Amanda Abbington & Martin Freeman

Amanda Abbington (born October 1974) is an English actress and comedienne who has appeared on both television and stage. Martin John C. Freeman (born 8 September 1971) is an English actor. He is known for his roles as Tim Canterbury in the BBC's Golden Globe-winning comedy The Office, John in Love Actually, Arthur Dent in the film adaptation of Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dr. 5.0/5

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Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington separate after 16 years 😥 2016
When you thought 2016 couldn't get any worse and then you hear Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have split up.
If Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are no longer together then what's the point.
Alright, 2016. Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are splitting?! You've had your laughs all year, but now you've gone too far.
Amanda Abbington on the end of her relationship with Martin Freeman
Sherlock stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington split after 16 years together: via
Amanda Abbington thanks fans for support amid reports of split from Martin Freeman: via
Martin Freeman has confirmed that he has split with partner of 15 years Amanda Abbington.
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington 'split up' after 16 years
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have split up - this cannot be happening...
Martin Freeman has split from longtime partner and on-screen wife Amanda Abbington
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington, partners on and off-screen, announce that they have broken up in real life too . https:/…
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are splitting up...
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington split up that's it guys love is dead and 2016 is the reason
NEW S4 promo images to start the day! Amanda Abbington as Mary Watson, with Martin Freeman as John Watson. htt…
stars Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington split up in March after 16 years.💔But Amanda told me "we're still cool, stil…
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have split up therefore I don't believe in love anymore
Sherlock's Martin Freeman has secretly SPLIT from Amanda Abbington after 15 years - Daily Mail
stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington split after 15 years: 💔
stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have called it quits.
Martin Freeman has split from partner Amanda Abbington after 15 years together:
After seeing Amanda Abbington at the Emmy's 100% of Americans are jealous of Martin Freeman.
Behind the scenes in Sherlock: Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington with the baby.
.Did you know Watson's wife Mary is Martin Freeman's partner, Amanda Abbington?
Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Ashley Johnson & Amanda Abbington are my happiness 💗💕
Seriously, the love between Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington is so beautiful!
Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington in Penarth filming at the 😊😊😊
I want to find the Ian Hallard to my Mark Gatiss, the Sophie Hunter to my Benedict Cumberbatch, & the Amanda Abbington to my Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington who play John and Mary
Oh wow Martin Freeman looks so happyin that photo after Darren Brown. Where is Amanda Abbington's other hand because I have a guess.
Stood outside the National Theatre and Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington walk past me what
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Amanda Abbington is proud to be a cougar, what with the 28 year old boy toy Martin Freeman
If you had three wishes, what would they be? — Meet Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman . Have Internet friends t...
Photoset: blackstarjp: Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington  at Wimbledon (Women’s final, 2005)
Rebecca Callard, Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman at the Laurel And Hardy screening in London.
crazy news: saw Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington going into the national gallery today = fun fact of the day
Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington and the lady who pulls the funny faces in Episodes are sitting next to me on Brewer St. They seem nice
I love how Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman look like the opposite gender of each other.
Set de fotos: awildfreebatch: Martin Freeman signs autographs at the 2013 TV BAFTAs (and Amanda Abbington...
Wth were I, for I've just known that Amanda Abbington (as Mary Watson) is the real-life partner of Martin Freeman (as Dr.John Watson) ?
"Martin Freeman uses the tears of Amanda Abbington's haters to keep his hair perfect during different films/shows."
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington arrive at Cathedral to film scenes for ‘Sherlock’
I present to you the TV debut of Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Una Stubbs and Benedict Cumberbatch
Merry Christmas to Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, and their family. May the Lord bless you all this season!
Let's talk about how Benedict Cumberbatch is a goofball, Martin Freeman a professional and Amanda Abbington a cutie.
Am I the only one who thinks Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman have no chemistry at all? They just seem so stiff around each other.
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I want a relationship like Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington. One day once i start my career after school ;-;
Video: sherlockology: If you weren’t able to see Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington being bamboozled by...
Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington with Derren Brown doing Stand up to Cancer. need to see!.
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington to have their minds blown by Derren Brown for Stand Up To Cancer
if you love: . All of Sherlock . Benedict Cumberbatch . Martin Freeman . Amanda Abbington . Andrew Scott . Louise Brearley . Mark Gatiss
So Mary Morstan was the wife of Dr John Watson. In real life they're husband and wife Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington.
Amanda Abbington can sing,. Martin Freeman can sing,. Benedict Cumberbatch can sing,. Andrew Scott can sing.. Where is my…
Martin Freeman and partner Amanda Abbington celebrate opening night of Richard III (via
Benedict Cumberbatch has been nominated for a Critics Choice Television Award for best actor in a mini series or movie for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the episode His Last Vow. He is nominated alongside Martin Freeman who has been nominated for best actor for his work in Fargo. Benedict previously won the award back in 2012 for Sherlock. Sherlock was also nominated for best movie for His Last Vow and Martin Freeman (John Watson) and Amanda Abbington (Mary Morstan) were nominated for best supporting actor and actress in a mini series or movie respectively. The Critics Choice Television Awards are announced on the 19th June. The ceremony will be broadcast live on The CW network. In other news the on-sale dates for Hamlet have been announced by the Barbican. Benedict will be playing Hamlet at the Barbican for a 12 week run from next August. Those with red memberships at the Barbican can book tickets from 1st August at 10:00 a.m. Orange members may book from the 4th August with tickets going on sale t ...
Photoset: cumberbatchweb: Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington on the red carpet at the BAFTAs.
Amanda Abbington lives with Fargo star Martin Freeman but still avoids pesky spoilers - Actress admits she...
Interview with Martin Freeman on Fargo in which Amanda Abbington is a perfect humanbeing assur…
Hey BAFTA. When you advertise with 'red carpet experience', you really shouldn't cancel that part last minute. Also, by keeping the paying public separate from the celebrity guests at all times makes us all feel like we're second class citizens. Rude. Anyway, besides my displeasure with BAFTA false advertising.. I did enjoy the awards. Got to see a few cool people in the flesh, like Aaron Paul, Martin Freeman, Sophie Turner (you jealous, Jules?), Hugh Dancy, Graham Norton, Jeremy Piven, Amanda Abbington, Luke Evans, Mark Gatiss, Naomi Campbell, Julie Walters, Joe Dempsey - and many more.
Help. It's all so surreal. I'll be seeing Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Julie Walters, and Helena Bonham Carter in a few hours. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.
if you love. Benedict Cumberbatch. Andrew Scott. Louise Brealey. Martin Freeman. Amanda Abbington. Tom hiddleston. Jennife…
THEY met each other 14 years ago and have two children together, so it would come as no surprise if Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington were already married.
Martin Freeman hints that he may have already be married to partner Amanda Abbington (via
'Let's leave that a mystery' Martin Freeman may have already married Amanda Abbington
Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington are most perfect couple. Your argument is invalid.
Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman at the ''His Last Vow'' table read.
You cannot just simply tell Amanda Abbington you hate Martin Freeman. ***
and rightly so. Works quite well for Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington, too, from what I've heard.
Learn something interesting everyday. Fans of the BBC Series Sherlock; three things I learned today. 1) Amanda Abbington (Mary Watson) is actually Martin Freeman's "long-time-partner". 2) The couple that plays Sherlock's Mom and Dad in Season3E3 = Benedict Cumberbatch's real Mom & Dad. 3) Mark Gatiss (Mycroft Holmes) is CoWriter of the series.
Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Amanda Abbington chat to Digital Spy at the BFI Southbank about the hotly-anticipated new series of Sherlock. Follow...
Photos of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue at the Sherlock Meet the Filmmakers event at the Apple Store London Regents Street on 4 February 2014
Sherlock stars Martin Freeman (Watson) and Amanda Abbington (Mary) discuss what it is like to be both an on screen and off-screen couple.
Got to give them credit. If I had complaints (maybe concerns is a better word) about the first two episodes of Season Three of Sherlock - let me offer a Bravo for the construction and plot of the finale. It did indeed tie up all the loose ends nicely. Great star turns by Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, and Mark Gatiss. I won't discuss the plot until I get the all clear from those who haven't had a chance to see this season yet. Enjoy!
Why are we not spending every day adoring Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington because they are literally the sweetest thing ever
Benedict Cumberbatch was cast after Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss watched his performance in Atonement (2007). They thought he looked like a perfect Holmes As part of his preparation after being cast as Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch read every original Conan Doyle story. The actual address used for filming the exteriors of 221B Baker Street is 187 North Gower Street, London NW1. Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary Morstan, John Watson's fiancé/wife in the series, is the real-life longtime partner of Martin Freeman. Matt Smith auditioned for the role of Doctor Watson before his Doctor Who audition
I love how Amanda Abbington softens Martin freeman. His demeanor is completely different when she is on screen with him. Suddenly he looks brighter and happier and softer
I want a love story like Amanda Abbington & Martin Freeman's.
Amanda Abbington doesn't like the slash pictures of Martin Freeman with Benedict. She's afraid their kids will see them. You know, her and Martin's...
On Sherlock, the actors who play Dr. John Watson and his wife, Mary, are Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington, who have been real life partners for at least 13 years and have two children together. The things that can be learned on IMBD.
Tonight's Sherlock was absolutely, utterly lovely. I would love to have Amanda Abbington (Mary, and Martin Freeman's real-life partner) as a bestie - she's adorable, especially when she's playing the boys off each other!
Fun Sherlock (BBC) fact for my friends watching tonight. John Watson and Mary Watson, actors Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are a real life married couple.
Amanda Abbington (the character Mary in Sherlock) is actually Martin Freeman's (Watson) real partner!!! And they already have 2 kids together. Talk about your life being played out on screen.
Amanda Abbington joined the cast of "Sherlock" for the third season of the hit PBS series, playing Dr. John Watson's (Martin Freeman) fiancée Mary Morstan, and
So I just found out that Martin Freeman who plays John Watson on Sherlock and Amanda Abbington who plays Mary Morstan Watson are a couple IRL and have two kids. Why does that make me irrationally happy?
Today I learned: Amanda Abbington, who plays Mrs. Watson opposite to Martin Freeman's Mr. Watson on BBC's Sherlock, is actually Martin Freeman's partner in real life too.
Some crazy facts about Sherlock Holmes you had no idea about... 1. The character of Sherlock Holmes was initially going to be named Sherrinford Homes... *** that sounds hopeless 2. John Watson’s original name was Ormand Sacker. I think this is worse than Sherrinford Homes... :) 3. Sherlock Holmes is listed as the most played fictional character by the Guinness Book of World Records portrayed by 70 actors in more than 250 screen adaptations 4. The Watson's played by Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are married in real life as well. Not sure u knew that... though I feel that Amanda looks like Martin's mother in age ... :P 5. UK police uses an information system ‘HOLMES2’ for investigation of murder and high priority fraud cases 6. A private museum is dedicated to this character by the name of ‘The Sherlock Holmes Museum’ at the official address of 221B street although the actual location is 239 Baker Street 7. The reason Doyle killed off Sherlock was because he felt trapped by this character b ...
Sherlock fans, did you recognize John Watson's fiance, Mary, as the same actress who plays Miss Mardle on "Mr Selfridge"? She's Amanda Abbington, the real-life partner of actor Martin Freeman. (She was also in the fantastic Masterpiece Mystery series "Case Histories" in 2011.)
MASTERPIECE, "Sherlock" is a real family affair! Here are some examples: * Sherlock's parents are also Benedict Cumberbatch’s parents — Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham — both veteran actors. * John Watson's fiancée, Mary, is actor Martin Freeman's real-life partner, Amanda Abbington. * Una Stubbs, the actress who plays Mrs. Hudson, is friends with Benedict Cumberbatch's parents and has known the star all his life. * "Sherlock" co-creator Steven Moffat's wife, Sue Vertue, is the show's producer, and his mother-in-law, Beryl Vertue, is one of the executive producers. Coming up, Moffat and Vertue's son Louis will appear as a young Sherlock. Can you add more? Tune in Thursday at 9 PM if you missed the first episode or if you'd like to see it again!
Just realized that the actress who plays Mary in Sherlock - Amanda Abbington - is Martin Freeman's real-life girlfriend, and they have two kiddos together. That's just amazing! I love that kind of stuff. Nia McRay Rachel Nicole Brower Tim Hamilton
- *** Sherlock fandom, I had such hopes for you. (Nevermind the fact that Amanda Abbington is Martin Freeman's real-life wife. Nevermind that Mary Morstan married John Watson IN THE ORIGINALS. What the *** is wrong with people?)
Sherlock you are awesome, Mark Gatiss you are awesome, Moffatt you are awesome, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington you are all awesome! You know how that makes me feel? Awesome! So hurry up and make the next series! Because I am feeling pretty awesome too right now! Best thing on tv in a truly long time!
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Absolutely fantastic finale to the third series of 'Sherlock'. Massive applause goes to Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat for creating a well executed episode filled with many twists and turns. A bigger round of applause goes to Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington and Lars Mikkelsen for delivering fantastic acting that many actors wish and hope to do themselves. Completely in awe. What a way to end Series Three. Jade
Sherlock Facts: 1.Mark Gatiss who plays the role of Mycroft Holmes is one of the writers of the series. 2.In Season 3,Mary Morstan(Dr.Watson's girlfriend) is played by Martin Freeman's real life partner Amanda Abbington. 3.Sherlock's parents appear in episode 1 of season 3.They are actually real life parents of Benedict Cumberbatch.
Amanda Abbington reply to Dan about wanting to hug Martin Freeman. Sweet Jesus, I hope just doesn't see the things I saw about him. o.O
Did you know John Watson, i.e. Martin Freeman, and Mary, i.e. Amanda Abbington are married in real life?
Cast and crew on Sherlock's best man speech, how things will change for Sherlock and John and Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington on working together.
Martin Freeman and real life partner Amanda Abbington get to play out their dream wedding on Sherlock without all the fuss...
It's so awesome how Martin Freeman's character, John Watson, is married to his real-life wife Amanda Abbington's character, Mary Morstan in Sherlock.
Martin Freeman and his partner Amanda Abbington on The One Show promoting S3 of Sherlock. This has been heavily edited to just contain Martin & Amanda ...
Facts about Martin Freeman 1.He trained at Central School of Speech and Drama. 2.After his parents divorced, he lived with his father. After his father died (when Martin was ten), he moved back in with his mother and stepfather James. 3. Is a vegetarian. 4.Has two children - a son, Joe, and a daughter, Grace - with longtime partner, Amanda Abbington. 5.Comes from an artistic family: older brother, Tim Freeman, was in the '80s art-pop group, 'Frazier Chorus'; another brother, Jamie Freeman, is a musician and website designer; cousin Ben Norris is a stand-up comic.
Amanda Abbington plays Watson's bride-to-be Mary in Sherlock and she's married Martin Freeman so many times on screen they don't need to do it in real life!
John Watson and Mary Morstan are so adorable, especially when you know that Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have been a real life couple for over a decade.
So I knew that Amanda Abbington, who played Mary in SHERLOCK last night, is Martin Freeman's partner in real life. But I hadn't realised that Sherlock's parents were played by Benedict Cumberbatch's parents!
SHERLOCK WAS PERFECT!! No spoilers, I promise, but it was everything you could have wanted it to be. I adore Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman.
I'm recovering from Sherlock. Mark Gatiss, THANK YOU!!! You are a genius and that script was beautiful. Amanda Abbington is a goddess and she's stunning and she was just incredible!!! Louise Brealey is perfect and she's cute as a button and Molly Hooper is still my spirit animal. Martin Freeman is a brilliant actor and looks good with or without a mustache. And, last but not least, Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch. There is so much to say about that man. He's sexy, suave, adorable, sophisticated, dorky, and most of all, incredibly talented. Dear lord, that man's hair. His legs, his hands, his jawline, his cheekbones, his eyes, lips. Sorry, I'm getting a little worked up. He is just amazing, and I fell in love with him more than I already am after that episode. It was brilliant. That episode was worth the two year wait.
So John Watson is gonna marry Mary Morstan who is played by Amanda Abbington which is Martin Freeman's long time partner... wow... X
‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Image Gallery Teases New Villains & Weddings by Sandy Schaefer Much has changed over the (almost) two years that’ve passed since Sherlock season 2 aired. Show leads Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (John Watson) reunited onscreen as a halfling and dragon, Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat introduced the world to a new time-traveler – played by Peter Capaldi – on Doctor Who, and another contemporary version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective popped up in New York. Meanwhile, in the Sherlock universe, rumors have persisted that the eponymous high-functioning sociopath is still alive, despite his apparent demise (read: plunge to his death) two years earlier in the events depicted in “The Reichenbach Fall.” Of course, time waits for no man – not even the great Sherlock Holmes – and though his old police acquaintances continue to debate him being alive (or not) many months later, Watson has seemingly abandoned his vow to serve as Sherlock’ . ...
Every time I read how Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington met, I die a little from cute. Like seriously. They're too perfect together.
Just watched an interview with Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington :) love them together. My real life OTP!!!
Hey guys! Tonight's photospam in honour of their appearance on the One Show, the ever gorgeous and adorable couple, Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington :) ~Admin Nymphy
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are back as Sherlock and Watson. With the additions of Lars Mikkelsen and Amanda Abbington adding an extra dynamic
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are guests on the one show tonight on BBC one at 19:00
Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Steven Moffat, Amanda Abbington and Mark Gatiss at our screening today:
Sinopse 3x03: "His Last Vow" In the final episode of this new series, written by Steven Moffat, a case of stolen letters leads Sherlock Holmes into a long conflict with Charles Augustus Magnussen, the Napoleon of blackmail, and the one man he truly hates. But how do you tackle a foe who knows the personal weakness of every person of importance in the Western world? Benedict Cumberbatch returns as Sherlock Holmes, with Martin Freeman as John Watson, Mark Gatiss as Mycroft, Rupert Graves as Inspector Lestrade, Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson, Amanda Abbington as Mary Morstan, Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper and Lars Mikkelsen as Charles Augustus Magnussen.
Sherlock series 3 promo images for 'The Empty Hearse' Ahead of its eagerly-awaited return on New Year's Day, the BBC has released a batch of stills from 'The Empty Hearse', the first episode of Sherlock series 3, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes), Martin Freeman (John Watson), Amanda Abbington (Mary Morstan), Una Stubbs (Mrs Hudson), Rupert Graves (Detective Inspector Lestrade), Louise Brealey (Molly), Ed Birch (Tom) and Mark Gatiss (Mycroft Holmes); check them out here courtesy of SpoilerTV. Two years after the devastating effects of “The Reichenbach Fall,” Dr John Watson has got on with his life. New horizons, romance and a comforting domestic future beckon. But, with London under threat of a huge terrorist attack, Sherlock Holmes is about to rise from the grave with all the theatricality that comes so naturally to him. It’s what his best friend wanted more than anything, but for John Watson it might well be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’! If Sherlock thinks everything ...
Oh my god THE HOBBIT world premiere and just had cool friend moments with Stephen Fry and Orlando Bloom and Ed Sheeran and Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington and Benedict Cumberbatch. I am beside myself ah I can't even
meikezane: Finally got to work on my drawing of the amazing Amanda Abbington & Martin Freeman a bit more. sh…
'Sherlock' series 3: New plot teasers hint at romance drama BBC One has released a new official synopsis for Sherlock's long-awaited third series. The hit detective drama - starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman - will return to screens over the Christmas and New Year period. "The question on everyone's lips will finally be answered when Sherlock returns," reads the official series three synopsis. "How did he do it? And how will John take the news that his best friend faked his own death?" Freeman's real-life wife Amanda Abbington will also star in the latest three episodes as John Watson's love interest Mary Morstan. "What will Sherlock think when he finds out John has fallen in love with Mary Morstan?" the teaser continues. "She's sensible, quick-witted and not at all taken in by Sherlock's posturing." Sherlock's third series will be comprised of Mark Gatiss opener 'The Empty Hearse', Stephen Thompson's 'The Sign of Three' and Steven Moffat's finale 'His Last Vow'. The Killing star Lars Mikkel ...
Amanda Abbington is the only actress I will accept playing Mary Morstan. She is Martin Freeman's wife in real life.
Photoset: martinfreelove: Can we just talk about how in love Martin Freeman is with Amanda Abbington.  They...
Arthur Freeman's 'Thank you' message from Martin Freeman via Amanda Abbington flipped video:
I hope me and my future husband are like Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington when we get married.
want to be sandwiched by Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington. YOU'RE ALL SICK MINDED PEOPLE. I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING.
You don't like Amanda Abbington because she's Mary in Sherlock and the wife of Martin Freeman?
I love this "Be the Martin Freeman to my Amanda Abbington?
brb I'm having an Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman on
um it's on YouTube just type in "Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington BBC radio 6" it should be there
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington having a rant about Bluetooth headsets
"Hey so I met Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington and their family today..." do you mind if i just slowly crush you until you die
So sorry! I dreamt of Ben once. I was invited to Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington's wedding and he was there.
Photoset: bizarre-sugar: - Martin Freeman poses with his wife Amanda Abbington arrive for the British...
The Daily Mail thing has got me thinking that Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman must be labour supporters. Tory supports rarely get this.
Amanda Abbington, the partner of Hobbit star Martin Freeman, has been declared bankrupt over a £120,000 tax bill.
Martin Freeman and his wife Amanda Abbington wearing Eye Respect Sunglasses
Partner of Hobbit star Martin Freeman goes bankrupt 'over £120,000 tax bill' despite him being worth
bizarre-sugar: - Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman attend the National Television Awards 2013 at The O2…
Photoset: Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington at the red carpet of National Television Awards
sherlockstuff: Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington at the 2013 Film BAFTAs
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are so adorable together. Aww..
Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington at EE BAFTAS 2013 taken by my camera. I just can't believe it!!
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are so cute together :3
clock-watcher: Hi-res pix: Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington at the EE British Academy Film Awards on Februa…
Some more lovely shots of Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington at the BAFTAs
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington attend the EE British Academy Film Awards at The Roy…
Can't wait for the Bafta's tonight! Martin Freeman is looking sharp as always, and Amanda Abbington is just beautiful!
Amanda Abbington, on how she and Martin Freeman met. This man. Is awesome.
In which I met up with Martin Freeman and all he did was talk about Amanda Abbington and left turns and bafta wins
Although many would be thrilled to be married to a Hollywood star Amanda Abbington found definite drawbacks when Martin Freeman lande...
I want Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington to adopt me. Where do I apply for that? :3
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are two of my favourite people ever. I say this like I've met them- I haven't, but a girl can dream.
Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington and my mum are too :)
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Even worse Martin Freeman's partner Amanda Abbington stood up for him and got death threats (this is fact not hearsay here)
Martin Freeman and partner Amanda Abbington take over Stephen Merchant's radio show when he was ill.
I just love how Amanda Abbington refers to Martin Freeman as Martypants
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington really are an adorable couple.
I've said it a million times before but Amanda Abbington & Martin Freeman are the cutest couple ever! :3 ♥
Also, Matt Smith, Amanda Abbington, Martin Freeman, & Mark Gatiss properly because I've always been too intimidated to talk in his presence.
So I've been doodling Amanda Abbington's dog Archie all day (That's Martin Freeman's wife if you didn't know) and she really seems to like them ;3; MY LIFE GOAL IS COMPLETED?
It's so funny that Amanda Abbington is married to Martin Freeman but fangirls Louis CK. Everyone is a fangirl.
have you listened to the song about Martin Freeman that Amanda Abbington loved/promised to show Martin?
Post-show nosh with Bilbo-to-be Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington. Glorious couple. Tomorrow sheet laziness. Ner-night.
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