOCK result -
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. . Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sarah Harding crowned the winner as Amelia Lily
Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sam Thompson to get back with his ex after ditching Amelia Lily?
'Did you expect her to give you a kidney?' – fans SLAM Amelia Lily over her words
Amelia Lily reveals her feelings for Sam Thompson in the Celebrity Big Brother house
Love is in the air for Amelia Lily tonight - but who with might just surprise you
Amelia Lily is defo going to win CBB, can feel it in ma bones
Amelia lily getting her first airplay since 2013
Amelia Lily?.. They could have chosen someone better from the 2011 series of X Factor..
[3:49:16] what is being said about Amelia Lily? : cbb, amelia, lily [wordcloud powered by
Who is Amelia Lily? Everything you need to know about the X Factor star and Celebrity Big…
2.. Paul Danan, Amelia Lily + Shaun Williamson are celebs. Most of the others I'd not heard of, are not famous +are trash people
Let's be real, Amelia Lily was ROBBED of a career in music and should not be in the Celebrity Big Brother house
Amelia Lily is on cbb? She has a *great* voice. Shame her pop career didn't take off. Cough get her to sing for 2018 cough
I can't actually believe Amelia lily is on Cbb. "You bring me joy." Was/is a tune .. Good luck to her
Amelia Lily: 5 Things you didn't know about the rumoured Celebrity Big Brother ...   10% Off
Amelia Lily should not have ended up on - she should have had platinum albums and Grammys. I’m livid.
New couple! Jordan and Amelia lily to get together 😜🙈❤️
DWED for as she goes into the celeb BB house tonight! h…
Amelia Lily had a few other bops too, hope she can some sort of comeback after
Certainly a very good mix, and I'm rather excited to see Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily in there!
Shaun Williamson starts as the bookies favorite with 7/2 odds. Sandi Bogle 2nd with 13/2 odds, Amelia Lily 3rd with 8/1 odds !!
Fancied the *** off Amelia Lily when she was on X factor jez
genuinely forgot about amelia lily and her music but now I remember the bangers she released, she deserved better😂
First Amelia Lily making a comeback on and now Alexzclusive. What a time to be alive😍
Still wanna talk about how Amelia Lily ended up in this house?
And Amelia Lily walking out to Break The Rules by Charli XCX. DO WE THINK THAT WAS A WOOPSIE?
Amelia Lily. is Sarah Harding 10+ years ago. what not to do to your fave amelia? Look at Sarah!
Loving Sarah & Amelia Lily! Tbh I don't know anyone else in there.. 😂 You guys need to go back in! 🙏🏽
Try saying Amelia Lily without sounding like the voice over man from X Factor..
Amelia lily is wearing a lamp shade. And I have no idea what Paul Danan is wearing? A suit come skirt ensemble!
Amelia Lily is so cute I should've remembered this woman!!
So far my favs to win are Sam, sandi, jordan or Amelia lily
When it's Amelia Lily's time to be evicted I want Kelly Rowland to call the house and cough her name over the speakers (ag…
Amelia Lily to win. Everyone else just pack your bags and go home
Saw Amelia Lily in panto last christmas. I think she wore the same outfit. OH NO SHE DIDN'T!.
Amelia Lily and.dare I say I know of Trisha Paytas. Lol
I remember Amelia Lily saying that we wouldn't see the last of her when she lost X Factor a few years ago.Is this what she had in mind?.
Love seeing that Amelia Lily & Sarah Harding clearly got on while on tour together! Not sure if it would be the same with the other girls...
Amelia Lily knowing herself that You Bring Me Joy is a banger. queen.
I love Amelia Lily,used to be so obsessed with her😂🤗
Nice to see Louis Walsh supporting Amelia Lily at the launch tonight.
If Trisha Paytas, Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily don't leave this as a female supergroup then Celebrity Big Brother has fail…
Amelia Lily = the next Stephanie Davis. Car Crash TV is going to happen
Celebrity Big Brother 2017 line-up ‘revealed’ featuring Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily
For best leading actress... Hayley Tamaddon, Amelia Lily, Stephanie Clift and Anna O'Byrne.
Amelia-Lily opening her presents this morning 🎁🎄💜
Here's a video of us dancing to Amelia Lily's Shut Up! (I'm the tallest one with bangs~).
Who's are your best Brooklyn ships? — Jess, erin, Courteney, tash,lily, Amelia and aoife
Fav brook ship and why — Erin, Jess, Amelia, aoife , lily, tash and courtene...
I'ma looking back, in a minute will be gone. Amelia Lily\You bring me joy
Who do you ship with Brooklyn&Why — Erin, Jess, aoife , Amelia and lily
ITA! Some old names can be current and still cute like Amelia, Lily, or Isabelle. But no to Ruth, Beatrice, or Agnes! 😝
DREAMCATCHER brought us to Amelia Lily.. Catchy song.. :D
Hold on. This is excellent California by Amelia Lily ♫
|| no celebrities would RP and if he's Charlie Puth then I'm Amelia Lily
I'm done with all the pain Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy via
Yep, really good. Was it the same cast when you saw it? Newton Faulkner & Amelia Lily?
A Green Day musical starring Amelia Lily and Newton Faulkner is totally Brexit
Amelia just said "I thought Anne Frank was Jewish but now I realised she saved the Jews" how high are you babe? not alright😂😂
3 of 5 stars to Lily and the Beast by Amelia Jayne
I just used Shazam to discover You Bring Me Joy by Amelia Lily.
These all have an old soul vibe: Ava, Claire, Emma, Lucy, Harper, Sophie, Amelia, Lily or Lilian (Lil for short)
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my daughter is named after Amelia Lily of factor
Amelia-lily is getting more steady on her feet on 😀😍
All i can hear is Amelia-Lily shouting from the top of her voice daddy!! 😂🙈
waiting for Amelia Lily to bigger off
JUST ANNOUNCED🎶 Lily Rose @ Sounds of the South Festival in Milledgeville, GA 4/8/2016 11 pm
Amelia-Lily now says.. Yes, go after ready steady, gone and daddy 😀 so proud
Amelia-Lily will be starting nursery next year!!!
hi Lauren Amelia, you're not that interesting but I'll follow you anyway
Adulthood is finding a puppy sitter for your dog when you're going out of town.
DailyMail - Lady Amelia Windsor stuns in an Erdem dress on the cover of Tatler
Hi can you tell us why 'Amelia Lily voted back in' was published on your website while the show was still telli…
Why is Amelia screaming at the tv because the guy on take me out looks like someone she used to talk to😂
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Lily hangs out with everyone and has hung about with her friend Amelia, Hunter, etc more or just as much as she does with Ash.
Happy Birthday: . Finley . Joseph . Amelia . Lily . Ryan. Josh . Robert . Charlotte . We hope you all had fantastic...
I want someone to bring me joy, like Amelia Lily
Looking forward to seeing you at Lily Rose EP Release Party tonight!
Diana Vickers, Daryl Johnson, Amelia Lily + Jahmene Douglas are likely to do it too, should I dare mention Wagner?
What happened to Marcus Collins lol. What happened to like 90% of the "next big thing" X Factor types. Amelia Lily. Burke after Elephant. ?
Alexandra Burke got Beyonce. Amelia Lily got Christina Aguilera. Matt Cardle got Rihanna. 2015? Rod Stewart, a judge and Craig David. 😐
Katy Perry, Green Day & Mulan. Check out the playlist of American *** Amelia Lily's life
HI Do you still have any spare programmes from Joseph & Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat that was on with Amelia Lily?
American *** will extend on the West End until November with Amelia Lily
American *** starring AMELIA LILY, ALEXIS GERRED & STEVE RUSHTON, is extending at the Arts Theatre until 22 November.
AMELIA LILY is on This Morning after the break.
took it this morning. I'm moderately gritty
yeah. Turns out I ain't that gritty.
At least I know it's not Lily's fault (pitbull) bc she's crated. It's Petunia & Amelia who destroy books. Like Thelma & Louise, those two!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Cars that try to turn left out of the Starbucks parking lot are the reason I'm late for everything
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Truth or Dare by Amelia Lily
Can't sleep. Too excited about LUNCH with Jared tomorrow! It's the little things people.
There's nothing intriguing about you if you show all your assets to just anyone. Mystery by modesty is the best policy!
TS AMELIA LILY AMELIA LILY - THE REAL ONLY AMELIA LILY - Incomparable and on the road to b...
All I want to do is post about my feelings towards certain political issues but I'll keep my mouth shut for the sake of my sanity.
Amelia Lily: I didn't think Nick would be picked for 'X Factor'
Party Over by Amelia Lily is in Collector Hotel, Parramatta. Download it now at
X Factor star Amelia Lily admits she was surprised when Nick ...
Just saw Inside Out and now I can't get Amelia Lily 'You Bring Me Joy' out of my head
Party Over by Amelia Lily is in London Hotel, Balmain. Download it now at
Even though american *** was amazing and i 100% reccomend amelia lily was so badly casted and she was like the 'star' even though she
Sweet to hear that Amelia Lily's presumably been with same boyfriend since 16 (around XF time) aw, & both are in
HOT TRAXX HITS on Radio, now playing Amelia Lily - You bring me joy
WIN a trip to London to see Amelia Lily on stage in Green Day's American *** What's On
Breast Cancer Awareness
Beverley Knight, Cleo from Cleopatra, Amelia Lily and Kimberly Walsh all at So much camper than Pride will be next week!
Shut Up by Amelia Lily is in Hunter River Hotel, East Maitland. Download it now at
X Factor finalist Amelia Lily heads to Ipswich Regent with Joseph ...:
Amelia Lily at a night of heroes the sun military awards in london -
Guys do yourself a favor and go download on iTunes: Its beyond perfect
Everybody stop whatever ur doing and Go download by : Its amazing
The fact amelia lily followed me is making me the happiest girl alive right now
Buzzing, with Amelia Lily on stage in front of 1000+ @ Oakwood Theme Park for Radio Pembrokeshire's Big Night Out! x
That guy in Amelia Lily's new video is hot 😍👍
Ah nice :) I have heard a little bit about Ariana, and my favourite solo artist is Amelia Lily and group is Little Mix
To everyone following me who completely forgot Amelia Lily existed, her new single California is out now.
xfactor. Amelia-Lily you don't have to shout in every song! xfactor
less than 2 hours to go!! Arrrghhj can't sleep. Too exited: ⏰
Yo you remember when Amelia Lily went on X Factor, I knew straight away she'd be big, and she fine
Oh god I've just downloaded the new Amelia Lily single purely because it's cringing me out to watch her flop again :(
right I'm off to bed now, but I'll leave you with this 👉💃
if you pre-order here: it'll start downloading as soon it's available. RT…
😘😘 I love this girl so much and I am so proud of how far she has came
If you want a good song then download this one
If everybody that voted for her on x factor, clicked this link and bought her song, she'dget number one with no doubt
Where's Amelia's fans at? I can only see 2 fans promoting her new single
But also of she doesn't, I don't want her to think she has let us down😞
please help get her to no1 by downloading this song, she deserves it SO much! It's an incredible song too 😋❤️
She's worked so *** this n you can tell how proud she is of California n I just want it to get no 1 for her sake
I loved the song the first time that I heard it so you will probably too
It will be worth your money if you buy it she deserves to get to number 1
please just buy this song, I'm not just saying this bc I love her, but it is honestly such an amazing song💃
GO and download California you will love the song
Its Out!!! new single California is out now go grab your copy here lets get it to No.1
V Festival: Amelia Lily, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Dionne Bromfield speak to Mirror Online: From the gorgeousnes...
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they finished 3rd just like Christopher Maloney, Luke Friend, Amelia Lily and Stacy Solomon and you don't hear of them anymore
Big Break is an opportunity for YOU to perform your talent in front of industry professionals, established celebrities and an audience of up to 500 people! With the ultimate prize - the opportunity to perform in front of 5000 + Live TV at the 02 Academy in Brixton, alongside a line-up including Cheryl Cole, Jay Sean, Rizzle Kicks, Ironik, Marcus Collins, Amelia Lily & George Sampson (Line-up may be subject to change) - this is the opportunity of a lifetime for any talented performer wanting their big break into the highly competitive Media industry. Visit our website:
A great test pass for Amelia Lily today with our Driving Coach Mercedes benz Driving Academy -Dave Cates.
Jason Donovan to headline July 2014 and Union J, Amelia Lily, Rough Copy sign up. Line-up here:
"The mash-up video trailer promoting the tenth series was published as a "mash up of all the best a decade of X Factor has to offer" on 25 July 2013. The trailer consists of various music videos from 13 past contestants: winners Shayne Ward, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Joe McElderry, Little Mix and James Arthur, and finalists One Direction, JLS, Olly Murs, Union J, Amelia Lily, Cher Lloyd and Misha B.[168] However, fans questioned the absence of successful contestants Diana Vickers and REBECCA FERGUSON, and winners Steve Brookstein, Leon Jackson and Matt Cardle were also not included."
Local photographer Dave Stocks brings us this brilliant gallery of pictures from Saturday's re-launch party in Newton Aycliffe town centre, with pop star Amelia Lily taking centre stage...
Phew prepping ahead this week creating looks on celebrities Micha B, Amelia Lily, Janet Devlin, Tamara Eccleston, Paloma Faith and collaborating on a special show with the Kardashians. Can't wait to get creative with these amazing talented ladies!
Diamond Dolls Celeb Style: Stunning pink mesh strap bodycon, seen on Maria Fowler and Amelia Lily, now reduced to...
This is the week that just keeps giving! Today I met Tom Hanks, Paul Greengrass, Julian Fellowes, Rita Wilson & Terry Gilliam. Oh and Amelia Lily yesterday. All is good!!
aw :( Amelia lily is in polo on Saturday
AMELIA LILY LIVE this Sunday. with BRAND NEW Sundays in Club X - Shake it up with DJ Kappa.
You bring me joy by Amelia lily is such a good song
I'm following TV Show, MTV Music, on Find out more:
Still find it funny that Amelia Lily made me sing last night. I was a steamin mess. All I did was shout "you're wonderful" between songs.
Me backstage with Amelia Lily last night. What a darling. Can't wait to see her again on Sunday.
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for the chance to win 2 free tickets to our Halloween Ball featuring Little Mix, Amelia Lily, Cover Drive & Loveabl…
Just saw Amelia Lily who did like 4 songs and there was only like 30 people there. Apparently everyones scunered with freshers already
Video camera won't work and amelia lily is about to come on stage!
Probably not going to polo bc amelia lily 💖✨💖✨
I'm seeing amelia lily tonight and I hope you are proud
Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy lyrics and translations
mums in the airport and Amelia Lily is walking behind her, she better get a picture
aye me neither :( got a wedding I think on thurs I need cash for. Amelia Lily (oft) in polo on Sunday and I'm paid at 12!!! Do it
Amelia lily or Juicy Tuesdays. Juicy Tuesdays it is
Amelia Lily tonight live in the union bar, doors open at 10pm and as it's pay on the door first come first served so be early
Little Mix vs Misha B vs Amelia Lily on tv and just realised ive seen all three enjoying this too much
so glad Boro is getting a new live music place shame they've got Little Mix,Amelia lily playing on the first night
if I remember rightly… there was no wild cards two years ago. Just Amelia lily returning because of Frankie… who was..
So I'm going to see Amelia Lily tonight. Hiya gorgeous
do you need to go to caley to see amelia lily? She's a wee gem and I don't go to caley.
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Can't wait to finish college to go try and see Amelia Lily.
Would love this beautiful baby grow for my Amelia Lily-Rose X
Sexy X Factor's Amelia Lily sponsors dad Barry's over 40s football team
Amelia Lily Confirmed to switch on the Romford the xmas lights on :-) 14th Nov
BGT. Take the Amelia Lily fix rumours with a pinch of salt. Remember the Ronan Parke blog and how it ruined his BGT hopes? :(
If I go Godiva on Sunday, when Amelia Lily is performing I'm going to hold up a banner with 'Adam Pitts is my boyfriend, not yours'
Reading about Amelia Lily's album being pulled from release on Popjustice. Shame, she had some tunes and was great at Manchester Pride.
Getting fed up of these adverts on my Xbox Dash showing Amelia Lily
JLS, The Wanted, Rita Ora, Little Mix, Lawson, Conor Maynard, Stooshe, Union J, Amelia Lily, James Arthur, The Vamps and more take to the stage in a one-off festival of music at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light yeah cant wait to go OMFG wiv mi sis , dad
Legends charity match raised more than £800,000 - last updated Thu 6 Jun 2013 Sport Manchester United Football This report by Adam McClean was first broadcast on Sunday 2 June. It contains material by Manchester United Foundation and MUTV. More than £800,000 was raised for charity as 60,000 fans packed Old Trafford to watch legends from Manchester United and Real Madrid go head to head. After an opening ceremony featuring 200 volunteer dancers, a pre-match concert from pop stars Amelia Lily, Tinchy Stryder and JLS warmed up the crowd ahead of the game. X Factor finalist Amelia Lily opened the concert and commented on the "incredible" atmosphere inside Old Trafford. Rapper and United fan Tinchy Stryder was thrilled to play at his team's home ground and, in one of their last appearances before their farewell tour, JLS performed some of their hit singles for fans. United's former 'Captain Marvel' Bryan Robson managed a team of former Manchester United legends including Edwin van der Sar, Ruud van Nistelroo ...
me and Fidel have just got home after a lovely day at Old Trafford - real family fun with live music from Amelia Lily, Tinchy Stryder and JLS followed by United Legends v Real Madrid Legends. I must say some of the players still have some great touches, especially Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo (who has also kept his good looks), Paul Scholes, Andrew Cole and Ruud van Nistelrooy. Sir Alex was in the crowd and enjoyed joining in the Mexican Waves and Steve McManaman got the reception he deserved from the Old Trafford crowd!
Starting to catch up on the latest chart sounds from February onwards ...I've been out of touch for a while. 4 months behind everyone else isn't good, lol far Amelia Lily (Shut Up) and Lawson's Learn To Love again are the best.
Star players this episode are X Factor 2011 alumnus Amelia Lily, dance superstar Ashley Banjo, TV couple Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford and top stand-up comedian Rob Beckett.
Echo and the Bunnymen, Maximo Park, The View, Loveable Rogues, Devlin, Sway, Amelia Lily and Titch to play Godiva.
The line-up for this year's Godiva includes: Echo and the Bunnymen, Maximo Park, X-factor star Amelia Lily and Cov legend Neville Staples
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Legends XI almost complete (THE LEGENDS ARE BACK!) The squads are beginning to take shape for the Red Heart United Legends match at Old Trafford.Manchester United will take on Real Madrid on 2 June, following live music from the likes of JLS and Amelia Lily, with proceeds from the event going to charity. Bryan Robson is managing the Reds, who were beaten 3-2 at the Bernabeu last summer, and has a wealth of talent at his disposal with new introductions in defence, Norwegians Ronny Johnsen and Henning Berg, helping to enhance that area of the side.More names are expected to be added to the list in due course. Manchester United (provisional): Edwin van der Sar, Raimond van der Gouw; Clayton Blackmore, Denis Irwin, Jaap Stam, Lee Martin, Ronny Johnsen, Henning Berg; Jesper Blomqvist, Lee Sharpe, Quinton Fortune; Andy Cole, Dion Dublin, Teddy Sheringham, Dwight Yorke. Real Madrid (provisional): Pedro Contreras; Fernando Hierro, Ivan Helguera, Manolo Sanchis, Christian Karembeu; Claude Makelele, Zinedine Zidane ...
Our celebrity jockeys are: Nathan Sykes, Max George, Amelia Lily, Rupert Grint, Nicola Adams & Pixie Lott, who will you choose?
I would have thought Amelia Lily would have been doing Celebrity Big Brother instead by now.
*news just in* Adam Pitts and Amelia Lily are dating
Jess Ennis' bum has had to make way for Amelia Lily ...
Jessie J is joined by JLS, Lawson, Amelia Lily, Union J and more at Reading's Madejski Stadium in June! Tickets here
no my account got hacked and they blocked Cheryl, Ashely Cole and Amelia Lily :/
I'd love to get a postcard signed by Amelia Lily!!!
As a taster of our main (coming soon) we're giving THREE lucky winners the chance to win a signed Amelia Lily postcard [...]
for chance to win a signed copy of Amelia Lily’s debut album, T&Cs here:
deffo do! Amelia shouldn't have let them on the bus and only only proper Lily's😉💜
X Factor's Amelia Lily delays new album & gets 'kicked out' of Westfield
i was singing amelia lily but YEAH SONNY
mine and Tanisha's favourite hobby to do when we're together is slag Amelia Lily off..
ah amazing! I used the same as Amelia lily, crazy colour and then every other day wash it but use the dye instead of conditioner &
If you play Amelia Lily's Party Over, I'll turn straight for you, for the duration of the song. Love you lots ;) x
saw Amelia lily at Nottingham today 😊
Me and Amelia Lily earlier on today!
Amelia-Lily has got to make the worst songs ever
In Amelia Lily's 'Party Over' video, why is she putting makeup on her chin in the beginning? *** is she putting on her chin?
Amelia Lily dresses head-to-toe in leather as she boards bright pink Mercedes tour bus.
So it was Amelia Lily today in Nottingham should have got a picture
Although I swear I saw Amelia Lily today though
Amelia Lily has delayed the release of her debut album
When amelia lily is sat on a bench in the middle of lincoln singing?XD
Have you taken part in our Amelia Lily competition yet?
Amelia Lily’s debut album Be A Fighter is delayed until May: Amelia Lily fans will have to wait a little longe...
Anyone lucky enough to spot Amelia Lily singing on Listergate today?
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Party Over by Amelia Lily
Amelia Lily came into my work yesterday, trust me not to be there, gawd
''Amelia Lily has a song on her Album called 'Over and Out'' EXCUSE ME
(c) expensive, I'll check with me mam, on sat it's like jessie j, union j, amelia lily, wiley, mcfly, jls -on sun it's (c)
Our work w/ Amelia Lily for has been shown on the Marketing Society blog (client).
Amelia lily singing in Nottingham on the street, times must have been getting hard
Darryl - GREAT NEWS! Amelia Lily is going to be on Tuesday morning's Breakfast Show with her PARTY BUS!!! So.
“Amelia Lily is such a sket in person” Kat Slater = Amelia Lily
thought the dark match involving amelia Lily was pretty good.
Did you like Amelia Lily? I screamed at her "you are a hun!" in a *** take way. She just looked confused
Didn't realise how good Amelia lily is live
Just heading home from Abbie's 1st concert, excited 2c but fav songs were call me maybe n Amelia lily!
Aye saw that Amelia Lily zooming around backstage on a scooter as well, did not realise she was only 18.
Clearasil partners with Xbox to bring X Factor star Amelia Lily to one lucky school via
Saw Amelia lily in Glasgow today. You came 5th in X factor!!! Don't give u right to walk round like superstar
Amelia lily has got a brilliant voice though..
I have definitely rekindled my love Amelia Lily.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Amelia Lily liked my photo on Instagram, wo
Amelia Lily playing in Jesters. If that doesn't make me sick 50p drinks will.
Amelia Lily's single is quite good, isn't it? Yes it is.
Amelia Lily's new song is yet again, so catchy!
Frdiay year 13's paernt and teachers thing and Mondays is St Patties Day Holiday. Speaking of which do you like Amelia Lily?
ehem *clear throat* "hi I'm amelia lily and this is my new single. Shut Up" x
we can eat it while we watch Amelia Lily cry
Amelia Lily's new song is so good oh yeh and she's fit
Amelia Lily's new song sounds like Rita Ora hot right now 😕
Amelia Lily is everywhere, another 'annoyer' of the world :D
Amelia lily has gone so far in her career
We aren't watching Amelia Lily. We are doing this:
3 goals in life as of today..1. Get a picture taken with the rock. 2. Move to Canada. 3. Settle down in Vancouver with Amelia Lily
Amelia Lily was a great choice as support act.
Am I the only one who finds Amelia Lily really attractive?
Party time. (@ Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre for Girls Aloud and Amelia Lily w/ 2 others)
Missing my sister in law Kawaiaea Daph! Sometimes when Daryl's phone rings I think it's you calling or txt him to see what we are up to or if we coming Hana or if you coming out with Travis to spend some time with your brother, dylanger, Lili vanili or mini you as you called her, and bu bu!! Love ya lots!
Comment your name and whoever likes it think your attractive!! c:
Song Link: Translated Lyrics (Aloisia ver.): Today again a beautiful woman comes to me-- That smiling you will become my new wife. A forbidden deal with the devil, this power placed in my hands-- All the people that look at me are falling enchanted! ... With the power to charm woman or man-- The woman, to the basement of the mansion where she lives alone-- Brings one by one the people she likes-- Building up her harem-- The taste of libido that hid poison, the pleasure of the blade that cut, Blood and sweat mixed together, turn before long into drops of purple- Once the clothes come off, there’s no return to reality! [Serial disappearances of females in the area of Alemannen – Missing Persons List, Vol. 1 Elizaveta Octo: 20, tailor Katyusha Greonio: 18, peasant Natasha Eve: 32, dancer Monika Adi: 28, fortune teller Julchen Netsuma: 22, unemployed Annie Sonic: 22, aristocrat Amelia Soap: 30, domestic help Lili Tarner: 24, baker Michelle Cetera: 31, soldier] My old portraits were burned; I abandoned my ...
Sisters: when talking in the phone with customer service, I return to find Amelia and Lili with chocolate on their face... I asked what happened and Amelia says, "I had three cookies and Lili had one because we are 3 and 1. We get 'besert' because we are out lunch!"
Someones commented on an Amelia Lily video that she is better than 'Cher Cole'... oh dear.
Well the shower was a huge success and I am totally exhausted that baby will be the best dressed baby in Cleveland. Kacey is so adorable. And Kurt is such an awesome father to the girls. Can't imagine how much more he will be for this new little girl. so here's to my children Kacey Kurt Kristin Steve Kyla Kevin. And yes Anthony too. And my grandchildren. Austin. Lili. Taylor. Zach Amelia. And of course ? Love you all so much
Really love seeing everyone just a bit of a nightmare fitting everyone in :s
so the x factor tour has come to an end but thats not the end for union j! ohh no! they have some amazing gigs soon. SATURDAY 15TH JUNE-Chester Rocks 2013, The Wanted, Union J SATURDAY 22ND JUNE-North East Live 2013, JLS, Amelia Lily, The Wanted, Rita SATURDAY 6TH JULY- alton towers Olly Murs, Rizzle Kicks, Labrinth, Little Mix, Conor Maynard... SUNDAY 28TH JULY-Sound Island Music Festival 2013, Jessie J, Lawson, Union J So thats there upcoming events if anyone wants to book! :) and keep an eye out for the release date of there new single x
Needs some Girls Aloud related feed back ASAP!!!
Nota: The Vamps and Amelia Lily added to Chester Rocks line-up Mar 1 2013 by Mark Dowling, Chester Chronicle TWO new acts have been added to the bill at this year’s Chester Rocks festival. The Vamps will take to the stage on Saturday, June 15 and Amelia Lily will be performing on Sunday, June 16. The Vamps are the latest boy band sensation to hit the airwaves. Bradley Will Simpson, James McVey, Tristan Evans and ‘new boy’ Connor Ball will be playing for the Chester crowd and adding to their fast-growing popularity. They’ll be lining up with The Wanted and Union J on the Saturday. X-Factor finalist Amelia smashed into the charts last year at number two with her first single You Bring Me Joy. Her much-anticipated new album will be released shortly before her appearance at Chester Rocks. She’ll be joining Lawson and Jessie J in a vibrant line-up for Sunday. Richard Thomas, chief executive of Chester Races, said: “Chester Rocks 2013 is to become one of the music events of the year – the addition ...
~ Talk about Cultural Identity! ~ Ah, here's the Belfast City Council BIg News about implementing it's theme of 'Distinctly Belfast': "Former X Factor singer Amelia Lily will be the main attraction at a free concert at Custom House Square on [Belfast St Patrick's Day]"
Most weird night ever, just met Amelia Lily, got mistaken from a Dutch man as being Girls Aloud and spoke to the song writers and guitarist for Amelia Lily. Got to say I don't mind being mistaken for Girls Aloud as long as I was Cheryl Cole!
Amelia Lily has confirmed she will be supporting Girls Aloud on their tour, which starts TOMORROW
I thought Amelia lily was pretty but that accent
Amelia Lily would you like to go out with me and what is your mobile number so that we could ring or text each other yeah ?
Omg can't actually wait to see The Wanted,UnionJ,Lawson,James Arthur,Rita Ora,Conor Maynard, Little-mix,Amelia Lily,stooshe,jls and more!:D
Preview and download top songs and albums by Amelia Lily on the iTunes Store. Songs by Amelia Lily start at just .
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever by Amelia Lily
"Lily Beach Resort & Spa at Huvahendhoo. wants to take me
Amelia Lily - You bring me joy. Next feat. - Scream and shout Keep spirit on this monday! ^_^)9
I sleep in an Amelia Lily one sometimes, tell her that :P
Who are the people you spend the most time with? — My cat? But people; family, Lily, Sophie, Taz, Amelia, Maria,...
Amelia Lily just being perfect, as per
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