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Amelia Island

Amelia Island is one of the southernmost of the Sea Islands, a chain of barrier islands that stretches along the east coast of the United States from South Carolina to Florida.

Amelia Island Plantation Fernandina Beach Amelia Island Concours Ray Evernham Fort Clinch

Ray Evernham took 1st place at Amelia Island with his restoration of Mario Andretti's ’65 Brawner Hawk U...
1937 Bugatti 57SC sells for record $9.7 million at Amelia
Perfect starter home, retirement, investment or 2nd home centrally located on Amelia Island
1st Easter I'll miss w my Dtr & gsons 😟they headin to Clearwater for bball. So. I'm going w hubs to Amelia Island.
My brother in law working his Amelia River Tours.
Gallery: these are the amazing cars of the Amelia Island Concours .
Gallery: these are the most expensive cars from the stunning Amelia Island Concours.
It was nice to see the Lowenbrau 14 & Brumos 59 racing this past weekend at the Amelia Island Vintage Grand Prix.
The famous Amelia Island Concours was the site of the unveiling of Ray Evernham's award-. winning restoration of...
Lamborghini Miura stays golden at Amelia Island Concours. Read more:
Gooding & Company Sets Amelia Island Record for Single Lot and Celebrates More Than $60 Million in Sales...
Residents of will want to extend the luxury to their cars via
Beautiful sunrise in Amelia Island this morning!
2656 Ocean Cove Drive This is one of the best buys on Amelia Island for a excellent condition villa approximately... https…
We restored the original Miura SV to celebrate Miura 50th anniversary at > https:/…
Spring Has Sprung at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island: For the reminder of March, The ...
Dunno if you've ever heard of Amelia Island, in NE FL but that's my home and nobody ever comes and it ***
5 surprising results from the Amelia Island auctions
The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island has an array of Easter treats open to the public this weekend. Here's a look. https…
The restored 1971 Miura SV wast the protagonist of the
Team Camo will be hitting the road in a little over 24 hours to Amelia Island, Florida
Wrapping up a wide-ranging slate of SVRA historic racing action at Amelia Island
The likelihood of seeing these at Bourne's anytime soon is slim, but they are beautiful none-the-less!
A Sabra brought HOW much? Here are 5 surprising results from the auctions
Singer Vehicle Design on Instagram: “All good things must come to an end...thanks Amelia Island!...
Amelia Island, on Fernandina Beach, in Jacksonville, Florida.💜🐠
We "Like" this. You? Landmark Andretti race car coming to Amelia Island
Landmark Andretti race car coming to Amelia Island
Landmark Andretti race car coming to Amelia Island - Mario Andretti, in the Brawner Hawk at Indianapolis in 196...
Four years, going on forty. . Happy anniversary 🍾 @ Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island
Kicking Off March at Amelia Island (Fernandina Beach, FL): For the first day of…
Because don't have to suck. is a pleasure I❤️ Amelia Island
Lightning over Fernandina Beach Marina, Amelia Island, Florida. Lightning has frightened and…
Ritz Carlton Celebrates the Judgment of Paris Dinner - Amelia Island, FL - ...
Ritz Carlton Celebrates the Judgment of Paris Winemaker Dinner - Amelia Island, FL -
View Homes for Sale near or on Fernandina Beach / Amelia Island in Northeast Florida, near Jacksonville @
Live on beautiful Amelia Island. ***This new listing is just a mile from the beach and listed at a bargain price!***
the best part of New Orleans so far is the fact that our stripper's bruises sort of look like Amelia Island when she's upside down
Motor Company will show off past concept cars at Amelia Island:
Welcome to the Omni at Amelia Island, where Penn State will be spending the next few days
Sometimes you don't need to travel abroad to have a good time. . Amelia Island, Florida
Taylor Harris making his round over Fort Clinch. 877-WEDOFLY.
Just a couple of guys chillin on a deck @ Amelia Island
Great Christmas got to spend 2 great days with MY family at our place. Amelia Island ( Omni Resorts )
My last day on this beautiful island. Home tomorrow. (sigh). @ Amelia Island,Florida
Early morning with the moon still showing over Ritz-Carlton, Amelia island. …
Alexas, I guess it's been way too warm? The forecast is for 81 here today on Amelia Island.
Chris, TY for the Like. Have you been to the Amelia Island property? It's1 of my favorites.
Down here on Amelia Island,FL. Forcast is for about 81 degrees today. Unusually warm.
All this warm weather here in GA makes me think of Amelia Island, FL. Wish I was there again.
HGTV makes me want to live on Amelia Island 😍
have you heard of Amelia island, Florida?
Back to back par 3s on the ocean. Long Point at Amelia Island Club…
I live 45 min away from Amelia Island in Jax. Love it. When are you cruising again???
An action packed day on the beach on Amelia Island ( also known as Brian Omelia Island in some circles )...
Best of Show 2014 - 1937 Horch 853 / 1958 Meister Brauser Scarab, more at:
currently on Amelia Island rn, it's very amelia-ish you would like it
Finnishing Stemmari Nero d'Avola bought on Amelia Island Notes of strawberry cranberry sour cherry Okay had better
If you're looking for a home on the Amelia Island Plantation, look no further.Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Realty
Check out this property! Bank owned on Amelia Island. office Nassau County BHHS John Holbrook Realtor
392 closings so far in 2015, will we hit 400? Top real estate company in Amelia Island and Fernandina. New listings
Update your maps at Navteq
Beautiful, extremely warm day on Amelia Island. https:…
Beautiful, extremely warm day on Amelia Island.
This is the day that the Lord has made,Thank you for letting me awake on Amelia Island.
I do love Southern oaks. And the south end of Amelia Island reminds me of Jurassic Park.
North Florida ballroom challenge for the holidays ritz Carlton Amelia island winning top studio
Discovering the modern Southern charm of
Amelia Island State Park is one of the few places you can ride horses on the beach in Florida. (Clic
Sunny Amelia Island has new listings everyday! Keep an eye on the Real Estate Market by logging onto my MLS
Real Estate company on the south end of Amelia Island in sales volume and units sold remains Berkshire Hathaway Homeserives CW Realty
Today's rainbow on Amelia Island was spectacular!
look up in Amelia Island, thought I saw a few today, while comming back down A1A.
Talking with BravoTop Chef from Amelia Island, Florida on Live! From Jasper's Kitchen right now on
An American in an Amelia Island sweatshirt, in a vaguely critical young woman voice, "yeah, the Hong Kong dollar isn't even worth that much"
Red Shoulder Hawk flying low over the golf course at Amelia Island, Florida FYI
89th Annual Meeting is Nov.10-14 in Amelia Island, FL. will be there to discuss their line of…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Amelia Island named one of the 10 Islands in the U.S. in Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards.
Congratulations to our folks on Amelia Island and at Fernandina Beach! I gwine dey dey een a few days ya! :-)...
We win twice: Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach are tops
is home to a number of marinas, including the public marina in downtown Fernandina Beach. The...
"Star of Excellence"-winning 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. h…
There are so many beautiful pictures of Historic Amelia Island! Special thanks to our friends…
Great shot of a white pelican here on Amelia Island.
Amelia Island revealed . . . “American White Pelican” Photo courtesy of Gail Pfoh. For more information about Gail...
Amelia Island always come through, great times and best friends!
A2: Restaurant on a sunny shore: the Salty Pelican on Amelia Island, Florida. The sunset view. https:/…
Host Colleen Kelly learning to play Pétanque this morning. Amelia Island h… ht…
🎃 happy halloween from my funky bunch to yours 🎃 @ Amelia Island
from the ghost of Amelia Earhart, post crash landing on a desert island. I like a…
Just did an emerging issues presentation at Utica National's E&O State Appreciation Conference at Amelia Island, FL.…
That would be awesome. Wouldn't have tondrive to Amelia Island :)
Burbank nets at Right around the corner from our shop on Amelia Island!
My bus customers are Georgia fans. This will be a fun ride to Amelia Island
Here's to a galloping good Halloween night on spirited Amelia Island (and wherever you are…
Amelia Island at the with at LOVE this!!! ⚾️
We're heading to Amelia Island, FL for the A.R.E Industry Summit 11/11-11/18. Don't forget to see us!
Moved into my new house in Amelia Island and now we're gonna go see the dawgs win
apparently our wives have great taste this was Jamie at Amelia Island Concours eyeing this
Happy Halloween!!! There is SO much fun to be had today. How do you decide what to do today? Check out our...
On a side note, it's a really bad idea to uncork a guy onto Amelia Island gift stores when he just had a daughter named Amelia.
Are you on Amelia? I don't think it's part of ''Sea Island' 😱😎
When tickets for Yo-Yo Ma's Amelia Island performance went on sale, they sold out in 12 hours. But you can still...
Amelia Island. The quiet morning before the Jacksonville .. well you know.
Thank you ritzcarlton Amelia Island, FL for helping us raise awareness for trafficking during…
Had some good seafood last night in Amelia Island
Planning your Vacation for spring and summer? Stay on Amelia Island! Call:904.556.3646 or visit
Gotta say: Hands down best hype video ever. I was in a hotel in Amelia island, trying to believe...
Arrived at Omni Resort on Amelia Island. We are ready to sing for the Presidential Briefing.
The peace offered here on beautiful Amelia Island can be appreciated by people of all ages. This is…
While walking the calming beaches of beautiful Amelia Island, you'll surely find many picturesque…
A perfect afternoon at the Golf Club of Amelia Island with some amazing coastal wedding professionals! Great job...
Thrilled to be included this Friday at The Plantation Shop in Amelia Island for their GA/FL Open House!! Loran...
Had a wonderful time at the awards dinner last night. Beautiful people, beautiful flowers. Bye bye Amelia Island...
Nice time on Amelia island. . Ate at this Italian restaurant& my aunt & I got a free glass of lìmon cello b/c she spoke French w the manager
Sea turtles return to Amelia Island year after year. Time for you to make tracks? Enter the contest.
It's time. Getting my AAF and a Century Award for Allan's Flowers! @ The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island
Love it so much here in Amelia Island...just closed on a house here and never leaving! Really! Not kidding,my wife and I think this area is the best place to live. A person can do EVRYTHING here! Beach,boat,surf,swim,golf,ride bikes,dog friendly,great people, it,it's here for you to do. A real gem this island is!
Some beauties all lined up at Amelia Island
How lucky am I that I get to sea this everyday @ Amelia Island:…
Huge shout out and thank you to SAF and The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island for letting us in on all the fun this...
Drinking in all the amazing Ness going on at Outstanding Varieties Competition at in Amelia island.
probably two of the nicest restored rally cars I have ever seen. That's Amelia Island for you
beautiful photo, marshfront on Amelia Island
Trying to find the Big Ten Network on Amelia Island is like trying to find a freakin' needle in a haystack. Sheesh.
Our "Amelia Earhart in Hawaii" Exhibit tells of her crash on Ford Island Runway, and her "tourist" time in Waikiki htt…
floridaadsports: Flying by the magnificent Omni Amelia Island Plantation​.
Splash your way through Paradise on horseback with the one you love at Kelly Seahorse Ranch in Amelia Island...
With so much history, Amelia Island is a great place to visit & explore!
I woke up to the sound of a train horn going through the town Amelia island is the coolest place ever
Thank you for this reminder to support your local farmers market. The Amelia Island…
Rock on. (with Amelia and Thedrummer's at Island Studio Music) —
Rock on. (with Amelia and The at Island Studio Music) —
Preds Pride Friday has spread all the way to Amelia Island, FL
Grandma is coming up next weekend.. Thinking about a trip to Amelia Island. Never been there. Worth the drive?
Surrounded by flowers everywhere we look here at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Amelia Island
For all you bike lovers, here's a gorgeous cafe - Amelia Island Concors. Drink in the beauty
A fine view from our room. @ Sea Dunes At Amelia Island Plantation
Thank you for sharing your Amelia Island with us. We are delighted you are enjoying the beautiful ocean views!
Rarely-seen ‘Corvette prototype’ to appear at Amelia Island Concours
Horseback riding on Amelia Island–what's your favorite thing to do? Enter a pic for a chance to win. ht…
Pattillo is enjoying a great SIOR Regional Convention in Amelia Island, FL– it’s good to see so many friends & colleagues!
Beautiful place down there. I worked at Amelia Island Plantation golf course for 3 years. Miss that place and free golf often.
Industry Summit in the beautiful Amelia Island, FL is coming up. November will be here in no time!
island_on: dcb_dbc: Fanny Amelia Wright was a painter; in she gave lessons in painting, and pe…
Morning thunderstorm moving inland from the Atlantic Ocean for Amelia Island
Park covers the southern tip of Amelia Island in northeast Florida. This wonderful,...
My family is here on vacation, and we're having a low country boil! @ Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island
What to do around Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach ... .
Treasure off the South end of Amelia Island, Florida
Happy Sunday to you Callie! At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi. Headed to Amelia Island.
What's more American than a wall of red white and blue donuts? @ Amelia Island
Is Nikumaroro Amelia Earhart's Island? A New Search for the Pilot's Aircraft Begins in South Pacif -
already missing the beach with my fave😭 @ Amelia Island Florida
HUGE props to MacKenzie at the Amelia Island Plantation. She really helped (twice) during our stay last week! Impressed.
When you tell someone you live in Rhode Island and they ask you if its part of New York😐
TPC Sawgrass and Amelia Island Plantation are both great if you want to go as far South as Jacksonville.
needs to head down to Amelia Island to perform at the Turtle for my birthday. Harmonizing with those angels = goals 😍
First stop of the Art Gallery Tour! Art on Centre is a brand new gallery on Amelia Island that is carrying the...
t's been decided that the camera adds more than 10lbs, my hair is frizzy, and I stumbled a little while speaking...
Proud to participate in in Amelia Island, FL this wk. Stop by our booth to talk
Join ABI for its 20th Annual Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop,being held again at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island!
The Summer CME Mtg in Amelia Island, FL begins tomorrow! Registration opens at 1pm.
Check out our latest blog post on a we attended this weekend in :D … via
We’re at Executive Summit in Amelia Island, FL, June 9-12. Stop by and see us at booth No. 1!
Leaving for Amelia Island tomorrow and staying in the Ritz 😍😍
Fluor is proud to be a sponsor of this week's USA Nuclear Generation & Supplier Exec. Summit in Fla. Join us in Amelia Island
Only One week away from summer vacation to Amelia Island.but who's counting.
this is an amazing experience and we are lucky to offer it on Amelia Island!
My skin burnt to a crisp on Amelia Island watching that Russian--there on business. She dug me. Yes. Before the tubboat days.
The poltergeist of Serena Williams' straight--everyone reducing her to a black/white thing. We're talking competitors saw on Amelia Island.
Beautiful night on the deck of the Polly L. Waiting on a few parts for repairs back treasure hunting on Amelia Island
Well we finally made it down to Amelia Island, but not before one last stop:. Fresh Georgia shrimp from
Sheer beauty is just another reason to play this great game @ Omni Amelia Island Plantation
It's (for) my birthday, I'll get high if I want to @ Skydive Amelia Island
Amelia Island celebrates the reopening of its Welcome Center, called the key to $500 billion in tourism
As amazing as growing up on that island would be, those kids won't have a clue about what to do if/when they join society …
Stay at Days Inn and Suites Amelia Island on Amelia Island, FL. Dates Available into…
Exhibit opening Friday May 15th @ 7pm Plantation Artist Guild and Gallery in Amelia Island. .. SAVE the DATE
Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort is now looking for qualified applicants in Amelia Island, FL.
Start a new at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort in Amelia Island, FL. Dining Room Attendant
Exhibit opening in Amelia Island at the Plantation Artists Guild and Gallery... May 11th ... Reception on May 15th Save The Date
The highlight sales of the 2015 Amelia Island auctions.
After a week on Amelia Island, The trip was littered with bad puns, a rise to Yik Yak fame and a🍍
And so, as we leave Amelia island, we take this picture. And I wonder, "after 1000 hours of playing…
.showing the for the 1st time in N.America at Amelia Island today ht…
Grateful that suwanee has some good looking girls being in amelia island and only seeing familys make me happy that we have ladies
The Water Coolers performing in a BEAUTIFUL room at the Omni hotel on Amelia Island!!
I love Amelia Island. I forgot how perfect it was.
Can't get enough of this car! Another shot from the Aventador SV unveiling at Amelia Island
Take a weekend trip to Amelia Island State Park! The beautiful sight of beaches, salt marshes and coastal...
Sunset over the marshes of Amelia Island,
Nat Geo Island Adventure to a for 2 to Amelia Island,
Beautiful Amelia Island! Simply lovely springtime stay with family!
Tiger seen swimming 22 NM off Amelia Island, FL during our right whale aerial surveys.
Sharks spotted off coasts of Amelia Island, Savannah
Photo: Sightseeing with family at historic Fort Clinch, Amelia Island, Fla.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Amelia Island Revs Up for Amelia Concours Week||en_US: Calling all car enthusiasts! Amelia Concours Week is ha...
I wanna go back to Amelia Island just for those piña coladas wow
One week from today I leave on a 5 day/ 4 night DreamTrip to the luxurious Omni Amelia Island…
“Sunset views from our Amelia Island resort.
Sunset views from our Amelia Island resort.
Amelia Earhart is helped out of diving suit after exploring the bottom of the sea off Block Island. July 25, 1929. http:…
will bring legendary 200 SI to headline Auction.
Time's running out to show us why you love Amelia Island! Follow us on Instagram (and share...
Amelia Island Vintage Map Pendant. . Perfect gift of Valentine's Day. Exclusively found at Amelia's Fine Jewelry.
Enter the Nat Geo Island Adventure Sweeps to a trip for 2 to Amelia Island, Florida! rt
Missing my Tempur family this week! Have fun on Amelia Island! Mike Sokolowski Erin Brown Corinna Ranweiler...
Escape the everyday world and find an upscale resort, world-class spas, championship golf courses and exclusive restaurants in Amelia Island
Randy and I have our anniversary weekend booked at Amelia Island! My how the time has passed!
Could a piece of Aluminum Plate solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance?
Missing the spacious beach at today. Ready to return to paradise
Just some of the wildlife you'll see while boating around
Thinking of going to Digiday Deer Valley in Dec.or iMedia Amelia Island in Feb.? PM me! Good time to see and meet p…
The BMW 328 will be showcased at next year's Amelia Island Concours.
- Ah! So Amelia Earhart DID make it safe & sound to her island after all then?
My sister: omg what if Amelia earharts still alive and she's just stuck on an island
Omni Amelia Island Plantation, a Culinary Haven - By  Natalie Maneval  Omni Resorts is known for its plush accommo...
Throw 🔙 to St.Augustine this past summer cause I found out I'll be headed back down to Amelia Island…
Amelia Island😍 Could care less to come back to East Texas!
Playing golf at The Golf Club of Amelia Island today!
Spent 6 lovely weeks in Amelia Island and loved it. I'll put FL back on the bucket list.
New display maritime museum of Amelia island.
Time change perk: it's a little easier to be up in time for an Amelia Island sunrise.
Did you enjoy your Summit experience in Denver? Join us again in Amelia Island, FL in March. Register now:
Austin, TX in with Amy in December, Amelia Island FL with the fam in January, life is good!
Amelia Earheardt created English Muffins, she lives on an island in the Galapagos, she had to fake her death to hide the creation process
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Metal panel found on Pacific island may be from Amelia Earhart’s plane
Did you know…. Nearly 80 percent of the states intake of sweet Atlantic white shrimp is harvested in Amelia Island...
Amelia Earhart's plane debris has been identified on an uninhabited island
Some of the fresh news around Amelia Island: "Our sauces, salsas and Pico de Gallo are made in-house. Our herb...
Heading to Amelia Island this week for Thornton May's IT Value Studio. Speaking on and
Looks like you enjoyed your time! Amelia Island is gorgeous, and the Resort is equally as amazing.
Thankful to celebrate the 30th annual Founders' convention with the RZIM family on Amelia Island!
Beach, pool & homemade pina colada: time for a little wanderlust at the Amelia Island Resort
Great to be home : happy children thankful for safe journey to in Amelia Island FL and 7hr drive from Miami FL.
Northern Florida Has Plenty of Pleasant Places to Meet: And yet nearby Amelia Island is one of the calmest and most…
I know nobody cares but they found Amelia Earhart's plane on an island that I predicted 5 years ago
Amelia Island's sunshine and storied past:
Be sure to sign up for the Amelia Island Jr Challenge on November 15-16 in Amelia Island, FL!.
1937 Delahaye Roadster sets new auction record for Amelia Island on
We have new Tasting Tours on Amelia Island! Let us know if you head this way; we'll treat you to 1!
This would be our real Halloween spider. The web us huge. Love her. @ home Amelia Island
awww i miss you!! Come visit the island soon so we can drink it together😊
Already looking forward to next year's Advanced CV Imaging conf at Amelia Island
You'll forget frozen cocktails after Rum & Tequila Experience:
TIME- DELI/BAKERY ISLAND, FLORIDA needed in apply now at
Love these girls such a great day thanks for having me 😆
Biked 12 miles today with Mrs. Terri and Mr. Matt 🚲💙💜 @ Amelia Island…
Such a beautiful day The Lord has given us @ Amelia Island FL
View from the room not too shabby! — at Omni Resorts At Amelia Island Plantation
Farmer's Market in the on a Saturday = ☺️! 🍁🍆 @ Amelia Island
at 3BR/4BA custom home. crown molding, wood floors $650K
The Fun Doesn’t Fade with the Sun at Amelia Island Plantation.
Everything is ready for the market. Ted will be at the Amelia Island Farmers Merket 9-1pm. I will be at the...
Ritz Carlton Amelia Island pirate and princess bed time story time.
Amelia Island, Florida needed in at Apply now!
thanks so much queen we just might try Amelia Island out tomorrow and thats the exact place we shop at lol!
next time come to Amelia island it's awesome here
Headed to beautiful St. Amelia Island to speak for the American Feed Institute!
yea it is, a great beach is about a Nature you will get! Ponte Vedra has nice beaches so does A1A on way to Amelia Island
Finished with a long day of promo shoots!! Now heading to a wedding on Amelia island.. And another wedding on...
this is where I live. Amelia Island, you are stunning 💛
Heading out shortly for the wine tour — at Amelia Island
The weather is gorgeous and we are ready for a phenomenal show in Amelia Island!
wait a minute! i'm coming to Southend tomorrow.. i think the weather is gonna be nice too.. coming to with my …
I'm torn between Amelia island and the outer banks as my future homes now... Either way I'll be on the beach🌊
Fernandina Beach FL News Leader. The local news source for Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach FL - Charles C
Hope it won't be long! I'm ready to order my bag for my fall trip:
Concours d’Elegance isn’t the only compelling show held in Amelia Island, FL. We’re heading to
Preparing for a great week in Amelia Island, Florida, at the international summit of Hogan Assessments’ partners...
on Oct 18 Amelia lodge will have MM outdoor degree at Fort Clinch wearing all Civil War uniforms! Amelia Island Florida
I highly recommend a trip to Amelia Island.People always have such a great time who vacation there just like we did.
And a long weekend begins! Still time to steal away to Amelia Island (Side effects include euphoria, pockets...
Are you a GROCERY STOCK ISLAND, FLORIDA in is waiting for you!
John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Amelia Earhart and Trayvon Martin are alive on a private island.
Apply now to work for as PART TIME - ISLAND, FLORIDA in
I just found out there is a in Amelia Island, 45 minutes from me! Now where can I come up with $2,445 and a week off from work?!
Amelia island keeps on racking up more awards for the best place to live. Top 5 beaches
Getting the OL PIRATE room ready @ The Maritime Museum of Amelia island.
If you touch in your job, you'll want to be in Amelia Island next week.
I don't even know where Amelia island is 😳
On way to Amelia Island, Florida to deliver a presentation titled "Secular Stagnation, the Path of Rates & the Investment…
Forget poolside frozen cocktails. Rum & Tequila Experience has something better planned
Wish I could take a trip to Florida House Inn in Amelia Island sometime soon. Love that place
In case you need a break, a great spot to get away.
Unique and exclusively at Lindy's. Nautical charts in sterling silver of Cumberland and Amelia Island.
Vacation discounts in the Florida Keys, Marco Island, Amelia Island & others
Had a fab time on Amelia Island. Now to head to the gulf coast and spend some time on St. Pete Beach.
At 11! follows local breaking news of a man possibly drowning in Amelia Island
Sheriff: Possible drowning in ocean off Amelia Island - WJXT Jacksonville
Jet skis in St Augustine this morning and now Anniversary Dinner at David's Restaurant in Amelia Island.
Just had a wonderful dinner with the relatives in from Florida, Laura's Mom and Hubby. Haven't seen them for three years since my son Travis and Laura got married in Maryland. They liked our cooler breezes in Ohio, they are living in Florida in some HOT SUNSHINE! They looked great, Jerri and Gary, what a cool couple. Jerri brought me a pink T shirt from Amelia Island where they live, and a bag to go with it, pink and white. They brought Kyle a cap. He loves caps. I ate so much I'm stuffed, it was alot of fun having dinner for 7. Everyone went except my oldest son who is having ankle issues. Fun times. :) Hopefully a picture of us all will be posted soon in front of the Resturant we chose, Harry Buffalo! :) An enjoyable evening to all!
Enjoying life, climbing trees, and takin pics @ Amelia Island
At Coney Island today, so Detective Munch could take a ride on Mickey Mouse's good old-fashioned KILLING MACHINE!
If you are looking for a place to spend some family time, learn a little bit of history and explore Amelia Island is a great place to spend a day or two .
Wife and I took a trip to Amelia Island - The Kingsley Plantation is a must visit...
I just can't even with this house. 💛💜💛 @ Amelia Island
1/18th of my view for part of the day. Great course Oak Marsh Amelia Island.
September 12 & 13...Amelia Island Blues Festival...Find more information, and tickets right here:...
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