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Amar Ujala

Amar Ujala is a Hindi regional daily newspaper in India. It was founded on 18 April 1948 in Agra and is now distributed in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and New Delhi.

Dainik Jagran

Catch fire in national story camp, 3 died & 15 people injured : Gujrat.
Not decide release date after change name .
case : Bar council's president talk on Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.
Thanks to atul for publishing my issue. ujala impact i will s…
Hey everybody! My poem is now published at AMAR UJALA KAVYA. Please do read it and don't forget to like.😅😅. Read it…
how to reduce heat stroke in summer- Special Story - Amar Ujala via
Moradabad me toti dewar se rly house no H1931,Back side of Rly house no H 178 to H221,All around of…
23 Plastic surgeries in 3 days !!! Hats off to the Team of Doctors from Chennai kudos to Amar Ujala...
Don't know how many lives have been ruined by this racket. What should we call it - "organized loot " in the name of m…
Bro, I just shared the news related to the same,, I did not say anything else, you a…
government admitted not given title father of nation to gandhi - National - Amar Ujala. via
Don't be misled by the rumours about bank to levy charges for all free services. Please see press release from IBA…
Power of Women can be seen by Courage to commit crime. Still Women is abla naari. via Amar Ujala 29-1…
At Uday Samwad, spoke about the long road of aspirations for Uttarakhand. . Innovation…
mam u r the real inspiration for youth and journalist. . It was mamoreble moment for us. ujala…
in It's been a day drenched with the life and times of Glad I…
Worried about getting contacts, rates, deadlines and manual booking procedures for your Amar Ujala classified ads?…
Perhaps was on a civilising mission to the North when he too up Amar Ujala job? Is there where he met Rohini?
If southern states are 15 years ahead as you said then what the parasites like you are doing in Delhi? And why did…
Just deleting the news from the portal & official platforms is not enough by We demand an official apolo…
FIR lodged against two newspapers Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala for passing off Jammu youth as slain Lashkar militant
. . Sir,. News published in today,s news papers Amar Ujala and Hindustan Bahraich UP but still no action against contractor
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besides that writing headlines for Amar Ujala (Freelance)
why Amar Ujala is constantly behaving anti-Modi?
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Hindustan and Amar Ujala, leading Hindi dailies in North India have covered the news in its Faridabad edition today.
Limberness matrimonial proclamation next to amar ujala so as to gawk quickness accomplice exception taken of on…
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Amar Ujala did a story on its website.
Arjun Kapoor had lost his mother in 2012.
Amar Ujala keeps hitting them out of the park.
Ma'am, "Amar Ujala" has done such senseless sensationalism spread umpteen times in past.
*** ?!! What kind of distorted universe do the people at 'Amar Ujala' live in ?!! 😡😡
ATS Golf Meadows in association with Amar Ujala, presented Honour Award,. to people who deserve recognition for...
this is what the trashy media like this wanted anyway...a reaction from you and now I know what is amar ujala .
this is so bad Amar Ujala yaar how can you write like this
Hi they must rename it from AMAR UJALA to AMAR ANDHERA!! It sounds more appropriate
This Amar Ujala is totally sick.they always write dese creepy articles . I think its high tym ppl take action against dem.
don't react to Amar ujala. Their headlines are creepy and disgusting.
Hello Deoria Police,how long will u take to complete this inquiry ?
Amar Ujala be ready, you will be trolled for this
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NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
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Amar Ujala Review of 1.5*/5* ( calls it most boring film of the year.) LOL
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And I read your columns written in somewhat poetic flow in Amar Ujala.
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height of misleading news by Amar Ujala
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Honored with an Award during Blood Donation Camp at Sector 17 organised by Amar Ujala Foundation .
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Felicitating and appreciating the toppers from UP at an event organised by the newspaper Amar Ujala.
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great!!! I am at patna. Like to meet you. So spare some time for me. I was same person who was heading jk Amar ujala in 2002
Eh? Same date, same press conf but diff news! Seen in TOI & Amar Ujala, Lucknow
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Article widely published in Amar Ujala Kumaon Region on WORLD DIABETES DAY 2015
thanks for sharing Amar Ujala, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
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Read Jagran, Amar Ujala or TV 18 Websites and you will puke. Shootings happen over minor collisions of vehicles. This is UP.
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Amar Ujala in Sep had news about ur govt resolve 2 rename Janta Inter college Nainidanda as BhawaniSingh Inter college
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Now distracted by Amar Ujala. You should do a media of Jammu and Kashmir series and call it "lol, just jk".
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You are absoluty right Sir.. Amar Ujala also inspired from you in their review...
CNN , ET ,IBN ,NDTV are well aware of there reach and capability.The real player are Dainik Jagran,Amar Ujala,Navbharat times .
Pl refer yr column in Amar Ujala which is incorrect. Sunped was result of family dispute. I doubt it was caste based crime.
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Say happy birthday to God Ram on 10 Jan :Research.
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delhi gangrape victim succumbs to injuries - AMAR UJALA via
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The Better India featured in Amar Ujala - "The Better India now in Hindi".
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At present , Crime is illegaly, leagel in India
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Come on, Amar Ujala News. You are not American and the kid is not indian. Report about what's happening in India
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Dainik Jagran too pointed out that the Muslim share in the population has increased. Amar Ujala made use of graphics
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story Big Debate MKVeenu of Amar Ujala is old Congman Founder of Amar Ujala Late Dori Lal was Congman He can never give impartial view
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Why we shld stop counting toilets built if our end goal is My take in Amar Ujala. … .
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Stop counting toilets,Instead,focus on toilet usage,no of ODF villages.My column in today's Amar Ujala
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just pick up any UP city edition of Amar Ujala or Dainik Jagran, it would be clear that this is a lawless state
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Hats Off to innovation : woman got pregnant 5 times in 10 months...
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Maybe you can help. Just look into the web edition of Amar Ujala Chandigarh edition. Page 3
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He cut the cake share it with toppers along with us in AMAR UJALA MEDHAVI samman samaroh today @ IGP. Every one enjoyed it very well.
The Hindi newspaper “Amar Ujala” shares their views on the upcoming movie Read the article to know more. htt…
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A woman Sub-Divisional Magistrate gets a husband chained by his wife for 2 months, released in Malout/Punjab, reports Amar Ujala.
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7 more farmers commit suicide in past 24 hrs, 2 in Punjab and 5 in Haryana, reports Amar Ujala.
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Y thr *** these people play with AK's name. Let brand Amar Ujala to Mar Jala
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I heartly thankful to Dainik Jagaran, Amar Ujala, Times of India, Hindustan Times and others for their great support.
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Budget cuts or funds not utilized funds? -- in Amar Ujala (Hindi)
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Filmmaker Saab says that will get justice in the court. | via Amar Ujala | Thank you, Sir. http:/…
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So a moderate-Modi bhakt, His Holiness Param Poojya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji Maharaj (Baba Ramdev is a hardline-Modi bhakt) who had put his foot-in-his-mouth by "predicting" earlier this year that the value of 1 US$ will come down to Rs. 40 under has once again made an *** of himself. Last night, I shared a picture of a Hindi newspaper clipping (Amar Ujala) which reported that the Holy Man is urging the nation Not to vote for Kejriwal & AAP who, he ("Gurudev") feels, are anti-national & anti-development. Nothing suprising about that. Just that I also expected "Param Poojya Gurudev" to take his Modi bhakti to the next level by also urging people to NOT vote for the Congress as well. But then, I just recalled that "Gurudev's" Fart, oops I mean Art of Living headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka and if "Gurudev" wants to protect his Ashram, he has to be silent or at best, very mild on Congress since it's the Congress who at present run the state government in Karnataka :P ;) And he also needs to pro ...
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