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Amar Singh

Amar Singh (27 January 1956) is an Indian politician from the state of Uttar Pradesh and one of the founding leaders of Samajwadi Party.

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chor amar Singh pl. Note. Now no dalali on chor Congress behalf.
There is always someone who writes Jaya Bachchan and Amar Singh in the comments in the articles on Pinkvilla. It makes me laugh every time.
Great atmosphere tonight @ Garib Niwaj. Sant Amar Singh Ji will arrive in UK tomorrow & will do KIRTAN on Sat 6am
Digvijay Singh ji calls J&K as 'India occupied Kashmir'.It was his gift to his Pakistani sisters. http…
He was a PHD scholar, lecturer at Amar Singh College. Dragged from his home, bludgeoned to death. One more kid orphaned.
And I read your columns written in somewhat poetic flow in Amar Ujala.
Article by Amar Singh in Sep. 1947 expresses desire for King of Patiala to take over East Punjab to form Sikh state
. Don't know about Hillary but is she's with Amar Singh then she has no credibility left.
Council of States ( Rajya Sabha) will always be in hopeless hands. Amar Singh, Kapil Sibal and Beni Prasad just took Oath…
then who will sack Azad Khan, Amar Singh, mulayam for their derogatory remarks, shame on you
Why you have not asked Mr.Amar Singh that What is the meaning of "DHOBI KA KUTTA NA GAR KA NA GHAT KA"
He is an important part of the Samajwadi family,no question of him being upset: Amar Singh,SP on Shivpal Yadav
Amar Singh is now an issue in the US Presidential Election. Proud of him :P
Amar Singh: “I met Ravi Ruia in London and asked him about the tapes. He said Essar has nothing to do with them.”
Amar Singh also reveals how Sonia Gandhi helped former pm Chanreshekar to get treatment abroad when he was dying of cance…
The small list of people use & throw by Amitabh Bachchan . Amar Singh, Yash Chopra, Gandhis, Parveen babbie, Hindujas & so on.
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This is AK in 2011 fighting thugs like Amar Singh & AK of 2016 an admirer of Laloo Yadav!
The only exception to the rule was Mewar when Amar Singh signed a peace treaty with Mughals in 1615 after years of fighting
Amar Singh blames Jaya Bachchan for split in their relationship.
Amar Singh is a daga kartoos, not returning to Samajwadi Party, says Azam Khan: Mulayam Singh Yadav's Amar prem not withstan…
Bête noire Ramgopal Yadav & Azam Khan to miss dinner hosted today by Amar Singh for wedding of nephew of Mulayam Singh
Amar Singh has said that he got to know that 'PM Narendra Modi is planning to propose Amitabh Bachchan's name for d next President of India
distinguished Amar Singh that all Rajpoots are not in lineage of Maharana Pratap. Few are Man Singh types also.
With Guru Ji's Kirpa, Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji have arrived in the UK tonight & will do tomorrow at 6am!
that Bentley CGT hasn't been seen in a long time, maybe Amar Singh took it back!!
Hav watched singh is king thousand times...still one of d best movie.! :*
it has started sounding like Amar singh and mulayam story, stop it *** it
there flies the theory of 'Amar Singh'
lots of *** still believe it was some Amar Singh (Kasab) with kalava.
. So threads can be given to RSS terrorist Amar Singh . 😂😂😂.
Will be a sad day for journalism if The Independent newspaper folds. Gave me a platform as a young editor in 2002
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What do you mean David Headley not RSS? Then why was he wearing saffron shirt.His real name is Amar Singh Pracharak
and who is PC best friend introduced to him by Amar Singh?. AJ
Big deal. Neetu Singh was able to detect pregnancy through pulse in 1977 itself (Amar Akbar Anthony).
Rooftop Party - Mickey Singh and Amar Sandhu. Added more of the Desi touch to it. 😉
This is not unlike Neetu Singh pronouncing Parveen Babi is pregnant in Amar Akbar Anthony by checking her pulse.
SC begins re-examination of anti-defection laws on Amar Singh and Jaya’s plea
what was first reaction on CD shown by Amar Singh? BTW has the investigation on Salim controversy in Gurgaon over
K3 Note does not support VR bundle Amar.
.reflects on her rise to fame on YouTube.
Humbled&Honoured to meet you Amar Singh Ji 🙏😊
I know I know...Amar Singh was the guy with red band...right?
How many times will my bae Zaid Hamid have to clarify? Hindu baniya Hira Lal & Amar Singh carried out 26/11 attack !!!
netaji also asking amar singh to rope in ajit singh and INC...
Amar Singh was not expelled from the party, he was with us and will remain with us: Mulayam Singh Yadav
Hosted a special dinner for actor Orlando Bloom at in Delhi. https…
why don't you invite Amar Singh to chai pe charcha and discuss his wellbeing, collegium system, sabarimala, and Jallikattu?
Ye goon Amar Singh ka goonda use goon before his nane...
Rare portrait of Two misl chiefs, Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia and Amar Singh Phulkian.
Do not have anything to do withDivya sree, Amar Pal Singh,r Shafeena TAbassum
So a subdalal of amar singh wants to dictate Ajit Doval
Subramanian Swamy is slightly refined version of Amar Singh.DalleBaji full tu
nuclear deal is 10 l cr scam amar singh paid few m usdollar to Clinton foundation from cong money
It’s sad that Aamir is no longer the brand ambassador of Incredible India- Amar Singh: via
Ambanis are to Bollywood what Amar Singh is to Samajwadi Party
;Moreover who is equally capable of cheating an Ostrich like Amar Singh.
Amar Singh and Tarun Vijay on idea of India at Delhi Lit Festival , doesnt sound like literature
sati was the glory of India, . for ur info. study the veer Amar singh &his wife.divine need to justify the bramh
I still call Yatin Karyekar Kamesh Mahadevan, and Amar Talwar has only been Raj GJ Singh–the impact of
LILLY SAINI SINGH . When are you getting your booty to Mumbai?! 😭😭 You promised Amar😩
even what amar singh donated to Clinton foundation also a part of cash for votes scam came from con
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
then 2nd channel already opened by amar singh btwn 10 JP and is like WB /bihar in UP now.. 5-10% vote of INC is key
Pics 2 : Akshay Kumar & shakes a leg with Ranveer Singh at last night
from Congress to Amar singh to SP . Amitabh knows well about how to be in good book of rulers.
India new brand ambassador is one who ditched Amar Singh & Gandhi Family, when they were really needed his support.
They call him Bling Bling Mr. Singh.. But we know baby (u r the king. Bliingy Singh..
Amar Singh introduced AJ to Tony. Amar Suhel Tony all linked to Indrani case. again Media related.
Watching singh is king infinite time
Have an awesome day my singh my king ❤️ 😍 😘. Waiting for this Jan 22nd so much!! ✌ ✈ 😊 🙏 https:/…
thanks, that sounds like usual practice. Pleasantly surprised
he did abandon another colorful character Amar Singh though. heard his tapes with Anil Ambani, Bipasha,TSR, etc.
Amitabh Bachchan s first episode on "incredible India should thanking the Amar Singh if he has no gratitude of Nehru family.
Amar Singh helped him, when he had gone broke. He had sour stint with Congress. BJP, esp Modi, is exploiting that
gupta is mafia of garment export,they work for DBK only ,said to have back up of Amar singh
. Jaya Prada is no more with Amar Singh.Heard she was planning to join AP politics.
. He was neck deep in debt till Amar Singh pulled him out.Now he refuses to acknowledge his presence.So fit to be a Sanghi.
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. So happy I never liked him.Has always used ppl.The Gandhis,Amar Singh,Anil Ambani.Wife is in the SP and he cosies up to d BJP
. He has always been an opportunist.Never takes a stand and is always politically correct.Used and threw away Amar Singh.
but is close to Amar Singh who ain't a saint
was succeeded by Rana Amar Singh, who fought 17 wars with the evil mughals & kept the flag of Dharma flying high!
Bhai Beej Singh Ji released after 22 yrs. Look at that smile, that's a smile of freedom .Vaheguru 🙏🏼
Amar Singh in 1964. He insisted on the right to wear his pagri at work, instead of a uniform hat. https…
I wonder what it costs to convince Orlando Bloom to fly to India (twice) and then spend his day hanging out with Amar Si…
After deportation drama, visits Taj with Amar Singh
Orlando Bloom deported from India: British actor Orlando Bloom with Indian lawmaker Amar Singh pose for a phot...
How and why the heck is Amar Singh officiating his visit to India?
Clipping of Lucknow return of Amar singh G
Does Amar Singh even know who Orlando Bloom is?
In my heart, I never left Mulayam's side, Amar Singh. . .
Oho. contact Amar Singh... he is the guy arranging it all 😜
Legolas is in India to meet, of all people, Amar Singh.
Heh, invites to the country, then deports him upon arrival.
What a photo bomb by Amar Singh. Orlando's day and life is ruined.
Orlando Bloom and Amar Singh pose in front of the Taj Mahal!
Feel sorry for Orlando Bloom. First the visa fracas, now he has to visit the Taj Mahal with Amar Singh for company.
Orland Bloom & partner with Amar Singh sitting between them has gotto be the weirdest pic ever taken at the Taj. Severe
Amar Singh hosts a special dinner for actor Orlando Bloom at his farmhouse in Delhi: A warm welcome: Amar Singh…
In my heart, I never left side, says : News
A loyalist to the very end, here is Amar Singh's neck doing a Sahara Pranaam.
“After deportation drama, visits Taj with Amar Singh
Visa-less Orlando Bloom sent back from Delhi airport, returns in 24 hrs after Amar Singh, Sushma Swaraj intervene
. Amar Singh with . Trying to say it without wincing. Failing.
Rajeev Shukla is the Amar Singh of Indian Cricket,particularly BCCI...can be seen hanging & partying even with bitter opponents
Amar Singh doesn't need party partys need him!
We live in a country where Amar Singh gets to hang with Orlando Bloom.
Orlando Bloom-Deported at DEL Airport-was invited by Amar Singh & Co.-cleared later by Sushma Swaraj's help. . Interesting names 2gether.
Amar Singh once a legend in U P politics.oversight by dirty politics.
After deportation drama, Orlando Bloom seen clicking selfie at Taj Mahal with Amar Singh.
Shout out to Amar Singh for leaving us a review on Google+. Check out what they had to say:
they must be Azam Khan or Amar singh😜😜
The Bat-Groom: move aside, this Singh is the real King!
Namstey London means. My favorite Bollywood movie...!!. Bestest Forever. Arjun Singh was Best...!!
Gen Dalbir Singh, senior veterans of Infantry Regiments lay wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti, on 68th
from Mickey Singh, Kay V, Amar Sandhu, Fateh etc. Anything upbeat and sounds amazing I'll listen 😃💃
Vijender Singh's pro-boxing bout postponed from October 30 to November 7 in Dublin.
.expert Amar Singh joined us to discuss latest developments in the scandal
Pl refer yr column in Amar Ujala which is incorrect. Sunped was result of family dispute. I doubt it was caste based crime.
The value of masks and effects of smoke – Amar-Singh HSS
This year, Kayakalp received an overwhelming response for its Amar Singh Rathore shows performed during Durga Puja!
The value of masks and effects of Indonesian smoke/smog — Amar-Singh HSS
We have seen Radia Chawla's 'courage' in that leaked convo with Amar Singh. 😂
My write up in on Ghar Vaapsi on the cards for Amar Singh
Ji atleast this govt isn't running by people like Amar Singh. Did you forget about your conversation with him?
seems time has come for tutorials to Prabhu Ji like what Amar Singh Ji gave him
both pramod n jaitely pro corporate dalals.. fixers.. just like Amar singh.
Lol some people think ranveer singh can be next srk 😂😁 bas yaar itni comedy bardast nahi hoti mujhse..haste haste rula diya.
End of bad vibes? Amar Singh likely to be back in Samajwadi Party fold soon
These caste mafia cartel include politicians fr every party..Amar Singh to Raja Bhaiya and our own HM RNS.
Amar Singh takes a dig at Azam for writing to UN: Former SP leader Amar Singh today took a dig at senior UP mi...
Former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh in Varanasi said youth leaders like UP CM Akhilesh Yadav are need of hour.
Music Review: Songs of are supremely entertaining - .
Had meeting with BJP MLA on the occasion of Ganesh Anant Chaturthi .He is BJP's Star...
Book ur full family ticket for of 1st day if Singh Is King is ur one of ur fav comedy film.. SIB Ready To Rock
The true Bharat Ratna of our Nation. Amar Bhagat Singh birthday anniversary should be treated as a national holiday.
Dont having enough words to give u tribute.ur Name is enough to explain India.n that's enough for us.India's proud, Bhagat Singh Amar Raho.
all the best for SINGH IS BLING. ..looking great in Sardar avatar. ..much much better than SINGH IS KIN…
I didnt even know what Singh IsBliing was Says In An Interview SIB Ready To Rock
Let the countdown begin! 5 days to go for Singh Is Bliing. . How excited are you?
Morning sir...All the best for Singh is Bliing 😁
First day of Singh is Bliing promotions with & .. The fun has begun 😜
I think & 's 'Aaja Mahi' can sound awesome in every version! . "Singh Is Bliing | Akshay Kumar ht…
thanks for sharing Amar Singh, have a great Friday :) (insight by
In Chennai advance booking has started on special request of Nilesh Niraj Sir _/\_ 😬😳
Amar Singh to re-join SP. Why doesn't every political party bid for him to join them- after all he is the doyen of virtues in public life.
After getting all hurdles cleared of rejoining SP, Amar Singh's first gift to Akhilesh- hire a PR Agency n starts trending
Tune in for an amaze-SINGH episode of Dance India Dance with team tonight at 9 pm on
sold tickets to dacoits in :. RK Singh,MP BJP.
Mr SINGH ki Bliinging SMILE . . . sir love u .
what is the nexus between Jayaprada and Amar singh.?
Party time on the sets of tomorrow as we welcome Raftaar Singh! .
Amar Singh all set to be back in SP? - The Samajwadi Party seems to have made up its mind to take ...
Chat with d amaze-SINGH Raftaar. Singh aka live at. 9.30 am tomorrow on the app!
Camp close on 28th Sept with celebration of Bday of Amar Shaheed Bhagat Singh & Kirtan by renowned Raagi Bhai Baldeep S…
hv Amar Singh's chela Sanjay Singh as startegist thugs know all the tricks in the crook book
that Ajmal Kasab was Marathi Sikh Amar Singh and RAW did 26/11 in a false flag operation.
Lalit Modi is a better looking Amar Singh.
No he is more like Amar Singh, Rajeev Shukla. He has all proofs against BJP & INC so will expose who is not with him
After getting his kidneys transplanted. Amar Singh is again on roll by his spending spree having so much money.
Politicians were seen in their jolly party best, when Amar Singh threw bash to celebrate Farooq Abdulla...
Amar Singh throws a bash for Farooq Abdullah at Lutyen’s Cocktail House at Janpath in Delhi: Politicians were seen…
Delhi University declares 100% cut-off on the same day when the Education Minister of India is embroiled in a fake degree case
the way Amar Singh was almost dead, I am really concerned about LKM's security.
Listen to his convo with Amar Singh on youtube. You will see his real face and dalali.
hon'ble Amar Singh wishing the team for success
Meet me,Kunwar Amar Singh, Charlie Chauhan and Yuvraj Thakur on 4th June at St.Andrews Auditorium htt…
So is Robert Vadra becoming Amar Singh of congress. Will do dirty work till he is taken care of by the dynasty
Mohan Babu, Amar Singh & at the Audio Launch that's happening now.
MP Amar Singh & Ji at Audio Launch. Uyire Uyire audio links to be out in a while, stay tuned
Experience the unique bond between Dr. Amar Kishore Singh and Roshni. Stay tuned for more updates.
Had no clue that former politician Amar Singh has now turned "film producer". That too for a Tamil film. Uyire Uyire.
Contractual posts on sale at Amar Singh College? - Rising Kashmir
sharing Tata consultancy to recruit youth at Amar Singh College - Kashmir Times
I have Amar Singh College. side se koi aqalmand *** to baat banjaye
Rajiv Shukla is another Amar Singh minus the sher-o-shairi!
When & famous politician Amar Singh visited for annual day celebrations.
What do u hv to say about amar singh first time fighting with mughal.?. Did you all loved to see his...
Amar Singh article - Why a hybrid CISO is the right choice for every business.
Contractual posts on sale at College ? - Rising Kashmir
Satnam Singh becomes the first Indian to be picked in NBA:
Satnam Singh drafted by the mavs at
Does it mean he has a bigger circle than Amar Singh? It could be a close contest between these two
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Gundagardi of highest seats of education...
You shouldnt accept dat v were involved in Mumbai attacks. Our stance is that it was done by Marathi Sikh Amar Singh http…
Contractual posts on sale at Amar Singh College?. College calls ‘blue eyed’ candidates for postings others asked...
Contractual posts on. sale at Amar Singh. College?.
Amar Singh vacates his house, finally Must thank Venkaiah Naidu for this.
P.Schweizer's "Clinton Cash." Juicy details/alleged deals but gotta wonder veracity of research calling Amar Singh an 'obscure' MP in India🙊
Could easily have been. I doubt Amar Singh, or any politician, would pay out of his pocket.
Amar Singh was also linked to the Cash4Vote scam. Old Monk would know more. Nuclear Deal
The original Gangotri Temple was built by the Gurkha general Amar Singh Thapa. The river is called Bhagirathi at...
Home Minister Rajnath Singh makes a statement in Lok Sabha on the
Army to do whatever is needed in General Dalbir Singh
SRK's victory dance with Amar Singh - TOI via
Amitabh lied to Jaya. Jaya lied to amar singh. Amar Singh lied to Mulayam. Mulayam lied to Sonia. So Amitabh lied to Sonia. ...21st May..RG
It is only now that Amar Singh has met the Governor, is why Sanjay Dutt should truly worry!
What happened to the image of India when Mr Jaitley & company abused Manmohan Singh in the Indian Parliament? What about Modi's nonsense???
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Amazing Kirtan by Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji this afternoon, at Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar, Letchworth :)
. He changes with time you know.Ask abt Amar Singh from him.
Beautiful Kirtan by Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji at Garib Niwaj, this morning.
she danced on Amar singh's pole so effectively
Hillary runs an NGO of which so many Indian Politicians are members. Amar Singh gave her @ 5m $
Fact:Amar Singh donated mollions of dollars to Clinton foundation/campaign;evr heard Indisn politician donating to US?
last time we saw such in was from then Amar Singh.
"peripatetic" Amar Singh, Anil listed as donors. Quid pro quo for nuke deal?.
Sanjay Singh is Amar Singh of He is doing dalali since ages.
. Don't make her wait Just because u knows .. She will. :). ~ Amar Singh Mohil
the reason Hillary is learning malpractices is because She's got a Tutor in Amar Singh
- Amar Singh contributed @ $1 to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation
Video: shakes a leg with Amar Singh at Dadasaheb Phalke Awards
Amar Singh writes on blog , he and mulayam both cries on phone , big drama !
How Funny. Lalu Prasad Yadav & Amar Singh constitute the standing committee of which government is talking about.
Amitabh Bachchan & Amar Singh at Chief Minister of the Indian state of Ut
-Like of Lalu, Amar Singh. Manish Tiwari enjoying Z+ security at public cost is a misuse to say least & why in NDA??
So,we have A Raja on committee for Energy,Kanimozhi on panel for Home, Kalmadi for External Affairs and Amar Singh for Law and Justice !!
Obituary: Amar Singh, 76, was the public face of Danforth institution Shar-E-Punjab: Singh, 76, wife Malkit and…
Amar Singh feels and Dilip Kumar shouldn't have been given Padma Vibhushan together. Dilip Saheb deserves Bharat Ra…
The Volkswagen sedan in which Amar Singh arrived at AATS office in Vasant Kunj C-block.
Who's AB after all...?. Who gifted his daughter in law to Anil Ambani and Subarato Roy... Amar Singh being a pimp...
Sunanda took blame for Shashi Tharoor's wrongdoings in IPL: Amar Singh - Video | The Times of...
Was wondering in this game of murder case, where is Joker and here come Amar Singh in picture.
I still remember how Javed Akhtar mocked Arvind sir in a show. Amar Singh came to rescue when AK gave it back to Akhtar.
Hi guys, anyone who is a member of Amar Singh Club,Jammu or has friends and family who are member there,kindly cast your vote for my dad Mr.Naresh K Gupta (Tony)- serial number 8 for the Executive Committee elections taking place on 28 December. He has been a part of Executive Committee from 2006-12 and with your valuable vote, he would be be happy to serve you again. Would really appreciate your support!
Thanks Amar Singh jee I well thanks for you
New contract list of INDIAN Players for 2015-16 . Yuvraj & Gambhir dropped from the list .
amar singh must also have tons of documentation proof to nail father-son duo..he's a must have for BJP right now
Not favourable for Amar singh entry to BJP but will be an asset to Bark on opponents
Paying tribute to Guru Gobind Singh ji on his birth anniversary.
This must change> "Today, cyber ignorance is not only prolific. It is acceptable...[among CXOs]"
"Here BABY Is Coming. Ajay Singh Rajput the bestest best actor in the industry. Love u sir http:/…
Ready to serve BJP: Amar Singh 😁. Those 4th para is most interesting. Why not.
Today on the birth anniversary of the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, let's rededicate ourselves to propagate peace …
I have a fascination of the horrible it seems:) I like Paswan, Amar Singh, and believe MSY is most grounded politico
Gradually but BJP becoming congress party as people like Napolean is joining and Amar singh isabout to join. Need to refrain ASAP.
INSubcontinent: Amar Singh says he is ‘ready to serve BJ INSubc...
Instead of sequel of Amar Akbar Anthony with Neil Nitin Mukesh, we can just add Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and make sequel of Satte pe Satta.
Weldone Lion, . You are real successor of Amar Shaheed Bhagat Singh,. Your dedication & devotion is exemplary.
The new sexy man in Bollywood...Karan Singh Grover
Is BJP so fool to invite Amar Singh for his services ? Mr Amar Singh plz knock some other door. You may try Behan ji too.
What a great down fall for this politician?Amar Singh,Chidambaram,SharathPawar r PM candidates long before
rate at which BJP's performing, I think they will surely induct Amar singh, n thus their ministry of jokers will b complete!
Going by the news reports, Amar Singh wants to join BJP, Cong, SP etc etc
If BJP tomorrow decides to take my services, I will be happy to offer it to them: Amar Singh
Amar Singh now ready to serve the BJP.After handling the benami tranxs of Anil Ambani/Mulayam/Amitabh Bacchan/SP ll do the same for the BJP.
Amar Singh says he is ‘ready to serve BJP' & says Samajwadi Party no more follows ideology of Lohia. Oh, so does?
Bad idea. There will be voter backlash coz Amar Singh doesn't have a clean image.
Chalo ji Amar Singh's also happened lol | Amar Singh says he is ‘ready to serve -
RTSingh is no friend of anyone.He's shameless creep after fame and fortune.A lobbyist at heart.If BJP — indian
Amar Singh ready to serve BJP. Yesh they cld use some smooth fixers. Tho jury out on whether AS all tht smooth anymore
"What Nehru couldn't achieve in his lifetime, Modi has done in a short period. Every Indian feels proud abt Modi's achievem…
if Amar Singh gives A+ rating something is cooking up.If BJP rely on Amar's certificate& ignores ArunShourie's alerts-NoComments
Amar Singh gives A+ rating to the Modi govt but Arun says more is said than done in present govt
Amar singh is sher e Kashmiri..Think positive
. the stadia where from spoke was originally called 'Amar Singh Ground'... The name change later was 'secular'
'Yadav Singh is just a puppet in this game', says Amar Singh: via
I added a video to a playlist Big Bulletin: Debate on Amar Singh's remark over engineer Yadav Singh
looks like Raman singh will have to act now or let Go of CM post!! No action against amar agarwal and now KPS Gill disclosure on naxals!
Goes on to show how idiotic the system is. Rajya Sabha should also be known as Fixer's Sabha. Designed for people like Amar Singh.
Amar Singh very well understood SP is a drowning ship and no benefit can achieve if continuing with it.
Amar Singh is officially India's first test cap in its cricket history.
He is late. He should have joined the BJP before the elections. Now he has no place or post.
via necessary to join BJP It is Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas.
Kalyan singh took so many u turns , let's not talk about him , he said NDA will never come to power , Amar singh is chankya
Amar Singh praises Modi,denies joining BJP viawhat he would do as a BJP man;a mandir for Modi!
Amar singh conscious starts to speak Truth. I appreciated him not to participate in any post for the next 10 years.
Yadav Singh is only pappu, his pappa must be found out- Amar Singh. talking as if he doesn't know.
swarajyamag - Amar Singh recounts a conversation in which Aiyar speaks of Mulayam Singh:. “We belong to the Oxford and Cambridge set…
When Mani Shankar Aiyer was slapped by Amar Singh for speaking the language of “Idea of India”.
Holidays got you strung out? De-stress with these tips from Dr. Amar Singh!
Amar Singh, Arjun Kapoor and other celebs pour-in their wishes ... -
If I have to vote only on the virtue of the candidate being Rajput, I would prefer Raja Bhaiya to Amar Singh.
Government-Run Sterilization Program to Curb Population Growth in India Goes Horribly Wrong NEW DELHI (TheBlaze/AP) — As part of a mass, government-run sterilization program, eight Indian women died and 20 others were in critical condition Tuesday after undergoing surgeries to help slow the country’s population growth. A total of 83 women, all poor villagers under the age of 32, had the operations free of charge Saturday in a hospital outside Bilaspur city in the central state of Chhattisgarh, officials said. The women were sent home Saturday evening after their surgeries, but more than two dozen were later rushed in ambulances to private hospitals after becoming ill. By Tuesday, eight of the women had died — apparently from either blood poisoning or hemorrhagic shock, which occurs when a person has lost too much blood, state deputy health director Amar Singh told the Press Trust of India news agency. Twenty other women were in critical care, according to the district magistrate, Siddharth Komal Par ...
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eaders like Amar Singh and Ajit Singh are like cancer in politics..Why like a cat they have too many lives?
Latest : Samajwadi Party announces Rajya Sabha list, no place for Amar Singh - Firstpost: Firstpos...
Ask any Jhaadu Topi walla..they will know or better ask Amar Singh's ex-PA Sanjay Singh or ex kidnapper Gopal Rai
Latest : Amar Singh to join SP tomorrow? Mulayam Singh likely to make official ... - Oneindia: The...
Dear UP CM, why your dad only? 3 persons should be given Doctorates . Dr. Mulayam Singh Yadav. Dr. Azam Khan. Dr. Amar Singh .
How Congress lost Amar Singh: He can be seen these days cosying up to his old friend turned foe, Mulayam Singh Yadav. Rumours are that a Rajya Seat for Amar Singh may be in the offing. But what is interesting is that Singh had first tried to align with the Congress. Before the Lok Sabha polls, he even met party general secretary in charge of UP Madhusudan Mistry, for a possible ticket from the Congress. However, Mistry simply read from his files when Singh came calling, then looked up from under his bushy eyebrows and asked, "But I don't see an application from you." A fuming Singh just got up and left. Later, a Congress leader quipped, "What did Mistry think Amar Singh wanted? A job in his garage?" This story is doing the rounds at AICC as an example to show how out of touch with reality Mistry is. It is of course another matter that Mistry continues to be in charge of ticket distribution for the UP bypolls slated in September.
Amar Singh visits SP office in Lucknow with party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, likely to return to party.
Mulayam Singh Yadav, Amar Singh's meeting with getting out of politics can not be seen. Amar and Mulayam is currently in need of each other.
Amar Singh: Jaya Bachan played role of mischief monger between Mulayam & me. Now will eliminate her from our equation
Bitterness forgotten, Amar Singh now willing to play 'any role' that asks him to.
Former SP leader Amar Singh won't join Samajwadi Party, says it was an informal meet with Mulayam Singh Yadav
Won't reveal details of the meet,only the Yadav family has the right to speak on it-Amar Singh on meeting Mulayam http:/…
Amar Singh need to be re nominated for RS. Trying all at any cost.
First, Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav and now Lalu Yadav and Nitish-spurned lovers reuniting with their ex-beaus everywhere
After Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar, . Its Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amar Singh. Indian politicians celebrate Friendship Day in word and spirit
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Amar shares dais with Mulayam, says he was a 'Mulayamwadi': Amar Singh shared the dais with Samajwadi Party su...
Adding political connotation to rally with Mulayam Singh wrong: Amar Singh: Ahead of a rally where he will sha...
Cricket | International Kumar joins India's Lord's elite 19 July 2014, 16:08 Bhuvneshwar Kumar became only the twelfth India bowler to take five or more wickets in a test innings at Lord's on Saturday. Kumar's return of six for 82 against England on the third day of the second test also represented his test-best bowling figures in what was the 24-year-old's eighth match at this level. Fast-medium bowler Kumar's haul was also only the third time an India bowler had taken six wickets in a test at Lord's after Amar Singh (six for 35 in 1936) and left-arm spin great Bishan Bedi's six for 223 in 1974. Kumar was the second India player this match to mark his test debut at Lord's with a major individual performance after Ajinkya Rahane made 103 in the tourists' first innings 295. Both Rahane and Kumar will now have their names inscribed on the Lord's honours boards that record all those who've either scored a century or taken at least five wickets in an innings in a test at the 'home of cricket'. Below is the co ...
SMART TIP for Find a 'perfect' Judge & FIX Kapil Sibal & few more Congis for Snoop-Gate on Amar Singh
Sir career tho apka waise bhi khatam *** chukka. You have become new Amar Singh so try for publicity
Former chief of India’s premier Intelligence agency and track two diplomat, Amar Singh Dulat Wednesday asked people and politicians of Kashmir not to take statements about the revocation of Article 370 seriously. “There is nothing serious about it and nobody is going to revoke this article,” he said adding that matter is being blown out of proportion. “I am telling you that it is not a serious issue and nobody is going to revoke it. Modi only talked about having a debate on this issue when he was Jammu. Article 370 is there and it is not going to be revoked,” Dulat said. Replying to a question, Dulat said that as a Kashmiri, Omar Abdullah’s reaction was up to the mark.
Wow always been a good fan of Dhadi Amar Singh Shonki Ji.. His Grandson breaking a family terdition with this...
I added a video to a playlist amar singh chamkila remix
most apt description of MSAiyar in long time...since some Amar Singh happened to him :)
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