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Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen, CH (translit. Ômorto Shen; born 3 November 1933) is an Indian economist who was awarded the 1998 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to welfare economics and social choice theory, and for his interest in the problems of society's poorest members.

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Ah yes my favorite South Asian economists, Jagdish Bhagwati of the Noodle Bowl and Amartya Sen of the Bangladesh
.woke up feeling intellectual. Googled his symptoms. Turns out he is just Amartya Sen researching on The Argumentative Indian 2.
even a leftist philosopher like Amartya Sen wants R3 to stay, what more u need? Alia Bhat giving her view is pending.
India is losing one of the most skillful economic thinkers in the world: Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen
Top story: INDIAN NEWS Amartya Sen describes Indian caste divisions as ‘anti-na… see more
Amartya Sen describes Indian caste divisions as anti-national at London School of Economics vi…
our dilemma too, but we don't have an Amartya Sen to show the mirror -
I think it just to make sure he doesnt get 2nd term. Same lobbying in case of Amartya Sen
The Slow Genocide of the Rohingya by Amartya Sen: via
Amartya Sen: "I think that Piketty's conclusions mostly stand"
This government firmly believes that moksha comes through ignorance. Sen is an alien for them. via
Development can be a process of expanding the real freedoms that people enjoy. ★Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate
Find out why the FXBVillage Model is highly praised by Amartya Sen, the Nobel Laureate.
these things are carefully brushed aside by media and intellectuals like Amartya Sen also say Congress is not against any group
He shud learn from Amartya sen and shut his mouth.
When the Nobel award came my way, it also gave me an opportunity to do...
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Amartya Sen:Economic consequences of _The judgements of our fin. & pol. leaders are breathtakingly narrow
Amartya Sen: "India is trying to become a global economic power with an uneducated and unhealthy labour force."
The article is from January but perhaps still interesting.
Amartya Sen even received UNESCO Cutest Language award on stage this year, on behalf of the Bengali community, while reciting a Tagore poem.
Nobel Laureate & LSE Honorary Fellow Amartya Sen returns to speak at on 3/6 htt…
The curriculum of the school did not neglect India's cultural, analyti...
Prof. Amartya Sen's "Rohingya didn't come to instead came to replaying at
Atleast they didn't morph nude photos of Amartya Sen daughter like Bhakts did when Sen questioned Modi.
Great honour to give the Amartya Sen Lecture
Big fan of Amartya Sen's approach to measure capability not outputs. More here:
Amartya Sen on the 20th century history of austerity measures in Europe & Keynes
Interesting perspective! "The return of caste and the need for recasting caste mindscape"
Self explanatory statement by Amartya Sen,tell us volumes.
Amartya Sen: Never been optimistic about India. But today, I’m more pessimistic
A similar tamasha was built around non renewal of Amartya Sen's position at Nalanda. Projected as though bjp govt was doing great injustice
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Here, Professor, take this pen. Said Sonia to Amartya Sen. Sign here, here, and here. Money from taxes, we don't care. Whe…
Congress should make Amartya Sen its next PM candidate.
Lecture on 3 decades of economics thinking by Amartya Sen. Thanks for making these available.
Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen will deliver a lecture on global security on May 8 at
Amartya Sen sud know conservative larty in Canada got exact,y same % of vote as last time when de were in power, u see rule is sm for all
Condorcet in the News: Eric Maskin and Amartya Sen apply voting theory to the current Republican primary.
Amartya Sen: Development research and changing priorities via
Amartya Sen's shoelaces are reportedly more intelligent than Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.
Bhakts have problems with Amartya Sen because he is educated. None of them or their leaders were admitted to a decent s…
"Rohingya did not come to Burma first came to Amartya Sen.
What's the use of high degrees if you have no honor? Look at MMS Amartya Sen etc. Would u buy a used car from them?
go for Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen..its a good book.
Journalist trolled after he wrongly blames Amartya Sen for questioning legitimacy of Modi's election win in 2014. http…
Frustrated not with India, but governance of India: Amartya Sen via
British Engineered Bengal famine was proven by Amartya Sen - A RW favorite !
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Now bhakts abusing Tagore and Amartya sen lol. These guys are pathetic
you conviction to adopt policies of APJ Abdul Kalam , Nobel Scholars Amartya Sen, Angus Deaton, work on poverty in India
Amartya Sen's article in New York Times and 'interesting' interpretation of Modi supporters to...
Usually after every Amartya Sen drama , slate of tv interviews follow this time even said buddha lagal gaya hai
Not lots of Amartya Sen type but lots of Sadanand Dhume typo
Amartya Sen thinks Modi government lacks legitimacy because BJP won only 31.3% of the vote. [But fine for Manmohan/Sonia to rule…
Prominent Blogger Chetan Bhagat telling Amartya Sen that increase of taxation will restrict economic slowdown.(2016) ht…
Media gave Amartya Sen so much coverage but how much for this very real issue touching the lives of real people?
3/1 Amartya Sen's New book 'Country of First Boys argues, Kaliyuga calendar is apparently much older than the other surviving old calendars
Amartya Sen to talk about ethics at the University of Utah
since when are you echoing Amartya Sen?
Why the organization funded by Amartya Sen made survey only on the plight of Bengali Muslims?Rural Bengali Hindus are equally poor & hapless
and I bet Nobel Laureate Dr.Amartya Sen will fully agree with on this . Don't you think ? 😆
a great critique of Amartya Sen on published on Round Table India
After Amartya Sen, Amitav Ghosh declares he wont vote for Modi. Poor Modi. Now he has to make the best of the remaining 119,99,99,998 people
Amartya Sen: Austerity ultimately not a very intelligent policy.
very!!! 😃 I'm already reading Amartya Sen in anticipation, seriously can't wait.
Netaji death being used for petty politics: Amartya Sen
Do you expect Amartya Sen to come down from his Ivory Towers and offer solutions to the problems of unwashed millions?
Brilliant piece by Swami on MGNREGA, a must-read for Jean Dreze, Amartya Sen etc
In which capacity do u expect Amartya sen to do anything? . I had huge respect 4 u after madhu trehan interview,it's fading now
India has th worst healthcare system of any democratic country,-Amartya Sen. Have disagreed with him a lot but agree on that count
Participate in the third annual Amartya Sen Prize competition. Deadline end of August.
Balshree awards will not fix the education system. Fixing morons like Amartya Sen will. Do u guys have the guts?
Please come on 11 Feb evening for a conversation I will have with Amartya Sen & Barkha Dutt, in New Delhi. Details:
Why am I arguing with a goon who's read a buzzfeed article and thinks they're bloody Amartya Sen.
yes, development is freedom. Read Amartya Sen
Why has Modi govt not named anyone for Amartya Sen award?
“the identity of an individual is essentially a function of her choices, rather than the discovery of an immutable attribute” — Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen: 'I am very suspicious of taking people for a ride . on some imagined alternative'
Amartya Sen: “The purely economic man is indeed close to being a social moron.”
bengalis didnt promote Amartya Sen.U are contradicting urself,according to u it was Rothschild who promoted him :)
Rothschild sponsored Bengal too. Amartya Sen's wife is one. You know, this is reward for clean-chitting Bengali hunger genocide.
Took me a MONTH to complete this one so the reading "goal" will have to be generously extended! Slowly and steadily. Ahead, Amartya Sen.
NDA's public acceptance of success of UPA's flagship schemes like puts to rest who won in Prof Amartya Sen vs J Bha…
Not only that, reasons like Amartya Sen's ouster from Nalanda univ & comparison of RSS to tea party. The cabal at work
Noble laureate Amartya Sen had said India economy will never grow beyond 3.5%,what good is the award ?
While I am interested both in economics and in philosophy, the union of these interests far exceeds their intersection. -…
my fave economics quote is from Amartya Sen that "rational economic man is a social moron".
Development should focus on people. What is Amartya Sen’s “Capability Approach” to Development via
Equality of what? by Amartya Sen. Alternative framework for defining equality focused on the capability approach
Wow is great! Parallels with Amartya Sen's Capability Approach http…
Amartya Sen’s capability approach to Social Inclusion. .
. Article gives the reference of amartya sen: the guy who built nothing more than 1500 cr bus stand in the name of nalanda univ
Oh yes. Read Arundhita Roy, Amartya Sen, and Daniel Kahneman over the last few weeks. Now reading Sapiens. You?
Haven't seen a Sagarika Ghose, Amartya Sen, Amit Chuadhuri or Amitav Ghosh talk about the demographic change in Bengal & Assam
Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate, found famines arent food shortages but lack of democracy. Imagine we democratize the economy!
India can't be a world leader with an unhealthy, uneducated labour force: Amartya Sen
Think I found my future husband in the library, have no idea who he is but he has a copy of Amartya Sen on his desk and Tory Lanez on YT
Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate in Economics, ignored the data to tout the Odd-Even scheme. Let that sink in, brethren and sistren.
This Nobel Laureate is the Amartya Sen of science. Busy denying Indian roots. Venkataraman Ramakrishnan a giveaway
Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen said that d NDA govt had been slow to move on key reforms and even failed to deliver on reforms it had promised
Watch Nobel Laureate V Ramakrishnan’s session with David Trimble and Amartya Sen live at 3:30 pm
NDA has failed on reforms, says Amartya Sen - 'However, the NDA government had done more than the UPA governmen...
The reason jokers like Amartya Sen condemn Internet in India is because Hindus brought out the truth about criminal Mughal…
If nuclear reactors for power generation r as dangerous as wht Amartya Sen says, we wd hv constructed a couple at the border. Multi purpose
Mesa thinks Amartya Sen has mistaken Nuclear Power plants with petrol pumps.
UPA neglected edu & health, Modi govt is neglecting it even more, says Amartya Sen at release of Bina Agarwal's 3-volume …
Amartya Kumar Sen's key book out in Iran: 'Culture, Art and Development' by A...
Amartya Sen on austerity 'Democracy should be about preventing mistakes through participatory deliberations'
Amartya Sen is a hypocrat, told which should help his personal agenda!
Well. :) Forget all that. Look up the wife of Amartya Sen. Emma Georgina Rothschild.
Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen too disagrees with making min edu qualification compulsory in Panchayat elections.Its killi…
Amartya Sen's masterpiece "Democracy as a Universal Value" has succinctly proposed the causal link. Check it.
Amartya Sen seems to be out of his senses. He was criticising the CPM govt of W Bengal. A prelude to supporting BJP? Beaware BJP!
now Amartya sen is simply doing dalali for mamata ( as he has been appointed by her in some faltu committee)
LOL. The bird resembles Amartya Sen Rothschild with his half bald head!
Thanks Rob as your argument made me look up this- I'm an Amartya Sen fan but this critique is impt:
Amartya Sen on what Vietnam, China got right and got wrong.
Key way to Amartya Sen on Lifting Up the World's Women
Amartya Sen looks back at 30 years of development research
5 of 5 stars to A Wish a Day for a Week by Amartya Sen
Training quacks will help in rural health: Amartya Sen. New book idea .
But I remember Amartya Sen praising Left at that time . People of Amartya stature should give timely advice and not curry favor.
Jyoti Basu was great enough to listen to Amartya Sen if he gave advice. But obviously, Amartya did not, for whatever reasons.
Please ask Amartya Sen what he thinks of Tripura Left Govt. It is in power .
Amartya Sen should explain about Kerala and how huge funds sent by NRI Keraltes funding social sector & Kerala govts irrelevant
Comments by man like Nobel Winner Amartya Sen is not welcome by or loss is part of politics
Training quacks will help in rural healthcare: Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen blames Left for economy decline in Bengal via
Amartya Sen blames Left for economy decline in
Training Quacks Will Help Rural Healthcare: Amartya Sen Pharma is already doing it :)
Closed minds of Polpotist cabal illustrated by Amartya Sen: "nothing good fr this regime"
Training quacks will help in rural healthcare in India: Amartya Sen | India Medical Times via
Amartya Sen on deprogressive Bengal & subesequent central govt. defocus on Health & Edu.
Training quacks will help in rural healthcare, says Amartya Sen
Bill Cosby: Courts judgement, making me read 'The idea of Justice' by Amartya Sen again, a good book indeed.
A good read on the stupidity of austerity.
For far too long,we've let Hindu-haters like Pankaj Mishra,Arundhati Roy & Amartya Sen shape world opinion of India.
He is d man who lost d election.He is d man who asked Amartya Sen to return Bharat Ratna given during Atalji's time.
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Dear, I would like you to read this blog of Amartya Sen's talk Please think on it.
Amartya Sen received the Nobel Peace Price in Economic Science for his contributions to economic well being.
Ask yourself this the next time brings Amartya Sen to lectures. resident Indians on how our Government should function
But NRI Amartya Sen, who left India, has all rights to lecture those who remained behind on how India should be run
Check out and Amartya Sen giving their views on the
As an Indian I don't want Amartya Sen to stay in India.
Bhagwati ji will repeat what he has been saying since 2014 so Wt is new. . JB vs Amartya Sen wd ve been Great ...
Book review: 'The Country of First Boys and Other Essays' by Amartya Sen
Hope you asked Amartya Sen and S Varadarajan to come to this debate ;)
i think is rightly pointing likes of Sonia Faleiro, Amartya Sen n Anish Kapoor
Amartya Sen: India can’t become a global power with an uneducated, unhealthy workforce
But NRIs like Amartya Sen & Suzie Roy r ok 4 them.Non-Indians like Wendy & media like NYT also ok if it's anti-Hindu
these same people who run to Amartya Sen,Siddharth Varadarajan etc. Don't care.
Amartya Sen also gave up his Indian citizenship
Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen says can't grow unless access to is a given:
Sir, by that logic we should have stopped listening to Amartya Sen long time ago.
Yes. Only if they're Amartya Sen or Salman Rushdie types.
Very true. Siddhartha is a foreign citizen. Amartya Sen NRI for long time. They are regular fixture on NDTV
"It is not very hard to silence us, but that is not because we cannot speak." A Bengali villager 2 Nobel prize winning economist Amartya Sen
"When it comes to non-Western cultures, religious reductionism tends to exert a gripping influence." Amartya Sen
Well, he has to create a new caste system of "Internet Hindus" versus Boston Brahmins like Amartya Sen!
Hilarious how one anchor talks about NRIs one way & they're always ready to interview Amartya Sen and Jagdish Bhagwati on the other show :)
NRIs are OK as long as they're people like us who agree with our views. Examples: Amartya Sen, Pankaj Mishra, etc http:…
Amartya Sen: When Gordon Brown left power debt was lower than when we had it 'so good' with Macmillan and also when the N…
Am sure he must have been one among the protesters.Hope he returns his Pdm Bhushan n Amartya Sen his Bharat Ratna
LOL.Why does Shotgun,Arun Shourie, only speak to Ndtv oh I forget Amartya Sen , Amiyav Ghosh , Salman Rushdie .
If there ever was a right time to read Amartya Sen's The Argumentative Indian, it's now.
They are reading Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen. Proud day for
Should not Amartya Sen return his Bharat Ratna since it was given by communal NDA govt?
Powerful thought early morning- . "Silence is a powerful enemy of social justice." - Amartya Sen in The Argumentative Indian
Does Modi govt wants control of academic institutions? Amartya Sen in August issue of the New York Review of Books.
Amartya Sen at environmental sustainability is one of the major questions of development today, a question we …
Theory of Justice by John Rawls: its criticism by Martha C. Nussbaum and Amartya Sen
Sir, we all know Tamil Nadu, after 1969, never had a Govt. Giving a state to Jaya or MK or MGR is like Nalanda Uni to Amartya Sen
"The question of how to behave whether there is God or not, is a game changer." - Amartya Sen
It's easy for intellectuals like Amartya Sen to support welfare schemes in poor countries - because it's not his money being spent
says I fired Amartya Sen from chancellorship of Nalanda University when BJP came to power. Sen embezzled 3000 cr
what was it amartya sen said again? paraphrasing but we live in an imperfect world so small reforms, like Amnesty's, are key to progressing
Just finished watching, against my better instincts, doc on Buddha , full of twisted narratives & featuring Amartya Sen!
Amartya Sens seven wishes for India You should like this.
Nalanda University, Amartya Sen and the massive fraud in reconstruction !!
Amartya Sen resigned as chancellor of Nalanda citing political interference. Thats d problem.
A must read article on why Sen is wrong ? .
It is not Nalanda University Amartya sen swallowed 2000 crores rupees with building a village school
Amartya Sen's seven wishes for India: An extract from the economist's speech at the ZEE Jaipur…
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Poverty is not just Lack of Income but also Lack of Capability." - Amartya Sen
well madam even if Amartya Sen was made chairman he'd still make it a Nalandal blunder.
Priya nair,green peace , tessta amartya sen and now beware!! the fascist state is gripping its hold
Narendra Modi has not fulfilled hopes: Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen says Interference in academic matters ‘politically extreme’ under NDA. but what abt the Loot in Nalanda Uni…
He is writing as if he has protected SC till nw r Kejriwal already tk decision. No wonder why he abuses Amartya Sen.
Dear Amartya Sen instead of The Argumentative Indian you should've just called your book Stupidosuar.
AAP can take a leaf out of Amartya Sen’s book
Thing I didn't know: Amartya Sen is married to Emma Rothschild
The quote from Amartya Sen here is apt:
Education ministry what have u been smoking. Amartya Sen was removed and Gajendra Chauhan is being defended in I rest my case :-) lol
in past 60 yrs how many Dalit industrialists of caliber of Ambani or Azim Premji or nobel prize winners like Amartya Sen
er, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and Amartya Sen wouldn't agree with you on that. Nobel prize economists all three.
A missing touch of Adam Smith in Amartya Sen's Public Reasoning : the Man Within for the Man Without
"On Social Media they said they'd kill me, tear me limb by limb. Wont apologize for my opinions": Amartya Sen on WTP
Identity and violence : the illusion of destiny by Amartya Sen
Yup, gender issues are very multidimensional, as noted by Amartya Sen in an essay, early on.
Well, rather than just dismiss you with "It's utter crap," a sample of why it is so:
Disturbing to read Amartya Sen’s observation on political interference in academia by the Modi Govt. Unfortunate !
The Country of First Boys by Amartya Sen - think jar via
These ppl have never talked on Nalanda where an assistant prof. sidelined Guha n Pratap bhanu mehta on behest f Amartya sen
India: The Stormy Revival of an International University by Amartya Sen | The New York Review of Books
Amartya sen was siphoning off university funds,what did he make in Rs2000cr a 4Room set which can't even compete with Sulabh
Laureate Amartya Sen on Sen with Mahbub Ul Haq pioneered paradigm
Jerry Rao Great piece on Amartya Sen chk out Financial Inclusion @ the Bottom of the Pyramid
Pic 1: What Indians expected Amartya Sen to transform the Nalanda University. Pic 2: What Amartya Sen actually did
Check the example of Amartya Sen in Nalanda University. Check current hullabaloo in FTII.
Do u know ??. APJ Abdul Kalam dream was to revive the glory of Ancient Nalanda University. But killed it thro Amartya Sen.
Do u know??. Dream of APJ Abdul Kalam. Revive the glory of historic Nalanda University. But SONIA GANDHI & Amartya Sen ruined&…
Please never forget, never, Amartya Sen destroyed Kalam Sirs dream of Nalanda University Revival & he humiliated & forced … featured in NBC s Science of Love
Some ( not all ) Bengalis think that Tagore, Subhas Chandra Bose, Amartya Sen, etc r the private properties of Bengalis, and no non Bengali
Wonderful piece by Amartya Sen on how we fail to learn the lessons of history when it comes to austerity
Tavleen Singh on Amartya Sen: Sen’s comrade, Jean Dreze, was a member of Sonia’s National Advisory Council
Tavleen Singh on Amartya Sen: Did Sen make statement saying Rajiv Gandhi had no right to be prime minister?
Fun to see Amartya Sen cleverly skirt question on Rahul & state of Congress by pontificating on glorious…
Modi government had no business in stopping Amartya Sen's looting at Nalanda University by making him acco…
Sir, a nice example of academic institution building by pvt enterprise is ISB Amartya Sen failed.
Can any true son of Bharat mata tell me which donkey gave this *** Amartya Sen the Bharat Ratna? We need to name and shame…
The kind of advisers Sonia had>Amartya Sen,John Dreze,Aruna Roy,Medha,Teesta,Binayak Sen,its a wonder India isn't in d same state as Greece!
Save Join the initiative by prominent citizens including Dr. Amartya Sen. urban planning needed
fact on ..Dr. Bidhan Roy made Amartya Sen the youngest professor of Jadavpur University against the wishes of communist
2)Especially since Tony Atkinson has worked closely in academic circles w noble winners like Paul Krugman,Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen.
A frightfully drunk Amartya Sen, explaining to a hooker in slurred phrases the Tragedy of the Commons.
Austerity may wreck nice article by
'Analysis of public debt demands more critical thinking than a misleading analogy with private indebtedness'
Did you need a detailed, precise dissection of why austerity's bad economics? Amartya Sen can help you with that
"As...Amartya Sen...recognized, poverty & inadequate distribution, not lack of...production, shape...contours of food insecurity"
Amartya Sen on austerity, masterfully written and argued
Amartya Sen gave a speech using this Treaty as an example which is amazing
One of the most respected economist and Noble Laureate Amartya Sen will be proud of this budget .
Amartya Sen at "Education and health care are fastest ways to grow. Kerala is the best example."
Join me in welcoming our new household member.Our lovely son, Amartya Sen Otieno (ASO) was born yesterday...
more TimesNow lies! Times of India said on December 15: “Amartya Sen: People on street can't deal with corruption.”
Good read: "The economic consequences of austerity” by Amartya Sen
but why roast poor RG as well? He was just quietly sitting there wondering how to spout Amartya sen while sounding like lalu.
7 new working papers on Amartya Sen's capability approach in urban planning & design now available
"Amartya Sen: The economic consequences of austerity"
Amartya Sen on the consequences of austerity in 2015 and 1919.
Amartya Sen i the consequences of austerityin 2015 and 1919.
Amartya Sen words of wisdom to keep you going!
I doubt if Amartya Sen wld be able to secure addmission to a DU Eco Hons program,unless given special consideration for the Nobel
Amartya Sen wl b on d advisory panel of Mamata's TMC govt on public health. The notion of self-respect has eluded this man.
Poverty is a deprivation of freedom - the freedom to express the potential that each person has in life. - Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen's lecture on the consequences of
and Amartya Sen oppose austerity, are they just raving radical lefties? I don't think so.
Amartya Sen: The economic consequences of austerity
Brilliant from Amartya Sen: The economic consequences of austerity. UK election & irrational/ahistorical fear of debt
Russia's faith healers, Stewart Lee, and Musilm apostasy: the New Humanist's top 5
They are Dr Amartya Sen, Dr Abhijeet Binayak Banerjee of MIT, Sir Michael Marmot of University College of London Instit…
Former President Kalam had ripped apart Amartya Sen -
Nobel Laureates Amartya Sen and Malala Yousafzai have been invited to speak during the centenary celebration l...
Amartya Sen's lecture yesterday on Persuasion and at the University of Cambridge (Kings's college chapel)
Jagdish Bhagwati has attacked 'leftwing populists' (Amartya Sen?) on their optimism regarding
Amartya Sen is named as winner of the first Charleston - EFG John Maynard Keynes Prize.
This year we've been lucky enough to work with Rowan Williams and Tom Kerridge. Next up is Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen!
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Rupa. The self claimed Nobel Laureate. Who compares herself with likes of Amartya Sen.
“There are hundreds of millions of people who could ultimately benefit from the FXBVillage program” - laureate Amartya Sen
Launching the toolkit to eradicate w/ laureate Amartya Sen and
Nobel Laureate, Dr. Amartya Sen speaking today about sustainable poverty relief
Amartya Sen as well as the two American economists close to BJP, Jagdish Bhagwati & Arvind Panagariya...2/
lucky students, good cake metaphor. I like z approach 2 economics advocated by Amartya Sen & late Mahbub Haq
Not only that, it seems as an academician even I should feel threatened! ex. Amartya sen et. al.
Brown Indian women are not the burden of goras or their like Amartya Sen
RIP philosophy videos - mind, history and Amartya Sen: Hello,. The Royal Institute of Philosophy is building a...
Fair enough. When not-so-great news about "slow genocide", Amartya Sen dubs it, confronts us will u call for its end?
^ The Authors are of dubious distinction. Amartya Sen got Nobel prize for whitewashing Churchill's Indian holocaust
No one can guarantee human happiness, and the choices people make are their own concern: Amartya Sen.
Boss .. .did you ask the same about Amartya Sen ?
with our corrupt systems,leaders,bad governance,etc.Justice must come first.Like what Amartya Sen said.
Don’t want Modi as my PM: Amartya Sen via
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Jagdish Bhagwati is Baap of Amartya Sen, but only topic Barkha can discuss with him is communalism. Kutte Ki Dumm analogy suits these ppl .
Why can't you morons question Amartya Sen on Nalanda scam? Or scum Archbishop who claimed gar wapsi behind 72 yr nun rape?
In case u were wondering who Jagdish Bhagwati is, he's just Right Wings' Wanna be Amartya Sen. So u guys, relax a bit.
Jagdish Bhagwati tired of too much media attention on church attacks. And not enough on Amartya Sen attacks.
Reading - " The Argumentative Indian" - by Amartya Sen - the book every Indian & non india should read to know the incredible India.
As Amartya Sen's work on this brings out, so many highly educated women abort female foetuses.
.Amartya Sen can be very provocative too.Btw,provocative is not a negative !
Missed IMF Director Christine Professor Amartya Sen lectures, watch, read or listen here
Missed the June 2014 lecture by and Amartya Sen? Watch it here
good example of critical review : I review the idea of Amartya Sen, you can do it also with Gilpin idea
Amartya Sen: "But the idea that I should be a teacher and a researcher of some sort did not vary over the years."
Like many of am also brought up listening that books are best friend.Now I picked "The Argumentative India" by Amartya Sen.Gd Mg n grt week.
I love it when Amartya Sen likens social issues to cake.
I am still waiting for the day when Amartya Sen goes nuts, calls Jagdish Bhagwati a *** and mock him for his lack of Nobel Prize
Human rights and Asian values: what Kee Kuan Yew & Le Peng don’t understand about Asia by Amartya Sen v
: They have invented with Amartya Sen's inputs the concept of communal multivariate calculus which I use in lecturing …
ll someone tell this whinning Amartya Sen that Chattishgarh Govt of BJP already brought better food security bill be4 Congress's at center
Amartya Sen's Bicycle on display at the Nobel Museum.
Freedom, Responsibility and Economics of the Person (from Amartya Sen & then...) .
Amartya Sen wrote Bongs died bcoz they ate 2 much rice & not bcoz of British 1/2
India is recognized by the rest of the world not because of the economist like Subramaniyam Swami but 'cos of Amartya Sen like peoples.
Amartya Sen will be at on April 21 to deliver the annual Spitzer Lecture in Political Science.
Amartya sen would be proud of her socioeconomic expertise!
Also remember, Amartya Sen too is HAPPILY married into the Rothschild family.
Replug: Event blog on Lecture: Law, Economics & Republic of Beliefs, by
General course student Ryo reflects on The Amartya Sen Lecture: Law, Economics, and the Republic of Beliefs
Please dont guess Amartya Sen. I said Kolkata airport. Not the executive lounge for Emirates in Dubai
Very interesting analysis of Prof. Amartya Sen's lecture "Life and death in Asia and Africa". By Sjon van ’t Hof.
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