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Amelia Island

Amelia Island is one of the southernmost of the Sea Islands, a chain of barrier islands that stretches along the east coast of the United States from South Carolina to Florida.

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1/18th of my view for part of the day. Great course Oak Marsh Amelia Island.
September 12 & 13...Amelia Island Blues Festival...Find more information, and tickets right here:...
Look who's a winner in Best U.S. Island -- Amelia Island is No. 5!
A colourful tribute to our hard working Island fisherman! Photo by Instagrammer
Hotels up to 70% off rack rates for TRAVEL AGENTS! . in USA and CANADA.. Amelia Island, Hilton Head, Carlsbad, New...
Me and my favorite little beach babe on island today. Shortly after taking this pic Amelia…
Super pumped to be attending Conference in Amelia Island. Bringing one heck of a race car to show off.
“island plantation From back in the day flashback terry
The Amelia Island Lighthouse made it onto the list of Florida Day Trips in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Can't wait for wed when we leave for Amelia Island, FL with the whole family. If your going to be…
The Montauk Monster, New York, 2008. Many believe it was a fail attempt of hybridization from Plume Island.
New on my Blog: Long Exposure at the Amelia Island Pier
I've lived an hour away from this place for the last 4 years and never knew it existed. Omni Resort at Amelia Island is amazing
While sitting on Amelia island my husband sends this to me - he is pretty amazing!
Amelia Island. Voted best walking beach. By me.
MaVynee Betsy gave away all her wealth to protect 8 acres on Amelia Island for 0 development
Smart little tips for your next trip (we hope it's to Amelia Island.)
In the 40s Black people could not go to the beach in Florida. So a man bought Amelia Island so there would be a black beach.
Happy I was able to wear my new golf shoes today! 😃⛳️💗@ Omni Amelia Island…
Raccoon attacks boy on Amelia Island and goes after dad. Now Doc's worry about rabies. .
Jacksonville boy attacked by raccoon on Amelia Island. He talks to about how it happened
Purchased the prettiest jacket ever from river island😍
Relaxation at Amelia Island! We prayed for a nice day, and the Lord answered! There was originally a…
Proud of my shooting boys. wins his classification today at Amelia Island Sporting Clays range.
A young boy was bit by a raccoon while on vacation in Amelia Island:
Home sweet home, enjoy the long weekend! (@ TEJ Beach - Amelia Island)
Round here clowning with my moms ...@ Amelia Island, Fla
By the way, loved the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island. Wonderful location and terrific service. So missed the Club lounge …
Bestival 2014: Friday Stage Splits announced! Just 8 of the 20 stages at our Desert Island Disco
Photo: A very special place for turtles and gophers! (at Amelia Island)
A very special place for turtles and gophers! @ Amelia Island
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
50% OFF women's swimwear at our Amelia Island Plantation location this weekend! Our beach days aren't numbered...
Check out my new video: Amelia Island: via
YAS HUNTY!! Will be slaying round werk💁 thank god river island didn't have my size
What's on sale this holiday weekend?. ALL swimwear 50% off. Amelia Island t shirts $7.00 . Yes! that's what I said $ 7.00
One last Amelia Island sunrise before it's back to Sweet Home Alabama...
Today in Coast Guard history 11 August. 1812-The Revenue Cutter Louisiana capsized and sank at her home port of New Orleans during a hurricane. All hands were lost except for her master. 1817-"The ship Margaret, which sailed on Sunday, August 10, 1817, for Amelia Island with a number of persons on board, supposed to be going out for the purpose of joining the pirates, was brought back by the RC Active, under the command of Revenue Captain John Cahoone, and anchored yesterday morning [11 August 1817] in the Bay. The cutter fired several shots at the Margaret before she hove to. It is said that she has also munitions of war on board." [Taken from the New York Gazette-New York Post, dated 12 August 1817.] 1966-CGC Point Welcome was attacked in the pre-dawn hours of 11 August 1966 by U.S. Air Force aircraft while on patrol in the waters near the mouth of the Cua Viet River, about three-quarters of a mile south of the Demilitarized Zone (the 17th Parallel) in South Vietnam. Her commanding officer, LTJG Dav ...
This place is like a mini, not so fun Key West 🌴 @ Amelia Island
GM Meeting day 3 here at Amelia Island, Florida to begin at 1:15 PM tomorrow, stay tuned for updates.
Kennedi watched a golf show filmed on Amelia Island and now wants to go there and play golf.
"I'm about to hippity hop on over to the island of done with you."
I'm in Amelia Island. I wonder if Amelia Pond has been here. Ya know, before the weeping angels got her. Oh gosh
no place I'd rather be than amelia island rn
Check out our new video on Youtube with our adventure to Cumberland Island...
Lunch complete! Now we're on our way to learn more about Amelia Island!
Hi Martina! You accidentally bumped into me, going to your car after a interview at Amelia Island about 25 years ago! It was cool!
Can't wait to party with in Florida on Amelia Island😏
*laughing at ourselves for doing this pose* @ Amelia Island
Great burger last night for dinner in Amelia Island...
Amelia Island off the coast of Florida is the only place in the U.S. which has been claimed by 8 different countries.
But we shared a moment that will last till the end 🎶 @ Fernandina Beach On Amelia Island, FL
The sound of the ocean, this view, the best way to wake up. @ Summer Beach, Amelia Island FL
Snapper fishing on Amelia Island Fl. (Fernandina Beach, FL) - This year we had three weekends open to keep sna...
Late summer and early full fishing on Amelia Island Fl. (Fernandina Beach, FL)
Spent the afternoon reading 5 full guestbooks from our beachfront paradise in Amelia Island since 2002…
Amelia Island - June 12, Thursday We should have no problem getting to Fernandina Beach today in time to meet our friends for happy hour - if we get an early start! We much prefer a leisurely morning sipping our coffee and heading out about 9am. But today we dropped the mooring lines at 6:30 am. Just a few minutes after leaving the mooring field we would slip under the Bridge of Lions that connects St Augustine Island with the mainland. Next to the bridge is a big tall ship, the El Galeon, a replica tall-ship from the Spanish colonial period. (Pic 1). As we were taking pictures of the tall ship we noticed a sailboat broadside on the other side of the bridge. (Pic 2). Something was terribly wrong! The mast of the sailboat was against the bridge and the hull was being swept under the bridge. (Pic 3 &4). There were emergency vehicles on the bridge with flashing lights but no one on the sailboat or boats on the water. At first we thought the boat may have drug anchor or slipped off its mooring ball but ...
The 25th annual Endless Summer Watermelon bicycle ride goes off on Sunday, September 14, 2014. Join riders of all speeds through historic, tree lined Fernandina Beach, Fort Clinch State Park and along the ocean on Amelia Island. Amelia Island is one of the best places to ride in Florida. This supported ride includes snacks, rest stops, a post-ride BBQ lunch, mechanical aid, motorcycle escorts, and roving assistance teams. Routes are available from 20 to 100 miles. Riders at the 38 mile level and greater can cruise through Big and Little Talbot Islands and beyond. Come for the ride and stay for the watermelon! Registration opens July 1. Go to for registration details. Make your ride a vacation. Hotel packages available.
Fernandina Beach FL News Leader. The local news source for Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach FL – David…
Kevin McCarthy for Majority Leader? Has the GOP learned a *** thing? Do they respect conservatives? Clearly the answer is no. They are still out to destroy us: Kevin McCarthy is going to be the new Majority Leader? *** Kevin McCarthy participated in that retreat for Republicans at the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island, Fla. The event was hosted by the Republican Main Street Partnership, which is a group run by representative-turned-lobbyist Steve LaTourette aimed at defeating conservatives and "destroying Tea Party candidates." The organization includes big labor unions and even George Soros connected money among its donors. The American Conservative Union rated McCarthy at 72 percent compared with 84 percent for Cantor; Heritage Action ratings place Cantor at 53 percent and McCarthy at 42 percent; and Club for Growth had Cantor at 68 percent and McCarthy at 53 percent. Moving away from conservative groups, the National Journal rated Cantor the 80th most conservative member of the House while McCarthy was 1 . ...
we were headed to Dairy Queen in Amelia Island. Glamorous!
Thomas Tolxdorf was Executive Chef at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island
Florida's most romantic beaches There's no doubt that Florida is blessed with a slew of beautiful beaches packed with unspoiled dunes, coastal woodlands and tidal streams, all offering a rich habitat for loads of wildlife and photo-worthy backdrops galore. But which ones are best for couples looking for a romantic getaway? Here are a few we think you'll love. Amelia Island For most, an uncrowded beach is the key to a romantic getaway. Peace and quiet. Just the gentle roll of the waves. If that is your cup of tea, well, Amelia Island delivers. Not to mention, this is one of the only beaches on Florida's east coast that allows horseback riding on its golden sands. Choose sunrise or sunset, they are equally romantic. If you're up for a marshmallow-roasting session, the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort does beach bonfires nightly from June through August. Nearby, you can also sign up for a kayaking tour of the salt marshes. This is where the wildlife shows up. You've got everything from microscopic, singl ...
Here for a couple of hours. Then off to the Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island
Another reason to love Amelia Island and Yulee: Anhingas ! These are sometimes called Snakebirds. "The Anhinga dives from the surface of the water and swims slowly underwater stalking fish around submerged vegetation." (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
This weekend the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island for our 26th anniversary weekend then straight over to Destin Beach Life is good
Escape to paradise and find inspiration on Amelia Island, just off the coast of Northeast Florida.
ADs agree on need for NCAA change, but not pace or practice Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports 6:02 p.m. EDT May 19, 2014 Kevin White is a college athletics lifer, a man who proudly calls himself a traditionalist and "conservative player" in his desire for the future. He also represents, as Duke's athletic director, one of the most pristine brands in college sports and an institution that takes the so-called "student-athlete" model more seriously than most. But at age 63, White is no different now than most of his counterparts across big-time college sports in conceding that some of the most fundamental things – all the way down to the definition of "amateurism" – are on the precipice of being recalibrated in significant ways. Even if the consequences of doing so still aren't fully understood. "I'm not unlike everybody else. I have concerns about where we're heading," White told USA TODAY Sports at last week's ACC spring meetings in Amelia Island, Fla. "But one of the things that I find myself at this age t ...
Just returned from an amazing week at Cliff Drysdale's Tennis Retreat in Amelia Island. Such great tennis (maybe not mine Judy, and such great people. Hope to add some of my other tennis enthusiast friends to the mix next time!
GOP Establishment Declares All-Out War on the Tea Party If you had any doubts that the Republican Establishment was fighting a no-holds-barred civil war against grass-roots conservatives and the Tea Party, wonder no more. This weekend, House Speaker John Boehner reportedly will attend a $5,000-a-head Amelia Island, Fla., event. It’s sponsored by the anti-Tea Party group Republican Main Street Partnership and heavily funded by labor unions. Boehner’s No. 2 guy in the Republican House, Eric Cantor, will also be in attendance along with 25 other Republican Congressmen. If you wonder why GOP opposition to President Obama’s policies is so weak, look no further than the not-so-dynamic duo of Boehner and Cantor. Neither one of them would have gotten their positions of power if it wasn’t for the strong support of Tea Party Republicans in the 2010 midterm election. But they seem to have forgotten that and have a strong dislike for Tea Party supporters who helped them take the House. Ballot BoxSteve LaToure ...
Fools Shipwrecked at Shipwatch! What a fun six days at the Cliff Drysdale Ladies Tennis Retreat in Amelia Island, Florida. Counting it down until next year!
First, I would like to thank the Amelia Island Network for allowing this original post to remain for the past year. I am a fourth generation Amelia Island native and a past Folio Weekly “Bouquet” recipient for my contributions to this community. I respectfully ask for this post to remain as well. Please read my original post and all of the comments. Almost everyone agreed that Sliders was doing a great thing for our environment with their dune restoration project and I was wrong in assuming these actions had ulterior motives. In Friday’s News Leader, I was very disheartened to see the large photo advertisement of Sliders with a GIANT inflatable waterslide directly on the “Dune Restoration Area”. If you look closely at the photo, you can even read the sign, “Dune Restoration in Progress”. So, to recap: In June 2013 Sliders mowed down ancient native sand dunes in front of their establishment with the reported approval of YOUR Department of Environmental Protection Agency. If you go to the m .. ...
I think "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls is really about a lonely *** confessing his love to Siri. On another note, I found a tennis ball in Amelia Island today. Kept me entertained for a bit. Now, not so much.
Watch ACC commissioner John Swofford and I discuss a busy week of spring meetings in Amelia Island.
The United States should be held accountable for international crimes to account Military and Clandestine Operations in Foreign Countries - 1798-Present" Global Policy Forum December 2005 Note: This list does not pretend to be definitive or absolutely complete. Nor does it seek to explain or interpret the interventions. Information and interpretation on selected interventions will be later included as links. Note that US operations in World Wars I and II have been excluded. Short-list 1798-1800 France: Undeclared naval war against France, marines land in Puerto Plata. 1801-1805 Tripoli: War with Tripoli (Libya), called "First Barbary War". 1806 Spanish Mexico: Military force enters Spanish territory in headwaters of the Rio Grande. 1806-1810 Spanish and French in Caribbean: US naval vessels attack French and Spanish shipping in the Caribbean. 1810 Spanish West Florida: Troops invade and seize Western Florida, a Spanish possession. 1812 Spanish East Florida: Troops seize Amelia Island and adjacent territor ...
Spring Meetings in Amelia Island this week. If you're interested in what goes on, follow He's there for
Miami's Al Golden also joining the coaches making their way to ACC spring meetings here at Amelia Island.
Follow for updates from the ACC spring meetings in Amelia Island. His preview with Pitt's Steve Pederson:
All checked in at Amelia Island for the ACC's spring meetings. ADs spent the morning discussing new bowl lineup & reviewing FB officiating.
The ACC Spring meetings are this week in Amelia Island. We're here, but first, a primer on what to expect:
Happy to see join the fray here in Amelia Island for ACC spring meetings. Follow both of us for updates.
Good morning from Amelia Island! Kicking off Day 2 with a warm welcome from President Jenn Taylor
To all my Amelia Island peeps...enjoy Shrimpfest 2014 :) Desiree and I are going to Buc Days (Pirates, rodeos, music, art walk, food, carnival, kid zone, arts crafts) all downtown Corpus Chrisit on the water...not like Shrimpfest as we won't know a soul lol Lovin this amazing weather!!
Entertainment lineup for the 51st Annual Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival May 2, 3 & 4 in Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach on beautiful Amelia Island, F...
Remember that scene in Forrest Gump when Forrest's friend Bubba starts reciting dozens of ways to prepare shrimp? "Like I was sayin'," he says, "shrimp is the fruit of the sea." Get people talking about the annual shrimp festival at Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, and you…
The Ms. Shrimp Festival Pageant sponsored by The Hampton Inn & Suites, Amelia Island. The pageant is open to high school level juniors and seniors, currently attending public, private, alternative and home schools. Eligible participants must reside in Nassau County, but may attend high school in an…
I wanna explore Georgia this summer, I need to go to Jekyl, Saint Simons, Cumberland and Amelia Island.
Jacksonville, Florida based Adecco Group North American colleagues from various brands, including Beeline, Pontoon and Special Counsel, took part in the 10th Annual Katie Ride for Life event on Saturday April 12th on Amelia Island. This event, with a primary focus on promoting Organ Donation awareness, gave colleagues another great opportunity to also support the Win4Youth project with rides ranging from 8 to 161 Kilometres! More than 1,000 Win4Youth Kilometres were logged through this event!
Membership Rules. Everyone! Please Read Prior to Posting. Welcome to Amelia Island & Fernandina Beach Local Network. This is a "Local Network" meant to encourage local ideas, friendships, non-profits and businesses located on Amelia Island. With any luck, you'll meet friends, find that impossible to find item, talk about current events and make the island a better place to live. PLEASE READ PRIOR TO POSTING: POSTS SHOULD BE CONSTRUCTIVE OR OFFER POSITIVE IMPACT. POSTS WITH THE POTENTIAL FOR NEGATIVE EFFECT UPON A BUSINESS OR INDIVIDUAL ARE NOT PERMITTED. REPEATED OR EXTREME VIOLATIONS OF THE GROUP RULES WILL RESULT IN THE USER OR BUSINESS BEING BANNED. ADMINS MAY ENFORCE THE RULES WITHOUT NOTICE OR EXPLANATION. Keep conversations suitable for all ages. Inflammatory or inappropriate comments will be removed. This is a local network. Out of area commercial postings are not permitted and will be removed. Individual member comments have more latitude, subject to the rules below. No multi-level marketing ...
We recently held our annual company-wide strategic planning retreat in Amelia Island, FL. This retreat allowed for cross-company communication as we set the strategy for the remainder of 2014 and beyond. We look forward to sharing all the new and exciting things we learned. Go ahead – give us a call or email us at info
On Saturday (4/12) you will see a lot of bicycles on Amelia Island as it is time for the yearly Katie Ride for Life. Many of these cyclists are coming from out of town. They may not be familiar with our roads & traffic circles and so on. Please be patient and drive safely near the cyclists. Thanks!
From Perdido Key to Marco Island, from Amelia Island to the Florida Keys, Florida’s beaches are among the best!
Need all that can attend our Tea Party Protest on Amelia Island to grab your Gadsden flags, Tea Party gear, and join us from 10am to 4pm and say "GO HOME RINOs" to the Republican House Leadership and others attending this $5000 per person conference/retreat funded by George Sorros and the Republican Main Street Partnership PAC. They have dedicated themselves to raising $8 million to defeat Conservative and Tea Party candidates this year nationally. Join us at the Peters Point Rd. beach access area at 10am and bring your sun screen, beach chairs, coolers, and snacks. The protest will last from 10am until 4pm. We will conclude with a Tea Party rally on the beach!
Lightning zone from Heckscher Drive to highway 200 includes Ratliff east to JAX, the Northside, Yulee, Mayport & Amelia Island.
Reminder FMC is 5/18 - 21 in Amelia Island / EBP Roundtable 5/17 in Las Vegas-contact S Moon. Guests welcome to test drive…
Next weekend, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and twenty-five other members of Congress are flying to Amelia Island to collaborate with a group dedicated to defeating conservatives in Congress. The Republican Main Street Partnership’s offshoot “Main Street Advocacy” is hosting the event a...
From March 7th-9th the new Lamborghini Huracán was exhibited at Amelia Island concours d'elegance. It was the first public appearance, and the color chosen for the occasion it was Grigio Nimbus.. is amazing you don't think so?
The needs no introduction at the Amelia Island. Concours d’Elegance.
Which looks the most striking at the Amelia Island. Concours d’Elegance?
Photo gallery of the BMW 3.0 and 3.5 CSL class at the 2014 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, held on March 9 in Amelia Island, Florida.
Need for speed! Concours D'Elegance - Amelia Island, FL 2014. Photography by
From today since Sunday the new will be at 2014 Amelia Island, the exclusive car concours d'elegance
Doing It Wrong: How I Totally Misfired at Amelia Island - Attempting to Predict the Winners at the Amelia Concours...
State Road A1A (SR A1A) is a north-south Florida State Road that runs mostly along theAtlantic Ocean, with sections from Key West at the southern tip of Florida, to Fernandina Beach, just south of Georgia on Amelia Island. It is the main road through most oceanfront towns. SR A1A is designated the , a National Scenic Byway. A portion of A1A that passes through Volusia County is designated theOrmond Scenic Loop and Trail, a Florida Scenic Highway. It is also called the Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway from Wabasso Causeway to U.S. Route 1 in Cocoa.
Serendipity: We ran into a concert with actor/storyteller/songwriter Ronny Cox at 150 yr. old St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Amelia Island, FL. Most famous for playing the guitar with the kid on the banjo "Dueling Banjos" in "Deliverance" (40 years ago!). It was his first role but he's been in 150 film/TV shows. Robocop, Star Trek Next Generation, Total Recall, Beverly Hills Cop, Stargate, St. Elsewhere, etc. Deliverance was both his and Ned Beatty's first film roles. Neat guy and he shook everyone's hands. Delightful evening.
Fun Fact Friday: Did you know Amelia Island is called the Isle of 8 Flags? Throughout the island's history the following flags have flown at one point: French, Spanish, British, North American Patriots, Latin American Patriots' Green Cross of Florida, Mexican Rebels, Confederate Flag and United States Flag.
Check out this recent article from PARADE Magazine that is all about Amelia Island! Thanks, Laura Manske!...
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Congratulations to Brandy Carvalho, executive director for Nassau Humane Society won Young Business Leader of the Year at the Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Yulee Chamber of Commerce 2013 Awards Ceremony this evening at the Omni Plantation. A well deserved award for all the hard work she does for the homeless animals in Nassau County. We love you gal!
Key West, Sanibel Island, or Amelia Island!! Or visit me in Ft Lauderdale!! :)
Last AM on Amelia Island. I've enjoyed my time @ I've learned from and met incredible women in Higher Ed!
Laura & Jake got hitched in grand old southern style on Florida's Atlantic coast gem, Amelia Island, on a classic...
BENNETT Hubert C. Bennett was born in Chester, Florida, July 7, 1925, to Luther William Bennett and Anna Josephine (Josie) Church Bennett. He was the fifth of nine living children. The family moved to Amelia Island when he was a baby and Hubert attended school and was part of the class of 1944. Fernandina Beach is known for its shrimp and Hubert worked with his older brothers on the family shrimp boats. He also worked in the local paper mills. He met his bride to be, Betty Hodges, of Callahan, Florida, while waiting on the old Amelia Island drawbridge to close. They married on June 21, 1945. Their love lasted 68 years and blessed them with a daughter and two sons who all became Christians at an early age, partially because of the testimony of the life of their father: Diane, born in 1946, Michael, born in 1951 and Wade, born in 1954. The family moved to Palatka, Florida in 1948 where Hubert worked for the new paper mill. The family then relocated to Jacksonville in 1953 and Hubert worked at St. Regis Pape ...
Amelia Island seems to be the place where we'll known people can live and keep a low profile. First we had John Grisham, then Steven King, rumors of James Patterson. And last night we met Bobby Cox who was head coach of Atlanta Braves.
American Beach is a historic beach community popular with African-American vacationers. It is located north of Jacksonville, Florida on Amelia Island in Nassau County. During the time of segregation and the Jim Crow era, African Americans were not allowed to swim at most of beaches in Jacksonville, and several black-only areas were created. American Beach was the largest and most popular, and was a community established by Abraham Lincoln Lewis, Florida's first black millionaire and president of the Afro-American Life Insurance Company. It contains American Beach Historic District. History[edit source | edit] American Beach was founded in 1935 by Florida's first black millionaire, Abraham Lincoln Lewis, and his Afro-American Life Insurance Company. The plan was for his employees to have a place to vacation and own homes for their families by the shore. Throughout the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, summers at American Beach were busy with families, churches and children. The beach included hotels, restaurants, b ...
We Hollinger "kids" had a great boating expedition together all last week, during which, on one outing, we had a ceremony to disperse our late mom's ashes into the Atlantic Ocean. Fernandina Beach marina was a wonderful place to tie up, lots of really great restaurants and shops. It's a charming town on Amelia Island close to the Atlantic Ocean, beautiful beaches and surf. Our boat almost got in the way of a big dragon boat race in Jacksonville on the way back. For FB friends who love to read, I have some good recom-mendations: Ancient Light by John Banville, A Summons to Memphis, by Peter Taylor, and Grand Ambition, by Knecht. Brian is enjoying Neil Young's memoir, Waging Heavy Peace.
I have surprised myself by loving the ocean. Given that I grew up in north Jersey, going "Down the Shore" meant a 2 hour hot car-ride, sticky bodies within inches of each other on the beach, an ocean that ofttimes had more than just seaweed and fish floating by, and a guaranteed splinter or piece of gooey gum stuck in or to my foot.THANK goodness for my mate who took me to Amelia Island and gave me an entirely new perspective on "the beach".xo
Snapper Fishing on Amelia Island (Fernandina Beach, FL) - This weekend is the snapper opening for three days s...
Register for the marcus evans' Chief Litigation Officer Summit on Sept 8-10, 2013 in Amelia Island, FL!
Me in 2011 at Seaside Park, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, FL. With the sand on me, it's called a
AMELIA ISLAND Great Southern Tailgate Cook-off this weekend Aug 23-24. Read more
Looks like the turn out on Amelia Island Cook Off is going to be EPIC!!!
Amelia Island Blues Festival coming up September 13 & 14...check it out here...
PORTHOLE PEEK: Plenty of shells on beach today for Amelia Island beachcombers :)
Peace out Tampa and Jacksonville. Hello Amelia island and then Blacksburg ✌🌞
I'll be at MPI SEC this week in Amelia Island. If you will be there as well, I look forward to connecting with you.
Customer Kim is having a blast in our Jet Black Ruffle Tankini chasing waves with her son on Amelia Island, FL.
MPI SEC Conference 2013 is almost here! The entire Paragon staff is roadtripping up to Omni Amelia Island...
My sweet hubby planned an early bday trip to Amelia Island this past weekend! So thankful for fun times together!! :)
DPC is a PROUD sponsor for the MPI SEC at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort starting this week! Connect...
We will be attending the National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry August 19-21. Amelia Island, FL. Stop in and say hello.
Just drove all the way home from amelia island to give my dad his keys to discover he's in amelia island...he didn't even say he was going
I'm supposed to meet her on the 22nd but we will be in Amelia Island so I have to call her.
I know girl!! I've been in DC and Philly all summer and I leave for Amelia Island tomorrow.
My good friend Chris Belcher and his wife @ Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
At the beach today at Amelia island.
India and I are having a lovely time vacationing on Amelia Island. Our many island vacations inspired my quilt...
just found out my sister and her husband are in Amelia Island too. Y'all should connect!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
My step dad with my grand daughter Sara @ Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
View from where they will be saying their vows. @ Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
The little men getting ready for the wedding @ Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
Who likes my label on my cap? the beach was nice but the company was better-I'll be back Amelia Island x
Amelia Island Concours turns 18 and is still showing off:
Amelia island in October for my birthday😍
I was you waitress a few years ago on Amelia island
Gonna miss Amelia Island. Can't wait to be at the foot of the Rockies in 12 days
The next time we come to Amelia Island I'm going to set up sessions. It's to pretty up here to not enjoy doing a couple of sunset shots. :)
Look who visited us on our walk! @ Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
Oh oh. Beers is fresh N good too. Island
I know!! Amelia island is gorgeous! And you can see pippy long stockings house
Wonderful dinner at Plae on Amelia Island cooked by my brothers and shared with my beautiful mother!…
On the first day of school, a bunch of us should load up in a car and go to amelia island instead.
Packed for a family get away to Amelia Island.
Flash Sale today at our Amelia Island location! . Only at 205 Centre Street, Fernandina Beach.
will be held in Amelia Island, Fl Aug 21-24, 2013. Install the free app today!
Joy. We never want vacation to end. @ Amelia Island
I love that I can randomly road trip to Amelia Island anytime I want!!!
Amelia Island ramping up push to snag convention business (Slideshow) - Jacksonville Business Journal
Come out and see Ana Popovic September 14th at the Amelia Island Blues Festival! For Tickets & Info visit:...
There is no waiting at the registration table for Pinnacle 2013 located in the convention center at the Omni on Amelia Island, Florida.
but I have to work every night but one.. We are going to Amelia island so I will have to come home to work.
Ten years ago today, premiered. Ironically, I was watching it at the Ritz in Amelia Island and will be there again Thursday night.
hanging beachside in Amelia Island and they were playing Kenney Chesney! It was awesome!
: better course golf club of Amelia island or Amelia national?
I love long walks on the beach and piña coladas @ Amelia Island
WELL we were supposed to be going home today but they decided to stop at amelia island so it depends
It was hot today, but work was fun! @ Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
Has anyone found FULGURITES on Amelia Island? (when lightning strikes sand.) Nice shot by Scott Moore.
“Oh the mini bar is stocked that's what I'm talkin about” Amelia island...what up
But yeah I'm going to Amelia Island next year!
Today, manatee swam right up along side us. It was incredible. @ Amelia Island
August 21-24, 2013 MPI Southeast Education Conference will be held in Amelia Island, FL. MPI SEC has just...
Good meeting you at RBC Can. Open Adam. Quick question - any opinions on Amelia Island Plantation Resort & its golf?
Hi lorne. Hope all well. Quick question. Have you heard any good buzz about Amelia Island Plantation resort and its golf?
Geoff, have you have heard much about the Amelia Island Plantation resort in Florida and its reinvention by Omni. How is golf?
Enter to win a stay for three nights' at the Residence Inn Amelia Island...
Save the date for the Holiday Cookie Tour of Inns on Amelia Island taking place on Saturday, November 23rd from...
Yoga inversions in awesome places: part 4. Amelia Island in Florida is very beautiful and I've had…
What a great segment that showcases our island paradise!...
Join us at PINNACLE 2013 EMS Leadership & Management Conference: AUGUST 5–9 at the Omni Plantation Amelia Island
please find my luggage!! Claim I need it today at Omni Resort on Amelia Island, FL.
Thank you to the amazing staff Amelia Island for the cutest baby gift! Can't wait to return!
I wanna go to Amelia island next time damnit
Good morning from the Ocean Links course at Omni Resort Amelia Island
Luckiest of Unlucky - So, I head on up to Amelia Island this evening to spend some time with an old College buddy Brian Halliday and his wife Colleen Carroll Halliday as it's now become an annual event for us to get together, hang out, solve all the problems in the world, and tell old war stories of our times at Ohio University. We hung out at the condo for a while, slipped over to Sliders for a little seafood and live music, and ended up back at the condo for more of the world's problems. After parting ways, I hopped on 95 south and headed for home. Coming into Jax, I felt the transmission slip a little and didn't think much of it until I looked in my rear view mirror to see this huge plume of smoke; wondering who the *** was, with the burning car, as the highway seemed pretty clear. It didn't take me long to figure it was the guy in the mirror. I headed for the first exit I could find. MLK JR Parkway West Remember that scene in Vacation when Clark drives the family into the seedy part of St Louis wi ...
If you have a love for fashion and want to work in a dynamic, high energy, team-oriented environment, then Fifi’s Fine Resale is the place for you. Our success comes from our employees. We offer outstanding opportunities, competitive compensation, an entrepreneurial work environment that will allow you to go as far as your talents and initiative will take you. More than anything else, it's our people that make Fifi’s a great company. We embrace diversity and support an inclusive work environment. Career Opportunity: Sales Associates Status: Part-Time Employee(s) Job Location: Amelia Island, FL Originating as a small consignment shop in 1988, Fifi’s has evolved into a unique, upscale fashion resaler. We seek to offer an eclectic mix of interesting, high quality, reasonably priced products that stand out in the market. Fifi’s Fine Resale of Amelia Island is one of nineteen stores in the Southeast area, and operates an eCommerce site. As a Sales Associate, you will use product knowledge and selection ...
Amelia Island. In search of foot stunt double for cliche beach lounge chair photo.
We hope that everybody had a fantastic, fun, and safe celebration of this fine country's independence! If you need to replenish your supplies of delicious breads and pastries please come visit any of us at the following Saturday markets! Bethany Aja will be returning to Wiregrass in Wesley Chapel, Christi Walters will be in Humiston Park in Vero Beach, Amanda Williams will be back at the Downtown Fort Pierce Green Market, Anna Wright-Jay will grace the folks of Amelia Island at the Omni Hotel with her presence, and... I will be in Jacksonville at the Riverside Arts Market! Come say howdy!
EXCEPTIONAL OYSTER BAY HARBOUR MARSHFRONT LOT with views of Amelia Island now available. Owner's change of plans...
The USTA Pro Curcuit is playing outside Chicago this week. It's the 50K Winnetka Challenger. Donald Young is there along with , Sekou Bangoura, who played through the qualifying draw. Evan King and Jarmere Jenkins received wild cards and are in the main singles draw. Jenkins has enjoyed his first two weeks on tour as a pro, winning the doubles title at Amelia Island, Florida two weeks ago, then winning his first professional singles title last week at Rochester, NY. Jenkins,from College Park, Georgia, will face Kevin King in his first round match on Tuesday. King is from Peachtree City, Georgia and is in his second year on the pro tour after an All-Amiercan career at Georga Tech. Speaking of Georgia Tech, the Yellow Jackets offered a scholarship to Atlanta's Christopher Eubanks and over the weekend Eubanks verbally committed. Eubanks is a rising senior at Westlake High School
A few funny things that happened that have established I am definitely prego. The 1st was last week. We go out to dinner and I order ribs, a baked potato and rice. If ANYONE knows me and what I eat, they will know I have NEVER ordered a meal like this before in my life. I don't like meat, potatoes or any carbs let alone rice! (side note: I do like ribs once n a great while but that is my meat limit). My friends literally thought they brought me the wrong meal, lol! 2nd, we're driving through Amelia Island (a ritzy, hotsy totsy area of FL) and I smell Baked Beans?! WTH! So my friends crack up and Jason says, "ya, that's my kid in there" lmbo!!! 3rd, we so happen to be out with the same great friends and I seem to fall in love with Heinz ketchup?? WTH! I am by no means a ketchup girl. I've always chosen mustard over ketchup and disliked the saltiness of it. But for some reason, I couldn't get enough of the Heinz ketchup. It was absolutely delicious :)
& announce dtw Marketing Group to relocate headquarters to Amelia Island.
This vacation is way short. I hate to sound like a walking advertisement of OMNI resorts, but this has been the best stay ever. S'mores on the beach at night? You got it. Fire pits around swimming pool in the evening, so that you can dry off while sipping your Mojito? Yep. Frozen lemonade and iced water all day for kids and adults in the pool? Day camp with five tons of entertainment for kids who are sick of their parents? Sure thing. Serenity pool for adults only? Any time. Awesome rooms with spectacular view and spa-like bathroom? You bet. Free internet inside and outside the hotel, even at the pool. And scores of little things, tiny details that someone thought of, so that your stay is as pleasant and trouble free as possible... Well done, OMNI. I loved Amelia Island even before this, but now I want to live here...
Please help us choose the "must see" activities on Amelia Island! A family planning to visit for the first time is looking for those can't-miss things to do, so please help them out and comment with your favorite Amelia Island activity. Thank you!
This was shared by a fellow ambassador Toni that just got back from our 3rd Annual Plexus Convention. I sure plan to make it to our 4th next year: We just had an amazing weekend at our annual Plexus Conference. This is a list of a few great highlights: Alfred Peterson, International President told us that the Company doesn't belong to him or Tarl. It belongs to Him and pointed to Heaven. God gets the glory for the success of Plexus. Alfred said he spends time with God each morning asking Him to give him direction to run Plexus. No wonder Plexus Worldwide was named the fastest growing company in the US. A new product, X Factor was launched its basically a multi vitamin on steroids with patented aloe combination added. All of testimonies were tear jerkers. There were weight loss, health and financial testimonies that were amazing. Everything from a 97 lb weight loss to overcoming depression and even a family that went from losing their home and being homeless to having financial freedom and becoming debt f ...
Only took us 8 1/2 hours to make a 6 hour drive to Tallahassee. I am estimating we should make it to St Augustine by dark tomorrow.
what a busy weekend but so blessed! safely tucked away in my room at the Omni resort in Amelia Island
Brent and I have drove all over Amelia Island. Brent asked "Where does the people here work?" I said probably Jacksonville. I told him that he could be an extension agent here, answer lawn ?'s, etc. And I would sit on the beach. I think that would be a very fair thing. Just can't get enough of it. Found my NEW favorite place!!! Just LOVE it here... I will be back!!!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Happy 1yr Anniversary Shawn Sloan! We had the most relaxing weekend in Amelia Island! Thank you for all you do and I love you always! XO
Brothersinarms Leader shared Aiatsis Library's photo. his mother from the Ramindjeri Nation around Victor Harbour and his Father from Adelaide Tribe which was named by three white German Anthologist call in 1930s call Kauna my grand father David Uniapon didn't tell them his tribal name of the Adelaide Tribe he only recorder in his bible which he written in his mothers language Ramindjeri Language they stolen that of my oldest sister Amelia Campbell and used in the Neo Nazis Woman Business on Hindmarsh Island and the language for the kauna which means in German black dogs [ brorthers in arms leader ] johnny Campbell Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of David Unaipon. David Unaipon (born David Ngunaitponi) (28 September 1872 – 7 February 1967) is a widely known Aboriginal Australian of the Ngarrindjeri people: a preacher, inventor and writer. David's contribution to Australian society helped to break many Indigenous Australian stereotypes and he is featured on the Australian $50 note in commemora ...
One more week til vacation. Friday cant get here fast enough! One night in the bluff then amelia island bound!!
Okay people - I need your help. Am thinking of going away for a few days up near Jacksonville/Amelia Island area. Any suggestions on the best place to stay - want to be near the beach.Thanks!!! :)
At the Plexus Convention last nite they announce where the Leaders Retreat is going to be...Don't you want to be added to our family tree of Plexus Worldwide to go to a trip to Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort In Jacksonville Flordia...Do You want to join my Family Tree and go with us...Call me only 34.95 to join Plexus Team
Glad it went well! Come to Amelia island and get a Segway tour from a certified tour guide!
Celebrated our 34th anniversary by going to Amelia Island. Stayed in a great bed and breakfast. The house next to ours, however, had an open porch in which a band played country music... loudly. "i'm a rambling man, I'm a rambling man..." Finally we got some z's. 11:30 - What? What was that? Oh yea, "I'm a rambling man..."
Erode 5.4 miles in a good bit of rain. Home now and soaking wet. Did it solo and only got attacked by 2 dogs on Lambdin Circle. No fear her. I am home and in my Jammie's. it was GREAT!
Back from the Ga. Optometric Association convention on Amelia Island. Another good and fun meeting.
Amelia island 1983 final.Evert defeats navratilova 6-0 6-0 but it was a great match.
Mango sorbet with my momma bear for her birthday! @ Amelia Island Coffee
Best seafood restaurant in Fernadina/Amelia Island? I'd prefer something local, not a chain, if possible. :)
Went to Orlando with Judys brother Lee and sisters. Had great time visiting and catching up. Went to Amelia Island and thought it was quite quaint. I have never been there before in fact I have never been to that part of Florida before. Will be slinging sod on Tuesday and Wednesday. That ought to be real fun. hah
Spoke to you briefly at Amelia Island this year, but didn't realize we share a special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I'm so happy to finally be at Amelia Island!! Went to the beach today! :D
Good day out in Barry island Amelia had a great day fasto now lol finished off the day with a quick blast on the bike a cup of tea now then off to bed :-)
Can someone shoot me crazy because i don't get women in Jacksonville...
Making plans for an Anniversary get-away.going to have some fun with my husband of almost 4 years!
This is where our next Plexus get away will be!!! I am looking for three amazing people who are self motivated and want to work for a wonderful company!!! Maybe you just need a to earn a little extra money to make ends meet or maybe you are unhappy in your present job and want something better. If you have a desire for financial freedom inbox me to see if you qualify for this amazing opportunity.
Amelia Island Yacht Basin is thrilled to announce the new merger between Suntex Marinas and the Big D Boat Club, renamed the Suntex Boat Club. "We Provide the Boats, You Provide the FUN!" Do you find yourself wanting to go out on the water during these beautiful Spring days we've been having? Our n...
Took the boys to Amelia Island for an afternoon on the beach yesterday. Nice an quiet beach and Historic town.
Amelia's Birthday is approaching. Visitors are invited to celebrate ’s 116th birthday with cake!
What an amazing convention. I could have never guessed I could cry, laugh, and feel so completly blessed to be a part of this business and the Plexus family. It is truly an incredible sense of belonging. I loved putting a face to all the incredible people I have met in my first year of plexus. Finally meeting some of my downline David Lutz and Tammy, great memories were made. The only thing that would have made it perfect was to have shared the experience with Matt Tomlin. Next year you will be there. Lol love you and happy anniversary.
Just got home from Amelia Island ,Crecia and Rodney's Wedding ! Everything was very nice . Crecia was beautiful bride ! Congratulations to Mr. Mrs. Rodney Wilson ! Love Ya'll Mama an Phil !
I'm on my way to Amelia Island to get some education this week.
Getting settled into the hotel. Mimosa while we wait.
Heading to Amelia Island after a great week at PCB!
Is that the little guy you bought at Amelia Island? I was there when you were getting him. btw, nice photo! :)
Peace out Amelia Island. We'll be back... sunshinebradley
Leaving Savannah and headed to Amelia Island! Having a beautiful trip already! Prayers for safe travels are appreciated.
Beautiful David Livingstone Lodge, Livingstone, Zambia. Very special place. Tonight we had a sunset cruise upstream, spotting crocs, hippos and Egyptian geese. Zambezi bream and gemsquash for supper. Tomorrow Amelia and I walk behind Victoria Falls on the Zambia side, fly through them in a helicopter in the afternoon, and then high tea on David Livingstone Island, Devil's Pool, on the lip of the falls. Can life be better than this. Beautiful big Africa.
All right team, learned A LOT at convention! You WILL be in Florida with me this September for leadership retreat! It's at Amelia Island at the Omni resort. We are BOLD! Believing in Ourselves & Living our Dreams!
In Route to Amelia Island for Georgia Healthcare Convention and yes I am driving. But don't think I will mind this week.
starting tomorrow, I get to immerse myself in the relaxing vibes of the Amelia Island retirement community
CDBG Housing Rehab Program June 7th to June 21st: The City of Fernandina Beach will be accepting applications ...
THE FINE ART OF LIVING ON AN ISLAND; by an Amelia Islander. How to tickle a lizard
Pics from my weekend at Amelia Island with my girls Nicole Pendleton. Love how Savannah has to put her arms up in the air to balance herself in the sand and water.
hotel FINALLY booked. cannot wait for this vacation with amelia island, here we come!!
So Excited to see Mark and Audrey's wedding featured in Amelia Island Weddings Magazine, which just hit newsstands! Their wedding was one of our all-time favorites and we love seeing it in print. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island National Seashore for making it such a pleasure for us to shoot there!
There's a little place called Amelia Island. Home is not always where the heart is.
Beach bound and jamming to some Luke with my little man!!
What's the best way to close the racetrack on Hutchinson Island?
It's a beautiful morning in Amelia Island! Anyone an Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach lover? What are your favorites here?
Having a great time with Cheri, Christian Peterson and Paige. Thanks Mark Lord, Greg , Dave and Jeff for keeping the kids so we could go!
Talking about Amelia Island, Fl for our honeymoon in May 2014.anyone ever stayed there? Also probably narrowed it down to the Amelia Island Hotel. Thoughts?
I want some fun in the Lowcountry Summer Bucket list activities. Suggestions? I am always looking for some pals to adventure with since teenage boys aren't always game.
Amelia Island Florida is a delightful island. Pete are nice, few tourists, empty beaches. What more do u need.
Oh how very hard it is to come back from a week at the beach! I'm trying to have a grateful heart for the week instead of heavy heart that tomorrow is a work day! What a blast we had in spite of all the rain!!!
During the 2013 Group Conference Amelia Island June 9-13, be sure to visit our booth to learn to learn why SEDC users are choos...
Heading to the beach with Kyle Johnson
We had a great night. Sat outside at City Market and listened to live music with a cold beverage. After that we headed back to the hotel and sat out on our top floor king suite balcony overlooking the Savannah River and watched the ships come in. We are back out on the balcony again enjoying a sunrise. In an hour or two we will be on our way to Amelia Island.
Anyone know of a swift, one swoop, removal company? Or anyone we could pay no messing about just get here fill up and take to new adress ??
I live cause you can always find somthing you need! River island finishes every outfit off! Xx
With Whitney and Icham... It was a long trip but we finally reached our destination! The beautiful beach on Amelia Island, Fl. Thanks, Ike, for doing all the driving! Thanks, Whit for taking care of me! Thanks to my sis, Karen and her hub, Paul for providing the awesome home on the beach for our wonderful vaca for the next week!!
we're finally home! between a Magic Show, and Kasie's Wedding Reception, we've been at it for about 15 hours today! Next up is the Georgia Feed & Grain Convention in Amelia Island!
Vancouver is beautiful and very friendly! Mitch and I had a hard time deciding where to stay before we board the ship tomorrow, but settled on the Wedgewood. Jackpot! Even after working at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island the hotel and staff have wowed me! After a long day of traveling, this is what you want waiting for you! The box of Belgian chocolates at turn down didn't hurt either!
A little fuzzy, but happy kids on vacay, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Fl. Hate the beard, James!
yea bro, playing everything! Amelia island! Rochester! U know those good times and Pittsburgh!
Some chilled 1800proof anit never hurt anyone back in SC!!! Showing the Fla peps how to getcha buzz on!!
A very nice, intimate wedding today for Rhett and Karen at Peter's Point Beach and the Golf Club of Amelia Island. Special thanks to Kesha West of L. West Photography for second shooting.
Had a great day with my family and Marlee's friend Alma. sSarted out at St augustine farmers market and went all the way up A1A to Amelia island and 2 forts we saw.
Who would like to earn a free trip to Amelia Island, Fl at the omni plantation resort? Message me how you can earn this awesome trip!
Trying out a 25 year Macallan at the bar at Salt at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island. Smooth!
Beautiful day on Amelia island with Sam Robinson III, Marty Jacobs, Elizabeth Jacobs, and Zach Hood
Rolling into Amelia island blasting space jam bc there is no other way.
we had so much fun at the beach today we bbq some Hebrew nationals with chilliand chips wine watermelonshut we wuz doin it American Beach the 1st black beach in Amelia island for black ppl to go to bak in da day we couldn't sshare da water with the whiteman so a black man bought the land and made American Beach now we all can share today not bak in da day look it up if yu don't believe me its historic
Well I am at Amelia Island, right on the beach.heaven!
Its worrying that Harveys got more clothes from river island than me,how times change!
Heading to Amelia Island in the a.m. for a fun weekend with my baby daddy ;)
Just checked in to the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort.
You continue to be awesome! It was great to met you at Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance and keep up the good work!
Goodbye, Disney World. Hello, Amelia Island. Week number 2 in Florida is a go.
Made it home safe and sound. Ready to go back!
We are looking for people in the Northwest TN area, Clarksville/Southern Kentucky and surrounding areas to join our new team. It will be a small group, but we could use at least 3 more... THanks so much for reading!
Daddy: "This is the first big weekend at the beach, but I think I'd rather drive to Amelia Island and hangout at the Ritz!"
Next Sunday I get to fall 14,000 feet out of a plane over Amelia Island.
Having to watch on dvr 2day. Seen this episode before, but is a favorite. Also filmed in Amelia Island. Come to JAX Peter!
hanging with your buddy Harris down at the Omni in Amelia Island. He's a big Redskins fan I learned.
A Cayo will soon be hitting the streets of Amelia Island! Just look for the fastest and best looking bike around.
Finally, a beautiful day, free of rain. Open the front door and 3,198 mosquitos swarm in.
Where my fun will take place Amelia (@ Soak City At Kings Island)
Fun afternoon with DeAnne Wingate while she is visiting Amelia Island. Love spending time with her!
Here's the proposed "author bio" for the book. It will go on the back inner flap on the hard cover, and the last page in the paperback. Any comments or criticisms? AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY Bailey James, a fifth generation Floridian, was born in Tampa, Florida, into a family of natural storytellers. He has lived throughout the state his entire life, from the northeast coast to Islamorada in the Florida Keys. After graduating from Wake Forest University, he completed medical school and residency at the University of Florida, and then began a practice in orthopedic surgery. His experiences in medicine over more than thirty years have provided him with a deep catalogue of characters and situations he mines for his writing. He lives with his wife on Amelia Island. While continuing to practice orthopedic surgery, he spends most of his time writing the type of thrillers he's always enjoyed reading, looking to Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum as his muses. Transplant is his first novel.
Pretending to be a fisherman, failing miserably.
Help for vacation ideas. We need a beach vaca spot for 30 June-8 July that we can bring our 2 small dogs. Would like one with kitchen so we can cook, ect. Anyone know of anything avaiable?
thankyou paula Katie and Amelia for a fun day out first stokes bay waterpark then out to lunch and on to hayling island what a great day and two very good girls we had love u all mum and nanny x
A Made it to MackinacIsland.Net - Mackinac Island Michigan, set for a great day with my wonderful daughter Amelia Gagliano.Getting on the carriage!
happy wedding day to my best friend! @ Amelia Island
At Elizabeth Point Lodge on Amelia Island, Florida - girls 3 day trip - WOW
Spent my morning horseback riding and bike riding on the beach - Amelia Island, FL!
Today, all roads lead to Fernandina!!!
On the way to Amelia island with the 9. Love my bros
Looking forward to an afternoon with Erick X. Huppmann on the links at the Golf Club of Amelia Island. Thanks Katherine Bean for letting us be your guest today!!
Bass to Billfish aired Andy&Sande today. What a great show taking Andy, who has Downs, and his mom fishing at Amelia Island Fla. Kudos to ya
What's the best way to get to Soggy from Amelia Island?
Heading for Amelia Island for some downtime!
never been but recommended Amelia Island and that's why we booked it :) very excited
Come downtown to the Amelia Island Market Place and see us today! The Chamber of Commerce is your resource for 'all things business related'!
Enter for a chance to win a trip to Sao Paulo, London, Rome, Amelia Island (FL), or LA (Cali)
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