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Amber Alert

An AMBER Alert or a Child Abduction Emergency (SAME code: CAE) is a child abduction alert bulletin in several countries throughout the world, issued upon the suspected abduction of a child, since 1996. AMBER is officially a backronym for America's Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response but was originally named for Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old child who was abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas in 1996. Also an AMBER alert corresponds to the color of highway warning signs that are activated in AMBER alerts, the signs display messages in a reddish orange or an amber color.

Los Angeles San Francisco Elizabeth Thomas West Lafayette Tad Cummins La Ronge

UPDATE: Amber Alert issued for missing 2-year-old Zy'Rah Nicole Holliday. She was last seen in area of Spring Lake, NC ZyRah Nico…
fake history of Lee, Civil War is an Amber Alert for white supremacy, rising authoritarianism. My column https:/…
Maryland State Police say they never got Amber Alert request for Relisha Rudd
Rep of Ireland on red alert. NI amber. That must be one hard border!
I slept through that amber alert.. if I stay up late, and crash I won’t make it
"AMBER ALERT" Please know this. They do Amber Alerts and employ a convicted child trafficker named Laura…
I'm about to send out an amber alert for deleon since he not replying .. had to get kidnapped
This is why a Red Alert has been issued for the Republic, and an Amber for NI
Yeah, it's red alert in Dundalk, and then NI has newry at amber. Ophelia must be getting stopped at the border
Man that Amber Alert scared me out my sleep 😐
RED ALERT now issued across all counties of the Republic of Ireland by Amber warning for NI.
Liberals pay price in blood as illegal aliens wreak violent havoc on sanctuary cities ...
Authorities still searching for missing 3-year-old after AMBER Alert cancelled
By doing what exactly? Asking why someone who abducted 33 kids works for a company that provides software for Amber…
URGENT: Amber Alert issued for missing girl in Virginia, believed to be in extreme danger - PLEASE SHARE! -
AMBER ALERT. Please share this photo!!! This boy has been kidnapped today in Harrisburg, OR. I was asked to pass along htt…
Some useful numbers for you today as brings an Amber Alert for high winds
Agreed. Love the show. I wish you would cover all the missing persons on the Navajo reservation & the non…
AMBER alert now issued for Northern Ireland from 3pm Monday as ex-hurricane moves north. Damage & disruption…
Ref the Amber Alert issued for Sinahi Aguilar-Cruz, both parties were located in the Woodbridge area. She is safe. Investiga…
Multi-county Amber Alert issued in SoCal for 3 missing kids.
Can someone tell me why black kids never get an amber alert I only ever see them for white kids 🤔
As of 9pm Oct 15th all of Ireland is under a red alert for winds and all of NI has an amber warning for strong winds. Take…
PLEASE RT! Amber Alert issued for Virginia teen taken against her will
Amber Alert canceled for abducted Va. teen, suspect in custody via
UPDATE: Police find Va. girl safe who was 'likely abducted' and arrest suspect; Amber Alert canceled - WBFF.
Amber Alert canceled for abducted Virginia teenager
Special needs girl, 3, in ‘immediate danger’ Please re-post! Police in North Texas have issued an... https:/…
Richardson PD is looking for 3 y/o Sherin Mathews last seen outside the family backyard 900 Sunningdale. An Amber Alert has been…
BAY AREA SF Amber Alert for a 2 y/o girl last seen in a pink jacket. (That's all I know so far) prayers out for her retur…
I wish I could send out a amber alert for *** to buy beats
Both children found safe after GA Amber Alert, father in custody
AMBER Alert issued after 2-year-old girl abducted from San Francisco:
Mr. President about our Amber Alert system. Why when a child goes missing doesn’t every channel on every tv show them?
Amber alert issued for 2 year old abducted from San Francisco.
Y'all wouldn't complain if the Amber Alert was for someone you loved so shut up and deal with your buzzing phone
Amber Alert issued for 3yo girl from Richardson, TX. Sherin Mathews has developmental issues, limited verbal skills.
cancelled. 2yo girl found safe. Suspects in custody according to police. https…
Why have I read so many complaints about an Amber Alert tonight. Stop 😒
Amber Alert canceled after child found. Suspects in custody.
Cancelled, 2-year-old girl located safely, the two male suspects are in custody. INFO:
Pretty sure the phone Amber Alert tone is designed to scare the crap out of kidnappers and make them crash their car so cops…
Amber Alert issued for Richardson girl; father arrested
JUST IN: The 2-year-old girl abducted from SF has been found safe. SFPD says two male suspects are now in custody.
Police have arrested the father of a 3-year-old girl reported missing Saturday | https:…
Two-year-old girl from found safe after issued.
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First thing that came to mind during that Amber Alert was that the nukes were flying
AMBER Alert on behalf of SFPD. 2 y.o. black female taken by 3 suspects in a '08 silver Ford Fusion. CA plate 7RLR145. If seen,…
Amber Alert issued for 3-year-old Richardson girl believed to be in grave danger via
Amber alert in SF area!!! Keep an eye out and help this baby get home safely!!!
Tonight's AMBER Alert is deactivated. The child has been safely located, suspects in custody. Thank you to all for your help.
Beth Moore. "Amber Alert: God has missing children - they have been abducted by their phones."
Amber Alert my Falcon Oline has been kidnapped. Last known location was the Mercedes Benz stadium Atlanta, Ga.
A great day at West Fest! Interact Club manned the Amber Alert station for WHRotary.
Amber Alert: Abducted child still missing after woman shot to death in Santa Maria - The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Missing 8-year-old Stokes County girl who was subject of Amber Alert found safe in Kentucky via…
*** is bre & is she safe 😭 I'm about to start an amber alert 🚨 lol
AMBER Alert: Here's the poster with more information about missing 4 y/o Zion Byrd.
Amber Alert issued for girl in Stokes County.
I love how the amber alert alerts people through the iphone but i would love it even more if they alerted when they found…
Amber Alert issued for 13-year-old Shavon Le'Feye Randle from Lancaster. Was last seen at 10 a.m. Wednesday.
“Missing Stokes County girl located unharmed in Kentucky
Child custody issues shouldn't be abusing the Amber alert system.
Missing Stokes County girl located unharmed in Kentucky
Werthers Original: the amber alert of caramels
Voted against Amber Alert. I can go on and on. The GOP had a 2ft thick playbook on Bern…
Amber Alert issued for 8-year-old in watermelon nightgown, last seen near Va. border
Stokes County Sheriff’s Office looking for 8-year-old girl believed to have been abducted; Amber Alert issued
Not to spoil the eclipse for y'all but Bella chooses Edward lol
Today an Amber Alert went out while I was at work I'm not allowed to have my phone out but I checked it because I thought WWIII was starting
FBI: AMBER Alert victim from Midland found in San Antonio hotel
AMBER Alert is issued out of Memphis for 4 y/o Zion Byrd. He was abducted by his non-custodial father, Dominique Nicho…
AMBER Alert: Have you seen this child? Trinity Mcgraw
CHILD TRAFFICKER Laura Silsby Gayler, would still openly be VP of the co that runs our Amber Alert, if she hadn't been EXPOSE…
What's going on? Tennessee AMBER Alert issued for 4-year-old Memphis boy… Get found ->
I'm bout to put out a mf AMBER ALERT out for him if he don't stop playing😤🤕
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AMBER ALERT Canceled: The child has been safely located in Louisville, KY and will be reunited with her family in... htt…
"Who tf is amber alert and why is she sending you her license plate number"
Amber alert's back on its been a week please help find my cat
*SHARE* . ABDUCTED CHILD: The North Carolina State Highway Patrol issued an Amber Alert today for an 8-year-old... https:…
Thanks for getting the word out about the AMBER Alert out of Memphis. Very thankful this was resolved and the child is…
Amber Alert tonight for this 3 year old, taken from Worcester Home by mother. State Police: mom made threats to harm chi…
Granted this Amber Alert to my phone woke me the *** up out of a deep sleep, im very very happy this kiddo is aliv…
Am I the only one who literally feels like someone's gonna kidnap u as soon as u hear an amber alert and get all paranoid
Amber alert just threw the whole Maryland off 😂😂😂
Do you not know what an amber alert is?
Suspect in Sparks carjacking that spurred Amber Alert indicted on 3 counts, per federal prosecutors…
MSP issuing AMBER Alert for 3 year old girl Ella Abbot taken by her mother tonight from a home. Stand by fo…
That amber alert deadass just had me shok
Since when was a amber alert funny. people r sick🤒
AMBER Alert: Have you seen this child? Ella Abbott
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AMBER ALERT: ask you to look for Ella Abbott taken in Worcester by mom, Leeann Rickhei who has made t…
hey i know a few of you live in MA we just got an amber alert please keep an eye out!!
When an Amber Alert goes off on your phone but for a second you think it's nuclear war. :/
That Amber alert really made me cry...🙁
Police issue Amber Alert after Leeann Rickheit is accused of threatening to hurt 3-year-old daughter Ella Abbott. Taken fr…
PLZ RT: AMBER ALERT issued for missing 3-yr-old. Police said mom threatened to harm child. May be in '07 Sonata.
Please RT: Amber Alert for 3y/oElla Abbott out of Worcester. Mom is believed to be driving a blue Sonata w/Mass Plates: 4PG…
*** I thought that Amber Alert was the beginning of the American-North Korean War. Almost midnight. Apple gotta chill.…
🚔🚨 AMBER ALERT 🚨🚔. 🔁 🚨. Was. in El Paso Texas,. Child is in immediate dan…
AMBER Alert: Have you seen this child? Ahleiryah Ballard
New: Amber Alert cancelled. Four West Lafayette kids found safely. Waiting for more details .
Officials have canceled the AMBER alert from last night after the children were found safe
UPDATE: An Amber Alert for four abducted children in West Lafayette has been cancelled:
Amber Alert issued for 4 missing Indiana kids, believed to be in danger
An amber alert has been issued for 1-year-old Bracie Schivers.
Police seek mother, children in Indiana Amber Alert.
*UPDATE* AMBER Alert Cancellation. Indiana AMBER Alert 009-2017 issued August 4, 2017 has been cancelled today as...
Amber Alert canceled for 4 kids missing from West Lafayette, Ind.:
Indiana State Police declared that the children are in extreme danger, and that's why the wa…
AMBER Alert: Have you seen this child? Bracie Schivers
Amber Alert issued for 4 Indiana children, believed to be in 'extreme danger'
Police have issued an Amber Alert for 4 kids, last seen in West Lafayette. They are believed to be in extreme danger.…
UPDATE: has canceled Amber Alert for 4 girls in W. Lafayette, but have not provided further details
The AMBER alert for the four missing children in Indiana has been canceled:
BREAKING: Police have issued an AMBER ALERT. They are looking for 4 kids out of West Lafayette. Call 911 with information. htt…
AMBER ALERT! 4 children abducted from West Lafayette, Indiana. Believed to be in 'extreme danger'. Likely abducted by th…
Amber Alert issued for a 2-year-old boy taken at gunpoint from his mother in Kansas City, Kan. has been canceled. https:…
BREAKING UPDATE: 2-year-old in Amber Alert has been secured and is OKAY. https…
Amber Alert: Teen with taken when car stolen
She doesn't run Amber Alert. She was VP of marketing for AlertSense;…
Amber Alert children found but abductor on the run. . Call 911 with info. Mother sent videos of choking the baby.
Los Angeles woman gets 60 days in jail for triggering a false Amber Alert
Police issue Amber Alert for man, woman and children missing in NSW
Joshua Calcorzi, the suspect in a Mass. Amber Alert has been taken into custody in Connecticut. Baby Jandel is safe.
Apple scared me with that loud *** Amber Alert like I'm about to put on a cape and rescue someone like Batman
Amber Alert!!! Hey everyone just received an amber Alert out of sparks Nevada. Authorities are looking for a 2012...
That amber alert scared TF out of me, I thought Korea was attacking us
New post (Father in Anderson Amber Alert case extradited back to Indiana after arrest ...) has been published on -…
I just got an amber alert and my heart instantly dropped
She’s 31, armed, dangerous and on the run with kidnapped teen boy: AMBER alert
AMBER Alert: Have you seen this child? Unknown Unknown
Amber Alert issued in Los Angeles after woman carjacks vehicle with 16-year-old boy inside - Los Angeles Times
That Amber Alert that hit in LA like 11pm last night almost made me jump out of the bed...kinda freaked me out haa
I again question the utility of waking up half of LA with a terrifying nuclear-meltdown-sounding Amber Alert sent straight to…
Amber Alert issued for boy, 16, abducted in Los Angeles via
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An Amber Alert, but for your common sense.
Amber Alert: Woman sought in abduction of 16-year-oId boy last seen in Los Angeles
Amber Alert: Woman Sought in Abduction of 16-Year-oId Boy Last Seen in Los Angeles via
BREAKING: Amber Alert issued for 16-year-old boy last seen in Los Angeles
I had to put an Amber alert for her
Everyone talking bout how the Amber Alert scared the heck out of them...imagine how scared the kid must be...
Amber Alert issued on behalf of LAPD. Police looking for a 2014 black Toyota Camry, CA license plate 7XWL023 Story de…
Amber Alert issued for 16-year-old boy abducted by armed and dangerous woman in LA.
This is the second time I got the same amber alert.
Amber alert almost gave me a heart attack
AMBER Alert: Have you seen this child? Eric Coleman
I think they should do follow ups after an Amber Alert. I mean you just alerted the whole city, we deserve to know if she's…
CHP has issued an AMBER Alert on behalf of Looking for a black Toyota Camry CA Plate
Amber Alert issued after 16-year-old boy is abducted by woman in Los Angeles
Prince Albert police arrest man after girl in Amber Alert taken from playground
Sept 2016, another Amber Alert involving Charles was issued after 2 young boys were taken from the northern Sask community of La Ronge.
Jarrod/Jared Charles has been subject of a past Amber Alert. This one back in Sept 2016 involving 2 boys.
Charles was involved in an Amber Alert in La Ronge last September but the charges were dropped.
I'm glad the Amber Alert is cancelled due to the discovery of the location of the little girl, Alanda McCoy in LA (Lower Alabama / Florida)
Only in Wyoming do you get an Amber Alert on your phone that a mountain lion is roaming through town.
WARNING-- --Amber Alert--. In Edmonton, KY a 3 year old girl was picked up by a man driving a grey car with the...
Amber Alert issued out of Salem, MO for 13yo Trinity Lewis. Last seen with two unknown men in a pickup.
BREAKING: Amber Alert out of Salem, Mo., for 13y/o Trinity Lewis is cancelled. Dent Co. authorities say Lewis was found safe in Bunker, Mo.
PLEASE RT: Amber Alert for Trinity Lewis, 13, abducted from Salem, MO. Believed with 2 men, in maroon, 2-tone truck.
URGENT: 4 kids and mom kidnapped at gunpoint. Amber Alert in effect in Tennessee. Lexington is between Nashville and Memph…
Amen . San Francisco (KGO) -- A child reported missing in an Amber Alert was reunited with his mother Saturday afternoon in San Francisco.
Amber Alert lifted, abducted boy and father found in Los Angeles.
Get " Amber Alert" in exchange for an honest review, who wants to read it?👌✋ https:/…
Then why was a national amber alert issued and this is all over news media? BS, ask Mom why she…
Sister of man who police say abducted his child says he's not suicidal.
Police are searching for a 2000 Toyota Corolla with CA license No. 5SEY238 after 1y/o boy taken from San Francisco
San Francisco father and son found in LA; Amber Alert called off - Los Angeles Times
AMBER ALERT DEACTIVATED. Makai Bangoura has been located safe. Thank you to all those who helped find him.
UPDATE: A one-year-old boy abducted by his father in San Francisco has been found in the Los Angeles area.
The kid from that amber alert during 6th period has been found safe
1-year-old boy in SF Amber Alert found safe with father in SoCal via
Boy in Amber Alert found safe with father in Updates from at 11: htt…
CHP: Boy abducted by father in San Francisco found in Los Angeles, suspect arrested. reports.
An Amber Alert has been issued Friday afternoon for a 21-month-old boy who was abducted in San...
UPDATE: Second suspect in custody for kidnapping, shooting death of MS 6-year-old who was focus of AMBER Alert ->
San Francisco father and son found in L.A.; Amber Alert called off
Police step in & arrest a mother they say to ensure her disabled son gets medical treatment. Boy was centre of ambe…
Amber Alert vehicle Toyota Corolla with CA license No. 5SEY238 could be in L.A., Orange or San Diego County: CHP
Amber Alert issued for SF boy with possibly suicidal man
Amber alert over. Boy safe father in custody in LA.
Missing 21-month-old out of San Francisco in safe keeping.
Missing 1-year-old boy out of San Francisco safely located, suspect in custody, according to
When you're sitting in a tan 2000 Toyota Corolla just south of San Francisco and you get this Amber Alert
Va. Amber Alert issued for missing baby girl and mom
Mother and baby girl went missing in Hampton, Va. on April 30, but police now believe they were possibly abducted https:…
I just got this Amber alert yesterday but she's been missing since April 20th? Wow. I don't get it. 🙏🏽 for them.
An Amber Alert has been issued for my cousin and her daughter. They have not been seen or heard from in two weeks. Please R…
BREAKING: Hampton Police issue in missing person Keir Johnson case.
AMBER Alert issued out of Hampton for missing mom and infant, police believe they have been abducted via
My bill expanding AMBER Alert system to Native American communities is impt to stop child abductions in Indian cntry htt…
PLEASE RT: AMBER Alert issued for missing Hampton infant and mother possibly abducted
This is the second Amber alert I've gotten in 24 hours
His extremely poor history on guns, Amber Alert, immigration and his LIES & distortions about…
Amber Alert: has been missing since 8 pm. Last seen at Wall Street pub. DM me with any deets ‼️‼️
Amber Alert issued for boy, allegedly taken by mother in Los Angeles
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And an amber alert will be issued immediately!!! Stop the racially biased reporting concerning our black children!
Amber Alert issued in search for 38 y/o man accused of abducting 1 y/o in Rancho Cucamonga
The AMBER Alert for 1-year-old Lexi Segura has been deactivated. The child was safely located and the suspect has been taken in…
She doesn't have custody. Taking him from school is abduction. CHP had info on her car, that's why the Amber Alert was issued.
No Amber alert?! I hate to say this but I'm sure many are thinking it. Change the skin color to white,…
LAPD has asked for an Amber Alert for a boy who taken out of his classroom in Venice this morning
AMBER ALERT UPDATE: West Burnett, 6, was picked up by mom, Nisha Burnett, who drives gold 2004 BMW w/ plate 6WAP644
AMBER ALERT: 6-year-old boy taken by mother from Los Angeles elementary school.
You shouldn't even be stating while 2 little girls are missing that it is thought they have ran away! T…
Still waiting on official word from lapd, but officer told me everyone is ok. Regarding Amber Alert & missing boy West Bur…
Amber Alert suspect mother drives the car away from police, in progress
Watch live: police pull over vehicle matching description of car belonging to Amber Alert suspect https:/…
URGENT: Amber Alert issued in Calif. for 6-year-old abducted by mother who ‘hears voices’ - ‘04 gold BMW; Ca. plate: 6WAP…
When you're sitting in your room in complete silence and the Amber Alert goes off on your phone.
Hearing pd found missing 6 yr old boy West Burnett & mother accused of kidnapping him on 4100 block of Lincoln following a…
Closer look at suspect's car after amber alert. Police going through trunk. Back seat loaded with clothing, other items
CHP issues AMBER ALERT on behalf of LAPD
Amber Alert issued for boy, 6, allegedly abducted by his mother outside Venice elementary school https…
Omg this is the thought process of women on an Amber alert . How the news found the car set it up with helicopter
Mother who allegedly abducted son, 6, is arrested after short pursuit: 'Please, I didn't kidnap him' - Los Angeles……
AMBER Alert: Have you seen this child? West Burnett
The AMBER Alert for LA, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino counties was cancelled. Suspect in custody & child was safely located.
Update: Amber Alert now issued for her 2004, gold, BMW 530i with CA plate 6WAP644.
Amber Alert and Endangered child alerts are issued for children. # autism
UPDATED: Tip leads to safe return of Amber Alert victim; ex-teacher arrested
Amber Alert over: Tip leads authorities to Tad Cummins, Elizabeth Thomas in California…
BREAKING: Amber Alert subjects Elizabeth Thomas, Tad Cummins found in California - WBBJ TV
BREAKING: Amber Alert suspect Tad Cummins is under arrest & Elizabeth Thomas has been safely recovered in Northern Califor…
Great news on Amber Alert. Elizabeth Taylor finally found.
Lucas Co Sheriff John Tharp on nationwide manhunt for Steve Stephens: It's like an Amber Alert, make sure your guys are aware at roll call.
That amber alert almost gave me a heart attack
AMBER ALERT: The DA released critical evidence to help find Elizabeth Thomas, as pharmacies are asked to be aware. https:…
AMBER ALERT: Children abducted by mother who threatened to kill them -
I thought Russia launched nukes at US when that Amber alert scared the *** outta me.
AMBER ALERT: Two children, abducted by their mother, believed to be in extreme danger
PLEASE SHARE: AMBER Alert issued after Portsmouth mother threatens to kill children
Amber Alert out of Portsmouth ‼️ suspect probably driving a black jeep, possibly patriot, unknown tags.
First time in forever I've seen an amber alert take over all channels and go off on my phone. Praying for the safe…
AMBER ALERT. Messiah Jones-Jarvis from Portsmouth, Va. Suspect and child may be traveling in a black Jeep. More info
Amber Alert legit just scared everyone with an iPhone
Messiah Jones-Jarvis is believed to be in extreme danger. Last seen in Portsmouth, Va.
PLEASE RT! issued for 2 Portsmouth children believed to be in extreme danger
NEW INFO: Missing kids abducted by mom. Mom claimed to shoot kids if dad didn't give her money.
So the Amber alert does work after all... haven't seen this in over a year ain't that something 🤔🤔🤔
Amber Alert issued for two missing Virginia children
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AMBER ALERT: 5-year-old and 1-year-old in danger, last seen in Portsmouth Va.:
Amber Alert in Portsmouth VA. Children believed to be in extreme danger. Keep the family in your prayers.
Me when that amber alert went off and I thought it was the emergency broadcast for a nuclear strike
Amber Alert: children missing in Portsmouth, keep an eye out!
Asia Jarvis has made threats to kill both children, according to Amber Alert.
Amber Alert issued for two missing Portsmouth children
Amber Alert issued for two Portsmouth children believed to be abducted by mother, in extreme danger
Amber alert scared the life out of me
Amber alert, VA and NC area! The kids are in extreme danger, smh.
LETS HELP FIND THEM! P.s. first amber alert in months of missing children.
WATCH LIVE: police providing an update on this morning’s Amber Alert and untimely death investigation
White Pine Bay needs their own Amber Alert system because a lot of people have gone missing like it's NBD.…
BREAKING: DC Police go after car linked to NC Amber Alert kidnapping. Car crashes on Independence. Man arrested, female…
MPD now says the white van at Krystal restaurant on Union Ave. is NOT connected to the Amber Alert for Tad Cummings and Elizabeth Thomas.
What happen to the amber alert for the 14 black girls that went missing?
Where's our girls? Amber Alert. Engineered by: KOO360 Da Professor, Frank Dartz (TME360 Studios). https:/…
AMBER ALERT UPDATE:Abducted child Harlen Hubert has been recovered and is safe. Thank you to all who helped search.
Also on nextdoor a neighbor, after an amber alert for a child taken by non-custodial dad, asked us if we could give her cell # for the dad
I'm sending a telepathic Amber Alert for my K-Snugglebear right now.
Y'all can't tell me the Migos ain't the waviest *** out rn 😭🔥
Please share! AMBER Alert still active; no leads after two weeks, may be headed to Mexico.
I think it had the plastic tagger hanging on one arm with no tag. But yet there was a tag on the other arm that read "Amber Alert" on it.
TBI holds news conference about ongoing AMBER Alert via
AMBER ALERT:Toddler taken from Mpls home after mother stabbed by suspect Hershel Hulbert. DO NOT APPROACH. More:
Still waiting to get an amber alert on my phone
How long should it take to issue an Amber Alert? Minnesota Plans to Update Emergency Alert System
AMBER ALERT ISSUED: Toddler abducted from Minneapolis crime scene this morning. Please share. http…
---UPDATE: Child from Amber Alert located by MPD, suspect still at large.---
Just heard the Locals saved that Amber Alert baby. Blessed.
im watching a movie called amber alert AND IVE BEEN SOBBING
Listen to my new episode Amber Alert: Missing Black and Latinx Teens in D.C. at
All these girls are missing from D.C., and no Amber Alert or proper national coverage? These are lives that need to be saved!
Police in Mexico on the lookout for missing Tennessee teen in AMBER Alert via
Amber Alert update: Elizabeth Thomas abduction 'not a fairytale;' Mexican police notified of case…
Amber Alert update: Search for missing TN teen, teacher has gone international >
like I said, in the thread you clearly didn't read... She's getting paid to mimic black kids that can't ev…
'This is not a fairy tale. This is a case of kidnapping,' TBI says on Amber Alert
Why did it take so long to report this?Wouldn't she be age for Amber alert?Missing since Friday??
BREAKING: for Elizabeth Thomas has been extended to Mexico and Central America
BREAKING: Amber Alert for Elizabeth Thomas extended to Mexico and Central America. PLEASE SHARE!
AMBER Alert issued in SoCal. 2 children taken in stolen vehicle from Cathedral City. 2016 white Honda Accord. License plate
AMBER ALERT: 2 boys taken in theft of white '16 Honda Accord with this plate. Help find them.
Amber alert issued for two children in Cathedral City
Police searching for a white Accord, with two boys inside stolen near
amber alert came through this afternoon for Memphis TN too. 1 y/o
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I can look at my phone to see Amber Alert w/o it causing me to go deaf while suffering a massive heart attack.
Not an update but there's been an Amber Alert issued. PLEASE spread this and keep an eye out. It could help save these tw…
AMBER ALERT: Jayden and Carlos Cortez, 1 and 2 years old, were taken in the backseat as the car was stolen.
Amber Alert issued after toddlers are abducted during car theft in Riverside County - Los…
BREAKING AMBER ALERT: 2 toddlers abducted while in backseat of car during theft out of Cathedral City, Calif; 2016 White H…
Amber Alert issued for 2 kids taken in stolen car near Cathedral City 🌃
Pictures of children taken in Amber Alert out of Cathedral City. Police looking for 2016 White Honda Accord Lic: 7TJ…
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