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Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Jayne Milano (born December 19, 1972) is an American actress and former singer, known for her childhood role as Samantha Micelli in the sitcom Who's the Boss?

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Please send Alyssa Milano and Ashley Judd down to campaign for him, that always works so well via
Rosie, Alyssa Milano, Cher, that ugly chick from The Girls, J Law. They can all go over with Stephen Colbert!! S…
I want to live in the timeline where Alyssa Milano left instead of Shannen Doherty
Children can't form the intent to commit a crime so you are FACTUALLY incorrect
There is nothing wrong with being a Liberal, in fact I'm quite proud to say I am one
Can we get him to enjoy a few rounds of golf at Mar a Lago this weekend? Please.
Obama sent billions of our money to iran. Allowed chemical weapons to be used in syria and loves che…
Of course he did! You are talking about morally and ethically bankrupt people who will do ANYTHING to "win."
Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery
Anyone else only hear the teacher from peanuts voice? Stay safe Florida🙏🏻
With people like you on there side DNC will fail even more then they have,As your other choices have…
the. rest n can count. their LOSSES!.
Russophobia is a disease in US today kind of like antisemtism was a disease in Germany back then.
sweetie, you need some serious psychological help. Please avail yourself of some.
Isn't it a shame DACA needs to be law or children's lives & future are in jeopardy? Sick world brother!
Massachusetts has a card you mark, then the voter physic…
Website Builder 728x90
Free speech oh yeah.. and then you blocked me. You guys are hypocrites.. it's…
"Liberal" is also not a dirty word. Proud to be a liberal.
The Trump GOP is gross at every turn.
Constitution provides us freedom of/from religion. Discrimination based on religious beliefs is illegal.
Political parties are both useful and destructive. When they lose their way as both major parties h…
The effort definitely needs an angel donor right now, if you know someone. 😇…
REpub party has not cared about people for a long time. Only now is it being highlighted thru their…
Yep. I believe in a free market...I didn't say we have one. long as they had a will to fight and win and gave me a chance of getting home. We don't…
I am a progressive, due to my beliefs, and aspirations. Political parties are just a mechanism to aid in those aspirations.
has always been a racist. Time for him to go! AL is working hard to elect KKK Prosecutor
The public can observe and read media reports on public figures because we have free speech.
Alyssa Milano doesn't have enough talent to survive in a show now, I think enough people will boycott her/it into…
Alyssa Milano-another celebrity to put on the no watch list!
Passion politics over spending limits? Play poker with bluster much? Why no…
I sure didn't.he is one of the grossest human beings on Earth.
I think she used to be some sort of actor back when I was a younger person. Poor pet…
But the US already introduced sanctions against Russia because it's guilty, right?USA is a banana republic.
Well no surprise as it is Fascist Texas - another GOP sewer state
You dont know what you are talking about. There are no Convictions because the Investigation is still going on.
I'm a liberal and proud of it. Why the shame, Alyssa?
Every time we think you couldn't get any dumber, .
Or it doen't apply to black people in US and Russians
In my country you have to show evidence for you claims, It's called innocent before proven…
You are an *** and a tax evading law breaker dirty ***
Even if Russia hacked.. it was rather a minor interference compared to what CIA has been do…
Not suspicious when it is in hands of special prosecutor. You don't know how US law works.
Well aren't you enlightened. Welcome to the next level.
Same... I'm guess she calls lots of people snowflakes
translate the newest interview with Snowden with google
idk but the fact that US intel hasn't shown proof for this consp theory is very suspicious.
You obviously have never seen the pictures of Clinton hugging her ment…
No. You are off point. The election hacking was real, the intent to install a pro-putin…
Its the military, not a social experiment. You call facts a smokescree…
I am neither Democrat or Republican, I am a centrist that believes in Human Rights and equality for ALL
I'm a cloud hoppin' flower sniffing liberal and *** proud of it!!!
Whataboutism is an actual fact/argument while your KGB hysteria is pure fantasy you pick up…
Does he need glasses? That squint reminds me of one of my first graders trying to read new and hard words. 😂
Thank you . So am I and I've been considered a "bleeding-heart" Liberal all my life. Still waiting…
At 18 I was on crew that extricated the nursery of the OKC bombing. That is what this level of hate…
you have proven yourself to be a horrible person. This was a good thing and you can not accept more am I a fan.
Sam Johnson is 1000 years old and not seeking reelection, but these other guys need to be…
I get called a Liberal a lot. I used to be a journalist, but now I'm an entertainment publicist. Rep…
why was campaigning on recent North Dakota government trip? Cute trick breaking rules again!
I'm sure he is a friend of yours. Enjoy!
Time for Alabama to elect Doug Jones (D) to Sessions' old seat. Plz follow
And here's one more reason to never watch Star Trek again especially when Alyssa Milano likes it
Sandra Bullock donates 1 million dollars to help hurricane relief effort. . 👉Meanwhile, Alyssa Milano is worried about "Naz…
All these stories about what these kids say is nonsense. No better than Lena Dunam's or Alyssa Milano's lies.
18 charmed already!? Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs,Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan actrisse are the best in the worl…
Would you rather wish Alyssa Milano or fasten Shenae Grimes
Watching and 's clip. So many thoughts to share! 1- Alyssa Milano is my celeb lookalike. 2- Montreal is a top city.
Wow, Alyssa Milano just called out the Republican Party for being like 50% jewish despite jews being only 2% of the…
Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty have ended their 'irrelevant' feud.
I want karma too! I see your 1996 Salma Hayek and raise you 1980's Alyssa Milano # via /……
Watch the trailer for 'Ten Years Later'—with cast additions Adam Scott and Alyssa Milano!
Ted Cruz just got owned by Alyssa Milano. You ARE the problem, Lyin' Ted! via
Great news! The GOP has decided it will pay for George Takei & Alyssa Milano to campaign for all Democrat candidates for…
Republicans and Trump 4 for 4 tonight. Get used to seeing this face Alyssa Milano, George Takei and Rosie O'Donnell.
Alyssa Milano, Scientologist & supported the Sri Lankan Army’s murderous assault on the Tamil Tigers…
The $34 steak Trump ate last night could have funded 7 homeless people a free viewing of Alyssa Milano's movie "Beverly Hills…
Alyssa Milano is worth $45 Million and lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills. Why don't you give your money to poor people…
shouldn't you be stalking John cusack or Alyssa Milano?
Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell, Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell and Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews in Charmed. h…
And Brad pit went From Johnson County Ky.and Huntington Decater and Wabash.Central Elementary me Alyssa Milano and Jessica alba .
yeah I mean not like they hated each other but bc Alyssa Milano & Shannen Doherty didn't get along & Holly Marie Combs &
just what is it you are trying to do? . (I'm one of your fans)
Total fabrication, unverified, and chock full of crap.
Stop wondering. Do what u usually do, ie, have some1 write 4 u and tell u what 2 feel.
Is it ok that you are spreading ridiculous fake news? lol. Respectfully, grow up, he won. Find a safe zone and move on ;)
"Witch PLEASE! Alyssa Milano defends Meryl Streep with her handy dandy WOMAN CARD"
without you, and I am not interested in it.
Lyssa, I hope today you feel 💯 times better than yesterday. Being sick *** 🤓🌷🌞💟 💋
Seth is an *** making comedy about trying to make her look stupid.
Don't let this *** get you down. I just read some of his timeline & he thinks WWE wrestling is real
That's the best news ever..thank you Alyssa
It could be exhaustion or stress being a parent is not easy and multitasking much less take care of yourself. Todo a pasito!
imbd has the genre listed as a Comedy, but still *** SMH👎
What's Happening ? . ohman i cant believe i still get smiles knowing is about to come on 😋
She's the best, one day I will get a hug from her, it's my life goal. My love for her is Kylie level.
I love that out of her rather extensive career, you picked Drag Race.
Always loved your work, very talented and beautiful.
you haven't aged since you were on charmed !!! What is your secret ?
it's time 4 us,to take care of us!His failer to protect any of us from danger
to die!Failed them,so come here and tax payers will pay 4 them
all he cares about and even failed them,leaving them with 8 men to protect them!Leaving these ppl
screwed the American ppl 4 the last time!Why would anyone let criminals out that are muslam?
He's free ride is over too!He has gotten a raise from ppl who never voted 4 his raise!He has
shot of him last night!They more they try to make her look like a women,more she's a man
last night! I wonder how many ppl were paid to show up! Michael Obama,looked like a man from side
our days of a president that cares 4 himself and legacy! I can't even believe ppl showed up 4 him
Jennifer Lopez : This lil cutie came to my show tonight... -
People who voted for him must be every bit as bad as him,,hope they are the ones to suffer under his rules and no-one else
Everyone's talking about saying this or that and I'm just thrilled that used the word salacious!
Alyssa!! wow what a great sign! I have expirienced true loss in my family toward the end of this amazing presidency,i have u.
this reads like a poorly written fan fiction by a 4th grader. I can show actual proven things that HRC,BHO have done. All BS.
Looking to the year ahead, ask yourself: if our laws are broken in secret... by via
Omg on tv they said is coming back!! I love that show that just made my day :)
This has been proven to be a hoax concocted by 4chan & which was irresponsibly repeated as fact by i…
I might not believe with all his political views, but he is an incredible human being. Personally I felt safe. Now terrified
This has now been proven to be a hoax that SOME Democrats assumed was true & irresponsibly repeated as fact.
ok to disagree don't like people bashing ur opinion! We value different ideas . Veterans Party of Ame…
I miss Alyssa Milano on Charmed, she was good :)
don't you feel dumb that you fell for a fake report? You should've waited for all the facts instead of being first.
ONLY reason WE'VE been DEMANDING is because we ❤️ the actors in it.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
the left and right will always argue ugly Alyssa! Time for a level headed Centrist Party.…
Actually, usually, that's what it means.
"MAKA". After all the hatred u libtards showed in the last 8 years u have no right to speak about kindness.
That is a very cool episode,even if it's very dark!😀😮
-i blame voluntary voting... compulsory voting would get you buffoons like what we have got in Canberra
I loved Fear too, mainly for Reese. I did really love Alyssa Milano,William Peterson & Amy Brenneman in it too.
Gave haircuts to Tommy Lee and Alyssa Milano today*. *Actually they were just lookalikes but still...
Super Mario Bros. at the Ice Capades. Featuring Jason Bateman, Alyssa Milano, and Princess Peach as Mae West:http:/…
Most underrated actress in TV history: Alyssa Milano, pretending to be sad and crying about the death of Shannen Doherty's character.
Cast Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano together in it.
EXCLUSIVE: Alyssa Milano on Shannen Doherty's cancer battle: "It's heartwarming and gut-wrenching at the same time."
VIDEO: Alyssa Milano on Shannen Doherty's Cancer Battle 'It's Heartwarming and Gut-Wrenching All at the Same Time'. htt…
I'm sure I'm not the first to think this but, Millie Bobby Brown '11' on looks identical to Alyssa Milano in the 80's.
Melissa Joan Hart, Emma Watson and Alyssa Milano really were witches
24 years ago today, Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face, causing Drew Barrymore & Alyssa Milano to star in rival TV movies.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Heather Locklear, Marcia Cross, Lisa Rinna, Alyssa Milano, & Kristin Davis... What show do they all have in common?
I just like how his cat's name is Cat Latos. Also he can't be Brad Penny v2.0 until he hooks up with Alyssa Milano.
*Thinks back fondly to Alyssa Milano, Marc Dacascos, Scott Wolf & Robert Patrick in Double Dragon...attempt*
At least it has Alyssa Milano looking good, and the chairman from Iron Chef America was in it.
Congratulations ! I'm so happy for you, my sweet Alyssa !
It was great seeing you today. I'm uploading the video to the Charmed group now. Today is a great day!
If I weren't traveling I'd have written about this. Seems like a big stretch from what we know.
Alyssa Milano talks 'Project Runway' and her loud '80s looks
Why All Stars host will receive an award in Dallas
Ahi Mum'bassa doing the delicious . Catwalk backstage , its Back-Tacular 😋
Yes, that article is inaccurate. Planet hasn't been discovered yet, no evidence of period…
Today on joins the co-hosts! Plus, Whoopi and discuss how to quit smoking.
I love Alyssa. Been a fan since Charmed.
Tune in to at 9AM. will be appearing!
would be cool if would hang out with you on the "Milano".
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
you should do the Howard Stern show. Your hubby was there.
hooray! get her on as a permanent HOST! you have a few you could easily dump.
. You're a beautiful person inside & out! ♡ Good luck there!
2 Beautiful smart women on the view that's TV I will watch
wuz just watching you on charmed love you Alyssa your such a fresh breath of air love your energy
Don't forget to tune in to on ABC TV at 11AM today. will be appearing!
Would you record a 30s video of your fav inspirational quote for our students?
And Looked Gorgeous as always ,have a wonderful happy Thursday
Check out this Momma horse and her baby
That was too fast, bring back Alyssa Milano what is this Harry Potter Crap , are u terrorist of the Revolutionary war
Watching on the today show. Getting interviewed by and wowzah!
on ! I still love you Don't read this Mary! Just kidding. You can read this.
I think Alyssa Milano is missing the revival boat. She and Tony Danza should do a new Who’s The Boss. Danny Pudi’s Abed could cameo!
Here's who will be on the this weekend. Jaime Pressly, Betsy Russell, Alyssa Milano & Charlize Theron. htt…
They're making a Charmed reboot. -___- Keep it. If you're not going to bring back Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs, no one wants it.
Commando on IFC. Arnold, Alyssa Milano at 12, 1-liners, Tommy Chong's kid, Vernon Wells as 1 of the Village Peo. ♥️
I wish Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and either Rose McGowan or Shannon Doherty would reboot Charmed as a movie or som…
Wendy is an *** Breast-feeding is more natural than anything she wants to do with her breasts.
I figured your makeup was done by She always does it the best on you!! Love this look so much.
How are u gonna say it's okay for to show off her boobs but say it's wrong to breastfeed in public
yep I would. Enough was left undone to address and make a good movie.
and it is not the relentless humanitarian work alyssa does, it is how badly I fillout forms 4 the cnn heroes nomination
. Dramatic ? It was a simple question that u blew up.. U care more bout your feelings then baby. Goodbye
I can't comprehend people and the way they think about breastfeeding. You're beautiful.
Then why should a baby while they breastfeed (nurse)? It's hot/suffocating under a cover. . TY 4 answering.
Get on trail and learn to nurse out there with
Go see on my instagram my new story 😍😘 😍😍
A week ago I talked to still can't believe it!
Alyssa Milano shut down Wendy Williams on her antiquated breastfeeding ideas via
Alyssa Milano argues w/ Wendy Williams, Jessie James defends right to breastfeed in public:.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Alyssa Milano owned Wendy Williams in the best way.
Alyssa Milano went SHORT in honor of her 43rd birthday. Check it out!
'Short hair don't care!' Alyssa Milano shows off her new pixie cut after chopping off h... - Daily Mail
Alyssa Milano. Molly Ringwald. Nellie Olson. Jan... Not Marcia Brady. Tooti from the Facts of Life. Blair too!
. It's a tricky question. Hope you'll know the right answer. "Why's 6 afraid of 7"??
Top story: 'Now moves one step closer to total… see more
This appeared in my feed today, loving what is doing for
A friend tragically lost her daughter last month pls vote&rt
3 of 5 stars to Hacktivist Vol. 2 by Alyssa Milano
Could use some of that UV light has been raining for days
IBTimes SFBusinessTimes JabberMate : Now Alyssa_Milano moves one step closer to total
Alyssa Milano, actress and founder of Touch by Alyssa Milano, receives NFLPA licensing for player-affiliated gear
she is stupide she left Mosyresses . well the show is a sucsess . and she saide she wont returne .
I hope you have a fantastic vacation! :) ♡
.cracks a joke about her SEXY swimsuit body!
Now moves one step closer to total domination
Hi Alyssa,hope you are enjoying your holiday 😊
Alyssa Milano moves one step closer to total female fan apparel domination
PerezHilton : .Alyssa_Milano cracks a joke about her SEXY swimsuit body! …
Alyssa Milano posts an impressive swimsuit shot: "I'm sucking it in!"
I had a dream last night I was talking to Alyssa Milano on why Shannen Doherty got fired from Charmed.😂
Also, Sutton Foster looks like a mix of Lauren Graham, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs.
Last year I cut my hair into a bob thinking it was so Alyssa Milano circa season 1 of Charmed but it was more Meg Griffin circa Family Guy.
Pokemon: NICK DENTON may be seen around Alyssa Milano's beehive. It is genericly hushed and distorted.
Wait, so apparently Derek Jeter gave Herpes to Mariah Carey, Scarlett Johanssen, Jessica Beil, Alyssa Milano and Jessica Alba...
Watching charmed I miss this programme so much.
Seriously, the girl is the beautiful and talented .
Catching up on past seasons of All-Stars -- I LOVED you as a host! You're such a positive fashion muse!
Phoebe levitate for the first time (Vine by
I don't care what anyone says mistresses is rubbish without :/
Dunno how she finds the time with her acting & charity work but Alyssa, these cookies are DELICIOUS!!!
I have 3 boys all grown up and children of their own, your right, that's all they need it's what shapes them 4 their future
that's dope. Cherish those moments.
if you can find the maxim magazine from summer with Alyssa Milano on the cover it says how to make meth.
.is the boss! Love this photos from Alyssa's Maxim cover. Looking beautiful!
Kids love us any. The main thing that they love the most bright and clear in the world.
So gorgeous, I hope she does maxim again this summer! “Beauty
Alyssa Milano's maxim shoot last year was unreal
congrats on Maxim's list. You should have placed higher than 34.
Food!!! And to find a girl that has a great *** and that can cook like mom! That's it!
Would you please help me get a by reading & RTing my story? Thank you so much :-)
I am sorry We need the PJs Pic lol Just Kidding we aren't all Pervs!!. Ok THAT Guy Reading this is .. (pm me L8r sweety)
I was told you don't raise boys you raise men. Boys need 2C what a real man is & how 2behave. It's all good tel Jrhigh u'll C
raised 2 very good handsome smart frivolous men. They want guidance, trust, honesty & most of all love. Trust ur self
Uhm breastmilk ! Or we continue to be obsessed with your breasts the rest of our lives oops too late!
. My daughter is 3. Ever since having her I feel more 'girly'. She loves feminine things. She's like a mini best girlfriend
I Know YOU many admirer But think ahead you Meet Your french admirers in March ? can you answer me please! Thank's! XoXo 🌹🌹🌹😘
I wish all moms did this. cause most men are real jerks. but milo will be a gentleman, I'm sure 😍
“17 Things Boys Need from their Moms . Simple but effective list, by no means complete nor spiritual
Wait until she becomes a teenager...whatever I did wore was pretty cool until she was about 6. Now she tolerates me!
My mom must have missed that class.
You are just so informative tonight. Keep up the amazing work.
The 1st, and most important thing, is to not be aborted.
So sweet! I hope that love grows stronger each day, and that she'll be your best friend 👩 ❤️ 👧
"WooHoo! chk out 2015 Fall Collection of Fan apparel! . // Nice...
those are the moments you will remember when they are older. Funny how the little things stick in your mind
that's unconditional love at work! ❤️ My daughter Piper does the same kind of stuff.
you look a lot like but I'm sure you get that often :)
my mice love me for the food and wheels I provide. :(
Top story: Touch 2015 Fall Collection on Pinterest | Alyssa Milano, New York Gi… see more
I noticed from your periscope videos that she loves you very very much 💕
My twelve year old daughter still thinks I'm cool too. It won't last, but I'm enjoying it while I can!
It means a lot to me that you took the time to write it. Xoxo
*** kids are the best. My life before children was pretty bland.
lol she wants to be like mama. I bet soon she'll be playing with your make up and clothes
lol she's just getting familiar with your cosmetics to create a charmed potion & use your Granny Pajamas as a magic carpet
Do you remember filming that episode? How was Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs on the set?Thrilled to c you
Charmed actually had a really great cast too. Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano, Julian McMahon.
Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano & Holly Marie Combs are like my fav forever. & Prue lol
Today, Alyssa Milano is exactly as old as actor John Cazale was the day he died: 15,553 days.
if you want to go that way...Charleze Theron, Scarlett Johansson and Alyssa Milano
Wow! Famke Janssen and Alyssa Milano are looking hot! Who is your fave?
paperback on my hands. I cant't wait for your autograph 😃😊
When I think what's the secret of 's beauty my answer is...
Youre right, I am a moron. I used to believe like you do. And I chased everyone away. Including family
Sad thing is, by the time you figure out that kindness is the right way, you'll have hurt many people
How come yesterday's periscope video didn't work out? I believe that's 2 videos that weren't able to record properly.
A very good brand that I recommend to the world woman is man!is fan of you!Is fan bassball
Hi!Convention Charmed 3 so there are more than 150 person who wants your coming in Paris in March 2016! have waiting for you!
can't wait for next Glam Team periscope. I'm really too old to be saying that out loud.
my family has had season tickets since they moved from Brooklyn!
Waiting for brand new stories and maybe get a face to face autograph from
and can sit on my face, I'll love every second of it.
Alyssa Milano is fine actress. That is all 😉
I will sacrifice my cat for you to return to I beg of you, find a way to bring savi back!😭😭.
I understand. Its not what I thought huh..butt cracked..slide slowly from a side, and touch me within, together.
I liked a video from Charmed Alyssa Milano Holly M Combs
u lead the kisses...I'll lead through, the sult. I don't mind ur wetness on me..any where on me frozen grapes.
this is how ..I'll just slide in you gently, slowly, essentially, sensually. And we can fall into some steamy music.
yeah, I got the message from the future thru was ..Alyssa is a girl, and shell be till she's like 70. Taste.
and when we French kiss, Alyssa, we can take turns story telling...tasting, touching, flavoring..savoring touch itself.
OK. May i , taste you Alyssa Melissa? I know what you taste like. Love, kisses a lo, French kisses & sultry rock music
OK, that's right..generational inheritants. But if one is not destined in love, bacteria is the extra cost.
We 💜 She is the champion of mamas everywhere!
There is NOTHING wrong with Muslims! There are extremists in EVERY religion including Christian/Catholic!
had to replay your periscope so I could properly jack off to your titties being out
I'm sure this is what your sweet puppy dog eyes look like when you look up during a ***
This is as burnt, as a korean chestnut, in the wilderness, at night again.
I admire your passion for people and animals and your heartwarming character. Big hug from Europe 😘😘
do you have "Touch" golf polo shirts for women? Couldn't find any on your website...
Watching Charmed. Where has this been all my life!! This is my kind of show!! 💗
.posted selfie from Lady Godiva Episode! I am so happy! I love when she shares pics!
Now on with Christian Toto from about this celebrity gun control event:.
Brilliant! Right after breakdown of Commando with Alyssa Milano and the Governator
Ms. Milano, I like you a lot. God bless you and your family.
watching you on Who's The Boss when you were little. You had the face of an angel.😳😳
Its weird seein Alyssa Milano in who's the boss
im suffering, wont give me my meds,that I desperetly do need,and I didn't do anthing wrong,im a Christian,and love people
why is it on they always use Alyssa Milano as one of Blackhawks model?
I love Scott! Plus, you and baby Bella were looking so adorable. cutie pies ❤
Those make-up dudes be on your case. I Love it!
i also want 2 help me she is an amazing person so if she would help that would b amazing could u ask her 2 RT
Oh, yeah, How are you today or tonight?
Just watched this and loved how real it was. Also, Bella has grown so much. Such a sweetheart!
nice family think I must fend for myself
That was really awesome, sweet Alyssa ! Bella is so cute and adorable ! I really loved to watch you and Bella live !
bye Alyssa, it was great. have a nice day, xo
I'm not a huge fan of yet Alyssa Milano
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