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Alton Towers

Alton Towers is a theme park and resort located in Staffordshire, England.

Alton Towers Resort Thorpe Park

Looking forward to some family time at Alton Towers
Alton Towers' new ride is made out of wood and uses fire… what a deadly combination! . . Rea…
The criminally under-appreciated side to Alton Towers. The last few years has seen a number of restorations take pl…
Alton Towers has that new wooden rollercoaster this year. I just signed up for notifications. I think it probably h…
Starting to think about rollercoaster day. I’m thinking mid-April. Maybe Thorpe Park cause I’ve not been on the Der…
We are proud to be the official supplier of entertainment for The Alton Towers hotels. Come and see us perform live…
If I get this job at Alton Towers I’ll be so happy!! Fresh start 😝
Sorry your article just isn't factually correct. The ride has nothing to do with eithe…
what other benefits do u get with the Alton towers season pass?
Hi Trina, we are sorry to hear this. To nook a spa break, you either need to call 01538 704600 or book…
In a week when Alton Towers announced its ride, I take a look at some of the very English weirdness asso…
Journalist and author shares his thoughts on Alton Towers new wooden ride...
Journalist and author John Woodhouse shares his thoughts on Alton Towers new ride...
Alton Towers: we should really reassure the public as much as possible that our rides are totally safe and nothing can…
. Hi, do you do a local residents season pass? I was just looking at your website and see that the s…
Every day there is a pile up and every time i drive down to alton towers that drive on the way back gets worse lad
Alton Towers looking magical in the mist from a light aircraft, with the Wickerman having its tunnels installed, re…
Will you dare to ride the at With the new immersive roller-coaster due to open later t…
favourite theme park you’ve been to — Uhm I can only remember Alton towers so ig Alton towers
I added a video to a playlist Wicker Man Alton Towers Official Promo Video
Seeing a lot of enthusiasm for Alton Towers new ride online. Can't believe people have such short memories.
Steve Woods, Health & Safety Director at Alton Towers Resort, explains how we've approached safety on Read…
Amazing! Thanks for replying ☺️ I hope you’ll get the chance to go experience the ride to…
Alton Towers has an incredibly good offer that should last you until the autumn.
I liked a video A look inside the CBeebies Land Hotel at Alton Towers Resort - 4k
people say it’s unbelievable that they’d rebuild Jurassic Park so many times but Alton Towers is out here building a ride…
Wicker Man is coming to the Alton Towers Resort!! Literally am buzzing for the new woodie!! It’s gonna be so awesome .
Gonna upload some of my main ocs here! These fellas are humanizations of Alton Towers coasters! Mr. S (The Smiler),…
Christmas seems like so long ago now but to help beat our January blues I've popped our Breakfast With Santa post on t…
LOOL smh and when you made my life a living nightmare at Alton towers 🙄
In fact, there's quite a few places I wanna go back to this year. Both Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach ha…
Is the new Alton Towers wooden roller coaster ride involving fire a good idea? Our survey says...
John Wardley is thrilled that Alton Towers finally getting a wooden rollercoaster
new ride infuses wood and fire! Will it be a successful combination? . Read more:…
Why not get the losing 1/4 finalists and play a round robin home and away and give the winner a day out at Alton towers
Here’s an article about the artwork I created for the new rollercoaster, Wicker Man 🎢🔥
How to get in to Alton Towers all year round for the price of one day.
Alton Towers have revealed that their new rollercoaster will be made of wood and travel through rings of fire. I'm…
It's only a short video owing to the poor visibility, sake goes for the washed out look, it was actually mist, but…
Are you planning to head to the new Hotel at with your family? Well, why not read our
Mistakes happen. It was sad yes but let it go. Alton towers is a safe fun place
When ya see aerial views it’s actually amazing how much land Alton towers has so much…
Pay for a day and come back for free all season! Alton Towers Season Pass is available for just £55:
Alton Towers has had a sprinkling of snow this weekend, so we’ve had a quick wonder around the open areas of the re…
Alton Towers: Escape to the Alton Towers Resort for a fun-filled Winter Weekend on select...
Four people seriously injured in collision between two carriages at Alton Towers ride
Yeah Splash Landings at Alton Towers was a big hit yesterday. He slept till 7.30 this morning!
Didn't no Coventry city played there home games at ST10 4DB, Alton towers, the Oblivion.
Fantastic lesson today - practicing map reading, scales, SDT calcs and budgeting by planning a school trip to…
I’m guessing people pre loading from corner shops en route to you. Taking all the benefit giving you red…
You could actually imagine Trump saying that his biggest disappointment in life was Alton Towers.
I think it was played at the rain-soaked, almost abandoned Alton Towers gig.
When's the most you've ever needed to pee? — Omg whilst queuing for oblivion at Alton towers I t...
And once you're inside there's whole families wondering about like it's a day trip to Alton towers
How many times do u wanna go upside down? We’ll go on the worlds 14 inversion coaster, at Alton towers, the Smiler.
At Alton towers u can book tickets now.
This time last week we were at Alton Towers watchin the fireworks. Tonight, I'm In ours on the verge of going stabby 🙃
We are staying in the Alton Towers hotel, looking forward to the extra hour in the park! Yes, I will tell him, thanks. X
Alton towers mini break booked for next year.
I'm supposed to be at Alton Towers now but Ella cancel plans at the last minuet Hughes bailed
Yes, ideal link to Alton Towers too. There is no instant benefit for the council . It…
hm why is there a trap remix of the Alton towers theme tune on
up to 40% when you book your 2018 Short Break & Get your 2nd Day too!…
Laughing so much at seeing alton towers theme tune remix on my YouTube history 😂
Non Stop Kids are now proud to announce we are performing 900 shows over a year at Alton Towers! We are super excit…
The weekend is here! We're filling it with a bit of rejuvenation and relaxation at - the only way w…
Yes I remember it well too, seeing the old green and yellow fade out at Derby from the older TOCs and…
How would you feel if I said Alton towers was better than you?
Free tickets to Alton Towers, gonna go on every ride if it kills me, --- it probably will, life is tough. Ye ha.
I need to go back to Alton Towers again next year!
We’ve heard this all before from the but in reality they’ll probably take them too Alto…
Alton Towers Resort Festive Breaks 2017 are now available, prices start from £44pp..
I liked a video TOP 10 Alton Towers rides!
I liked a video Alton Towers Scarefest with the family
Why does on his new video thumbnail kind of remind me of the guy from the Alton Towers Smiler advert fr…
Are you going to Alton Towers next weekend Peter?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
My friends are all so shocked I've never been to Thorpe Park...mate I'm a northerner I have to go to either Flaming…
Maddy, Lauren and Beth travelling to Alton Towers for a dance comp! Play Kendrick Lemar- Humble so we can get in the mood!
Absolutely disgusted with this! Staff selling Alton Towers merchandise, no wonder us “paying customers” can’t ever…
Alton Towers is now closed for the 2017 season, and they finished it with a bang. Our vlog of the last day of the s…
Great day at Alton Towers with pupils on their reward trip
Tamworth, good town. Home to Alton Towers. And your good selves, of course. Might see if I can get a…
Alton Towers Oblivion ride has a 4.5 G-force. That's higher than the average NASA take-off.
I'm taking the kids to alton towers in few weeks. They're telling everyone they're going to the North…
🎥 Seen the video from Secret Weapon 8 at Alton Towers yet? No? See it NOW - we're so ready for this ride. We need t…
A Santa sleepover with panto is launching for Christmas.
Want to know more about our holiday destinations or Group Holidays? We will be at Alton Tower…
This reminds me of wolves fans when Jamie O’hara went to Alton Towers whilst injured.
These leisure travellers will only be pensioners…
That girl who lost her leg on the Alton Towers ride is getting jarring now. Not everyday skin out yuh crutches for newspapers.
I went on 42 rides at Alton Towers today!.
So tired from all the Alton towers fun and tomorrow I have a XC to beat
What a fantastic day at Alton Towers with work as part of the social club, smiler is hands down the best rollercoaster I've ever been on
Buzzing for Halloween at Alton towers with Ads 🎃 finally after saying we wanted to go for the last 2 halloweens 😬😂
The also go to Alton towers two weeks before I do😩 hope u had a good time ❤️
they should replace CCTV with the cameras that take your picture on the roller coasters at Alton Towers how are they so clear?
When you live 15 mins from Alton towers and tempted to go up and see your favourite youtubers but bed is calling ahhh 😂…
Alton towers was AWESOME and now I am death 🤡👻
Every year I say I’m going to go to Alton Towers scarefest and never do
Had the best time at Alton towers today 🎢🎡
I've been going to scarefest at Alton towers since I was in yr8 maybe this year I'll have the balls to actually go in the mazes
Win family tickets to Scarefest at Alton Towers via
Fab day at Alton Towers with my fave👫
I went today, all day, and got standard Alton towers. The mazes are the same as Thorpe, not enough actors.
Fab day at Alton Towers and the rollercoaster restaurant was amazing 😍 still doubting the veganness of my vegan ch……
The Alton Ancestors are back again this year on Towers Street!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Alton Towers is an AMAZING place, but it's terrifying and tiring.
Here's some more photos from this years Alton Ancestors flash mob on Towers Street!
I've entered a to Scarefest tickets!
Had the best day with the best people 🎢🎡👫 @ Alton Towers Theme Park
I love my uni because next week they're taking us to alton towers for scarefest e
Thank you for joining us throughout the day for live updates from Alton Towers Scarefest! Tomorrow we'll be at Thor…
Don't miss your chance to win family tickets to Scarefest at Alton Towers...
To go to Alton Towers tomorrow or not; that is the question...
Really wanna go Alton towers scarefest but £50 to include mazes is madness
😂 yes Alton towers selling the cars off 😆
can you settle a debate for me, were you at Alton Towers today??
Always smiling and laughing with this one 💙 @ Alton Towers
Consider it done. I’ll try and arrange something soon. If not, I still have those Alton Towers and Thorpe Park tickets 😉
I want to go to alton towers scare fest
Fantastic day of R&R at Alton Towers with my lovely boys!!!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Great film though. Particularly like the Alton towers theme tune at the beginning.
Alton Towers tonight for scare fest , better look after me 😂
Don't think I've ever been so scared in all my life 😭 those scare mazes at Alton towers are on a different level 😩
can 7 wear masks at Thorpe Park and Alton towers..neither site can be bothered to reply
All three beautiful girls sitting pretty at Alton Towers!! I’m sure they are all having a wonderful time.
"I don't care if he took you all to Alton Towers, he's not your real Dad. Make sure you tell your mother that as well..." h…
I'd love to do one of those Fright Night things at like Alton Towers etc but I'd end up having a stroke.
Related: new rollercoasters at Alton Towers used to be called things like "Nemesis" and "Oblivion". Now they have one cal…
Passengers on Oblivion at Alton Towers escorted off ride at 180ft via . This happened la…
BREAKING NEWS: Everyone fine at Alton Towers after benign fault.
People have had to be escorted off the Oblivion ride at Alton Towers after the ride stopped at the very top 55 metres up
BREAKING: Passengers escorted off Oblivion ride at Alton Towers after it gets stuck.
Alton Towers. AGAIN. You know what, I don't think I will ever go there again, every week seems to be another incident
When you can't escape Alton Towers 😭😂 it's. Lock-in then 😍
You couldn't pay me to go Alton towers
Alton Towers Oblivion ride stops in mid-air
Technical fault leaves passengers stuck at top of Alton Towers rollercoaster
Riders escorted off Alton Towers Oblivion after ride halts 180ft in the air
BREAKING Alton Towers horror as riders rescued 180ft up at the top of Oblivion ride
Who wants to win trips to Alton towers/legoland/Camelot?Kids are all about swanky new boilers nowadays!
Popped round to my ex's today to give her some Alton Towers vouchers I had and look what I found! I'm back in busin…
The 12 best places in Britain to take your family this summer
can't wait to get one of these for the long *** queues at Alton Towers !!
Passengers are escorted off Alton Towers ride Oblivion after it halts at the highest point of the ride
REALITY: Ride does what it's meant to do after "minor fault". EVERYONE: ALTON TOWERS IS UNSAFE & SHOULD BE SHUT!. ME: ht…
Alton Towers have had another failure. How many more till they get shut down. At least no one got injured this time. This c…
If you've been to Alton towers you'll know this is like the scariest ride to get stuck on 😩
Passengers being evacuated from 'Oblivion' roller coaster at Alton Towers
Lol you'll never catch me at Alton towers bro😰😩. Imagine a ride being stuck 180ft in the air and you're on it, my…
Dgaf Alton towers is still getting touched this summer
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Alton Towers rollercoaster Oblivion evacuated after it stopped at highest point - The Independent
Alton Towers ride Oblivion evacuated at highest point after 'technical fault'
Alton Towers won't stop until they kill everybody
Passengers being escorted off 'Oblivion' roller coaster at Alton Towers in Staffordshire after it stopped at highest poin…
Alton Towers is basically The Hunger Games... If you come out alive you win
New restrictions introduced on Congo River Rapids ride at Alton Towers.
Also got ID'd three times today to go on the Congo river rapids at Alton Towers... by the same guy!
Alton Towers: new restrictions put on who can ride Congo River Rapids | Derby Telegraph
'People turned away' due to new Alton Towers ride restrictions. .
A productive day :) Sorry I couldn't join the team from Bar Pop today on their trip to Alton Towers, so hope you...
Cookie Monster helps celebrate National Biscuit day at the Alton Towers' Furchester Hotel | Burton Mail PICKLES THR
May's bottom jaw is swinging like the pirate ship at Alton Towers. Is she on the gear?
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Alton Towers to meet Paul Hollywood
Hear why our Travel Counsellors loved our recent TC Kids Day at Splash Landings, Alton Towers in our blog:
Saw @ Thorpe Park, The Smiler @ Alton Towers... not enough for you?
Hatch plans for Easter! Win vouchers to use at Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds LEGOLAND + many more for a cracking Easter holid…
is this Drayton Manor Park or Alton Towers? Think it may be the latter?
Had a good day at Alton Towers today! Had the annual cfz staff thing and then played in the pool for a bit.
me on that ride at Alton towers that throws u fast 😨😨
I saw the corner with the girl from the Alton towers accident getting her kit off and thought that was sad.
plus - we can do our own chicken wings and Alton towers is no bad.
'Alton Towers victim bares all' is not a headline I've ever expected to read
Aside from the People, who genuinely have Alton Towers Amputee Boobs on their front page. Whose mind goes there?!
That moment when you're watching The Crystal Maze and recognise the Sound FX of bats is the same one used in Alton Towers Haunted House...
With the closure of Splash Landings hotel, the Alton Towers hotel is very busy tonight for the The Fabulous Scott F…
I might go to this year BN weekend to Alton towers off that weekend my first visit.
She's been to BN's Alton Towers weekend & Studland Beach with me, but this was her first naturist swim.
Nice to see TLC at Alton towers Carnt wait to get back there
Time for some exclusive Alton Towers Water park time! :3c
When I walk or run home from the gym I go past KFC and it kills me that smell! 😩 reminds me of Alton Towers! Does anyone else think that?!
Can't believe I get 2 free year passes to all merlin attractions including Alton Towers and the London eye ❤ ma job
I once served Gabrielle with an ice cream at Alton Towers.
CSCS Labourer - Warrington - MediaJob Description - Labourers required for immediate start on Alton Towers.
Can someone tell the players we're losing 0-2 to Wolves. They're not at Alton Towers
waiting for Tree Fu Tom in the Alton Towers hotel. Where is he? Should have been here at 1.30pm :-( disappointing
When the queue for the post office is worse than Alton towers
Van Der Valk & the TV commercials for Alton Towers in the early 70s
I knew it! Still traumatised by Alton Towers nationals a few yrs ago when conditions so muddy it was shortened! Yes I am 😳
Last chance to save up to 30% with Alton Towers Holidays. Book before 31st January and you can be spending a...
Yup that's me I've even fallen asleep in middle of Alton towers 😂
I once told them I was taking them to Asda car park for the day, then went to Alton Towers
Presenting our theme park research. A great job by everyone. Alton Towers won by a whisker!
Can't sleep at all, Staying at Alton Towers for the night 🎡
Alton Towers have updated their website this afternoon to announce this season's ride lineup, and the return of Hex! http…
also stayed here will doing PhD...but to go to Alton Towers 🙈
looking good alton towers March can't come quick enough
NIce work. Be nice if all the buildings were multi colours like the Alton Towers advert. Please finish Ne…
I dreamed I was working with my uncle Phil decorating Alton Towers and a woman said I want you to come with me
There are plenty of reasons to choose to visit beautiful Derbyshire, from Chatsworth House to Alton Towers, plan...
Alton Towers founder gets Cornwall resort go-ahead
Unusual design: A millionaire property developer who helped found Alton Towers is set to open Britain's ...
Alton Towers founder set to build UK's 'first-ever' six-star resort via
Alton Towers founder set to build Britain’s ‘first-ever’ six-star resort
High life comes to Cornwall! Alton Towers founder set to build Britain's 'first-ever' six-star resort in the ...
Alton Towers man gets permission to build six-star holiday resort in Cornwall
The man behind Alton Towers plans a "six star" resort near Wadebridge. Is this what Cornwall needs? call…
- Have you seen the Visitor Attraction and Resort Management Course run by Alton Towers and Staffordshire University?
You said they chop your legs off but since when do Alton Towers do that, I'm pretty sure they are a resort.
The founder of Alton Towers is set to secure approval to build a new holiday and leisure park
Alton Towers crash: Owner Merlin fined £5m for health and safety breach leading to a
Merlin under pressure as Alton Towers and terror fears slow growth  
Alton Towers crash victim Vicky Balch 'not angry'. See more
Knew we should have won one of those donuts and Alton Towers! Hollie may have had the best day ever
Alton Towers has taken inspiration from one of the creepiest places on earth for tomorrow's Scarefest preview…
Wanna go tektu but i'm going to Alton Towers tomorrow 🤔
Im in Morrisons aka, pensioners equivalent to Alton towers.
I skipped out on a college trip today to alton towers purely bc I don't like the place n then 99% of my favs are there ??? just my luck X
We are running a service for scarefest - ES
Time to preview the mazes at Alton Towers!
ok but a group of us are going to alton towers like next week and my friends have just dropped out so now I have no one to go with lmao
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will the bus run to and from Alton towers scarefest on the 8th?
Going to Alton Towers next Sunday as a reward for handing my diss in on the Friday and I'm way more excited than I should be 🎡🎢🎠
Alton Towers curse: Liverpool mum reckons she has spotted theme park's ghost
Alton towers crash victim: 'More annoyed than angry' Vicky Balch - a wise and amazing young woman worth listening to
Crash victim FORGIVES the Alton Towers workers who cost her a leg .
A remarkable and brave young woman. // Alton Towers crash victim Vicky Balch 'not angry'
Thinking about going to at Alton Towers? why not spend a day walking from Heywood Hall to Alton and...
Anyone want to go to Alton towers with me for scarefest? 😩
Alton towers tomorrow with the family 😊❤️
Alton Towers 'ghost' caught on camera by terrified woman who believes spectre CURSED the theme park
Alton Towers victim Vicky Balch says she forgives workers for Smiler crash.
Couldn't of picked a better day to go Alton towers didn't even have to queue for the rides
Teach comp/motivation? Excellent example of misaligned incentives as rollercoaster disaster took the legs of 2 teens https:…
WATCH: Find out the inspiration for this year's Scarefest at
Karamoko Dembele is maybe the saviour of Scottish fitba but I bet he canny get on the Oblivion at Alton Towers.
'Ghost which cursed Alton Towers' caught on camera
crash victim: 'I don't think I'll ever get closure'
Fancy taking a trip to spooky new maze this Halloween?
imagine going to Alton towers..oh wait we can't..THANKS LEWIS!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
"A lady with a long gown" Spooky figure haunts mum on ghost tour at "cursed" Alton Towers.
Deffo going to Alton towers for Halloween again this year 🎃
Spooked mum caught eerie figure on camera during ghost tour at
Do you want to go to SCAREFEST at ALTON TOWERS this year? We have this fantastic offer just for you! Call 0330 124 208…
I wanna go Thorpe Park or alton towers 🎢
crash victim Vicky Balch 'not angry'
Alton Towers crash victim Vicky Balch, who lost a leg in the Smiler rollercoaster crash, says she is not angry
Alton Towers fined 5 Million pounds and made to pay costs of 70 thousand pounds read all about it here
Alton towers is dead and I love it 😜
A would be going to Alton towers tonight but I'll be cutting Ma wrists instead x
Is this "ghostly apparition" PROOF that Alton Towers was CURSED by an old beggar woman?.
COMING UP on Alton Towers crash victim. . in football. Private ambulances. Hurricane Matthew…
Alton Towers crash victim Vicky Balch 'not angry'
Alton Towers crash: Owner Merlin fined record £5m for breach leading to accident
Alton Towers owner \'to blame for Smiler crash despite staff errors\'
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Wow. " at Alton Towers had set targets for staff for the length of time rides were out of service." https:…
The first 999 call was at 1408 and it arrived at 1437. The Smiler crash at Alton Towers occurred at 1351.
Merlin in court for Alton Towers Smiler crash
Glasgow trends now: Scottish Labour, Alton Towers, mondaymotivation, XFactor and WWEClash.
Derby: Alton Towers staff took 17 minutes to dial 999 after Smiler...
Footage shows moment Smiler crashed 'with force of 90mph car' at Alton Towers via
You also know your intestinal tract is supposed to extract the nutrients? Not rush out like a log flume at Alton Towers. 😄
Court hears the impact of the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash was similiar to a 90mph car crash.
Smiler victims Vicky Balch & Leah Washington arrive for Alton Towers owner sentencing by
A court's heard a crash on The Smiler at Alton Towers last year was similar to a 90mph car accident
Alton Towers sentencing: CCTV reveals moment Smiler crashed: CCTV footage has been released of the moment the…
I'm only interested if it's in a garage: Alton Towers sentencing: CCTV reveals moment Smiler crashed
CCTV of the moment a full carriage smashed into an empty one on the Smiler rollercoaster has been released
Victims of 'Smiler' crash shown immense bravery coming to court. Operators at Alton Towers warned they face a large fine. I'm live at 6
Most discussed topic in Birmingham right now: Alton Towers
domain names
Victims of the Alton Towers Smiler crash arrive at court to hear theme park's punishment…
First footage released from Alton Towers Smiler crash
The owner of Alton Towers will be sentenced later for the Smiler roller coaster crash which seriously injured 5 people…
Every time I see Alton Towers trending, I just assume another Rollercoaster has crashed or broke
This is the moment the Alton Towers Smiler ride crashes changing the victims' lives forever . https:…
Alton Towers Smiler rollercoaster 'operated in 46mph winds day of crash against manufacturer 33mph limit guidelines'
Footage of Alton Towers rollercoaster crash released for first time
Alton Towers Smiler crash footage released for first time
LIVE: Alton Towers owner is sentenced over crash
Alton Towers crash 'like 90mph car accident'...
Alton Towers should have been closed down years ago. I don't get how it's still open
Sorry but I still love The Smiler at Alton Towers and the papers will always make it sound as bad as possible and all r…
I see the media are pouncing on an easy story again at Alton Towers!
Think people are crazy for even using this ride after what happened 😕
It stopped. Wasn't a crash. Rides stop for various reasons at all parks. So get over it. Nothing new. Alton Towers
Supposed to be going to Alton Towers soon & i just keep hearing stories about rides breaking, no thank you💁🏼
everyone talking abt the alton towers thing, the ride was stopped because someone in the PUBLIC shouted that they saw something falling+
Moobs too heavy for the smiler at Alton towers? 😂
You will never see me at Alton towers I don't want to lose a leg
Got to be something wrong with you if you consider going the Smiler at Alton towers after how many things have gone wrong with it 😁
WATCH: thrill-seekers stranded on 'The Smiler' roller coaster at Alton Towers for an hour
katy perry, you doesn t need to do all this!. Alton Towers 774 .
See people think I'm boring for not liking rollercoasters but Alton Towers just keeps proving me right. How many is that now 3 in past year?
Alton Towers visitors stranded on park's Smiler ride 15 months after crash (link:
Today I saw a child run under a beam at a park. Their head hit and they flipped over onto floor. That's more news worthy than Alton Towers.
I feel like Alton Towers is on my door step rn
Alton Towers is one place you will never EVER catch me at
Rollercoasters breakdown every day but because it's the Smiler, Alton Towers is trending. I got stuck on Air once. Where's my trend???
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