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Amazon Prime, Inc. is an American multinational electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Amazon Prime Video Manchester City Amazon Prime Music Man City Grand Tour

DISCO DANCER was just added to Amazon Prime!
Amazon Prime for students delivered Star Trek: Enterprise season one episode six The Andorian Incident into my home…
All the films and TV shows joining Amazon Prime this December
Okay so I’m using my mum’s Amazon Prime account because next day delivery and it’s shown me that she’s been paying…
Love Machine is a romantic science fiction I did. Available for streaming for free on Amazon Prime. Our wonderful team: S…
So this is a regular occurrence? Really makes me want to reconsider renewing prime.
I wonder if my partner saw what I bought her for Christmas off her wish list today? Thanks for the superb…
Some items may require additional processing time. Prime shipping refers to transit time once the item has…
Amazon launches Prime Music streaming service in Canada via
Pit Smoked Sausage From Wisconsin's Best is a perfect snack for Thanksgiving Day!. Amazon Prime, Gets it to you just…
Hey making a product "exclusively for Prime members" doesn't inspire me to sign up for Prime. It inspires…
I would say give it a shot but carve out your afternoon for it and take a break halfway through to e…
We’ve got your healthy holiday gifts covered! Grab a case (or 3) on Prime tomorrow!
Forgot to cancel my amazon prime subscription now I only got $47
It is just the truth I ordered Nioh and The Last Guardian yeste…
Why does your Prime local service ALWAYS deliver my packages to a wrong address, yet if I use regular A…
I️ used to search the house for days to find my Christmas presents. Now all kids have to do is check the family amazon prime account, smh.
Jeff let me in on the secret of 2017 which is that he has an Amazon Prime subscription... HELLO TRUE BLOOD! MEET YO…
why is my shipping taking longer than 2 days. Bought under prime item and account and still a week to deliver. No bueno Amazon.
Who's the Amazon Prime Music family?
Unless you pay an addition 8.99 a month and than you will get blazing fast Netflix!*. *Deos Not cover Hulu or Amazon Prime.
If we lose , I will also cancel my prime and subscriptions.
Please, someone take Amazon Prime away from me. I went for my 5 minute break at work and bought two books. My bank…
I love the 21st century. I love amazon prime. Sometimes I have to interact with people at the amazon locker but it's not too bad.
Dear MI can you resolve my issue" i purchase a xiomi prime 2 from amazon in two year before"Now mobile batt…
just a suggestion.. have you considered releasing it on Netflix or Amazon prime..
They're back — whether you like it or not. returns on December 8, only on Amazon Prime Video.
Prime members can add subscription services like SHOWTIME and more to their membership. Join SHOWTIME Free Trial
Alexa is playing Adagio In G Minor by Tomaso Albinoni from Amazon Prime Music
is about to lose a customer with this Prime mixup. 2 day delivery means 2 days... i shouldnt be wondering w…
That moment when you accidentally sign up for an Amazon Prime Trial, but don't actually need to order anything.
Imagine paying $5 a month to browse amazon plus prime plus my items when I can browse a store for free
Need to hit other platforms hint hint I don't have Amazon prime & miss seeing on my screen.
But amazon prime charge is more than this amount
Amazon is offering turkeys to prime customers with "no antibiotics".well guess what...antibiotics are not...
Alexa is playing Ravel: Sonatine, M.40 - for Piano - 1. Modéré by Martha Argerich from Amazon Prime Music
Big mouth strikes again. Season 2. December 8, only on Amazon Prime Video.
Hi Backdoor Survival Folks,. As Thanksgiving comes up this Thursday, I want to give you the low down on the other... ht…
The Netflix/Crunchyroll/HBO Go/Amazon Prime Streaming model is all that anything will be. You're going to have to buy a…
You can now play as & Pro Football HOFer Reggie White in Get him for free with Twitch Prime: https…
Sure do pity the grocery vendors & farmers trying to figure out how to survive under Whole Foods new Amazon model.
I just got off the phone with about this matter and they were very unhelpful.…
Amazon's Alexa and Prime Music service arrive in Canada
Hm maybe does amazon prime count as a actual sub?
Red oaks is a really really good show, I suggest you check it out on Amazon prime
As BBC prepares new period War of the Worlds scheduled for production in 2018, a critically acclaimed Victorian set…
If you have Amazon Prime, or the Internet, really...It’s about time you turned on to the Bakersfield Sound of Buck…
So... Amazon Prime has Bram Stroker's Dracula I've never seen it so I'll be watching that after work tomorrow.
Greta Van Fleet will get some more listening. No free Amazon Prime streaming. But I found another b…
Alexa in your car: Sirius XM needs some Amazon Prime. The satellite radio service serves up great content. But Siriu…
Amazon Prime Day 2017: Everything you need to know
Metroid Prime savings thanks Amazon, as if it's just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shak...
Here are 2 examples. And alarms are going off at Amazon now. Yes, Prime is killer, but organic search traffic is going to ta…
Basically the best Thanksgiving Tee right now. . Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Shirt for $13.99!. Free Prime Shipping!…
Total amount of online sales for TMall’s day event (think like Amazon Prime but way crazier) - a whooping 168.2…
Back in 2012 one of my writing dreams came true - one of my books (my second romantic comedy) was made into a film. And no…
Hi Ian, you mentioned you have a smart TV, have you checked to see if the Papp is available for your…
When I first came to Connecticut we shot a horror movie in my house.GUESS WHAT ITS ON AMAZON PRIME.OK LOL I.…
Amazon’s Black Friday deals start on November 17th, with Echo devices and TV sales
After getting a taste of ad-supported television with this fall’s live streams of Thursday Night Football, complete with ad b…
Hi Ian- You can find a list of compatible devices here for Prime Video: ^NV   10% Off
Last minute buys for AKA ??? Lord please be gentle on my wallet. And Amazon Prime please come in clutch.
Amazon says it's not prepping a free version of Prime Video
This was my biggest concern when I first heard was buying I remember Lo…
First equal marriage and now Amazon Prime. Someone is looking down on the *** of Australia
Ordered an item w/ 2 day shipping via Amazon Prime on Sunday. Estimated delivery date.Friday.
When Prime Members sign up for an Audible Membership ($14.95 per month, month to month) they will rec…
Man probably amazon, amazon prime pantry and amazon prime now lmao let’s try in eBay too 😂
Scratch that... I wanted just a steaming app for my Amazon Prime Videos. How about just make it like Ne…
Found the recalled benefit product on amazon prime 🙌
But will it be any good? Lord of the Rings TV series being developed for Amazon Prime
Reminds me of a crumpled amazon prime box I drove over twice today
Sooo me and my mom just found out she has amazon prime. Yup I’m going to be broke in no time. 😂😂😂😂
The Amazon app on my TV just asked if I was interested in Amazon Prime. I accidentally clicked "More Details" and i…
Amazon flash deals, you need Infinite Prime to purchase it. Out of stock already tho
I switched usernames while being subscribed to someone through amazon prime on twitch and now my sub…
i can't believe someone would leave me, a amazon prime member and therefore member of the 1%, on read ...the audacitY how…
Seriously you selling dinners or something? You do Amazon Prime... I need to know lol
Amazon Music adds Google Cast support, and I hope Prime Video is next
Industrial distribution is Amazon's latest victim. More opportunities to be had!
Ooh it's on Amazon video I wonder if I can watch it with prime
They are truly in Amazon Prime condition
Don't u think Netflix and Amazon Prime are damaging Inox revenues or this competion is only resistric…
PSA: Arrival, one of my favorite films of last year, is available on Amazon Prime. Watch if you haven’t.
What's with the accent Vikash Rathee CFO Prime Focus --- You aren't taking to Amazon, You are on CNBC ;)
SO APPARENTLY: If someone in your house has Amazon Prime, they can share it with your account and you'll get the free prime…
Head exploding after discovering Free 30 day trial with Amazon Prime expires and (as is clearly stated) cha…
My Friend Ed is available now on Amazon Prime. Watch it now!.
Why not add this to your Halloween watch list?. Amazon Prime: Vimeo OD: Ple…
IT LIVES IN THE ATTIC. Keeps getting compared to David Lynch! . Free to watch on Amazon Prime.
The online retailer will promote Amazon Prime at the mini-stations inside the grocer chain stores in several states.
November 10th and over half of my Christmas shopping done! Lord, I LOVE Amazon Prime! Christmas delivered...
I bet Amazon Prime users will get a discount on it though.
Cause Mrs. Duck had an Amazon Prime delivery for the 546th day in a row.
Outside of clothing I’m sure 50% of my belongings were purchased via Amazon Prime
I️ thought I️ was the worst procrastinator until my professor, who’s been engaged for 4 years, told us this morning…
Prime Day 2017 was Amazon's biggest sales day ever
Epson 127XL for Prime members is $29.97 but is back ordered 3-4 weeks. Same through third party seller is $…
If you live in one of these UK villages, you’re about to get free Amazon Prime for a year - Mirror Online
Trying to binge watch the full season of Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime.
What's new to watch in November on Amazon Prime Video
Is amazon prime any good? I’ve got Netflix but no sky tv till next week so gonna see if there’s a free trial with amazon prime lol?
I’ve loved my prime trial. But should I pay for the memebership? I can’t decide 🤔
Manchester City to be focal point of new Amazon Prime series (Reuters: Internet News)
Nothing like pumping at work and finding out that has Let's Play Two on Amazon Prime... let's just say I…
A new series will go behind the scenes at
The Grand Tour returns for Season 2 on 8 December, only on Amazon Prime Video. http…
The Sorpranos entire series is now free on Amazon for Prime members, yes!
. . when will An Insignificant Man launch on Amazon Prime /DVD/ or any other digital platform ?
my fiance is only marrying me to be part of my Amazon Prime family
If you have Amazon Prime, True Whispers: The Story of the Navajo Codetalkers is free to view 👀. "After the Japanese attacked…
Amazon Prime is horrible. I keep searching for things I don’t even need just cause I’ll get them in two days! 😂
KISS KISS BANG BANG is streaming on Amazon Prime. If you liked THE NICE GUYS you will like KISS KISS BANG BANG.
Official: Manchester City and Amazon have announced a "brand new Amazon Prime Video behind-the-scenes multi-part exclusive…
My little one was one word away from signing me up to a full Amazon Prime Music account as…
Just found out that Margaret Atwood has a cameo in 'The Handmaid's Tale'. What? Wish it was available on Amazon Prime/Netflix.
Scenario: trapped at home in bed. . Thought: At least I have Amazon! . ...goes to Amazon & the computer kicked me out of Genes Prime account 😩
BRIEF-Amazon announces groundbreaking new prime video series with Manchester Cit. Related Articles:
Hey UK & USA - Animation is not just for Kids! See SHOTOKAN MAN now on Amazon Prime Video
They got ripped off, my Prime deal only cost me £79
Okay so saying talk to your team was your best solution u can come up with . U blocked my account u are…
Amazon is giving everyone in one Hertfordshire village free Prime membership…
I've already ordered 2 things off amazon today, but yet here I am about to order more... free trial of amazon prime…
My worlds collide!. For me, getting to sing about as Mouse is about as good as it gets!.
Now you can purchase an unlocked LG smartphone as an Amazon Prime Exclusive Phone with lockscreen offers and ads.
All my books are on and Kindle Prime.
We're running a special limited time FBA on Amazon! Get up to off with and Prime Delivery!
Man City sign £10m-plus deal with Amazon Prime for behind-the-scenes TV series
💰💰💰. Manchester City have signed a deal worth more than £10m with Amazon Prime. Read all about it . 👉
Guardiola, Aguero and Man City stars to appear in Amazon Prime documentary
OFFICIAL: Manchester City will be the focal point of a new Amazon Prime Video series that takes viewers behind the scenes d…
Now on Amazon Prime --> Amy Butler of is featured in our beautiful 328-pag…
In all actuality, if Prom Night 2 was called "Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou" (as it's called on Amazon Prime) I wouldn't be against it.
Are any of you Grand Tour fans? If so Clarkson and co are back on Amazon Prime on 8th December. Trailer here:…
You give a two hour delivery slot for Amazon Prime, last night it was late, and this is the second time that's happened
Robin Williams loved “Dying to do Letterman” will too. Now Streaming FREE on Amazon Prime
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Halloween may be over, but you can still watch on Amazon Prime tonight!
"What about. 'Baby Ghostbusters' on Amazon Prime?" - Anyone. "That's brilliant, do it, do anything!" - Dan Aykroyd
A new sitcom starring three very accomplished Black jazz musicians has just been released on Amazon Prime!
Save on school supplies and other services with Amazon Prime Student. By Emily HellerMashable Deals Sep 21, 2017.
9 months and just arrived? Amazon prime, mate that's the future😁😁 She's gorgeous, congratulations to you both
FAST FREE SHIPPING for Amazon Prime Customers. Buy Earphones at low prices. L... via @
Dear things on Amazon that are not Amazon Prime:. Please go away.
Protect your surroundings with a thermal imager that precisely track those heat signatures at a low price. >>…
When you are an amazon prime member, but it takes 4 days for your items to ship instead of what 😒
75% of households earning $112,000 per year or more have an Amazon Prime account. . Epic post…
Amazon Performance Rank: Amazon Essentials vs. Hanes vs. Dockers ... see if you can identify Prime Day on this time…
Even L.A. looks beautiful from the right point of view. See Dirty Beautiful for FREE on Amazon Prime!
Has anyone ever seen anything as stupid this before?
Hey I like you but if you do not fire Kevin Spacey I will terminate my contract and stick to Amazon Prime. http…
Amazon prime gone b the death of me 😂
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If you have Amazon Prime it's great. It has paid for itself with all the kiddie videos my toddler wat…
Well amazon prime, if you use it like I do. The subscription pays for it…
*order pjs on Amazon. *go to bed. *wake to someone putting pjs on me. Me: WHAT IN THE HOLY-. Amazon employee: SH, this…
The service is called Amazon Key, and it relies on a Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and compatible smart lock
A few episodes of the webseries I acted in,“Columbia Heights”, will be available on Amazon Prime on November 3rd...
Amazon Prime was already my friend but it's finna be my bestfriend now.
Might be a good time to watch this old but still relevant series from Amazon Prime:.
Amazon introduces paid subscriptions for Alexa skills, makes them free for Prime members
Loving Amazon Prime Video recently. Here's a link for my followers to sign up for a free trial. Can always cancel!
Amazon can now deliver "everything from industrial supplies like screws and pumps to lab and medical equipment"
Why Netflix and chill when you can amazon prime and quality time
Transit time applies once the order ships out. You can read more on Prime Delivery Benefits here:^SA
Glad to see Amazon Prime finally added "Space Boobs in Space"
Alexa is playing 2 Arabesques: Arabeque No. 1 by Francois-Joel Thiollier from Amazon Prime Music
This service is really cool! But would people let a stranger gets into their home?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Straight life is not for this Gujarati divorcee who’s on a crime-streak! Watch on Amazon Prime Video
As introduces will prime customers trust with entry privileges?
Games and Tech: Lore comes to Amazon Prime this Friday the 13th! Enjoying the halloween!
There's so much more on Amazon Prime it's unfair
Alexa is playing Sonatas and Partitas, Partita No. 1 in B Minor, BWV 1002: Sarabande by Itzhak Perlman from Amazon Prime Music
Best movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime - Amazon is continuously adding new movies and TV shows to its Prime v...
Every time AMZL delivers my order, I can kiss my 2-day prime delivery benefits goodbye. Wish I could opt out of AMZL
Have you got my new ebook Blog To Business yet? There to help you grow your blog, and prime it for success! >>
“Ain’t No Roaches in the Chicken” scene from Available on Amazon Prime.
Get this Large Ice Bag for ONLY 20 cents on Amazon with Amazon Prime! Grab coupon code & info on blog!
MashableDeals: You loved this kitchen gadget on Amazon Prime day—and now it's back on sale 🙌.
Me... me too? Is that Farrah Fawcett spray on Amazon Prime?
Stop what you're doing and watch Celebrity Bowling on Amazon Prime. It's so awful, it's captivating. I'm on S2E6 —…
Amazon Prime streaming old Roy Rogers movies. Sorry, CA & Amazon can't get it together.
Larry Clark's MARFA GIRL and Albert Pyun's MEAN GUNS (starring Christopher Lambert and Ice-T!) are on Amazon Prime.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
just watched Bleak House, Amazon Prime. It reminded me of the many days I walked past the Charles Dickens museum on a back street in London
'Deutschland 86' will first be streamed on Amazon Prime before any free-to-view channels screen it.
Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton is good stuff. Only on Amazon Prime but sign up first on the free.
Yeah I've pre-ordered that from them which I'll probably be cancelling too. Tb…
I went to watch a movie on amazon prime and it was a totally different version then what was listed. So freakin bummed.
No worries. Bit ridiculous isn't it. I was a little concerned when I pre-ordered it and it h…
Oh…it’s a food delivery service that’s *only* for Prime members. Amazon continues its mission to compete with every company in the world.
You can now watch Shivaay's world digital premiere on Amazon Prime Video.
A bit late now but Amazon Prime would have been a great name for a Transformer
Wait, what? Amazon Restaurants is now a thing? Does your food arrive more quickly if you have Amazon Prime?!?
Let us know if you want a free 1 month Trial of Amazon Prime, students, you get 6 months with a .edu email address!
Report: Prime members now represent 63 percent of US customers via
Best Diwali Ad goes to Amazon Prime, dei Airtel, Samsung and others this is what an ad is Learn Daa .
The SNES Classic mini is in stock right now for just £69.99 at Amazon Prime Now -
BTW I wandered into this facsimile of my childhood via Autocomplete vids on Prime.
Breast Cancer Awareness
What's plan here. More prime subscribers = more spends on Amazon shopping? Don't think this freemium model is in US?
Amazon delivers packages in two days for all orders placed by Prime members.
Amazon prime comes in clutch in these moments
Amazon prime was the best and worst thing to happen to me like did I need knife earrings? Nope, but they are going to be here in two days
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leads the way as Canada courts Amazon - National Post
Definitely a mini-Gary. Already bought Legos on prime day just to flip them on eBay. My kid is a savage.
Prime Minister leads the way as Canada courts
Report: Prime members now represent 63 percent of…
When will Amazon Prime Music available in India?
truth bombs is ORDERED and COMIMG SUNDAY! i love amazon prime but also that feels like too long to wait >:(
With 90 million subscribers, Prime might be one of Jeff Bezos' best ideas yet
Ya amazon prime lo undi. One time watch if you're really bored lol
I don't see your review here "Note: Not eligible for Amazon Prime."
Report: Prime members now represent 63 percent of Amazon’s US customers
The other 10% is asking each what they want to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube.
Stream live TONIGHT 8:25PM ET on Amazon Prime Video! Reply to cancel.
Amazon Prime ?? lol uhhh have you tried like target , or kohls ?
Internet. What do you get your sister for a baby shower. It might be on Saturday. Asking for a friend. A friend with Amazon Prime.
I’m in love with and addicted to Amazon Prime.
I wish I could use my amazon prime but I can’t 😒
Student Prime is 6 months free . 2 day shipping for the whole family!
Getting a Grammy in the mail probably the only feeling better than seeing your Amazon Prime package
Check out Michael Madsen, James Hong and I in the War film I Directed. Unfallen is available for free now on Amazon pri…
Learn from the best, and in that’s Read up on their approach to inventory management
Self-care is spontaneously buying a bunch of sex toys off of Amazon Prime
Nialls album came one day earlier to my house..thank you amazon prime
Hey a prime now order that was never picked up by a courier is not okay!
Cancelling my Amazon Prime subscription was the best thing for my bank account lmao
Dear Netflix, Hotstar or Amazon Prime, . It is about bloody time one of you start streaming "The Wonder Years". Please. Pret…
Professor: Idc if you take notes on your laptop but studies show hand written notes. First of all, I’m buying a ha…
Oh. Well, just kidding. At least Amazon Prime is a thing in the States ☺️
Amazon Prime subscriber spend is nearly double that of nonmembers via
Last day to get 20% off Fire Emblem Warriors with Amazon Prime .
Now watching Dil Chahta Hai. . Because. It’s Deepavali, it’s available in Amazon Prime and of course, Preity Zinta! 😍😍😍
Already there bruh. I walked down the stairs yesterday to get my amazon prime delivery. Sore today. Might need PT
When will this palette be available on amazon prime?
The best TV shows and movies new to Netflix, Amazon and more in October
Get Amazon prime for just $5.99 a month for those with an eligible EBT card
Some1 amazon prime me a no lasagna thank u
That Movies Anyway is working well. I bought Wonder Woman on Amazon Prime for $10 and Mad Max: Fury Road for $10 on iTunes today 🎥
I was waiting all day long for the new episode and now I find out the episode is next week?…
Based off the award winning is finally available on Amazon Prime! Go check it out at
Some people are dying to talk to the other side. Watch now, exclusively with Amazon Prime. htt…
POLL: Should news organizations offer up news shows to streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime?
Interesting parallels bw in its prime & . - TheAtlantic
ok, I'll check Amazon Prime to see if it's there otherwise it's torrents
just discovered that every episode of spongebob is on my amazon prime acct & it honestly feels like I uncovered hidden treasure
Looks like "The Giving Tin Seattle" is not available on Amazon Prime :(
I just bought the first episode of Hannah Montana on Amazon prime ✌️
We are watching The Infiltrator on Amazon Prime. Watch with us!
Please watch 'space boobs in space' on Amazon prime. For me. And the world.
I be watching all these lil bootleg movies on Amazon Prime Video.
Someone needs to block me from my amazon prime account because I’ll continuously buy things I don’t even need
on Amazon Prime is interesting and well-done. Bonus: Now I know the origin of "saved by the bell." ⚰️
There’s Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime that are above and beyond cable
Got a pesky, post-college millennial living at home who just won’t let you be an empty nester?
Free Amazon Prime? Let us know and we can hook you up with a trial- students you can get 6 months with a .edu email!
Terrifying truths await. Watch Lore NOW exclusively with your Amazon Prime membership.
But I caught him logged in to Amazon Prime, about to buy them because he couldn't find my dvds.
Get all your cell phone needs here at Amazon. Make sure to also sign up for a prime membership.
domain names
Here's what's coming to Amazon this month
Walt Disney World question: Can you ship something Amazon Prime to a WDW Resort if you’re staying at one? Help!
Amazon prime is just getting slower and slower, we are now down to prime next week...
Cannot recommend "LORE" enough. If you have Amazon prime, watch it. SO GOOD.
I think it’s very important that everyone know that TIMECOP is now streaming on Amazon Prime
. Bannon looks like he needs to get Laid by some good ole GLOBALIST *** . Ask 45 for the www. Amazon prime-2days
another prime order not delivered in 2 days. Third time in the last 6 months. Need to rethink my online supplier
Amazon prime has spoiled me like *** . I gotta wait more than 3 days to get a package? Ewl.
Really loving the Seeso channel on Amazon Prime.I can watch all of Jimmy Fallon's seasons!
Amazon Prime needs to just hurry up and allow streaming on Apple TV. Trying to watch where I want
Will stay out of Whole Foods and boycott Amazon. No more prime for me.
Idk what’s so special about this book but I can’t find it on Amazon for Prime shipping and that really *** 🙃
Downtown Abbey in on Amazon Prime Video. It's my favorite part of having Amazon Prime
I’m watching The Road to 911 three part series on Amazon prime! So many missed tips,similar today!
Amazon will now tell Prime members what to wear via a new "Outfit Compare" feature | TechCrunch
Your favorite series on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime - GO (quick. I'm hunting for something to get me through...
Amazon says it will make Prime membership ‘really valuable’ for Whole Foods shoppers
Im an Amazon Prime member who preordered BAOT and wont received it until 10/16. Pls advise if I should com…
There is a reason why Amazon Prime is the best deal in town.
These 15 little-known perks show why Amazon Prime is so much more than free shipping
P.P.S. I watched it on Amazon prime
I have been using this for stage - it's on Amazon prime 😉 can't remember the name of the color though!! https:/…
Amazon needs to show what it's getting for its billions of dollars in video via
More Americans have Amazon Prime, than go to Church or own a gun.
UK ! The deal of the year - 6 months FREE trial of Amazon Prime and then a 50% discount for a year! Look https:/…
Save your money and get the Amazon Prime for students and only spend $50 to renew it 🤙🏻
Hey man, I hooked you up with the Amazon Prime. Don't hate on me
.faces competition from existing original programming content channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
I’ve cancelled my subscription to Amazon Prime and told them I expect all the perks thereof to continue. . The ball is in thei…
I pre-ordered this, I remember crying over my tamagotchi when my little bro broke it on purpose.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I would test one for Samsung. I have amazon prime & can order right now.
That’s why I order with prime. Now your tracking says maybe by Friday?? I can drive to it’s last…
I mean no I'm not but I'll catch them at the next stop on the tour with free delivery like Amazon prime
So many reasons to leave blono, but not having amazon prime now is top 5 on the list
Prices not low enough. Still Amazon-prime-nowing it
Amazon says it will make Prime membership 'really valuable' for Whole Foods shoppers
hey how about waiving 1 day prime charges so we can order items for the NorCal fire victims? Or start a fund on site!
Jeff bezos is worth almost 100 billion dollars but he can't afford to update and make the amazon prime platform halfway decent on amazon prime... So, I'm watching it 😁😁😁😁
Snow Crash, Lazarus, and Ringworld shows are coming to Amazon Prime
Just used 1 amazon prime account on 2 twitch accounts and used twitch prime sub on both twitch accounts.
Currently filming my Amazon Prime tv show, Not For Nothin’... and having a blast!!.
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