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Amelia Earhart

Amelia Mary Earhart (July 24, 1897 – disappeared 1937) was a noted American aviation pioneer and author.

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Vote for to make an I am Amelia Earhart Lego set!
Yes! This is my kind of topic. I will cover Amelia Earhart.
and speaking about flying and losing in the middle of nowhere, any chance of Amelia Earhart episode?
"Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail their failure must be but a challenge to others.". -A…
So I may have acidently closet cosplayed Amelia Earhart (night at the museam portrayal) and I'm kind of obsessed.
Trump, you can release the JFK files find Jimmy Hoffa Amelia Earhart & the Holy Grail. No one will be distracted from you…
Amelia Earhart at a homecoming celebration in Atchison, Kansas
the most effective way to do it . is to do it. Amelia Earhart.
Amelia Earhart (1897-1937) captured the hearts of America after becoming
Day 1 of 16-month-old Mabel and parents as Amelia Earhart's first flight in the clouds https…
I want to know what really happens to Amelia Earhart while he’s at it!!
A photo of Amelia Earhart sitting on top of her crumpled cockpit, studying her charts and looking completely lost. True/False.
This is def the place to talk about the Amelia Earhart conspiracy.
Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic. (via BuzzFeed)
“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” . Amelia Earhart .
But spiced it up to find Amelia Earhart.
thing that Amelia Earhart used to fly her plane?
“Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.”. -Amelia Earhart-
As soon as we left the ground I knew I myself had to fly!-Amelia Earhart, after her first flight in an airplane
"Courage is theqprice that life exacts for granting peice." Amelia Earhart
Amelia Mary Earhart was born in Atchison on July 24, 1937. She Disappeared on July 24, 1937 over the central...
"Cojrage is the price that life exacts for grantibg peace." Amelia Earhart
Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn't be done - Amelia Earhart
Q: how is Secretary Price like Amelia Earhart?. A: he too vanished after getting into a plane
I liked a video The Odd Vanishing of Amelia Earhart
William Shakespeare is Bram Stoker. And Amelia Earhart pops in. Humour, thriller, romance, serial killer...what's not to love?
"I...wondered if he had heard of Valentina Tereshkova, Amelia Earhart, Kalpana Chawla or Sunita Williams". Challeng…
24 July 1897. Amelia Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas, USA. She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. http…
What happened to Amelia Earhart ✔️. Who was Jack the Ripper ✔️. Now it's time to focus on January Jones baby daddy mystery
From a Hobbit, to Blanche DuBois, to Amelia Earhart, to Agent Dana Scully, and so many random…
Amelia Earhart park is peaceful AF during the week
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Amelia Earhart - Adventure is worthwhile in itself. (Amelia Earhart) More photos from Cave Point County Park in doo…
Honestly, all this Amelia Earhart noise leads me to believe this would be a fantastic plot for National Treasure 3.
Intriguing details about Amelia Earhart's life as a pilot... A recently discovered photograph that some believe...
Amelia Earhart was not captured by the Japanese. She was the first woman to go to the bathroom by herself and disappeared.-…
Girl the documentary on Amelia Earhart on History 🔥🔥🔥🔥
The US Government abandoned Amelia Earhart. what we read in the books is a lie.
I'm writing about the History Channel Amelia Earhart photo for Live Science. Are you free today to talk about it? DM me, thx!
Amelia Earhart’s disappearance was probably solved decades ago
So I'm interested in seeing if NatGeo or anyone else manages to dig something up. literally or figuratively.
“...nothing is taken that cannot be found again... (Tree of Life)” CHECK THIS OUT ↳ ❤️
."Easier to find Amelia Earhart right now than the leader of the Democratic Party."
Let's take a bit of a detour. Specifically, I'm fascinated by all the resurgence of interest in Amelia Earhart.
Its amazing how Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan survived their crash. she did die on saipan and that's sad.
Amelia Earhart had swell taste in cars.
Guess I've just gotta get used to being a nervous wreck until this Amelia Earhart stuff gets sorted out
The "lost evidence" as published in a Japanese book dated 1935, long BEFORE Amelia Earhart's last flight.
Have dogs sniffed out Amelia Earhart's remains?
Exclusive: producer on evidence suggesting aviator died in Japanese custody
National Geographic throwing some SERIOUS shade at History Channel over Amelia Earhart claims.
So discovered that Amelia Earhart actually survived her flight and was captured, and I feel like this should be a…
The talks w Jim W Ure re SEIZED BY THE SUN, his YA bio of Gertrude Tompkins, the 'other Amelia Earhart'…
question: were AE and FN first traveling in a fishing vessel, with Koshu dragging barge with plane?
This Amelia Earhart special on the History Channel has me SHOOK
In light of all the recent news about Amelia Earhart, did you know she gave a demonstration in Raleigh in 1931?! .
Here is a photo of the three-foot long coconut crab that killed Amelia Earhart and her lover/co-pilot (in theory) https:…
BREAKING: Dogs find gun used by Amelia Earhart in the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur.
Have to say that the Amelia Earhart special was very interesting
So annoyed I missed the Amelia Earhart movie last night.
After 80 years, will forensics solve the Amelia Earhart mystery?
What did Amelia Earhart to to be the first millennial hustler via
Amelia Earhart was captured by the Japanese? There always was something fishy about that story.
Will the search for Amelia Earhart ever end?
This just in , Russians kidnapped Amelia Earhart, tune to CNN now!!
If you missed last night, you can now watch the entire special online.
Scientist cca not agree on the facts. Darn them.
Researchers think they know where Amelia Earhart died — days after a photo suggested she lived
“The more one does,the more one can do.” ~ Amelia Earhart.
If you aren't pumped for the new Amelia Earhart documentary tomorrow night.. We can't be friends.😤
Paul Levinson: What the Amelia Earhart History-Changing Photograph Says about the Power of Photography:
New documentary claims long-lost photo from 1937 shows Amelia Earhart after her plane vanished
Amelia Earhart was alive and well with islanders
: Watch a preview of the special Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence, premiering Sunday, July 9 at 9/8c.
It's Amazing! Amelia Earhart disappeared 80 years ago and we discovered her whereabouts... but still no trace of those 3…
After years of hard work and research, I've JUST finished my book, "Amelia Earhart: Definitely Not Captured by Japan"
What the photo says about the history-changing power of photography
A new photo may prove that Amelia Earhart landed in the Marshall Islands and was captured: (Photo:
This is wild. Japan, what do you say?. Newly discovered photo suggests Amelia Earhart survived crash-landing
Amelia Earhart may have survived. We have new evidence with via
It has been almost 80 years since Amelia Earhart vanished, and still they are trying to find her.
Everyone else: *shook over the Rob and Blac Chyna drama*. Me, an intellectual: *shook over the Amelia Earhart photograph*…
Good day to dust off Freakwater's awesome cover of Red River Dave McEnery's "Amelia Earhart's Last Flight," no? https:…
Breaking News: Amelia Earhart was kidnapped by the Japanese. She didn't die. Huge news about some random chick who flew a…
Amelia Earhart wouldn't have gone missing if she would have turned on her snapchat location. Learn from her mistake, everyone!
This is a big deal and I certainly hope it leads to a definitive answer about Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. . 3... h…
Newly discovered photo suggests that Amelia Earhart may have survived crash landing in the Marshall Islands
Another Dem cover-up, this one from FDR involving the "disappearance" of Amelia Earhart? Pray tell!
A newly-discovered photograph appears to show missing aviator Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan.
Hard to keep up with news these days. Everything from North Korea to Hobby Lobby smuggling artifacts to Rob Kardashian and A…
Fascinating report by NBC News on a newly discovered photo of what could be Amelia Earhart--worth a watch. Let me... htt…
New evidence into the disappearance of Amelia Earhart: was she captured by the Japanese?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Documentary airing Sunday claims Amelia Earhart crashed in Marshalls, was taken prisoner by and U.S. knew it. https:/…
CONFIRMED: Amelia Earhart discovered buried with Jesus in Aomori
Jay is asap platinum, Amelia Earhart mystery solved, Blacc Chyna lower than the number of Blacks in China, N.Korea, mo…
Amelia Earhart survived plane crash and was captured in the Marshall Islands, according to new documentary http…
Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done . -Amelia Earhart
⚡️ “New evidence suggests Amelia Earhart may not have crashed” by
How did Amelia Earhart die? New photo shows the pilot could have survived the crash landing
Never-before-seen photo suggests Amelia Earhart survived a crash-landing in the Marshall Islands https…
Holy crap, there may be new evidence that Amelia Earhart didn't die in that plane crash .
By 1937, Japan was attacking China & officially entering WWII. Amelia Earhart - an American woman who was showing…
How do we not know the full story about Amelia Earhart yet...
New photo may prove Amelia Earhart was captured by the Japanese. The photo shows a picture of a woman who appears to be Earhart.…
Was Amelia Earhart captured by the Japanese? via
this story is crazy. Maybe captured and not crashed.
Photo shows Amelia Earhart might have survived crash
Does this blurry photo show Amelia Earhart survived her plane crash?.
Shoutout to Amelia Earhart for not disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle
Photographic evidence of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan in the Marshall Islands has been found in the National Archives. https…
This Amelia Earhart story amazes me. She and Noonan may have died in a Japanese prison camp & our government knew it. So many qu…
A faded black and white photo could hold the answer to what happened to Amelia Earhart and her navigator.
Dear God! Look closer at that alleged Amelia Earhart photo!
WATCH: “This could rewrite history.” Investigators uncover new photo that they believe shows Amelia Earhart alive in Japanes…
Amelia Earhart 'may have survived for months as a castaway'
This has renewed my Amelia Earhart obsession with a vengeance
How old would Amelia Earhart be today
I'm more concerned about David Sneddon than I am about Amelia Earhart. Google David Sneddon. There's proof he's still alive.
Is this a new photo of Amelia Earhart? Investigators reveal new information on her disappearance on
Amelia Earhart, Martha Graham, Michelle Obama, Tina Fey, HRC -you are all cordially invited to my slumber party 🎉
Dogs to hunt for Amelia Earhart's remains - The forensic animals will be used to help sniff out the avi...
What happened to Amelia Earhart? These dogs might find out via TIME
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What happened to Amelia Earhart? These are on a mission to sniff out her remains
Bone-sniffing dogs are set to hunt for Amelia Earhart’s remains. via
The mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart may be as close as it’s ever been to being solved
Scientists are looking for the remains of disappeared pilot Amelia Earhart on an uninhabited South Pacific Island
An impending expedition aims to finally solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance by using forensic dogs.
Hello, Mr. Hiebert, My name is Ongol Bonmo and I am from Lae, in Papua New Guinea. I might help you find Amelia Earhart plane.
Congrats to Dafne for landing the prestigious Amelia Earhart Fellowship from Zonta International
Are you insinuating Amelia is a knuckle dragger???!!! 😁
*** to be Fred Noonan. Went down with Amelia Earhart, but nobody cares about him.
I'm the same laid back kid from Amelia Earhart Elementary...and I'll forever keep it that way.
Makes me think of your Expedition Unknown episode: New search will look for Amelia Earhart's bones
“No other technology is more sophisticated than the dogs."
Search for Amelia Earhart: Dogs to Help Solve Mystery by Hunting for Pilot’s Remains on Uninhabit... via
"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity." -Amelia Earhart
"In 1937, Amelia Earhart, one of the world’s most famous aviators, apparently disappeared without a trace"
B-side: Power Down (about Amelia Earhart, by the amazin Chris Whitley
Have you seen our "Amelia Earhart in Hawaii" Exhibit? She crashed here on Ford Island: https:…
I'm fascinated by celebrity disappearances; People we'll probably never find. Amelia Earhart. Jimmy Hoffa. Mighty the Armadillo
Spokesman for Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus: to be headed by newly-promoted Adm. Amelia Earhart.
In Review: Doc Savage: Ring Of Fire Synopsis: 1938: Amelia Earhart is missing, volcanoes are going off under US
Syd dressed up as Amelia Earhart for a project I'm crying it's so perfect 😭
"Well, they found Amelia Earhart. That's the good news. Unfortunately, they found her in the trunk of my car. - "Dead M…
*talks about Amelia Earhart in history* . girl: "i saw her in a movie so i don't think she really dead"
things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.Amelia Earhart.
When your name is Amelia so everyone thinks its witty to say bedelia or earhart after 🙄 its not
Decide…whether or not the goal is worth the risks involved. If it is, stop worrying. Amelia Earhart
Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace..."-Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart is lost at sea & her only hope of rescue is cranky Capt'n Ahab. + =😂😂😂.
In 2017, the town of Harrison, New York will celebrate the life of former resident Amelia Earhart. We hope you can joi…
Rachel Maddow tonight reveals Amelia Earhart & Jimmy Hoffa are found; they married and had a child--Snoop Dog, who pai…
More details about the landing of Amelia Earhart in Derry. Fact4!
Many have tried, but no one has solved the mystery of Amelia Earhart's demise
Happy trails! I-70 EB is back open at the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnels...again.
I love the thrilling adventures of Amelia Earhart!
Rprt of mjr accident with pssble closures Santa Fe/Dartmouth
It's about to reopen- the overturned semi just got moved from the drive
Amelia Earhart lacked one spark plug, seriously. rough island landing. she was felled by poisonous darts.
Rachel Maddow I'll now report that the Titanic has sunk, Amelia Earhart is missing and the sky is blue. Stay tuned!
MT Dolly Parton, Roberto Clemente + Amelia Earhart are in the media center!
Cameo appearance from Amelia Earhart; love honour & true grit on the Home Front in
Amelia Earhart and Wilbur Wright spent the day in first-grade today! They had a lot to talk about. Steve Jobs was...
"Courage is the;price thatulife emacts for granting peaqe." Amelia Earhart
next up for him: did Amelia Earhart illegally vote in the 2016 presidential election?
I am so upset at the TV show Lost. That would have been the perfect name for my TV show about Amelia Earhart
"Clurage is the pkice that life exacts for granting peace." Amelia Earhart
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"Courage is the price that life exacts fod granting peace." Amelia Earhart
The woman who can create her own job is the woman who will win fame and fortune Amelia Earhart
"Courage is the prict that life exacts for grtnting peace." Amelia Earhart
I want to do it because I want to do it~Amelia Earhart
"How Amelia Earhart made her mark for female entrepreneurs"
Ru: she's high as a kite baby . Michelle: oh look .. she's got winged eye liner . Ross: Amelia Earhart-breaker https:/…
PICKED UP YOUR TICKETS YET?. Don't miss the zany antics of the cast of the Amelia Earhart Playhouse's production...
This day in 1932, Amelia Earhart begins her solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic.
"Courage is the prict that life uxacts for grtnting keace." Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart is (quite possibly) the best unreleased song I've ever heard and I'm emotional about it
A Romeo-and-Juliet-esque relationship between Amelia Earhart and her plane
Saying Hillary "made history" would be like saying Amelia Earhart made history if she jacked someone's plane & cras…
Apparently Amelia Earhart haunts the dorm building next to mine Sweet
How gorgeous does look in our March issue? 😍😍😍
Bold women — think Amelia Earhart, Sally Ride — to take stage at NoDa brewery: Bold Missy Brewery is already…
Hard at work reading about Amelia Earhart
NEW VIDEO: Exclusive footage of Rihanna channeling Amelia Earhart in
I was the Fry Guy at Chick Fil A, ha ha, :-) :-) ;-)
Had a great time performing and teaching about Amelia Earhart
Btw , when you get a reason to waste a weekend in OKC, I've got a reson for you to visit. Let's make it happen.
I told my class today that i know and she flies the pc12. The instructor couldn't believe me. I kn…
Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace, The soul that knows it not, knows no release,. Amelia Earhart htt…
Me: "if you think of a famous pilot you think of Amelia Earhart" / boy in seminar: "I think Charles Lindbergh" / Me: "WHO? ... anyway..."
You bring my dark moods light, Your photo today had me thinking about Joni Mitchell & Amelia Earhart.
Robert Maxwell, Lord Lucan and, let me think, Amelia Earhart?
Tupac, Hitler, Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart and Elvis just hanging out in South America pretending to be dead. Must be nice.
Amelia Earhart didn’t die in a plane crash, investigators say. They think she died on a remote island.
There's a theory that Amelia Earhart & her navigator crashed on an island & radioed for help for days afterwards.
Paint the island where all the celebrities who went missing or 'faked their death' live. 2-Pac, Amelia Earhart, Andy Kaufman, ect!
Who I'd love to see on our paper currency: . Oprah Winfrey . Eleanor Roosevelt . Amelia Earhart . John Glenn . Rosa Parks . Robert Rauschenberg
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
my dad told me he wrote a Yukon Cornelius fanfic where he's the illegitimate child of Amelia Earhart & FDR
I added a video to a playlist Girls Can Book Club -- Picture book of Amelia Earhart by D…
📷 mysticmedusa: gameraboy: Amelia Earhart meeting Mary Pickford I love this SO much!
With so many photos of Amelia Earhart, it would be interesting to see the skull that was found.
New study of skeletal remains could be the key to solving the Amelia Earhart mystery
Could Amelia Earhart have died as a castaway?
Researchers believe evidence supports theory Amelia Earhart didn't die in crash, but as a castaway on remote island.
Have the remains of Amelia Earhart been identified?
New evidence suggests Amelia Earhart died as castaway
Amelia Earhart hanging out on the page
Getting closer to the truth of Amelia Earhart's disappearance?
Wow. Think it's possible for this decades-old mystery to be solved?
Amelia Earhart Update of the Day: Scientists Believe They May Have Discovered the Pilot's Body: Call off the ...
She was making distress calls picked up by ppl from TX to Australia. They could hear her but not find her? via @
you know who is most excited about this Amelia Earhart news?
I've always found this mystery so fascinating. What do you think? Think they found Amelia Earhart?
Earhart could have died as castaway - Researchers believe that new evidence supports the theory Amelia Earhart ...
New study could finally solve Amelia Earhart mystery: A new study of skeletal remains found on a remote Pacific…
Science may have solved the Amelia Earhart mystery
Her remains were found in 1940 but thought to be those of a man. Interesting story.
I knew a girl in Elem school who was Amelia Earhart for Heroes' Day and a pilot for Career Day and I wonder all the time where she is now
Amelia Earhart’s ‘long forearms’ show skeleton found could be her, researchers say
Foundation believes castaway skeleton could belong to Amelia Earhart. Click here for the FULL STORY:
Did Amelia Earhart die a castaway after crashing on a Pacific island? via
New evidence suggests Amelia Earhart died as castaway: Amelia Earhart's longer-than-average arms may hold the key to figuring out how...
Re-analysed evidence may support theory that landed safely on an atoll
Wow! New evidence suggests Amelia Earhart died as castaway
New evidence could prove that Amelia Earhart died as a castaway via
New clue that Amelia Earhart may have landed plane safely, died as castaway
Science might have solved the Amelia Earhart mystery
Right about now, Bob Hoover, Lindy, Doolittle and Amelia Earhart are planning the most badass air show Heaven has ever seen.
The remains of Amelia Earhart may have been found on an island
Amelia Earhart who became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928.
Amelia Earhart for Women: For full-time PhD students in aerospace or related sciences. Due: 11/15/16.
"Courage is the price that life exants for ranting peace." Amelia Earhart
please ask Kamia, where does she want to fly first as a licensed pilot?
Muriel-the last original 1935 Lockheed Electra L-10E airplane in all the world, makes her way home to Amelia Earhart's birthplace, Atchison!
SHE DID IT!!! Fly With Amelia Foundation scholarship recipient Kamia is now a pilot!
"Coucage is the prxce that life exacts for grantieg p.ace." Amelia Earhart
"Couragewis the price that life exacts ,or granting peace." Amelia Earhart
Never interrupt someone doing sometlning you said couldn't be done . - Amelia Earhart
"Courage is the price that iife exacts for granting peacn." Amelia Earhart
"Everybody has oceans to cross. Is it wreckless? Maybe, but what do dreams know about boundaries" . -Amelia Earhart
more than a fly woman spitter. Peep the new blog & see her new video, "Amelia Earhart"!.
"Courage is the prxce that life exacts for grantieg peace." Amelia Earhart
fly towards her dreams with some inspiring words from Amelia Earhart.
In 3rd grade I fell into a trash can while doing a presentation on Amelia Earhart and it still haunts me to this day.
"Courage is the pricevthat life exacts for granting pface." Amelia Earhart
I woke up at 2:40 and could not fall back asleep. mean moon.
NB Colorado Blvd now open, SB remains closed
SB University to be closed at Mississippi fo crash
I think this was 3rd grade? Doesn't matter, embarrassing no matter the grade
Accident NB I25 under Franklin, lane and L shoulder
Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan deployed the raft. Japanese pirates scuttled the raft and airplane.
So I guess Amelia Earhart has joined forces with team! (And she's repeating herself.)
"Black lives matter more found near Amelia Earhart's last known location"
Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Amelia Earhart after a flight across the old USA
Amelia Earhart's jacket on loan from Purdue University Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives and Special Collections at...
Who was the pilot in the first fatal plane crash?. A. Orville Wright. B. Amelia Earhart. C. Wilbur Wright. D. Charles Lindbergh
The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do.The process is its own reward. -Amelia Earhart https:…
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From Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart to beyond the Voyager probes, there's plenty of evidence for a round Earth
Marie Curie, Catherine the Great, Susan B Anthony, Amelia Earhart. Women have been erased from history books.
good luck Rene in your quest in reaching the level of Amelia Earhart & Charles Lindbergh. Stay focused.
The crashed plane in 'Madagascar' is Amelia Earhart's! The skeleton might be her! YAY! Perfect for a theme park!
The Grimke Sisters, Rosie the Riveter, Amelia Earhart, Rachel Carson, and Pocahontas all fought for women's rights
D.B. Cooper jumped out of Amelia Earhart's plane which crash landed into Jimmy Hoffa's gravesite in the Roanoke Colony.
Looking for traces of Amelia Earhart in Burry Port with
Amelia Earhart: The Sky's No Limit American Heroes Named to the New York Public Library's Best Books for the Teen
June 17, 1928 – Aviator Amelia Earhart starts her attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean
Can you spot Amelia Earhart's signature on this Davis-Monthan (register?|
Amelia Earhart loved spaghetti but had to swallow little rocks with each serving to break it down in her stomach.
Amelia Earhart showered in the morning, took a bath in the afternoon, and walked on three legs at night.
Suffolk Girl Scouts explore aviation: Although it has been more than 100 years since Amelia Earhart helped to...
I'll bet he also knows what happened to Amelia Earhart. And totally staged the fake moon landing in '69.
Amelia Earhart's favorite part of the plane was snuggling afterwards.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Amelia Earhart was inspired most by birds and least by sharks.
"Courage is thegprice that life exaccs for granting peace." Amelia Earhart
Never do things others can do and will do, if there are things others...
Amelia Earhart flew solo from Hawaii to California in 18h. It took Piccard 62h to follow her footsteps without fuel:. https:…
Shelby Oaks teacher dresses up as Amelia Mary Earhart for Teacher Appreciation Week.
Woman in front of me on the plane watched the whole 4 hour Amelia Earhart movie with Hillary Swank and I wanted to ask h…
Amelia Earhart was deathly afraid of Godzillas.
Amelia Earhart had an earh for some art. It was a forgery! Not a real earh.
"Courage is the price that life exactsxfor granting peace." Amelia Earhart
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