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Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen, CH (translit. Ômorto Shen; born 3 November 1933) is an Indian economist who was awarded the 1998 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to welfare economics and social choice theory, and for his interest in the problems of society's poorest members.

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Most works by Amartya Sen and those by Robert Chambers
Amartya Sen, Arundhati Roy and Pankaj Mishra are among the world's most influential thinkers of 2014
Amartya Sen: "How can we judge how well a society as a whole is doing in light of its members’ disparate interests?"
I just read this whole inaugural speech : Gaborone Central MP Honourable Phenyo Butale's response to SONA: Delivered before parliament on Wednesday 19 November 2014. Madam speaker let take this opportunity to thank you for the chance to make this inaugural address to this august house. Allow me to echo the apt words of my leader, the people’s president His Excellency Duma Gideon Boko, and pay tribute to a great son of this soil, an honourable man who if it was not for the evil forces that connived to deprive this nation of his eloquence and leadership, i have no doubt that Gomolemo Thatayaone ‘Sir G’ Motswaledi would be standing where the present speaker is standing and he was no doubt going to illuminate this house with well researched debates, at the heart of which was going to be nothing but the interest of his people. Go sena polotiki ya matomo, ya bolope le go ithokomolosa bosula le tshiamolola ka tsholohelo ya go atswiwa ka maemonyana kana go lathelelwa leraponyana wa kokona. Let me start by t ...
GK & Current Affairs: October 27, 28, 2014 November 21, 2014 No comments 1. Who among the following has been recently appointed as the Chairman of Future Earth Engagement Committee? [A]Amartya Sen [B]Jairam Ramesh [C]Manmohan Singh [D]Jean Dreze Jairam Ramesh The inaugural Future Earth Engagement Committee is to be chaired by Indian economist and politician Jairam Ramesh, the Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability (the Alliance).Future Earth is a global research platform providing the knowledge and support to accelerate our transformations to a sustainable world. 2. India has recently agreed to supply naval vessels as part of military transfer to which South-Asian nation? [A]Thailand [B]Singapore [C]Vietnam [D]Philippines Vietnam India will supply naval vessels to Vietnam. Vietnam PM Nguyen Tan Dung is on a two-day visit to India. The sale of four offshore patrol vessels is critical for Vietnam as it wants to improve its defences in the energy rich-South China Sea where it is locked i . ...
Amartya Sen & Martha Nussbaum hanky panky? Yuck! What an ugly couple that must have been! Every day, one learns something new.
more riffing on s for w via J S Mill, Amartya Sen, Osterwalder & more.
great piece. Makes me think math allows economists a rawlsworld, & the problems associated w/it as discussed by Amartya Sen
The first two certifications come from documented anti India forces - Amartya Sen and Pankaj Mishra. So I'd be very skeptical
Oh Pages you did NOT just autocorrect Amartya Sen to Emery Sen.
Starting Ciudad Emergente Lecture w/ and latingsd. Amartya Sen and urban guerrillas.
Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen: "Indeed, no substantial famine has ever occurred in a democratic country—no matter how poor."
I am not..just gave example because u were comparing apples & oranges..let me say amartya Sen or ur ananthmurthy who were
Walker - Amartya Sen's capability framework as a tool to understand and address inequality/injustice
Amartya Sen admitted that he had advantage 'cause he knew Sanskrit. Nehru did bunkum 4us.
Did Amartya Sen deserve a Nobel Prize? What has been the impact of his work globally on humanity!Are poor of the world better off due to him
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Paper by Patrick Kabanda, with foreword by Amartya Sen, on how music & art can be drivers of economic development.
I highly recommend The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity by Amartya Sen
How does Amartya Sen see the issue of |
Echoes of Amartya Sen as tells Kissinger world order must take account of people:
Poverty is not just only absence of INCOME but it is also absence of CAPABILITIES. -Prof. Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen’s Concept of Development and Poverty Development should focus on People, not economy.
You need to minimize the amount of soap and water you use. It's all about the economics. . -Amartya Sen.
Amartya Sen (1981) 'famines come not from shortages but from the absence of entitlement to food'
. Rahul is Illiterate? He studied under Amartya Sen. Worked under Michael porter. This is too much for Modi/ Sangies
We Met Amartya Sen for interview. Get a glimpse soon by !
Congratulations to Professor Gillian Brock and Hamish Russell of Philosophy, joint winners of the Amartya Sen Prize
But things r changing think this year's Nobel price winner or Amartya Sen (also Nobel winner)
Don't be that person Amartya Sen accuses of having their head up their ***
Amartya Sen is great and should be ranked even higher
TNR ranks Amartya Sen as the top economist of the last 100 years. Above Keynes and Friedman. Hayak's in the top 5?
Director of Finn Tarp pleased to announce that next year's WIDER Annual Lecture will be delivered by Amartya Sen in…
In 1995, western developed nations accounted for almost 80% of global economic activity. By 2050 it will be only 35% http:…
Ambedkar my father in Economics: . - Dr Amartya Sen
When Amartya Sen won the Nobel, 10.4 lakh delirious Bengalis took out a rally in Calcutta. 
Amartya Sen is one of top of the past 100 years. See the full list:
And what crap is Kerala model that sends girls to earn a living in a terrible, war torn country?. Amartya Sen wants Ind to …
I am full of opinions on cricket, although I may know nothing about it 😂 like Amartya Sen-Rothschild on history
"In confronting what is called "Islamic terrorism", Western policy is aimed at trying to define—or redefine—Islam." Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen: equity and efficiency in healthcare don't need to be a tradeoff. In fact, they should really go in the same direction.
They were. And Amartya Sen in a historical study over shows that droughts do the least damage in democaracies.
Amartya Sen lecture critiquing the 'meagre' view of humanity as having only needs and not values:
Amartya Sen, Vikram Seth and others unite against death penalty in
Amartya Sen’s Concept of Development and Poverty Dvpmt should focus on people, not GDP.
Stern on the use of climate models, quoting Amartya Sen: It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong.
at Yale to receive 2014 Amartya Sen Prize where James Henry brilliant on 'the invisible hand nowher…
Hamilton Collection
Things I like at Harvard- You can watch Amartya Sen strolling calmly after his grocery shopping early morning!
"Being a fine piece of capital is not the most exalted state that can happen to a human being" (Amartya Sen)
Amartya Sen doesn't want Modi as PM,rates him below Nitish.Isn't it height of intolerance?"
Nothing is as important as [the] recognition of political, economic & social participation & leadership of women. >> Amartya Sen
Gujarat development model has weaknesses on social side: Amartya Sen - Indian Express via
So many things pointed out in Amartya Sen's research, Poverty and Famines, can be related to Tharparkar's situation in Pakistan.
That irritating moment when you had breakfast right next to Amartya Sen, only to learn it was him after departing!:( :( :(
Result of Amartya Sen's hyped Kerala model of begging..."Malnutrition claims 18 infant deaths in Kerala"
Amartya Sen, jagdish Bhagwati fight was dignified??. Was great fun and educational. At least for me:)
A fine review of Nobel Amartya Sen's foray into India's history, culture & Identity by a great historian.
Feat. Conference on genocide w Amartya Sen via
If Amartya Sen were 2 read this essay, it would be like water off a duck's back: The Economics of Inclusion |
Amartya "one of the most distinguished minds of our time" says No flattery here
I'm really going to enjoy Amartya Sen's book: - thx for the tip off
The latter. Her disciple Amartya Sen claimed that Hindoos did n't have a single good king.
Amartya Sen: "(genocidal) anger against carefully cultivated by gov. of
Listen to speak out for themselves & against what Amartya Sen calls SLOW GENOCIDE …
I keep on forgetting that Amartya Sen is a guy. Smh.
Amartya Sen asked his daughter not to act in a movie depicting KP plight, faces hostile bollywood
2 great economist fathers celebrate movie release of their daughters on the same day! Amartya Sen & student
Educated in Howard is intelligence. Best example is Rahul. Amartya sen got Nobel as he taught Rahul
Amartya Sen at : many time is about making things better, and not ideal
Amartya Sen at Justice Development Conference: focus on finding ways to make things better, not make things ideal; an important distinction
Amartya Sen: in dealing with w need to look for how to make things better, rather than how to make things ideal
Amartya Sen speaking now urging that while we act on we continue to improve our understanding of them
‘Nandana’s nudity is sensuous!’ Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen ditched economics and discussed cinema with daughter Nandana Sen and me in Mumbai, October 2009. I was editor of the prestigious ‘Bombay Times’ then. The world renowned economist thought his daughter’s nudity in the controversial film ‘Rang Rasiya’ (which releases Nov. 7, seven years after it was made) was sensuous. This is what he had to say… It's funny, with a daughter like the lovely international actress Nandana Sen, you would have thought Nobel Prize economist Prof. Amartya Sen would be well informed about cinema. But he’s not. He knows just about five people connected with filmmaking. And these he counted for me with much difficulty and some prompting from Nandana . “I knew Satyajit Ray extremely well,” he began, “he and I studied at Santiniketan. I had huge admiration for him. And I know Mira Nair, Shyam Benegal, and, and... what’s his name, Mrinal Sen! I do know Nandita Das and like her films, also. And I met... ...
How many poor people are there globally? Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen estimates 1.71 billion acc. to multidimensional-poverty-index
"...the encouragement and cultivation of initiatives": Amartya Sen (3/3)
Ann E. Cudd : Commitment as Motivation: Amartya Sen's Theory of Agency and the Explanation of Behavior: (dire...
model has weaknesses on social side. Says Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen.
Favourite member? Eric Hobsbawm, Quentin Skinner and Amartya Sen are up there for me.
Amartya Sen & Mahbub Ul-haq, composed Human Development Index, which have said that poverty is beyond lack of money.
Moron gets Moron Ratna Amartya Sen award in economics Diesel de-regulated . Prices will go up !!!
“Being considerate of the desires and pursuits of others need not be seen as a violation of rationality” Amartya Sen, The Idea of Justice
I return to the Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen. Hunger and Public Action.
and fact of democracy. Those who savage Fasoye haven't read Amartya Sen's entitlement and deprivation 3/3
Tradition of Nalanda University is firmly against divisiveness: Prof. Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen says public health in India is a disaster
CEA is a very good guy for the job. He has criticized not just Modi but also UPA & Amartya Sen. says what he feels
Amartya Sen’s Concept of Development and Poverty Goal of development is to enhance people's capabilities and freedom
“There are reasons for India to hang its head in shame” says Amartya Sen on the country's inequalities
Amartya Sen said "No famine has ever taken place in the history of the world in a functioning democracy.”
(2/2) Flexibility and strength of institutions will be exposed when faced with uncertainty ->Amartya Sen's research on gvt response to faime
From one Nobel Laureate to another: Amartya Sen reacts to Kailash Satyarthi’s win via
Amartya Sen would die before he supports free trade.
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saw that. But he's been teaching in a lot of schools of govt which suggests Amartya Sen types. Looks like an unknown commodity
Do u disagree with Arvind Subramanian's selection? I am not aware of his views? Is he the Amartya Sen variety?
Absolutely! Mimansa, charcha is part of us. As Amartya Sen put it, we are the argumentative Indians!
Agreed!! there is a cache that has been put in "if they qualify on the parameters of the varsity" says Prof Amartya Sen
Nalanda University to provide. free education to poor:Prof. Amartya Sen -
Amartya sen also has good credentials. Will u be ok with him?
"India ranks one of the worst in gender violence. Recent stats have proved Amartya Sen's view wrong, that India is non-violent" - Prof Kundu
Public health in India is a disaster, says Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. CLICK -
Amartya Sen observes that the unstoppable spread has roots in developing countries not investing in public health to attract aid.
So lets make Amartya Sen the CEA. Nobel bhi hai, Bharat Ratna bhi.. Why settle for Arvind?
Not all sir..some of them argued fiscal deficit was needed for wlefare..including great Amartya Sen :)
Oh! Then lets get Amartya Sen. He is also Bharat Ratna and Nobel Laureate too.
and Modi don't care what Arvind M was talking abt him in past. Then what's wrong with Amartya Sen
Tradition of Nalanda University is firmly against divisiveness: Amartya Sen. READ:
Nalanda University to start 2 new courses from next session
"Amartya Sen on video from 2014 conference
Amartya Sen says, Nalanda University to provide free education to poor students -
Always remember this. Amartya Sen is a fraudster! He ate of Rs2300 Cr in Nalanda Univ & don't show accounts. His Nobel Prize is…
.4.Over the years, there is a competition between Amartya Sen camp (proximity helped him win Nobel) vs Bhagwati camp.
Then Amartya Sen would have been a better choice ;-)
Nalanda University to provide free education to poor: Amartya Sen. Biharsharif: The Nalanda University will...
Nalanda University to start 2 new courses: Amartya Sen via
Tradition of Nalanda is firmly against divisiveness: Amartya Sen – Economic Times 
I see Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs in large numbers cheering Modi Jee! Who is secular, Dr. Amartya Sen?
O' Red Zombie Amartya, don't you know the Nalanda tradition or are you fooling around?
Amartya Sen on video from 2014 conference
Good news. The Film Review Council of the Sangh Parivar has given a big thumbs down to the fim Haider. It is scurrilous and offends the dignity of our brave jawans. In fact there is a concerted effort to review all the films made after Raja Harishchandra to see if there is suspicious content that pollutes the minds of our Akhand Bharatiyas. It is a humongous task as you can well imagine but made possible by the fact that the council members (many of whom gave a big thumbs down to other sickular rotters like Romila Thapar, Amartya Sen,MF Husain and more recently Wendy Doniger) do not actually need to see the films. Just as they do not need to read any books.Word of mouth, hearsay and rumor suffice. In emulating Gandhiji's three monkeys it is ensured that only the truest of emotions and beliefs, untainted by paid news and pseudo intellectuals, will carry the day. Jai Hind.
Peace Proposal 2012 Human Security & Sustainability : Sharing Reverence for the Dignity of Life by Daisaku Ikeda President, Soka Gakkai International Synopsis The economist Amartya Sen, a renowned advocate of the methods and approaches of human security, has emphasized "the dangers of sudden deprivation." Such unanticipated threats can take the form of natural disaster and conflict, and can also arise from economic crises and rapid environmental degradation brought about by climate change. It is crucial that we respond vigorously to such threats, which can grievously undermine people's lives, livelihoods and dignity. It is the nature of disasters that they destroy those things that are most precious, necessary and irreplaceable to human life. They inflict the suffering of the loss of friends and family members, the destruction of homes and the shredding of the bonds of community. When disasters strike, society as a whole must be prepared to offer long-term support, sharing the responsibility to assist pe ...
.Raga is an *** anyways. . But Modi today made Manmohan Singh & Amartya Sen look like economic illiterat…
Business Related GK for Jahangornagar E unit. 11. Bangladesh first achieved the membership of which international organization? ans: Commonwealth. 12. When did Bangladesh achieve the membership of WTO? ans: 1 January 1995. 13. Income Tax is a- ans: Direct Tax. 14. Buyer of Treasury Bills- ans: Commercial Bank. 15. The letter 'E' in the word E- Commerce stands for- ans: Electronic. 16. A place where secondary shares & securities are traded is- ans: Stock Exchange. 17. Taka 10 polymer note was first introduced in Bangladesh in- ans: 2000 18. TCB stands for- ans: Trading Corporation of Bangladesh. 19. Famous for research works 'Poverty & Famine’ written by: ans: Amartya Sen. 20. The central regulatory body for the banks in Bangladesh is- ans: Bangladesh bank. 21. In Banking “SLR” stands for- ans: Statutory Liquidity Ratio. 22. The central bank of the USA is known as- ans: Federal Research System. 23. “Wall Street” famous for- ans: New York Stock Exchange. 24. SRO stands for- ans: Statutory Regulato ...
Stop lying Dr.policy.I respect you more than Dr.Manmohan Singh and Amartya Sen put together.
Amartya Sen will give the Keynote Lecture at the Center for South Asian & Indian Ocean Studies conference on 9/26:
Amartya Sen, winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economics, on gender inequality and female disadvantage in India:
Books & Their Authors very important for upcomig IBPS RRB exams * 1. “One Life is Not Enough” : written by Kunwar Natwar Singh Note: The book is an autobiography of the former External Affairs Minister and senior Congress Party leader Natwar Singh. 2. A book entitled Munger through the Ages authored by late Devendra Prasad Yadav 3. The Lives of Others” a novel written by: Neel Mukherjee Note: Novel is short listed for the prestigious Man Booker Prize 2014. 4. The Substance and the Shadow: written by Uday Tara Nayar, a former journalist. Note: The Substance and the Shadow, the biography of 91-year-old actor Dilip Kumar. 5. Warrior State written by T V Paul 6. Blood Feud written by Edward Klein 7. A Bad Character: authored by Deepti Kapoor. 8. The Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous - Khuswant Singh 9. Train To Pakistan - Khuswant Singh 10. An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions - Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen. 11. A Brush with Life- Satish Gujral 12. A Bend in the river- V.S. Naipaul 13. God of S ...
"There is a danger in seeing poverty in the narrow terms of income deprivation, and then justifying investment in education, health care and so forth on the ground that they are good means to the end of reducing income poverty... The basic foundational issues force us toward understanding poverty and deprivation in terms of lives people can actually lead and the freedoms they do actually have." - Amartya Sen (Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics) in 'Development as Freedom'
Kolkata - What was the benefit of Nobel Laureate DR.Amartya Sen's study or Professor Muhammad Yunus's findings - apply & lift people's life
'Stop Obsessing About Global Warming' by Amartya Sen (RT ≠ endorsement but this piece got me thinking)
Sen's work has been a cult of its own.Proud of him.
Man-made famines that killed millions by starvation, power plays that decide who laden tables serve, the...
Martha Nussbaum and Amartya Sen have some interesting work on the topic, if you haven't looked into already
"The success of a society is to be evaluated primarily by the freedoms that members of the society enjoy." – Amartya Sen
Churchill's Secret War. Though do read Amartya Sen's essay on the famine as well. And some accusation are a bit exaggerated.
Lecture on “Amartya Sen and Ecological Economics” by. Professor Mark Lindley, Renowned Gandhi Scholar and...
Amartya Sen says condition of health sector in India is not good
my article come from Amartya Sen, Madhushree Mukherjee's ''Churchill's Secret War", etc.
Amartya Sen’s Concept of Development and Poverty People must be focus of progress
Poverty must be seen as the deprivation of basic capabilities rather than merely as lowness of income. Amartya Sen 1999
IMs like Amartya Sen shld also be incl. in ths category who sold themselves to the west& propagating their idea of human rights
George Soros, Amartya Sen & others on why justice matters to economic development http:/
human being. They differ, therefore, from constitutionally created rights guaranteed for specific people.” Amartya Sen
While I am interested both in economics and in philosophy, the union of these interests far exceeds their intersection. - Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen is alive or dead?Haven't seen him after formation of Modi govt. used to see frequent interview with
Great privilege to hear from Amartya Sen, via live video link
Author: Amartya Sen, listed in Wikipedia as a Feminist economist, economist, really?
When your supporters called Amartya Sen a Naxalite
Genius of like sitarist Ravi Shankar's & economist Amartya Sen's was recognised in India only after West did so. A bit of shame define min living standards or, as I personally advocate, use Amartya Sen's criteria (On Development as Freedom).
Shame on India for forgetting the man made (Churchill made) BENGAL HOLOCAUST which killed 3 MILLION INDIANS
And how Migratory bird Amartya Sen absolved them of all crimes by publishing a book and pocketed the Nobel Prize !
"Development should be defined in terms of freedom, not in terms of gross national product (GNP)." Amartya Sen
New Books >> Development as Freedom. Development as FreedomAmartya Sen...
Amartya sen, the best in class who fits in both the criteria. Email: asenProfile:
Amartya Sen's original estimate of Asia's "missing women" was off by 50%, as discovered by Emily Oster
Missed Amartya Sen's lecture Poverty and the Tolerance of the Intolerable? Check out the podcast
In future, we hope to look at theories of famines - neo-Malthusian, Food Availability Decline, and Amartya Sen's entitlement approach.
Check out the positive review from for a book written by our very own
he and indian amartya sen gave the concept of Human Development. I taught the subject back in the day
Win books by and Amartya Sen and Eric Maskin, and Jose Scheinkman!.
Excellent book Review in of The Foreign Policy of John Rawls and Amartya Sen by even better book
Development can be a process of expanding the real freedoms that people enjoy- Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate in economics
Learn By Yourself. :) Here is the list of moat important information related to bank ,so read this carefully to obtain good marks in banking job exam. * ADB stands for -Asian Development Bank * BIMSTEC stands for – Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi Secctoral Technical and Economic Co-Operaation * The Head Office of Asian Clearing Union (ACU) is situated in – Tehran, Iran * ‘The ballot is stronger than bullet’ quoted by – Abraham Lincoln * According to ECA Report 2010 the most expensive city in the world is – Tokyo(Japan) * Name of the canal/strait joining the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea is- Suez * The land-locked country in Indian sub-continent is Nepal and Bhutan * The largest tea exporter country in the world – Sri Lanka * Amartya Sen is famous for his research work on – Poverty and Famine * Permanent members of the security council of UN- USA, UK, Russia, France, China * Scandinavian countries are Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland * The capital city of Zimbabwe is – ...
Of course, having bn married in to Rothschild family who R known to fund xtian missions, Amartya Sen wud fvr their agenda
thanks to the moron Amartya Sen, now I know the real worth of Noble prize in economics.
Our congratulations to those people receiving Honorary Degrees from the University of Cambridge today. They include CUP author Professor The Lord Rees,cosmologist and astrophysicist; and Sir Ian McKellen, sometime wizard and evil mutant mastermind (amongst other things). Honorary Doctorates are conferred only on people who have achieved the highest national or international prominence in their field. Previous recipients have included Mandela, Ted Hughes, Stephen Hawking, Amartya Sen, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
not forgotten; subject of much scholarly research, in part thanks to Amartya Sen featured in NBC s Science of Love
:: Indian who studied in UK::. Amartya Sen – Economist, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Anita Desai – Novelist...
Some years ago when I was returning to England from a short trip abroad (I was then Master of Trinity College in Cambridge), the immigration officer at Heathrow, who scrutinized my Indian passport rather thoroughly, posed a philosophical question of some intricacy. Looking at my home address on the immigration form (Master’s Lodge, Trinity College, Cambridge), he asked whether the Master, whose hospitality I evidently enjoyed, was a close friend of mine. This gave me pause since it was not altogether clear to me whether I could claim to be a friend of myself. On some reflection, I came to the conclusion that the answer must be yes, since I often treat myself in a fairly friendly way, and furthermore, when I say silly things, I can immediately see that with friends like me, I do not need any enemies. Amartya Sen, Identity and Violence, London, Allen Lane, 2006
Narendra Modi 's rise to be the PM must be very annoying for the likes of Amartya Sen, Anish Kapoor, Deepa Mehta and the overrated Ram Guha
Amartya Sen to be BOOTED out of the COUNTRY...Nobel Prize does n…
BJP's thumping majority under Modi Ji's leadership is a resounding victory for power of democracy. I congratulate the whole team and hope that BJP, while providing good governance, will also stick to true secular principals with protection of minorities enshrined in Constitution of India & dispel fears of Liberals like Amartya Sen ( Nobel Prize winning economist) who had expressed those fears prior to elections.
Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny by Amartya Sen 240pp, Similar experiences can produce very different philosophies. Witnessing the Russian revolution as a child in Petrograd, Isaiah Berlin saw a crowd dragging off a struggling man, pale and terrified, to be killed. He used to say that the episode gave him a life-long horror of violence, and it undoubtedly bred in him a suspicion of theories that suggested a radiant future could be realised by the use of force. The experience did not make him a pacifist - he served as a government official in the second world war - nor did it lead him to condemn all revolutions. What it did was implant in him a deep sense of the fragility of freedom. Unlike most liberal thinkers, Berlin understood that, while freedom may be a universal value, it is far from being an overriding human need. Humans want freedom but they also fear it, and in times of insecurity they tend to retreat into closed, hostile groups. Reason can help us understand this process, but it ca ...
my friend says, Amartya Sen should be made to walk from jantar mantar to parliament house ! Ditto for Anna hazare, other suggestions, welcome and we can forward to Modi who will promptly reject these disrespectful ideas !
Priyanka said "who Smriti Irani?" Now India says "who Rahul Gandhi?"... And yeah.. Some special trains have been arranged from all the major Indian cities to Pakistan.. Those who claimed to leave India if Modi won (statement made by Shahrukh Khan, Sam Pitroda, Amartya Sen etc etc) can please pack their bags and leave. :-)
I had a debate with a Brahman, and he said people like Swami Vivekananda (original name Narendra Nath Dutt) was born in a Kaesto (a caste lower than Brahman) family by mistake. He was supposed to be born in a Brahman family. I don't know whether or not the message was conveyed to him by any angel or any demon. I could not finish the list of non-Brahman maestros before he left: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Prof Satyen Bose, Satyajit Roy, Partha Pratim Majumder, Jibananda Dash, Amartya Sen, Master da Surjo Sen, Charan Kobi Mukundo Das, Jagadish Chandra Bose, Dr Bidhan Roy. All men are created equal. We no longer live in the middle age or any other age of discrimination.
"Amartya Sen won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1998. In his literature and studies he continuously emphasizes...
Ford Foundation’s link with Congress, NAC, AAP In our reports, ‘AAP part of international anti-India racket’ part 1 and part 2’, we revealed the Ford Foundation connection of the following Indian NGOs: • Sampoorn Parivartan (later christened Parivartan) of Arvind Kejriwal and Kabir of both Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia. • ICSSR of Jawaharlal Nehru University that funded Yogendra Yadav. • PRADAN of Meera Sanyal. There are other Leftist noise makers who are beneficiaries of the Ford Foundation: • Mallika Sarabhai’s NGO Darpana. • Amartya Sen for his book, The Idea of Justice. • Teesta Setalvad and Javed Anand’s Sabrang Communication. These names have also been mentioned by R Vaidyanathan of the Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru, in his investigative article ‘Is India safe: What is Ford Foundation?’ While the first four dramatis personae are members as well as election candidates of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the next four are sympathisers of the party. Sarabhai had actually ...
Booker prize winner Arundhati Roy writes in Canadian magazine in March,14: "After spreading poison of communalism, by wearing dress of corporate representative, Modi is trying to be national leader" Ramchandra Guha(famous historian) writes in Telegraph in March, 14 :"What so ever social workers and authors I know, they all have strong conviction that Modi is a person of Fascist Institution" Kannada author U R Anantmoorti says: "I don't want to stay in India, who has Modi as prime minister" Nobel Prize manager(!) Amartya Sen( who himself don't live in India) says:"As one of the Indian citizen, I don't wish to see Modi as PM because he has not done anything by which Indian minority will feel themselves as safe" Tista Setalvad says:"Modi has strong back support of corporate world which bears cost of Modis' campaign which they will settle once he comes in power" (She,herself has been defending cases of misuse of funds which she collected for riots victims!) The journalist who herself was found guilty in corpo ...
The Controversy over Bharat Ratna to Amartya Sen has been doing rounds of Media and Political circles during past few days, but very few know that it is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who is the sole victim of Withdrawl of Bharat Ratna in the history of India. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was awarded Bharat Ratna posthumously in 1992. The award was later withdrawn in response to a Supreme Court of India directive following a Public Interest Litigation filed in the Court against the posthumous nature of the award. The Award Committee could not give conclusive evidence of Bose’s death and thus it invalidated the posthumous award. Bharat Ratna is the Republic of India’s highest civilian award, for performance of highest order in any field of human endeavour. Till date 41 Persons have been conferred Bharat Ratna award, inlcluding Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan and Nelson Mandela, the two non-citizens of India. It is also an established fact that more than Half of the Bharat Ratna Awards have been given away to Politi ...
All Traitors coming together.. Mahesh Bhatt/Arundhati Roy/Amartya Sen in Varanasi to campaign against Modi. This is the election b/w Nationalists and Traitors..
Shame BJP . They will go to any extent to demonise and denigrate anybody who does not agree with them. Imagine they are doing this even to Bharat Ratna and Nobel Laureate AMARTYA SEN who is arguably the most accomplished living Indian. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said "Amartya Sen is not an Indian in a proper sense; I do not think we should bother to what he says," Shame Shame
TIL Desk/Politics/New Delhi-Annoyed by the statement of the economist Amartya Sen that Bharatiya Janata Party...
Thank you Amartya Sen for disclosing the fact that even a Nobel Prize doesn't guarantee common sense.!!
PM will be remembered as a sad figure, says Amartya Sen - Hindustan Times
Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a tragic figure who failed in his ambition to curb corruption and became a victim of his helplessness.
'Rahul Gandhi a very likeable person who has a deep interest in the welfare of the people' say Amartya Sen on NDTV
Amartya Sen believes that Modi is not a good prime ministerial candidate & that Chetan Bhagat is the best author in the history.
Amartya Sen asked his daughter Nandana Sen to not act in my film "Sheen" as it was based on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandit…
"Shedding communal image a challenge to BJP," says Amartya Sen in an interview
Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen came out against Narendra Modi on Wednesday saying that he did not think he is a good prime ministerial candidate.
81yr old Amartya Sen flies to Kolkata, then drives 3 hrs to Shanti Niketan to vote 'cos he's an INDIAN citizen. Unlike man…
Amartya Sen is still dreaming of Karl Marx and his Chinese empire :)
Amartya Sen says if he were elected prime minister his first act would be to resign
SOME FACTS ABOUT DR. AMBEDKAR 1. Only an Indian who Top in Top world 1st talented person, according to Cambridge University, England 2011. 2. Prof. Amartya Sen, 6th Indian to get Prestigious Nobel Prize winning economist, claims,"Dr.Ambedkar is my Father in Economics." 3. He resigned from the post of the first Law Minister of India when his Noble 'Hindu Code Bill' a women's Rights for Indian Women dropped by then Prime Minister Nehru.But None of the women’s organisation talks about it and the contribution of Dr.Babasaheb for women empowerment in India & was a lot. 4. India's 1st Law Minister. 5. Only a Indian whose photo in London Museum along with Karl Marx. 6. Chief Architect of Indian Constitution. 7. India's Greatest Brilliant Lawyer. 8. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), formed in 1934, was based on the ideas that Dr.Babasaheb presented to the Hilton Young Commission. 9. Establish "Central Technical Power Board" (CTPB) for power system development, hydro power station sites, hydro-electric surveys, a ...
The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income indices used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. It was created by the Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq and the Indian economist Amartya Sen in 1990[1] and was published by the U…
Beautiful Bangladesh Prepares For Change But if you leave out politics from the equation, "Beautiful Bangladesh" is a country of enormous potential. It's consistently high rates of GDP growth (6 - 6.7% in the past decade) [1] for the last two decades has earned it a place in Goldman Sachs' Next Eleven [2] - a list of 11 emerging countries. Besides, high rates of GDP growth, Bangladesh has made huge strides in different social indicators and in the area of providing healthcare to the poor. According to Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen, India should learn from neighbouring Bangladesh about how to tap the energy of women in its efforts to spur development. In most of the social indicators, Bangladesh has gone ahead of India, according to Sen [3]. "Bangladesh is one of the few countries on track to achieve its Millennium Development Goals related to child and maternal mortality." [5] "Bangladesh, the eighth most populous country in the world with about 153 million people, has recently been applauded ...
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Why is there so much outrage in the air? There is outrage in the west. There is outrage in the east, in north, in south, up, down, almost everywhere. The surly US of A is outraged because Edward Snowden is in Russia. The munificent man who leaked the dirty paternalistic secrets has finally found home in a country which would shame the moral custodians of superiority forever. Europe is outraged over its falling fortunes. Economy is slowing down. There is a talk of neo-neo-capitalistic order but it will take some time to implement, thus the outrage. Pakistan has its share of outrage too because expressing outrage is all the country has learnt to do. But China is not outraged. It has passed on the opportunity to the neighbors on the west …. … which brings us to India where Congress is outraged because Narendra Modi has become a contender for PM’s post against the party’s pampered ‘prince’. The party is also outraged because Chandan Mitra has expressed outrage against Amartya Sen and wants the nex ...
General Awareness Practice Set Solved 1. The Govt of India has decided to declare which of the following rivers a National River? a) Brahmaputra b) Yamuna c) Ganga d) Kaveri e) None of these 2. Who amongst the folIowing economists gave the concept of "economies of scale", which says "many goods and services can be produced more cheaply in long series"? a) Edward C Prescott b) Amartya Sen c) Gary S Becker d) Edmund S Phelps e) Paul Krugman 3. Very often we read in newspapers/magazines about "Sovereign Wealth Funds". Which of the following is/ are the correct description of the same? (A) These are the funds or the reserves of a government or central bank of a country which are invested further to earn profitable returns. (B) These are the funds which were accumulated by some people over the years but were not put in active circulation as they retain them as Black Money for several years. (C) The funds which are created to be used as relief funds or bailout packages are known as sovereign funds. a) Both B & ...
Why Amartya Sen is wrong: Jagdish Bhagwati The issue is if Sen’s policy prescriptions will ameliorate shortfalls in social indicators or accentuate them, says Bhagwati Jagdish Bhagwati Share First Published: Tue, Jul 23 2013. 04 26 PM IST Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint Also Read Reforms are needed, combined with health and education: Amartya Sen Gandhi vs Modi is actually Sen vs Bhagwati Everything you wanted to know about the Sen-Bhagwati debate Maneka Gandhi slams Varun for praising Rahul Gandhi AAP: A Rorschach test Updated: Thu, Jul 25 2013. 05 06 PM IST In a brilliant article on Bhagwati versus Sen published in Mint on 10 July, Niranjan Rajadhyaksha unwittingly took one step in the wrong direction in arguing that I could be the economist for Narendra Modi and my good friend Amartya Sen for Rahul Gandhi. Let me explain. First, I have argued (with Arvind Panagariya) that Gujarat has produced growth and also that the change in its social indicators is remarkable, whereas Kerala is by no means the gr ...
How interesting that the Outlook editor Vinod Mehta says "Columbia Professors Bhagwati and Panagariya" have been part of the holding up of the BJP manifesto, as they are talking about trade liberalisation when the RSS Swadeshi folks are against that etc. Both Jagdish Bhagwati and Arvind Panagariya are Americans, Bhagwati being a declared Democrat. What are they doing writing a party manifesto for an election in India? My criticism from last year of both them and their adversary, Amartya Sen, a "Non Resident", who has declared for the BJP's opponents, remains...
"The Argumentative Indian" by Amartya Sen. Nice book to understand Indian Culture n identity
A debate with a friend: Rugved Reddy : Amartya Sen is an overrated economist. *period* Iqbal Latif: Why? Pl Rugved Reddy: Iqbal he is an unabashed supporter of distribution of wealth rather than creation of it. I don't think it is productive or sensible. Iqbal Latif: I beg to differ Rugved Jee, I present my case, it is all about a case example that Modi Jee does not want to listen. It is a debate on Kerala Model vs. Gujarat Model. It should be 'Kerala and Gujarat' models to walk down the aisle and form a new hybrid for good of the nation. It is not about Dr. Sen and Dr. Bhagwati! I just don't see the need of this kind of polarization on the way forward. A battle has to be won on all fronts. From grass root eradication of poverty to sending Mars mission, big ambitions always need big open inclusive minds. Dr. Sen and Dr. Mahbub ul Haq greatest contribution to mankind: Human Development Index (HDI) is an internationally accepted measure of societal well-being. From 1990 onwards, the United Nations has issu ...
Amartya Sen, Raghuram Rajan, Arundhati Roy among 5 Indians in the running for top world thinker title. Read the full story here
This highly up-to-date on-line course organized on Cousera by Duke University is designed for anyone concerned with the best ways of learning and thriving in the world we live in now. It's for students, teachers, professors, researchers, administrators, policy makers, business leaders, job counselors and recruiters, parents, and lifelong learners around the globe. The full, whimsical name of the class is: “The History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education: Or, How We Can Unlearn Our Old Patterns and Relearn for a Happier, More Productive, Ethical, and Socially-Engaged Future”. That subtitle is inspired by Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen who has said that "all education is vocational" in the sense that it is our job, as educators, to help train people for the vocation of leading better lives. So are we fulfilling that educational objective, from kindergarten to professional school? Or are we training students with the methods, philosophy, and metrics designed for the Fordist era of the Mode ...
is home to 5 Nobel Laureates. Rabindranath Tagore, Sir C.V. Raman, Ronald Ross, Mother Teresa and Amartya Sen.
Amartya Sen on Kejriwal's Aam Adami Party. A prominent face in the Lok Sabha elections is Arvind Kejriwal who will campaign in Haryana on Sunday. Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has called AAP's success in Delhi Assembly election a major achievement and saluted its electoral strategy. He said, "To be able to win electoral support massively in Delhi on the basis of a program which is about equity even though their understanding of equity may be somewhat distorted, but I thought that what they were trying to do to win it without appeal to communal division, caste division was a major achievement. So I salute AAP electoral strategy and success." On the issue of making policy for the aam aadmi, Sen said, "When it comes to making policy, they have to identify who the aam aadmi are as it is a variable term. If you are looking at the poorest of poor they are not asking for cheaper electricity, they don't have electricity." Sen has also asked the AAP to re-examine its position and widen the definition of aam aadmi. He ...
Amartya Sen salutes electoral strategy, asks it to be more inclusive. include Sen too. Chandan Mitra may object ;)
"17th century Diggi Palace is not just another heritage property!" By- Editorial | January 14, 2014 -From a mere 100 visitors in 2006 to a massive footfall of around 200,000 in 2013, the 17th century Diggi Palace shot into global fame from being just another heritage property to a literature hub as it served as the constant host of the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) for the last six years. This eclectic marriage of literature and heritage has benefited both. So much so that the Diggi Palace is now synonymous with the JLF. From planning special, elaborate menus to setting up colourful marquees, the owners start their preparations three months in advance to ensure the five-day literature feast doesn’t disappoint. This year the festival runs from Jan 17 to 21 and boasts of 200 authors from eclectic backgrounds, including heavyweights like Nobel Prize winners Amartya Sen and Harold Varmus, Man Booker Prize winners Jhumpa Lahiri, Tash Aw, Alison Macleod and Jim Crace, Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, Olympic b ...
AAP can become major force in India, says Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen ...Nahi Nahi...A-Moo-rakh Sen! Can he prove which of his Econ models were useful for world, like Muhammad Yunus.
Yesterday i was reading Amartya Sen's "A wish a Day for a week", it was a transcript version of his speech at JLF. Beautifully written and engaging too. Thanks to Penguin India for giving it for free. :)
Lets become leftists like Amartya Sen. Splurge unaccounted crores & protest. Even Marx couldnt dream a better scam
Let me rephrase, Amartya Sen is a dedicated leftist but expects desperately poor India to pay salaries of $80,000
Kudos to whoever in Finance Ministry had guts to call Amartya Sen to account 4 Rs 2727 crore grant for his Nautanki to re…
Freedom has a thousand charms to show, That slaves howe'er contented, never know. -William Cowper as quoted by Amartya Sen in Development as Freedom.
Nalanda University: Very Old School After years of delay, the university has begun operating out of a small campus near the ruins of the old school and will have a partial launch next year:- It was one of the world's leading universities long before Harvard and Cambridge were set up. At its peak, Nalanda was a centre of excellence not just for philosophy and Buddhist studies but also for literature and mathematics. Today, about 800 years after it was razed by invaders, a group of scholars led by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen is reviving the ancient university in Bihar as part of a wider Asian renaissance. Sen says he had always dreamt of resurrecting the ancient university. "Since my childhood, Nalanda had a big presence in my life. I was around 10 or 11 when my grandfather took me to Nalanda for the first time and I was completely bowled over by the vision it offered to humanity," he says. "It is very inspiring to have the campus close to the ruins. I have been there some 20 times and at every visit I've be ...
Got a chance to meet so many legendary people like Kofi Annan, N.R. Narayan Murthy, Prof. Amartya Sen, and many other great scientists at Infosys science foundation - Infosys Prize 2013 Event. Thanks to Youth For Seva for giving me this opportunity.
If C N R Rao and Amartya Sen deserved the Bharat Ratna do should Sumantra Ghoshal and C K Prahlad at some stage also Indra Nooyi and Nadella
7 wishes of Prof. Amartya Sen at Jaipur Literature Festival :- Wish 1:- The serious cultivation of classical studies for a balanced education. Humanities are important because “you should learn to speak in an articulate way about ideas that are inescapably imprecise.” Wish 2. He said as a left-winger he yearned for a “strong and flourishing right wing party that is secular, not communal.” He said there was a vacuum where there had once been the Swatantra Party for a “clear-headed pro-market pro-business party that does not depend on religious politics.” Wish 3 was for the Left to be stronger but more focused on "removing severe deprivations of the really poor and downtrodden" instead of fighting American imperialism through "various parliamentary moves that have reduced the number of seats they themselves have in the Parliament." Wish 4 for the media to be more responsive to the needs of the poorest and less "single-minded in their coverage of the world of glitzy entertainment". Of course, tha ...
Amartya Sen wrote The Argumentative Indian. Indian news channels turned that concept into a daily soap opera.
2014 IC4HD FELLOWSHIPS: Learn more abt IC4HD which was launched in 2013 with the inaugural address by Amartya Sen-
List of Indians/ NGOs who have been funded by or have proximity to Ford Foundation 1-Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia’s NGO – Kabeer. 2-Mallika Sarabhai’s Darpana. 3-Yogendra Yadav was funded by ICSSR of Jawaharlal Nehru University, which in turn was funded by Ford Foundation. 4-Amartya Sen for its books – Ideas of Justice. 5-Teesta Setalvad and Javed’s Sabrang Communication, one who has been fighting against Modi all these years.
On page 34 of 409 of The Argumentative Indian, by Amartya Sen
New Delhi: Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian honour, given for exceptional service towards advancement of Art, Literature and Science, and in recognition of Public Service of the highest order. The provision of Bharat Ratna was introduced in 1954. The first ever Indian to receive this award was the famous scientist, Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. Since then, many people, each a whiz in varied aspects of their career, have received this coveted award. List of all Bharat Ratna awardees so far: 1.Late Pandit Bhimsen Gururaj Joshi in 2008 : Karnataka 2.Kumari Lata Dinanath Mangeshkar in 2001 : Maharashtra 3.Late Ustad Bismillah Khan in 2001 for contribution in the field of Arts : Uttar Pradesh 4.Prof. Amartya Sen in1999 for Literature & Education : United Kingdom 5.Lokpriya Gopinath (posth.) Bordoloi in1999, for Public Affairs : Assam 6.Loknayak Jayprakash (Posth.) Narayan in 1999 for Public Affairs: Bihar 7.Pandit Ravi Shankar in 1999 for his contribution in the field of Arts : United States 8.Shri Chidamb ...
Amartya Sen takes in the Indian left. Aww your idol ditched you fellas ?
Won't be surprised if Arvind Keriwal's AAP got quite a few seats in Lok Sabha ... Financial Express Rajasthan Governor Margaret Alva with Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen during the Jaipur Literature Festival in Jaipur on Friday. PTI The post Won’t be surprised if Arvind Keriwal’s AAP got quite a few...
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Amartya Sen says Aam Aadmi Party win good for democracy : North, News - India Today
One of the goals of vision 2030 Is to realize a Human Development Index (HDI) growth from 0.532 to 0.750 in a scale of 0-1,where 1 Is best.Now following the HDI,which was created by Mahbub Ul Haq and his counterpart Amartya Sen,two prominent Economists frm Pakistan and India respectively,Our nation which stands at 0.561 HDI Is beta placed,interestingly enough kilifi county stands at 0.5807,further réalisation of HDI growth in Our county,improved infrastructure and Employment should be priority parameters
Debutant Aam Aadmi Party victory in the recent Delhi Assembly elections has set a good example of the strength of democracy in India, said Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen on January 17.
That Kiran Bedi & Bharat Ratna comment was supposed to be to those dumbtards who asked for Amartya Sen and Lata Mangeshkar to return them
PEOPLE OF WEST BENGAL MUST UPRISE NOW = Time has come now to the people of Bengal to show the movement once inspired independent movement across globe with leaders like Tagore --Subhash -Arobindo-Surya Sen -Khudiram -Baga Jatin - Binay Badal Dinesh -C R Dash -S N Banerjee -Dr Bidhan Ch Roy - Land of 4 noble laureate Tagore ,Raman,Mother teresha ,Amartya Sen -Land of scientist Jagdish Bose -P C Roy -S N Bose ,Meghnath Saha and crores of revolutionaries . We cannot allow this sacred land to be poisoned by some Goons fascist leaders of TMC who is just ruining Bengal to dust . Let us start uprising against a TMC led Lunatic Govt where women are not safe to move freely -where Manush are cheated by TMC sponsored Chit funds -where farmers land are snatched with the guns of Land Shark -Where no visible Industries last 37 years along with another miserable Govt of Left People of West Bengal now know as how these Goons are now secretly dealing with fascist and fanatic BJP to foment communal Vilolence as well . Peop ...
Which among the following economists is best known for his concepts of New Trade Theory and New Economic Geography? a. Edward C Prescot b. Amartya Sen c. Edmund S Phelps d. Paul Krugman Previous Answer: Only 2
I wonder if NRIs like Amartya Sen, Ashutosh Varshaney,Salman Rushdie or Jagdish Bhagwati also express partisan views on India?
Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen on Monday congratulated Aam Aadmi Party on forming its government in Delhi.
Letter from Ethel Churchill, Managing Editor, Population and Development Review accepting my critique of Amartya Sen's article on Darwin
More than 28 hours passed since the Ahmedabad court gave its judgement. No comments from leaders like Nitish Kumar, Lalu and Mulayam Yadav, Sonia Gandhi, Digvijay Singh, Prakash Karat as also from so called secularists like Dr. Amartya Sen, Javed Akhtar and others. Will media try to search any of them to enlighten indians of their valued views. 12-21-2013: Paul Rosenberg: "How to Beat GOP on inequality: Key reforms that don't involve Congress." "4. Abandon secretive job-killing trade deals: The Obama administration is currently leading secret trade negotiations on two proposed multilateral trade agreements, the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Area. WikiLeaks made headlines in mid-November by releasing the August draft of the TPP chapter on intellectual property, causing an international uproar, since it showed the U.S. in conflict with international norms, and deeply at odds with its negotiating partners. The Electronic Freedom Foundation noted that “the IP chapter would have extensive negative ramifications for users’ freedom of speech, right to privacy and due process, and hinder peoples’ abilities to innovate,” and Knowledge Ecology International (with an advisory board of Joseph Stiglitz, John Sulston and Amartya Sen) concurred, calling it “bad for access to knowledge, bad for access to medic . ...
Good news for Arvind Kejriwal, legend Amartya Sen delighted with AAP: New Delhi, Dec 18: Nobel Laureate Amarty...
I don't agree with Murthy on Modi, says Amartya: Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has said the Gujarat riots of 2002...
(AAP) gets Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen thumbs-up via
For those who missed it, Living Legends at 9:30pm,Amartya Sen, Ratan Tata, Ela Bhatt Mehta,Rajnika…
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None other than Amartya Sen will be delivering the keynote speech at the Jaipur Literature Festival next month. Who better than a noted Nobel Laureate and economist to kick off Asia's greatest literary fest!
I attended a function in Rashtrapati Bhavan on Saturday where NDTV recognized 25 living global Indian legends. TCS sponsored the event, hence my attendance. It was an impressive array of personalities. NDTV had asked them to give 3 messages to the next generation. It was interesting to hear all of them. One hand, there were industrialists like Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Narayan Murthy, Indira Nui etc. who talked about dreaming big, working hard, honesty, integrity etc. which fundamentally centered on positioning you in society. On the other hand, there were people like Ila Bhatt (social worker), MS Swaminathan (agricultural scientist) who talked about poverty, diversity, food security etc. which is centered on society in general and not individual. In between there were actors (Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan), cricketers (Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev), Scientists (C. N. Rao (Bharat Ratna), Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (Nobel Laureate)), Amartya Sen, artists (Anish Kapoor, Zubin Mehta), writers (Vikram Seth) ...
Ratan Tata, A R Rahman, Sachin Tendulkar, Amartya Sen, Amitabh Bachchan, Dr. Devi Shetty, Shah Rukh Khan, M S Swaminathan, Gulzar – are a few among the 25 Greatest Global Living Indians chosen by surfers. At 6:00 pm today, they all will be present under the twinkling canopy of Taj Palace!
Democracy has never been defined as rule by majority. Democracy is governance by discussion ~ Prof. Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate Great! I know what to do now. Whenever someone says "X is defined as _", I will simply say "X was never defined that way. It means *insert convenient definition*" Whoops...won't work with me. I'm not a Nobel Laureate, you see...
Why India is great country? Are we making the country Proud? An incident happened to my friend made me to think about it. She works in USA and her office colleague is coming to India for inspection work at their plant in Aurangabad. She asked him, how he is feeling? She was shocked with his reply, it was “What’s there to feel? And even I want to come back as soon as possible.” She tried to make him aware of India’s contribution by saying Aryabatta’s invention of ‘0’. About Vedas, Upanishads, Sutras and their contribution. About The world's first university at Takshila. About Brahmagupta and Bhaskara 2’s gravity concept, World’s first navigation (was born in the river Sindh) and Ashoka’s care of Environment. And with contributions of contemporary personalities like Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam, Amartya Sen etc.. After listening, he replied that “Your people don’t know where to *** & defecate and I am afraid that, while walking, I may step on i ...
Human Development Index was created by (A) Amartya Sen and Mahbub ul Haq (B) Jeffrey Sachs and Joseph Stiglitz (C) Simon Kuznets and Joseph Schumpeter (D) P.C.Mahalonobis and Pranab Bardhan
Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze on the changing nature of India’s caste system This excerpt com
Reading Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny (Issues of Our Time) by Amartya Sen —
n/n: Now, put these findings against research by Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze in An Uncertain Glory and get swept by the analytical Tsunami.
Big B: Indian Cinema Never Suffers From Recession Bachchan recently joined the league of global luminaries like Dalai Lama, Amartya Sen, Abdul Kalam, etc; when he gave this year’s Annual Penguin Lecture. The Penguin Lecture is organised by Penguin Publications and the luminaries invited to speak; speak on a topic of their choice. Amitabh Bachchan spoke about cinema; specifically, Indian Cinema. He went on to say that feature films are the great popular passion of India, cutting across all social divides of caste, class, gender, region, religion and language. They absorbed all other performing arts from here and abroad, and churned. Commenting on how intensely passionate Indians are about films, he said “This filmi nectar is an ambrosia so intoxicating, that it has achieved what no Indian politician has ever done, could ever dream of. In our cinema, the bad guys always come to no good.” He also said Indian films have no borders and boundaries; they extend beyond all lines and unite people. “Our pos ...
Quoting Kennedy, de Tocqueville, and Amartya Sen, fields qns from KEIP interns over lunch.
Look forward Conference Houston over 1500 from round the world Keynotes by Amartya Sen, Desh Deshpande
Amartya Sen, Edmund Phelps and J Sachs talking about growth poverty and markets.
Amartya Sen: We don't always have to look at on the macro level. makes each life better on the micro level.
"I wish I could ask about the role of the media and the role of journalists in India" says president Lee Bollinger to Amartya Sen
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Silly to not use available exogenous resources. Find a partnership between the outside & the inside - Amartya Sen
president Lee Bollinger asking , , and Amartya Sen the first question
Amartya Sen: agency of women plays an important role in economic and health advancements in Bangladesh
"We have to know what is it that the states can do, what is it that the private sector can do, and how can it be accomplished?" -Amartya Sen
"No is satisfied with his theory until it's turned into a slogan" - Amartya Sen, 80 years old & a solid sense of humor
"I'm in support of the private sector, and yet I agree with Jeff" that we must do both, says Amartya Sen
"I think because of the media story, the government can't do anything right" in India - Amartya Sen
Listening to Amartya Sen, and speak about India vs. China, feeling like I'm back in Pushkar's INTD 200
"India has a great media"; on an average day you have more than 100 channels giving you independent news -Amartya Sen
Development also leads to lower fertility, says Amartya Sen
"Female education & female employment are among strongest drivers of in - lesson for - Amartya Sen
"I agree with Jeff that fertility reduction leads to development, but it works both ways" - Amartya Sen with
Amartya Sen is schooling the panel on the necessity of for reducing fertility rates
"Doing things is of vital need for human beings" - Edmund Phelps on Amartya Sen's human capabilities theory
Amartya Sen: trade by itself will not materialize schools and hospitals
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"Anybody that does development work in the world is a student of Amartya Sen" -
"Everybody who does work today is a student of Amartya Sen"
"I've always been in favour of liberalization plus, because liberalization alone will not deliver the growth we need" - Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen, Edmund Phelps and Jeffrey Sachs - two Nobel Laureates and a hero should be a good evening!!
Amartya speaking at a World Leaders Forum with Jeffrey and Edmund Phelps.
Amartya Sen, and discuss Sen's new book on at tonight.
of Access, listening to 2 Nobel Laureates (Amartya Sen and Ed Phelps) with Jeff Sachs
Amartya Sen, Edmund Phelps and Jeffrey Sachs talking about Growth and Poverty.
A single-speed townie is pretty much what I was expecting. MT The bicycle Amartya Sen used.
Excited to see Amartya Sen and talk on India's Growth story!
Every Sen, Bose and Banerjee sets up an NGO and releases such surveys. This one "presided" by Amartya Sen.
40% of Indian men are hardcore sexists, says who? The Amartya Sen headed
The bicycle Amartya Sen used in Shantiniketan on display at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm.
like to listen the reaction of noted economist Amartya Sen .
2. Amartya Sen received the Nobel Prize in Economics in? 1) 1990 2) 1995 3) 1998 4) 2009..
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Prospect interviews Amartya Sen on democracy and economic growth.
A free press and an active opposition constitute the best ‘early warning system’ that a country threatened by famine can have. Dr. Amartya Sen, Noble Laureate. This excerpt of Amartya Sen depicts the importance of an ‘opposition party’ for Bangladesh. Both ruling party AL and the opp BNP should realise the facts that they can be complementary to each other for the sake democracy and the nation. But what are they doing on the contrary and the long term effect is alarming.
Amartya Sen made it clear that he did not want Modi as the Prime Minister in 2014, in an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN.
Best way to appear on tv channels as Amartya sen did.
Who used the expression ,Something ,Everything and Nothing,to explain his name to a telephone operater in America.A Bush B Clinton C Amartya Sen D none of these.
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