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Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline on the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Province of Salerno in Southern Italy.

Mediterranean Sea Cinque Terre Lake Como Southern Italy New Year

- Just another great view of Positano to wake up.
Never heard it referred to as "hopscotch". Thanks for sharing from, where are you...Amalfi Coast?
Fiordo di Furore, a piece of paradise on the Amalfi Coast, by dandysvk via Instagram.
it's mad when ye in the Amalfi Coast there are pictures of him up like Jesus in cafe's
plein air sketch - Amalfi Coast Italy - more on Plein Air painting on my blog today
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Amalfi Coast & Sorrento are 2 of our favourite choices in Italy
Join our tour of and Coast for an amazing life time experience. Book here:
4 of the best places to visit on the Amalfi Coast - A Luxury Travel Blog
images full of at the on the breathtaking Coast
Spoiler alert: 67 days to my Amalfi coast holiday. I might just accidentally, on purpose "lose" my passport & not return home.
Lunch on the Amalfi Coast with the love of my life. Goals 😭😭
Italy: from Rome to Positano, a drive down to the Amalfi Coast -
A cemetery located high on a steep cliff in a village on Amalfi Coast.
How to tour the Amalfi Coast like Beyoncé
A few places outside of the U.S. which immediately come 2 mind are the Amalfi Coast,Sardinia,Banff/Lake Louise. So stunning!
One of a kind custom oceanfront estate inspired by the Amalfi Coast in Italy on the exterior and the Guggenheim...
Watch make dunderi from the Amalfi Coast
As I photographed this twilight scene in Atrani, I raised my glass to toast Italy and the incredible Amalfi Coast
Beach along side the Amalfi coast, Italy
The Amalfi Coast really is a beautifully stretch of coast in Italy, as I can personally attest. Have a look at this
This morning, it has been Amalfi Coast, Coconut, Caramel Vanilla and Sweet Lemongrass and I haven't finished...
to on the of from Britain's Evening Standard:
"Couple days in the Amalfi Coast. Wake up, break my phone, then it's adios."
Cooking Class to Learn How to Make a Pizza in the Center of Naples
at least you can tell these *** u shattered your screen in the Amalfi Coast
Praiano - If you absolutely must get your fix of the Amalfi Coast (and who could…
Amalfi coast. I´m on my way. c ya in a few days. Bella Italia
Come cycle or drive the Amalfi Coast-Line - the views are amazing - great camera shots
Amalfi Coast: Tasting the sweet life | VIDEO via
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Wow. 13 beautiful towns on the coast within 35 km. this is why the Amalfi Coast is do beautiful
Amalfi Coast and Meg's hand fell off during the Pano,
6 spectacular places to visit on the Coast 🇮🇹 🏖🍷🍝.
I was in Sorrento and Positano on the Amalfi coast. Spent a night in Napoli and then on to Rome. Sadly didn't see any football.
honestly I don't know. However we're planning on driving the Amalfi coast next year if we get the car we are thinking of.
Beautiful. Love Amalfi Coast. We stayed in Il Convento a hotel on the far right corner by the sea. One of...
This destination proposal on the Amalfi Coast is stunning! 😍 Full story here:
The bluer-than-blue Amalfi Coast and more of the most insanely romantic spots in Italy:
10 reasons to visit the Amalfi Coast in September
Amazing video from the Amalfi Coast. Relaxing just watching!
He’s planned extravagant weddings on the Amalfi Coast & the first nuptials ever at Winspear Opera House
InstaPic by poweljos: Our cab driver explained the Amalfi Coast as Europe's version of California's Big Sur. Looks …
Li Galli Islands, Amalfi Coast, Italy - once the home of ... -
With that said, a few things that really stick out in my mind were the Amalfi Coast, Sagrada Familia, and David.
full prospective of the Amalfi Coast, Unesco World Heritage, day charter
From Tuscany to the stunning Amalfi Coast, we offer a wide range of luxury villas in Italy
TXS! Looking forward to see you paddling here with us on the Amalfi Coast ! Check out: for all trips.
Amalfi Coast, Italy. It's been almost 5 years, I think it's time to go back
A4: A4: in Capri I love the Arco Naturale! It a new side to the Amalfi coast!
Been to the Amalfi coast a few times. One of the most beautiful areas of Italy for sure.
We are as one! For me a year without one visit to Italy not good ! Amalfi coast and Sicily again this year. Bella !
Goodmorning from lovely town located in the Amalfi Coast, with a unique atmosphere.
Very much looking forward to being back here in 5 months! ☀️🛥 @ Ravello, Amalfi Coast
The breathtaking winding road of the Amalfi Coast and we drove down on a very large long…
the Amalfi Coast is something else 👌🏼
Destinations with Character Travel Services. *. - in Partnership with...
We've teamed up with to offer you the chance to win a holiday to Amalfi Coast
Positano elevator selfies cus we kewl like that @ Amalfi Coast -…
Amalfi. Even better in the winter without tourists...
The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline on the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Province of Sal…
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InstaPic by worldstrip: Amalfi Coast - Italia. Beautiful town on Itali, who want to go there ?.
The James R Hahn Live Painting Exhibition at one of our favorite places coast
The Amalfi Coast might just be the most romantic road trip you’ll ever take
on the bright side: Naples will be known not only because of Gomorrah, pizza and Amalfi coast.
All I need to do is find a rich Italian man who will fall in love with me and take me back to Italy to live with him on the Amalfi Coast 🇮🇹
Garden terrace of Villa Cimbrone along the Amalfi Coast, Ravello, Italy
Hey there, have you guys been to the Amalfi coast?
good morning from Amalfi coast this our terrace on the sea of casa Amena
As seen on the Amalfi Coast last summer.
Grotto in the Gulf of Salerno, Italy, Moonlight (1780-90). Joseph Wright of Derby . Derby Museum & Art Gallery (UK). -. Note…
InstaPic by m0oks: The cloister of paradise in Amalfi |
InstaPic by travelmgirl: Feast for the eyes...…
The `Quisi` is THE hotel in Capri. Grand and gracious, visit it with us on our Amalfi Coast and Capri Walking Tour!
InstaPic by jblumberg91: gloomy winter days make me wish we were back in paradise on the Amalfi Coast ☀️🌺. (📷:
one more of the Amalfi Coast cuz I don't think ya get it
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Is there anywhere prettier than the Amalfi Coast? No.
Wanna go to the Amalfi Coast in Italy so bad😭
InstaPic by tarapillon: The last day of 2015 calls for a favourite - Cruising the Amalfi coast with this guy w…
I left my heart on the Amalfi coast, unbelievably beautiful ! Can't wait to go back ...A
Driving around the Amalfi Coast with a vintage Fiat 500. Definitely among the best moments of my…
20 Tips for Traveling in the Amalfi Coast (History In High Heels) -
We visited some pretty places this year but the Amalfi coast stole our hearts
...And oh what a remarkable travel year it's been! LA, New York City, Paris, Amalfi coast Italy,…
Have the best day of your life on the on this 1 day of Positano & the seashore!
The charming little Italian town of Atrani, one of the gems of the Amalfi Coast.
... an amazing 2016 ... from the amazing Amalfi coast! !!
InstaPic by taiani_aurelio: Farmhouse and winery Mare e Monti in Amalfi Coast.
Stormy skies on the Amalfi coast of Italy | Photography by ©Eric Hossinger
Planning your next ?Call for details on an 8day Amalfi Coast tour!Inc Pompeii,Capri&PizzaClass
Sicily, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Mont Blanc, Etna and Sardinia... Thank you for a wonderful 2015!. FERRINO Outdoor...
Italy really has some of the best places in my experience of the world. Ive seen my fair share of places.. nothing is like the Amalfi coast.
To last year when we woke up on New Year's Eve day to find the Amalfi Coast blanketed in snow.
This location would make my dream wedding perfect!
Our Left to right: Borobudur, Amalfi coast, Positano, Palawan, Udaipur, Amalfi again, Rome, Bali...
Ehy there ! Today in Praiano, another precious of the Amalfi Coast collection. Foll… http:…
Stunning view of the Amalfi Coast in the province of Naples.
Add the Amalfi Coast's Villa Maria | 10 of the best places to stay in Italy for foodies via
InstaPic by themoonphoto: On a highway along the Amalfi Coast this week :)
I just entered to win a trip for 2 to the Amalfi Coast, Italy
Welcome to paradise...heaven on earth...whatever you want to call it...(from
Amalfi coast. Home of your bestest. Just a cook for him every night Subbzzy
Amalfi Coast, an hour south of Naples. Noon games Sunday will be during dinner (it def won’t be on)
Journey-worthy: brought us to the beautiful coast
Behind the scenes of Celebrity Cruises' new 90-second film
Beautiful Amalfi Coast Villas!!. Place that you can never forget :)
This sunny Bondi day is reminding me of lazy days on the Amalfi Coast 💕🇮🇹
nice to meet you on the Amalfi Coast!. Cheers!
My fav pic from Amalfi Coast Italy with my teens a few years ago.
inspired by Alice in wonderland shoot in ex Sofia Loren and Ponti house in Amalfi coast and with Marcello Mastroianni!
Come private cruising along the Amalfi & Cilento coastlines with us in 2016
If paradise exists, it's probably found here —…
CNTraveler : If paradise exists, it's probably found here
Amalfi Coast of Italy sans kids starts tomorrow for us. It only took us 5 years to be alone again if only for a week.
If paradise exists, it's probably found here
Me too. Was on Amalfi Coast in June. Cava is same grapes but in Spain. Found some very good stuff. Love wine.
InstaPic by kcassels7: And then there is your first night on the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Wish you could see how Ear…
The Amalfi Coast is one of the most scenic coastlines in the world. It's also a major food destinati
Fathom founder has a favorite place to eat. This is it.
Discover the beauty of and the Amalfi Coast at The Excelsior Vittoria!
Solo-travels on the Amalfi Coast, hiking the path of the gods!
from memory they have good deals on the red sightseeing hop on hop off buses in the Amalfi Coast, try go up to Ravello!
The ultimate holiday destination of all?.
My friend Deb taking a sunset photo in Positano along the Amalfi Coast in Southwestern Italy.
Le Sirenuse, Amalfi Coast, One of the best terrace view ever!
InstaPic by amanda_camper: to cruising the Amalfi Coast, laying in the sun and drinking prosecco. Best day eve…
Atrani at night: A town and comune on the Amalfi Coast
No wonder why honeymooners find the Amalfi Coast a great place to go on a honeymoon!
Tomorrow we dock at Salerno on the Amalfi Coast. I have no plans. Any tips greatly appreciated! Thinking we'll find a driver for the day?
How amazing is this view in the Amalfi Coast, Italy?
InstaPic by fairy2015: The view from my room at Locanda del Fiordo in Furore Fjord (Amalfi Coast, Italy)
Thanks for the RT! Favorite shoulder destination must be Amalfi Coast in Italy!
From the archives: One of our favorite shots from the Amalfi Coast. Check out the full gallery from…
Spent Sunday at the Palos Verdes Estates Pool. For a minute I thought I was on the Amalfi Coast !!
Great pic Gildo! Keith Heger and friends enjoying the deep blue waters off the Amalfi Coast!
Day 1 We arrived on the Amalfi Coast at Vico Equense and our hotel is overlooking the beautiful Bay of Naples,...
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In Today's travel news, fresh produce at the Ritz-Carlton, Naples (Fla.), autumn deals on the Amalfi Coast, and more: ht…
My quick trip to the Amalfi Coast is on the blog today! @ Amalfi, Italy
Amalfi Coast, Italy | In the underground level of the St. Andrew Cathedral is the tomb of the saint…
Don’t miss your chance to vote in the People’s Choice and enter the draw for an eight-day Amalfi Coast trip
he's in the big leagues.Jet setting 2the Amalfi Coast for a wedding with Brian McKnight and John Legend
& My favorite is the Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy.
In 2 weeks and I shall be driving the Amalfi Coast. Another epic summer road trip, Italian…
Two for the road on the Amalfi Coast! DANGEROUS CURVES by Nina Bruhns
to the blue-green waters of Praiano's stunning beach on the Amalfi Coast. We dipped our feet in…
Long weekend in August in the Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast or Decisions, decisions.
At an estate once owned by Rudolf Nureyev on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, a curvaceous pool built into a ro
Limoncello from the Amalfi Coast, chocolate from Naples, perfume from Capri, truffle butter/salt/oil…
villa rufolo: Ravello is a town and comune situated above the Amalfi Coast in the province of Salerno,…
Pasquale Esposito Celebrates Enrico Caruso Sunday at 7:30 p.m. on Recorded live on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
Curly mood: Happy hour in Amalfi coast
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" Our journey led us down the gorgeous Amalfi Coast famous for her crystal blue coastline. We made a few stops...
Late last night booked our holiday to Amalfi coast Italy , looks stunning can't wait x anyone else been x
Not considered a typical trip, here's how to do the Amalfi Coast with kids by
Beautiful spots in Italy for you and your superyacht. 5. Positano, Amalfi Coast.
Ciao Bella Italian Living bringing you the idyllic Amalfi Coast.
Eye Candy for today: John Brett watercolor of the Amalfi Coast
“Amalfi Coast, Italy I took this same shot from our suite at Le Sirenuse in beauti…
The best Rome and Amalfi Coast tour package... pure bliss. All you have to do is show up
Foto: mitlas: Looking towards Positano, the Amalfi Coast, Italy (by Justine Kibler)
No one else on the Amalfi coast will be wearing shorts, unless they are actually on the beach.
Someone point me in the right direction to stay. Amalfi Coast, Lake Maggiore or Lake Como. Also open to Italian suggestions. 😴
Eye Candy: John Brett watercolor of the Amalfi Coast. Lines and Colors:
5% off 6-day Rome and Southern Italy Tour including Naples, Pompeii and Amalfi Coast from Viator -
The beautiful Amalfi Coast leaves you speechless! All you can say is WOW and OMG! The best part besides the spectacular lunch in Revello was finally putting my feet into the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea in Positano! We had a very brave driver named Mauricio who drove these narrow winding roads and gave us a great history lesson! Priceless memories with high school friends!
One of the most beautiful destinations in - Casa Angelina Hotel in Amalfi Coast,
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Could be the view from our hotel room on The beautiful Amalfi Coast
InstaPic by meowth505: Good morning amalfi Coast
Italy is appealing today... Amalfi Coast... Or Sardinia maybe...
Driving the Amalfi coast is like driving on the Belt Parkway, w/out the . cliffs or the views, or the potholes, or an automatic transmission
The amalfi coast I have to experience in my lifetime along with my own private jet!
By the_luxury_life via repostwhiz app:. Lunch on the Amalfi Coast, Italy|by timothysykes. (app)
for first timers. Things you didn’t know about this gorgeous coast in
A 500 year-old wine cellar and home-grown tomatoes: fine dining on the Amalfi coast:
The secret of planning the most trip to
September break to the Here are the secret spots that only the locals know about...
InstaPic by rosebudandco: Dreaming of the Amalfi Coast 💗💛 Positano! It's been so long! Lucky I've got this sweet ...
That Amalfi Coast x *** Cottons life in our Montauk 'Sloppy Tuna' shades. The good life.
You dont have to be loaded to enjoy this stylish coast, especially now that the summer crowds hav
Love on the Italian Amalfi Coast just feels a little more glamourous, doesn't it?
Oh lord! Two cases of Grappa arrived from winery Tenuta San Francesco.. Amalfi really I…
"Amalfi Coast, Italy I need to go here asap. 😱
Yesterday's tour of the Amalfi Coast, curated by
Cliff side hotel on the Amalfi Coast / Italy (by janice Taiwan).
Cliff side hotel on the Amalfi Coast / Italy
Gennaro contaldo Gennaro Contaldo, (b.January 21, 1949 Minori, Amalfi Coast, Italy) co-owned and was executive chef of the now-closed Passione restaurant, in Charlotte Street, London, UK. - See more at:
🚆Taking the Train to the Amalfi Coast?.Direct Transfers from Naples Central Station with
Take driving up a gear and hire a roaring Alfa Romeo Spider to take on the hairpin-bend roads of the Amalfi Coast.
A complete travel guide to the picturesque Amalfi Coast town of Positano.
InstaPic by roopabarua: My first glimpses of the Mediterranean Sea as we start driving down the Amalfi Coast. A p...
"I was on assignment: spend six weeks on the and find out who Gore Vidal slept with."
InstaPic by spclnd: DJ taxi driver on the mic on the road on the Amalfi Coast
“The Amalfi Coast of like my house on GTA 😉
Check out Cassarecci Pasta From the Amalfi Coast on Designing Taste Videos -
I will be visiting the following cities while in Italy: Milan, Florence, Rapallo, Pompeii, rome, Cinque Terre, and the amalfi coast
Gennaro shows us all that cooking really is a family affair. He's back on the Amalfi Coast cooking up an amazing pasta recipe with his lovely Aunt Antonietta...
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InstaPic by roopabarua: Off to see the Amalfi Coast. Love the trains in Europe. And good reason to seal the memor...
“The Amalfi Coast of want to be here💜
"The Amalfi Coast of love to go there
“The Amalfi Coast of my future house should be here
"The Amalfi Coast of and y'all wanna be living in Cali pft
“The Amalfi Coast of I wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad
“The Amalfi Coast of - Beautiful! I still have that dream of living in Italy soon! 💕
"Amalfi Coast or swim in the infinity pool
“The Amalfi Coast of going here some day
“The Amalfi Coast of Some places in the world... 👍
"The Amalfi Coast of anywhere near here? Lol
"The Amalfi Coast of K this is amazing!
“The Amalfi Coast of add this to the list
Today I drove a boat for 7 hours along the Amalfi Coast. I don't know what my life is right now but please don't make it end...
The amalfi coast- a view of the ancient city of amalfi one of the most powerful city in the medieval…
Amalfi Coast is even better off-season, September and October are not crowded and more authentic
Looking into an Italian vacation with la famiglia. We're thinking Amalfi coast, Rome, etc. Travel recommendations or money-saving tips?
✈️Flying to Naples Airport?, direct Transfers from Napoli to the 🍋Amalfi Coast🍋 with
Took a long walk through Positano today for more spectacular views. @ Amalfi Coast - Positano
InstaPic by maddygoodhue: 1 year ago today I was on a cliff overlooking the Amalfi coast watching my mum get marr...
Atrani - Amalfi Coast, Italy via would love to visit someday!
Wishing we could escape urban life for the gorgeous Amalfi Coast
You could honeymoon in Paris, Bora Bora or the Amalfi Coast, but these six romantic alter
2010 - Friday The Bear and Possum saw the New Year in in a tiny little restaurant in a tiny little town called Venosa, before driving to the Amalfi Coast for a few more lazy days of sightseeing and good food, then home to Australia. As soon as they arrived home the Possum was consumed with final edits for the 500 Cheeses book – it was another ridiculously tight deadline and her perfectionist streak was on overdrive which meant that several times she worked right through the night, sleeping for just a couple of hours before going to work at the cooking school. She wasn’t a lot of fun to be around when she was like this – and had no time or thought for anyone or anything but the job at hand … so much so that she’d hardly even seen the Possum-mother since she and the Bear had returned from Italy and now the Bear said to her “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you love the Possum-mother anymore?” Which made her very sad. But soon the final proofs of the book were finished and the Possum-mother cam ...
Come and check out our stall at the Our Lady of the Way Fete, Cnr Troy and Forbes Street, Emu Plains this Sunday, 1st of June. Wise Owl Candles will be there from 10.30 to 4.30. We will have our trademark candles in tins and jars and we are also launching our new range of Diffusers which are beautifully gift boxed. This year we are introducing new fragrances including Amalfi Coast. With a blend of wild freesia, fresh lime and lavender you will find yourself drifting away to an exotic coastal hideaway. Brown sugar and fig, almost good enough to eat with vanilla bean, caramel and figs, add coconut, peach and passionfruit and this fragrance will make your house a home. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Well we made it back from our beautyful Italian tour Rome was everything one could hope for and more,.took lots of pics. We liked the Amalfi Coast the best. So so beautyful. Also made it to the Isle of Capri,the boat ride there was a bit choppy for my taste, at least comming back was better.Florence is just such a beautyful old city. An then on to Venice.Its just like you see it in pictures.Our Hotel was right at the the Grand Canal. We even took a Gondola ride,thats something to remember.And than on to Germany, lots and lots of rain and my husband had a nasty cold.I felt sorry for him, not a good time to be away from home.But we got him on the mend again just in time to make it home.But all in all, that was a great vacation
Sharon Eldred, Christine Eldred, & Chris Cunningham We had an amazing day today along the Amalfi Coast. Yesterday we went to Capri and Ana Capri which was just beautiful. The Italian's are the craziest drivers's!!
Who has been to Sorrento, Amalfi Coast or Capri? Ive been to Sorrento and Capri. The scent of the lemon groves is everywhere, the limoncello is tasty and the ba'ba rum is amazing. Not to mention the view!
And here are some of the extraordinarily located vines that contribute fruit to wines of the Amalfi coast...
Here is a classy blend of Falanghina & Biancolella grapes made from the fruit of vines clinging to the Amalfi coast
Little Giant Ladders
So long days of eating pasta and shellfish on the amalfi coast. Back to life, back to reality. Oh, and dieting for the rest of my life
Time to move on. Headed for Sorrento, Amalfi Coast and Capri. Maybe hit Pompei on the way down.
Photo: travelthisworld: Positano, Amalfi Coast by Natasha Larkin submitted by: dazzled-by-starlight,...
No one does Italian food like the italians themselves! Check out on the coast! Here: .
Ocean View, Amalfi Coast, Italy - what holds you back follow me and check me out on Pinterest
Haven't been there, but I've been to towns on the Amalfi Coast that are very similar except houses less shiny.
ATTN: ***looking for all my world traveling friends*** Interested in Skydiving in the Swiss Alps, Czeching out great Apple Strudel and Beer in Prague, Sipping Granita and catching a tan in the Amalfi Coast, or staring at THE David (I know about him from every angle ;) yes I know all about these things... if you are coming to Europe (mainly Italy) at all this summer, message me and Czech out Bus2alps! GR8 trips @ an affordable price $$$ more money more to spend on food crawling through Europe. Book with JAMEL and save even more :)
“Amalfi Coast, Italy I know you wanna go
The most jaw dropping coastline in all of Europe... The Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast & foodie fans: - check out this new movie filmed on location in and
Hey float my boat in the waters of Amalfi Coast, Italy.
By far my favourite place in Europe - Amalfi Coast. See more in first ever Lifestyle…
The hotel/restaurant in the Buble clip is Relais Blu on the Amalfi Coast. Beautiful.
A little quaint place inspired by the Amalfi coast in Italy
Amazing places! Lonely Planet guide to Amalfi Coast via
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I would love to Roam the Amalfi Coast in Italy with my hubby for our anniversary
Has had a fantastic holiday in Sorrento - Positano on the Amalfi coast has to be one of my favourite places.
Steps To The Sea, Amalfi Coast, Italy I want to be here
No, will definitely not! I do like Umbria though and Amalfi coast!
Casa Angelina is a small, white-themed boutique hotel that emerges gleaming from the rocks on the Amalfi Coast. The latter is Europe's most beautiful stretch of coast, where cliffs terraced with sc...
The Amalfi Coast, Positano, and hiking the "Path of Gods." One of the most breathtaking parts of our journey!!
Superb around the world. Vanessa took us with her to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We love it!
Italy here we come! We will celebrate our anniversary soon with extended stays at the Hotel Boscolo Exedra in Rome, then the Hotel Il San Pietro in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, back to Rome for a day, then off to the Hotel Mediterraneo in Florence, the Hotel Carlton in Venice and then back to Rome for the final weekend at the Hotel Boscolo again. The hotels are pictured below. We have day trips planned for Nola, (near Naples) to visit my grandparents' home city with lots of other tours and activities thrown in. And to top it off, we also have a day layover in Dublin, Ireland on the way back to Boston. Looking forward to making great memories. Can't believe she has put up with me this long!
Rainy but relaxing day touring the Amalfi Coast. Drop dead gorgeous drive along sea cliffs. Glad we weren't doing the driving on the VERY narrow road! All Muskrats would not have done well in this trip.
This evening, we will reveal our 36th Regina Maria at the annual spring gala. The evening will include beautiful scenery from the Amalfi Coast, dinner, and the announcement of the queen's royal court. Be on the look out for pictures and updates!
Ciao Amore.. this is such a beautiful part of Italy.. the Amalfi Coast is magnifico. YOU NEED TO TRAVEL TO THIS LOVELY PART OF ITALY.. ITALY'S SUNBELT, ROME & THE AMALFI COAST.starting from $1699 Travelers indulge in nine days of breathtaking exploration of the fascinating diversity of Rome and the Sorrentine Peninsula. Signature features of Central Holidays are deluxe motorcoaches, professional Tour Directors, centrally located first class hotels and restaurants' lunches and dinners, where wine, mineral waters, coffee or cappuccino are added perks. Experience history as you simply walk Rome's streets, avenues and piazzas. The featured tours take in mesmerizing sites and sights... the remnants of the imperial past...the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, both centers of the life and vicissitudes of the ancient Romans. Vatican City will also yield impressive visits. It's not too late to plan your summer vacation... call your favorite Travel Agent and have them call Central Holidays..
Driving the windy roads down the Amalfi coast in the pouring rain ... 😳
After a 10 day life changing trip filled with lots of wandering around ancient cities, tasting the local cuisine, and of course cute soldiers, it has come to my attention that I may have moved to the wrong country. The first person who connects me with the nefesh b nefesh of Italy gets to stay at my villa on the amalfi coast!
-21 hours till Vacation . Flying to istanbul, Turkey. Will be spending the night. Arriving in Venice, italy. Monday morning . Will be visiting Florence, Foggia, Amalfi Coast, and Rome. 3 weeks at my own pace doing what I want when I want.
I am Really REALLY, enjoying, all my friends photos ' of their SUPER (sneery sarky face, can't find appropiate emoticon) Easter break holidays... Nice, Barcelona, Amalfi Coast, Algarve, Midi Pyrenees, Andalucia, Necker Island etc.I'M IN MORCAMBE, Lancashire!!! it, but only if you want to feel really depressed!.It makes Swansea feel like Venice! (Apologies to all my Welsh Pals!)
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On the flight to Rome for our cruise of the Amalfi Coast. I think every Catholic Pilgrim in the US is on the way to Rome! (With us). Should make for a interesting trip. I heard they expect 1.5 million to see the Cannonization of the two Popes. Oy Vey!
The Sicily phase of our trip is over. Said "arrivederci" to our Tampa fellow travelers, Susan Taylor, Kathryn VanSpanckeren, and Steve Breslow. Flew to Rome and we are now in a small town near Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast.
Last night on European study tour aka holidays. Sooo sad but the Amalfi Coast is a magnificent last hoorah 😭
I came up to the roof of our hotel to admire the view of the Amalfi coast and came across a wedding
Beautiful day on the Amalfi Coast... so beautiful we jumped ship for 2 days see you in Florence.
Friends! Garrett and I are planning our Honeymoon to Italy (we're thinking Tuscany, Lake Como and Positano, Amalfi Coast) and Santorini, Greece for this summer. Any and all recommendations--lodging, cities/towns to explore, hikes, restaurants, beaches--are much appreciated! xo
We celebrate Italy through the ages, from the Eternal City to the Amalfi Coast.
Friends, Dylan and I are going to Paris and the Amalfi coast for the first time ever, and we want your advice and recommendations! Thank you, thank you!!
Love the Dove Chocolate commercial with Audrey Hepburn in Amalfi Coast - Positano! :)
Day 8 was basically a road trip! The goal was to get to the Amalfi Coast in the afternoon BUT since at this point, even our PAJAMAS are TIGHT, we figured we would stop in Naples for what was supposed to be the number one Pizza Place. Listen, if it's good enough for Bill Clinton, it's good enough for us! I'm not telling you it wasn't delicious AND they have their share of awards on the wall.HOWEVER, NAPLES is literally a TOILET BOWL! Who's in charge of this place? Garbage is everywhere. Truly beyond FILTHY which was just very surprising to me! Anyway, it didn't stop us from eating the tablecloths! Onward to The Amalfi Coast! I could have used a DRAMAMINE for the ride, but here we are and obviously it's GORGEOUS! Looking forward to explore tomorrow!
George and Doreen. on Board the Liberty of Seas off Amalfi Coast on Mediterranean Cruise
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The season for Sea along the Amalfi Coast is starting now ! Make sure you'll be there too this...
The secluded beach of Santa Croce on the Amalfi Coast
Movie guide alt: Independent, limited release and foreign-language films PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 October, 2013, 8:07pm Los Angeles Times ——— “And While We Were Here” — While accompanying her husband on a business trip off the Amalfi Coast, a young American writer finds herself at a personal and professional crossroads. With Kate Bosworth, Iddo Goldber and Jamie Blackley. Written and directed by Kat Coiro. (1:24) NR. “Battle of the Year” — A hip-hop mogul enlists a hard-luck ex-basketball coach and an all-star dance crew to win an international dance tournament in which Americans have not triumphed in 15 years. With Josh Holloway, Laz Alonso and Josh Peck. Written by Brin Hill and Chris Parker. Directed by Benson Lee. (1:49) PG-13. “Blue Caprice” — A disgruntled veteran molds an abandoned teen into his protege for a bloody spree in this drama based on the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks. With Isaiah Washington, Tequan Richmond and Joey Lauren Adams. Written and directed by Alexandre . ...
So... Rabih & I are thinking of taking a little vacation to Italy at the end of next month (enter Super Happy Face here😆!). I've always wanted to go. Downfall is we will probably only have 1 week. Thinking of Venice, Rome & Amalfi Coast. Any thoughts suggestions, etc?! We want to get the most out of the week!!!
Blushed! We were selected in the It List for The Best Hotels for Design in the Caribbean. in short: This hotel was designed by Puerto Ricans, albeit ones who fell became enamored with the Amalfi Coast of Italy. That’s the overarching theme of this boutique property; the rooms have a cool, European aesthetic while the wider property is marked by a creative, almost idiosyncratic design.
And now to continue my Nose Cold on the Amalfi Coast story...So, I develop a cold yesterday as we arrive in Sorrento. Real congested, blowing my nose a lot, head feeling heavy, etc. And today we planned to travel, by bus, to a number of the cites in the area---Positano, Amalfi and Ravelo. Beautiful, colorful little towns built into the mountainsides with beaches below. You've seen the pictures. We wanted to see them up close. So, I'm a Boy Scout be prepared kinda guy and because I have the head cold and the weather's been a bit chilly and windy here, I layer the clothing pretty good. Well, we get out to the bus stop and it's as beautiful out as can be. 70 degrees, sunny, no wind. "Okay," I figure, "I'll just peel off layers as needed. We get on the bus. It holds about 40 seats and they're all taken. So, we stand. And the bus is hot. And then we start driving. Up the road to the top of the hill. It's a winding road. Constantly winding.. With short, hairpin turns. Lots of 'em. We get to ...
Oh and May will be Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast
Cheers to a great weekend in Naples, Pompeii, Capri and the Amalfi coast with my girls &
Anyone interested in traveling to the French Riviera, Amalfi Coast, or Croatia? Euroadventures organizes weekend trips and includes transportation, accommodation, and daily activities. Current sale of 30 euros off any weekend beach trip. Contact me soon as spots fill fast and sale ends Monday.
I was hoping we'd move to like Italy or something. I fancy the Amalfi coast.
We just finished our season of trips in Italy. Here's some video from the Amalfi coast. Join us next year!
I'd love to have dinner on a boat lazily sailing around the Amalfi Coast!
Shore Excursions and Tours in Italy. Visit the Amalfi Coast withont stres ,book Transfer to the Taxi Driver Lorenzo Imperato
People ... Spending to get points on your credit card will not get you Motoguzzi's to ride along the Amalfi Coast. It will get you bankrupt.
Conca, a quaint fishing village along the Coast of Amalfi. Monastero Santa Rosa is built on the side
Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations Once the wedding is over and the last guest has left, most couples look forward to their honeymoon -- five days, a week, maybe more, of unwinding, relaxing and spending quality time together in an exotic spot somewhere around the world. Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes -- a beach vacation, a safari, a ski trip -- and are based more on the couple's joint-personality than on tradition. This list is just a snapshot of 10 of the world's hottest honeymoon destinations -- from sunny beaches to snow capped mountains and even fairy tale theme parks. 1-Camino Real Acapulco Diamante Once the honeymoon destination for John and Jackie Kennedy, Acapulco is still a popular place for newlyweds celebrating their new life together. Temperatures hover in the 80s throughout the year, and the warm water is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. As if that's not enough to tempt you, the prices in Acapulco are affordable and can allow for an unforgettable honeymoon even on a tight budget. The C ...
New print available on - 'Atrani. Amalfi Coast' by Jennie Breeze - via
Maureen Palma. The Amalfi Coast calls out to you! :)
“Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy so excited to be living just hours from here😁
“Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy fun..looks like it sux
is that Positano, Italy? Has to be somewhere on the Amalfi Coast. Love it!!
Luxury travel news getting from the Rome airport to the Amalfi Coast: Costiera Amalfitana — Photo by Paolo Cos...
Amalfi coast trip booked , Vienna Salzburg trip booked , flying to London tomorrow! Life is good, a little less stressed now.
10 reasons why we think you should visit the Amalfi coast
Just booked the Amalfi Coast, Island of Capri, Positano, Sorrento, Pompeii, and Naples for our long Easter vaca 😳😍🚢
Want to learn what VBT’s ‘The Amalfi Coast & Capri’ walking vacation is all about? Check out our tour video! Join VBT to discover the dramatic beauty of the Amalfi Coast, an enchanting region where rugged mountains plunge suddenly into the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Highlights of this tour include a trip to the fascinating ruins of Pompeii, a fresh-mozzarella braiding demonstration in Sorrento, exploring the celebrated isle of Capri, savoring flavorful cuisine at family-run trattorias, and an invigorating walk along the “Path of the Gods,” known for its magnificent seaside views. For more information about this vacation, please click here:
Nestled on a verdant clifftop in Ravello, overlooking the Azure Sea, Hotel Caruso is a haven of tranquillity on the Amalfi Coast. General Manager Franco Gaso...
Any hotel/restaurant recommendations out there on the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany, Florence or Cinque Terre?
The Wine List Takes Center Ring at This Circus How ‘ringmaster’ Sirio Maccioni and his family’s knowledge of wine has proved that since 1974, there’s been no clowning around at LeCirque. While the family-run LeCirque has always had excellent service and great food, it is their wine list that has changed the face of Italian and American wines over the past 40 years, and is a huge factor in the success of the restaurant. “My father, Sirio, was one of the first to introduce Italian wines at such a high-quality level,” says middle son and Wine Connoisseur Marco Maccioni. “He fought with the stereotype that anything from Italy wasn’t as regal as French cuisine was in the past.” What consumers were unaware of, was that Italy has over 200 different grape varieties, making for excellent wines that Americans had yet to experience. Sirio was able to gain the trust of his customers by serving them Italian wines that cost a tenth of what they were paying for French wines, putting him on the map as o ...
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