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Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen, CH (translit. Ômorto Shen; born 3 November 1933) is an Indian economist who was awarded the 1998 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to welfare economics and social choice theory, and for his interest in the problems of society's poorest members.

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Amartya sen had an agenda Good to get away from such misdeeds and this shall be reported also Thanks
Which is "The Possibility of Social Choice", the Nobel lecture delivered by Prof. Amartya Sen in December 1998.
Movies gulo to darun touchy hcche...r one thing ur current dp resembles to Suchitra Sen mam
Jean dreaz...Saw him many times near Stephen's and DSE riding a cycle...An associate of Amartya sen
As Nobel Prizewinning economist Amartya Sen proved, famine is always caused by a failure in politics.
Amartya Sen on as a universal value. 20 years later, this is still an essential read
We keep arguing and no solution emerges. Society is too fragmented on arguments. Dr Amartya Sen and his il…
On International Day of Democracy, why not read Amartya Sen's Peace and Democratic Society for free
Prof. Amartya Sen, 6th Indian Nobel Prize winning economist claimed, "Dr. Ambedkar is my Father in Economics"
Read Drew Westen's "The Political Brain" too and Amartya Sen's "Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny" You'll love them.
Preach 🙏🏾 - Western/white dominant narrative is harmful, universities need to start teaching a whole lo…
That leech Amartya sen is a special advisor.
Similar to Amartya Sen & all the award vapasee gang in India?
Sir, most of the people don't even want to know. People even disregard the likes of amartya sen on eco.…
Cover of latest issue of Ethics & Int. Affairs. Essay by Amartya Sen on global justice & my essay on 'After Liberal…
Is she going to work for Zionists Rothschild the way Amartya Sen does?
Why not interview your favourite has-been economist Amartya Sen? Oh! He comes on holiday in Dec and u obligingly interview him!
"Amartya Sen’s argument about the positive effects of democratic processes and a
podcast: 'Inequalities: changing the terms of the debate' w/ Jee Kim, Amartya Sen &
In 2015 we won this Amartya Sen prize with article has now been published with some revisions.
call for papers on Focus on Indivisibility & Power, started at wshop w Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen's work on rights, capabilities & "development as freedom" underpins my research. He's one of my academi…
Even poor nations are smarter than US when it comes to universal health care.
Featuring Amartya Sen on Global Justice (my essay "After Liberal Hegemony" too, free download) via
Here is Amartya Sen, no one's idea of a BJP supporter, on the number of rapes in India.
Stunned to hear dat Amartya Sen's Nalanda Univ regime had a course on 'Politics of Yoga' taught by a foreigner. Now cours…
Opening decolonization conference with ‘Amilcar Cabral and Amartya Sen: Freedom and Resistance’, 28 Aug 2pm http…
Like my cousins can call me a coconut and I can't be like "How DARE you, I have read The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen"
Amartya Sen and Angus Deaton write to Indian Express that the Sameeksha Trust should not have forced the former editor of t…
He is from the same frat as Mother Teresa and Amartya Sen.
Amartya Sen is a Nobel Laureate n free to express himself. But his stmnt if inciting difference btn two grps shd nt b filmised
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Sonia will committed suicide along with Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen recently chipped in with his views on the ‘lynching’ debate. This latest outrage of his – and other...
Amartya Sen:In the suppression of India’s tolerant tradition...the BJP, has clearly played a gigantic role. '
India is witnessing the downside of “faith” says Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen, everyone knows. You are a bigger cancer for Pakistan than all the cancers cured by SKMH.
If pride of Bengali's is considered (Rabi thakur Amartya sen Satyajit ray and dada)will be under the same bracket .Happybirthday
Towards unfreedom – Amartya Sen on challenges to Indian traditions of toleration
Nobel Prize awarded to only Fraud, Cheats & Corrupt.Amartya Sen, Sathyarthi, etc stands as a testimony.
West Bengal is burning today. Where is Amartya Sen and his entire award wapasi gang?
"No famine has ever taken place in the history of the world in a functioning democracy." Amartya Sen
After Amartya sen now Arun Shourie is new cheerleader
What sort of joke??It's same university Dr.Amartya Sen left recently??. If it's joke it is in bad taste. If it is true it'…
Amartya Sen is an intellectual fraud. He's been anti-Hindu for a while. He even convinced his lover Marsha Nussbaum to…
Amartya Sen is as much of a economist as Poonam Pandey is a actress FSB
Our Amartya Sen is not to be seen these days. He will come to India during coming winter to lecture us.
strong reasons 2 believe like Ramon Magsaysay, Nobel Prizes too available for a price; looking @ Amartya Sen
Another Amartya Sen. . But atleast has the courtesy to agree to blunder he said.
When it comes to low credibility of Noble laureates, we also have Amartya Sen & Barak Obama in the list😂
Nobel is given to Bakhras so that their leverage in particular Country grows, ilk Amartya sen how much he looted fr…
The likes of amartya sen are the engines of dirty politics and social conflict in india.they make a living out of i…
Thanks sir.It's you , from economic who worked on indian classics after amartya Sen .
Since Amartya Sen has extremely strong feelings about Intolerance in India, why doesn't he return Bharat Ratan? .
Amartya Sen: The BJP is shoving India down the ladder of intolerance and unfreedom.
Congress is hiring Amartya Sen in place of Prashant Kishor. Advisor, Tactics will be his designation.
All of the above. Plus, Amartya Sen is a bigot.
Nobel Laureates like Krugman and Amartya Sen - please note.
The Americans don't have exclusive bragging rights, India has its own version in the form o…
Thanks to media, we now know that Amartya Sen's exit is political, but his appointment was not, and no 1 gives a crap about…
This should *** off Amartya Sen, he only had access to 2700 cr, and that was also not for a private university.
We are armchair economists same as Paul Krugman and Amartya Sen. What do…
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From SS Mukharji to Amartya Sen, Pranaba da r from Bengal. And Sangh was *** bent opposing the stat…
Who is the armchair economist you are talking about? , Amartya sen, , Larry Summers. Take your pick 🙏
A call for change: a vision of democracy, tolerance drawn from India's past can be powerful, Amartya Sen argues.
Another Amartya Sen speaking from his rearhole...😂😂
And let's not forget Amartya Sen and that whole libtard gang of economists.
Amartya Sen & Nabaneeta Dev Sen in a chat with at the launch of her book Talky Tumble of Jumble Farm in Kolkata on July 10
“Poverty is the deprivation of opportunity.”- Amartya Sen
Even Amartya Sen was condemned. It is not that our people do not have intelligence. But it is…
Has anybody informed Amartya Sen about this?
Astrology column writer Paul Krugman has spoken.. waiting for expert Amartya Sen also to give his advise
Does India’s tolerance of heterodoxy still hold? As v look around2day signs of tolerance seem2faded . https:…
Amartya Sen on the bigoted BJP & the wimpy Opposition: Towards unfreedom – The Indian Express
Worth reading this again on Amartya Sen's actions at Nalanda University.
Amartya Sen who since 1972 has worked in the UK & USA has no license to even speak about Indians. He messed up with Nala…
Amartya Sen on need for vision to counter the tolerance of intolerance
Eagerly waiting . to see when Amartya Sen. is returning his Bharat Ratna award?. .
Amartya Sen, awarded Bharat Ratna by Vajpayee government. Has strong words for Modi government.
Amartya Sen, who? India knows how he mismanaged as Nalanda University . chancellor🙈. ABV made a mistake by awarding him Bh…
How does it matter ! Amartya Sen got his Bharat Ratna when ABV was PM & Brajesh Mishra got his Padma Vi…
Want to hear Lord Nicholas Stern and Amartya Sen discuss economic development and inequality in India? Join us 7/6 - t…
an "ultra-liberal"? He is inspired by John Rawls and Amartya Sen : two eminent thinkers who are in favor o…
Join us on Sat 4/29 at the Rubin Museum for a convo between Amartya Sen and Akeel Bilgrami use discount code GPS10
Amartya Sen observed- basic health care for all can be provided at low cost if society shows high-level commitment. http…
Jagdish Bhagwati still cannot get over the fact that Amartya Sen won the Nobel Prize and he didn't.
Anti-demonetisation experts like Amartya Sen stand 'humiliated and exposed': Jagdish Bhagwati - Business Today
Amartya Sen's stand on demonetisation was a despotic act: Jagdish Bhagwati
Demonetization: Amartya Sen and his friends stand 'humiliated' and 'exposed', says Jagdish Bhagwati
Get ready for Amartya Sen, Arun Shourie & PC on where all 4 will mock Modi and have a good time !
Even the most "authoritative" sources often fail to understand the phenomenon of famines and hunger: Amartya Sen.
Experts as in Amartya Sen & Dr Manmohan Singh who have shown petty biases instead of proving where inflation has go…
As Amartya Sen said: is about some people not having enough to eat (not about there not being enough to eat)
. Beware of men/women who receive white man's decoration!. /Amartya Sen.
Considering how the anti-demonetisation wave has decimated BJP everywhere, will mms & amartya sen be returning their PhD degrees? Curious.
To both the Prof from Harvard , first Steve Harding advisor to Hillary and Akhilesh, second Migratory Bird -Amartya…
. Beware of men/women who are conferred white mans' decoration!. Sen!
lol yes Hindu Taliban,you seem like a Migratory Bird like Amartya Sen😀😁
According to Amartya Sen BJP is still going to be a minority government.
Economists like Amartya Sen will now realize the difference between HARWARD ECONOMICS and HARD WORK ECONOMICS. Modi has proved it .
Bjp has been rejected by a majority (60%) of people of UP. - Amartya (Non)Sen(se).
If experts(not the Amartya Sen kind, ok?) from media are unanimous that helped Modi to get votes, Was he correct or not?
Waiting to read 'expert' piece by Shri Amartya Sen on how Trump win has impacted UP elections. These armchair intellectuals
Wait for Amartya sen, he will say 59% of UP voters have rejected Modi
Ha Ha Amartya Sen theory being pedalled by same clique!!! Clumsy explanation from NDTV breed will start pouring in, now.
Can't blame her. Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen also used the 'minority government' jibe to belittle PM Modi.
43% voteshare of BJP in UP. As it is not 50%, it will be called minority govt by Amartya Sen.
Wait for Amartya Sen to sah that with 41% vote share BJP will have a minority govt in UP, because 59% didnt vote for them.
Every one of those global experts in economics including a Amartya Sen, please read this. Bias cannot overtake fact
what is Dr Amartya Sen going to say.. with 58% of people not voting BJP they can't call themselves majority?
Congratulations on the budget.HP can become a model state in Human Development as Amartya Sen had eaelier lauded.
Thank you I am sure that wouldn't have won without your stellar campaigns aided by Amartya Sen…
BJP didn't get 58% of votes. So has no right to enact laws ~ Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen
Amartya Naxal Sen would say "BJP got into 49% votes; 69% didn't vote for them, BJP is minority govt"! *** deserves a Igloo!
Amartya Sen should at least return some of the prize money if not the complete Nobel Prize itself. .
UP elections 2017: Hard work vs Harvard: PM Narendra Modi takes a dig at critics. at his best again.
Amartya Sen..Q&A... . Democracy and social decisions
This is from the article by Braj Ranjan Mani called Amartya Sen's Imagined India
39th was presented by Prof. Amartya Sen, a Nobel Laureate, of Harvard University
"Imagine being offered a plate with six oranges and an apple..." Amartya Sen's economic thought experiments:
I'll simplify it for u. Modi was mocking the POLITICAL criticism by Amartya Sen, MMS & Chidambaram! Heard w…
Hard work is more powerful than Harvard In response to Amartya Sen on effects of demonetization.
The whole issue of is also an issue of humanity via
Feminism is an issue of humanity - Amartya Sen discussing gender equality VIDEO=>
Amartya Sen hiding from a serial killer. Killer: Come out I ve never failed. Amartya passes out.
Modi Govt is framing such rules as if they own people's money, rather than acting on behalf of the State. ht…
Amartya Sen to India Today: Kashmir brutality biggest blot on our democracy
Amartya Sen to India Today: brutality biggest blot on our democracy
Jean Dreze is the altar ego of Amartya Sen who is pathologically anti-Modi.
If Prime Minister can mock our Bharat Ratna and Noble Prize for economics winner Amartya Sen, what can you expect from Bhakts!?
Not only about Harvard critical op-ed, It was a jibe at Amartya Sen and PC, one graduated there and one professor there.
RSVP now for the 39th Annual Pullias Lecture, featuring Nobel Prize winner and Harvard professor Amartya Sen:…
TIL that George Yeo, a distinguished scholar who'd replaced Amartya Sen at Nalanda, put in his papers when the GOI didn't accept his vews.
Economist and Harvard University professor Amartya Sen sat down for a conversation a few hours after the passing...
Democracy is Damaged When People are Afraid to Speak Out - Economist and Harvard University professor Amartya Sen
Gawaar nationalists of BJP, Sangh parivar did nothing themselves but bash a Nobel Laureate like Amartya Sen!
Missed out on a ticket for next weeks talk with Mark Carney & Amartya Sen? Good news, the event will be live webcast h…
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.Bhakts hv forgotten that d same Amartya Sen got Bharat Ratna conferred to him by none other than Vajpayee Govt😑.
Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen on Noteban: Only an authoritarian government can calmly cause such misery to the people!.
According to Nobel Laureate Dr.Amartya Sen "Only an authoritarian govt. can calmly cause such misery to people-- with millions
Shocking views of Nobel Laureate, Dr. Amartya Sen on plz.
It's a great feeling to be sitting at the same place where thinkers like Netaji Subhash Ch Bose and Amartya Sen use…
Its still a mystery to many how and why and Amartya Sen got the Noble Prize
2016-10-31 Capabilities and Social Justice: The Political Philosophy of Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum: 2016-10-31…
Excited to be commenting at this forum - & hearing Sabina Alkire, Amartya Sen, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Mic…
Amartya Sen, 1998 Nobel Laureate in economics, joins us at right now. Watch here:
A talk by laureate in Dr. Amartya Sen - not to be missed!
Looking forward to interviewing the great Amartya Sen on and on Oct 28th. Any suggestions re Qs I should ask him?
laureate in Amartya Sen to give Gamble lecture Previous speakers inc Janet…
Just started reading the Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen. Quite impressed.
Amartya Sen on 3 decades of : poverty not just income, but deprivation of human capability .
Yeah, because Gunnar Myrdal, Amartya Sen, Akerlof, Stiglitz, and Krugman are *so* free-market. Please.
Joe Stiglitz: GDP is not a good predictor of societal wellbeing, a point made by Amartya Sen
But unfortunately, in a race, consumed by, what Amartya Sen called, "The Argumentative Indian" syndrome, -2
"Freedoms are not only the primary ends of development, they are also among its principal means" -Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen: 2 factors explain different women’s and
Gunnar Myrdal, James Tobin, Amartya Sen ... anyone else who deserved it?
so Amartya Sen won this prize not the Nobel Prize😨..
Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen says "if treated as a separate country TN&KL figure top in the HDI charts in south Asia"
Amartya Sen in his "An uncertain Glory: India and its contradictions", says , 1/2
What 'exciting' lives AAP lead. Protege of Amartya Sen? lol
What is the capabilities approach capable of? | Graham Harrison analyses Amartya Sen’s 'capabilities approach'
Highly recommend Amartya Sen's critique of Huntington's clash of civilizations if you really subscribe to this beli…
Well it is hard to believe that the likes of Paul Samuelson, Gunnar Myrdal, Arthur Lewis, Amartya Sen are free market types.
I just don't get being in Canada why suddenly so much interest in Indian politics. He's Amartya Sen of RWs.
India is like islands of California in sea of sub Saharan Africa ~ Amartya Sen
MP and Speaker Somnath Chatterjee in . " Keeping the Faith" condemned the decision of PM V P Singh's to implement...
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"The purely economic man is indeed close to being a social moron." Amartya Sen.
Looking back at role in the founding of Video…
I'm more of an Econometrica or an Amartya Sen guy when it comes to my political worldview, but I'll keep the advice in mind.
Our coordinator Joan Martinez-Alier is now on 1 list with Amartya Sen & Herman Daly: "winners of the Leontief Prize" https:…
Amartya SEN is also in the same bucket
it would be interesting to see how one can integrate the work of Amartya Sen in that index
Amartya Sen's calculations was considering ~950 std. Less accounted for by foeticide. But it's not as simple as that.
Ah yes my favorite South Asian economists, Jagdish Bhagwati of the Noodle Bowl and Amartya Sen of the Bangladesh
Caste isn't anti-national, it's inhuman. India as a nation-state is a Brahmanical project in itself. So whatever...
Amartya Sen, says: "All economists think growth. Few reflect about the idea that there is no growth without rights…
Yes I agree with Amartya Sen Though Its also true if not caste, then lang ethnicity, skin colour, religion will kee…
Why is Amartya Sen's name even there in the list? what has he contributed to philosophy?White-Brahmin monopoly.
Swamy king f mud-slinging..Shd be ignored..Only bhakts take note f his senseless accusations. Even did with Gr8 Amartya Sen
After coming to know that Manmohan Singh, Jean Dreaze and Amartya Sen are economists, I developed faith in astrology and astrologers.
Caste is anti-national as it divides India, says Amartya Sen
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.woke up feeling intellectual. Googled his symptoms. Turns out he is just Amartya Sen researching on The Argumentative Indian 2.
even a leftist philosopher like Amartya Sen wants R3 to stay, what more u need? Alia Bhat giving her view is pending.
India is losing one of the most skillful economic thinkers in the world: Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen
Top story: INDIAN NEWS Amartya Sen describes Indian caste divisions as ‘anti-na… see more
Amartya Sen describes Indian caste divisions as anti-national at London School of Economics vi…
our dilemma too, but we don't have an Amartya Sen to show the mirror -
I think it just to make sure he doesnt get 2nd term. Same lobbying in case of Amartya Sen
The Slow Genocide of the Rohingya by Amartya Sen: via
Amartya Sen: "I think that Piketty's conclusions mostly stand"
This government firmly believes that moksha comes through ignorance. Sen is an alien for them. via
Development can be a process of expanding the real freedoms that people enjoy. ★Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate
Find out why the FXBVillage Model is highly praised by Amartya Sen, the Nobel Laureate.
these things are carefully brushed aside by media and intellectuals like Amartya Sen also say Congress is not against any group
He shud learn from Amartya sen and shut his mouth.
When the Nobel award came my way, it also gave me an opportunity to do...
Amartya Sen:Economic consequences of _The judgements of our fin. & pol. leaders are breathtakingly narrow
Amartya Sen: "India is trying to become a global economic power with an uneducated and unhealthy labour force."
The article is from January but perhaps still interesting.
Amartya Sen even received UNESCO Cutest Language award on stage this year, on behalf of the Bengali community, while reciting a Tagore poem.
Nobel Laureate & LSE Honorary Fellow Amartya Sen returns to speak at on 3/6 htt…
The curriculum of the school did not neglect India's cultural, analyti...
Prof. Amartya Sen's "Rohingya didn't come to instead came to replaying at
Atleast they didn't morph nude photos of Amartya Sen daughter like Bhakts did when Sen questioned Modi.
Great honour to give the Amartya Sen Lecture
Big fan of Amartya Sen's approach to measure capability not outputs. More here:
Amartya Sen on the 20th century history of austerity measures in Europe & Keynes
Interesting perspective! "The return of caste and the need for recasting caste mindscape"
Self explanatory statement by Amartya Sen,tell us volumes.
Amartya Sen: Never been optimistic about India. But today, I’m more pessimistic
A similar tamasha was built around non renewal of Amartya Sen's position at Nalanda. Projected as though bjp govt was doing great injustice
Here, Professor, take this pen. Said Sonia to Amartya Sen. Sign here, here, and here. Money from taxes, we don't care. Whe…
Congress should make Amartya Sen its next PM candidate.
Lecture on 3 decades of economics thinking by Amartya Sen. Thanks for making these available.
Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen will deliver a lecture on global security on May 8 at
Amartya Sen sud know conservative larty in Canada got exact,y same % of vote as last time when de were in power, u see rule is sm for all
Condorcet in the News: Eric Maskin and Amartya Sen apply voting theory to the current Republican primary.
Amartya Sen: Development research and changing priorities via
Amartya Sen's shoelaces are reportedly more intelligent than Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.
Bhakts have problems with Amartya Sen because he is educated. None of them or their leaders were admitted to a decent s…
"Rohingya did not come to Burma first came to Amartya Sen.
What's the use of high degrees if you have no honor? Look at MMS Amartya Sen etc. Would u buy a used car from them?
go for Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen..its a good book.
Journalist trolled after he wrongly blames Amartya Sen for questioning legitimacy of Modi's election win in 2014. http…
Frustrated not with India, but governance of India: Amartya Sen via
British Engineered Bengal famine was proven by Amartya Sen - A RW favorite !
Now bhakts abusing Tagore and Amartya sen lol. These guys are pathetic
you conviction to adopt policies of APJ Abdul Kalam , Nobel Scholars Amartya Sen, Angus Deaton, work on poverty in India
Amartya Sen's article in New York Times and 'interesting' interpretation of Modi supporters to...
Usually after every Amartya Sen drama , slate of tv interviews follow this time even said buddha lagal gaya hai
Not lots of Amartya Sen type but lots of Sadanand Dhume typo
Amartya Sen thinks Modi government lacks legitimacy because BJP won only 31.3% of the vote. [But fine for Manmohan/Sonia to rule…
Prominent Blogger Chetan Bhagat telling Amartya Sen that increase of taxation will restrict economic slowdown.(2016) ht…
Media gave Amartya Sen so much coverage but how much for this very real issue touching the lives of real people?
3/1 Amartya Sen's New book 'Country of First Boys argues, Kaliyuga calendar is apparently much older than the other surviving old calendars
Amartya Sen to talk about ethics at the University of Utah
since when are you echoing Amartya Sen?
Why the organization funded by Amartya Sen made survey only on the plight of Bengali Muslims?Rural Bengali Hindus are equally poor & hapless
and I bet Nobel Laureate Dr.Amartya Sen will fully agree with on this . Don't you think ? 😆
a great critique of Amartya Sen on published on Round Table India
After Amartya Sen, Amitav Ghosh declares he wont vote for Modi. Poor Modi. Now he has to make the best of the remaining 119,99,99,998 people
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Amartya Sen: Austerity ultimately not a very intelligent policy.
very!!! 😃 I'm already reading Amartya Sen in anticipation, seriously can't wait.
Netaji death being used for petty politics: Amartya Sen
Do you expect Amartya Sen to come down from his Ivory Towers and offer solutions to the problems of unwashed millions?
Brilliant piece by Swami on MGNREGA, a must-read for Jean Dreze, Amartya Sen etc
In which capacity do u expect Amartya sen to do anything? . I had huge respect 4 u after madhu trehan interview,it's fading now
India has th worst healthcare system of any democratic country,-Amartya Sen. Have disagreed with him a lot but agree on that count
Participate in the third annual Amartya Sen Prize competition. Deadline end of August.
Balshree awards will not fix the education system. Fixing morons like Amartya Sen will. Do u guys have the guts?
Please come on 11 Feb evening for a conversation I will have with Amartya Sen & Barkha Dutt, in New Delhi. Details:
Why am I arguing with a goon who's read a buzzfeed article and thinks they're bloody Amartya Sen.
yes, development is freedom. Read Amartya Sen
Why has Modi govt not named anyone for Amartya Sen award?
“the identity of an individual is essentially a function of her choices, rather than the discovery of an immutable attribute” — Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen: 'I am very suspicious of taking people for a ride . on some imagined alternative'
bengalis didnt promote Amartya Sen.U are contradicting urself,according to u it was Rothschild who promoted him :)
Rothschild sponsored Bengal too. Amartya Sen's wife is one. You know, this is reward for clean-chitting Bengali hunger genocide.
Took me a MONTH to complete this one so the reading "goal" will have to be generously extended! Slowly and steadily. Ahead, Amartya Sen.
NDA's public acceptance of success of UPA's flagship schemes like puts to rest who won in Prof Amartya Sen vs J Bha…
Not only that, reasons like Amartya Sen's ouster from Nalanda univ & comparison of RSS to tea party. The cabal at work
Noble laureate Amartya Sen had said India economy will never grow beyond 3.5%,what good is the award ?
While I am interested both in economics and in philosophy, the union of these interests far exceeds their intersection. -…
my fave economics quote is from Amartya Sen that "rational economic man is a social moron".
Development should focus on people. What is Amartya Sen’s “Capability Approach” to Development via
Equality of what? by Amartya Sen. Alternative framework for defining equality focused on the capability approach
Wow is great! Parallels with Amartya Sen's Capability Approach http…
Amartya Sen’s capability approach to Social Inclusion. .
. Article gives the reference of amartya sen: the guy who built nothing more than 1500 cr bus stand in the name of nalanda univ
Oh yes. Read Arundhita Roy, Amartya Sen, and Daniel Kahneman over the last few weeks. Now reading Sapiens. You?
Haven't seen a Sagarika Ghose, Amartya Sen, Amit Chuadhuri or Amitav Ghosh talk about the demographic change in Bengal & Assam
Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate, found famines arent food shortages but lack of democracy. Imagine we democratize the economy!
India can't be a world leader with an unhealthy, uneducated labour force: Amartya Sen
Think I found my future husband in the library, have no idea who he is but he has a copy of Amartya Sen on his desk and Tory Lanez on YT
Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate in Economics, ignored the data to tout the Odd-Even scheme. Let that sink in, brethren and sistren.
This Nobel Laureate is the Amartya Sen of science. Busy denying Indian roots. Venkataraman Ramakrishnan a giveaway
Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen said that d NDA govt had been slow to move on key reforms and even failed to deliver on reforms it had promised
Watch Nobel Laureate V Ramakrishnan’s session with David Trimble and Amartya Sen live at 3:30 pm
NDA has failed on reforms, says Amartya Sen - 'However, the NDA government had done more than the UPA governmen...
The reason jokers like Amartya Sen condemn Internet in India is because Hindus brought out the truth about criminal Mughal…
If nuclear reactors for power generation r as dangerous as wht Amartya Sen says, we wd hv constructed a couple at the border. Multi purpose
Mesa thinks Amartya Sen has mistaken Nuclear Power plants with petrol pumps.
UPA neglected edu & health, Modi govt is neglecting it even more, says Amartya Sen at release of Bina Agarwal's 3-volume …
Amartya Kumar Sen's key book out in Iran: 'Culture, Art and Development' by A...
Amartya Sen on austerity 'Democracy should be about preventing mistakes through participatory deliberations'
Amartya Sen is a hypocrat, told which should help his personal agenda!
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Well. :) Forget all that. Look up the wife of Amartya Sen. Emma Georgina Rothschild.
Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen too disagrees with making min edu qualification compulsory in Panchayat elections.Its killi…
Amartya Sen's masterpiece "Democracy as a Universal Value" has succinctly proposed the causal link. Check it.
Amartya Sen seems to be out of his senses. He was criticising the CPM govt of W Bengal. A prelude to supporting BJP? Beaware BJP!
now Amartya sen is simply doing dalali for mamata ( as he has been appointed by her in some faltu committee)
LOL. The bird resembles Amartya Sen Rothschild with his half bald head!
Thanks Rob as your argument made me look up this- I'm an Amartya Sen fan but this critique is impt:
Amartya Sen on what Vietnam, China got right and got wrong.
Key way to Amartya Sen on Lifting Up the World's Women
Amartya Sen looks back at 30 years of development research
5 of 5 stars to A Wish a Day for a Week by Amartya Sen
Training quacks will help in rural health: Amartya Sen. New book idea .
But I remember Amartya Sen praising Left at that time . People of Amartya stature should give timely advice and not curry favor.
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