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Amanda Knox

Amanda Marie Knox (born July 9, 1987) is an American woman who was accused of the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Umbria, Italy.

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Rock Calendar: 10-3-11: An Italian court frees Amanda Knox of Seattle after four years, voiding murder convictions against Knox and her ex.
All the Things You Forgot About the Twisted Tale of via
I swear Amanda Knox is guilty. Till this day she’s walking around Seattle like she didn’t do anything.
Best crime documentaries on Netflix? Something along the lines of Making a Murderer or Amanda Knox, which I loved. Help! Go!
Remember when I thought my AirBNB host was dead for 7 days and I didn't wanna tell anyone because I thought the police might Amanda Knox me?
Alan Dershowitz says "you wouldn't know from the American media, but there is substantial evidence against Amanda Knox."…
This Amanda Knox trial is crazy man! So good to watch👏🏼
Amanda Knox is a good one if you've never seen it! All about the trail of an exchange student who gets…
See I’m what am inside a Pandora's Box. Coming atcha with thoughts so unorthodox . That I’m as crazy as a fox or Aman…
Why do u talk about Amanda Knox in your profile?
Ok just seen the Amanda Knox documentary and I'm undecided so need to know other people's opinions.
Amanda Knox's experience teaches us how scary other countries' justice systems can be.
You JUST said how Amanda Knox was the one accused when that's not what…
You're kidding right? Amanda Knox was the accused. She spent 4 years i…
You clearly didn't read it cause you just commented about Amanda Knox.…
Amanda Knox was in there and she's white... awkward
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I am as tired of hearing about Taylor Swift as I am about Amanda Knox, but at least Knox is interesting and murdery
I don't know what it is but something has always bothered me about Amanda Knox...
Amanda Knox has not shut up about her "ordeal" since she came home. Stop giving...
Is there an actual documentary about Amanda Knox? Or is it the movie? I don't want to see the movi…
Kercher lawyer slams Amanda Knox's planned return visit to Perugia as "Totally inopportune"
Amanda Knox to return to town where Meredith Kercher was murdered - The Times
What BS. Two slime balls cashing in along with on the murder of . Vile people.
is a fake and a revolting human being. Cashing in on her part in the murder of
Watching the Amanda Knox doc and feeling like I'm gunna throw up at how happy the journalist is from finding a quote 'fantastic story'
New top story from Time: . Amanda Knox, the American convicted for killing her roommate and imprisoned in Italy a …
such a deep seeded hatred of Amanda Knox. And will always hear her reading Harry Potter as Werner Herzog
New Interview! 'it weighs,' she admits of life post-prison!
Do you think she did it? Check out my review of the documentary.
Congrats & for this wonderful artcle. Haters will never stop but love & hope is always stronger❤️
Many thanks 2 Sandra Sobieraj Westfall 4 this profile & coverage of the Netflix doc going 2 the Emmy's .
Amanda Knox is looking forward to settling down. via
Holy cow, just realized something funny. This article came out a while back. Creeped me out it was so weird.…
Love it! Is in Love and Rebuilding Her Life 6 Years After Being Released from Italian Prison via
Memento, what happen to miss Simone, Amanda knox, a single man, 13th, beats of no nation, the Cuba libre story, and dear Zachary.
Why Amanda Knox Is Returning to Italy for the First Time Since Her Exoneration for Murder
I've seen a lot of weird stuff this week but in might top them all
More LIES by exposed in official court report Filomena Romanelli VS. Amanda Knox via…
Why should we care what Amanda Knox thinks?
What does Amanda Knox think we should do about North Korea???
Hmm...🤔 not sure if Amanda Knox is the right person to have your back in a murder trial.
Amanda Knox has some ginormous nads to write this. Huge, like OJ "If I did it" size huevos
Amanda Knox should just be quiet and be happy she's not in a Italian prison. It's called " staying…
You know what, now I think Amanda Knox was guilty..
how seriously should I take an endorsement from Amanda Knox?
at this ridiculous opinion piece by Amanda Knox.
Is the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix worth watching?? 🆘
Amanda Knox needs to go away for good & she can take her friend (pictured below) with her. . ✌🏼️bye sociopaths!
I tried so hard to read this, but just could not. LA Times, let's do a little better than Amanda Knox.
I feel like Amanda Knox is *literally* the only person who can have this opinion.
More convinced than ever that Amanda Knox was guilty
Game Changer:. Judge orders not to profit from her crime, unlike convicted felon Amanda…
I'm not changing my opinion on Amanda Knox's innocence but I'm side eyeing her real hard for this.
Why am I attracted to Michelle Carter, Jodi Arias and Amanda Knox?
'Court was a battleground of storytelling': Amanda Knox admits prison changed her forever - Scottish Daily Record
Amanda Knox says woman who encouraged boyfriend to kill himself needs sympathy, not prison
Anyone else think it's a bit odd to have Amanda Knox write an op-ed piece on a manslaughter conviction?
Amanda Knox documentary was highly biased
Sociopath. A danger to society, who'll be afforded pardon no less because she's got Cara Delevingne eyebrows. Amanda Knox lookin ***
Netflix has really crushed the murder-mystery documentary genre. Making a Murderer, The Keepers and now Amanda Knox. All worth seeing.
Amanda Knox: Michelle Carter deserves sympathy and help, not prison
Woman who encouraged boyfriend to kill himself via text was wrongly convicted writes Amanda Knox for
Real photo court picture Amanda Knox court murder Meredith Kercher ? she was wrongl…
I just remembered that Amanda Knox's nickname is "Foxy Knoxy" and now I can't help but laugh.
“Just because it’s hard to feel sympathy and understanding, that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right — and just —...
Did you read the Amanda Knox article?? Lord help us all.
Amanda Knox opens up on life in jail and how her family suffered ... - The Sun
An impressive speech by Amanda Knox. She has rebounded from aversity in an extraordinary way.
today on sophia watched crime documentaries for hours and still isn’t sure who did it: Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox admits prison changed her forever
I'm watching the Amanda Knox documentary again. I would do bad things to her...probably not as bad as what she would do to me of course.
It's that age old problem: would you date her if you got the chance? Also known as the Amanda Knox Conundrum
We've watched amanda Knox and true detective
Who is Amanda Knox, who killed Meredith Kercher, what happened to Knox's boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and does ...…
In rare LA appearance, Amanda Knox details the pain of prison, and life after -
Amanda Knox was interviewed by KTLA in a rare L.A. appearance during a speech with the Westside Bar Association.
ryon overhearing me and mel talking about amanda KNOX: oh my god did someone accuse amanda BYNES of that?
Amanda Knox: "being in prison changed me forever". Yeah, but not as much as being dead changed Meredith Kercher...
Amanda Knox speaks about how the trial and jail time defined her . via
Ok I've just watched the Amanda Knox documentary, if u know the case what do you think? Is she guilty???
Amanda Knox speaks about how trial and jail defined her  -
Amanda Knox speaks about how the murder trial and four years in prison defined her - Daily Mail
Amanda Knox has made her Instagram public and we can't look away:
Amanda Knox reveals her fairytale lifestyle on Instagram - The Times (subscription)
Amanda Knox reveals her fairytale lifestyle on Instagram - Rome Amanda Knox has opened her Instagram profile to...
Watching this Amanda Knox documentary again and my head is SPINNING
Watch Amanda Knox on Netflix if you don't believe that a woman's sexual activity determines her prison sentences
Amanda Knox just unlocked her Instagram so now the whole world can see her cat pictures - Irish Examiner
Amanda Knox makes her Instagram public: "No more hoarding all my amazing cat videos."
Following Amanda Knox's newly public Instagram account feels very morally questionable . but I never claimed to be a role model
Amanda Knox makes her Instagram public. via this feels very uncomfortable
Amanda Knox makes her Instagram account public to reveal love of boyfriend, cats and costumes - News Limited
Innocent abroad. dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood as she makes her Instagram account public.
Knox makes her weird Instagram public
I realized when I seen Amanda Knox picture I was thinking about her silence & how Amanda can be silent sometimes.
Amanda Knox makes her Instagram public for the first time and it is really weird
Amanda Knox is killer.pardon the pun.
–Amanda Knox makes her Instagram account public
Amanda Knox makes her Instagram account public
"Did you guys see that Amanda Knox made her instagram public?" -
Amanda Knox just made her really weird Instagram public vía
ex: Brendan Dassey, West Memphis Three, Ryan Ferguson, Amanda Knox, Michael Pollite, Kalvin Michael Smith and so many more.
I cannot believe any publication is giving Amanda Knox space to share her opinions.
Hello!! I just found out your channel and I love it! Have you heard of Amanda Knox? It was a murder in Italy, enormous!
I vote Guilty. I stood with Casey Anthony but I can't stand with Amanda Knox.
Amanda Knox: Donald Trump supported me when I was wrongly accused of murder. What do I owe him? - LA Times
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Amanda Knox just called out Trump's hypocrisy in an op-ed for the ages. via
Amanda Knox and OJ Simpson need to make a mixtape together call how to get away with murder.
I am all in for a recurring Amanda Knox column on politics and justice.
Amanda Knox continues to impress the *** out of me.
Amanda Knox was a *** holster for any BBC with a pulse in Italy, lol. 😮💦
Amanda Knox, who wouldn't endorse Trump, is right about what loyalty is for (and is a good writer):
The 2016 election that refuses to end. Now, the Amanda Knox angle
This Amanda Knox op-ed on Trump and loyalty is fascinating and compelling -
Trump was reportedly “very upset" with the ingratitude of Ms. Knox, who supported Hillary Clinton. via
Amanda Knox is an ungrateful mudshark.
Amanda Knox politely tares Trump a new one. Says thx for support but that doesn't mean you should blindly follow him
Amanda Knox responds to report that Trump, who supported her, was mad when she backed Hillary during the election
Amanda Knox pens an op-ed on President Trump reportedly being "upset" she didn’t support him during the election…
Knox has it are Hypocrite in Chief
Amanda Knox fires back at Trump, who was reportedly 'very upset' she voted for Clinton…
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Buried in this rich story: Trump is "very upset" that Amanda Knox supported Hillary Clinton.
Amanda Knox wasn't acquitted of calunnia. She remains a convicted of criminal. Framing an inn…
How many more murderers are we going to let walk free? . Casey Anthony. OJ Simpson. George Zimmerman. Amanda Knox. . Just to name a few.
Amanda Knox s ex-boyfriend suing judges and jury for wrongfu
Raffaele Sollecito, the ex-boyfriend of Amanda Knox, is seeking 3 million Euro in a lawsuit against prosecutors ...
Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend suing judges and jury for wrongful conviction via the Android app
Amanda Knox, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile and Max Clifford all pulled the wool over Simon Hatterston…
People are branding this man the real villain of Netflix's Amanda Knox documentary this guy should be hanged
other than the office, Shameless, the OA, quantico, wentworth, trash, the loft, hush, Amanda Knox, magic mike,
a split cover between the biggest presidential scandal of all time and. Amanda Knox? Finger on the…
The Amanda Knox documentary is kind of nuts 😱
Amanda Knox reveals her relationship experience when in Italian prison
Amanda Knox wrote an essay for Broadly about her experience with relationships in an Italian prison when...
I added a video to a playlist Amanda Knox Body Language Analysis- Murderer or Not?
“’I’ve changed women before,’ she’d tell me. ‘I can do things to you that no man can’”
Thanks & for the chance to discuss love in the least likely of places .
An hour in to this UW study abroad orientation and no one has brought up Amanda Knox yet.
Amanda Knox opens up about how inmate tried to seduce her via
Amanda Knox: ‘She tried to seduce me’: “EVERY day, Leny watched me jog around the yard…
Amanda Knox writes about her experience with relationships when she was in prison in Italy:
Amanda Knox (on what romance in prison actually looks like:
Amanda Knox opens up about prison relationship in magazine piece
Just when you thought her story couldn't get any sexier.
'Straight women are *** for the stay': Amanda Knox opens up about *** relationship…
Amanda Knox lies in Chris Cuomo interview via
im so into true crime rn im even listening to true crime podcasts but the witness was REALLY GOOD. also the amanda knox doc was 👌🏽
first Amanda Knox and now The Investigator and theyre both netflix originals netflix is lit this year
Luke Cage, house of cards, grace and Frankie, captive, Amanda Knox
TEN FACTS makers of 'AMANDA KNOX' film don't want YOU to know! via
Just watched the Netflix documentary 'Amanda Knox'. Nick Pisa is absolutely vile, he comes across worse than the actual murder suspects.
Ex-boyfriend of Amanda Knox says his life has been destroyed by murder trial.
What and did on the night of the murder - they had a FLOOD. via
So I tried to watch the Amanda Knox documentary to get away from the news. AND DONALD TRUMP IS IN IT ***
have you seen the one about Amanda Knox yet?
. Yes...Thought Amanda Knox was lying all the way through... Good PR Team!
wow watching Amanda Knox on netflix and donald trump is in it.. cool
And how 'bout that He's turning out to be quite "honor bound", eh?
The Netflix documentary Amanda Knox is worth the time.
Venus and Amanda Knox were 2,300 victims of the Oscar nominations was Amy Adams failing to work on display.
Neil Dhingra on a recent documentary and our tendency to see only with "fantasies and narratives."
Amanda Knox: the facts against her. Guilty beeeotch
Why the Amanda Knox Netflix Documentary Is More Illuminating than a Decade’s Worth of Trial Coverage
the Amanda Knox documentary is pretty good! Or how to get away with murder!
Good watch. Amanda Knox and Raffaele innocent. No proper justice for Meredith Kercher
Raffaele Sollecito: Kercher murder case left me in debt: Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox were found not guilty…
Watching the Amanda Knox documentary on and is just an awful human being
The Amanda Knox case actual annoys me so much
finally watching the Amanda Knox documentary - basically, Nick Pisa is a lowly slug. worst kind of person, he makes my skin crawl 😷
I watched the doc too, Kim. My family thought Amanda Knox was innocent!!! Poor, poor girl for what she endured!
Amanda Knox is the cause of my anger and frustration
are you into documentaries? Amanda Knox isn't a trip but it's also really good!! So is A Girl Like Her
Watching the Amanda Knox documentary and Nick Pisa (the journalist) comes out with this…
I'll grass to everyone about your Amanda Knox fetish, s' help me.
woke up thinkin of Amanda Knox's guilty ***
the Amanda Knox one on Netflix is really good!
So of course I thought it was a good idea to watch the documentary about Amanda Knox rather than study.
The Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix has got my mind going mad, convinced she was involved🤔
Disabled Amanda Knox diligently work many years sewing at home and apple orchards to earn money to buy a house which she accomplished.
disabled Amanda Knox has a very unusual childhood causing her to be disabled. Perhaps tabloids can locate photo of her as a young girl
Italy discovered two Amanda Knox, who do not appear similar in features or personality traits. They are two distinct individuals.
Amanda Knox, the one who is now married and has children, did not go to college, she attended Port Townsend Washington Community School.
Italy removed the Knox/Kercher case to return to USA, because after temporary release & return, two Amanda Knox's discovered, I was called
I loved Blackfish. And I recently watched the Amanda Knox story, but I'm not sure if that suites your fancy!
well my Italian friend got the "what's your opinion on Amanda Knox?" one. I guess airport immigration officers are just too bored
I am not supporting in any manner the Amanda Knox who killed Meredith Kercher by use of dagger shaped knife in Perugia Italy November 2007.
. “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored by Amanda Knox shills.”…
I would love to know whether Amanda Knox is actually guilty
I just wanna watch the Amanda Knox documentary
do you think if they made a Natalie halloway doc. You'd be more invested into it than the Amanda Knox doc.?
watching a programme about Amanda Knox wtaf
Amanda Knox than got her bf of 5 days involved. And others who did nothing. She obviously did it just was out of the blue murder
When Amanda Knox left her bfs place. Went back to her place. Got into a fight with her roommate. Than killed her.
hi, I'm a UK customer and cannot watch the Amanda Knox documentary as well as others. Why is this?
Way too obsessed with Amanda Knox right now.
having just viewed the Amanda Knox doc + I wonder how many innocent folks get the shaft, in any part of the world
Is it okay if I say Amanda Knox looks great in her documentary
Nick Pisa on Amanda Knox actually seems like one of the biggest *** in the world, upsetting that he still works in…
Just watched the Amanda Knox documentary (finally)..
dear Zachary, the Amanda Knox one, the imposter, making a murderer,
Cropsey, Holy *** Children of God, Who took Johnny, Amanda Knox, Aileen: life and death of a serial killer, kids for cash...
The Amanda Knox documentary is so good.
And if you liked AMANDA KNOX or THE WITNESS, check out the fascinating now streaming on
Got a feeling maybe I shouldn't be watching the Amanda Knox doc before bed
Nick Pisa the journalist in the Amanda Knox thing is PURE EVIL
The documentary on Amanda Knox is sooo good. So creepy.
Came home early from the fashion festivities to watch the Netflix Amanda Knox doc. Cannot wait to see this! Anyone see i…
Just finished the Amanda Knox doc. I don't think they did it. I really want a Natalie Halloway doc & they need to solve…
oh man the jinx was incredible! The Amanda Knox doc was also pretty good
Amanda Knox Netflix documentary: Everything you need to know
Who watching Amanda Knox on my Netflix account?
domain names
I'm jealous of Amanda Knox speaking Italian so well.
Amanda Knox didn't confess to murdering Meredith Kercher - she falsely and maliciously accused an innocent man of her murder.
"Honor Bound: My Journey to *** and Back with Amanda Knox" by Raffaele Sollecito and Andrew Gumbel.
Rudy Hermann Guede claims his conviction should be overturned after Amanda Knox is acquitted
Did anyone see the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix? Seems in really bad taste for Meredith Kercher's family...
Turns out other people find the journalist in the Amanda Knox documentary fairly inappropriate.
I absolutely find Amanda Knox to be the same level of guilty as OJ Simpson & Oscar Pistorius.
Researching all aspects of CSI of some famous cases. OJ Simpson, Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias and more!
I love the Amanda Knox trial movies, I prefer the one with Hayden Panettiere but they're both amazing, highly recommend
Jodi Arias, OJ Simpson, Amanda Knox and Steven Avery all have the same birthday😳 July 9th
I think if the Amanda Knox situation would have happened in American rather than Italy we would know who was really guilty
Amanda Knox was interesting. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is great. Last Chance U is real life Friday Night Lights gangster version.
300. Amanda Knox (2016) 7/10. Giuliano Mignini is the "new" Ken Kratz. Made me hate the media even more.
Watching this Amanda Knox story anddd I'm convinced white women are legit crazy 😭😂
Just started the Amanda Knox documentary and the guilt is written all over her face ! 'If I'm guilty' an innocent perso…
Netflix is going to combine Amanda Knox, Brendan Dassey, and other true crime doc stars into one fighting force team: T…
Steven Avery's prosectuor, Ken Kratz, and Amanda Knox's prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini, should get together to discuss how ev…
I guess today is true crime day. I just watched the Amanda Knox doc. and now I've moved on to Jack the Ripper. Armchair detectives, ftw.
Caught the Amanda Knox film last night, and have to agree that 'journalist' Nick Pisa is the real psychopath. What an a…
watching Amanda Knox documentary. "she literally looks like Jonathan Taylor Thomas. she looks like a Hanson brother" -
My Make-A-Wish would be getting drinks with Malia Obama, Amanda Knox, and Tonya Harding while we play with 30 corgi puppies.
Just watched the new Amanda Knox docu - it's no "Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy" starring Hayden Panettiere, but it's still good.
So disappointed my won't let me watch the Amanda Knox documentary. come on!!!
What will you be watching on Netflix this weekend? I will be starting off with the premier of Amanda Knox tonight
It's finally happened. Wrote my first feature on Amanda Knox today, with the byline of Miranda Knox
My problem with the new Amanda Knox documentary is that there are other people involved who are not Amanda Knox.
for the record Donald thought we should all boycott Italy over Amanda Knox
Looking forward to seeing this. Netflix Original Documentary - Amanda Knox.
Amanda Knox is trending AGAIN??? She is innocent. The murderer is in jail. Deal with it.
Can't. Watching the Amanda Knox doc and then it's Luke Cage time.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Why Amanda Knox, and the prosecutor who tried her for murder, agreed to do a Netflix documentary https:…
Still undecided if Amanda Knox is guilty after watching the Netflix doc. But Pisa is literally smiling/gloating the whole time. He's scum! 💩
The Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix is really, really interesting! Very well done.
Still insane the Italian police told Amanda Knox she had HIV when she didn't. Just shows you how insane it all was.
very excited for everyone's Strong Opinions™ on the amanda knox documentary
Amanda Knox’s story shows how eager we are to demonize women who have sex
this Amanda Knox documentary is hella good. there's a clip of kathi goertzen interviewing donald trump for some reason
The one definitive take away from the Amanda Knox documentary is that journalist Nick Pisa is a narcissistic borderline psychopath.
A documentary about Amanda Knox was released on Netflix today *cancels all plans*
Italian netflix keeps broadcasting the Amanda Knox documentary on my homepage netflix NEEDS to chill
The Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix is so beautifully done
Netflix "amanda knox" is a hoax, this guy aided in corrupting court see also
Amanda Knox "people want to see monsters, and it's people projecting their fears on to others". " fear makes people crazy"
Just watched Amanda Knox on Netflix. Sketchy case. I'm not convinced she's guilty, but she came across quite narcissistic which doesn't help
How am I going to choose tonight between Amanda Knox documentary and brand
Would it be awkward to watch the Amanda Knox documentary with your roommate
Amanda Knox seems absolutely unhinged in her Netflix documentary... why is she so blasé 😩
Why Amanda Knox, and the Prosecutor Who Tried Her for Murder, Agreed to Do Netflix Documentary via
I know Milfie would've loved the Amanda Knox documentary
That Daily Mail journo in the Amanda Knox documentary was like a caricature of a DM journo. Slimey, unethical & lacking all empathy.
AmandaKnox's ex says he & ex are also victims of Kercher murder. Her DNA was on his butcher knife & his on her bra
not sure how I feel about the tone of the Netflix Amanda Knox documentary... the real victim is Meredith Kercher not Aman…
EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Knox, OJ Simpson and Our Fascination With True Crime: The new Netflix documentary on Amanda Knox is the latest true...
Luke Cage and the Amanda Knox documentary ON THE SAME DAY? Netflix, I only have so much time.
Amanda Knox (2016) - "She was twice convicted and Acquitted of murder. Ama…
A brief guide to the Amanda Knox legal saga
For whatever reason I'm really interested to see this Amanda Knox special on Netflix never really followed the story, but I'll watch.
The Amanda Knox documentary is pretty good!
Just like those who believe did it, I still believe Amanda Knox murdered her roommate. She had no remorse after the fac…
Variety "Our review of the netflix Amanda Knox documentary, out today.
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my friend made the Amanda Knox documentary and we once shot a web sketch together so what I'm saying is Hollywood should hire me more
Our review of the Amanda Knox documentary, out today.
"If I'm guilty, it means I am the ultimate figure to fear" — Amanda Knox in new Netflix doc
The face that launched 10,000 headlines. Amanda Knox is now streaming on Netflix.
Enthralling crime story is now streaming on Our review:.
Just saw the Amanda Knox Netflix docu, looking into the Meredith Kercher murder. So many questions...
Amanda Knox talks on Good Morning America about new Netflix documentary -
I'm eagerly waiting the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix.
Terribly wronged, or a devil with an angel face? Inside Netflix's 'sympathetic' Amanda Knox documentary 
Amanda Knox spent 4 years in prison because she didn't grieve 'appropriately'.
Perception is everything. Amanda Knox streams September 30, only on Netflix.
no worries, got my fill with a&e, dateline & CBS. Can't wait for Amanda Knox KISSES
We did an Internet deep dive on all things Amanda Knox so you don't have to:
All the things you forgot about the twisted tale of Amanda Knox:
Can't wait for the Amanda Knox doco on Netflix!
Can't wait to watch this Amanda Knox documentary on in a few days
*slams fist on table*. AMANDA KNOX IS INNOCENT. . Just wanted to get that out of me before the new Netflix documentary co…
Judge not: how Netflix produced the definitive Amanda Knox film
That Amanda Knox thing on Netflix looks interesting even though I've never really followed her story.
I'm pumped for this Amanda Knox doc on Netflix.
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