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Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen, CH (translit. Ômorto Shen; born 3 November 1933) is an Indian economist who was awarded the 1998 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to welfare economics and social choice theory, and for his interest in the problems of society's poorest members.

Nalanda University Nobel Laureate Nobel Prize Jagdish Bhagwati Bharat Ratna Joseph Stiglitz Mother Teresa Arundhati Roy Pankaj Mishra Paul Krugman

It's easy for intellectuals like Amartya Sen to support welfare schemes in poor countries - because it's not his money being spent
says I fired Amartya Sen from chancellorship of Nalanda University when BJP came to power. Sen embezzled 3000 cr
what was it amartya sen said again? paraphrasing but we live in an imperfect world so small reforms, like Amnesty's, are key to progressing
Just finished watching, against my better instincts, doc on Buddha , full of twisted narratives & featuring Amartya Sen!
Amartya Sens seven wishes for India You should like this.
Nalanda University, Amartya Sen and the massive fraud in reconstruction !!
Amartya Sen resigned as chancellor of Nalanda citing political interference. Thats d problem.
A must read article on why Sen is wrong ? .
It is not Nalanda University Amartya sen swallowed 2000 crores rupees with building a village school
Amartya Sen's seven wishes for India: An extract from the economist's speech at the ZEE Jaipur…
"Poverty is not just Lack of Income but also Lack of Capability." - Amartya Sen
well madam even if Amartya Sen was made chairman he'd still make it a Nalandal blunder.
Priya nair,green peace , tessta amartya sen and now beware!! the fascist state is gripping its hold
Narendra Modi has not fulfilled hopes: Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen says Interference in academic matters ‘politically extreme’ under NDA. but what abt the Loot in Nalanda Uni…
He is writing as if he has protected SC till nw r Kejriwal already tk decision. No wonder why he abuses Amartya Sen.
Dear Amartya Sen instead of The Argumentative Indian you should've just called your book Stupidosuar.
AAP can take a leaf out of Amartya Sen’s book
Thing I didn't know: Amartya Sen is married to Emma Rothschild
The quote from Amartya Sen here is apt:
Education ministry what have u been smoking. Amartya Sen was removed and Gajendra Chauhan is being defended in I rest my case :-) lol
in past 60 yrs how many Dalit industrialists of caliber of Ambani or Azim Premji or Nobel Prize winners like Amartya Sen
er, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and Amartya Sen wouldn't agree with you on that. Nobel Prize economists all three.
A missing touch of Adam Smith in Amartya Sen's Public Reasoning : the Man Within for the Man Without
"On Social Media they said they'd kill me, tear me limb by limb. Wont apologize for my opinions": Amartya Sen on WTP
Identity and violence : the illusion of destiny by Amartya Sen
Yup, gender issues are very multidimensional, as noted by Amartya Sen in an essay, early on.
Well, rather than just dismiss you with "It's utter crap," a sample of why it is so:
Disturbing to read Amartya Sen’s observation on political interference in academia by the Modi Govt. Unfortunate !
The Country of First Boys by Amartya Sen - think jar via
These ppl have never talked on Nalanda where an assistant prof. sidelined Guha n Pratap bhanu mehta on behest f Amartya sen
India: The Stormy Revival of an International University by Amartya Sen | The New York Review of Books
Amartya sen was siphoning off university funds,what did he make in Rs2000cr a 4Room set which can't even compete with Sulabh
Laureate Amartya Sen on Sen with Mahbub Ul Haq pioneered paradigm
Jerry Rao Great piece on Amartya Sen chk out Financial Inclusion @ the Bottom of the Pyramid
Pic 1: What Indians expected Amartya Sen to transform the Nalanda University. Pic 2: What Amartya Sen actually did
Check the example of Amartya Sen in Nalanda University. Check current hullabaloo in FTII.
Do u know ??. APJ Abdul Kalam dream was to revive the glory of Ancient Nalanda University. But killed it thro Amartya Sen.
Do u know??. Dream of APJ Abdul Kalam. Revive the glory of historic Nalanda University. But SONIA GANDHI & Amartya Sen ruined&…
Please never forget, never, Amartya Sen destroyed Kalam Sirs dream of Nalanda University Revival & he humiliated & forced …
Some ( not all ) Bengalis think that Tagore, Subhas Chandra Bose, Amartya Sen, etc r the private properties of Bengalis, and no non Bengali
Wonderful piece by Amartya Sen on how we fail to learn the lessons of history when it comes to austerity
Tavleen Singh on Amartya Sen: Sen’s comrade, Jean Dreze, was a member of Sonia’s National Advisory Council
Tavleen Singh on Amartya Sen: Did Sen make statement saying Rajiv Gandhi had no right to be prime minister?
Fun to see Amartya Sen cleverly skirt question on Rahul & state of Congress by pontificating on glorious…
Modi government had no business in stopping Amartya Sen's looting at Nalanda University by making him acco…
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Sir, a nice example of academic institution building by pvt enterprise is ISB Amartya Sen failed.
Can any true son of Bharat mata tell me which donkey gave this *** Amartya Sen the Bharat Ratna? We need to name and shame…
The kind of advisers Sonia had>Amartya Sen,John Dreze,Aruna Roy,Medha,Teesta,Binayak Sen,its a wonder India isn't in d same state as Greece!
Save Join the initiative by prominent citizens including Dr. Amartya Sen. urban planning needed
fact on ..Dr. Bidhan Roy made Amartya Sen the youngest professor of Jadavpur University against the wishes of communist
2)Especially since Tony Atkinson has worked closely in academic circles w noble winners like Paul Krugman,Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen.
A frightfully drunk Amartya Sen, explaining to a hooker in slurred phrases the Tragedy of the Commons.
Austerity may wreck nice article by
'Analysis of public debt demands more critical thinking than a misleading analogy with private indebtedness'
Did you need a detailed, precise dissection of why austerity's bad economics? Amartya Sen can help you with that
"As...Amartya Sen...recognized, poverty & inadequate distribution, not lack of...production, shape...contours of food insecurity"
Amartya Sen on austerity, masterfully written and argued
Amartya Sen gave a speech using this Treaty as an example which is amazing
One of the most respected economist and Noble Laureate Amartya Sen will be proud of this budget .
Amartya Sen at "Education and health care are fastest ways to grow. Kerala is the best example."
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Join me in welcoming our new household member.Our lovely son, Amartya Sen Otieno (ASO) was born yesterday...
more TimesNow lies! Times of India said on December 15: “Amartya Sen: People on street can't deal with corruption.”
Good read: "The economic consequences of austerity” by Amartya Sen
but why roast poor RG as well? He was just quietly sitting there wondering how to spout Amartya sen while sounding like lalu.
7 new working papers on Amartya Sen's capability approach in urban planning & design now available
"Amartya Sen: The economic consequences of austerity"
Amartya Sen on the consequences of austerity in 2015 and 1919.
Amartya Sen i the consequences of austerityin 2015 and 1919.
Amartya Sen words of wisdom to keep you going!
I doubt if Amartya Sen wld be able to secure addmission to a DU Eco Hons program,unless given special consideration for the Nobel
Amartya Sen wl b on d advisory panel of Mamata's TMC govt on public health. The notion of self-respect has eluded this man.
Poverty is a deprivation of freedom - the freedom to express the potential that each person has in life. - Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen's lecture on the consequences of
and Amartya Sen oppose austerity, are they just raving radical lefties? I don't think so.
Amartya Sen: The economic consequences of austerity
Brilliant from Amartya Sen: The economic consequences of austerity. UK election & irrational/ahistorical fear of debt
Russia's faith healers, Stewart Lee, and Musilm apostasy: the New Humanist's top 5
They are Dr Amartya Sen, Dr Abhijeet Binayak Banerjee of MIT, Sir Michael Marmot of University College of London Instit…
Former President Kalam had ripped apart Amartya Sen -
Nobel Laureates Amartya Sen and Malala Yousafzai have been invited to speak during the centenary celebration l...
Amartya Sen's lecture yesterday on Persuasion and at the University of Cambridge (Kings's college chapel)
Jagdish Bhagwati has attacked 'leftwing populists' (Amartya Sen?) on their optimism regarding
Amartya Sen is named as winner of the first Charleston - EFG John Maynard Keynes Prize.
This year we've been lucky enough to work with Rowan Williams and Tom Kerridge. Next up is Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen!
Rupa. The self claimed Nobel Laureate. Who compares herself with likes of Amartya Sen.
“There are hundreds of millions of people who could ultimately benefit from the FXBVillage program” - laureate Amartya Sen
Launching the toolkit to eradicate w/ laureate Amartya Sen and
Nobel Laureate, Dr. Amartya Sen speaking today about sustainable poverty relief
Amartya Sen as well as the two American economists close to BJP, Jagdish Bhagwati & Arvind Panagariya...2/
lucky students, good cake metaphor. I like z approach 2 economics advocated by Amartya Sen & late Mahbub Haq
Not only that, it seems as an academician even I should feel threatened! ex. Amartya sen et. al.
Brown Indian women are not the burden of goras or their like Amartya Sen
RIP philosophy videos - mind, history and Amartya Sen: Hello,. The Royal Institute of Philosophy is building a...
Fair enough. When not-so-great news about "slow genocide", Amartya Sen dubs it, confronts us will u call for its end?
^ The Authors are of dubious distinction. Amartya Sen got Nobel Prize for whitewashing Churchill's Indian holocaust
No one can guarantee human happiness, and the choices people make are their own concern: Amartya Sen.
Boss .. .did you ask the same about Amartya Sen ?
with our corrupt systems,leaders,bad governance,etc.Justice must come first.Like what Amartya Sen said.
Don’t want Modi as my PM: Amartya Sen via
Jagdish Bhagwati is Baap of Amartya Sen, but only topic Barkha can discuss with him is communalism. Kutte Ki Dumm analogy suits these ppl .
Why can't you morons question Amartya Sen on Nalanda scam? Or scum Archbishop who claimed gar wapsi behind 72 yr nun rape?
In case u were wondering who Jagdish Bhagwati is, he's just Right Wings' Wanna be Amartya Sen. So u guys, relax a bit.
Jagdish Bhagwati tired of too much media attention on church attacks. And not enough on Amartya Sen attacks.
Reading - " The Argumentative Indian" - by Amartya Sen - the book every Indian & non india should read to know the incredible India.
As Amartya Sen's work on this brings out, so many highly educated women abort female foetuses.
Little Giant Ladders
.Amartya Sen can be very provocative too.Btw,provocative is not a negative !
Missed IMF Director Christine Professor Amartya Sen lectures, watch, read or listen here
Missed the June 2014 lecture by and Amartya Sen? Watch it here
good example of critical review : I review the idea of Amartya Sen, you can do it also with Gilpin idea
Amartya Sen: "But the idea that I should be a teacher and a researcher of some sort did not vary over the years."
Like many of am also brought up listening that books are best friend.Now I picked "The Argumentative India" by Amartya Sen.Gd Mg n grt week.
I love it when Amartya Sen likens social issues to cake.
I am still waiting for the day when Amartya Sen goes nuts, calls Jagdish Bhagwati a *** and mock him for his lack of Nobel Prize
Human rights and Asian values: what Kee Kuan Yew & Le Peng don’t understand about Asia by Amartya Sen v
: They have invented with Amartya Sen's inputs the concept of communal multivariate calculus which I use in lecturing …
ll someone tell this whinning Amartya Sen that Chattishgarh Govt of BJP already brought better food security bill be4 Congress's at center
Amartya Sen's Bicycle on display at the Nobel Museum.
Freedom, Responsibility and Economics of the Person (from Amartya Sen & then...) .
Amartya Sen wrote Bongs died bcoz they ate 2 much rice & not bcoz of British 1/2
India is recognized by the rest of the world not because of the economist like Subramaniyam Swami but 'cos of Amartya Sen like peoples.
Amartya Sen will be at on April 21 to deliver the annual Spitzer Lecture in Political Science.
Amartya sen would be proud of her socioeconomic expertise!
Also remember, Amartya Sen too is HAPPILY married into the Rothschild family.
Replug: Event blog on Lecture: Law, Economics & Republic of Beliefs, by
General course student Ryo reflects on The Amartya Sen Lecture: Law, Economics, and the Republic of Beliefs
Please dont guess Amartya Sen. I said Kolkata airport. Not the executive lounge for Emirates in Dubai
Very interesting analysis of Prof. Amartya Sen's lecture "Life and death in Asia and Africa". By Sjon van ’t Hof.
Amartya Sen said there are no famines in a democracy. UK compared to poorer democracies in Europe.
Academic governance in India remains so deeply vulnerable to the opinions of the ruling government: Amartya Sen
Great.. It's Dr.Amartya Sen's thought. He said qouta should be based on economic, not cast, community
should not write 4 pioneer. Its owned by Chandan Mitra BJP MP, who spread vicious rumours about Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen has argued the essence of democracy lies not just in head-counting but in what he calls 'public reasoning' Ne…
*** Amartya Sen was "upset" because of probes into funds of Nalanda - 2727 cr building & $80 annual salary
I think Amartya Sen has found the next VC of Nalanda University in that girl.
Where is Amartya Sen? What happened to the Nalanda University?
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If Amartya Sen had more confidence, not to mention substance, he would not be trying to provoke me all the time. I feel sorry for him.
I just requested As by Amartya Sen from my local I will first read it your style when it arrives.
My standards are high: I limit my criticisms to Amartya Sen's immediate family and circulate rumors only if heard from two or more sources.
Bhai, one day we will sit down and I will explain everything that Amartya Sen has done to harm the country, the world, and me.
Whoever asked that question should be awarded PhD and ask to work with Amartya Sen.
Amartya Sen must be happy with this Kerala Model of governance
I don’t want Modi as my PM, says Amartya Sen: Read Full Story -
Universal healthcare: the affordable dream
Amartya Sen got his Nobel for absolving British financier families of the crime of several famines in India
Amartya Sen: Universal healthcare: the affordable dream
same logic with India but scale much higher. Rice eaters. Didnt Amartya sen use that too
We don't have universal healthcare because we don't want it
Development is indeed a momentous engagement with freedom’s possibilities. - Amartya Sen.
Your identity is multifaceted: Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny by Amartya Sen: via
Immense potential to become Amartya Sen of the future |
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New post: reports on talk "Law, Economics and the Republic of Beliefs"
Curtis Sittenfeld, Iain Banks, Amartya Sen, Arundhati Roy and Stephen King on the list. Tick along, because birthday time =]
Amartya Sen is speaking on politics, Raj Babbar is speaking on economics & Digvijay Singh is just speaking.The Mayans were right
Lack of Liberty says Sen. Amartya Sen, the Nobel Laureate stepped down from his position as...
laureate Amartya Sen defends his ties to Nalanda University in response to media accusations
Modi ji said he met Nobel Laureate in Japan to get help for farmers. Is he willing to take help frm our own Nobel Laureate Dr. Amartya Sen?
Govt of the day doesn't want Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen to lead the iconic Nalanda University.Conveyed through deafeni…
Harvard economist and Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen played"Dirty Politics" for his Unquenchable greed for Money & Power.
laureate Amartya Sen should be prosecuted for withdrawing his candidature as Chancellor of Nalanda University, says Subramanian Swamy
Nobel Laureate act of shame after Amartya Sen's nalanda corruption.
for Amartya Sen as shoots off a letter to CBI accusing Nobel Laureate AmartyaSen of financial misconduct
Has and his minions ever spoken about the Nalanda Uni scam under Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen.
But is not a Nobel Laureate. Pls. Don't mention his name alongside Mother Teresa & Amartya Sen.
Amartya Sen touts Kerala as ideal state that others should follow, where as it is a revenue deficit state supported by other states
People like Amartya Sen tout "Kerala Model" as superior to Gujarat Model where as Kerala is revenue deficit state ==>.
Amartya Sen should be prosecuted: Swamy: Five days after Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen withdrew his…
An aside: how come 3 of our recent Nobel winners are all in controversial headlines at same time: Amartya Sen, Mother Ter…
Why are RSS/BJP allergic to Nobel Laureates? Hate Amartya Sen, Mother Teresa & are not too fond of Satyarthi either. Their onl…
If Sugata Bose can fight for Amartya Sen, why doesn't he raise his voice for Netaji?
If Sugato Bose can fight for Amartya Sen, why can't he fight for declassifying Netaji docs via
Amartya Sen endorsed Rahul Gandhi, endorsed Rahul Gandhi that should be a statement on Dr Sen!
Statim sine mora :) MT Frankly Modi Sarkar should do immediate CAG audit of Nalanda Univ. Hold Amartya Sen accountable.
Faced with allegations of wrongdoing, Amartya Sen had looked to quit - India Tomorrow
In letter to SM Krishna, for Prez APJ Kalam slams Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen quits Nalanda, says Pranab, board in favour but govt doesn't want me.
Amartya Sen: Rahul Gandhi excellent alternative as PM . Me: Alia bhatt excellent alternative for Ministry of Home aff…
An ode to the great Nobel Laureate - Amartya Sen and his selfless service to
What a sorry state of affairs.. where uneducated Smriti Irani becomes HRD Minister and Amartya Sen have to leave Nalanda…
Amartya Sen feels the Govt does not want him to continue as chancellor of Nalanda University...
but ofcourse Amartya Sen is also an honest Injun (Same university as Man Mohan Singh of Coal fame, right?)
Academic gov'ce in India so deeply vulnerable to the wish of ruling gov'nt that UPA appointed Amartya Sen arbitrarily.
I guess will hv answer. After all she did exclusive story on *** Amartya Sen.
Amartya Sen strengths Bihar's GDP when he does so.
What were the salaries Amartya Sen and his colleagues getting from Nalanda University? Was India's poorest state paying in dollars?
There was Dolly the sheep. Then came along a Nobel Prize for Amartya Sen, the dissident student (clone) of John Rawls.
Nobel Laureate unwanted by Govt as Chancellor of Nalanda?Amartya Sen thinks so.Writes letter opting out after no reply from
Wanna see another Nobel Prize winning Venki Ramakrishnan, Amartya Sen? Give us a chance!
Moving piece on breast care in ft. Harvard's Amartya Sen, & Paul Farmer
Nobel-prize winning economists Joseph Stiglitz & Amartya Sen have admitted that GDP doesn't capture the human condition-It is a poor measure
Ancient Indian mathematics had other influences: Amartya Sen
Most works by Amartya Sen and those by Robert Chambers
Amartya Sen, Arundhati Roy and Pankaj Mishra are among the world's most influential thinkers of 2014
Amartya Sen: "How can we judge how well a society as a whole is doing in light of its members’ disparate interests?"
I just read this whole inaugural speech : Gaborone Central MP Honourable Phenyo Butale's response to SONA: Delivered before parliament on Wednesday 19 November 2014. Madam speaker let take this opportunity to thank you for the chance to make this inaugural address to this august house. Allow me to echo the apt words of my leader, the people’s president His Excellency Duma Gideon Boko, and pay tribute to a great son of this soil, an honourable man who if it was not for the evil forces that connived to deprive this nation of his eloquence and leadership, i have no doubt that Gomolemo Thatayaone ‘Sir G’ Motswaledi would be standing where the present speaker is standing and he was no doubt going to illuminate this house with well researched debates, at the heart of which was going to be nothing but the interest of his people. Go sena polotiki ya matomo, ya bolope le go ithokomolosa bosula le tshiamolola ka tsholohelo ya go atswiwa ka maemonyana kana go lathelelwa leraponyana wa kokona. Let me start by t ...
GK & Current Affairs: October 27, 28, 2014 November 21, 2014 No comments 1. Who among the following has been recently appointed as the Chairman of Future Earth Engagement Committee? [A]Amartya Sen [B]Jairam Ramesh [C]Manmohan Singh [D]Jean Dreze Jairam Ramesh The inaugural Future Earth Engagement Committee is to be chaired by Indian economist and politician Jairam Ramesh, the Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability (the Alliance).Future Earth is a global research platform providing the knowledge and support to accelerate our transformations to a sustainable world. 2. India has recently agreed to supply naval vessels as part of military transfer to which South-Asian nation? [A]Thailand [B]Singapore [C]Vietnam [D]Philippines Vietnam India will supply naval vessels to Vietnam. Vietnam PM Nguyen Tan Dung is on a two-day visit to India. The sale of four offshore patrol vessels is critical for Vietnam as it wants to improve its defences in the energy rich-South China Sea where it is locked i . ...
Amartya Sen & Martha Nussbaum hanky panky? Yuck! What an ugly couple that must have been! Every day, one learns something new.
more riffing on s for w via J S Mill, Amartya Sen, Osterwalder & more.
great piece. Makes me think math allows economists a rawlsworld, & the problems associated w/it as discussed by Amartya Sen
The first two certifications come from documented anti India forces - Amartya Sen and Pankaj Mishra. So I'd be very skeptical
Oh Pages you did NOT just autocorrect Amartya Sen to Emery Sen.
Starting Ciudad Emergente Lecture w/ and latingsd. Amartya Sen and urban guerrillas.
Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen: "Indeed, no substantial famine has ever occurred in a democratic country—no matter how poor."
I am not..just gave example because u were comparing apples & oranges..let me say amartya Sen or ur ananthmurthy who were
Walker - Amartya Sen's capability framework as a tool to understand and address inequality/injustice
Amartya Sen admitted that he had advantage 'cause he knew Sanskrit. Nehru did bunkum 4us.
Did Amartya Sen deserve a Nobel Prize? What has been the impact of his work globally on humanity!Are poor of the world better off due to him
Paper by Patrick Kabanda, with foreword by Amartya Sen, on how music & art can be drivers of economic development.
I highly recommend The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity by Amartya Sen
How does Amartya Sen see the issue of |
Echoes of Amartya Sen as tells Kissinger world order must take account of people:
Poverty is not just only absence of INCOME but it is also absence of CAPABILITIES. -Prof. Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen’s Concept of Development and Poverty Development should focus on People, not economy.
You need to minimize the amount of soap and water you use. It's all about the economics. . -Amartya Sen.
Amartya Sen (1981) 'famines come not from shortages but from the absence of entitlement to food'
. Rahul is Illiterate? He studied under Amartya Sen. Worked under Michael porter. This is too much for Modi/ Sangies
We Met Amartya Sen for interview. Get a glimpse soon by !
Congratulations to Professor Gillian Brock and Hamish Russell of Philosophy, joint winners of the Amartya Sen Prize
But things r changing think this year's Nobel price winner or Amartya Sen (also Nobel winner)
Don't be that person Amartya Sen accuses of having their head up their ***
Amartya Sen is great and should be ranked even higher
TNR ranks Amartya Sen as the top economist of the last 100 years. Above Keynes and Friedman. Hayak's in the top 5?
Director of Finn Tarp pleased to announce that next year's WIDER Annual Lecture will be delivered by Amartya Sen in…
In 1995, western developed nations accounted for almost 80% of global economic activity. By 2050 it will be only 35% http:…
Ambedkar my father in Economics: . - Dr Amartya Sen
When Amartya Sen won the Nobel, 10.4 lakh delirious Bengalis took out a rally in Calcutta. 
Amartya Sen is one of top of the past 100 years. See the full list:
And what crap is Kerala model that sends girls to earn a living in a terrible, war torn country?. Amartya Sen wants Ind to …
I am full of opinions on cricket, although I may know nothing about it 😂 like Amartya Sen-Rothschild on history
"In confronting what is called "Islamic terrorism", Western policy is aimed at trying to define—or redefine—Islam." Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen: equity and efficiency in healthcare don't need to be a tradeoff. In fact, they should really go in the same direction.
They were. And Amartya Sen in a historical study over shows that droughts do the least damage in democaracies.
Amartya Sen lecture critiquing the 'meagre' view of humanity as having only needs and not values:
Amartya Sen, Vikram Seth and others unite against death penalty in
Amartya Sen’s Concept of Development and Poverty Dvpmt should focus on people, not GDP.
Stern on the use of climate models, quoting Amartya Sen: It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong.
at Yale to receive 2014 Amartya Sen Prize where James Henry brilliant on 'the invisible hand nowher…
Things I like at Harvard- You can watch Amartya Sen strolling calmly after his grocery shopping early morning!
"Being a fine piece of capital is not the most exalted state that can happen to a human being" (Amartya Sen)
Amartya Sen doesn't want Modi as PM,rates him below Nitish.Isn't it height of intolerance?"
Nothing is as important as [the] recognition of political, economic & social participation & leadership of women. >> Amartya Sen
Gujarat development model has weaknesses on social side: Amartya Sen - Indian Express via
So many things pointed out in Amartya Sen's research, Poverty and Famines, can be related to Tharparkar's situation in Pakistan.
That irritating moment when you had breakfast right next to Amartya Sen, only to learn it was him after departing!:( :( :(
Result of Amartya Sen's hyped Kerala model of begging..."Malnutrition claims 18 infant deaths in Kerala"
Amartya Sen, Jagdish Bhagwati fight was dignified??. Was great fun and educational. At least for me:)
A fine review of Nobel Amartya Sen's foray into India's history, culture & Identity by a great historian.
Feat. Conference on genocide w Amartya Sen via
If Amartya Sen were 2 read this essay, it would be like water off a duck's back: The Economics of Inclusion |
Amartya "one of the most distinguished minds of our time" says No flattery here
I'm really going to enjoy Amartya Sen's book: - thx for the tip off
The latter. Her disciple Amartya Sen claimed that Hindoos did n't have a single good king.
Amartya Sen: "(genocidal) anger against carefully cultivated by gov. of
Listen to speak out for themselves & against what Amartya Sen calls SLOW GENOCIDE …
I keep on forgetting that Amartya Sen is a guy. Smh.
Amartya Sen asked his daughter not to act in a movie depicting KP plight, faces hostile bollywood
2 great economist fathers celebrate movie release of their daughters on the same day! Amartya Sen & student
Educated in Howard is intelligence. Best example is Rahul. Amartya sen got Nobel as he taught Rahul
Amartya Sen at : many time is about making things better, and not ideal
Amartya Sen at Justice Development Conference: focus on finding ways to make things better, not make things ideal; an important distinction
Amartya Sen: in dealing with w need to look for how to make things better, rather than how to make things ideal
Amartya Sen speaking now urging that while we act on we continue to improve our understanding of them
‘Nandana’s nudity is sensuous!’ Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen ditched economics and discussed cinema with daughter Nandana Sen and me in Mumbai, October 2009. I was editor of the prestigious ‘Bombay Times’ then. The world renowned economist thought his daughter’s nudity in the controversial film ‘Rang Rasiya’ (which releases Nov. 7, seven years after it was made) was sensuous. This is what he had to say… It's funny, with a daughter like the lovely international actress Nandana Sen, you would have thought Nobel Prize economist Prof. Amartya Sen would be well informed about cinema. But he’s not. He knows just about five people connected with filmmaking. And these he counted for me with much difficulty and some prompting from Nandana . “I knew Satyajit Ray extremely well,” he began, “he and I studied at Santiniketan. I had huge admiration for him. And I know Mira Nair, Shyam Benegal, and, and... what’s his name, Mrinal Sen! I do know Nandita Das and like her films, also. And I met... ...
How many poor people are there globally? Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen estimates 1.71 billion acc. to multidimensional-poverty-index
"...the encouragement and cultivation of initiatives": Amartya Sen (3/3)
Ann E. Cudd : Commitment as Motivation: Amartya Sen's Theory of Agency and the Explanation of Behavior: (dire...
model has weaknesses on social side. Says Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen.
Favourite member? Eric Hobsbawm, Quentin Skinner and Amartya Sen are up there for me.
Amartya Sen & Mahbub Ul-haq, composed Human Development Index, which have said that poverty is beyond lack of money.
Moron gets Moron Ratna Amartya Sen award in economics Diesel de-regulated . Prices will go up !!!
“Being considerate of the desires and pursuits of others need not be seen as a violation of rationality” Amartya Sen, The Idea of Justice
I return to the Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen. Hunger and Public Action.
and fact of democracy. Those who savage Fasoye haven't read Amartya Sen's entitlement and deprivation 3/3
Tradition of Nalanda University is firmly against divisiveness: Prof. Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen says public health in India is a disaster
CEA is a very good guy for the job. He has criticized not just Modi but also UPA & Amartya Sen. says what he feels
Amartya Sen’s Concept of Development and Poverty Goal of development is to enhance people's capabilities and freedom
“There are reasons for India to hang its head in shame” says Amartya Sen on the country's inequalities
Amartya Sen said "No famine has ever taken place in the history of the world in a functioning democracy.”
(2/2) Flexibility and strength of institutions will be exposed when faced with uncertainty ->Amartya Sen's research on gvt response to faime
From one Nobel Laureate to another: Amartya Sen reacts to Kailash Satyarthi’s win via
Amartya Sen would die before he supports free trade.
saw that. But he's been teaching in a lot of schools of govt which suggests Amartya Sen types. Looks like an unknown commodity
Do u disagree with Arvind Subramanian's selection? I am not aware of his views? Is he the Amartya Sen variety?
Absolutely! Mimansa, charcha is part of us. As Amartya Sen put it, we are the argumentative Indians!
Agreed!! there is a cache that has been put in "if they qualify on the parameters of the varsity" says Prof Amartya Sen
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Nalanda University to provide. free education to poor:Prof. Amartya Sen -
Amartya sen also has good credentials. Will u be ok with him?
"India ranks one of the worst in gender violence. Recent stats have proved Amartya Sen's view wrong, that India is non-violent" - Prof Kundu
Public health in India is a disaster, says Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. CLICK -
Amartya Sen observes that the unstoppable spread has roots in developing countries not investing in public health to attract aid.
So lets make Amartya Sen the CEA. Nobel bhi hai, Bharat Ratna bhi.. Why settle for Arvind?
Not all sir..some of them argued fiscal deficit was needed for wlefare..including great Amartya Sen :)
Oh! Then lets get Amartya Sen. He is also Bharat Ratna and Nobel Laureate too.
and Modi don't care what Arvind M was talking abt him in past. Then what's wrong with Amartya Sen
Tradition of Nalanda University is firmly against divisiveness: Amartya Sen. READ:
Nalanda University to start 2 new courses from next session
"Amartya Sen on video from 2014 conference
Amartya Sen says, Nalanda University to provide free education to poor students -
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