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The woods do that to you, they always look familiar, long lost...- Kerouac Belinda Greb
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A no holds barred and painfully honest account of suffering with
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Many come to sail with the women that killed Captain Bartholomew.
War stretches across the galaxy leaving destruction in its wake.
"Needed a few hundred pages more...but only because it's that good!" Says reviewer. The Heart of the Conqueror.
No rage, all Gorilla Mindset. 2,000+ reviews on Audible, Amazon, big seller!
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Top 10 mystery! 99c As manager of an elite hotel, Maisie had stories. But murder was a first.
Vietnam War veteran and High School alumnus, Jerry Smith, has written a book about 'The Ballard 19',...
This book has become a part of my family's holiday traditions! htt… featured in NBC s Science of Love
"De Ross handles the disastrous effects of human trafficking in a believable fashion"
Goldilocks says, "Amber Skye Erotica tastes much better than what's in this bowl."
"If you like romance stories, charming characters and happily ever afters, this book won't disappoint." I SEE YOU
SUGAR FOR SUGAR is available now at 1.99 bargain price. PlsRT
Soon some are calling Kathy and Cindy the Buccaneer Queens
by Marci Giebels = good beach read. Cool concept; talent for sale on the Dark Web. Suspenseful!
"KMG is an author who has stood the test of time."(writing for 45 yrs)(published since 1984)…
5*erotica:touch of darkness&hope:The Delicate Matter of Lady Blayne
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The true story of a remarkable band of brothers & the surgeon who shows them how to live again.
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Silver waves crash on the shore, caring friends witness the fall; human hearts collide one with another.
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SOME LIKE IT ROUGH. The bad boy and the Billionaire.
A Year in the Allotment (A Beginner's Guide to Losing the Plot): get stuck in today!
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Concepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts (Concepts and Insights) by... via
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Did people not see the viral sea turtle video? Enough with the straws. Sheesh.
You can now pre-order Game of Thrones vs. History: Written in Blood, in which I discuss celibacy.
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If you haven't seen it, here's writeup from the S3 outage on the 28th:
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The Canyons number One Hot is an 4 sharp, suspenseful stories
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Factions: End of an Era by Marian R York via
She's in love w/her father's best friend Forbidden Virgin by
I can't blame for my life not getting better if I'm not committed to my purpose, dream, & destiny.
Dear friends! I'm dangerously close to breaking the top 10 albums on the Billboard (huge) charts this Sunday!! I...
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“Futuristic ideas that allow the imagination to run free” . CRYSTAL DECEPTION . Scifi Thrills
The sick do better when doctors are away. ▶
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"Follow the Leader" - Surrealistic Socioploitical Statement with the Blind Leading the Bli… ht…
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The Trade, by Elaine White. Will the trade he agrees to, be the only trade he makes?.
How far will people go for fame and fortune?. 🔖 . 🔥 BESTSELLER 🔥 on
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Chained in Silence: Black Women and Convict Labor in the New South (Justice, Power and Politics) reads htt…
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Flawed Gods by "beautifully woven hybrid of both sci-fi and fantasy.".
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My favorite vitamin for thyroid patients: Energy Revitalization System
4 Gothic novels $4.99!. 'Stoker's horror was there along with the romance!".
The Bird and the Sword is magical. I'm sick and need to sleep but must finish... . https…
Heygaiz. Watch this funny(?) thing I just got and let it move you to your very core.
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Fellow lovers, I'm hoping to win a free copy of The Girl from Midfoxfields by Michael W Thomas
SMOKE GOT IN MY EYES - Three classic noir novels in one volume ▶
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Who is the mystery woman who haunts the Chicago alleys? DARK ALLEYS ▶
Flight of Destiny a book of 22 short available on Amazon
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Some monsters are born. Others are created. SWIFTLY SHARPENS THE FANG.
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Ideas are a muscle that needs to be exercised. -
The dark fantasy novel The Ghouls of Calle Goya is now available - set in Norway, UK, and Thailand
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The book is a disruptive banter into normative and a sharp against the status quo. aid
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'Erotica or not, this is a genuine Five Star read!'
This book takes me back to my childhood, great story and I love the cover art. I love re-reading this with my...
Painted Lady in the afternoon by Peter Lesseur
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Required reading for all humanitarian personnel.
Some kindle unlimited books have audio free too, can't find a list Wrong Number, Right Guy by Elle Casey for $2.00
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reminder that you can get 2 (TWO) yrs of Teen Vogue in print for $4 on Amazon, only for a couple more hrs https:…
Amazon removes Indian flag doormat link after visa threat
Hundreds of dead bodies vanishing all over London! What's Inspector Cullot's game? BOOK 3!
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She's a member of the elite Swords of Gregara but that won't help her save her heart. Honora by CA Woolf
Beautiful story about Katie 's handicap and Trace's understanding IN HIS EYES
Amazon halts sales of Indian flag doormat after visa threat via
Roar is one of the rare Phoenix tribe hunted to near extinction thousands of years ago. They have just started to...
MINTWOOD PLACE. His wife and the feds are out to get him. Casablanca in D.C.▶
Most intriguing and immaculately researched
Naughty or nice? Manners or spice? Your choice. . Explicit version: Clean version:
DEAL ALERT -- 50% off Snap Circuits. This is one of very favorite sets. (aff)
Shadow Over Avalon A city dies, a world enslaved, can a returned king save humanity?
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"An outstanding epic of honour and loyalty battling greed and betrayal." Spanish Inquisition.
With 3 strikes even the best lawyer in can't get you off. Or can she?. .
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How to fix the epidemic of distracted driving. ▶
Christmas in the forest. by Miguel Silva
12 Days of Xmas deals! On the 7th day, we have Number 6, by Sharon L Higa, Looks scary!…
Hello! Thank for the follow! My book Willow Lake is free on Amazon through Dec. 23rd! Check it out!
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Amsterdam canal by night by Danyel Weideman
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A race to strip her psychiatrist of his license to kill. ➡
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Thank you for the love & support of Heard from many of you who love the exercise & meditation
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Man meets woman 💏. They fall in ❤️. They live happily ever after. Not in this 💔.
"SLIVERS OF LIFE" by Beem Weeks (- twenty short stories that peek into…
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MeloniFulvio: Applying to Law School: A Guide for the Rest of Us
Stand up to cancer by volunteering at local charities! . Women's health matters and needs more awareness!
Believing in Santa by Chelle Cordero ~ just 99¢, a great holiday story to chase the chill away via
I first learned about race riots thumbing through this book in like 7th grade:
.with tons of bonus features is available today on Blu-ray!. 👉
A supernatural creature stalks a campground in Tennessee. Jordan can save this rural town, but who will save HER?. https:…
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Bumbling Bea : Growing up can be funny!
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THE PENHALIGAN FILE – Searching for that final link to help those who suffered from faulty medication
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She can’t get enough of him. Every touch, every taste, makes her want him more.
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Dahlia meets her match in cowboy Garrison.
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Have you thought about what's going to happen, post-election?
After Summer Ends is a beautiful story of two women who learn to trust each other. .99 http…
A great author can write a novel about a teeth cleaning. ▶
If dreams came true, prisons would be empty. - ▶
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OMG an YA from YAY! Just snagged my copy of Keeping Her Secret. :D
Herbalist, healing heritage, and secrets of her mother's death! https:…
For 99c this week! A prehistoric adventure in a dangerous world
"You could not imagine how fast the story twisted and turned. A fascinating read.". $0.99. DEAR CROSSING, 171 5*. https:/…
Bloodborne - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition now meets your monitoring criteria. ✜
Sea of Cortez dust-up! Troubled Sea: Book for fans of Clive Cussler. .
Free on KU! Three sexy Viking stories, one hot price.
5*s Sometimes the heart finds something it didn't know was missing. htt…
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The Severaine -available for pre-order. There are some secrets that should never be uncovered. https:/…
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The First Two Rules of Leadership: Don't be Stupid, Don't be a Jerk. by David Cottrell.
"It wasn't a bad life, but is wasn't mine."
Me nuzzling my book. I just got a bunch of early copies to hold in my greedy little hands!
I'm Not Crazy...I'm Allergic by A on & ht…
for those who enjoy tales of passion & romance! £0.85 on
Can Sgt Billy Williams help his family with vigilante justice? . Who's Afraid Now '
Rakes, wallflowers, and scoundrels running from love.
Only a true artist knows the actual anatomy of death~I've created a masterpiece for you. Can U see it coming? UNSEEN http…
Amazon 5 star review - “if you like chilling mystery reads don't pass this book by”
W.D. asks a simple question: should you get married on your wedding day?
GHOST WALKING now available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle:...
. Even the most patient of men have their limits! . 💖
Be very afraid in the Gateway series: ♡❤♡
Imagine putting your life on hold to take care of your alcoholic, tyrant, father who now has fatal cancer. Read @
Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Conserves are ultra fast & easy to make. They make FABULOUS gifts.
Vince and Gina have a with to die for. "It kept me in suspense all the way to the very end!"
Love winning? Me too, which is why I wrote the book on how to win
Forget the roses, give her the CUE BALL - 5 novels 4 less than $13 Wow!
Sharpening the Aging Mind: is an best seller in
For five days, my poetry is FREE! Tell me what you think if you've got the time. :) Thank you.
Three women search for their high school boyfriends -- decades after graduation. http…
How To with Your Smart Phone What do they know that know you don't?
Get BOTH books in the Ultimate Betrayal Series for .99¢. http…
Multi-author AT ODDS WITH DESTINY all of February . Ten stories - One Bargain https…
Happy valentine's day, thank you for your accompany and selection.
Harmonic is "dark & gripping ... left my pulse pumping"
This winter, keep the warmth of summer in your heart...
TREMBLE by�the voices in one's head are real...�1
Trapped like a fly in a spiderweb, Wyverna struggles against the skyships! BLOOD OF THE DAXAS
Love Major Grey's Chutney, but find it too expensive? Try making your own for a quarter the price
It is a bold venture that blinds her from the terrifying secret.
It's out! My PB on blended families. I'd love to know your thoughts. … …,
Arleth was mesmerized by their beauty and grace. THE SINS OF ARLETH. https:/…
Head off into a sunset of love in duffle coats to my song 'How Lucky I Am' Quick listen and tell …
Limited time!. Can Josie win her kidnapper's heart?. Can Gabriel trust her?. https:…
I will check out your promo video . Catchy title by the way! Time Squatters.
Here's another! This time from boltsandguns, showing off his copy of Carnal Communication
Meet the businesswomen of the marijuana industry:
Little Giant Ladders
Looking for the perfect Valentines day gift? Valentines day gift
Just published Hunter Hunter. One man's frustration about the killing of animals for sport.
Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize? He won a nomination ce-prize-nominat…
Jefferson - who owned a copy of the Koran - was accused by rivals of being a Muslim. Good book about this:
The mathematics of meditation and the four dimensions of sacred geometry.
Arkansas by the Numbers is NUMEROLOGY FOR CITIES! Do you agree w/ what we said about your city?
on DEVEREAUX DILEMMA. After the virus, only one man could fix everything. ▶
Buy Strand Prophecy Ebook edition from Amazon Store right away.
Satisfy your book cravings with the Crave Box Set by MargaretMAuthor
If your child loves dogs, they'll love Astro - 5 Fun Books for the Price of 1 - Astro's Adventures - htt…
I like to say China in 21st Century's "my most recent book, shortest book & cheapest book" but come 2/22 it won't be
Long line to get a copy of SEX and the AMERICAN MALE, but it's worth the wait: https:…
- This book is incredible MY PRISON WITHOUT BARS
My PAL Jumper the Frog Activity Toy - Best Educational Toy for Babies and Toddlers 9 Mos. to 3 Yrs - the Safe,
Visit Crystal Marcos Page and shop for all Crystal Marcos books ... vi…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Howe on Jeremy Maclin: Massive loss; amazing if he plays: The pressur...
Come see Anna Jaye Wilde's collection of books and new sexy covers!
Evocative, suspenseful, with a good dollup of dark humor. THE BONE CHURCH https:…
Strike while the iron is hot! THE ANATOMIST'S WIFE, Book 1, is on sale for just $3.99! Limited time.
Hi US versions of my lgbt adoptive families books available now pls share!
I just listed: 'Butterick pattern 3434 (Size 10)', for 9.95 via
The stage is set, the curtain rises, now, let us begin. h…
5* Review "I couldn't put it down. Word pictures are amazing." Check out WHISPER by E.D. Tice
Shannon here is the full CD on Amazon. It's on other digital sites as well.
This book is great with an even better ending
Here is my wish list you show me love I show you love.
Have you read this report on you about how you dont spend your own money?.
Boot up your and read ZENZORIS RETURNS. UK US. htt…
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