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Amber Rose

Amber Rose (born Amber Levonchuck; October 21, 1983) is an American model, artist, actress, and socialite.

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I liked a video 21 Savage Front and Center at Amber Rose's *** Walk
So 21 Savage did the *** walk with Amber Rose and he is being mocked...? For?
21 Savage supports girlfriend Amber Rose at her third annual in Los Angeles
D"banj: Revisiting the madness that was Amber Rose appearing in Lagos, Nigeria
Amber Rose, Tiny, & I think Gabrielle Union tried it. Now Tamera with her husband who looks like a child molester.No 1 wa…
Cardi B, Amber Rose, Blac Chyna and Lady GaGa use to be Strippers. sooo 🤷‍♀️. And let’s not get started on the Kardash…
Amber Rose went from being a self proclaimed *** to buying 21 Savage a promise ring... where can I get one of those? 😂
Amber Rose is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Amber Rose look like the human form of ursela who tries taking the prince away from Ariel before she gets her true loves kis…
Amber Rose looking like a whole other person 😭
Offset pulled Cardi and y'all forgot about 21 and Amber Rose.
Stop trying to be Kim k or Blac Chyna or amber rose. If you have a flat butt like spongebob accept it. God built you that way.
And states that he would need 30 showers after being with Amber Rose... meanwhile Kim do…
My next hair style . . . Should I do a Cassie, Jada or Amber Rose? 🤔
Amber rose pulled up on me with 21 savage and said she was a big fan. That was iconic
Amber Rose really looks weird with hair bruh
All purpose parts banner
Woah woah wish that’s Amber Rose? Imma need her to keep that blonde fade 💯
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Amber Rose is coming out with a bra line for big titty girls im so here for this
So is everyone just ignoring how old amber rose is compared to 21 savage? 😐
Diamond eternity promise ring made by Ben Baller & IFandCo from Amber Rose for 21 Savage 👀❄️
Amber Rose & 21 Savage are head over hills at the
Every time Amber Rose wears hair, it's literally just her wearing it. Like a beret.
shmood: Kanye holding a bottle of Hennessy while licking the top of amber rose bald head
Amber Rose looking like a whole other person 😍
Amber Rose the only woman I know who look better bald
Amber Rose might be the only person alive who looks better bald. I mean seriously. It's insane lmao.
I hate when Amber Rose puts on hair 🙄😕
it upsets me that amber rose's wigs never sit flat because like, she's BALD. what is she hiding in there? snacks? sec…
Have Kanye West and Amber Rose go at it or Kim Kardashian against another celeb with cursing and below the belt insults it is okay.
Chris Rock's skit at the end of Blame Game gets funnier and funnier with every new dude Amber Rose is connected to or dating
Fight Weekend TMT’s P-Reala All White BDay Bash with Amber Rose + Kenny Burns in on August 25:
I'm not feeling Amber Rose & her fake feminism. She doesn't claim she's black, she's biphobic against men & sheds colori…
Amber Rose look like juntao from Rush hour
buddy said Amber Rose looks like Homer Simpson
Amber Rose reveals the aftermath of her relationship with Kanye West:
We will bring Amber Rose to Ghana, parade her as a role model and then bash Rashida. We're the problem, she's a symptom. But she too aba!!!
Wiz Khalifa is totally cool with 21 Savage hanging around his baby mama, Amber Rose, or their kid.
21 Savage brought Amber Rose home to his mom and brought the lean with him I'm sobbing this is true love
Amber Rose visited the hood with 21 Savage and dropped by his grandma's house
21 Savage speaks on his relationship with Amber Rose. "No disrespect will be tolerated at all"
21 Savage said Amber Rose got him taking his vitamins 😩
Amber Rose calling Chyna after she put Bash and 21 Savage down for a nap
why does Amber Rose look like a mom to both of them
Anyone noticed that 21 Savage looks more lost than Zaza Pachulia with these photos of him and Amber Rose together?!? 😂
*** went from "baby I'm a savage, I ain't romantic" to sounding like a parody account. Amber Rose got this fool spru…
"I do not consider myself a black woman" - Amber Rose
I fw Amber Rose but sometimes her statements kinda irk me...especially her statements regarding being a black woman and such.
Dawg... 21 Savage might have found his soul Mate with Amber Rose
Amber Rose and her new boo 21 Savage
Amber Rose 🚮, Kim K 🚮, Nikki 🚮, RiRi ok but don't have put Bey in the same breath
One of the most influential feminist icons of this decade spotted chatting with Amber Rose
Ok so here is somebody worth talking about, Amber Rose advertising FitTea.
Lol do you know amber rose personally?
Are Amber Rose and 21 Savage a thing because if they are I'm here for it
All these females wanna be *** like Amber Rose but they don't have millions & aren't set for life lmao
This Amber Rose pullin up next to 21 Savage??
I respect Amber Rose hustle though and her as well, but I'd rather my daughters look up to Michelle Obama.
It's all fun and games until their daughter is copying Amber Rose. Me personally I'd rather…
Last time I seen Kanye smile that hard, he had half a bottle of henny in one hand and Amber Rose cheeks in the other
I miss Wiz and Amber Rose even tho I talk about him for wanting her back, but can you blame him?
I understand the your body thing and whole Amber Rose movement but if you out in this all you want is attention I'm no…
Wow I've never related to Amber Rose more. Truly an icon.
So is it facts or not facts that even tho amber rose a *** you'd smash.
When any1 start taking pictures like amber rose all in the name of being proud of yourself i feel like…
Amber Rose out here making sure Kevin Durant catches the full view 😩🍑
Why is Amber Rose's pic acceptable, but Milan Christopher's pic "looked down on"?
I don't see no one bashing Milan Christopher for his nude photo like ya'll did Amber Rose though
Everybody bashes Amber Rose for uploading her nude photo but it's ok for Milan christopher to do it 🙄
He gone get whatever I got in these DRAWLS'. Whether it's the "Amber Rose" the "the boosie fade" or the "wi…
The comments under Amber Rose's pic are wild. Same clowns that spend hours asking "can I just put the tip in" are protesting pu…
Girls. Be better than Amber Rose-bush. Strong women command attention with their clothes on strong
lol I wonder why people are surprised by Amber Rose's Maponapona when we have Khanyi Mbau& Pam Andrews who've done it before
"I just dont get why people idolize Kim K and Amber Rose when there's people like the german prime minister and Serena Williams"
lol why are we surprisd by Amber Rose's nudity when Khanyi Mbau & Pam Andrews were famous for this sort of pictures in the past
is disgusting. Those comments towards Amber Rose are disgusting. Ugh. It creeps me out.
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I respect what Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, Oprah & Martha Stewart do much more than Amber Rose, that's not empowering women.
I'm happy Piers Morgan dragged Amber Rose. Has e dey hot he dey give am👏👏. I saw the picture and I was like 😱😲. NONSENSE!
Piers Morgan got too much free time to be telling a grown *** woman what she can and cannot do with her body. Amber Rose d…
Amber Rose: look at this photo!. Men: ew you're disgusting. Jennifer Lawrence: don't look at this photo!. Men: IT'S MY PHONE…
What is an Amber Rose and why is she famous
Like Khanyi Mbau"Amber Rose is an easy target for anti-sex feminists because her feminism doesn't come with academic jargon"
Eve, Joseline Hernandez, Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, Khanyi Mbau the list is endless...
Someone said Amber Rose hair went down "there" 😸
loves that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are dating
I hope y'all don't turn amber rose pic into a challenge 💀
Me when I saw Amber Rose trending VS Me when i found out what she was trending for.
Amber Rose: come over . Me: I can't, the Cavs game on. Amber: My pubes out and I need someone to respect me . Me: . https…
Amber Rose does too much. Sorry. I know y'all all about being free spirited which is cool.. but she does entirely too much.
everything about Amber Rose is delicious. even her 🐱 is queen 🔥
Women praise Amber Rose, but hate the Kardashians...
Yall are only supporting Amber Rose's nude bc its her. If any of us regular folk posted something like that, there would b…
Internet confirms yet again, nothing's good enough. Lebron not good enough at basketball. Amber Rose nudes insufficien…
Amber Rose just gonna walk in front of the TV like that while we're watching the game? Oldest trick in the book
Good morning to everybody except for people who photoshopped underwear over Amber Rose's vagitation. Yall are why we ca…
y'all can't lie that picture of Amber Rose is fire tho
I can't see Amber Rose feet in this *** pic 😡😡😡
Amber rose's point--along w/ the whole point of *** walks--is to show how *** shaming contributes to rape culture.
Amber rose post her pwussy and the first thing these *** think about is her son. Are y'all ok? LMAO
I've BEEN sayin that bushes were comin back! Amber Rose out here helping lead the pretty bush movement. 🙌🏼
Ok good lil finals game, amber rose posting nudes. They distracting us from something. Someone find trump
"What kinda example is Amber Rose setting for her child..". -A woman who kids call their grandma "mama"
Amber rose is so lame to me now. Like why are you trying THIS HARD to be a *** Just let it come natural or something. You lo…
"Amber Rose could never be my baby momma"
Amber rose went nude because that's what she does best and the only way she can stay relevant, sequel violence & gen…
Amber Rose definitely uses a *** bonnet, that hair was laid down smooth and in place
domain names
Amber Rose out here trying to steal the shine 😑
Internet ; why didn't she shave . Amber rose : shaved . Internet : omg why she got razor bumps . Society, will always ha…
People leaped onto amber rose's nudes when they were leaked but once she *chose* to post them, it's an issue.
So what's up with this Amber Rose story?
Stop bashing Amber Rose for being a *** online if you not gone bash your homegirl too.
I'm so unfazed by that Amber Rose nude. When somebody gonna show that flamingo beak we get shoved up our *** then our cervix scraped.
I was at Chuck E *** Cheese when this came up on my feed. Cheers to Amber Rose for repping bush
Tina Knowles or Amber Rose in Roland Mouret CLICK for more. For Golden Globes E…
Blac Chyna and Amber Rose demonstrate cleavage enhancing black bra on Instagram
For the past 4 days, all Amber Rose and Black Chyna have doing is wearing and taking off a strapless bra.
BFFs Blac Chyna and Amber Rose bare their busts in strapless bras.
May the breast woman win! Blac Chyna and Amber Rose bare their busts on social media
Publication day review from for Under an Amber Sky by
That strapless bra literally does nothing to amber rose's titties lol
Pray for French Montana, ain't nothing wrong with him but he just got brother zoned by Amber Rose
Hamilton Collection
I'm actually sick of Amber rose and this stupid stick on bra
amber rose keep posting vids of her in that strapless bra thingy like it does something for her titties. GIRL. 😐😐
He gone lick my head. like I'm Amber Rose✨
Fujiko mine is like the amber rose of lupin the third's team. Unreliable and willing to sell you out quick for some $$.
Amber Rose titties never move in them drawstring bra videos, but I thoroughly enjoy watching 😊
I'm in love with Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa my *** but I'll beat his *** for her
Bust friends! Blac Chyna and Amber Rose show off their impressive cleavage in gravity-defying black bras on……
This is E! News reporting live that Mike Rowe & Amber Rose are datin
Someone said Amber Rose looks like Benson from Regular Show LOL
Chris Brown and Yeezy really out here giving talentless *** like Karrueche and Amber Rose careers and w/o receiving a single thank you
So I don't appreciate Amber Rose all over my boo like that! 😂
Don't tell me gore Amber Rose is not shook
Migos look like they ready to run a train on Amber Rose
Amber Rose is embarrassing at this point. You're a mom now. Clean it up.
A few years before that I did the same for Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose. Those UCF 4/20 shows were on a whole other level for me
So what? If I had 300 million dollars I bet I could have been with any Kardashian, had Amber Rose twi…
& tea Recipe by Amber Rose from Love Bake Nourish p28
Amber Rose debuts dramatic transformation – and fans can't recognise her
I just go finishing watching the Amber Rose Show
Amber Rose gave him that Kardashian treatment smh
Pretty in pink! Amber Heard embraces the rose hair trend
My op-ed about my love for Kanye West even when he is a total ***
Can i have an orgy with sexy blonde chicks? Zoe Kravitz, Kristen Stewart, and Amber Rose
Ya WCW ain't like Kendrick's video cause she been looking up to Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, Kim K, Lira Galore and Love&HipHop H…
Amber Rose, Cardi B, Tiffany Haddish, and Bobby Brown should always be on though. Always.
Kanye was a carefree black man and sexually liberated but as soon as Amber Rose said she fingered him, he was *** according to u know who
Pull up in that bald head, Amber Rose ***
Pull up in that bald head Amber Rose ***
From Minnie Dlamini to Amber Rose...what a leap of faith. 😂 🙏 😂.
i heard Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and hockey combined and
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You can take me light, but I'm heavy tho! Forget these thots I'm tryna get to Amber Rose 🔥🔥🔥.
Amber Rose and Whiz Khalifa Celebrates Son’s Birthday in Style (photos)  
Eric Andre bagged Tatyana Ali, legend speaks of a night with Amber Rose, and he bagged Rosario Dawson. . Salute that man.…
If Eric Andre can pull Amber Rose and Rosario Dawson there's hope for everyone
what the *** Eric Andre pulled Tatyana Ali, Amber Rose, and now Rosario Dawson. those are Derek Jeter numbers
You mean X and Amber Rose wit a weave?
11. Amber Rose & Maksim Chmerkovskiy. - Y'all already know I absolutely hated this
11. Amber Rose and Maksim Chmerkovskiy . - could've done SO much more with this smdh
linda ikeji>>> Beautiful photo of Amber Rose and Dream Kardashian
Amber Rose kisses new boyfriend in hot steamy photo READ MORE
I don't understand how anybody could cheat on Amber Rose. I mean physically she got it everything you need...
let's applaud Amber Rose ASAP! Cuz when i slide in the industry - lovelys better be drizzy for a young *** lmao
My new sounds: Need a snowbunny with a *** like amber rose (beat) on
When your friend doesn't know who amber rose is
I just realized that we got three *** weddings this year after all: Rose and Kanaya, Carlos and Cecil, and Amber and Shelby. Thank god
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I feel sorry for dudes who are attracted to these Amber Rose feminists man y'all gotta deal with these new females and their ways
I know for a fact Amber rose isnt better than me. This definitely is a acted paid promotion
I wonder if there's any dude out there that doesn't cheat lmao
I wish I coulda lost my virginity to amber rose
The holidays aren't over for Val Chmerkovskiy thanks to Amber Rose:
Who needs a mirror ball trophy when your girlfriend is Amber Rose? (Spoiler alert: Not Val.)
Amber Rose pop'd up on my Snapchat news thingy and my 4yr old nephew peeking over my shoulder goes "OoooOoo 😮 who's that??" Lil boy relax
My inner hoodbooger wanna have mad secks with Amber Rose,. They need to meet.
I know Amber Rose *** taste like fresh tiramisu out the fridge.
If you were doggying amber rose and she had a memory lapse and said "pull my hair" what would you do
Hot take: People call Amber Rose a *** for dating multiple men in the industry, but applaud Drake for being passed around…
Amber Rose Out with her son in Hollywood
This man is turning into Amber Rose.
Excuse me hello yes who is this new woman on Terrence Ross's snap story cuz it sure as *** ain't either Amber Rose or his baby momma
Christina Milian, Karrueche Tran and Amber Rose - Get Ready to go to Coachella in Los Angeles
Some girls trim thier hair to look like Ahuofɛ Patri or Amber Rose, but some end up looking like Stephen Appiah.
Amber Rose and Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Don't do this to me
Amber Rose would be the BEST Ice Queen in a Chronicles of Narnia reboot, just look at these old Smirnoff ads if you…
Amber Rose and 'Dancing with the Stars' pro Valentin Chmerkovskiy dating?: They have met each other's family and…
Amber Rose and new boyfriend Valentin Chmerkovskiy confirm their relationship as they step out…
Making it official? Amber Rose and Valentin Chmerkovskiy appear to have confirmed their rumoure…
All these folks making excuses for Kanye West like he didn't side with Bill Cosby and demean Amber Rose w/ that 30 showers…
definitely did not. Not my fault u were on one last night and your inner Amber Rose came out
Amber Rose cradles pal Blac Chyna and Rob Kardshian's baby daughter as she visits new parents ...
Are you guys listening to the new Loveline with Amber Rose and Dr. Chris Donaghue?  I cannot recommend...
Every time I see Amber Rose's sleeve I'm astonished.
I love amber rose show, she makes me wanna be a bigger feminist than I already am
Wiz reaction to Amber Rose dancing on Chris Brown is the best video I've ever seen
.thinks Dream Kardashian 'looks exactly' like THIS parent!
Amber rose can be my baby muva too !
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Ew who lets Amber Rose hold their baby
The ridiculous reason people are mom-shaming Amber Rose
I just thought it was weird that Amber Rose, Blac Chyna and Rob all posted pics of her but not his sisters at all. 🤔
"Oh my god. When we have kids, can Amber Rose be our doula?" - my boo, after I showed her holding
Khloé Kardashian, Amber Rose, and the rest of the internet react to the arrival of Rob and Chyna's daughter, Dream:
Rob & Chyna gets congratulations from Khloe Kardashian & Amber Rose on the birth of their …
Hillary & Trump both suck. Empire does have a homosexual agenda.. Amber Rose is a poor role model for girls. Im sorry. Y'all gotta accept it
Let's face it though, Amber Rose isn't really known for being appropriate.
Kim & Amber Rose bday is the same day Kayne knew what he was doing😂
Blac Chyna shows off her baby bump as she enjoys girls' night out with BFF Amber Rose (Photos)
Gawd I miss the 80s! Even Michael Jackson came back tonight to moonwalk. Amber Rose 🌹 partners…
OMG Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian sharing a birthday? WOW I always knew that Americans are weird, unbelievable.…
*** Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose both have the same birthday that's wild
How Selena Gomez and Amber Rose are helping Jana Kramer tap into her 'sexy' side on
Weh amber rose a do pa dancing with the stars? 😭. Well she out of the competition now
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Also: Who got the boot from tonight? Recap here: Now please excuse me while I rewatch Jana/Gleb forever.
Dancing with the Stars: Amber Rose and Maks Chmerkovskiy Perform Lively Cha Cha for Latin Night: . Next up on ...
Dancing with the Stars: Social Media Reacts to Amber Rose and Partner Maks Chmerkovskiy’s Elimination
DWTS: And the latest celebrity to leave is...: After a blah blah Cha Cha, Amber Rose became the latest celebr...
Amber rose went home now it's time for Calvin Johnson to get all the votes.
Some ladies cut their hair and dye it blonde trying to look like Amber Rose but end up looking like PSL players
Amber Rose got the lowest score on tonight -- but at least this guy liked it
'Dancing with the Stars 23' results: Was Amber Rose, Jana Kramer, or Calvin Johnson eliminated?
Amber Rose just got eliminated from I'm kinda sad cause she an ex-stripper and should know how to dance... 😔
Did I just see a DWTS promo where Maks looks like Khal Drogo and Amber Rose as Daenerys? 🤔🤔
Kanye West’s demo leaked, reveals different lyrics on Taylor Swift and Amber Rose
Amber Rose & Kim K box it out in new video for "Where You At" with &
Is it any surprise Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy got the first perfect score of the season?
Amber Rose strides out in suggestive outfit
Amber Rose apologises to Julianne Hough (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
Amber Rose explains consent in the simplest terms:
Amber Rose steps out in racy outfit HypeMan Yungtosa
Amber Rose  at SlutWalk in Los Angeles: Amber Rose  at SlutWalk in Los Angeles
I really need to catch up with the US Dancing with the Stars. I'd love to see how Amber Rose is doing
Amber Rose Apologizes to Julianne Hough for Claiming the Dancing with the Stars Judge 'Body…
Amber Rose steps out in VERY racy outfit via
Amber Rose flashes everything in sheer leotard and suspenders
Amber Rose steps out in racy outfit: Amber Rose who’s a contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the stars (DWTS) wor...
'Dancing': Rose has body shaming chat with Hough, one couple gets the first…
LIKE why don't you go hating on boys calling girls nasty stuff instead of what amber rose is wearing. *** check yourself…
Amber Rose and Julianne Hough address that body-shaming controversy:
Amber Rose steps out in racy outfit
"When I was drunk she looked like Amber Rose, sobered up she started lookin like Derrick Rose"
Celebrities and protesters join Amber Rose for her 'Slutwalk' in Los Angeles
I love the idea of Amber Rose's *** walk, I just dislike the name of the event. But I'm 100% down with its cause.
They canceled the Amber Rose show yet?
I loved the money falling all over my body-Amber Rose gushes about her days as a stripper
I got tickets to Amber Rose's *** Walk 2016 but I'm not in Los Angeles :(
listen to me talk about the upcoming Amber Rose SlutWalk:
All y'all in my mentions I was talking about Amber Rose. Y'all are fine tho lol
Idc what anyone says, Amber Rose prettier than the whole Kardashian clique.
Amber Rose gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money in sheer booty enhancing leggings - and she's even gone ... - The Sun: The SunAmb...
Amber Rose shows off her curves in sheer black leggings as she made her way to her trailer…
Amber Rose looks better without hair. 😕😍
I have a hot *** ex wife that I would let Amber Rose join in a 3some.
Amber Rose might be the only woman who looks worse with hair. Just keep your caesar homegirl.
Hot Photos: Amber Rose flaunts figure in sheer leggings
Photos: Amber Rose flaunts her curves in black sheer see through leggings
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Mary Kay®️ Creme Lipstick - Amber Suede. via
I'm so used to Amber Rose being bald I don't recognize her when she has hair or a wig on
Terra was way better! I wanted to like Amber Rose but she can't dance, well maybe if there was a poll.
Wish amber rose stop wearing them wigs. I like her better bald.
I added a video to a playlist Trina Twerking With Amber Rose!!
Amber Rose is great but have you ever wore foams ?! Lol
Amber Rose sent her own 15 Nude photos to rapper Drake and Asked for Hook up😍 Check Out Now http…
Amber Rose flaunts figure in sheer leggings
Amber Rose flaunts figure in sheer leggings Read-+ Comment
Amber Rose reminds me of Khanyi Mbau, famous for Shi*
All these people that we *** shame are coining it. Bonang, KimK, Amber Rose, Kris J, Khanyi Mbau. all of them. Feel like I should follow
Your gf cut her hair thinking she'll look like Amber Rose but she ended up looking like Bob Mabena 🤐󾌳
Amber Rose cracks a smile after a grueling rehearsal with Maksim Chmerkovskiy for DWTS
Amber Rose and Maksim Chmerkovskiy channel their inner Khaleesi and Khal Drogo on 'DWTS'
If only Amber Rose gave Leslie Jones that same support that she gives Amy Schumer.
Watching DWTS. Amber Rose is lovely. Anyone else see how much she looks like Mitzi Gaynor? Look at her smile and profile.
I'm still not actually sure why Amber Rose is famous (not snarky, just fact) but I like that she potential.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Guys. I've finally realized my calling. I'm going to be the first male music video *** A boy Amber Rose, if you will.
Vanilla Ice, Amber Rose, Ryan Lochte, AND Laurie Hernandez are on this years DWTS... Wow this is gunna be a good season!
I forgot to watch Dancing With the Stars but I really only wanna see Amber Rose so...
"Amber has a very unique set of curves" LOLOL I love it!!! Queen Amber Rose
1. Why did they have to show Kanye kissing all up on Amber Rose when they CLEARLY aren't together?!
Tara: I don't want to miss Amber Rose. Me: In case I forgot why we're friends you just Reminded me tbh
Amber Rose? Are you kidding me? Read her hate speech on Instagram?Are you falling in ratings so bad you need this?Wow, losing respect!
Snapshot: Rick Perry was predicable, Amber Rose is still a stripper, Ryan Lochte was a "victim" & a Latina saved the day.
10 things you should know about Amber Rose
Meet the cast of 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 23
Check out this new trending ! with the stars, abc, dwts, amber rose, silhouette
Y'all fighting for Amber Rose right to be a *** but this teacher can't wear a dress
Sexiest trio ever? Chloe Khan admits plans for threesome with Blac Chyna and Amber Rose: Chloe Khan has been ...
During Amber Rose introducing montage, they included a shot of her and Kanye kissing on the red carpet.
I'm already in love with Amber Rose on dwts.
Laurie Hernandez just set the bar on DWTS. And here I was rooting for Amber Rose and Marcia Brady... follows. J…
Wife asked if I would watch with her I say yes, it was a trap, I hear back you only see Amber Rose, *** my plan foiled lol.
Chloe Khan admits she wants a threesome with curvaceous babes Amber Rose and Blac Chyna
My mom just asked me who amber rose was and why she is famous. I looked at her, laughed, and walked away.
Who else thought Amber Rose was going to kill it after this part???
& Amber Rose?? I can't see her lasting past the second week. I could be wrong though lol
Yay! Amber Rose has rhythm! She's already miles ahead of wherever Kim Kardashian was. 🙌🏽 https:…
I'm rooting for Amber Rose or Laurie Hernandez to win
This will be the 1st year w/out our safe harbor Amber Rose is a filthy bridge 2 far. We're stunned DWTS would do this.
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