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Amanda Waller

Dr. Amanda Blake Waller is a character published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Legends #1 in 1986, and was created by John Ostrander, Len Wein, and John Byrne.

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Who’s up for a strong Latina character in the that can take on the likes of Amanda Waller? https:…
"Because the world needs a Batman (...) The thought of a world without Batman was unacceptable." Amanda Waller
Still writing this Justice League piece and it even involves Superboy, Amanda Waller, and Cyborg Superman. (og Supes…
However, Cynthia Addai-Robinson! Great to see an Arrow alumni on the big screen. Her work as Amanda Waller was great. Mi…
. It has Ben Affleck, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal and the girl who played Amanda Waller…
I liked a video Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad - Assault on Arkham Climax
Lex Luthor I see, that's just terrible actor selection. . Amanda Waller is a better character than Nic Fury.
.says she was only on board to write an Amanda Waller story if she could make her as wide as she was tall. "A fridge."
Speaking of Suicide Squad, Viola needs a solo movie as Amanda Waller.
Robert Downey Jr as Ironman. Ian McKellen as Magneto. Olivia Munn as Psylocke . Hugh Jackman as Wolverine . Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
the 3 black ppl in the DCEU been Amanda Waller, Cy(cubic zirconium)borg, and the racist crocodile smfh and ya'll caping for this
John Ostrander, on the other hand, gets it right. Here’s Amanda Waller, of all people, accusing Reagan of being hea…
windona: I might have written about this before, but I find Amanda Waller and Nick Fury interesting for...
They got rid of Walter, Moira, Slade (at least for a time), Amanda Waller (technically part of the olde…
Amanda Waller being depicted as skinny is the most tragic thing to happen in comic books
I miss when Amanda “The Wall” Waller was heavyset and would still clock your* *** no questions asked. *: Seriously she kicked as
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Although Viola Davis is a superb actress, she was an awful Amanda Waller. Cynthia Addai-Robinson portrayed the role better on Arrow.
It's almost like this dude doesn't know about how gully Amanda Waller gets .
Off screen, but I really like the actor so the decision to kill him too. Amanda Waller being killed off wa…
She would be villain. She serves as intel to Amanda Waller. Code name Earl Grey.
There is a Cadmus. Amanda Waller to boot. She's hella old in our time, so it will be interesting to see.
Hopefully we can salvage Viola Davis Amanda Waller b/c she’s perfect for that role.
"The world changed when Superman flew across the sky. And it changed again when he didn't."-Amanda Waller
Slade Wilson's up front. Black Canary, Steve Trevor, and Amanda Waller were also on t…
No matter what you think of Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller & Will Smith as Deadsh…
Oh man, it's the Criminal Intent rerun with Viola Davis. Wilson Fisk and Amanda Waller: Origins
Amanda Waller - Viola Davis. Director - I kinda want a new person besides Ava or Shonda. Someone that can direct an…
And if a Suicide Squad means more Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, then that is something I'll enjoy.
I can run in heels better than she can. That's vital for this role. I lost Amanda Waller to Viola Da…
I think of the 3 Amanda Waller's we've had (my favorite is Viola Davis.
... and the plot was driven by Viola Davis's Amanda Waller and the villainess played by Cara Delevingne. With the exception of The Joker ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
(They can keep Viola Davis as Amanda Waller tho, that'd be okay by me on a personal level)
Halle Berry as Storm, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Angela Basset in (insert resume here), Oprah; don…
Need to see Lois Lane & Amanda Waller interact. Amy Adams & Viola Davis are 2 of the finest actors of all time & the ch…
Bisexual Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller played by Viola Davis again. Gimmie it all. Even Black Widow needs some respect.
By the way, whatever you feelings may be about Suicide Squad (and please note: I do not care), Viola Davis was the perfect Amanda Waller.
I really love Will Smith playing Deadshot, & Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.
Michael Shannon as General Zod. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. David Thewlis as Ares. Ciaran Hin…
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is more intimidating than El Cucuy, Freddy Kruger & combined.
In 2007, when I saw Viola Davis as a defense attorney in I knew she would be cast as Amanda Waller.
Ok but Viola Davis deserves to make an Amanda Waller cameo in the second movie
When you have Leto as the Joker, Will Smith as Deadshot, Robbie as Harley Quinn, and Davis as Amanda Waller, you better kill it. SS didn't.
The casting of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was pitch perfect - it is too bad the terrible script & directions squandered her talents.
Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis. Viola first appeared in 'Suicide Squad', and Amanda Waller…
I never ever see Viola Davis, I only see Amanda Waller. Even when she's smiling. Perks of being a comic nerd.
Flipping past Suicide Squad and seeing Viola Davis. Why don't they just make Amanda Waller: The Movie?
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was perfect casting
Amanda Waller is one of the greatest things to ever come from the DCU, and Davis does her justice. The writing, however, does not. 😑
I'd go with Amanda Waller & Rose Wilson, they'd just shame them into going home with a stern look
Amanda Waller was a horrible person and made terrible decisions. Be better Lyla.
Amanda Waller is so good in Suicide Squad
Last week, TOP staff Amanda Waller and Sabrina Thomas joined Alabama Network of Family Resource Center members to...
Alex manages to keep his smile small as squeezed his shoulder "Uh .. nothing much really besides Amanda Waller barking >
Viola Davis giving interviews and she's so happy and cracking jokes and it's so weird because she's not Amanda Waller or Annalise at all 😂
Viola Davis was absolutely perfect in her portrayal as Amanda Waller.
Guys, stop saying 'Walker.' You're making me think you said 'Waller' and you brought back Amanda Waller.
Watching Justice League unlimited and I really dislike Amanda Waller..
Cool seeing Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Amanda Waller in this time a perspicacious FBI agent.
I find the Suicide Squad movie better when viewing it as them not rescuing Amanda Waller, but Viola Davis. That seems more worth it.
the villains in fact only exist due to the incompetents and stupidity of Amanda Waller.
I liked Suicide Squad because of Will Smith and Amanda Waller
Honestly, for me it's just stupid, mindless fun. Jokes and explosions entertain me lol Also Viola Davis kills as Amanda Waller
Though, Viola Davis did a good job as Amanda Waller. Still, the movie just felt so off.
Say BHOP, who did the better Amanda Waller? Viola Davis or Angela Bassett?
She's no CCH Pounder and she certainly isn't Pam Grier. but Viola Davis is a pretty solid Amanda Waller
Viola Davis made for a stellar Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad.
For a moment I thought they were using Sympathy for the Devil to introduce the Joker and I did not like it. But Viola Davis/Amanda Waller!
Curtis: *looks it up too* oh boy. this is not good. it appears Amanda Waller kidnapped and brainwashed Detective Javier
Amanda Waller plans to use Zodd as a part of Suicide Squad but that does t sit well with one after Zodd had murdere…
Batman works with Amanda Waller(Though they have a tense relationship). Trump aka Lex L…
If I'm batman an undecided voter then the 2016 election is between Lex Luthor and amanda waller who would you support ? lol
"And while I do probably hate Amanda Waller with all of my heart, I can respect her.". Mumbles.
"So basically anyone who wasn't Amanda Waller."
Tf they turned Etta Candy into some Amanda Waller carbon copy. Dc you already turned her black in New 52 why also make her plus size now smh
What if Amanda Waller didn't die in ?. What if that was actually the human target?.
Its weird that a film w/ the characters: Harley Quinn Deadshot Amanda Waller Killer Croc Katana didnt even make my top 3 favorites for CBMs
All purpose parts banner
mane even gt lady shiba and Louis lane and big brada and Amanda Waller as principal great really great
Let's take a minute to appreciate how based Amanda Waller is.
There are people in the world who deal only in extremes. Its naive to think that anything less than extreme would stop them - Amanda Waller
Viola Davis did a good job but Amanda Waller as portrayed/written in the movie is a *** *** and you all know…
Never mind, I'm Amanda Waller. I could never be THAT dedicated to anyone...but I would run an organization like her
I cringed when Amanda Waller said this in Suicide Squad but this is funny.
But *** I liked Amanda Waller in this, she was done well! . She's been one of my fav DC characters for a while.
What if it were Amanda Waller running against Lex Luthor? 🤔
That time when Commissioner Gordon worked with Amanda Waller.
Amanda Waller keeps the villains from Task Force X on point with equal parts fear and hate for her.Just the way she li…
Suicide Squad beginning with Amanda Waller rolling out the plan for Task Force X.A Govt Black Ops team with a high pro…
I loved Amanda Waller in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. She wasn't intimidated by Batman at all. Took zero crap.
The way some folks feel about Amanda Waller getting steadily thinner, younger, & cuter in comics? I feel that way when I see modern Olives.
Loretta Lynch doppleganger. Someone make a meme out of this already!!!
I loved you had Batman there, Gordon, Amanda Waller, Red Hood/Punisher, Carey Kelly, Xavier's school... :)
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Listen to my new audition on - This is one of my auditions for Amanda Waller.
Would love to see a scene between Diana and Amanda Waller
I would say margot was good for the most part and Amanda waller was good aswell but yh
Not only is it quite a caveat, but we ALL know the fat, hatefilled, Amanda Waller imitator, Loretta Lynch won't let…
This Amanda Waller seems to appear in every superhero series/movies.
inaccurate. Aquarius would be all 4. plus Amanda Waller.
wait, why isn't Davis as Amanda Waller a serious black lady in a supporting role? She barely had anything to do with the role
+ amanda Waller into the Suicide Squad to make use of his powers for her missions
Amanda Waller was also completely changed to a random military woman with a supermodel body.
Wrote this column 1 year ago today on what it would take to make an from
Is it so hard to vote for white Amanda Waller over orange Darkseid?
I feel like Hillary Clinton is like Amanda Waller from
I've come to call my boss in my new job the white Amanda Waller. She terrifies me.
I liked a video from The Return of Amanda Waller (DC Rebirth One Shot: Suicide Squad
Angela Bassett wasn't a good Amanda Waller... . Like, at
In the end credits Amanda Waller hires him to join Unity.
I love that they're happy to include Granny Goodness, Gorilla Grodd, Etrigan - they use the characters well. And Amanda Waller!
When Amanda Waller tries to shoot you out of the sky and lock up your Harley
Who is more dangerous as an enemy: Wilson Fisk from MCU, or Amanda Waller from DCEU?
After watching Suicide Squad, I think I'll be Amanda Waller for Halloween next year. Scary woman!
Terrific homage, even the Devil would be afraid of Amanda Waller.
Director Amanda Waller is not amused by Harlyn Quinn's shenanigans.
Speaking of BGLO affairs, Deltas are taking Amanda Waller in the next Greek Draft. You heard it here first, thanks.
that’s why Batman is always feuding with Amanda Waller.
Henry Cavill as Superman, Jared Leto as Joker, Affleck as Batman, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Margot Robbie as Ha…
Yes! The best thing was Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. When they arrived to save her it felt like in the comic, Batman --
Amanda Waller. • not a villain. • cares,, about the squad. • lost her family and rose from poverty
Battle of wits between Amanda Waller and Irene Adler!
There are two kinds of scary: super villains, and Amanda Waller. Preview Suicide Squad
Yeah. I like Ezra Miller as Barry. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was great.
Suicide Squad Rebirth got me, though. Williams write an imposing Amanda Waller and the gang's latest job could be lots of fun!
Jared Leto is so bad. Deadshot, Harley Quinn, El Diablo, and Amanda Waller are so dope though.
this is Amanda Waller and Viola Davis is her in the movie 😊
The Headless Slipknot, courtesy of Amanda Waller (Did I mention that Viola Davis is perfect as Waller?)
Mostly due to Ostrander making Amanda Waller one of my favorite characters in comics and Viola Davis playing her.
Suicide Squad comes out Friday and Viola Davis is Amanda Waller. Everything is beautiful in the world.
The main reason I'm looking forward to Suicide Squad is seeing Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
Cara Delevingne is Enchantress, Viola Davis is Amanda Waller, and Jared Leto (idol)-Joker.
Viola Davis. She was also one of my favorites. I loved her so much. She IS Amanda Waller.
I am so here for Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad
I love and adore Viola Davis and she was my pick for Amanda Waller, but Mo'Niqe would've been good toon
Viola Davis is literally perfect for the part of Amanda Waller. Her level of savageness will be epic
How much boss does Viola Davis bring to Amanda Waller? She's already boss as herself lol
There is no human alive more suited for Amanda Waller than Viola Davis.
Ppl lost their minds over Leslie Jones. Wait till they see Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, who is in charge of the Suicide Squad n is badass
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What's there to understand? That's a roid-up Lex Luthor stealing a kiss from Amanda Waller. It's pretty self-explanatory.
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller could be the best female casting in comic book movie history!
Rumor: I'm hearing Viola Davis will be returning to the DCEU as Amanda Waller in Justice League.
Donna Brazil would make a good Amanda Waller.
I'm in it for Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. That's about it.
DC is giving us a powerful black woman with Amanda Waller (played by the formidable Viola Davis) & a diverse
I chatted with about love, Cupid and Amanda Waller.
Clancy Brown was awesome as Lex Luthor on the Justice League cartoon. So was CCH Pounder as Amanda Waller...
Clark, Bruce, this is the moment! This guy besides you are a criminal! Take him to Amanda Waller, she will need him soon!
I want her on TF so bad but Greg Berlanti has a 1-bw-per-show quota, thats why they killed Amanda Waller
I'll play along if we can go outside the Bat family. Big Barda, Mister Miracle, the Hawks, Amanda Waller, Kilowog, Manhunter.
.They're so cute. I wanted some acting redemption for . Cynthia Addai-Robinson after she was killed as Amanda Waller on Arrow.
Amanda Waller, still a wretched being.
So; expect a lot of backstabbing & double crossing & plot twist. I bet Amanda Waller is not what she seems.
Amanda Waller is a wretched person.
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Seriously, if there's one character in the entirety of the DC universe that I have genuine hate for, it's Amanda Waller.
I seriously hate Amanda Waller on this show.
[S4 Spoilers] Amanda Waller: I've seen some frustration about this show taking movie characters off the table ...
So, the Amanda Waller got capped because of the 1 from the movie? I really wanted to see her on &
Amanda Waller is dead! And I ask myself why did they have to kill her? Then I remember ah! Suicide Squad movie.
It's about time somebody shot Amanda Waller in the head.
Brian Buccellato has his sights set on Amanda Waller! The Deadshot writer tells us why. .
Didn't expect Amanda Waller to be killed off this week
Hi there.. How are you doing? Ques.. Is Amanda Waller really dead?? Like.. She's not supposed to be able to die.. well not so easy..
Am I wrong, or did you secretly sneak Amanda Waller and Lex Luthor into ?
Ya fail to realize El Chapo works for Amanda Waller. He's in the Suicide Squad. Of course he's gonna escape jail. Cadmus wants it to be.
pure bs that Amanda Waller died in Arrow -.-
Stop the embargo of characters on First Deadshot, then Harley Quinn, and now Amanda Waller.
Watching Amanda Waller in Arrow is getting me even more excited for Suicide Squad
wait…Amanda Waller's dead? someone update me on this…i'm only watching through Olicity Queen's YT :/
This IS AMANDA WALLER attitude. . Basically,"Stop whining,find a way and do your job."
If he gets this fired up with Alfred, his partner, his father basically, I wonder how he's gonna deal with Amanda Waller...
I know!! Same here most likely. And it got me even more excited for his inevitable interaction with Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad
Somewhere Olivia Pope is pouring out a bottle of red for her estranged baby sister Amanda Waller.
I love what you said, Amen. I look forward to seeing you portray Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad!!
He gave up so easy. Amanda Waller would be so disappointed
They probably should've used the Amanda Waller in Arrow as the one in the movie.
I love her, but she is not the one to be Amanda Waller. Not sorry. She is NOT The Wall.
I hate Amanda Waller but at the same her death kinda hurt 😂
amanda waller. the character I loved to hate. you were so amazing! a week full of surprises on the CW. good luck to you!
Amanda Waller has an agenda. Big surprise, right? Brian Buccellato talks about Most Wanted Deadshot
Perry White is DC dad. Amanda Waller/Martha Kent is DC mom.
It feels like Arrow killed off Deadshot and Amanda Waller just so people don't get confused when the Suicide Squad movie hits. /:
Amanda Waller died in the last episode of arrow. So annoyed about policy!
The Amanda Waller on Arrow is cold af.
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Cynthia > Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and Michael Rowe > Will Smith as Dead Shot. UGH!
Amanda Waller died in this week's episode of arrow ***
Who actually died on Arrow this week though seriously? My dad said it was his waifu so i'm guessing either Amanda Waller or Lyla.
So did they kill Amanda Waller on Arrow just to not confuse people with Suicide Squad? Not that I care much about thin Waller.
Wait...since when did we start KILLING Amanda Waller? Ok..f**k right now.
gets a big fat F in their treatment of Amanda Waller tonight. Terrible.
Can we take a moment to honor my girl, Amanda?. You just don't kill an Amanda Waller off like she was nothing,. h…
Francine died on Flash, Amanda Waller died on Arrow, and Carter died on DC'S Legend of Tomorrow this week
Totally forgot Angela Bassett played Amanda Waller in this god awful Green Lantern movie
The joke is that in the comics Amanda Waller is very heavy set.
“Dr. Amanda Waller.”. I'm watching Green Lantern for some reason.
DEFINITELY a "slim" portrayal of Amanda Waller. Still a little shocked by it, though.
yea, man! He plays Rip Hunter! And I'm hoping he's actually a main character and not on some Amanda Waller type deal
I can't believe they killed off Amanda Waller
Amanda Waller is one of my fave characters on ! Wish we had more of her the actress is so great !
Ok so this episode was only a filler so they could kill TV!Amanda Waller bc Movie!Amanda Waller is coming soon with
She-Hulk becoming the legal representation of the Justice League against Amanda Waller.*lone tear*
Viola Davis, is indeed, pure genius. Can't wait to see her kick *** as Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad, yasss
You guys. I need to produce content with Viola Davis where we go to a gun range and train to be Amanda Waller. Make this happen pls
I don't really get why people were freaking out over Viola Davis playing Amanda Waller; EVERY actress to play her has been of top quality
Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller? Nothing against Viola Davis, but that's another missed opportunity.
seriously, the main reason that I'm excited about Suicide Squad is to see Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
Viola Davis is the perfect person to play Amanda Waller. The personality fit is excellent.
The only sufficiently-cast Black female comic book character is currently Viola Davis as Amanda Waller?
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was a no-brainer. But she really does the job.
Viola Davis is still perfect for Amanda Waller.
"I really love the casting of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, perfect casting."
Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. That's basically it. Need more women ov…
I will not ever accept Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. I did not accept Angela Basset either. You will not convince me otherwise.
So I think Viola Davis will be great for Amanda Waller, but I really think would have been great too!
Viola Davis was the perfect choice for Amanda Waller.
Whoever said"Viola Davis should play Amanda Waller,deserves some kind of award! Perfect casting. You will be great! I cant wait!
She was only in the trailer for about 0.5 seconds, but I may or may not be reading all of Amanda Waller's dialogue in Viola Davis' voice.
On a random note can we all just agree that Viola Davis playing Amanda Waller is the coolest part about Suicide Squad by far. I'm stoked.
I legitimately will show up for Suicide Squad just to watch Viola Davis rock Amanda Waller.
Batman v Superman looks best. Suicide Squad looks good and Viola Davis looks like she'll make a great Amanda Waller (my fave character).
They got Viola Davis playing Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad!
Task Force X, Doomsday, Amanda Waller is the biggest c-word in the DC Universe. Viola Davis should make a great Waller.
I'm so happy they picked Viola Davis to play Amanda Waller on Suicide Squad... She's one of my favorites! :)
Dont forget, Viola Davis will also be playing Amanda Waller in DC Comics new movie, Suicide Squad!
I think DC redesigned Amanda Waller to be thinner w/ the "New 52" relaunch. So Viola Davis fits just fine.
I can’t get enough Amanda Waller. Wish it was CCH Pounder instead, but Viola Davis is no slouch for The Wall.
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is better casting then Leto, though
So so so glad they went with Viola Davis for Amanda Waller
For Empire? My second choice would be Amanda Waller aka Voila Davis
Hm... Suicide Squad trailer looks alright. I def like this incarnation of Amanda Waller. Still wish it were integrated with Arrow/Flash.
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller >>>> Angela Bassett. Go debate your auntie who is pressed Tyler Perry doesn't have an Oscar yet.
Amanda Waller's husband: "We talked about this. What would happen if one of us was lost, in the sense of death." ONLY ON 13
Yo Wonder Woman is not the same person as Amanda Waller:
Amanda Waller and Gen Isling have both been the bad guys when the League is concern,
Guardian would be good.With Amanda Waller, and Argus, with later becomes Cadmus.
I'm absolutely angry that they keep skinny-slimming Amanda Waller. Holy ***
woahh Amanda Waller will be in the SS movie???
Fat Amanda Waller is by far the best idc idc idc
...Amanda Waller of a government group called ARGUS and they carry out missions that no one else will in order to lower...
any love for Amanda "The Wall" Waller? Especially in her pre slim down era?
Not my fav...but I really admire Amanda Waller. She don't play games...just like my mother. lol
.Also a fan of Amanda Waller. Not all power is super powered.
I love John Stewart, but my favorite is Amanda Waller and isn't close
I saw u in "How 2 get away w/ Murder" and thought you'd be the perfect Amanda Waller. Now, you're gonna star as Amanda Waller
I think deathstroke is the Arkham Knight because at the end of Arkham Origins Amanda Waller hired DEATHSTROKE for the Suicide
Idk. Because Amanda Waller works for Checkmate in Smallville not A.R.G.U.S
In Justice League: Unlimited, Terry McGinnis was revealed that he was actually Bruce's son and part of a project by Amanda Waller.
how about a and team up movie. Being sent on missions by Amanda Waller.
So Amanda Waller's alias is Wonder Wonder according to a gossip site. Brilliant lol
"Scott Trevor will be the primary love interest of Amanda Waller or, as you may better know her, the one and only Wonder Woman!"
heto na magiging kasabwat ni amanda waller si bronze tiger? Amanda went to see bronze tiger inside the jail, she even introduced herself.
I think Arkham Knight is DeathStroke because at end of Origins Amanda Waller gave DeathStroke a contract. (c)
[No Spoilers] Does the actress choice for Amanda Waller bug anyone else?: Amanda Waller, is supposed to be som...
>the only one who knew was Amanda Waller. >implying that THE WALL would survive to old age in her line of work
THE Amanda Waller, none of this fakey-Nu52-thin Waller!
Aww!!! looking like Amanda Waller and Eve will be kicking serious butt
-- delivered to Amanda Waller were both equally bad and unappealing for the Vigilante.
More ‘Suicide Squad’ Rumors Emerge About Batman: We already know, thanks to various set videos , that the...
Why Amanda Waller and not Camryn Manheim is beyond me.
let's not talk about how long it took me to realize this skinny light skin chick in JLA's Vibe was sposed to be Amanda Waller
Amanda Waller never fails everything else fails her
Amanda Waller: I need an elite team to infiltrate the watchtower . Waller: sends 30 ppl on the same mission. Waller: I won't fail
Watching "The Help" I the only still bitter that the BRILLIANT didn't win the Oscar? Can't wait to see her as Amanda Waller
Any comic with skinny Amanda Waller automatically irritates me.
Amanda Waller IS NOT "The one & only Wonder Women". Do u even fact check before an article? She works in gov. and runs A.R.G.U.S
Its confirmed! Viola Davis will play the role of Amanda Waller
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Yeah, it'll be good.
Hold up Will Smith is supposed to be Deadshot and Viola Davis is supposed to be Amanda Waller for Suicide Squad?! I'm beyond hyped now
[NEWS] Deadshot is off the table, but Slade Wilson and Amanda Waller are not? Read on
Her voice work as Amanda Waller in Justice League & Justice League UNLIMITED is my favorite acting of hers, next to Warehouse 13.
"No, I have Google, like the rest of the world." -- Amanda Waller, Batman: Assault on Arkham, Warner Home Video, 2014.
I doubt that. If Viola Davis can play Amanda Waller, Jensen Ackles can be Hal Jordan.
Viola Davis will be Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad movie - This makes the movie even better
talks about what drew her to the role of Amanda Waller in
Viola Davis is  Amanda Waller and a Comic Book and Wonder Woman Fan
Viola Davis confirms she is Amanda Waller in
Leto as The Joker, Smith as Deadshot, Robbie as Harley Quinn, Courtney as Boomerang, Delevingne as Enchantress, Davis as Amanda Waller.
Viola Davis gon murder the role of Amanda Waller tho.
Question how is Viola Davis gonna play Amanda Waller in sucidie squad ya the cast is "ellite" or w/e but i have no expectations it looks
For future reference Viola Davis as Amanda Waller needs to happen.
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in The Suicide Squad. Can't wait for 2016.
At this point is basically Viola Davis' audition for Amanda Waller. Let me be clear, this is a very good thing.
I kno on but can we talk about how Viola Davis will be playing Amanda Waller in the new Suicide Squad movie.
Soo Viola Davis is still playing Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad right?
Viola Davis' role in How to Get Away With Murder is just practice for the amazing role she's going to play as Amanda Waller.
If you're ever feeling down just remember that Viola Davis is Amanda Waller ❤
I'm sorry, but I dislike this rendition of Amanda Waller. Here's hoping Viola Davis does a better job.
FYI, if you wonder if Viola Davis is perfect for Amanda Waller, go see BLACKHAT because it's basically her audition reel.
I hope Viola Davis does get cast as Amanda Waller tho. SHe'd be perfect. not like the boring *** Amanda from Arrow.
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It looks like Amanda Waller flipped the kill-switch on Tom Hardy appearing in Suicide Squad. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the in-demand actor is dropping out of the David Ayer-directed adaptation of DC Comics’ Suicide…
ICYMI: "She's not a woman you would expect..." Viola Davis talks Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller...
regram According to the Wrap, Viola Davis will not only be signed on to play Amanda Waller in…
Viola Davis nearing multi-picture deal to play Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad and subsequent DC Comics
i would watch the Suicide Squad movie just to see Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.
Swore they said "Oprah" was Amanda Waller now it's Viola Davis.
Viola Davis has reportedly signed on to play Amanda Waller in multiple DC movies:
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