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Amber Rudd

Amber Rudd (born London, 1 August 1963) is a British Conservative Party politician who was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for the East Sussex constituency of Hastings and Rye at the May 2010 general election, defeating the incumbent Labour MP Michael Foster.

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Amber Rudd wants Whatsapp encryption banned. While she's at it, why not outlaw. Modulo arithmetic. Trapdoor functions. Prime num…
Amber Rudd and Sadiq Khan both at Trafalgar Square at beginning of vigil for victims of yesterday's Westminster attack https:…
Prosecute Jacqui Smith for protecting police spy rapist Chris Bambery. Prosecute Theresa May and Amber Rudd for the…
Should the police be held to account for their actions? According to Theresa May and Amber Rudd, no.
Two paragraphs that sum up Theresa May and Amber Rudd beautifully
Papers briefed that day of article 50 might be tied to residence or benefit rights for EU nationals, but Amber Rudd letter today implies not
Does this section of Amber Rudd's letter to peers imply that nothing will be tied to article 50 date for EU nationa…
Shappi Khorsandi demonstrates Dorres has no sense of humour and that Amber Rudd is a liar and that immigration *may* fall. Probably won't
Amber Rudd to crackdown on 'horror' child sexual abuse cases in UK with £40m plan
Michael Fabricant just asked Amber Rudd to condemn those who compare the Kindertransport to this situation. Including Alf Dubs?
If Diane Abbott did pull a sickie, I think Amber Rudd, Theresa May, Tom Watson, Harriet Harman, Alan Johnson already know about tapes.
Theresa May tells Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd to contact US peers over 'Muslim ban' via
Police have confirmed Amber Rudd will be treated as a hate incident. As a punishment, she must sit in a box with Ji…
What great journalism. Amber Rudd's heel gets stuck in Downing Street on the way to Cabinet via
Amber Rudd has become the latest politician to get her heel stuck between the paving slabs outside 10 Downing Street https:/…
Theresa May and Amber Rudd let Special Branch rapists steal dead babies' identities so agent provocateurs can commit
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Amber Rudd must resign. The Home Secretary deploys Special Branch thugs to treaten me for asking my MP to raise her crimes at
Amber Rudd, she's not very good. I don't trust her now.
At last a guest speaker who says as it is and backs the ppls "ban the burka" Liz Kershaw shld replace Amber Rudd
UK. Young girls being groomed and raped daily by Islamic scum. Brought in by Theresa May and Amber Rudd.
Amber Rudd: PCCs must hold chief Constables to account over BME levels within forces
New post: Amber Rudd orders Lauri Love extradition to US to face hacking charges
Very sad day - Amber Rudd orders Lauri Love extradition to US via
US & UK should reconsider not ignore letter from MPs
Home Secretary Amber Rudd approves Lauri Love's extradition to US, failing to protect his human rights:
Amber Rudd has been linked to a tax haven in Bermuda. Nigel Farage is said to have been paid £27k by Trump into a British V…
I realized a long time ago that most people in power are psychopaths. Amber Rudd, British Home Secretary is a prime example!
Coal is a dead "Technology" - UK to close all coal power plants in switch to gas and nuclear
as with Amber Rudd its the path of least resistance. They have real political affiliation only thinking of their own careers.
Outrageous that Amber Rudd did not even review police files before refusing an investigation into Orgreave.
to me happened B4 or During: so, it could be about Lauri, can't B this 10:10…
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My friend on Amber Rudd signing off on the US extradition request for UK hacker Lauri Love, who has…
Amber Rudd seems intent to make Lauri Love the new Brendan dassey another vulnerable defendant who got justice in the good aul USA.NOT!!
I'll die in jail: Fear of 'vulnerable and unwell hacker' Lauri Love after Amber Rudd backs ...
Amber Rudd was like as Home Secretary 4 Gary McKinnon. Vulnerable Pple like u need special treatment w/some crimes.
The Government's Consultation on the Press: Amber Rudd and Karen Bradley are trying to deceive the public.
If this is true then Imo Amber Rudd is a T***
I'd like to ask Amber Rudd "How many US citizens have been extradited to U.K. for trial?" Shouldn't send ours there…
Amber Rudd orders extradition of Lauri Love to US on hacking charges
British hacker who broke into US government agencies will be extradited to face trial.
Nov14 - Interior Minister Amber Rudd paved the way for his extradition
Don't be deceived by the Gov's consultation on Leveson and Sec 40. Click here for a short guide to understanding it. ht…
Amber Rudd seems to take whatever is the easiest option for her with everything
Amber Rudd orders Alaska Airlines extradition to US on hacking charges
Amber Rudd orders Lauri Love to be extradited to America over allegations of stolen data -
Home Office says "having carefully considered all relevant matters" Amber Rudd has signed an order for Lauri Love's extra…
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I have no idea who is advising this guy but really was a mistake to appear on this morning.
Lauri Love faces 99 years for 'hacking into NASA and the US Army'
New Evidence of the Kitchen Window at White House Farm: the Case. Please Sign today... .
Deeply disappointing that has authorised the of Lauri Love to the United States
Home Secretary Amber Rudd threw out Orgreave inquiry without looking at cops' evidence
Amber Rudd orders Lauri Love's extradition. Kaim Todner will lodge appeal to the High Court.
Theresa May and Amber Rudd have access to transcripts of all my phone calls to Douglas Alexander, Stewart Maxwell, Mhairi Black. I don't.
Amber Rudd being asked a series of questions about Goddard's dismissal etc, and Ben Emmerson's resignation.
I disagree with the Amber Rudd immigration policy, but the SNP's response is hysterical. Clearly grasping at straws.
.tells if UKIP suggested Amber Rudd's foreign worker policy - we'd be called fascist.
Well 1) Hes not in power 2) Theresa May and Amber Rudd. What a moron!
Amber Rudd & Government launch legal bid to get Graeme Le Saux to return England caps, as name 'sounds bit French.' 😂
Could someone maybe remind Amber Rudd she is the Home Secretary, and not Katie Hopkins stunt double
Teresa May tells Mark Carney "Oh yes we forgot about you. Pop in to Amber Rudd and collect you registration documen…
Graham Norton and Dara O Briain may end up on Amber Rudd's List of Undesirable Foreigners
I'm told that Kathy Burke is the favourite to play the leading role in the Amber Rudd biopic
A Govt of Leadsom, Liam Fox, David Davis, Boris, Amber Rudd etc & the opposition can't land a blow on them. ...let that sink…
Amber Rudd: I was 'aristocracy coordinator' on Four Weddings and a Funeral
Home Secretary Amber Rudd faces Tory backlash after asking if the return of blue passports actually mat...
Private Eye's "City" page is dedicated to Amber Rudd and her family's dodgy businesses.
Amber Rudd urged to sign new Europol protocol
Home Secretary Amber Rudd could be met with tough opposition from the City in her immigration crackdown. .
Britain will not wait for to cut Amber Rudd,the Home Secretary, to say
Another minister says Brexit Britain will curb immigration,question is how low will it be set,we need it very low http…
Amber Rudd rules out Australians having easier... via
No easier access for Aussies to Britain despite Brexit, says Amber ... via
Britain will not wait for Brexit to cut migration, Amber Rudd to say.
Don't make it a dud, Rudd: Home Office to consult business on visa rules from the news feed of mikejulietbravo
Amber Rudd dismisses Boris Johnson's suggestion that immigration from Australia could increase after Brexit. 🤔🤔
Amber Rudd defends action on child migrants - BBC News
▶ ←← Istri Merem Melek Amber Rudd vows ‘we’ll change law to kick out criminals, no need to wait un…
Someone should take Rudd aside and tell her the referendum is over and her side lost. Time to move on.
Amber Rudd suggests competition for British public to help design new UK passport via
Home Secretary rules out an increase of migration of Aussies to the UK, in the lead-up to Brexit
I have to admit I have a bit of a crush on Amber Rudd
- Amber Rudd rules out Australians having easier immigration to UK after Brexit via
Home Secretary Amber Rudd involved in string of firms that went bust and owed millions
Australians won't have easier access to UK after Brexit, Home Secretary Amber Rudd warns |
Student visas to be restricted only to "the brightest" as a plan to limit the number of non-EU migrants into the UK:
Amber Rudd rules out post Brexit increased migration from Commonwealth despite Vote Leave promises - "Was that Mr Johnson…
Amber Rudd says no decision yet on post- Brexit UK passport but suggests might have competition but don't want 'Boaty McB…
Brilliant! We put £1 trillion of trade at risk through The prize? A competition to design a new passport.
"Amber Rudd suggests a competition for design of post-Brexit passports". Here you go
.Amber Rudd sat for years on the Political Council of Zionist extremist group Henry Jackson Society
Who is Amber Rudd? What you need to know about Britain's Home Secretary
Who is Amber Rudd? From 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' to Home Sec, via investment banking
Amber Rudd: What's that smell?. David Davis: I call it Eau de Brexit. Like it?. Amber Rudd: *vomits on Cabinet table*
Murderer Ahmed Tanveer . supporters/ Mail picture. Amber Rudd shouldn't this intimidation be acted upon. Read more:
Suggestions for Amber Rudd's action plan: (1) Don't describe people as "swarms". (2) Don't mute positives of immigration. 😉👍
Love a Reminds me of assembling my backroom team coach Ian Baraclough was my Amber Rudd.
"Amber Rudd to The Home Office? Christ. I though May was an incompetent Home Secretary, which…" — Anglian Reed
Energy secretary Amber Rudd is tipped for one of the top three jobs, according to reports.
Rail links to the constituency | Amber Rudd you shone in recent debates.Very proud of you. I hope you get promotion
PLEASE don't appoint Amber Rudd to a cabinet position. Her nastiness really shone during Brexit debates.
The UK will produce less carbon than the rest of Europe says Amber Rudd in the carbon budget for the UK .
god almighty. Amber Rudd is so talentless...
Amber Rudd MP likes to ' keep it in the family' brother Remain Campaign ' guru' Roland!
Remain MP Amber Rudd to get Treasury! Let's see her CV: tax accounts: views on UK children's future!
Good for ODA?. Amber Rudd, Justine Greening in line for No.11, reports
Amber Rudd is interesting, wasn't she Leadsom's boss?
Amber Rudd is the most impressive tory politician they have and I'm not a Tory
said this all along, 'She was NOT elected by the voters of GB'. Notice how Amber Rudd is moving nearby like a shark?
Theresa May set to fill key cabinet positions with female allies: Amber Rudd and Justine Greening expected to...
Suggestion that Amber Rudd could be a candidate for new Home Sec in which case would step up to Cabinet pos SofS f…
Please let the rumours of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary not be true. A staunch Remainer in charge of immigration? No way! It should be Boris!
Amber Rudd. Chris Grayling. Just how many more fish-based ministers do we have to endure?
Aggresive Remain Amber Rudd in Treasury: let's see her CV: tax account:: etc:what deal will she do with EU?
Amber Rudd tipped for a great office of state in May's first cabinet
Philip Hammond as Chancellor & Amber Rudd as Home Sec? Please no. Please, please no. This is not how post politics was meant to be…
Omg I hope she does'nt give that horrible Amber Rudd a job she's a dreadful politician
Amber Rudd to No.11 would be genuinely interesting appointment. Suggest a clean break from the past
sounds like promotions for amber rudd, priti Patel and penny mordaunt. Wonder if leadsom got a position too...
Rise of women in Theresa May's Cabinet as Amber Rudd and Justine Greening tipped for top jobs via
A Great British product adds to the list of casualties resulting from Amber Rudd's savage solar tariff cut in...
Could you please add James Brokenshire and Amber Rudd to the next Home Secretary Market?
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Louise also said something positive about Amber Rudd. I tuned out then.
she does horrid & screachy really well as does Amber Rudd
everybody needs to mail/email their MP about this and make as much noise as possible. I will be emailing my MP, Amber Rudd
Justine Greening and Amber Rudd may get a promotion, but I would be surprised if they got the jobs of Foreign/Home/Justice Secretary
.tipping Amber Rudd or Jane Ellison to be Health Secretary (hoping for the latter!)
Amber Rudd strong on the environment !! No wonder you lost the Majoral election
I fervently hope Anna Soubry, & Amber Rudd are. Both Remainers in BREXIT constituencies.
I hear that the appalling Amber (C)Rudd is in line for promotion after her remain stance!! http…
.Amber Rudd = 110% Company woman. i.e. British people - WHO?. Thanks, Start as you mean to go on.
please don't put Anna Soubry or Amber Rudd in your cabinet. They are both really annoying on question time.
SNP's Callum McCaig says he hopes energy sec Amber Rudd stays in post. Looking forward to "marking her homework" after summer recess.
Energy Secretary Amber Rudd says vote has changed a great deal across UK but Govt "will maintain" environmental st…
get Halloween masks from Rebel Conservative £49.99 Amber Rudd (don't drive her home!)
strange lots of these areas were Labour heard Amber Rudd blaming weather cis we never had rain before !
Harriet Harman, Gisela Stuart, Andrea Leadsom, Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Eagle and Amber Rudd have all taken part in the debates.
So Gordon Brown, Jeremy Corbyn, John Major, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Amber Rudd tell me again how many have you sheltered?
HAH Cameron just said he won't use personal attacks on Leave camp people said he got Amber Rudd to do it…
How on God's green earth is Andrea Leadsom junior to Amber Rudd in the Energy Ministry ? A lion led by a donkey
Andrea Leadsom's closing speech - a passionate plea for the future of our country. Amber Rudd's is devoted to bashing Boris.
Commenting on Amber Rudd's attacks on Boris Johnson, Priti Patel says: "I thought it was totally unnecessary, absolute…
Amber Rudd is a nice person, this evening's behaviour was some *** pulling her strings
Have to say I think that last Amber Rudd attacked went too far, simply too personal
Amber Rudd admits that sovereignty is being in control of our own destiny. But we can't even cut VAT on tampons or energy b…
I wonder if David Cameron has sanctioned these direct, personal attacks on Boris Johnson by Amber Rudd. Extraordinary.…
Amber Rudd is an excellent and sturdy performer alongside co-panellists Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Eagle.
Amber Rudd is saying that those who perpetrate Project Fear and petrified and running scared of a proper debate
I hit the campaign trail with fellow MP's Amber Rudd, Damian Green, Greg Clark and Sam Gyimah over the weekend as...
Some of the most idiotic panellists on tonight. . Amber Rudd and Yvette Cooper I would gladly hang . Only Paul Nut…
Even Danny Alexander acknowledged importance of energy security, during indyref. Amber Rudd said same, in Scotland, this week.
Lisa Nandy asks Amber Rudd about this point: why are we paying to tax coal to close and then paying to keep it open?
Our CEO, Phil Caldwell, with Energy Minister, Amber Rudd, and our SteelGen. - prototype product!
Amber Rudd has admitted delays to Point nuclear project could also push up costs for billpayers. https…
This week's most read - at number 3 is Amber Rudd's move to block wind's RO lifeline
Amber Rudd on Marr, deluded! Why should We pay 9.3m for a biased EU booklet for Cameron? Most Tories are Leave campaigners!
Hinkley Point C and the UKs energy needs | Letter from Amber Rudd MP
Chancellor blocked plans to target fuel poverty scheme at the most in need
Chancellor overruled Amber Rudd on changes to fuel poverty scheme
These are all the MPs who voted to force through a £30-a-week cut to disability benefits . Amber Rudd did.
Amber Rudd has warned of an 'electric shock' to the energy market after a Brexit vote - warning of threats from Russian president Vladimir
Listen: Justin Webb takes Amber Rudd to task on Today over her ‘plague of frogs’ Brexit claims.
How can anyone believe the brigade when they have complete *** and liars like Amber Rudd?
Amber Rudd at the BritNed Converter Station in Kent: DECCgovuk posted a photo:. Amber Rudd is pictured with...
Is it possible to listen to the interview of Amber Rudd by Justin Webb?
Energy Bribes Betray Amber Rudd’s Desperation via Amber finds it difficult to unpick the Ed Davey mess.
small world as wife Rebecca was in same house and year at school with amber Rudd and wife's brother Chris did A…
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andrew re ukog tomorrow morning. Why has amber rudd not made ANY comment on ukog despite saying energy security is important?
New post: Amber Rudd brings ruin to mid Wales
Mr Penrose, does Amber Rudd ever tell the truth by any chance?
On the blog today, how Amber Rudd's solar thermal axe represents a Goldilocks attitude to renewables policy support:
A few months ago Amber Rudd warned that UK was going to miss its renewable heat targets. Now she's scrapping solar thermal support.
In the seventh line of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, it sounds like they're saying "oh my god, it's Amber Rudd."
now you're getting it. Follow the yellow brick road.
I've swung the sword again. By this time next year rodders.
.to Amber Rudd: meeting emissions goals w/o costs twice as much & is vital to net zero emissions https:…
the investors have been surprised & £3.1b certainly surprised me. That report can get fracked for all I care
ECC report is a bit too accurate. Can't you all just relax and let us reset everything. How important are investors anyway?!?
Amber Rudd speaks at jobs fair. Local activists do banner drop highlighting solar cuts
There is no energy policy! Amber Rudd is clueless. . Energy policy U-turns 'may cost households £120 a year -
Secretary of State Amber Rudd is currently chairing the ministerial group on & - today focusing on support for the workforce
Amber Rudd ambushed at Hastings jobs fair. Solar cuts = up to 18700 lost jobs
Why people think it's ok to attack everything Amber Rudd does even if she's actually trying to make an effort for once - no pleasing some
Shared. We are trying to stop sending postcards to Amber Rudd.
Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has said switching to cheaper deals could save consumers on fixed-tariff energy deals finishing at the end of
Turns out the can't be trusted to keep the lights on. Amber Rudd is like a fish out of water.
Amber Rudd may go nuclear but EDF will take its time on Hinkley Point C UkGov
Print Patel, John Whittingdale, Amber Rudd, Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling just left all together from Cabinet Office on Whitehall.
Amber Rudd again so soon, are Tories and having a laugh?! There'll be no Spring in Bradford with that ice queen...
Oakeshott goes for Cameron over weak EU deal; Amber Rudd instantly goes on the defensive
"Amber Rudd appears to have come dressed as a mashup of Chris Evans and James May Top gear
Angus MacNeil to Amber Rudd yesterday: "you always make announcements after an ECCC hearing. Stop doing…
Well done Amber Rudd may have a damned good try.
"Amber Rudd is the point of contact for oil and gas giants" -
Amber Rudd - Secretary of State for Energy lying  U-turn on fracking parks is dishonest and harmful to everyone.
Top stories 2015: In June we revealed Amber Rudd’s adviser took cash from firm that stands to benefit from fracking
MPs have criticised renewable energy subsidy cuts in a hard hitting letter to Amber Rudd
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No, it's the *** who want to remain in the EU like Gideon, puffin face & Amber Rudd who should resign.
Amber Rudd rushes north with a sandbag.
ECCC writes to Amber Rudd about investor uncertainty stemming from Govt cuts to solar FiTs.
The Guardian view on UK energy policy after Paris: Amber Rudd must flick the trip switch | Editorial
“My priority is to ensure energy bills for hardworking families and businesses are kept as low as possible,” said Amber Rudd.
You might not like Amber Rudd's fracking Christmas present
Amber Rudd can't hail a magnificent victory on the environment in Paris, and in UK kill off the solar industry. Is there not a paradox here?
Why did Amber Rudd cut the feed-in tariff by 87%, thus killing off businesses to install solar power? Why did Tories axe the Green Deal?
Amber Rudd slapped her hand on the box like Big John laying down his nickel and dime for a flagon of moonshine, as she tol…
David Cameron says if Donald Trump came to the UK "he'd unite us all against him"
Coop, you might wish to check your facts. 13 of the 15 warmest years on record have been since 2000, with 2014...
ECCC writes to Amber Rudd over concerns about solar FiT cuts:
UK’s Amber Rudd presses Brussels over solar price undertaking with China: UK energy secretary Amber Rudd has b...
Deep solar cuts and VAT bring ruin to UK industry: Less than a week ago Amber Rudd was basking in the glory of...
The Chair has written to Amber Rudd on this
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Energy & Climate change committee write to Amber Rudd - unlikely she will respond
A letter to Amber Rudd she won't want us to see!.
It's been so gloomy this December I'm starting to worry that Amber Rudd and George Osborne solar cuts have angered the sun…
Industry Fears “the Devil in the Detail” of Offshore Wind Policy: Energy Secretary Amber Rudd might have given...
Amber Rudd now waffling *** about why she stopped carbon capture and onshore wind.
Amber Rudd on Parliament TV rn waffling evasive *** about what the UK is going to do vis a vis climate change
Post Paris Agreement,latest update on Amber Rudd's carbon-intensive balls of steel
Just watching Amber Rudd being questioned by the select committee. She seems unable to answer clearly how we can deliver COP21.
December 18th last day of mining in Britain; Amber Rudd; "Coal is the real enemy in terms of emissions”
Scottish Energy News: Energy MPs to hold Amber Rudd to account on UK climate change targets after Paris summit
In denial Amber Rudd claims Tory Paris victory on renewables after savage cuts in solar, tidal and wind subsidies. 100% Sp…
The UK is "absolutely committed" to the Paris climate deal and will be "making sure we deliver on it", says Energy Secr…
Amber Rudd MP: Reverse the Tory renewable energy cuts - Sign the Petition! via
Wow rudd I didn't need to be reminded of that
Amber (Rudd) for stop! Stops a new industry in its tracks. Educated at Cheltenham Ladies College worked at JP Morgan says it all!
Really appreciate that you questioned Amber Rudd so robustly! Words so far from actions need scrutiny.
Great to see Amber Rudd forging close links with O&G players. Bound to create evidence-based energy&climate policy -
Can I bear to watch my mendacious MP Amber Rudd on
"It is not a perfect deal but we musn't let perfect be the enemy of the good" says Amber Rudd on climate change deal
Amber Rudd clueless on climate. hate all this kind of good for the environment thing. .
then again every time I see Amber Rudd on the tv I am convinced that Miranda wasn't a comedy but scripted reality.
Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said she was maintaining 'sensible' support for renewable technology but Labour's Lisa Nandy said the cuts
UK cuts to renewable energy make a mockery of its pledge at Paris climate talks Article on speech from Amber Rudd
When the renewable energy industry has friends like Amber Rudd, who needs enemies?
Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy told MP's in Jan 2015 this would not happen!
Pathetic interview of Amber Rudd by Sarah Montague on no challenges re subsidy for nuclear power/corrupting planning
Is going to ask Amber Rudd about the letters that stated UK will fall well short of emissions targets? They must...mustn't they?
Paul Ekins completely killing it on . Why not have him on with Amber Rudd?
What should Amber Rudd's 'energy policy reset' speech look like? My new blog explores:
Committee news: Amber Rudd discusses the Department's Annual Report and accounts, Secretary of State gives evidenc…
Amber Rudd & Matt Hancock have both worked for Osborne-suspect that Treasury view of now in charge at DECC-what…
Michelle Dorrell, who runs a nail salon from her home in Kent, stunned energy secretary Amber Rudd into silence with her impassioned
Rudd_MP So long and 800 jobs betrayed by gov who only care about saving money and face
Extraordinary that Amber Rudd didn't mention the Paris climate summit in her speech.
Remember this? Ha ha ha now we are issuing the same note. We just can't believe you fell for it
I saw the name in the window and thought it was a car for all my hard work.
Pre accreditation gone and no subsides next year. We will frack that village!.
I was planning a trip but I've heard my popularity has taken a tumble in the Midlands.
I'm quite concerned that this will affect hard working families
I'm not sure I'd be welcome. What do you reckon?
I can change all that. Fossil fuels all the way baby!
I've just got back in the house after another day of doing very little, I love my job! Tomorrow I'm suggesting burning the elderly for fuel.
Energy secretary Amber Rudd claims the UK can become a home for innovation
Top articles this week: Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change speech
Conservative Party Conference: Tories get 'tough' on renewables
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Just applied for the audience. Amber Rudd in Dover - surely I've got to get a seat and question.
Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd MP blames Corbyn for the anti-austerity hecklers at
"next week... AND Amber Rudd for the Conservatives?".
Roger Helmer on next week? I'd rather boil my own eyeballs than listen to that ignorant bigot. And Amber Rudd is a joke. Sigh.
Never mind Amber Rudd, what about Amber Rose and Kevin from Grimsby. THAT would make an interesting
this is a result of SunEdison changing their UK plans due to Amber Rudd and DECC reducing the FIT tariff from 12.4p to 1.6p
Amber Rudd should be red faced tonight ?
Jeremy ironically wishes good luck to Amber Rudd in trying to create a UK fracking industry.
does a quick review of Amber Rudd's "energy policy".
DECC Secretary Amber Rudd today defended government plans to cut subsidies to onshore wind and solar
That's Amber Rudd's well thought out energy policies for you.
Amber Rudd incurs the wrath of one of the world's biggest energy companies:
Clinton spoofing herself as a barmaid. Would Rudd have the confidence to do the same ? .
Sad days for good firms. Amber Rudd must be proud of the impact she is having on green matters.
Conservative Party Conference: Tories get 'tough' on renewables. Article >>>
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Well, Amber Rudd we hope you are happy with this news!.. SunEdison to exit ‘uneconomic’ UK market
Energy companies will have nowhere to hide, as energy secretary Amber Rudd strengthens the role of ombudsman
'Yes Minister, but….' Director reflects on 's Amber Rudd's speech to conference
Energy Secretary Amber Rudd fails to mention oil slump
Amber Rudd conference claim renewables ready to 'stand on own two feet' going to be sorely tested in next few months
Amber Rudd "affordable, secure supply of energy" = "backbone of a thriving economy"
Not sure Amber Rudd has received her copy
It’s safe to say was not on Conservative Party conference agenda this year
Tell Amber Rudd - Keep your promise and don't frack nature's home
Hope the chamber noted that in her speech to the Tory Conf the Energy Sec Amber Rudd didn't mention oil and gas industry at all
Amber Rudd: cheap and clean energy without subsidies on the way
Great reflection from on the Amber Rudd's speech on climate change at the Conservative Party Conference
Amber Rudd the UK Energy (petroleum) Minister is on TV. She doesn't realise that in Nigeria, people hustle to hold that p…
Amber Rudd shows just how eternally confused and unaware she is about the UK's energy needs and the climate
Amber Rudd wants value for consumers. is £92.50/MWh - more expensive than both solar and onshore wind. Is …
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1st of many no doubt Rudd_MP 1,000 jobs lost at mark group today
News story: Tackling poor customer service in the energy sector: Amber Rudd today announced new measures to in...
Coming to Join PX, Amber Rudd, and more for our Energy Policy Dragon's Den
join our action to tell Amber Rudd to …
Perhaps Greg Clark should talk to Amber Rudd, or vice versa
Blog from energy minister Amber Rudd -"councils need to look favourably on fracking plans".
Growth under Ed Davey in the coalition now threatened by Amber Rudd and a Tory majority
Amber Rudd will be as good for dealing with climate change as Owen Patterson was for protecting the environment.
MP Amber Rudd says to woman talking about HER OWN living wage, "I don't know what your husband does." Equality wasted on her, then.
Amber Rudd looks like Natalie Bennett, if she valued money over the planet.
Amber Rudd why is there rises in fuel and cuts in renewables?
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