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Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios is's division that develops comics, movies and television shows from online submissions and crowd-sourced feedback.

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Is the new Woody with Gomez and Elle another Amazon Prime streaming thing or is it an Amazon Studios theatrical release?
Kelsey Grammer and Greer Grammer attend the premiere of Amazon Studios 'The Last Tycoon' at the…
Rick wants YOU to hang out with him at the Amazon Studios! . Enter by: . ➡️RT. ➡️Follow the link . ➡️Tag a friend!.
Roadside Attractions is teaming up with Amazon Studios again, this time to release Todd Haynes' "Wonderstruck"...
Amazon Studios has nabbed films by Lonergan, Stillman, Farhadi, Spike Lee, Jarmusch, Gray & Haynes and A24 has yet to put out a good movie.
Bezos front and center at Globes as Amazon Studios wins two awards via
Just watched this. Perfect film for it's Amazon Studios produced & a Woody Allen Film…
I'm here too. Amazon game studios is siiick
Way to go Fitbit, Google, Amazon and Pixar Animation Studios on being name a few of Prophet's latest Brand Relevance…
Yo fans - is at Amazon Game Studios and will be playing some Breakaway at 5pm EDT!
Still haven't seen our West of the City proof of concept trailer yet? .
| Live in 2 minutes from amazon studios?? owo whats this
Amazon game studios reveals its first three
Amazon announces holiday content for kids.
So excited to be a part of new series xo The Cat htt…
Studios' original kids holiday programming to premiere on November 25 on Prime Video. Read more: $AMZN
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Game Studios reveals its first three.
Amazon Studios to bow original holiday kids specials
I wrote dis imagining as Genny Ini, see the screenplay and more:& holla back @ me!
Check out the Rappers & Toasters screenplay and more via: A written screenpla…
original to premiere on November 25 on
Just checked my internet usage. How the *** did I download 280gb last month? I blame netflix and amazon video.
Amazon Studios, too. Saw Gimme Danger last night and it was great.
Listening to Expression (Air Studios 2013) by Helen Jane Long on my Amazon Echo
Amazon is priming a slate of original kids Christmas specials that will debut on Prime Video in the US and the UK...
Brand new Teaser for our song 'BOOGIE SHOES' . Recorded in 1981 @ Amazon Studios Liverpool with the Mighty Ste Kay...
Bad men everywhere, help keep trending on # Amazon. Check out the sneak peek here:.
Check out this profile: ROBERT ROMERO via
Web Developer (Games)-GES15317: Lionbridge - Bellevue, WA - Game Studios. And at Amazon, the goal…
. SUBSCRIBE 2 my my tv show: my documentary:
Amazon Studios is remaking Suspiria. Serious horror classic. Make it good!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Amazon Studios isn't just a streaming service,they're at the table to play with the big boys and they have good acquisition folks
SIFF and Amazon Studios court controversy with their opening night film. But, why? -
Amazon Studios in talks with VR production companies for original VR content. -BAM
Special thanks to Amazon Studios and Bleecker Street, I recently had the opportunity to interview Johnny...
Amazon Studios to produce four American Girls specials to bolster video-streaming line-up.
Official poster for debuted by the great folks !
A story about virtually everything. See the exclusive poster for only on
This movie sounds like a must see for anyone into VR / AR (via
This is how some artists are getting more plays, comments, followers and more,
LOS ANGELES — Virtual reality is looking a little messed up in a new poster for Amazon Studios..
New poster for - Amazon Studios' looks at the dark side of virtual reality
Amazon Studios' 'Creative Control' looks at ... - - free cloud -
Jeff Bezos' big goal for Amazon Studios next year? An Oscar.
Trains With Nazi Symbols Isn't a Great Idea how did this happen?
just checked out first ep of JJ, dam it was good, such a different marvel show. Can't wait to see Tennant.
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25,026 Reviews on of which means we need a Season 2
Go Spike! "The filmmaker is back at the top of his Amazon Studios a real-shot at an Oscar"!
Amazon is doing a great job . I like there originals
Amazon Studios' The Man in the High Castle, based on Philip K. *** s 1962 virtual-history novel of the same name.
Lost Within by Amazon Game Studios dropped in price from $6.99 to $1.99. Download via AppZ…
To-Fu Fury by Amazon Game Studios dropped in price from $120.00 to Free. Download via AppZ…
To-Fu Fury by Amazon Game Studios has gone FREE on the App Store.
Amazon Studios launches free cloud software for screenwriters - AfterDawn
Amazon Studios greenlights three new kids series, special - Hit the bricks Dino Dan and Trek, Dino Dana’s...
Amazon Studios and Roadside Attractions will release CHI-RAQ in theaters December 4, 2015
Trailer Drops for Spike Lee’s Musical Gang War Film 'Chi-Raq': Amazon Studios and Roadside Attractions have re...
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Amazon Studios prepares a varied and star-studded slate of pilots for the fall
Amazon Studios chief: data isn't everything as retailer looks at big picture
Somewhere Netflix’s Ted Sarandos is apoplectic that Amazon Studios isn’t getting grilled about releasing ratings numbers..
Amazon Studios is having a great year. In January, it was the first streaming service to win a Golden Globe Award…
Amazon Studios acquiring Spike Lee film 'Chi-Raq' as its 1st original movie release - AP
Music lovers of Check out my new Amazon Studios musical comedy Watch. Rate. Review.
Amazon Studios has signed Woody Allen to write and direct his first television series.
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Amazon Studios using FB to scale sampling! Smart play.
My video that I submitted to Amazon Studios for them to consider turning my books, The Medicine Man, Books 1 & 2, into a movie, now has...
Company to finance small films at Amazon Studios for theatrical release, with home release coming...
Amazon Studios to produce movies for theatrical, digital release in 2015 | Boston Herald.. Related Articles:
Amazon Studios to Begin Making Films for Theatrical Release Followed by Amazon Prime - IGN -
Amazon Studios announced Monday that has created a new hub for movies, Amazon...
Amazon Studios has announced that it plans to produce 12 independent films this year as well as acquire movies for distribution.
Amazon to Produce Original Movies for Theatrical Release & Prime Instant Video: Amazon Studios, known for tele...
Amazon is going to make movies: The company announced Monday that its Amazon Studios division -- the same one ...
This is big! confirms film push: named head of production at Original Movies
Amazon Studios today announced what Deadline told our readers on January 7: that veteran independent producer Ted Hope would steer it  into original feature film productions. Hope had been atop Fan...
Amazon Studios $AMZN announced it will produce up to 12 original movies a year
Amazon Studios is expanding to include Amazon Original Movies, a banner for producing feature films for theatrical release headed by indie producer Ted Hope.
Amazon studios plans to release 12 films a year
Amazon Studios Plans to Produce and Distribute Theatrical Films: But now Amazon is planning to expand, by prod...
Amazon to produce original movies: Move over, Hollywood movie studios. is joining the fr...
What's going on NY? Amazon Studios announces plans to expand movie production,… Get Found ->
Amazon Studios to begin making movies for both theatrical and then Amazon Prime release
Amazon Will Produce Its Own Movies, Too: SEATTLE -- Amazon (AMZN) Studios is branching out from television ser...
Amazon Studios to produce up to 12 movies a year for theatrical release
Amazon Studios confirms film push: Ted Hope has been named head of production at Amazon Original Movies as the...
Amazon Studios said it will begin to produce and acquire original movies for theatrical release and early-window distribution on Amazon Prime Instant Video starting in 2015. According to Amazon, it...
Congrats who will head production of 10/12 features for with 4-8 week streaming window
Masterstroke. Amazon taps to lead Original Movies group. Targeting budgets of $5M-$25M v
Amazon Studios announces plans to make movies for theaters, Prime streaming
Amazon Studios to make feature-length films for theatrical release
Amazon to Begin Making Films for Theatrical Release: Amazon Studios is expanding its business to the big screen. The Hollywood Report...
Amazon Studios is apparently so happy with what it has accomplished in short, TV-style content that it is branching out to film – the creative wing of the ecommerce giant announced today that it will begin producing and acquiring original movies both for theatrical release, and for early window availability on Amazon Prime Instant Video. What that means is that Amazon’s own… Read More
Amazon is targeting budgets of $5M-$25M for movies in 2015 with theatrical-first distribution
Luv 4 is ours,the characters r ours,S4 may b ours but profit cou…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Amazon Studios to Produce Movies for Theatrical, Digital Release in 2015 via
Amazon to produce and acquire original movies for theatrical distribution. via .
Amazon Studios to produce original films for theatrical release
Amazon is getting into the movie business this year for theaters and streaming
u won't stop us! Plz,bring to a conclusion by making S4 NOW!W…
Amazon branching out from TV series to produce movies: Roy Price, vice president of Amazon Studios, said the c...
Amazon getting into film distribution makes things very interesting for content creators.
The Seattle-based Amazon Studios will produce and acquire original films for showing in theaters and on its Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription service.
Online retail giant Amazon first got into the entertainment production game in 2010 with the launch of Amazon Studios, which would later go on to produce a number of TV show pilots and put them to the public vote to decide which should receive a full series order. Among the more successful shows was comedy drama Transparent, which stars Jeffrey Tambor as a transgender woman who decides late in life to come out to her three children.
Amazon Studios is going to start making movies. And you'll be seeing them in theaters before they become available for streaming on Prime. Fresh off Golden Globe wins for its original series...
Amazon Studios has quickly distinguished itself through a “pilot season program” that sees the company generating ten to twelve pilots a year, then polling viewers to help decide which ones to push to series. Transparent, from the second pilot season, is the first real breakout success from Amazon, but the studio’s output, pilots aside, is still primarily restricted to those who pay Amazon’s $99/year Prime membership fee. In addition to TV series there are also Amazon Studios movies in the works. But now Amazon is planning to expand, by producing and/or acquiring films which it will release in theaters, then make available to stream on Prime four to eight weeks after the theatrical debut. Variety has the report. There are a few interesting points here. First is that Amazon plans to produce about a dozen films per year, with the first films debuting later this year. The studio has al ...
Amazon Studios currently lists 14 movie projects in development, which the e-commerce has procured through its over-the-transom script-submission process. But the company said those won't be among ...
Has anyone else watched the new Amazon Studios pilots? We watched many of them yesterday. We liked The New Yorker Presents (which was unexpected to me! very well done) & The Man in the High Castle (based on a Philip K *** novel/story). I liked Down Dog but Brian didn't. We both liked Mad Dogs, but it was a bit too violent for my tastes. Finally, I wanted to like Salem Rogers: Model of the Year 1998, there were some very funny parts, but over all it seems like a one-bit joke.
Source: - Tuesday, January 13, 2015Amazon has revealed that it has recruited Woody Allen to create his first TV series. In a press release issued earlier today , Amazon says that Allen will write and direct a new series of half-hour episodes, provisionally titled Untitled Woody Allen Project , and will be available only to Prime Instant Video subscribers in the U.S., U.K, and Germany. In a statement that perhaps doesn’t instill the greatest confidence, Allen says, presumably somewhat tongue-in-cheek: “I don’t know how I got into this. I have no ideas and I’m not sure where to begin. My guess is that Roy Price will regret this.” Roy Price, if you didn’t know, is Vice President of Amazon Studios, the Amazon arm responsible for developing original content. From Hollywood to VoD Woody Allen is better known for his work in Hollywood and Broadway, having written, directed, and starred in a myriad of movies and plays since the 1960s. Today’s news is notable for a number of reasons, ...
A television series created by Woody Allen is coming to Amazon Prime, Amazon Studios announced on Tuesday.
Two days after winning its first two Golden Globes, Amazon Studios has returned with more big news. The streaming video on demand platform has announced a deal with Woody Allen that will bring the legendary filmmaker's first ever TV series to Amazon Instant Video. Allen has directed 47 films in a pr…
Say What! Amazon signs Woody Allen to create his first TV series: New York (AP) — Amazon Studios ...
Woody Allen has signed on to create his first television series ever for Amazon Studios -- details on the new project!
Even Woody Allen is getting into the streaming content game. The prolific writer and director has scored a deal with Amazon Studios to produce his first-
Amazon Green Lights Two New Series: Following its third round of pilots, Amazon Studios announced the Ron Perlman…
So far, Netflix owns original programming with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. No wins for Amazon Studios so far.
Amazon Studios has ordered six new series including "The After" from Chris Carter and "Bosch" from
Amazon Studios new slate of TV shows, renews 'Alpha House' - Mozart in the Jungle is a good show, I'll be watching!!
The return of Gil John - Amazon Studios announces new slate of TV shows, renews 'Alpha House' | The Verge
Amazon Studios has announced its new slate of TV shows — and it's renewing Alpha House
it's official, there's too much "television". I've been asked to review a pilot comedy from Amazon Studios. Is that television?
Congrats to Chris Carter on his return to television. Variety is reporting that Amazon Studios is picking up his...
Amazon throws lifeline to Ripper St: The US online television platform Amazon Studios has thrown an unexpected...
oh no! THIS JUST IN--Trudeau puts daily ‘Doonesbury’ on long-term hiatus to work on renewed ‘Alpha House’: ‘I’m ready for an extended break’ By Michael Cavna E-mail the writer AT THIS POINT in Garry Trudeau’s career, John Goodman has just proved to be more irresistible a roommate than Zonker. Hello, daily call sheet; goodbye for now, daily comics page. Trudeau, whose TV show “Alpha House” recently ended its debut season with strong viewership, got the good news: Amazon Studios has picked up his politically satiric program for a second season, the cartoonist and his syndicate are set to announce later this afternoon. That’s right: Fans will get to see more of Goodman and the gang portray four Republican senators who banter and bicker as Hill roomies. But providing punch lines for Trudeau’s newest characters comes at a cost: As of Feb. 24, the daily “Doonesbury” — Trudeau’s Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip — will be put on long-term and open-ended hiatus, distributor Univ ...
The latest batch of Amazon Studios pilots are now available for viewing — in the lovely, funny Transparent , Jeffrey Tambor plays a father of adult children who starts to transition.
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Lovefilm viewers vote on Amazon Studios new pilots UK viewers of Lovefilm will be able to vote on Amazon Studios new round of pilots to help the decision over which goes to series. Amazon Studios’ first pilots premiered in April of 2013 with eight comedy pilots and six kids pilots. Of the 14 pilots, Alpha House, Betas, Annesdroids, Creative Galaxy and Tumble Leaf were chosen, with the help of customer feedback, to be produced as series. This year, the 10 pilots, a mix of comedy, drama and childrens shows, are being launched this week, and are now available free to Lovefilm subscribers. Customers are encouraged to watch and provide feedback on the pilots to help determine which shows should be made into series. The line-up this year includes two hour-long drama pilots from Chris Carter (The X-Files), Eric Overmyer (The Wire, Treme) and Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch). Half-hour comedy pilots were created by Oscar nominated Roman Coppola (Moonrise Kingdom), actor and musician Jason Schwartzman (Saving Mr. ...
The Sons of Anarchy actor has been tapped to headline World War Z director Marc Forster's Amazon Studios pilot.
BERNADETTE, Malcolm McDowell Star with Gael Garcia Bernal in Amazon Studios ‘Mozart in the Jungle’ Pilot YAS
Michael Connelly's series protagonist Harry Bosch will have his television debut in an Amazon Studios' pilot entitled, not surprisingly, "Bosch." A company pres
Anthony Weiner is among the politicians and newspeople set to appear in the season finale of Amazon Studios' Alpha House. The former New York Representative, who found himself at the center of sexting scandals and unsuccessfully campaigned for New York mayor last year, will make a cameo in the Jan.…
On Friday everyone's favorite over-sharer, former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, will make a cameo appearance on the season finale of "Alpha House," Amazon Studios' comedy about a group of roommates slash senators starring John Goodman.. [...]
In 2013, I did what I'd previously imagined impossible. I started a company where I made a living for myself and my family by creating animations. For the past ten years, I've been animating for myself, friends, and family simply because I love doing it. This year, I shared my passion with other artists and companies and got recognized in a way I never would have imagined possible in such a short period of time. I got to help honor Alfred Cervantes at the 2013 Houston Addy Awards, make three music videos (one of which was an Official Selection for the Irvine Film Festival and the Knoxville Film and Music Festival), create animation for Amazon Studios on a pilot that airs next month on Amazon Prime, got honored by the American Advertising Federation as their October Featured Artist, and I taught hundreds of kids around the world animation with the man who taught me how to draw on TV when I was a kid. I was interviewed by Vimeo for a Creator Q&A, and got featured in the Houston Press Rocks Off 200 list. ...
Download: This week Darryl and Dan go over Amazon Studios new shows Alpha House and Betas and then go over the Christmas episode of Shark Tank.
Alpha House is a television series released in 2013 produced by Amazon Studios. The show stars John Goodman, Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy and Mark Consuelos as four U.S. Senators who share a house in Washington, DC. It was created by Doonesbury-creator Gary Trudeau. very funny
Malcolm McDowell will co-star with Gael Garcia Bernal in the pilot of Amazon Studios comedy "Mozart in the Jungle," one of 11 pilots the e-tailer has slated to debut in early 2014, the company anno...
Abbie Sedgeman Staff Writer Haley Joel Osment is back after 10 years of absence and no leading roles. Amazon Studios has released a new clip from...
Amazon Studios has a pilot in the making for Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch book series. I bet could appreciate that
Gael Garcia Bernal to star in Amazon Studios pilot
Amazon's lineup of original TV content is growing again. Amazon Studios is moving forward with its first two...
Move over, orders three more pilots to beef up its Prime Instant Video
Scripps debuts video streaming site ULive Amazon Studios picks up three more comedy pilots Advertising: Brands...
highlight: on web giant's original TV/film content strategy. Add to calendar:
Amazon Studios picks up three more comedy pilots
Breaking Tech News: Amazon green-lights 3 more pilots: Amazon Studios will release three original-show...
Amazon Studios, in race to catch up to Netflix, has ordered 3 new comedy pilots, which will be available on Amazon Instant Video in 2014...
*TV News: Amazon upping its original content with three new pilots
"Mozart in the Jungle," an upcoming Amazon comedy about Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music
Amazon Studios orders three more comedy shows: Mozart in the Jungle, The Outlaws...
Amazon Studios orders 3 more comedy pilots via
Content is King and worth fighting for AmazonStudios v. Netflix - which one greenlit three new shows?
Amazon Studios orders three more comedy shows
More Amazon Studios Comedy Pilots to Come from Jason Schwartzman, Jill Soloway, and More via
$TWX $VIA $DIS $TWC $AMZN $CBS orders three more to beef up its Prime Instant Video
Some hilarious new TV pilots are coming to Amazon...
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Next 'House of Cards'? Amazon orders three more TV pilots
Amazon Prime Instant Video to produce three new pilots: Amazon Studios, which launched in 2010 with the goal of...
So I uploaded my great noir comedy to today. 45 days to fame and fortune. Vince Gilligan, hold on :)
.announces three more comedy pilots with names like Coppola, Schwartzman, and Tambor attached.
.orders comedy pilots from Jason Schwartzman & .
Amazon Orders Pilot from 'Afternoon Delight' Director: Amazon Studios unveiled three new pilots Thursday. The ...
Amazon Studios is in the original content game:
Amazon Studios Greenlights 3 New Pilots: Amazon is making another play for Web-based viewers' affection by gre...
Amazon Studios greenlights three original comedies - Amazon Studios has greenlit three original half-hour comedy p...
Amazon Studios taps known talent for more comedy pilots: For anyone who thought that the new streaming services...
.may well be the future of TV & Film. They could well become a major player very, very quickly. Interesting development.
Amazon Studios pick up TV pilots from name writers as online providers continue their expansion
Amazon Studios greenlights three original comedies via
.orders three new comedy pilots with names like Schwartzman and Tambor attached.
Amazon Studios greenlights three new pilots.
Watch out rival is beefing up its TV programming:
Amazon has a few promising comedy pilots in the works, including one co-written by Jason Schwartzman
From Laughspin: Amazon Studios greenlights three original comedies
Amazon orders three more TV pilots to beef up its...
.announces three more comedy pilots, all of which will feature people you know from film and TV.
Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch will finally make it to the screen, with Amazon Studios announcing casting choice...
Amazon Studios has enlisted an A-list guest cast to join its first original scripted series. Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon, Amy Sedaris (Strangers With Candy), Wanda Sykes (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Julie White (Go On) have boarded Alpha House, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
What do you get your "not" so average daughter for her 13th b-day? I should be happy I have a kid that doesn't ask for anything, but it's frustrating at the same time:)
Preview and download Wonderland Road on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
Had a productive day, applied for jobs now off to the studio. :)
Official video for BLACK STAR RIDERS 'Hey Judas.' Order at Subscribe to Nuclear Blast YouTube: Subscrib...
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If the recording studio rates are charged by hours. doesn't that mean I have to rush everything if I wanna save money LOL. Maximum I can only afford to spend $600 on recording time. Which leads to only 6 hours of recording. They still haven't charge mixing/mastering/tuning/pitch correction fees. I still need to pay to other various companies to get them to put my album up (etc , itunes/amazon) oh crap Im gonna die. Ignore me im mumbling to myself about my album production LOL. I need a job like right now.. All 4 jobs I worked for before didnt work for me ughh =~= I only have $800 with me.. And I was planning to use $100 for my cosplay too. Ugh so that makes it $700. Unless I win the contest I entered with Michelle Cha I'll have $950... Not enough. I need around 2k...
Vivien Howard hasn’t forgiven Weston Holmes for almost derailing her career five years ago. Female directors in 1930s Hollywood are few and far between, and a man who coasts by on his good looks and family connections can’t possibly appreciate what it took for her to get to where sh...
I need your input... Through the company that hosts my website/store, I have the option of selling through Ebay. I've been reluctant to do so for many reasons. Do any of you go to Ebay as a source for new, unique items? Or mainly used auction items?
Only get to left coast once a year in the spring
Just finished watching the "Once More With Feeling" episode of Buffy. I haven't seen it since it aired, and I could still remember some of the songs! What a terrific episode! Onward to the rest of my epic Buffy/Angel marathon. I have not seen the vast majority of the later episodes of both series, so I am really enjoying this. The shows just get better and better. The wacky combination of serious, the impossible, and comedy makes them great comic-book style TV. I wish more comic books would embrace this sensibility. If I wanted reality in my entertainment, I'd watch the Discover Channel.
In the studio doing the final mastering for my new album. It should be out within a month! Available on Spotify/Itunes and Amazon. Also for a price to be announced, high quality 96k/24bit Flac/Wav files will be made available.
I'm so sick of our DVDs. We watch them over and over and over and over. I need suggestions for new ones...GO!
Joseph Michael and Outta The Black in a wicked rendition of Pantera's Cowboys From *** Originally from Utica Ny Jos...
Just putting this out there for all my southern Indiana folks. We really want to move, but I need a full time job in Indiana... Anyone who hears of an art teaching job please please let me know. I have a BFA in drawing and 17 years teaching at a college in jewelry/metalsmithing. I have a MFA in metals. I can paint, draw, sculpt, you name I can do it, I really want to move!!! I have done many shows, been published, done grants, have a piece in a museum, and I am a *** good professor! The city life is sucking my will to live. Let me know if there is anything out there for Tim and I job wise.Just feeling really trapped and sad.
Jay and Amy, actor and actress, move to Hollywood together in hopes of starting successful careers in show business. Amy’s career is on an upwards trajectory, while Jay’s is stalled, with student loans, debt, and bills to pay. He decides to start a fan site about Amy behind her back, just to pay the...
I know I don't look as great as other skinny and beautiful cosplayers cause my speciality was always singing, performing at cosplay events. But Its because I have such nice friends which tells me I'm just fine and to ignore the haters. So thank you to all of them. Anyways I'm going to be focusing more on my music for awhile until STGCC and AFA. Around the end of next year (yes it's still a long time), I'll be releasing my first independent album which will be sold on itunes and amazon. I'll be also giving away cd copies of the album to people really dear to me for free (But I prefer you also buy a digital version on itunes LOL). It'll be my second time in a real recording studio. it takes out a huge sum of my money to rent a studio and hire a professional sound engineer. But prior to the album recording, I'll be attending vocal lessons to improve on what I already have and what I lack. I'll be attending it for one whole year. Because I want the album to be a success. If you have the money, please support ...
I'm reading an amazing book about the secrets to success and I really want to tell you all about it
Hey friend with kiddos, We are selling Kaitlynn's Vtech At studio. She only used it a couple of times and no longer wants it. I think we made $125 for it amazon has it for $99. I'm asking $60.00. You can read all about it from below. Getting Little Artists Settled in the Studio The base of the KidiArt Studio is a sturdy desk stand made of brightly colored plastic. This stand comes in five pieces, which are easy to assemble. There's a picture in the user's manual that shows which pieces go where, and plastic caps that screw in place hold the unit together. The main unit, which rests on this stand, includes a touch pad, a pen for use with the touch pad, and a real digital camera on a movable arm. There's even a sturdy plastic stool that's sized to fit little artists. You'll need eight "AA" batteries and a Phillips head screwdriver to get started. When the batteries need replacing, you should only need to replace four at a time. The studio uses the additional four batteries as a backup system to ensure that ...
Jlove is in need of an artists desk , I saw one made of metal pipes but need one that can incline with storage too; any ideas? Pics? Im at a loss on furniture
- Set 192k DVB-S; Hamilton is in the mix and passes through the studio, and Mob Tactics phone Crissy to deliver an exclusive mix. Plus, Ram ...
Yes, I am watching Valley of the Dolls.
Cannot wait until Darian Depreta's song comes out... its awesome... thanks to Michael MrMakeithot Villasmil and Brandon Sutton! She is also on someone else's cd and when its released I will post it.
HELP! Does anyone know anything about computers? I need help finding a replacement battery for my Dell Studio 1558.
M-Audio made the BX5 D2 active monitors to provide accurate monitoring that's pleasant to listen to at a great price. You get ultra-solid bass response, an accurate midrange, and smooth, extended high frequencies. How does M-Audio do it? They use a special 5" kevlar woofer - kevlar is more rigid ...
First of all, this is posted on July 5th, 2013. If I do not respond to any comments, questions, ect it is because my account is still locked from doing 99% of FB activities until the end of the month. You may see replies from my other account until then.   I have always been the type of person who likes new toys. Brand new. I am not big on buying expensive gear used. Mostly due to warrenty issues and what not. I have been a standard Musician's Friend customer for years., and although they have never wronged me and have always fixed issues I may have had, they are not always the most intelligent folks to talk to when dealing music gear. Especially when it comes to the technical side.   Recently, my boy Dane pushed me to a company called SweetWater. They are at   I was all 'meh' about them, because 95% of the time, most of these big music companies are all the same in how they function and sell things. Turns out, this is not the case with the folks at Sweetwater, and anyone who knows m ...
The word BUDGET is aword that most artists seem to be afraid of. The word ‘budget’ does not necessarily mean thousands of dollars (although eventually that’s what it takes) it is simply how much money you have put aside specifically for your music or for a certain project that you are working on. You know the saying – ‘It takes money to make money’. The reason why most artists want to get signed is because labels have the money to invest. Record Labels spend 6 figures and up launching new artists. Now, no one expects an indie artist to be able to pay that much money for promotion, but spending a few hundred to a few thousand dollars is the minimal amount you should be spending if you are serious about your career. You might not have the money for huge marketing campaigns like labels do, but it does pay to invest in certain things like email blasts (depending on who it’s from), major magazine placements, promotional packages from marketing companies and websites – then let’s not forget th ...
Best Independence Day song you'll hear today. Buy it at
With all this rain comes the bugs in my studio. Its No fun slapping your arm when your the trying to throw a pot!
I'm a very soulful singer,I put my all into every song I sing or write be cuz my fans deserve it and thts just who I am, Im RnB Neol soul Blues jas...
Preview and download A Color Map of the Sun (Deluxe Version) on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
Help RMG. When you buy music, where do you get it from? Please comment.
SPEND 3 minutes to read this and make your Future Bright YOU CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO THE INDIAN ECONOMY. 3 years back 1$ = 39 Rs. Today, 1$ = 59.50 Do you think US Economy is booming? NO But Indian Economy is Going Down. Our economy is in your hands... A cold drink that costs only 70/80 paisa to make, is sold for Rs.9 and a major chunk of profits from these are sent abroad. This is a serious drain on INDIAN economy. What you can do about it? 1. Buy only products manufactured by WHOLLY INDIAN COMPANIES. 2.You don't need to give-up your lifestyle. You just need to choose an alternate product. All categories of products are available from WHOLLY INDIAN COMPANIES. LIST OF PRODUCTS "' COLD DRINKS:- DRINK LEMON JUICE,FRESH FRUIT JUICES,CHILLED LASSI (SWEET OR SOUR),BUTTER MILK,COCONUT WATER,JAL JEERA, ENERJEE,and MASALA MILK. INSTEAD OF COCA COLA,PEPSI, LIMCA, MIRINDA,SPRITE, ETC. BATHING SOAP:- USE CINTHOL & OTHER GODREJ BRANDS, SANTOOR, WIPRO SHIKAKAI, MYSORE SANDAL,MARGO, NEEM, EVITA,MEDIMIX, GANGA , N ...
Ok, so far I know 6 people have watched the show. Have you?
Heading to the recording studio this weekend with Cormac Strain to record 'Banshee' for the audiobook, looking forward to it and then we begin our new project based on something you have seen recently :)
Everyone check out my new podcast interview with Jim Riley, Rascal Flatts drummer and musical director. It is available on the Hal Leonard podcast site and itunes too. Jim Riley has been drummer for Rascal Flatts for 13 years! He has been voted the best country drummer for 2011, 2012 and 2013 by the Modern Drummer Magazine! Only one week until my featured Practice Personalities presentation at the Music City Convention Center in downtown Nashville at 12 noon on Saturday, July 13. This event is open to the public! Fri, 5 July 2013 Practice Personalities with Rascal Flatts' Drummer Jim Riley Thornton Cline, author of Practice Personalities: What's Your Type, joins Rascal Flatts drummer Jim Riley to discuss music education and understanding the benefits of linking personality types to practice methods for musicians. About the Books Practice Personalities: What's Your Type? Identifying and Understanding the Practice Personality Type in the Music Student by Thornton Cline (Centerstream Publications) Teachin .. ...
The creators of LittleBigPlanet are continuing to give us reasons to fall in love with them.
This is the official Moderat website
Betsey Lewis, internationally-renowned intuitive, earth mysteries investigator and radio host, continues her investigation into the true stories of ancient astronauts found in the Bible, Sanskrit texts, cave drawings and in Native American legends. Who are these beings who read our thoughts, walk...
TIP: Take the time to research a few good online supply links (products, shipping costs, etc.). Start USING them and save yourself time, frustration, and gas by continuing to trek to Michael's etc. with the far-fetched hope they will have what you need! Begin by googling the products you use most ... usually the big suppliers will be listed up front.
hm.various bods have persuaded me to stick with fb for a while [as well as my new resources] maybe I keep this diary going as well. trouble is unless I talk about books [which seems to be verboten!]...I haven't got much of a life. cant even go out shopping because bomba was instantly hanging round this morning just watching to see if I would get on a once again i'm stuck indoors its been like forever. anyway I think I have got a universal remote should service all my cameras...[bomba stole all my remotes, cables and batteries...twice the cables..] all I got to do is get a bit of vim to my heels! seems to me I have allowed my interest in military history and stuff to completely occlude my other interests. such as filming and writing screenplays. however my initial burst of reading is coming to the end; I have read I dunno about 150 odd books...and theres not much point going to rusi anymore cos why give the zionazis the easy kill? let the *** sweat for it my dears. so to clear the ...
is annoyed that Amazon have provided him with incorrect tracking info to track delivery of some studio equipment. AND.they won't give me the correct info!
Exciting times... Enuf said will be going into the studio next week to record a couple of originals to market on iTunes, Amazon etc. stay tuned!!!
Guys, why is it so difficult to find Bumblebee Transformer???
Everything online is done by credit card.ordering studio gear and music software from, furniture clothes and, artist pr membership music So basically fame and success isn't based on the kind of artist you are its about having a credit card and money to pay for your success.
Hi and happy 4th of July. We are sharing a link with all our friends to a campaign we have going on for our next feature film, Monday Nights At Seven. We are starting the TV press tour tomorrow so this has been a soft opening and we are timing it with the upcoming title fight Anderson Silva has coming up on Saturday July 6th. We'd love for you to check out our presentation VIDEO and see if you'd like to support us by making a pledge, sharing or ideally both, encouraging your friends to look at the project too. MNA7 is a special film that needs to be made the way we talk about in the video and no studio will let us make it in this way. If we don't meet our goal, you will not be charged should you make a pledge, and they only take the money after the campaign is over and the goal is reached. This campaign ends July 31st at midnight (PT). All transactions are made through Amazon .com which has the best track record and the customer service. I personally buy all I can from them after I find something in a sto ...
Dj Whisky The Rebirth Album is out in stores also availabe on itunes and amazon Album Description The highly anticipated solo album by Dj Whisky is finally here, after a tragic incident that happened late 2012 when Whisky came home from a video shoot and found his studio equipment stolen, he’s back. While some people may have given up after having 3year’s worth of their work stolen and sold for a “fix” Dj Whisky made it his album title “The Rebirth”, a 12 track album 100% produced by him which features some of the our country phenomenon Hit makers such as Brickz and International sensations like Jonny Miller & Zaki Abrahim legendary known for soothing soulful sounds. It’s an all round Artist album with a variety of house music’s sub genres deep, soulful, afro& urban dance. “It caters for everyone and will definitely make your soul move” he says. Dj Whisky’s The Rebirth is out in stores now, get yourself a copy. Deep on a daily Dj Whisky feat. Empress Lost it all (Whisky's mix with ke ...
Go on folks, it's free, Free, FREE. ..and if you like what you hear, buy the studio album Chasing Clocks from or amazon or downloads at all the usual sites
Former United States Air Force Parajumper Tag Finn, has left behind an exciting career in the CIA’s Special Activities Division for a mundane existence as a private investigator in Northern California. Having just let go of of his last and only paying client, his world is suddenly turned u...
Harrison Ford arrives here to day in his private plane. God knows what he'll think of Iquitos . Everyone is on strike, everywhere is closed and the streets are full of broken glass and garbage.
Magyarország nemzetközileg is elismert Jazz-Pop-Funk zenekara! / Jazz-Pop-Funk on violin, sax and keys from Hungary!
My dad Morris Bailey Jr , 81 years old, is a tenor saxophonist,writer, arranger,producer who wrote or produced back in the day for Nina Simone,Stylistics, Spinners,Blue Magic, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes etc. He has classic quotes. Here are some: Victor,Back in my day you had to BE a musician to be a musician.
We're happy to announce we'll be taking a break from playing shows this month to head to the studio. We'll be recording our debut EP called "Home." We'll keep you posted on details regarding release date, release party, and where you can find it. Thanks for all of your support!
DATELINE: ATLANTIS is a contemporary fantasy featuring a female Indiana Jones who dives underwater and accidentally finds what just might be the lost world of Atlantis. After she and her photographer document fabulous pyramids under the Caribbean sea, they return to their newspaper in the Los Ang...
Update your maps at Navteq
This song was premiered by DJ Ty Boogie on his latest mixtape titled STR8 RNB, Part 6, Today, we've got the official recording of that single ...
A version of 'Carve' has been submitted to Amazon Studio. This implies that we may be picked up to produce the feature version of it...
Can anyone recommend a good flash trigger compatible for canon? Mine's borked..
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more. Quell Momento by Toy Studio LLC.
Calendar launch is today at 20:00 in the Lakes Hotel (20% from the calendar sales today will go to Brian Wolfe who is fighting against pancreatic cancer). All other times, calendar can be purchased in selected stores and on-line at Amazon:
People wonder why their tattoos turn out horrid when their homie/cellmate/boyfriends cousin or whatever does it in their mom's basement for $50. Is this just an Altoona problem or is this a nationwide epidemic?
Does anyone have any anime merchandise? If so what, and feel free to post a pic on the wall - Vamuke
OH my new headphones are so amazing... This is my second pair of the Philips O'neill Stretch TR 55LX and i must say they are the most comfortable and best sounding headphones i have ever owned. Better then Beats By Dre trust me i took mine back after just 24 hours. When i did take back the $500 headphones from Dre i bought a PS3, games, 40ft HDMI cable & a pair of Philips O'neill Stretch TR 55LX phones. If your ever in need of some good quality headphones under $100 (Amazon) then i highly highly recommend them. I am in love again with music and i can enjoy as much of it as i want in perfect bliss hour after hour. Thank You Philips.
Indulge yourself in a splash of retro with the Ace High skateboard from Dusters. This creatively d...
Our next show is about Furries In The Workplace. What kind of job do you have?
Do you or does anyone on your worship team write songs for your church?
Anyone out there try jillian michaels 30 day shred? Looks difficult,but I need something/someone to kick my butt into shape.
Today, Oscar has. mainly been barking at everyone that walks past the basement studio window today. EVERY -SINGLE -ONE. Oscar has no idea how close to being throttled he is. Over the years I have tried distraction, cross tones, and the latest experiment is exaggerated yawning (apparently this tells them to relax and stop being a gaurd dog and chill) but all that does is make us both yawn and then I feel like napping instead of working and Oscar just carries on barking through the yawns. He is the ultimate guard dog but frankly I'd rather he wasn't. I'd like him to belt up as soon as I tell him to be quiet, or only bark if someone leers menacingly through the letterbox or shouts rudely at me - then he can let rip, like Ruby does. She's got it a lot more in proportion. How is yours on the barking front? Laid back and calm or obsessive, incessant barker?
Steph and I have decided since we are staying in this apartment for 3 more years (until Kendal and I both graduate) that we're going to FINALLY start actually decorating! We're going to paint an accent wall in our bedroom, do one in the boy's room and I want to paint the wall in the dining area (where I will put some mirrors for a tiny "practice" space).we're thinking kind of a bohemian, Moroccan theme.anyone have suggestions for textiles and such at inexpensive prices? (We already know about World Market)
The story was published in a limited numbered edition. It is also part of NICE GIRL DOES NOIR and is available in print, audio, and electronic formats.
I just cannot stop spinning the new Black Sabbath album. Dayum.It's my new favorite. Anyone else hear the whole thing?
Official American Hitmen You Tube Site Born out of the fiery depths of Fallujah, Iraq, during Operation Phantom Fury in 2004, four talented musicians joined ...
A Short Video of 'Have You Got What It Takes' Written and performed by Si Astbury
Spoiler: Requires a leap of faith. Or two.
Here is Title track off of our Second album release . Performed live in the studio . It was written and produced to showcase each band member by featuring bi...
hey Patty how are things in Aussy land? we are fit and the weather is fine and I'm writing another book so heck that's the way it goes. were waiting for another new mic for my studio before we can record. I'll have a bunch of tunes on my web site and Amazon before the summer's gone.You otta hear Fern blow that harmonica. she sangs pretty too. her garden is going well too. were about to paint the house a light color brown sometime later this month. I think it will match the motor home. I got to take a short trip in the old gal yesterday. I fired her up and drove around the house and parked it so Fern can weed eat where she has been parked since we got back home. we love you and hope you read my face book site from time to time.
I am looking for cartoons with dominant female characters that are not silly, frivolous and always portraying girls as the "nice" ones. Johannes is more than willing to watch something that is supposedly marketed towards girls, but all the girls make me want to throw things at the television. Ok I realize shutting the tv off completely might be the best option, but I am thinking it is preferable than having me committed on those really bad days :)
JEFF CAMERON WONDERLAND ROAD now available on Itunes, Amazon and other vendors, I hope you all enjoy the new studio album, download only for now, physical cds availble in 4-6 weeks
So Void fans, we have our last big gig this Saturday at the Exchange in Bristol before we head to the studio to record our much loved tracks.. thank you all for your support, we can't wait to have the album done and we hope you will all love it!
The meeting w/Amazon Studios was stupendously awesome. Great people. Official decision still not yet made but coming very, very soon.
Still one of the most powerful, legendary and timeless bands both in studio and live!! I am looking forward to the newest release of uplifting music!!!
We are looking to have a relaunch of our 'Pupil of the Year' scheme as of September and want your suggestions for what we can allocate points for and what prizes you might like to win? Would music lesson gift vouchers be a prize that would be appreciated? All thoughts considered by commenting below!
Almost exactly two years to this day, I completed my third feature film, Black Hat. This is the story of how that film almost killed me... (well, that might be an exaggeration) Amazon Studios had just formed, and at that time, they were hosting a huge competition. Each month they were giving away $1...
Right now, the most popular movie idea at Amazon Studios is ... for your favorites here:
Amazon Studios has greenlighted its first drama pilot, Bosch, a police procedural based on Michael Connelly‘s...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Let me hear a woot woot! Harry Bosch from Michael Connelly Books is coming to life through Amazon Studios. FINALLY!!
Amazon Studios ordered its 1st original drama pilot, to be based on Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series.
So I just heard about Amazon Studios. I am submitting my script to them. Wish me luck.
Amazon Studios is rolling out an add-on to its Amazon Studios content development arm: A free storyboarding tool called Amazon Storyteller. Writers can create storyboards by first uploading their s...
Netflix TV Episodes Cost $3.8 Million-$4.5 Million Netflix is outspending the broadcast networks on high-end hour-long TV series. Huge budgets are behind some of the Netflix drama series. The cheapest show is $3.8 million an episode and House of Cards started at $4.5 million with executive producer David Fincher, reported taking it ”way above that”. The next series Hemlock Grove is costing $4 million an episode, while Orange Is The New Black is just under $4 million as well. Netflix deals are structured to cover multiple regions around the world, and will control each series for 4 years exclusively and then re-sell them to a linear cable channel. Microsoft’s XBox whose studio is led by CBS vet Nancy Tellem will compete with Netflix for high-end programming. Amazon Studios is looking at a smaller scale – comedies for $1 million an episode. Also programming will be Redbox and Verizon via Redbox Instant By Verizon. Forecast is that TNT and USA will not buy the reruns like they once did. Meanwhile, th ...
After its one month trial period, it appears as if Amazon Studios has pulled the plug on the Zombieland series. The decision was made based upon viewers reactions and its probably safe to assume that there are other factors that swayed the decision.
Amazon has recently released 14 new pilot episodes on its website created by its Amazon Studios unit and the e-commerce site wants viewers to choose which previews the company should turn into full-on, season-long shows.
Amazon Studios has a first-look deal with Warner Bros. Pictures, which means that they will be presenting their...
A collection of Denver-based filmers, actors known as The Grawlix and even Air Dubai drummer Nick Spreigl have some together on a web-based TV series called Those Who Can’t. Entered into’s brand new Amazon Studios, the show is based around three high school teachers plotting revenge on a…
Did anyone catch Mark Consuelos in Amazon Studios "Alpha House" with Bill Murray and John Goodman?
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