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Amanda Holden

Amanda Louise Holden (born 16 February 1971) is a British actress and presenter.

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Amanda Holden I like her! but why is she being photographed with uncleared,suspects,
Peter Kay's Car Share season three: Is Amanda Holden set to join the BBC comedy?
Amanda Holden flaunting her perfect legs 🔥
9-12 is coming from your radio 🎧 on with awesome music and guests inc Amanda Holden DAB, FM 95.6
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford discuss Amanda Holden’s racy wardrobe on This Morning
Amanda Holden wants the Britain’s Got Talent panel to launch a kid’s version of the show with their children a
Alesha Dixon vows she and Amanda Holden will keep flashing the flesh despite viewers complaining…
The Nightly Show is a flop because it needs more women, says Amanda Holden
I think you mean 'Amanda' van Holden 🕵️
Amanda Holden in defiant message to Ofcom complainers over her Britain's Got Talent dress
Got to see the lovely, talented Amanda Holden after her fab performance in Stepping Out. Reminisced about Shrek day…
Our printed barrier covers at the Britain's Got Talent launch 2017
Alesha Dixon admits favourite part of the whole of Britain’s Got Talent is getting dressed up with Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden slams The Nightly Show and says it should be hosted by two females as 'it hasn't ...
Alesha Dixon reveals her and Amanda Holden are ‘Simon Cowell’s bosses’ and they ‘control him’… as she insists she’…
Alesha Dixon reveals her and Amanda Holden are 'Simon Cowell's bosses'
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BGT judges: We want a comedian to win: Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden root for the stand-ups
Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden looking gorgeous at the Britain's Got Talent launch at The May Fair yesterday.
Alesha Dixon's fave part of BGT is getting dressed up with Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden & Alesha Dixon snapped at the Britain's Got Talent Launch in London.
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news – Jude Law, Victoria Beckham, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, Melania Trump…
BGT's Alesha Dixon defends her and Amanda Holden's racy wardrobes
Amanda Holden reckons she and Alesha Dixon could have made a hit
Amanda Holden, Sheridan Smith, Ruth Wilson, Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington step out in style at the Olivier…
A young Amanda Holden wishing to experience the "Mature man" on Blind date in 1991!
Robert Johnson played the blues so that one day Piers Moron, Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden could tell you what constitutes music and talent
The things we do to get red carpet ready. I'm glad I know He's whitened the smiles of Amanda Holden & Den…
Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams, Simon Cowell with Ant and Dec arriving auditions in Blackpool
In the papers today Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon during the auditions in Blackpool 📸…
Two's company: Amanda Holden revealed a tad too much as she joined fellow judge Alesha Dixon fo…
Amanda Holden leaves little to the imagination in a tight white jumpsuit as she joins leggy Alesha Dixon at……
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Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon dazzle at BGT launch  | Daily Mail Online
Amanda Holden sports a long dress under raincoat as she hops onto the back of a motorcycle ...
Oooo look! Here's one of the dresses I made for Amanda Holden as The Fairy Godmother jn Cinderella at The London...
Oh is that Trinny? Didn't recognise her. What's she got on? She looks like the lovechild of Amanda Holden and Julian Clary 😂😂
Just booked to see Paul O’Grady, Julian Clary, Amanda Holden, Lee Mead, Nigel Havers & Count Arthur Strong in Cinderella at the Palladium!
about Una Stubbs & Amanda Holden to watch plus downloading & an egg sandwich 😊👍🏻
Don’t miss STEPPING OUT at the Vaudeville Theatre starring Amanda Holden and Tamzin Outhwaite!…
I just hope Amanda Holden's related to Neil Morrissey somewhere along the family tree
Hats off to you! Amanda Holden makes winter woollies look chic at the races
Three of the prettiest women on TV;Amanda Holden,Amanda Redman and Kirsty Young have all done same.Such a shame.
Amanda Holden goes KNICKERLESS in slinky black dress for Rylan Clark chat show appearance
A* talk on Schubert cycles in translation with Amanda Holden who translated so many operas have seen
Amanda Holden is in 'absolute agony' as she rushes to the bedside of her beloved sister who is fighting for her……
rushes to bedside of who is for life after being serious - Oct 7 @ 8:38 PM ET
Amanda Holden rushes to bedside of sister fighting for life after car crash
Britain's Got Talent star Amanda Holden reportedly rushes to sister's side after ...
Daily Star Amanda Holden 'in agony' as she rushes to hospitalised sister's side Daily Star BGT celeb star Amanda…
Amanda Holden’s sister critical in hospital after serious car crash
Amanda Holden ‘in agony’ as she rushes to hospitalised sister’s side after car crash: BGT celeb star Amanda H...
Amanda Holden's sister critical in hospital after serious car crash:
Amanda Holden rushes to sister’s hospital bedside after she was involved in auto crash: Amanda Hol...
Stepping Out with Amanda Holden leading the cast of West End production via
Jon Bon Jovi with Daniel Radcliffe, Amanda Holden, and Deacon Blue on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show - Sept 23, 2016. Cr…
Jon with Daniel Radcliffe and Amanda Holden at BBC Radio 2 - Sept 22, 2016.
other celebrities in the series include : Ian McKellon, Ricky Tomlinson, Amanda Holden, Greg Davies and Cheryl Cole.
I get mistaken for Amanda Holden; I've had that since I was 12. I get Carey Mulligan, to...
I thought only people like Amanda Holden or Sinitta had personal trainers.
Amanda Holden attends day one of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 19, 2012 in Ascot, England.
Britain's Got Talent cleared over Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon's racy outfits -
Anyone for tennis? Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden sizzle on...
'Personality of a GNAT' Viewers slam Amanda Holden as she guest hosts...
Don't forget Les Dennis has had Amanda Holden's balls on his chin
So Les Dennis has gone from Amanda Holden to Gail Platt! Poor boy!
wonder if Amanda Holden has a picture of Les Dennis above her bed?
BGT's Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon enjoy an excitable reunion at Glamour ... -
susannah Reid, Amanda Holden and kate garraway !
Inching ever closer to a British Politics decided by Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan with massive buzzers.
I should have been out there having a wild time like all the other gir...
Amanda Holden says David Brent would get buzzed off on Britain's Got...
Amanda Roberts Holden is a thirsty *** *** that is MARRIED with children but insists on sending sexy selfies to...
Amanda Holden will be flying around the London Palladium as the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella after she signed a deal to s…
Amanda Holden or Alisha Dixon would enjoy it doubt Simon would... david woulf 100%
Neil Morrissey has really gone down hill since Amanda Holden kicked him out her bed
Amanda Holden looks spectacular in a embellished white dress at the BAFTA TV Awards -
Fears I am perilously close to having an Amanda Holden moment city shorts why do you call me so? And now leotards...
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Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon's Britain's Got Talent fashion face off
Amanda Holden drenches David Walliams in water after he says she's LEAVING on Britain's Got Talent
Amanda Holden wears dress of dreams on Britains Got Talent Final (and trips up Simon Cowell) via
Amanda Holden wore a wedding dress to the Britain's Got Talent final - Metro
Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden rock matching dresses via
Amanda Holden's eyebrows - looks like she's auditioning for a role in the next Angry Birds movie.
Amanda almost kissing that Holden March guy and then getting his blood on her face after he was shot is super awkward
Amanda Holden is Patsy Stone's daughter. Has to be.
Simon Cowell tripped over Amanda Holden's billowing dress backstage - and what happened next ... via
Amanda Holden's dress in the final was stunning! can I have it please? 😜 ❤️
Amanda Holden wore a wedding dress to the BGT final and it confused everyone
Amanda Holden is upping her game recently! 😍
Anyone else think this looks a bit like Amanda Holden ?
Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Amanda Holden looks at a musical theatre kid
David Walliams makes cheeky dig at Amanda Holden after she throws water on him | BGT
This vid of Simon Cowell tripping over Amanda Holden's MASSIVE dress is q fun
Amanda Holden: 10/10. My dad: why? Is he a galaxy duet?. My dad is now referencing in day to day conversati…
Amanda Holden looked absolutely stunning last night 😍
be careful now, you don't want to repeat the Amanda Holden situation
Amanda Holden blasts 's***bag' Simon Cowell after he tried to knock...
No more Amanda Holden on a Saturday night so sad Saturday's will not be the same sob, sob, sob xxx
'Amanda Holden looks great, thank god for Botox' Simon Cowell hits...
Amanda Holden: "The best thing you can do for animals is to just leave them off your plate"
The pic above with Amanda Holden, from the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie, Shaftsbury Theatre.
Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon dazzle on BGT semi finals Daily Mail Online: via
Daniel Amokachi as manager with Earl Barrett, Stuart Barlow, Andy Hinchcliffe, Dixie Dean, Amanda Holden and Me
Help me Amanda Holden, drove 200 miles to see your Golden Buzzer act and have been let down for 2 tickets!
Amanda Holden had to do the dirty work tonight voting through Boogie Storm! Shame on her
Just realised Amanda Holden was cosplaying as Dragon's Lair's Princess Daphne tonight
😙 Amanda Holden Rylan Clarke reveals BGT's Amanda Holden has no knickers on 😀😙
Amanda Holden going for the 'Mutton Dressed As Lamb' look tonight
Amanda Holden is mutton dressed as lamb 🐏😳
definition of desperate Amanda Holden. Definite mutton dressed as lamb!
I'd run past Ian Huntley & Rolf Harris to smash Amanda Holden clean on the jaw!!
Amanda Holden mutton dressed as lamb 😷
Britain s Got Talent s back with more controversy - The West Australian: Judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, ...
'I'm 15 years old'. 'Wow she looks so much older than that'. Amanda Holden there doing her best Adam Johnson 👀😂
check it! Amanda Holden knows Larry the lamb 💕
and Amanda Holden got the reputation of a burry port girl 😘 x
Amanda Holden gets behind Everton in sophisticated dress at Wembley match: The actress looked stu...
Britains Got Talent: What other talent show does Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden want to be on?: Aman...
Grim Reaper, please feel free to balance the books a little, take any one of Lily Allen, Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre for starters
Suggestions for Chris Tarrant, Jimmy White, Amanda Holden, Davina McCall and a bit of a punt... Christian Bale. Do it.
Amanda Holden remind me so much of cat grant from super girl 🤔
Amanda Holden being awestruck by magicians might be my new favourite thing m.
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😂😂 "Amanda Holden mentally raped me, I can't get the singing out of my head"
Did anyone else who dared criticise Amanda Holden last night, get a dm from her with a link to a YouTube video of her singing?!! Or just me?
They had to do it before Amanda Holden's youth potion wears off...
If it wasn't for Simon Cowell, Ant, Dec, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, and all the acts, I might enjoy
Beau Dermott is Amanda Holden's golden girl via
I think its just about the show. The Voice actually had better chemistry this year. I mean seriously, what does Amanda Holden bring?
You NEED to see what used to look like:
do you remember Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1, that ruined our day
ANY idea how this mind-reading magician stunned the panel with this trick?
How does Amanda Holden get better looking with age
oi am I the only one that thinks Amanda Holden is a little bit tasty ??? She's 45 uno
Alesha, 37, along with Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and David Walliams slammed repeatedly on their broken buzzers in a teaser for
did you see Amanda Holden basically had your dress on!!
This magic act will render you speechless via
Literally just applied for loads of BGT tickets on days I can't even do to see my fav Amanda Holden 🙈😂💕
BGT magician reads Amanda Holden s mind after day job in Army stopped him from entering show last year
In what parallel universe are Amanda Holden and Alicia Dixon qualified to judge talent? 😳. More:
Thank you for a much more enjoyable show this week. More:
Honestly think I'm in love with amanda holden. As if Les Dennis has banged her More:
We live in a society where Amanda Holden judges talent. Let that sink in for a moment.
Amanda Holden picked her Golden Buzzer on last night's - and it's a fab act!
Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden hits her Golden Buzzer for Beau Dermott.
Amanda Holden on the Britain's Got Talent red carpet for London auditions - Daily Mail
Amanda Holden hits her Golden Buzzer for golden girl Beau Dermott: … his mouth. The 26-year-old from Moldova ...
viewers in tears as Amanda Holden hits Golden Buzzer for 'amazing' Beau Dermott
BGT's Amanda Holden: 'Simon Cowell has an X Factor plan - and I hope it involves Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne'
Amanda Holden says Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne are involved in Simon's X Factor plan:.
Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon lead glamour at Britain’s Got Talent photocall
Amanda Holden risks wardrobe malfunction in plunging red dress at BGT launch, as Alesha Dixon reveals edgy style
Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams & Stephen Mulhern at the launch in London
Judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon are at the press launch in W1 shortly.
It's a slippery slope chasing Les Dennis ex girlfriends. You might start off with Amanda Holden and end up with Gail Platt.
Amanda Holden on infidelity: . "Men are forgiven and women are punished".
Everton Ladies team *. Amanda Holden though, the woman who say's she's a mad Everton fan yet thinks Maggie Thatcher was class
CELEBRITIES JOIN OXFAM FOR DRESSED BY THE KIDS DAY: Amanda Holden, Sara Cox and Stephen Mangan get dressed by ...
Wild at heart was such a good show but then Amanda Holden died in that fire and it was tragic
Waiting for the day that someone agrees with me that I do not look like Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden: 'Only be the mum you can sustain'
After we tried people thought Amanda looks like Sterlo and Jonesy like Mark Holden!
My no.1 *** target the very sexy Amanda Holden
that's true. I love Les Dennis he was the best thing in the Russ Abbot show and the best thing in Amanda Holden.
Amanda Holden on birth, babies and being a mum
Excited to be joining and hosting new show I’ve Got Something to To Tell You more details here
I didn't go nightclubbing much as a teenager in Bournemouth because my frie...
Who shot Simon Cowell? Amanda Holden, Olly Murs and Louis Walsh are all in the frame...
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Amanda Douglass, 2013 World Games skater, and Holden Pranger kick off today's skating championships in Centennial. http…
Very upsetting but compassion wins :-)
Charls: "Amanda Holden is so annoying. She makes everything about her!" 🙈
Coming Soon on Dan Wootton interviews Amanda Holden & Alesha Dixon at today's
Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden cut more coy figures when it came to their ensembles on Friday night as they wrapped up in long…
Amanda Holden looking sensational for filming today at famous London Palladium! More news coming soon! 🇬🇧
Behind the scenes filming the ITV promo for today with Ant & Dec, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon & David Walliams. https:/…
Joe - 'you're not Dame Judy, you're not're Amanda Holden'
National TV Awards red carpet sees glamour from Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden killed it. Holly looked beautiful as always. Jacqueline Jossa looked amazing too 😍
both stunners! I love Shona magarty, Amanda Holden, Amanda lamb, Danni minogue too
Amanda Holden goes BR**LESS in tight white dress as Britain’s Got Talent auditions get under way..
Amanda Holden will star in Shrek The Musical as Princess Fiona
Piers Morgan's fantasy to kiss Amanda Holden comes true...but Susannah is not impressed
They're stuck with Amanda Holden looking for Sheridan Smith's dog in New York
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Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden match as dazzling ladies in red at star-studded ITV Gala
Amanda Holden seems to be sensational in going down red gown at ITV Gala
Amanda Holden looks sensational in plunging red gown at ITV Gala
Well, no Jonathan Ross for me tonight. 1D are bad enough. But Michael McIntyre?! So bad Cowell sacked him from BGT but kept Amanda Holden...
Wish this was Amanda Holden so much
Watching 'celebrity' The Chase; still amazes me Amanda Holden married Les Dennis, then shagged Neil Morrissey but is now 'respected'
Watching the chase and thinking how smart Les Dennis is. Not for the correct answers but how he managed to bag Amanda Holden once.
Why didn't I know that Les Dennis was married to Amanda Holden??
Remember when Les Dennis was married to Amanda Holden?
Loads to come on - hear from Bobby Davro, Amanda Holden, singer AND TONS MORE!
well jealous... Amanda Holden...would she come to open the shop for me ;-)
I liked a video The Neighbour Test with Amanda Holden
The books I have on my tablet are too embarrassing to share. Okay I'll admit to one : Amanda Holden's autobiography. Don't judge.
Amanda Holden swaps ball gown for suave two-piece after ITV Gala. {dailymail}
So many sparkly looks on the last night. See them all here:
One of my favorite novellas of all time is Steven King's The Mist, you killed it as Amanda. That ending though... wow :)
Not tonight but when it is I prefer to do so a la Amanda Holden, from the bottle straight from the fridge.
Sir Paul McCartney hits the pub for charity
Amanda Holden looks great has a great figure and actually has a personality unlike other celebs
Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden smoulder at ITV Gala in plunging scarlet dresses
Can you believe ITV were going to bring it back with Amanda Holden as host?
I met them at a thing. Bobby was bit intense but good company. At same do, Roy Walker, Les Dennis, Amanda Holden. Jealous? ;-)
Amanda Holden - Battersea Dogs Collars and Coats Gala Ball in London - October 2015
Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden smoulder at in plunging scarlet dresses
thanks for sharing Amanda Holden, have a great Friday :) (insight by
Amanda Holden looked great in a red floor-length dress at ITVs Gala this week!
Did you miss our red carpet gallery from last night's Here it is:
Media | The Guardian // Could Amanda Holden be set to join the cast of the new Cold Feet?
HECTOR actor Stephen Tompkinson talks about the film on This Morning with Amanda Holden and Philip Schofield... …
WATCH Philip Schofield step in as Amanda Holden lashes out at guest in 'personal argument'
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams will reunite for ... - 82
I liked a video The Graham Norton Show S13E02 with guests Amanda Holden, Jack Dee and Michael Buble
Yay! Look what arrived in the post this morning. My signed photo of Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield.
Amanda Holden throws water over Stephen Mulhern AGAIN over ...
I don't care who or what judges me, nothing's going to stop me from living my life how I choose. -- Amanda Holden
Did you know ... Amanda Holden has this same design but in pink? Get yours here
Sat next to Amanda Holden and behind John Parrott at Goodison.
Could you ask Amanda Holden the same questions? Thanks
who is Amanda Holden and why do we hate her?
Amanda Holden and keeping the contents of my stomach down 😂😂😂
My guilty pleasure is that I'd tap Amanda Holden. I've taken 2 big Solpadol tabs though, so don't quote me.
Amanda Holden basks in the sun in pretty polka dot dress as This ...
Amanda Holden just sent me the cutest message about my results X
This was clearly about Amanda Holden (holding/holden)
I'll accept that Alpen is a quick and healthy breakfast but I won't accept that Amanda Holden actually does any work.
hi Amanda Holden how is thing's tb Dave and Alison x
itvthismorning: See you in eight minutes!
Amanda Holden flashes her knickers in yet another racy leg-baring ...
Amanda Holden loses it on Britain's Got Talent live show
Amanda Holden jokes that her nipples should 'get their own ...
Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon wear plunging dresses to ITV ...:
Amanda Holden flaunts her fabulous figure as she enjoys ...
Those Alpen adverts w Amanda Holden really make me want muesli. I dont like her though so I bought a different brand instead
Just seen Amanda Holden in an ad, why is she well-known? How did she end up on BGT?
I think her profession is Amanda Holden tbh
Quick reminder for anyone seeing Amanda Holden in that Alpen ad: her profession is "actress".
Amanda Holden flashes nipples AGAIN as she ditches her bra for ...
Never thought I'd be nursing a semi after watching an alpen advert. Thanks amanda holden
Amanda Holden Showing off her - Amanda Holden is really going out of...
Amanda Holden plans to cut back on work commitments
he is a judge, he is the Amanda Holden on the competition
Wetnose Romania Documentary - Broken Bodies and Broken Minds via with Amanda Holden
Alpen! Your Amanda Holden advert pisses me off & annoys me so much I refuse to eat your product again!!
I am Amanda Holden Which Britain's Got Talent judge are you via Gees I can't stop getting
I just saw a vine fan edit. for Amanda Holden
See Amanda Holden throw more water at Stephen Mulhern on This ...
Amanda Holden cries on her last day presenting This Morning: ''The happiest ... Amanda…
Les Dennis going from Amanda Holden to Eileen and Gail in a little over ten years is a fall from grace of Neil Webb proportions.
Women inspiring women. Feel better soon Amanda Batty and Katie Holden x
OK...Les Dennis used to use an electric toothbrush.on Amanda Holden's bits, in bed, allegedly. :(
This is worse than the Les Dennis and Amanda Holden toothbrush story.
Amanda Holden steals spotlight from Alesha Dixon at ITV summer ...
*has visions of an island with Eamon Holmes, Ainsley Harriott, and Amanda Holden on it. Pictures it sinking*
Please pray with me for Holden Village dear friends. Elizabeth Snyder Lindenmuth Kendra Evans Brito Jason Evans...
Amanda dulce-sweet regrann from Hooray for Jules and Matisse the winners of…
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Amanda Holden admits that it's difficult to juggle her successful TV career with motherhood
Amanda Holden admits that "she's not the best mum" but plans to spend more time with daughters
Where did Les Dennis take a wrong turn and find himself going from Amanda Holden to a tug of war between Eilleen Grisham and Gail Platt?
Who wore it better?. Gabrielle Union VS. Amanda Holden in a Suno crinkle effect dress from the Resort 2015 collection,
Poor Stephen Mulhern. That pesky Amanda Holden has drenched him in water... Again!
Amanda Holden throws water over Stephen Mulhern AGAIN on
Don't mess with Amanda Holden! Stephen Mulhern gets soaked with water again
Check out the best this morning with Amanda Holden and Phil schofield and rylan
Check out its its this morning with Amanda Holden and Phil schofield on Oct
Amanda Holden appeared to be struggling with soaring temperatures as she presented live TV in the scorching city ...
Two women fighting over Les Dennis - Amanda Holden must be pissing herself
Worth it? Worth it? It's Les Dennis you're talking about, Gail. The man who couldn't keep Amanda Holden
A shame, but she's outgrown his usefulness and doesn't need him to advance her career any more. A bit like Amanda Holden & Les Dennis.
Once her profile is made she no longer has any use for him. Like Les Dennis and Amanda Holden.
She has got her profile now, doesn't need him. See also Les Dennis and Amanda Holden.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
BREAKING - Les Dennis is facing prison after police found him hiding in bushes outside Amanda Holden's house stroking his w…
Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden 'keen' to star in David Walliams ...:
Amanda Holden on ITV or Hayley McQueen in SSN ? Decisions, decisions.
Tomorrow morning I'm on for a chat with Amanda Holden & Phillip Schofield, tune in from 10.30am
Is it what happens when Amanda Holden and Summer Glau go through Jeff Goldblum's teleporter?
for Holly Willoughby or FAV for Amanda Holden holly all the way
Amanda Holden on wearing white to someone else's wedding: "I think that's politically correct" 😁
Britains Got Talent: Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden spills on her hot sex life while Stephen Mulhern...
Fuelling more complaints? Amanda Holden's pins are IMPOSSIBLE ...:
Les Dennis: From Amanda Holden to Gail Plat! How the mighty fall 😁
Gok Wan takes to the This Morning sofa: The fashion designer will co-present the show with Amanda Holden.
Daily Mail accuses Amanda Holden of 'flaunting it', but on Sunday was happy to swoon over Samantha Cameron. Weird.
I absolutely love Amanda Holden... And she always looks stunning. But COME ON... Could she not decide if she...
What the f**k has happened to Amanda Holden lately? Jesus Jones!
Amanda Holden was a bit harsh on Andrew Fleming good luck to him for trying to better himself let the public vote him in to stay 😀
he's on a par with Amanda Holden and my number one pet peeve John Terry. ***
is scott in love with Amanda Holden
Who needs satire when you can simply reheat the same tired remarks about Amanda Holden, Ant & Dec, Jeremy Kyle and Andy Murray?
Amanda Holden must have Michael jacksons plastic surgeon on speed dial
Amanda Holden is up for the leadership?
do you know where Amanda Holden got her boob tube top from that she wore on BGT last night!
where did Amanda Holden get her navy boob tube from that she wore on BGT tonight?
Why do ITV think Amanda Holden & Ben Shepherd make a 'Super Saturday'? These people aren't talented entertainers.
“Mary Killen on has just identified Amanda Holden as Anthea Turner lol
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