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Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a voice command device from with functions including question answering and playing music.

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Listening to Rosa's Cantina by David Cassidy on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Every Breath I Take by Gene Pitney on my Amazon Echo
Listening to Flowers on the Wall (Live) by The Statler Brothers on my Amazon Echo
Learn a new recipe, keep on schedule, listen to your favorite songs and more with an Amazon Echo. Cash in on some big saving…
Meet Zach. He combined a Furby with an Amazon create Furlexa
Jim Beam trolls the Amazon Echo and other annoying talking machines with a talking whiskey decanter.
Walter WilkesListening to Wanderlust by Abney Park on my Amazon Echo
2001, A Space Odyssey: What if Amazon Echo was *** for people but couldn't deal with the guilt and had to kill us in a per…
Walter WilkesListening to Money For Nothing (feat. Jussie Smollett and Yazz) by Empire Cast on my Amazon Echo
For the holiday season, we are giving back with an awesome To enter to win the new Amazon Echo, use…
Walter WilkesListening to Partita No. 2 For Violin In D Minor, BWV 1004: III. Sarabande by Hilary Hahn on my Amazon Echo
We're not on TV today:. Radio: 98.5 FM. App: . Amazon Echo: YO Alexa! Turn on the Sports Hub
Walter WilkesListening to Pink Moon by Nick Drake on my Amazon Echo
This creepy short film will make you fear your Amazon Echo - CNET by Amanda Kooser via CNET News
is accepting to come up w/ an Amazon Fire Phone when trying to think about the Amazon Echo.
Listening to Uncle John's Band by The Grateful Dead on my Amazon Echo
Listening to Sugar Magnolia by The Grateful Dead on my Amazon Echo
The winner will be announced on Halloween! 🎃🎃🎃.
I liked a video Amazon Echo vs. Google Home
This is one of the most relevant articles about $AMZN $GOOGL now. Google is essentially building an anti...
Whether your or can now recognize different voices https:…
Whether your or can now recognize different voices
Amazon's Alexa can now recognize different voices and give personalized response...
It's like Google is unable to stop itself from creating antitrust violations.
Add to team Google Reinforces idea that we'll soon shift from typing t…
Alexa now recognizes different voices. Here's how to make it possible
All the moves Amazon has made in the last month to crush the competition in India via
How to set up voice profiles on the Amazon Echo - CNET | 🚀 by
Or, what if your Google Home/Amazon Echo could "read the room" and act as a DJ, automatically adjusting to crowd sentiment.
unveils Look, a to help you choose what to wear | Technology shared by
On the day Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google unveiled its new smart speakers, Amazon (AMZN) announced the launch of its Ec…
Anyone bought the Amazon echo in India. Is it useful?
Google Home Mini is coming to compete with Amazon's Echo Dot
This is why I don’t think I’ll ever have a Google Home or Amazon Echo
could you talk about the usefulness of Amazon echo in India ?
Don't wait! RENEW EARLY TO SAVE! Renew today and you will be entered to win an Amazon Echo :)
With a dog called Alexa in the home, Amazon Echo wasn't a real option. Here we go Google, listen up!
Anyone bought Amazon echo in India . Is it useful?
Teamwork: How Echo Show can boost your business communications.
Microsoft may soon launch its answer to the Amazon Echo (Oct-2017)
Google is building an anti-Amazon alliance, and Target is the latest to jo (
Trust is everything. 2 tech giants go head to head with connected home
Interesting note - Amazon's Echo currently controls about 70% of the voice assistant market share with Google's Hom…
Walter WilkesListening to You Wish by Nightmares On Wax on my Amazon Echo
The Google Home Mini and Max are here to take on the Amazon Echo
Listening to St. Stephen (Live at Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 5/8/77) by The Grateful Dead on my Amazon Echo
Listening to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (An Amazon Music Original) by Lisa Loeb on my Amazon Echo
Stop by the booth at I hear they are giving away an Amazon Echo.
Bought my parents an amazon echo and my dad has been talking to Alexa all morning
Walter WilkesListening to White Room by Cream on my Amazon Echo
Can you create application for Amazon Echo?
Have you seen Amazon's echo look? Idk who is buying that, they're going to watching you 👀
Amazon Echo gets multi-room audio just in time to take on Apple’s HomePod
I just participated in an for Echo Show - Black. Check it out here:.
Universal Powerbank for all Amazon Devices. Save $50 with early bird at
Walter WilkesListening to The Day Begins (Incl. Morning Glory) by The Moody Blues on my Amazon Echo
The BBC finally found a cool use for Amazon Echo and Google Home
Listening to Hung Upside Down by Buffalo Springfield on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Undun by The Guess Who on my Amazon Echo
Echo, TVs, Destiny 2 bundle, and more tech sales
When looking to the future of technology, there's nowhere better than movies. Here's what the future looks like.…
Walter WilkesListening to You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones on my Amazon Echo
I love how creative the BBC are being with Amazon Echo and Google Home
Listening to Born On The Bayou by Creedence Clearwater Revival on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to The Fool On The Hill by The Beatles on my Amazon Echo
But offering holiday shoppers an Amazon Echo to use to buy from Amazon? It's a weird Hail Mary.
What you can build with Alexa:. Smart home skills, games skills, video skills, skills for Echo show...
You should drop you ear buds too and Amazon echo if you have one. 😁
One of my neighbours has Amazon echo and I can hear it through the walls. It's annoying and creepy
Listening to Twentieth Century Fox by The Doors on my Amazon Echo
Just saw this on Amazon: Amazon Echo - White by Amazon for $179.99 via
Alexa Echo Look style check is crap. I take two pictures in same exact shirt one after another and it says one is 60 times better
Walter WilkesListening to Broken Arrow by Buffalo Springfield on my Amazon Echo
Sunday is the last day to enter to win the Amazon Echo Dot. A huge thanks to Chad w/ for helping out.
Enter to win an Amazon Echo - Don&miss your chance to make your home smarter
Walter WilkesListening to My Back Pages by The Byrds on my Amazon Echo
Has Amazon stopped delivering on weekends? everything says Monday, even things like Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Somebody To Love (Pop Debut: 4/1/67) by Jefferson Airplane on my Amazon Echo
Enter to win an Echo Dot, courtesy of "Alexa, open Thunderstorm Sounds" - sleep sounds for Alexa!
Amazon Echo, Samsung TVs, Destiny 2 bundle, and more of the best tech sales via
20 helpful Amazon Echo voice commands for you to try | Popular Science
Listening to On The Road To Find Out (Live) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Listening to Where Do The Children Play? (Live On The Majikat Earth Tour) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Hard Headed Woman (Live) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Into White (Live) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Longer Boats (Live) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Wild World (Demo Version) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Tea For The Tillerman by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Father And Son by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
A guy on Friday did split something and say it might help but no joy it's seems what ever I try Bt won't work wi…
Rather Bt came out and said bt and Amazon echo just won't work together
Love the echo for Home automation found this cool article
Breaking News (Whole Foods is now selling the Amazon Echo - ...) . .
Gotta keep that balloon afloat somehow - Pimp it $AMZN - Pimp it ! . $XRT $RTH $WMT $TGT $ORCL $MSFT https…
I would love to know the real reason Bt won't connect to Amazon echo
So they are lowering prices for the snobs that shop there and the customers can…
Whole Foods is now selling the Amazon Echo
Cofounders Deepika Bodapati (My daughter) & Tanay Tandon - dropped out of college to launch Athelas - fter they got…
Athelas launches an Echo-like blood testing device for the home via Sarah Buhr
"Honey, can you pick up some guac, chips and, I don't know, let's say 3 Amazon Echo speakers?"
I think this is the first round/most noticible. Other biggest change is they have the Amazon Echo and Dot in store now.
Whole Paycheck no more: cheaper milk, ‘farm fresh’ Amazon Echo
Wifi working now still won't connect to amazon echo
I'm pretty sure the Echo is chock full of conflict minerals and parts sourced from China. Amazon has no und…
Whole Foods selling Amazon Echo as ‘Pick of the Season’ as tech giant takes over upscale grocer
Athelas is an at-home blood testing device made for cancer patients
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
How about the discounted price of the Amazon Echo from $99.99 to $44.99 now available at Whole Foods? Not…
Whole Foods is already hawking Amazon Echo speakers
Mmm, nothing better than a farm fresh Amazon Echo at Whole Foods
Athelas launches a new type of blood testing device for the home
Whole Foods no longer "Whole Paycheck". Amazon wastes no time taking over chain- slashes prices up to 43%. Oh, and pick up…
First day of Amazon/Whole Foods: Apple prices cut from $3.49>$1.99, Avocados $2.79> $1.99, Echo on sale in store
Next to the organic peaches at Whole Foods: An ad for the Amazon Echo
It's day one, and Amazon is already selling Echo speakers at Whole Foods. Shared from my Google feed
Apple's $400 Siri-powered HomePod smart speaker is set to ship in December. $AAPL
Amazon Echo users can now make calls over the device, thanks to a new cloud integration via
CB on FOX Biz: Now at Whole Foods: Cheaper milk, "farm fresh" Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to I Know What I Know (Live) by Paul Simon with Ladysmith Black Mambazo on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Cool Papa Bell [Explicit] by Paul Simon on my Amazon Echo
imagine being in a room with a child called Alexa and a Amazon Echo...
How to use Amazon Echo speakers and Alexa as intercoms
Hamilton Collection
Walter WilkesListening to Bright Star (feat. Abbie Cornish) by Mark Bradshaw & Abbie Cornish on my Amazon Echo
Listening to Pinball Wizard by The Who on my Amazon Echo
The has an Amazon Echo in each of their 116 rooms. New tech joining their butler robot Chip
I find that using Sportify Premium on my Amazon Echo is far better than using Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited
The echo is being used by as a covert microphone
Listening to Memory Of Monet by Dean Evenson & D'Rachael on my Amazon Echo
Found another good use of the expensive timer known as Amazon Echo. Computer: What the *** day of the week is it
Any update on the amazon echo in the UK?
Amazon Echo turned into covert microphone -
Listening to One Man's Dream by Yanni on my Amazon Echo
Media Streaming Mozart in the Jungle from your Amazon Echo Show
An Echo in every hotel room? Maybe think twice about that plan. via
Say what? Amazon Echo's smart speaker can be hacked, expert claims |
Thought i would share with you all my other finding while reversing Amazon Echo binaries.
Amazon surges ahead with with an that competes with
Amazon's Echo vs Google's Home, how far can you go? via
Listening to Survivor by Helen Jane Long on my Amazon Echo
: Amazon Echo vulnerability allows hackers to eavesdrop with alwayson microphone…
Listening to Legacy by Ryan Farish on my Amazon Echo
where do I suggest new echo skills idea i.e. If you sneeze Alexa can say guzzoontight
Just completed an item from my human's Amazon Echo To Do list.
Listening to The Calling by 2002 on my Amazon Echo
It’s all hackable by Black Hats: pacemakers, Amazon Echo, trains, heart monitors, prison cells!
This Amazon Echo 'hack' can turn your friendly home assistant into a covert wiretap.
Amazon Echo hacked to allow continuous remote eavesdropping
This thing is an easily activated listening device.There is no such thing as a one-way electronic connection. Oh,...
Echo users now have 500 more commands for music - if they subscribe to Amazon services.
Def Leppard Says Piracy Is the Reason They Have So Many New Fans - to piracy, Def Leppard has gained a new wave o...
Help and win an Amazon Echo Show! It only takes a few seconds. Enter here:
Use this brilliant accessory to set your Echo Dot free
Isn't that what the Echo is for with the drop in feature?
Amazon Echo can be used to eavesdrop on conversations, hackers reveal via
Best electronic decisions I've made in the past 3 years. 1. Building my PC. 2. Buying my Elite controller. 3. Getting my Amazon Echo
is reportedly working on hardware to take on the Amazon Echo and Home - Quartz :
I think he's done messing with my Amazon Echo
The Amazon Echo can be hacked to listen in on everything you say
Hey Stop by our booth to book a demo and take home an Amazon Echo Dot. Rumor has it we will be pouring wine later tod…
"Alexa, where's the nearest takeaway?" Get takeaway, music & more with Amazon Echo. https:…
Some great deals on the Amazon Echo and Dot. Save £40 when you buy two Echos and £20 when you buy a Echo & Dot
Echo smart speaker can be to send the audio stream of everything it hears to an attacker
Hackers can spy on you through Amazon Echo
My friend is running a contest and giving away a free Amazon Echo Dot. via
Listening to Strangers In The Night (Remastered 2008) by Frank Sinatra on my Amazon Echo
Amazon's Echo Show gets more practical by adding support for smart home camera feeds by
Echo Can Be Hacked to act as a Surveillance device .
My wife asked why I carry a gun around the house. I told her: fear of CIA. She laughed, I laughed, the Amazon Echo laughed.…
Listening to Forever in Love by Kenny G on my Amazon Echo
Listening to Daybreak by Barry Manilow on my Amazon Echo
"My favorite Alexa skill has made the $50 Echo Dot worth every penny" via
Amazon Echo turned into covert microphone
Read this before you think about trashing your Amazon Echo. More info here:
Visit Baker Tilly at BoothWorld Congress today, July 24 and 25! Network with our leaders and enter to win an Amazon Echo!
Google Home and Amazon Echo signal a new level of government surveillance .
Walter WilkesListening to Young At Heart (2000 Digital Remaster) by Frank Sinatra on my Amazon Echo
Amazon’s Prime Day was the biggest sales day in its history, up 60% on 2016 led by the Echo
Amazon echo price and features, buy amazon echo on amazon Prime Day
Just got an Amazon Echo. What are some fun Alexa skills I should enable?
My Prime Day purchase! Already in love. 💙 Listening to Spotify and Pandora...
Got an Amazon Echo on Prime Day? Here are the skills to enable these skills first:
Totally expected -> Amazon's next Echo will be more like Apple's HomePod via
It's Prime Day! If you've been wanting an Echo, now's your chance! It's $90 off!
Alright, I have to give it to I added the Echo Dot to my shopping cart on Prime Day & got several retargeting ads that day to buy
I entered to win an Amazon Echo Dot from KFireTV. + Take 60% Off VPN:
Sony’s 4K Android TVs will soon work with Amazon Echo devices
Here's how to make a DIY Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo Speakers can now control your Fire TV...
Want x100. Maybe will try over wkd -> "I installed Amazon Echo in a car & it was even more amazing than I imagined"
This year's Prime Day biggest day in Amazon's history top products? Echo dots and 23andme dna kits
Raspberry Pi transformed into Amazon Echo by smart assistant add-on
The Echo Show adds new dimension to Alexa, here's how to set it up
Amazon is reportedly prepping a brand new Echo to compete with the HomePod
attendees: we will give away the second Amazon Echo Dot at 3:50PM today at the booth. Be sure to come by.
Set my new Amazon echo to respond to "computer" and it can go into red alert and it makes me so happy.
The first Alexa skills to enable on your new Amazon Echo:
Whoa guys, check out the new Amazon Echo featuring Alexa Jones.
Echo Show brings you everything you love about Alexa
One serious problem with and like many I need all available accessories.
Amazon Alexa and Echo chief Mike George is leaving after nearly two decades with the company
Adventures in conversational interface: designing for the Amazon Echo
I was recording a morning routine today at 9am and I'm going through the footage rn. I got in a real life fight with my…
“I installed an Amazon Echo Dot in a car and it was the best infotainment system I've ever used”
Amazon Echo Dot is the best car infotainment system I have ever used - Business Insider.
TechCrunch: Amazon said to be working on a premium version of the Echo
Just got my yesterday. Perfect timing.
me normally: capitalism is bad! full communism now!. me on Prime Day: shut up of course I need an Amazon Echo for my toilet
broadcast by Amazon Echo costs just $89 today ahead of Amazon Prime Day
Prime Day just started early with an insane deal on the Amazon Echo
Owners of the Amazon Echo spent around 10% more on Amazon in the 6mos after they purchased than before they had it.
Jam Voice is a £50 Amazon Echo alternative with Alexa voice control and more
If you need covers for your printer click: Amazon Echo vs Show vs Dot vs Tap: which is b...…
Spin the Wheel for Charity at the nThrive booth for a chance to win an Amazon Echo!
Congratulations to Joyce from Hospice of the Valley on winning the Amazon Echo! Thanks for meeting with us!
I just got an Amazon Wand bar scanner for $20. It is integrated into Amazon Echo. Can be used to order groceries.
Listening to some Joe Zawinul streaming from SomaFM via my iPhone to my Amazon Echo. Still amazed that this all works.
Walter WilkesListening to Heaven (2009 Re-Mastered Digital Version) by The Rolling Stones on my Amazon Echo
Listening to Wooly Bully by Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs on my Amazon Echo
BREAKING: Apple announces "HomePod" speaker, seen as competitor to Amazon Echo and Google Home. https:…
Mobile> Essential Home is here to take on the Amazon Echo > To ->
Essential Home revealed to take on Amazon Echo and Google’s assistant (Chris Burns…
How to turn your Amazon Echo into a noise machine.
Essential Home is this year's most surprising Amazon Echo competitor
.Echo speaker will do more than just play music (via
Top story: Essential Home, la alternativa a Google Home y Amazon Echo see more
WWDC Prediction Apple will expand the use of its W1 chip. That's right, Air Pods will get a big brother in an Amazon Echo competitor.
I have a confession,,, I'm paranoid that the gov is spying on ppl via amazon echo
"Essential Home is an Amazon Echo competitor that puts privacy first" *at least in theory, this sounds laudable
Every time the commentators on say Alexa my amazon echo goes off 🙄 lol
Android creator takes on Google and Apple with Essential Phone and Amazon Echo rival
Hurry! Surprise Amazon sale slashes prices of Echo and Echo Dot
Essential Home announced as a privacy-focused Amazon Echo competitor, to have a round "auto-display" and be less c……
Essential Home is Andy Rubin's answer to Google Home and Amazon Echo -
Essential Home is set to take on Google Home and Amazon Echo with ambient intelligence
"About one-quarter of U.S. households now have at least one piece of gear in their possession".…
It's it's super cute, and it's coming for the . .
The other part of Essential's strategy: A Google Home and Amazon Echo competitor called the Essential Home:
Based on initial impressions, the Essential Home looks like a worthy competitor to the Google Home and Amazon Echo.
Meet Essential Home: an alternative to Amazon Echo and Google Home
Essential Home is Andy Rubin’s answer to Google Home and Amazon Echo
Listening to Sandy Patty singing America The Beautiful on the Amazon Echo sounds incredible.
Cracked me up.Brilliant 'SNL' parody invents an Amazon Echo for old people via
Walter WilkesListening to Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Remastered Version) by Crosby, Stills & Nash on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell on my Amazon Echo
When I eventually get a knee replacement, I want one with an Amazon Echo and satellite radio installed.
Amazon Echo - SNL: The Amazon Echo Silver is specifically designed for the greatest generation (Kenan Thompson,……
Check out the top electronics Amazon Echo - Black
Don't miss this amazing deal on the newest Amazon Echo
Engadget: Amazon’s Echo family can now make calls and send messages
Who ya gonna video call? rolls out new Echo Show home hub with touchscreen
IT'S HERE!!! And I'm celebrating with some BIG goodies (like an Amazon Echo and free coaching sessions).
I want to win a $200 prize pack from w/ an Echo Dot, Way of the Warrior Kid by + more!
_NewsTechnology: new Echo Show with a screen is a bet on what comes after the
Amazon Echo's - New phone feature works great, however they need to add a "Do Not Disturb" feature ASAP!
Amazon Echo sale slashes price to the lowest it’s been in 2017
The Wall Street Journal: Amazon launches new Echo with touch screen, call capabilities via
I can not emphasize enough the powerful social network Amazon will build around Alexa Calling and Drop-ins with Echo Sho…
Join the Citified Shutta mission by to win an Amazon Echo voice controlled speaker! 📷 Anike Akwokwo
Stop by our booth at Salesforce World Tour London and you could win an Amazon Echo: Cheers! 🇬🇧
Listening to Recorder Suite: Air a la l'Italienne by Georg Philipp Telemann on my Amazon Echo
Listening to Heaven On Their Minds by Murray Head & Alan Doggett on my Amazon Echo
Listening to I Dreamed Last Night by Justin Hayward & John Lodge on my Amazon Echo
my mom got an Amazon Echo and has been carrying it around her purse bc she thinks it's a mobile device. help
Doctor Strange wants to know if you prefer the Google Assistant or Amazon Echo, and why?. . . . . . .
You'll love and hate Amazon Echo: (The following piece is from Stephen Cobb, senior researcher at the San Diego……
Walter WilkesListening to Angie (Remastered 2009) by The Rolling Stones on my Amazon Echo
Today is your last chance to win an Amazon Echo at in SF!! Stop by & get your badge scanned at the booth (11…
Last day at Don't miss your chance to win an Amazon Echo. Visit booth 1115.
Walter WilkesListening to Ventura Highway by America on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Kicks by Paul Revere & Mark Lindsay formerly of Paul Revere & The Raiders on my Amazon Echo
George Osborne's new fashion label and an Amazon Echo for pets? Today's April Fools' Day tricks
Update your maps at Navteq
Google Home: UK release date, price, sound and all you need to know about the Amazon Echo rival -…
Google Home releases on the 6th April, in case you want a smart speaker but aren't interested in the Amazon Echo
Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which smart speaker will win the battle for your living room?
Walter WilkesListening to 52 Vincent Black Lightning by Robert Earl Keen on my Amazon Echo
Do you own an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap? ($100) (South Lake Union) | link in bio |
Walter WilkesListening to StarWaves by M83, Anthony Gonzalez & Joseph Trapanese on my Amazon Echo
Be sure to stop by booth at the 2017 Winter Conference to register for the chance to win an Amazon Echo!
Wow! I just entered for a chance to win "Ultimate Protective Case for Amazon Echo, Stylish ..." by Enfain.
Visit us at Oakland booth and drop your card in the bowl to win an Amazon Echo
Hey now Check Amazon Alexa story where Nielsen results were skewed by an "Echo"
How do you make money from building a app/skill for Amazon Echo?
Does it bother any1 else that the Amazon Echo Dot commercial promotes but every1 on there just tells Alexa what they want?
I liked a video from How to Make an Amazon Echo / Alexa from a Raspberry Pi 3 -
Services at the tip of your tongue at the Alexis Hotel by Kimpton! Volara-powered Dot in every room!…
Newest Echo Dot has small size and small price
if you own an amazon echo, I highly recommend saying 'Alexa sing' and then prepare yourself
Check out our voice-based guest engagement solution on the at Alexis Hotel by Kimpton!
Amazon might update Alexa with voice recognition
Amazon put my dog in there add for Amazon echo lol
Hi! Alexa is the brain/voice of Amazon devices such as Echo and Tap! Do you own one of these devices?
Fancy this? Like and Share if you do Travel Carry Pouch Sleeve Portable Prot ...
Sitting on the kitchen counter, Echo listens, waiting for the right moment to spring to life as a personal ...
FWIW, I'd highly suggest buying a Google Home > Amazon Echo. I've been testing them both at my house for the last few days.
Amazon ECHO Plays all your music,TV, Reads Audio Books and MORE using YOUR voice and ALEXA. GO TO:…
Google Home is a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo -
The fun don't stop with Echo Cellular. Buy it now on our website, or on Amazon. Free shipping on USA
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