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Amanda Holden

Amanda Louise Holden (born 16 February 1971) is a British actress and presenter.

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Amanda Obara Photography shared a video on
I like amanda holden but michelle marsh is class
Amanda Holden says she's been having 'honorary *** sex' for years
That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows you’re 10 years younger than Amanda Holden
Amanda holden goes knickerless on rylan's show: 'i'm looking directly at it': via
Amanda Holden was celebrating a brand new look at the
Amanda Holden is named ‘Honorary *** at awards... via Attitude Magazine
Amanda holden admits 'groping' Alesha Dixon on britain's got talent set: via
Amanda Holden : Imagine opening the lift doors to find those legs. -.
Amanda Holden flashes a serious amount of skin in a black dress
Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden’s little black dresses have got SMALLER over the years — as we chart her …
Sneak peek at Amanda Holden's second Bundleberry collection for QVC
Amanda holden, 46, ditches bra in dress slashed to nether regions: via
Amanda Holden teases that she's had *** sex' for years
Amanda Holden reveals she's been having *** sex' for years: 'See you on Hampstead Heath!' - Mirror Online
Amanda Holden says she will only have a Hollywood wax after finding one grey pubic hair: ‘I…
Amanda Holden struggles to avoid flashing her knickers at the Attitude Awards
Amanda holden reveals she's been having *** ' for years in shocking speech: via
So when the same paper that goes "Howard Stern asked creepy questions about Emma Bunton!" upskirts Amanda Holden in…
He managed to pull Amanda Holden, he's a miracle worker
Amanda Holden needs her face scrubbed that fake tan isn't doing her any favours
Amanda Holden has the most amazing legs . -.
What did you make of Hayley and her penguin? Amanda Holden... I'm sorry... Was fun. Tx
Add a dash of vibrant fun to your interiors with homeware range >
It's like silent witness.without the Amanda Holden staring off into the distance posturing 🤔
Slow cooking pork in tomatoe sauce watching more bgt whilst thinking about watching unstoppable on DVD. Amanda Holde…
Shared and posted Adele cover by Amanda Holden -
Amanda Holden flaunts her etegsecleavage in a plunging gowzsyvddcxgbtn for for BGT via
We love BundleBerry collection, add some colour to your home with this range >…
Amanda Holden amazes with rare picture of 11-yea
Amanda Holden as miss pentangle is actually the best thing my eyes have seen
BGT judge Amanda Holden set to host Animal Hero Awards for fifth time
Photo - Amanda Holden is just one sexy woman
Watch: Simon Cowell tells Amanda Holden she's being replaced on in radio hoax …
I had to get me amanda holden photo out I'm saying nowt else
Amanda Holden is ageing like a fine wine 😍🍷
Is it just me or is Amanda Holden absolutely gorgeous??
.reveals what she and the other BGT judges did in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack…
Liked on YouTube: Simon Cowell pranks Amanda Holden on Call or Delete
'This big old princess is very happy!' BGT star Amanda Holden dons a tiara as she takes her daughter Hollie on a…
Amanda Holden we need you to join Doga today 11 am against the Yulin Dog Meat festival .
Amanda Holden and the other Britain's Got Talent judges headed to Simon Cowell's house for cheese sandwiches…
was only good when I was a kid and everyone on TV wasn't auditioning to be famous all the time. Apart f…
Bloke on this week's wants "a younger Amanda Holden". Not, amazingly, one with no vocal cords.
This story has got your and intrasexual competition datapoint written all over it. .
.and on clothing wars on BGT and what they really think of Simon Cowell
domain names
Finishing up work on a Friday like... 💃🙌.
Remember when Amanda Holden was on Blind Date in 1991?
Braless Amanda Holden flaunts her hourglass figure in racy outfit
You just know Amanda Holden is ready to take on multiple *** at once!
If you connect r the dots hard enough you can get to Amanda Holden having sucked off Bella Emberg
Remember when a 19-year-old Amanda Holden was on Blind Date?
Amanda Holden wears HUGE knickers as Alesha Dixon rocks giant ruffles... but which judge wins the fashion priz..…
Amanda Holden confirms teen from BGT's Missing People Choir is found
More of Amanda Holden in that dress 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Remember when Amanda Holden appeared on Blind Date? -
We spot in Isn't Amanda Holden looking gorgeous in those cubic shorts?!
I adore skirt worn by Amanda Holden at
Remember when Amanda Holden appeared on Blind Date? June 14, 2017 at 03:37PM
I'm wanking over Amanda Holden right now. God... the things I'd do to that woman! 😈
All Amanda Holden's gorgeous hairstyles from Live finals - which is your winner? via:
Furniture set from Amanda Holden's BundleBerry range becomes one of QVC's best sellers
I'd rather get whacked by a bus then be compared to Amanda Holden. But on a positive note he's a good lad, a keeper.
Her reaction to his thing for Amanda Holden 😂😂😂
Less Amanda Holden and more Anthea Turner during the chocolate bar years 😒
I am so happy for young Amanda Holden that I've just made a noise never heard before in nature 💖
amanda holden lookalike and hench rugby lad are KEE-OOT.
She looks like a mini Amanda Holden
She looks a little like Amanda Holden
She's so much better looking than Amanda Holden! She's quite giggly,reckon it's nerves. Defo nerves, I'm like that when nervous
"I'm looking for a young Amanda Holden." So is Amanda Holden
Even worse that he said a 'young' Amanda Holden
"I am looking for a young Amanda Holden"
Imogen reminds me of a mix between a young Kylie Minogue and Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden was quite nice looking but she's slowly morphing in to a light bulb.
"This is how Amanda Holden wins the dress war of BGT!.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
AMANDA HOLDEN COMES TO CLAY CROSS! . Clay Cross Town Centre Group would like to welcome and introduce new member...
Amanda Holden tells us the best advice she was given as a mum:
Might have to watch that 😄 that's not Amanda Holden in pink is it?!
Last chance to see Stepping Out starring Amanda Holden in the West End
Amanda Holden burst into tears after finding out the Missing People Choir helped
Amanda Holden sexy legs and rock hard nipples. -.
A young and naturally beautiful Amanda Holden. -.
Hi Everyone. We now have Amanda Holden helping spread the word about Newton please share
For Queen and country! Amanda Holden's sitting pretty in a stunning ruffled gown as she ... via
Amanda Holden's dress last night reminds me of when av got me dressing gown open wi no bra on
TV Presenter for 'Dressing Like a Stripper' on 'BGT'! "Like a ..." > in GB!
Amanda Holden's 'scary' face commented on by Lorraine show viewers
Ooft amanda holden basically had her full tattas out last night
reveals her perfect way to spend a Sunday
Amanda Holden's breasts as shocking as a gang-rape scene? Welcome to ageist ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Whoever reported me to the RSPCA for saying Amanda Holden had *** like a Spaniels ears you were right a Spaniels ears are much fuller 😆😆😎😎
The problem is not Amanda Holden or her dress, it's a large part of society that is influenced by medieval religious morals that hates skin.
06-02 Video of the week: Amanda Holden: Britain’s Got...
Can we just take a second to appreciate Amanda Holden?! 😱 46 years old
All the controversy about Amanda Holden's dress - I'd be more inclined to complain about the lack of talent on a talent show
‘Britain’s Got Talent’: Amanda Holden’s Dress Sparks Over 200 Ofcom Complaints,never mind Amanda, what about David dropping his trousers
What there was of it, Holden wore it well...I suppose.
In the United States, this woman could very well be First Lady material. . *Plus she's like 100 times hotter than...
If amanda holden reveals more & more of her self every episode I'm not looking forward to the final
'NowTHATS talentBritain's Got Talent's' Amanda Holden's dress prompts complaints it's too revealing for family show
Just calm down about Amanda old hams dress famous *** no one heard of her till she cheated on Les Dennis allegedly
Every woman who complained about Amanda Holden last night are just rustled because there husbands & sons were getting off on it.
The fashion verdict on Amanda Holden's 'naked' Britain's Got Talent dress – and it's not go…
Anyone that calls Amanda Holden a dog deserves to win bgt. Savage.
'Britain's Got Talent is more popular than The X Factor'
BGT's Amanda Holden: I would swap with The Queen for a day to get an insight
Amanda Holden fights back tears on Lorraine
Amanda's BGT dress sparks over 200 Ofcom complaints
Main attraction: The 46-year-old judge stole the show as she stepped out with Simon Cowell, ... via
All this crap about Amanda Holden with her *** hanging out on BGT...get her grip you lot, she doesn't even have...
And then she sang 'The Living Years' and got a standing ovation from Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Simon Cowell...
Amanda Holden is such a beautiful human I'm so in love I want to become a fan account
I'd love to see big Clare Balding storm the BGT stage, run to the judge's table and bounce her head off Amanda Holden's chin.
Interview: on concerts at her remarkable career & Amanda Holden.
Who is going to the lucky person to meet Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dickson, David Williams and attend...
Amanda Holden gave this act the Golden Buzzer!
I've seen Amanda Holden in a show and she is talented. The irony is Simon Cowell.
Kate & Gerry McCann to join Amanda Holden as judges on hope they're better at finding talent than they were…
Amanda Holden dazzles in a leggy party dress for Michael McIntyre's birthday bash…
Instead of can we av' please? Amanda Holden who?David Walliams as funny as a pimple under the foreskin
Video: Alesha and are rooting for a comedian to win BGT
Simon Cowell's son Eric is scared of Amanda Holden
Eric Cowell is scared of Amanda Holden. . She's one of Simon Cowell's best friends and has been chosen by hi…
Amanda Holden I like her! but why is she being photographed with uncleared,suspects,
Peter Kay's Car Share season three: Is Amanda Holden set to join the BBC comedy?
Amanda Holden flaunting her perfect legs 🔥
9-12 is coming from your radio 🎧 on with awesome music and guests inc Amanda Holden DAB, FM 95.6
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford discuss Amanda Holden’s racy wardrobe on This Morning
Amanda Holden wants the Britain’s Got Talent panel to launch a kid’s version of the show with their children a
Alesha Dixon vows she and Amanda Holden will keep flashing the flesh despite viewers complaining…
The Nightly Show is a flop because it needs more women, says Amanda Holden
I think you mean 'Amanda' van Holden 🕵️
Amanda Holden in defiant message to Ofcom complainers over her Britain's Got Talent dress
Got to see the lovely, talented Amanda Holden after her fab performance in Stepping Out. Reminisced about Shrek day…
Our printed barrier covers at the Britain's Got Talent launch 2017
Alesha Dixon admits favourite part of the whole of Britain’s Got Talent is getting dressed up with Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden slams The Nightly Show and says it should be hosted by two females as 'it hasn't ...
Alesha Dixon reveals her and Amanda Holden are ‘Simon Cowell’s bosses’ and they ‘control him’… as she insists she’…
Eamonn Holmes shocks Ruth Langsford saying he's thinking of Amanda Holden 'with no clothes on'
Eamonn Holmes shocks Ruth Langsford saying he’s thinking of Amanda Holden ‘with no clothes on’ as they discuss her…
Alesha Dixon reveals her and Amanda Holden are 'Simon Cowell's bosses'
BGT judges: We want a comedian to win: Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden root for the stand-ups
Alesha Dixon's fave part of BGT is getting dressed up with Amanda Holden
‘Why is Amanda Holden not wearing any clothes?’ Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes are bemused by BGT star’s outfit:
Amanda Holden & Alesha Dixon snapped at the Britain's Got Talent Launch in London.
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news – Jude Law, Victoria Beckham, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, Melania Trump…
BGT's Alesha Dixon defends her and Amanda Holden's racy wardrobes
Amanda Holden reckons she and Alesha Dixon could have made a hit
Amanda Holden flaunts her sensational figure at BGT launch
Amanda Holden: 'I never set out to be famous'
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Amanda Holden congratulates Cheryl and Liam Payne on their baby boy!
Amanda Holden, Sheridan Smith, Ruth Wilson, Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington step out in style at the Olivier…
A young Amanda Holden wishing to experience the "Mature man" on Blind Date in 1991!
Robert Johnson played the blues so that one day Piers Moron, Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden could tell you what constitutes music and talent
The things we do to get red carpet ready. I'm glad I know He's whitened the smiles of Amanda Holden & Den…
Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams, Simon Cowell with Ant and Dec arriving auditions in Blackpool
In the papers today Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon during the auditions in Blackpool 📸…
Two's company: Amanda Holden revealed a tad too much as she joined fellow judge Alesha Dixon fo…
Amanda Holden leaves little to the imagination in a tight white jumpsuit as she joins leggy Alesha Dixon at……
Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon dazzle at BGT launch  | Daily Mail Online
Amanda Holden sports a long dress under raincoat as she hops onto the back of a motorcycle ...
Oooo look! Here's one of the dresses I made for Amanda Holden as The Fairy Godmother jn Cinderella at The London...
Oh is that Trinny? Didn't recognise her. What's she got on? She looks like the lovechild of Amanda Holden and Julian Clary 😂😂
Just booked to see Paul O’Grady, Julian Clary, Amanda Holden, Lee Mead, Nigel Havers & Count Arthur Strong in Cinderella at the Palladium!
about Una Stubbs & Amanda Holden to watch plus downloading & an egg sandwich 😊👍🏻
Don’t miss STEPPING OUT at the Vaudeville Theatre starring Amanda Holden and Tamzin Outhwaite!…
I just hope Amanda Holden's related to Neil Morrissey somewhere along the family tree
Hats off to you! Amanda Holden makes winter woollies look chic at the races
Three of the prettiest women on TV;Amanda Holden,Amanda Redman and Kirsty Young have all done same.Such a shame.
Amanda Holden goes KNICKERLESS in slinky black dress for Rylan Clark chat show appearance
A* talk on Schubert cycles in translation with Amanda Holden who translated so many operas have seen
Amanda Holden is in 'absolute agony' as she rushes to the bedside of her beloved sister who is fighting for her……
rushes to bedside of who is for life after being serious - Oct 7 @ 8:38 PM ET
Amanda Holden rushes to bedside of sister fighting for life after car crash
Britain's Got Talent star Amanda Holden reportedly rushes to sister's side after ...
Daily Star Amanda Holden 'in agony' as she rushes to hospitalised sister's side Daily Star BGT celeb star Amanda…
Amanda Holden’s sister critical in hospital after serious car crash
Amanda Holden ‘in agony’ as she rushes to hospitalised sister’s side after car crash: BGT celeb star Amanda H...
Amanda Holden's sister critical in hospital after serious car crash:
Amanda Holden rushes to sister’s hospital bedside after she was involved in auto crash: Amanda Hol...
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Stepping Out with Amanda Holden leading the cast of West End production via
Jon Bon Jovi with Daniel Radcliffe, Amanda Holden, and Deacon Blue on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show - Sept 23, 2016. Cr…
Jon with Daniel Radcliffe and Amanda Holden at BBC Radio 2 - Sept 22, 2016.
other celebrities in the series include : Ian McKellon, Ricky Tomlinson, Amanda Holden, Greg Davies and Cheryl Cole.
I get mistaken for Amanda Holden; I've had that since I was 12. I get Carey Mulligan, to...
I thought only people like Amanda Holden or Sinitta had personal trainers.
Amanda Holden attends day one of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 19, 2012 in Ascot, England.
Britain's Got Talent cleared over Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon's racy outfits -
Anyone for tennis? Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden sizzle on...
'Personality of a GNAT' Viewers slam Amanda Holden as she guest hosts...
Don't forget Les Dennis has had Amanda Holden's balls on his chin
So Les Dennis has gone from Amanda Holden to Gail Platt! Poor boy!
wonder if Amanda Holden has a picture of Les Dennis above her bed?
BGT's Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon enjoy an excitable reunion at Glamour ... -
susannah Reid, Amanda Holden and kate garraway !
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Inching ever closer to a British Politics decided by Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan with massive buzzers.
I should have been out there having a wild time like all the other gir...
Amanda Holden says David Brent would get buzzed off on Britain's Got...
Amanda Roberts Holden is a thirsty *** *** that is MARRIED with children but insists on sending sexy selfies to...
Amanda Holden will be flying around the London Palladium as the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella after she signed a deal to s…
Amanda Holden or Alisha Dixon would enjoy it doubt Simon would... david woulf 100%
Neil Morrissey has really gone down hill since Amanda Holden kicked him out her bed
Amanda Holden looks spectacular in a embellished white dress at the BAFTA TV Awards -
Fears I am perilously close to having an Amanda Holden moment city shorts why do you call me so? And now leotards...
Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon's Britain's Got Talent fashion face off
Amanda Holden drenches David Walliams in water after he says she's LEAVING on Britain's Got Talent
Amanda Holden wears dress of dreams on Britains Got Talent Final (and trips up Simon Cowell) via
Amanda Holden wore a wedding dress to the Britain's Got Talent final - Metro
Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden rock matching dresses via
Amanda Holden's eyebrows - looks like she's auditioning for a role in the next Angry Birds movie.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Amanda almost kissing that Holden March guy and then getting his blood on her face after he was shot is super awkward
Amanda Holden is Patsy Stone's daughter. Has to be.
Simon Cowell tripped over Amanda Holden's billowing dress backstage - and what happened next ... via
Amanda Holden's dress in the final was stunning! can I have it please? 😜 ❤️
Amanda Holden wore a wedding dress to the BGT final and it confused everyone
Amanda Holden is upping her game recently! 😍
Anyone else think this looks a bit like Amanda Holden ?
Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Amanda Holden looks at a musical theatre kid
David Walliams makes cheeky dig at Amanda Holden after she throws water on him | BGT
This vid of Simon Cowell tripping over Amanda Holden's MASSIVE dress is q fun
Amanda Holden: 10/10. My dad: why? Is he a galaxy duet?. My dad is now referencing in day to day conversati…
Amanda Holden looked absolutely stunning last night 😍
be careful now, you don't want to repeat the Amanda Holden situation
Amanda Holden blasts 's***bag' Simon Cowell after he tried to knock...
No more Amanda Holden on a Saturday night so sad Saturday's will not be the same sob, sob, sob xxx
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
'Amanda Holden looks great, thank god for Botox' Simon Cowell hits...
Amanda Holden: "The best thing you can do for animals is to just leave them off your plate"
The pic above with Amanda Holden, from the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie, Shaftsbury Theatre.
Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon dazzle on BGT semi finals Daily Mail Online: via
Daniel Amokachi as manager with Earl Barrett, Stuart Barlow, Andy Hinchcliffe, Dixie Dean, Amanda Holden and Me
Help me Amanda Holden, drove 200 miles to see your Golden Buzzer act and have been let down for 2 tickets!
Amanda Holden had to do the dirty work tonight voting through Boogie Storm! Shame on her
Just realised Amanda Holden was cosplaying as Dragon's Lair's Princess Daphne tonight
😙 Amanda Holden Rylan Clarke reveals BGT's Amanda Holden has no knickers on 😀😙
Amanda Holden going for the 'Mutton Dressed As Lamb' look tonight
Amanda Holden is mutton dressed as lamb 🐏😳
definition of desperate Amanda Holden. Definite mutton dressed as lamb!
I'd run past Ian Huntley & Rolf Harris to smash Amanda Holden clean on the jaw!!
Amanda Holden mutton dressed as lamb 😷
Britain s Got Talent s back with more controversy - The West Australian: Judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, ...
'I'm 15 years old'. 'Wow she looks so much older than that'. Amanda Holden there doing her best Adam Johnson 👀😂
check it! Amanda Holden knows Larry the lamb 💕
and Amanda Holden got the reputation of a burry port girl 😘 x
Amanda Holden gets behind Everton in sophisticated dress at Wembley match: The actress looked stu...
Britains Got Talent: What other talent show does Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden want to be on?: Aman...
Grim Reaper, please feel free to balance the books a little, take any one of Lily Allen, Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre for starters
Suggestions for Chris Tarrant, Jimmy White, Amanda Holden, Davina McCall and a bit of a punt... Christian Bale. Do it.
Amanda Holden remind me so much of cat grant from super girl 🤔
Amanda Holden being awestruck by magicians might be my new favourite thing m.
😂😂 "Amanda Holden mentally raped me, I can't get the singing out of my head"
Did anyone else who dared criticise Amanda Holden last night, get a dm from her with a link to a YouTube video of her singing?!! Or just me?
They had to do it before Amanda Holden's youth potion wears off...
If it wasn't for Simon Cowell, Ant, Dec, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, and all the acts, I might enjoy
Beau Dermott is Amanda Holden's golden girl via
I think its just about the show. The Voice actually had better chemistry this year. I mean seriously, what does Amanda Holden bring?
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You NEED to see what used to look like:
do you remember Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1, that ruined our day
ANY idea how this mind-reading magician stunned the panel with this trick?
How does Amanda Holden get better looking with age
oi am I the only one that thinks Amanda Holden is a little bit tasty ??? She's 45 uno
Alesha, 37, along with Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and David Walliams slammed repeatedly on their broken buzzers in a teaser for
did you see Amanda Holden basically had your dress on!!
This magic act will render you speechless via
Literally just applied for loads of BGT tickets on days I can't even do to see my fav Amanda Holden 🙈😂💕
BGT magician reads Amanda Holden s mind after day job in Army stopped him from entering show last year
In what parallel universe are Amanda Holden and Alicia Dixon qualified to judge talent? 😳. More:
Thank you for a much more enjoyable show this week. More:
Honestly think I'm in love with amanda holden. As if Les Dennis has banged her More:
We live in a society where Amanda Holden judges talent. Let that sink in for a moment.
Amanda Holden picked her Golden Buzzer on last night's - and it's a fab act!
Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden hits her Golden Buzzer for Beau Dermott.
Amanda Holden on the Britain's Got Talent red carpet for London auditions - Daily Mail
Amanda Holden hits her Golden Buzzer for golden girl Beau Dermott: … his mouth. The 26-year-old from Moldova ...
viewers in tears as Amanda Holden hits Golden Buzzer for 'amazing' Beau Dermott
BGT's Amanda Holden: 'Simon Cowell has an X Factor plan - and I hope it involves Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne'
Amanda Holden says Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne are involved in Simon's X Factor plan:.
Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon lead glamour at Britain’s Got Talent photocall
Amanda Holden risks wardrobe malfunction in plunging red dress at BGT launch, as Alesha Dixon reveals edgy style
Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams & Stephen Mulhern at the launch in London
Judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon are at the press launch in W1 shortly.
It's a slippery slope chasing Les Dennis ex girlfriends. You might start off with Amanda Holden and end up with Gail platt.
Amanda Holden on infidelity: . "Men are forgiven and women are punished".
Everton Ladies team *. Amanda Holden though, the woman who say's she's a mad Everton fan yet thinks Maggie Thatcher was class
CELEBRITIES JOIN OXFAM FOR DRESSED BY THE KIDS DAY: Amanda Holden, Sara Cox and Stephen Mangan get dressed by ...
Wild at heart was such a good show but then Amanda Holden died in that fire and it was tragic
Hamilton Collection
Waiting for the day that someone agrees with me that I do not look like Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden: 'Only be the mum you can sustain'
After we tried people thought Amanda looks like Sterlo and Jonesy like Mark Holden!
My no.1 *** target the very sexy Amanda Holden
that's true. I love Les Dennis he was the best thing in the Russ Abbot show and the best thing in Amanda Holden.
Amanda Holden on birth, babies and being a mum
Excited to be joining and hosting new show I’ve Got Something to To Tell You more details here
I didn't go nightclubbing much as a teenager in Bournemouth because my frie...
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