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Amber Riley

Amber Patrice Riley (born February 15, 1986) is an American actress and singer best known for her role on the series Glee as Mercedes Jones.

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All you have to do is dream! Amber Riley is a revelation. Never has anyone made my heart feel…
Standing ovation Amber Riley blew the roof of the Savoy once again
I can't believe I was fortunate enough to be in the same room as Amber Riley sung that live
I'm literally speechless after 'And I'm telling you I'm not going'. Amber Riley is a goddess good lord 😦😦😦
Riley & Amber are featured on the BLOG this afternoon! Check out more from their snowy wedding!
Amber Riley. She just won a Best Actress Olivier award for Dreamgirls.
Stop being so bitter over Amber Riley's Olivier. Hands down the most talented person nominated for that award. Your fave lost, get over it!
Amber Riley is praising my singing teacher !!!
Do you remember your first trip to the We wholeheartedly believe this is vital in a child's
I'm watching the Olivier awards and BAWLING at Amber Riley singing bc she sang it on Glee and she's come so far
The last black contestant to win was Alfonso Ribeiro, S19. There had been 4. . Emmitt Smith, S3. Donald Driver, S14. Amber Riley, S17
Remember that time Amber Riley was on stage for all of three minutes and was still the best thing about The Wiz Live?
hey! Is amber Riley performing in tonight's show??
I wish would bring back the client list🙄 I need to know what happens with Riley
Why the decline of school theatre trips is extremely worrying -
Hooray! live cast recording released on May 12. Single of Listen, sung by Amber Riley and Liisi LaFontaine,…
Can we talk about how amber Riley was Effie In dream girls and no one told me???
Amber Riley: 'I'm giving young black girls permission to be in musicals' - amberrileynews: Dreamgirls star...
I liked a video Amber Riley Feat. Tamar Braxton - Lions, Tigers and Bears [Remix]
Amber Riley won an award. Where's status for her? Oh wait. They only care about Lea. 👎🏻
I liked a video Lions and Tigers by feat. Amber Riley
First time watching an entire episode of dwts since Amber Riley was on here
alum Amber Riley performs a showstopper at the
Live Action Adaption of the Princess and the Frog with Amber Riley as Tiana and Alfie Enoch as Naveen
Blog: 'As long as plays are on the curriculum, it's a dereliction of duty not to take kids to watch them'
Hello! My name is Amber Riley. You killed my construction inspector. Prepare to die.
📷 amberrileynews: Amber Riley accepts the award for “Best Actress in a Musical” for her role as Effie...
I liked a video Amber Riley Olivier Awards Performance "And I Am Telling You" and Award win with
Amber Riley is incredible in it. Was good to see you last night too.
i listen to the Glee/Amber Riley version though so i'm not that horrible of person
Just catching up on the Oliver Awards and Amber Riley has got me in tears. Jesus 😭
Amber Riley & 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' Win Big at Olivier Awards!
Low, Color, and the 2 amber riley songs!
Naya Rivera says Glee costar Heather Morris has 'big shoes to fill' following winner Amber Riley
Amber Riley is talented, i don't know why she's not dropping an album.
Amber Riley needs to put an album out.
a huge well done to Phoenix Mason & Abi Robinson who came 2nd & 3rd in their groups , also to Jack, Riley, Layton & Amber
i rEally hope he's there :( i got to meet amber riley after i saw dreamgirls and that was literally amazing
Queen Latifah, alicia keys, beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson and amber riley as the muses from hercules.
I liked a video Amber Riley & Liisi LaFontaine singing Listen from Dreamgirls
Amber Riley making six years of Glee look like a breezy vocal warm-up good lord
seriously I lose sleep over this lol, I'm way to excited!
listen Someday We'll BE Together with Amber Riley, it's amazing
Friend was talking about Amber Riley, a judge on a TV show called Let It Shine & I assumed they were talking about Home Secretary Amber Rudd
Amber Riley, Tamar Braxton, Traci Thoms, Jordin Sparks are just a FEW of the talented stars in this
Do you keep in contact with Amber Riley? 😍
5. Amber Riley (Season 17). • So freaking perfect for Amber . • Only freestyle that BallasHough are both in so that's…
Amber Riley is giving Jennifer Hudson a run for her monet with her role in Now that's a sing off I'd like to see
what happened to Amber Riley's version of "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" on iTunes???
How many ovations can one show get?! Fabulous with extraordinary performance from Amber Riley & sensational company
today, amber riley was excited to meet me @ The Savoy Theatre
Bucket list 🙌 Amber Riley in sobbed like a baby. All cast superb.
Amber Riley is giving a genuinely jaw-dropping performance in Dreamgirls here in London. A brief review:
Good show, didn't realise we had Amber Riley as Effy White. — watching Dreamgirls - The West End Musical at The...
Omg the first half of Dreamgirls is over. Amber Riley shut it down with her rendition of 'And I Am Telling You'! She 'took…
Amber Riley in The Musical. WOW. She came, she conquered. First time I've seen a standing ovation at the en…
they needed some Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce and Amber Riley and em. lol
😸 Who is Amber Riley? Let it Shine judge, Glee actress and Dream ... ♥♥
Unbelievable! I'm so excited to see Amber Riley - And I Am Telling You (Live)
AINT NO WAY by ARETHA FRANKLIN arethasings sung on the tv show Glee by AMBER RILEY…
.and Liisi LaFontaine perform an epic new duet version of Listen from 🌟🌟…
Website Builder 728x90
West End leading ladies Amber Riley and Liisi LaFontaine have covered the song made famous by Beyoncé. Sung…
Amber Riley: 'The cold English weather gave me pneumonia!'
How did Amber Riley just tell me I have a beautiful voice? I am shaking!!! 😂😭💓
Why does Amber Riley always slay everything 😍😩
Yeah I think it was pre recorded. The angle they shot it is a giveaway + Amber Riley was on the same couch so hm
Did you see Amber Riley on today's This Morning? 😃 xx
101 things to do but sitting here watching eamonn & ruth interview Amber Riley not mentioning the fact she's on a bbc1 prime time show wbu
I saw the opening night of dreamgirls Amber Riley is amazing! Best live singing ever! Everyone should see it!
Love Amber Riley what a fantastic Voice power 😊
Loving Some great actors and performers on the show, Emilia Fox, Amber Riley and Matthew McConaughey! 🎭😊👍🏼
WATCH: Have you had your spine tingled today? Get a look at performing
I just love Riley and all dogos out there
Seems all agreed that Amber Riley is sensational... Hear what we thought of nxt Wed at…
WOW, Amber Riley is such a Gemini! I heard they diligently pointed a fridge...
Which critics raved & which got earache at the premiere of Reviews rounded up here:…
Amber Riley is so talented I love her s o m u c h
Woman's Hour - Amber Riley, I really hate these extended interviews with entertainers. Boring!
Coming up at 10: Amber Riley, Trump & IUDs, child tax credits, and women & craft. Listen at 10am -
10:00 Woman's Hour: Amber Riley on playing Effie White in the West End musical Dreamgirls.
As long as you are being true to yourself, you will always find happiness. - Amber Riley.
Amber Riley is a very good TV judge.
Meeting Amber Riley in freedom is always fun
She ain't tryna be J-Hud. Because,she's Amber Patrice Riley.
I'd love a programme with a panel made up of Tom Jones, Amber Riley and Dannii Minogue.
Chums are Dannii Minogue, Martin Kemp, Amber Riley with presenters Graham Norton and Mel Giedroyc. Have to block out GB.
I have for several years really wanted this in some form with Corbin Bleu, Brant Daugherty, Amber Riley.
apparently Half a Sixpence is fun. Amber Riley blows roof off as Effie in Dreamgirls. Ruth Wilson starts Hedda Gabler @ NT
Dream GIrls at The Savoy Theatre. Wow wow wow. Amber Riley is fantastic as are all the cast glamour all the way
I added a video to a playlist Dream Ghost (feat. Michael Hyatt, Amber Riley and Ricki Lake) - "Crazy
Amber Riley's voice is faultless she is not human I swear. All kinds of emotional in shake shack rn
Oh. My. God.Amber Riley in may be one of the best things I've ever seen and more importantly heard.
My sister just asked if the black girl from Good Luck Charlie was Amber Riley 😂
Make sure to vote for Amber Riley and Dreamgirls West End!
dreamgirlsldn savoytheatreldn you were AMAZING - Amber Riley you were incredible…
I love Adele, I want her to be my best friend. She could come to the ...
@ Glee fandom . Yall messed up not appreciating Amber Riley/Mercedes Jones
And the praises keep coming. Amber Riley is a Star. Things we already knew.
Have just seen Amber Riley in Dreams Girls. Amazing voice but blew me away live!
. | fcs for people's moms if they are struggling. FeFe Dobson . Haylie Duff . Sabrina Bryan . Amber Riley . Anneliese van der Pol
📷 blackonbroadway: Ibinabo Jack, Liisi LaFontaine and Amber Riley are the epitome of glamour in this...
I still listen to Glee's covers because Amber Riley & Lea Michelle >
**cast members with the same sign as you**. Aquarius || Heather Morris, Darren Criss, Amber Riley, Chord Overstreet htt…
My dream would be Jenna Ushkowitz, Amber Riley, and Sara Ramirez as the Schuyler Sisters
- you're going to need a way to find me because there's literally thousands of "Amber Riley" out there. [
Duetnya asik! . Amber Riley (Glee) - Colorblind. with my lovely student
domain names
1) My name is Gabourey Sidibe. Put some RESPEK on it! 2) Amber Riley and I are not the same person. 3) 🖕🏿
56) Amber Riley was always the true vocalist of Glee. there's no argument.
Amber Riley shook everyone with I will always love you
.claps back at publication that confused her with Amber Riley:
We are not here for the "mistaken" identity between Amber Riley and Gabourey Sidibe
Can I be blessed with a combo of Adrienne Bailon's, Amber Riley's and Naya Rivera's vocals please 🙏🙏
I'm still shook because of Amber Riley's cover of Stone Cold.that day
Amber Riley sang the *** out of Demi Lovato's "Stone Cold". Amber has one of the best voices of our generation.
Talk about radiant and absolutely gorgeous -Amber Riley
Maybe because they are skinnier?? Put Leslie next to Amber Riley and she's taking the L there too. I mean...
how did Amber Riley the queen of everything see this but still hasn't like is this real
I liked a video from Amber Riley Stone Cold ( Demi Lovato Live Cover)
I liked a video from Amber Riley performs "I Am Changing" from Dreamgirls
Amber Riley's rendition of Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You is so beautiful
I worked at Ikea as a customer service rep for two years and loved it.
[SPOTTED] James' llama sibling Amber and Riley visited him in the hospital 😀
busts out famous hit 'I Am Changing' from her West End role in to catch her live http…
Treat your ears to amazing performance of 'I Am Changing'
I dreamed really big when I was little.
Two of the best singers on the show are Amber Riley and Naya Rivera.
Do you see Amber Riley?. Do not touch Amber Riley. Amber Riley is art. We don't touch art.
Amber Riley singing Who you Are by Jessie J via
WATCH: previews with a performance of "I Am Changing"
booked my tickets gal. Just cause it's amber Riley, but yes we should all go together ❣
Listen to MAJOR. feat. Amber Riley by NowTHATSMajor. on
I think this might be my favorite thing I've heard this week. Amber Riley x 1+1 @ Taco Tuesdays.
Actually Amber Patrice Riley doesn't do a bad job on lead vocals on the Glee.
Glee's Amber Riley will star in Dreamgirls: American actress and singer Amber Riley will star as Effie White
Dunno if Tom Bergeron is really friends with Amber Riley but hearing her do So Excited gave me feels, so ,
I dont know why it took me this long to follow amber riley on snapchat shes one of my fav celebrities
"People will always criticise you, but don't criticise yourself." Amber Riley
Please stop what you're doing & go listen 2 this cover of Stone Cold by Can she not? I'm in tears! https:…
Tempted to go to the capital fourth concert because of Amber Riley
If you haven't checked out my cover of “Stone Cold” yet 👉🏾tag, share, RT, repost, and there's a…
event with Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, David Alan Grier, Amber Riley, NE YO, and live performances was awesome.
Amber Riley has transformed SO much since the first season of 'Glee'!
he got another job to give her the wedding she wanted, like your man wasn't playing. Kenny Latimore sung. Amber Riley!
Amber Riley addresses body shamers in beautiful Instagram rant
Amber Riley's rendition of Bust Your Windows from the first season of Glee was the series highlight 🙌🏼
Listen to He's the Wizard by Amber Riley, Shanice Williams & Original Television Cast of the Wiz LIVE!
I love Gabourey Sidibe and Amber Riley so much.
Amber Riley. Im waiting for the day this woman drops an album and snatches all those tone deaf basic pop girlies
Hey, here's Amber Riley's song in The Wiz. I can't get over that magnificent set of pipes she has:
Y'all need to go watch Amber Riley performing on the Queen Latifah show.
So we gone flood all of Amber Riley's social media for her birthday tomorrow and all night. Yeah that the plan. Alright.😊
Dreamgirls to open at the Savoy Theatre in November 2016 with Glee star Amber Riley.
📷 amberrileynews: Amber Riley & Sheryl Lee Ralph on the red carpet at the 47th Annual NAACP Image Awards...
BREAKING: Amber Riley to star as Effie White in West End production of Dreamgirls
Glee star Amber Riley will lead the London cast of Dreamgirls when the musical opens at the Savoy Theatre in Nov... htt…
my dream NBC Live musical is Dreamgirls with Patina Miller as Deena and Amber Riley as Effie
Amber Riley has always been so underrated
What do we as fans have to do to have Amber Riley on Empire??
Tbh Matt McGorry, Rowan Blanchard, and Amber Riley all deserve a Shorty Award
she reminds me of Amber Riley. I don't like Amber Riley
Riley and Gilman are too cute and funny. Gilman is a cool and nice cat
Be my Harry to my Tessa, my Lillian to my Riley
Amber Riley x Colorblind. it still goes in
Amber Sorenson, 27, was found huddled in a bedroom with Riley, nine, Autumn, six, and four-year-old Brayden on Sunday morning in Boxholm
When you put the pieces together and realize Riley Rupley has been trying to kill you since '08. https…
We love celebrities like Beth Ditto, Amber Riley and Gabourey Sidibe who are always there to show us how to break...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
It's that time of the year again - the time we show our girl Amber Riley how much we appreciate her! Here at ARA...
LIVE on With my boo amber Riley bout to fabric. Shop
📷 sheep-in-clouds: yay! I finished my painting of Amber Riley as Addapearle from The Wiz Live ! 💙  I’m...
Amber Riley's voice is a blessing to us all. . Ex: Sweet Transvestite and Try A Little Tenderness.
I'm biased to the moon and back but to this day Amber Riley and Naya Rivera stay the best performers of this show for me.
Glee - Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Mark Salling, Darren Criss, etc. got my attention.
Some of the cast includes Queen Latifah, Common, Amber Riley, Ne-Yo, David Alan Grier, Mary J. Blige and many many more.
Amber Riley, Uzo Aduba, and David Allen Greer were the only upside to The Wiz Live!. They did great.
Amber Riley reminding us all why we used to watch Glee!
Sing all the songs, Amber Riley. Just, like, forever.
My girl Amber Riley just killed it 👏🏿👏🏿
Good god Amber Riley gives me the chills.
I am so proud of Amber Riley, she is bringing all of it right now
Amber Riley on my timeline... my Sunday is now blessed
One day Amber Riley will come outta nowhere, drop an album and *** every single pop girl mark my words
Amber Riley's cover of Aint No Way is the best thing to ever happen on that show
Amber Riley is queen and deserved more than she got
Remember when Amber Riley sang 'ain't no way' on glee and got me out of a coma? I also lost all of my acne. And my hair grew 5 inches.
Riley mentioned only staying in Amber Beach for the summer, and Tyler said the date in the clone episode and it was mid-summer.
I love Amber Riley she deserves so much success
I'm petty obsessed with Amber Riley.the way she sings is crazy and I tell her every time I see her lol
Prayers out to wishing you a quick return. Come back stronger then ever✊
I want a friendship like and with one of my guy friends!❤️
omg did yall kick amber and riley out of the picture so it would b just guys and Cade?!? Lol jk😂.
She took my soul and purified it. Queen Amber Riley .
Flashback to when Amber Riley wore this stunning sequin gown at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards
Amber Riley covering Aint No Way was god's gift to the world
Parting wisdom from 5 outgoing mayors who have a combined 97 years of experience
No lie. Maddie Bowdon key changed up in "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and Amber Riley did a triple take with jaw drop. EPIC.
Amber with her future big brother Riley (formerly New Life Animal Rescue "Landon")... Looks like they're a good...
Mostly because I pictured him completely not recognizing Amber Riley at a party.
I wish I could sing. Like my twin Amber Riley, she got all the talent in the womb clearly
When Amber Riley replies to u when ur in the middle of class and u gotta keep it together I cannottigi
Amber Riley's cover of I Will Always Love You on glee still snatches me to this day hunties!
Amber Riley's rendition of Sweet Transvestite still gives me goosebumps
I cant wait to see Amber Riley as Addaperle
I'm kinda excited for the Wiz now. Especially DAG and Amber Riley.
Amber Riley's cover of Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness" was just what I needed for this afternoon.
The best guardian angel anyone could ever have. Hope you're doing well up there Amber Grace.
I'd sell my soul for Amber Riley's voice
Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Amber Riley all have covered Janet Jackson's music as well.
I need Aunt Patti, Deborah Cox, & Amber Riley to sing together on something so I can get my entire life & roll around on the floor.
They always give Derek someone small, young and/or athletic. Amber Riley was the only exception and even she was "easy" cuz she had
"why she there?" Because she's the reigning champ and wants to wish everyone good luck. Lol I bet if it was Amber Riley you'd be 😍
amber riley aka Mercedes Jones was on the show.. N she won.. N she can dance.. OMG
"1d are better" yeah id like to see them beat Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Darren Criss and all others in..
Khole & Ana DuVernay are plus?!Jill Scott, Amber Riley should be on this list.
Amber Riley's voice is the greatest thing to ever happen to humanity.
I share a birthday with Amber Riley! How about you?
Thank you! "EXCLUSIVE: and join NBC's 'The Wiz Live' http:…
amber and riley talks about: website and blog - YouTube
Amber Riley posted this on her Instagram and her caption was 👌🏾
I don't know why but im obsessed with the song colorblind by amber riley. I just love it!!
Amber Riley was such a fox on glee. 😍
Reunited with my one and only!! 👯💞😄 Nothing better than bar hopping with my best friend and reliving our glory days. http…
to the sweet writeup on my Amber Riley movie 'My One Christmas Wish' & some wise words from the writer *cough
Amber Riley put something on instagram that is so true. All the *woke" people need to check their egos
Scooter Braun manages a bunch of Pop singers. Only two really has vocal talent Tori/Ariana. Amber Riley will be fine without him,lmfao!
happy birthday riley rose💗miss you so much and I hope you have a great day☺️
I always get scared Riley or Amber or Nicole and gonna unfollow me akfkgkgl featured in NBC s Science of Love
It's the folks that call Amber Rose every word that she's wearing tonight that are in "shock." & she took their power away, in o…
Amber Riley is my idol. Love her so much.
Someone please explain to me how Amber Riley has the same manager as Justin bieber,Tori kelly, and ariana grande and has gotten NOWHERE?!?!?
Amber Riley is at her house laughing at this foolishness. That's Gabourey Sidibe. But,nice try at shade tho.
I'm just gonna say it. Amber Riley was managed by Scooter Braun. And all is skinny White artist nvm. I'm not gonna do it.
Since I can't keep my eyes open...I'm going to bed amber are you recording the VMAs?
Amber Rose & Blac Chyna used their outfits to make a feminist statement
it's Aint No Way, sung by Amber Riley tho.
Awww!! I bet Amber Riley is cheering so loud!
I liked a video Lady Marmalade with Patti LaBelle, Lil' Kim & Amber Riley - Dancing With the Stars
Fun fact: a pro hasn't won back to back since season 17. Derek with Kellie pickler ( S16 ) Amber Riley ( S17 )
Just watched Amber Riley sing her face off
Then Amber Riley is gonna release her album and EXID are gonna comeback and I will kill myself cause nothing can top this
Who wanna come to Beth's birthday party ?
Heather Morris & Amber Riley attended Naya Rivera's baby shower & it looked like it was the cutest thing
Update your maps at Navteq
~ alive. {At the mention of Riley, my demonic facade opened, my eyes glazing from hazel to amber.} It didn't work out with ~
In honor of fathers day... Riley and I made Cam Star Wars brownies!!
Amber Riley will forever be my girl... Vocals on steroids. ♥
Amber riley deserves so much more recognition.
r u watching pretty little liars because that us what i Am doing ?
In other news, Amber Riley continues to slay my life along some other beautiful ladies with her 👌👏
Riley Curry has got to be the cutest thing ever😻
When you hear Amber Riley say "One of my favorite stores to shop is Rebdolls" day-made ! Thank you for your...
Happy fasting GA and good early morning 😊
[VERIFIED] Welcome to ITSGLEEAGENCY as Thad Warbler. Be active and enjoy, xoxo
"In all the world there is no heart for me like yours." Happy anniv
Amber Riley and having a fab time at Curvy Con!
Amber Riley riot day is always the best day! It's the kind of day I want to have EVEYDAY :)
with guest speaker Amber Riley and founders &
Basically i'm outside my room, is windy so is cold outside but im here because Amber Riley! I need more information!!!
AMBER RILEY BETTA WERK! will I ever stop screaming the girl is giving me life!!!
"Why does jesus look like a white guy when he's from Palestine?" - Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones in Glee in her og song 'smh' ✊
"Amber Riley plays Mercedes Jones in what musical tv show?" . this question was just on the chase omg
This could've been Amber Riley but she didn't get the part, otherwise Mercedes Jones would not have existed.
Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones, she is a good singer but i like Santana Lopez more,, hehehe (Naya Rivera)
Photo: Amber Riley and Chris Colfer on stage for Paleyfest: “Glee” (March 13, 2015)
They couldn't get someone better? Zendaya, Amandla, Willow Smith, Amber Riley, Quvenzhane...
[NEWS]:Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Darren Criss, Jane Lynch and Dot M. Jones will be at Glee's PaleyFest panel …
I feel like a lot of people think that RNO is just an Amber thing 😹😹😹 give Na his credit
So in my mind Malcolm who is played by Derek Luke is married and his wife is played by Amber Riley. I'm putting this out there.
This is the restaurant we went to with Amber Riley and Jordan Sparks.
I think secretly only watched glee for Amber/Riley(and Klaine)
Glee spoilers: Lea Michele & Amber Riley get emotional during last week of ...
I don't find Amber Rose attractive at all tbh.
aw either he's gonna do both or maybe Amber will be working soon
Kevin is angry drunk and Amber is still happy drunk 😂😭
spoilers: The cast get emotional during last week of filming!
Amber Rose is a mom and dressing like that to Carnival.that's not okay.
Amber Riley has always been the best singer on Glee and she continues to prove it time and time again. No room for any doubt…
we will be there can't wait to see u all - Charlie Riley and Amber say hi xx and hey to Lauren too xx
Photo: I adore Mercedes Jones but Amber Riley deserves SO much better than Glee.
What do I want after glee end: AMBER RILEY ALBUM
Just like I want to hear ''Human Nature'' and ''Let's Wait Awhile.'' As a Amber Riley solo.
I'm convinced that Niecy and Amber Riley are the same person.
They should of just let mercedes/ amber riley take this on her own but they had put artie/kevin mchale…
Riley never answered me . I thought that was kind of funny 😅😟
I need her to stop looking like Amber Riley. Right now.
AMBER ALERT: Jacob Riley, known to wear only polo, only seen at the gym and to never answer his phone. Please contact his …
"Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Darren Criss, Dot Jones will be at Glee's PaleyFest panel"
I agree with Lupita & Gugu, but instead of Nicole, I'd cast Amber Riley or Zoe Kravitz or Tika Sumpter.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera and Heather Morris in the "What The World Needs Know" episode of Glee
I want to say thank you to Amber Riley for making it easy to love Mercedes Jones.
I hope Amber Riley and Chord Overstreet are there...but any of the cast will be fantastic...saw the show last year loved it!!!
all I really want in life is cuddles and chocolate and a romcom where Naya Rivera, Amber Riley, Crystal...
*I buy this sexy clothes Then i turns to you* so now Im done *Smiles*
*Go to the mall with you go into the Prada shop with expensive clothes*
You wonder why I stay in my room all the time when I'm home 😂
“let's not be Riley 😊” U right, let's also keep her name out of our mouths lol!
Amber Riley in a thriller about a pop culture critic being terrorized for calling out sexism, racism, etc.
Amber is literally one of the funniest person ever! LOL
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