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Amanda Abbington

Amanda Abbington (born October 1974) is an English actress and comedienne who has appeared on both television and stage.

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In loving memory of Amanda Abbington. . She ain't dead I just love remembering her.
Went antiquing & found this bronze bust that looks exactly like Amanda Abbington. I feel stupid for not buying it.…
84% of Britons want to see Amanda Abbington as Doctor Who but with the mouth of Peter Capaldi in The Thick Of It.
me: i need to save money for sherlocked. me:. me: . me: spends £40 on DVDs of movies and shows with Amanda Abbington in
me: i don't need to spend money i need to save for sherlocked. me: is going to spent £40 on amanda abbington DVD's
Why is Amanda Abbington Photo Op for Silvers no longer listed on the schedule? Did something happen, is it a typo, etc?
"I love you didn't trust her from the beginning, that's very insightful" - amanda abbington on mary
Amanda Abbington, the lady that never ages
like seeing JHW in bbc sherlock helped me realize I was bi but Amanda Abbington also helped that realization along 😳😳😳😳
Vote here and I will forget that you owe me bc I"m sure you already forgot. vote…
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Amanda Abbington is a legend and we're not worthy.
Remember when Amanda Abbington called me gorgeous, that happened
Honestly if they'd let me choose two actress in the same time i would have chosen amanda abbington too
Good morning, Amanda Abbington as the next doctor please and thank you
Check out Amanda Abbington on the violin
Maggi Hambling on her new book, Touch
Amanda Abbington: beautiful,classy and fabulous .
hiya, can you tell me when part 2 of the Amanda Abbington interview is going to be done? ☺️
I'm proud to present an interview with Amanda Abbington from
Check out yesterday's show and share to all with
at about 1:36 There is a woman in a pink dress kinda behind Sue Vertue.. It MIGHT be Amanda Abbington.. not 100% sure...
Car share returns with Amanda Abbington and Park Avenues very own Mark Park. PS no offence Amanda!
Considering auditioning? Here's why Patrons Amanda Abbington & Sue Vincent think that u should...
talking of camp ..go and see Abigail's Party - Richmond Theatre end April. Amanda Abbington is even b…
However, I also have tickets to see Simon Pegg, Amanda Abbington, Dame Maggie Smith, David Tennant and Daniel Radcliffe. So. Yes.
well just shoot me in the face and call me a *** this has both Amanda Abbington AND Gillian Anderson in it
Amanda Abbington is such an angel i love her so so much
amanda abbington and Gillian Anderson in the same thing, SIGN ME TF UP
.stars in new Channel 4 comedy short (via... by via
I'm in love with Amanda Abbington's profile pic. 😍😍
..Still no Amanda Abbington in the Doctor Who betting . think she's a shoo-in
Glenn Close, Jeremy irons, Amanda Abbington!! OMG please, be a movie so I can have a chance!! 🙏
Gillian Anderson, Glenn Close and Amanda Abbington in the same film and it's an Agatha Christie. Am I dreaming??
OMG! NO FREAKIN WAY! That had better be for real or I'll be furious. Lol It even has Amanda Abbington!
Amanda Abbington AND Gillian Anderson?? Yes I'd like to subscribe to this pls
@ BBC @ chris chibnall please make amanda abbington the thirteenth doctor, thanks
I dunno if you guys know but I love Amanda Abbington more than I need oxygen
Glenn Close, Amanda Abbington and Gillian Anderson together in an Agatha Christie play?? Talk about a dream team... 😊
I think Amanda Abbington (Mary from Sherlock) would be an ideal choice but can't think of anyone else suitable.
Amanda Abbington just says it how it is 😂
is back on Channel 4 on Tuesday February 28 - our preview here
Sherlock's Amanda Abbington to star in new Channel 4 comedy short We are Family
.stars in new Channel 4 comedy short (via
There's an interesting new role as a sitcom Mum for star
100% of Britons want Amanda Abbington as Peter Capaldi's 2018 Doctor Who successor.
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington separate after 16 years 😥 2016
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When you thought 2016 couldn't get any worse and then you hear Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have split up.
If Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are no longer together then what's the point.
Alright, 2016. Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are splitting?! You've had your laughs all year, but now you've gone too far.
Amanda Abbington on the end of her relationship with Martin Freeman
Sherlock stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington split after 16 years together: via
Amanda Abbington thanks fans for support amid reports of split from Martin Freeman: via
Martin Freeman has confirmed that he has split with partner of 15 years Amanda Abbington.
Me: 2016 is nearly over. The worse is over, what more can happen. 2016: Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have split ht…
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington 'split up' after 16 years
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have split up - this cannot be happening...
Martin Freeman has split from longtime partner and on-screen wife Amanda Abbington
I didn't understand why a lot of people hated 2016 as much as i loved it, but now I do. So sad of the split of Amanda Abbington and Martin😥
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington, partners on and off-screen, announce that they have broken up in real life too . https:/…
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are splitting up...
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington split up that's it guys love is dead and 2016 is the reason
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
NEW S4 promo images to start the day! Amanda Abbington as Mary Watson, with Martin Freeman as John Watson. htt…
stars Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington split up in March after 16 years.💔But Amanda told me "we're still cool, stil…
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have split up therefore I don't believe in love anymore
Sherlock's Martin Freeman has secretly SPLIT from Amanda Abbington after 15 years - Daily Mail
stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington split after 15 years: 💔
Freeman & Abbington split as she reveals 'weird' real-life coincidence behind Sherlock scenes they filmed together https…
stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have called it quits.
Martin Freeman has split from partner Amanda Abbington after 15 years together:
GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Amanda Abbington will be joining us in LA. Tickets on sale now
Stephen Rea, Maxine Peake and Amanda Abbington @ gala last night.
(L to R) Stephen Rea, Maxine Peake, Amanda Abbington, Lesley Sharp and Andrew Scott at The Bash gala at The Royal C…
Amanda Abbington is the only Sherlock cast member likely to be capable in real life of her actions on TV.
"Sherlock" actress Amanda Abbington gets purse stolen at the
# star has purse stolen while she collected Emmy ...: . Abbington cla...
actress Amanda Abbington says her purse was stolen at the
After seeing Amanda Abbington at the Emmy's 100% of Americans are jealous of Martin Freeman.
If you found a purse at the Emmys, please return it to Amanda Abbington
Petition to have Andrew Scott and Amanda Abbington play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. I need that play.
Behind the scenes in Sherlock: Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington with the baby.
I would ask to Amanda Abbington following me .. But I'm too shy and I have scared to disturb her 😢
.Did you know Watson's wife Mary is Martin Freeman's partner, Amanda Abbington?
in re we had to write down our role models. I wrote Amanda Abbington
Amanda abbington is literally my spirit animal!!
Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Ashley Johnson & Amanda Abbington are my happiness 💗💕
Seriously, the love between Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington is so beautiful!
The only person in Britain Martin Freeman swears less than is Amanda Abbington.
Kinda hoping Amanda Abbington, Hayley Atwell or Tilda Swinton will be the next Doctor
I want to find the Ian Hallard to my Mark Gatiss, the Sophie Hunter to my Benedict Cumberbatch, & the Amanda Abbington to my…
"If you get a script and it's really...
Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington in Penarth filming at the 😊😊😊
09:00 Saturday Live: Featuring Paul Young and the inheritance tracks of actor Amanda Abbington.
I wanna know if I get let out of police custody!! Woke up too soon to finish my dream :( Amanda Abbington starred in it too.
I'm watching Would I Lie to You? 8x06 "Gareth Malone OBE, Amanda Abbington, Richard Osman, Phill Jupitus and
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington who play John and Mary
All I need in my life is Sherlock, Johnlock, Benedict, Martin, Ashley Johnson, Ben Whishaw & Amanda Abbington 💗
Oh wow Martin Freeman looks so happyin that photo after Darren Brown. Where is Amanda Abbington's other hand because I have a guess.
Sherlock fans -- watch Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue and Amanda Abbington answer fans' questions at MCM...
Amanda Abbington: 'I don't want to be a princess'
I'm listening to Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Amanda Abbington, Gino D'Acampo, Fiona Stapely on BBC Radio 2 with TuneIn
Stood outside the National Theatre and Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington walk past me what
Sherlock stars Andrew Scott and Amanda Abbington among guests at Teddy Ferrara opening -
Una Stubbs, Louise Brealey and Amanda Abbington bring to the Radio Times Festival via
Imagine an all-ladies door-kicking sex-pos but not hyper-sex superheroine film starring Louise Brealey, Yasmine Akram, Amanda Abbington... 😍
Please tell me im not the only that has noticed the sheer similarities between Katherine Parkinson and Amanda Abbington...
Amanda Abbington prefers LOTR's to the Hobbit trilogy. There's just something a bit off and overly familiar about the l…
Amanda Abbington is proud to be a cougar, what with the 28 year old boy toy Martin Freeman
If you had three wishes, what would they be? — Meet Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman . Have Internet friends t...
Why is it that Kelly Reilly and Amanda Abbington look identical and have both played Mary Morstan in different Sherlock productions
My mood today is: Amanda Abbington. So if you don't want to hear the ugly truths, feel free to leave.
"Remember, you have just as much of a right to be there as everyone else, don't forget that." -Amanda Abbington.
Amanda Abbington gets arrested an average of 28 times a year as a result of her obsession with putting socks onto chimps.
Photoset: blackstarjp: Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington  at Wimbledon (Women’s final, 2005)
As its St George's day Amanda Abbington is recreating Smaugs death from the Hobbit. She'll be Smaug, her dog Arthur Bar…
Amanda Abbington has been pretending to be other people since 1994. Prior to that she pretended to be an ostrich, a cha…
Rebecca Callard, Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman at the Laurel And Hardy screening in London.
crazy news: saw Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington going into the national gallery today = fun fact of the day
Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington and the lady who pulls the funny faces in Episodes are sitting next to me on Brewer St. They seem nice
I love how Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman look like the opposite gender of each other.
Set de fotos: awildfreebatch: Martin Freeman signs autographs at the 2013 TV BAFTAs (and Amanda Abbington...
Amanda Abbington says she loves Benedict and Martin in Victorian clothes in the upcoming special
How have i only just found out that Amanda Abbington is married to Martin Freeman, have i been hiding under a rock ? .
Ashley Walters and Amanda Abbington will star in our brand new cop show:
Wth were I, for I've just known that Amanda Abbington (as Mary Watson) is the real-life partner of Martin Freeman (as Dr.John Watson) ?
watching a double bill of 'Would I Lie To You' because Lee Mack :'D and the 40+ years hotness of Amanda Abbington was to *** for
I read an interview with Amanda Abbington today in which she says that sherlock fans hate her and martin being a couple.…
"Martin Freeman uses the tears of Amanda Abbington's haters to keep his hair perfect during different films/shows."
Amanda Holden, Amanda Bynes and Kate Middleton were all named after Amanda Abbington.
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington arrive at Cathedral to film scenes for ‘Sherlock’
Amanda Abbington on being an actress and mom, and being "desperately proud" of Martin.
Amanda Abbington: my daughter wants to be Mary Watson when she grows up
I present to you the TV debut of Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Una Stubbs and Benedict Cumberbatch
Merry Christmas to Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, and their family. May the Lord bless you all this season!
"We never thought of anyone else besides Amanda Abbington (Martin Freeman's real life partner) to play Mary Watson, >
Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Robert Downey Jr and Amanda Abbington. Thank you for taking time to notice my work. Very much appreciated.
Photoset: There is no part of Amanda Abbington’s face that isn’t awesome.
I want Martin Freeman and Amanda abbington under my tree on Christmas morning . with bows on their heads
“Amanda Abbington's favourite bird is the house martin.”
I have a really bad crush on Amanda Abbington wow
And here we go: Amanda Abbington and Simon Pegg again - they'll ruin my life xD
Now you can truly be Amanda Abbington minus the strong language. 😉
Heheh you're welcome. For those who are interested, here is the full gifset: C:
Let's talk about how Benedict Cumberbatch is a goofball, Martin Freeman a professional and Amanda Abbington a cutie.
Did you ask your questions to Mark, Amanda and Andrew yet?
Am I the only one who thinks Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman have no chemistry at all? They just seem so stiff around each other.
Sitting in my room&sipping green tea&watching Amanda Abbington on YouTube
Amanda Abbington is beautiful and no one will tell me otherwise.
When Martin Freeman wears prop blood, it's not really prop blood, it's the blood of Amanda Abbington's haters. His reque…
Mark Gatiss to put your questions to and stars.
same with amanda abbington I don't really like her tbh but it's good that she's a feminist but she's not the only one in the world?? chill??
Amanda Abbington accepts her (meat) Dagger for Best Supporting Actress for at the Crime Thriller Awards
.is going to put your questions to Peter Capaldi, Andrew Scott &
I liked a video from Amanda Abbington's Crime Thriller Awards Acceptance Speech
people are moaning abt Louise Brealey and Amanda Abbington off Sherlock bc they're defending themselves basically
I like almost all the actors tbh. Top 3 are Mark Gatiss, Amanda Abbington and Benedict Cumberbatch
Seriously if you send hate to Amanda Abbington or Loo Brealey please unfollow me
Why are people always horrible to Amanda Abbington? Like she's so wonderful and tries to talk to her fans as much as possible and I love her
I want a relationship like Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington. One day once i start my career after school ;-;
"Oh no I was openly attacked by Amanda Abbington!" Oh no she defended herself from your rude comment! Oh dear she is a monster! Poor you!
Video: sherlockology: If you weren’t able to see Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington being bamboozled by...
// Fun fact: My mum's boyfriend has worked with Una Stubbs and Amanda Abbington
Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington with Derren Brown doing Stand up to Cancer. need to see!.
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington to have their minds blown by Derren Brown for Stand Up To Cancer
if you love: . All of Sherlock . Benedict Cumberbatch . Martin Freeman . Amanda Abbington . Andrew Scott . Louise Brearley . Mark Gatiss
So Mary Morstan was the wife of Dr John Watson. In real life they're husband and wife Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington.
Amanda Abbington can sing,. Martin Freeman can sing,. Benedict Cumberbatch can sing,. Andrew Scott can sing.. Where is my…
Martin Freeman and partner Amanda Abbington celebrate opening night of Richard III (via
John Watson in the Reichenbach Fall is actually Amanda Abbington wearing a mask. She also plays DI Lestrade in the same…
Benedict Cumberbatch has been nominated for a Critics Choice Television Award for best actor in a mini series or movie for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the episode His Last Vow. He is nominated alongside Martin Freeman who has been nominated for best actor for his work in Fargo. Benedict previously won the award back in 2012 for Sherlock. Sherlock was also nominated for best movie for His Last Vow and Martin Freeman (John Watson) and Amanda Abbington (Mary Morstan) were nominated for best supporting actor and actress in a mini series or movie respectively. The Critics Choice Television Awards are announced on the 19th June. The ceremony will be broadcast live on The CW network. In other news the on-sale dates for Hamlet have been announced by the Barbican. Benedict will be playing Hamlet at the Barbican for a 12 week run from next August. Those with red memberships at the Barbican can book tickets from 1st August at 10:00 a.m. Orange members may book from the 4th August with tickets going on sale t ...
Photoset: cumberbatchweb: Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington on the red carpet at the BAFTAs.
Amanda Abbington lives with Fargo star Martin Freeman but still avoids pesky spoilers - Actress admits she...
Interview with Martin Freeman on Fargo in which Amanda Abbington is a perfect humanbeing assur…
Hey BAFTA. When you advertise with 'red carpet experience', you really shouldn't cancel that part last minute. Also, by keeping the paying public separate from the celebrity guests at all times makes us all feel like we're second class citizens. Rude. Anyway, besides my displeasure with BAFTA false advertising.. I did enjoy the awards. Got to see a few cool people in the flesh, like Aaron Paul, Martin Freeman, Sophie Turner (you jealous, Jules?), Hugh Dancy, Graham Norton, Jeremy Piven, Amanda Abbington, Luke Evans, Mark Gatiss, Naomi Campbell, Julie Walters, Joe Dempsey - and many more.
Help. It's all so surreal. I'll be seeing Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Julie Walters, and Helena Bonham Carter in a few hours. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.
My dad asking about Amanda Abbington on Spring Kitchen Dad: Was she on Ready Steady Cook? Me & mum:
Sherlock: Mark Gatiss and Amanda Abbington on Holmes' return from the dead
if you love. Benedict Cumberbatch. Andrew Scott. Louise Brealey. Martin Freeman. Amanda Abbington. Tom hiddleston. Jennife…
If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you c... — Benedict Cumberbatch, Lara Pulver, Amanda Abbington, ...
should I tell Amanda Abbington or nah?
if you love Amanda abbington! How many of you fans are out there
100% of me wishes I were a sheep and had been seen by Amanda Abbington.
“44% of the sheep in Britain are hoping they've been seen by Amanda Abbington.”
THEY met each other 14 years ago and have two children together, so it would come as no surprise if Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington were already married.
Martin Freeman hints that he may have already be married to partner Amanda Abbington (via
'Let's leave that a mystery' Martin Freeman may have already married Amanda Abbington
Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington are most perfect couple. Your argument is invalid.
Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman at the ''His Last Vow'' table read.
if you love any of these:. Sherlock . Benedict Cumberbatch. Martin Freeman . Amanda Abbington. Mark Gatiss . Louise Brealey
You cannot just simply tell Amanda Abbington you hate Martin Freeman. ***
Would like to say Happy Birthday to Amanda Abbington (Mary from Sherlock), Sarah Bolger (Princess Aurora from Once Upon A Time) and Geoffrey Arend (Ethan from Body of Proof) :D «Hermione, Daughter of Poseidon»
and rightly so. Works quite well for Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington, too, from what I've heard.
Learn something interesting everyday. Fans of the BBC Series Sherlock; three things I learned today. 1) Amanda Abbington (Mary Watson) is actually Martin Freeman's "long-time-partner". 2) The couple that plays Sherlock's Mom and Dad in Season3E3 = Benedict Cumberbatch's real Mom & Dad. 3) Mark Gatiss (Mycroft Holmes) is CoWriter of the series.
Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Amanda Abbington chat to Digital Spy at the BFI Southbank about the hotly-anticipated new series of Sherlock. Follow...
Photos of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue at the Sherlock Meet the Filmmakers event at the Apple Store London Regents Street on 4 February 2014
Sherlock stars Martin Freeman (Watson) and Amanda Abbington (Mary) discuss what it is like to be both an on screen and off-screen couple.
Got to give them credit. If I had complaints (maybe concerns is a better word) about the first two episodes of Season Three of Sherlock - let me offer a Bravo for the construction and plot of the finale. It did indeed tie up all the loose ends nicely. Great star turns by Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, and Mark Gatiss. I won't discuss the plot until I get the all clear from those who haven't had a chance to see this season yet. Enjoy!
Why are we not spending every day adoring Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington because they are literally the sweetest thing ever
Benedict Cumberbatch was cast after Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss watched his performance in Atonement (2007). They thought he looked like a perfect Holmes As part of his preparation after being cast as Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch read every original Conan Doyle story. The actual address used for filming the exteriors of 221B Baker Street is 187 North Gower Street, London NW1. Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary Morstan, John Watson's fiancé/wife in the series, is the real-life longtime partner of Martin Freeman. Matt Smith auditioned for the role of Doctor Watson before his Doctor Who audition
I love how Amanda Abbington softens Martin Freeman. His demeanor is completely different when she is on screen with him. Suddenly he looks brighter and happier and softer
are you Amanda Abbington? Because I want to smother you in adoration and congratulations on being an amazing actress.
Watching the recording of "Sherlock" from Sunday evening. I LOVE Watson's new bride. I love the actress Amanda Abbington. "The Sign of Three" Excellent
I want to know who would look at Amanda Abbington and actually feel compelled to hate her
Well. You're insane if you got offended by that. I stand by what I said and if you don't like it, tough, I'm afraid. htt…
The fact that people are still sending Amanda Abbington hate is vile, and it's really getting on my nerves. Stop. Now.
Hey are you Amanda Abbington? 'Cause I want to thank you, hug you, and apologize for the meanies out there. Xx
How can anyone hate on Amanda Abbington?? Shes brilliant man!:(
Attention Amanda Abbington haters. Important message for you all:
apparently she offended some johnlock shippers in this but idk how... People are dumb.
How can you not love Amanda Abbington though she's absolutely fab
Amanda Abbington and Benedict Cumberbatch yesterday at the TCA14. Adorables :3
Amanda Abbington is literally the nicest lady I've seen, so if you carry on sending her death threats, you need to ret…
Raise your hand if you love Amanda Abbington
I've made this account to show support to Amanda Abbington, the perfect Mary.
I want a love story like Amanda Abbington & Martin Freeman's.
When people hate on Amanda Abbington and you're like.
I think she's brilliant, absolutely brilliant!
Loads of people on Instagram seem to think I look like Amanda Abbington (Mary in Sherlock) which I mean I'll take as a compliment because she's really pretty but I mean what a random celebrity. that I look nothing like. strange.
I apologise got the picture of Benedict with Martin's kids. It has been deleted and I fully support Amanda Abbington. This picture will NEVER be shown on this page again and I am upset to have the responsibility of deleting it as the other admins obviously didn't realise the damage it has caused to Martin and Amanda. Rant over. ~Jawn
I know this isn't doctor who related as such but I'm extremely disappointed in those sending hate to Amanda Abbington, and if you one of those who are, then I'm disgusted with you and you shouldn't be part the sherlock fandom any longer. ~ Tennant.
hello Katherine, are you related to Amanda Abbington, the likeness is incredible. is that the two of you together in the chocolate bunny advert. i thought you were twins val
Says Amanda Abbington, “I like freaky; I think freaky’s good sometimes. He really loves her, and she loves him. You see that throughout the series.”
Now thats pretty cool, Actor Martin Freeman and wife Amanda Abbington play John H Watson and Mary Morstan in BBC's adaptation of Sherlock Mary is John's wife on the show, :)
Got my PERSONAL reply from one Mrs Amanda Abbington.
Amanda Abbington doesn't like the slash pictures of Martin Freeman with Benedict. She's afraid their kids will see them. You know, her and Martin's...
So Amanda Abbington has said in an interview that she hates that the Sherlock fandom see a *** relationship between two characters where their is no romance. She said that we need to stop making fanart, writing fanfictions and putting john and Sherlock together. Except she didn't say it was john and Sherlock she said "let's not call it john and Sherlock, it's Martin and Ben they are drawing" Uhm's Sherlock and John we are drawing, we cannot help it if the characters have the actors faces!! THATS WHAT FANART IS!! She also said "you do not see it of any other Holmes and Watson" Yes you do, this ship has been shipped since Doyle's time, their has been fanart and fanfics of every single John and Sherlock, you just see the BBC version more because that's what is hot right now! We do not watch and love the show with such loyalty for any *** relationship we might see in subtext. We love this show for the simple friendship between John and Sherlock, we love them being stupid and giddy together and solving c ...
Apparently Amanda Abbington has been receiving death threats, for just appearing in Sherlock.
Just had the most fun ever watching a Sherlock episode. "Funny" is not the term I would most often use in regard to the character, but I can seriously recommend the newest episode. And without doing any spoiler, I can also strongly recommend the follow-up half-hour "The Women of Sherlock" that follows the episode. Funniest damned line I have ever heard an actress say, and she meant it. Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary in the show, describes another character, an Armt officer, as: "A Major, a big sort-of Sergeant" I love the *** out of that and will have to remember it the next time I talk to an ex-office friend of mine
On Sherlock, the actors who play Dr. John Watson and his wife, Mary, are Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington, who have been real life partners for at least 13 years and have two children together. The things that can be learned on IMBD.
Tonight's Sherlock was absolutely, utterly lovely. I would love to have Amanda Abbington (Mary, and Martin Freeman's real-life partner) as a bestie - she's adorable, especially when she's playing the boys off each other!
Fun Sherlock (BBC) fact for my friends watching tonight. John Watson and Mary Watson, actors Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are a real life married couple.
On Saturday, January 25 The Hollywood Reporter posted an interview with actress Amanda Abbington about "The Sign of Three," the second episode of the third seas
TIL: John Watson (Martin Freeman) and Mary Watson (Amanda Abbington) are together in real life. Too much cuteness to handle.
Mr Selfridge and Sherlock star Amanda Abbington has been given a sneak preview of Essendon author Freya North's latest novel.
Amanda Abbington (the character Mary in Sherlock) is actually Martin Freeman's (Watson) real partner!!! And they already have 2 kids together. Talk about your life being played out on screen.
Amanda Abbington wished me good luck for my exam week in February. If that doesn't help, nothing will. I love her so much.
I love the Maltesers advert with Amanda Abbington and Katherine Parkinson (Mary and Kitty lol)
Here we go again. Amanda Abbington, who just joined Sherlock as Mary, says she was targeted with online death threats just for having the audacity to portray a character someone else wrote. OMG THE NERVE OF THAT WOMAN.
Amanda Abbington joined the cast of "Sherlock" for the third season of the hit PBS series, playing Dr. John Watson's (Martin Freeman) fiancée Mary Morstan, and
So I just found out that Martin Freeman who plays John Watson on Sherlock and Amanda Abbington who plays Mary Morstan Watson are a couple IRL and have two kids. Why does that make me irrationally happy?
Today I learned: Amanda Abbington, who plays Mrs. Watson opposite to Martin Freeman's Mr. Watson on BBC's Sherlock, is actually Martin Freeman's partner in real life too.
Some crazy facts about Sherlock Holmes you had no idea about... 1. The character of Sherlock Holmes was initially going to be named Sherrinford Homes... *** that sounds hopeless 2. John Watson’s original name was Ormand Sacker. I think this is worse than Sherrinford Homes... :) 3. Sherlock Holmes is listed as the most played fictional character by the Guinness Book of World Records portrayed by 70 actors in more than 250 screen adaptations 4. The Watson's played by Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are married in real life as well. Not sure u knew that... though I feel that Amanda looks like Martin's mother in age ... :P 5. UK police uses an information system ‘HOLMES2’ for investigation of murder and high priority fraud cases 6. A private museum is dedicated to this character by the name of ‘The Sherlock Holmes Museum’ at the official address of 221B street although the actual location is 239 Baker Street 7. The reason Doyle killed off Sherlock was because he felt trapped by this character b ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"When I told everybody I was playing Mary, there was a small group who wanted me dead," the actress explains. "They take the John and Sherlock storyline so seriously that they wouldn't want anyone coming between them." -Amanda Abbington
Amanda Abbington has received death threats for her “Sherlock” role. Are some fans too passionate for their own good?
Amanda Abbington did not land her latest role - as Mary, John Watson's new wife, in Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ modern-day re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes - through a conventional casting process.
Amanda Abbington reminds me of Katherine Parkinson a lot. Not necessarily the looks, but her voice and the way she talks.
Sherlock fans, did you recognize John Watson's fiance, Mary, as the same actress who plays Miss Mardle on "Mr Selfridge"? She's Amanda Abbington, the real-life partner of actor Martin Freeman. (She was also in the fantastic Masterpiece Mystery series "Case Histories" in 2011.)
Free reading of new play, nice cast too (Amanda Abbington, Trevor Cooper, Phoebe Fox etc), but at 2:30pm on a weekday
Sherlock Season 3 A lot has happened in the two years since Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) seemingly leapt from a building to his untimely death in the Sherlock season two finale ‘The Reichenbach Fall.’ For John Watson (Martin Freeman), those two years have culminated in him finally settling down with his cozy GP job, his nice new home, his experimental facial hair and his lovely fiancée-to-be Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington). For Sherlock, the years haven’t quite been so kind. The third season finds the consulting detective shaggy-haired and bloody, being tortured for information in a Serbian prison. To add insult to injury, a bird has pooped on his gravestone. After finally managing to dismantle the last of Jim Moriarty’s (Andrew Scott) criminal network, Sherlock is called by to London by his brother, Mycroft (Mark Gatiss), to prevent an imminent terrorist attack, conveniently helped by the fact that his name has recently been cleared of all the crimes that Moriarty attempted to pin on i ...
During PBS’ MASTERPIECE "Sherlock, Season 3" session at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena CA on Monday, January 20, 2014, series executive producer Rebecca Eaton, actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Amanda Abbington, co-creator, writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and producer Sue Vertue discuss new episodes of the contemporary reinvention of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic. (Premieres Sundays, January 19 to February 2, 2014, 9:58 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. ET) All photos in this set should be credited to Rahoul Ghose/PBS
MASTERPIECE, "Sherlock" is a real family affair! Here are some examples: * Sherlock's parents are also Benedict Cumberbatch’s parents — Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham — both veteran actors. * John Watson's fiancée, Mary, is actor Martin Freeman's real-life partner, Amanda Abbington. * Una Stubbs, the actress who plays Mrs. Hudson, is friends with Benedict Cumberbatch's parents and has known the star all his life. * "Sherlock" co-creator Steven Moffat's wife, Sue Vertue, is the show's producer, and his mother-in-law, Beryl Vertue, is one of the executive producers. Coming up, Moffat and Vertue's son Louis will appear as a young Sherlock. Can you add more? Tune in Thursday at 9 PM if you missed the first episode or if you'd like to see it again!
Just realized that the actress who plays Mary in Sherlock - Amanda Abbington - is Martin Freeman's real-life girlfriend, and they have two kiddos together. That's just amazing! I love that kind of stuff. Nia McRay Rachel Nicole Brower Tim Hamilton
Ok so you guys liked the idea of a game, so why not the alphabet game. Just comment anything to do with Benny or his shows/films using the next letter in the comments. I'll start: A- Amanda Abbington ( '[his] original fangirl) :) -Cheekbones Of Destiny
When it was revealed that Watson’s fiancee, Mary Morstan, would be joining Season 3 of “Sherlock,” the reaction from some fans was ... less than thrilled. Amanda Abbington preaches patience.
On Television Fan “Sherlock” and its audiences. by Emily Nussbaum January 27, 2014 Like obsessed viewers of “Sherlock,” Dr. John Watson is a fan of Sherlock Holmes. The third season of “Sherlock” opens with an homage to its online fans, but tensions between the classic detective story and its audience go way back. In 1893, Arthur Conan Doyle famously killed Sherlock Holmes, chucking him off Reichenbach Falls. Protesters wore black armbands in the streets. Even the author’s mother was opposed, writing to him, “You won’t! You can’t! You mustn’t!” A few years later, Conan Doyle gave in and rolled back the rock, but Sherlockians call the period in between the Great Hiatus. According to Anne Jamison’s terrific “Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World,” when the author retreated his fans stepped in, writing their own Sherlock mysteries: the origin of modern fan fiction. The men behind “Sherlock,” which airs in the U.S. on PBS, are major fans themselves: the showrunners Mar ...
- *** Sherlock fandom, I had such hopes for you. (Nevermind the fact that Amanda Abbington is Martin Freeman's real-life wife. Nevermind that Mary Morstan married John Watson IN THE ORIGINALS. What the *** is wrong with people?)
My mom when she saw Amanda Abbington as Mary Morstan: "So, that's Martin's wife?" me: "yep." mom: ".does Martin wear glasses?" me: "uhhh, i'm. not sure? I think?" mom: "well, he needs his eyes re-examined, because that woman is dog ugly!"
Sherlock: His Last Vow Q&A with Steven Moffat, Amanda Abbington, Lars Mikkelsen & more... | Den of Geek
Mary and John Watson (Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington) are an actual couple in real life. I'm going to scream
Sherlock you are awesome, Mark Gatiss you are awesome, Moffatt you are awesome, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington you are all awesome! You know how that makes me feel? Awesome! So hurry up and make the next series! Because I am feeling pretty awesome too right now! Best thing on tv in a truly long time!
Absolutely fantastic finale to the third series of 'Sherlock'. Massive applause goes to Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat for creating a well executed episode filled with many twists and turns. A bigger round of applause goes to Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington and Lars Mikkelsen for delivering fantastic acting that many actors wish and hope to do themselves. Completely in awe. What a way to end Series Three. Jade
Sherlock Facts: 1.Mark Gatiss who plays the role of Mycroft Holmes is one of the writers of the series. 2.In Season 3,Mary Morstan(Dr.Watson's girlfriend) is played by Martin Freeman's real life partner Amanda Abbington. 3.Sherlock's parents appear in episode 1 of season 3.They are actually real life parents of Benedict Cumberbatch.
London Day 3: I really don't dare to write this down as some Friends might kill me for this...But today I had the Chance to be at the BAFTA an see a Special Sherlock Screening of the last Episode of this Season. It was a very private Event and I feel so privilleged that I have been given this opportunity. As I have promised not to Spam, I won't tell anything about the Episode, apart from the Fact that it's breathtaking! If you thought that episode 1 of this Season was a piece of TV History, wait until you see Episode 3! (Aaaah, I wish I could say anything). The other Fact that made my day was the Fact that I met the new Bad Guy played by Lars Mikkelsen. He is auch a nice and charming Person! Totally oposite of has creepy roll. Well an then there were: Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue, Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves (OMG so good looking!), Louise Brealey, Amanda Abbington and even Andrew Scott turned up!!! As it was such a small event inside the BAFTA, I really did not dare to ask for autographs. I took very few photo ...
Amanda Abbington reply to Dan about wanting to hug Martin Freeman. Sweet Jesus, I hope just doesn't see the things I saw about him. o.O
Remind me, why did people hate on Amanda Abbington?
Amanda Abbington on playing Mary, in season 3: "I really had to up my game"
I rather like Amanda Abbington so let's see what next week brings~~~
Did you know John Watson, i.e. Martin Freeman, and Mary, i.e. Amanda Abbington are married in real life?
"People aren't talking enough about Mary Watson Agree the actress Amanda Abbington is terrific!
Amanda Abbington is a brilliant choice for Mrs Watson in
Amanda Abbington has been getting a lot of followers lately
Should point out that when I said I fear Amanda Abbington will die next week, I meant Mary. Felt the need to clarify that...
All purpose parts banner
I'm just going to say this: I absolutely love Amanda Abbington. Perfect casting.
Ridiculously happy that people are discovering the absolute awesomeness that is Amanda Abbington
Cast and crew on Sherlock's best man speech, how things will change for Sherlock and John and Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington on working together.
Amanda Abbington can stay. I like her
Amanda Abbington is a total sweetheart oh my god
In fact we might as well take a leaf out of book and just call her Amanda 'all the awards' Abbington!
I really need to hurry up and send my letter to Amanda Abbington tho
My mum genuinely just said to me: did you know that Martin Freeman and amanda abbington are together in real life? Mum. I'm not retarded.
Even funnier 2nd time, loving Amanda Abbington as Mary. Well done yet again Gatiss & Moffat
Amanda Abbington aka Mrs Watson is a terrific addition to
“Amanda Abbington as Mary is my favourite character in this series. She's brilliant! Love Mary!
Charmed, but distracted and sometimes bored. Seeing Amanda Abbington brought memories of Case Histories & its gorgeous star...
Dailymail somethings should not be printed a nice read but rude all the same.
Loving the real-life Mrs Watson Amanda Abbington on - more please.
Also, massive credit to Amanda Abbington. Brilliant actress. Although I fear she will die next week. Her, and her baby.
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Amanda Abbington is my new favourite person
“HUGE girl crush on Amanda Abbington. losing my girls to you . xx
Sherlock episode 2 tonight, the best one of all series, probably ever. Hilarious! The introduction of Amanda Abbington was a masterstroke!
If I ever get married can I please have a dress like Amanda Abbington's in that episode of please? 💙
Loving Amanda Abbington is a fantastic addition to the cast.
I haven't laughed that hard in ages. And Amanda Abbington is wonderful as Mary Watson.
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