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Althea Gibson

Althea Gibson (August 25, 1927 – September 28, 2003) was a World No. 1 American sportswoman who became the first African-American woman to be a competitor on the world tennis tour and the first to win a Grand Slam title in 1956. She is sometimes referred to as the Jackie Robinson of tennis for breaking the color barrier.

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Before there were the Williams sisters, there was Althea. Learn about this sports phenom.
You probably know Althea Gibson for breaking barriers in tennis. But how about in the Yeah, she did that too.
FEBRUARY TO HONOR Black History Month. Althea Gibson was an American tennis player and professional golfer, and...
Althea Gibson (1927-2003). She was an American tennis player and professional golfer. She accomplished being the...
22. Althea Gibson- first black athlete to bring color to international tennis & the first woman of color to win a G…
Althea Gibson - tennis star! She was the first black woman to play in the US Open, in 1950. htt…
💜👑 Althea Gibson 👑💜 The first African American Women tennis player to win the French Wimbledon and U.S singles titles
.profiles Althea Gibson who broke barriers as the first African-American on the Tour htt…
Before there was Serena, there was Althea Gibson, the 1st black player to win Wimbledon & the French & U.S. Open.…
and in 1959 released "Althea Gibson Sings" her first album. Realizing that despite her success in tennis, that she still being discriminated
No matter what accomplishments you achieve, somebody helped you. ~ Althea Gibson
Black History Month Day twenty-two: Althea Gibson (1927-2003) American golfer and tennis player. First black athlete to cross the
🏸Althea Gibson born on August 25, 1927 was the first African-American tennis player to compete…
Althea Gibson should be better known among American sporting pioneers - more for tennis, but also for her golf.
The lesser-known history of Althea Gibson the golfer
Althea Gibson was the first POC tennis player to win a Grand Slam title 🎾 and the first black player in the women's pro golf…
BHM: Sports!The Brown Bomber, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Simone Biles, Althea Gibson, Alice Coachman, the prettiest man of the sweet science
Althea Gibson-. First black athlete to cross the color line of international tennis; first person of color to win a…
Althea Gibson became the first black tennis player to win a Grand Slam at the 1956 French Open..
"No matter what accomplishments you achieve, somebody always helps you.". Athlete, Althea Gibson
Althea Gibson was the first person to play in and win Wimbledon, and the USA National Tennis Championship, winning each in 1957-58
"No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you." -Althea Gibson
Shaking hands with the Queen of England was a long way from being forc...
Althea Gibson: the first African American to win 1957, by gaining the women's singles tennis title
July 6, 1957 - Althea Gibson is the first African American woman player to win a title in women's tennis singles
6 July 1957. Althea Gibson (USA) became the first black athlete to win the Women's Singles Title at Wimbledon.
ON THIS DAY:. On July 6, 1957, Althea Gibson claimed the women’s singles tennis title at Wimbledon and became the...
60 years ago today, Althea Gibson became first black player to win a major when she won the French Championship https:…
The Orpheum is showing Althea as part of the Southern Circuit of Independent Filmmakers Apr 6th about Althea Gibson
Today we honor tennis player and golfer, Althea Gibson. An incredible athlete, she became the first person of...
What did Althea Gibson mean Being champion is all well and good, but you can't eat a crown
"In the field of sports you are more or less accepted for what you do rather than what you are." - Althea Gibson
We remember Althea Gibson-1st black tennis player to win Wimbledon & broke barriers in golf.
In sports, you simply aren't considered a real champion until you have defe...
Do yourself a favor and watch the American Masters on Althea Gibson. It's about way more than her. A great watch for Black History Month.
Althea Gibson Daily Free Plan. A Daily Free Plan with up to 2010 talk/text/data. details
Celebrating Black History: Althea Gibson (1927-2003) was first black player to win Wimbledon ('57) and US Open ('58)
Althea Gibson-1st black tennis player in @ U.S. National Championships and Wimbledon, broke barriers in golf http…
Althea Gibson, tennis player/pro golfer- 1st black athlete to cross the color line of int'l tennis
Trailblazing athlete Althea Gibson became the first great African-American player in women’s tennis.
Wilma Rudolph, Althea Gibson, really anyone who was on the field or court and wasn't "supposed" to be.
From a cotton farm in Silver to winning Wimbeldon, Althea Gibson broke barriers in women’s sports
of note in that top-100 list there are also 3 black women. . Jackie-Joyner Kersey, Wilma Rudolph, Althea Gibson.
This is cool - Visa commerical featuring Althea Gibson and Billie Jean King among others:
Teaneck film fest kicks off with documentary on groundbreaking tennis star Althea Gibson
"The loser says it may be possible, but it's difficult; the winner says it may be difficult, but it's possible." Althea Gibs…
Althea Gibson broke the color barrier of international tennis when she won the French Open in 1956 🎾
There would be no Serena without Althea Gibson. She was the"Jackie Robinson" of tennis.
Althea Gibson. Born on this day 1927. In remembrance.
On this day in 1957, Althea Gibson became the 1st person of color, female or male, to win Wimbledon. http:…
In 1957, Althea Gibson won the women’s singles tennis title at the 1st African American to do so.
Today,1957- Althea Gibson becomes 1st African American to win at Wimbledon after claiming women's single's title...
Black History: July 6,1957, Althea Gibson wins women's singles title at Wimbledon. The first African-American to...
Tennis player Althea Gibson becomes the first African-American woman to win Wimbledon (1957)
On July 6, 1957 Althea Gibson became the First African American Woman to win Wimbledon. She is also a…
Women That Soar salutes Althea Gibson, who on this day in 1957 became the first African - American female to win...
To get in the tennis spirit: check out documentary about Althea Gibson, first African American to play (and w…
Althea Gibson is first African American to win Wimbledon - Jul 06, 1957 -
Very few, Sam Byrd, John Brodie, Althea Gibson, Babe Zaharias, Frank Connor...Byrd and the Babe the best!
Althea Gibson was the 1st African American to compete at the US Nat’l Championships AND the 1st Af Am woman to pla…
in 1967 Althea Gibson is the first player to win a singles title at
Love & Hip Hop ATL: Benzino & Althea Gibson Expecting a Child!. Details inside, see how she told him the news!
is still in full effect! Please click on the link and read up on the great Althea Gibson.
Althea Gibson tied 2nd for an LPGA Title in 1970 House
Aug 22 1950- Althea Gibson becomes the first black competitor in international tennis
Althea Gibson. The first black athlete to cross the color lines in international tennis.
Tennis great and first black woman to compete in professional golf – Althea Gibson
Originally prevented from playing tennis because of her race, Althea Gibson went on to win 11 Grand Slam titles.
Don Newcombe, Ezard Charles, Althea Gibson, et al. as sketched by Ted Carroll in the New York Age (Jan 8, 1949).
Learn more about Sam Mills, Althea Gibson, Clara Barton, and William Gordon by visiting the exhibit in our lobby.
9/8/1957 Tennis champion, Althea Gibson, becomes the first Black athelete to win a US national tennis championship.
Over the elizabeth berkley course of her remarkable life, Althea Gibson was
I think I completely forgot about Althea Gibson's birthday. Happy belated birthday!
Today's google doodle observes the birthday of tennis great and pro golfer Althea Gibson. What a phenomenal woman.
Althea Gibson becomes first African-American on U.S. tennis tour - On this day...
Thanks to and former NYC mayor David Dinkins awesome interviews about first black player Althea Gibson
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ALTHEA GIBSON August 25,1927 to September 28, 2003 Althea Gibson was a resilient trailblazer, pioneer and visionary. She made history as the First African American Tennis Player to compete at the Us National Championships. She broke again the race barrier when she entered the world of women’s golf and became the First African Women on the Women’s Professional Golf Association. Althea was born in Silver City, South Carolina on Thursday August 25, 1927 to Daniel and Annie Bell Gibson. The family relocated to Harlem, NY during the Great Depression era. Her family life was met with hardships being in a dysfunctional family on welfare government system. She faced a lot of racism during that time period in time. She did attend school but had emotional issues due to the environment she immediately lived in. She would miss out on classes. She wanted more in life and fell in love with sports and would play and win in many tournaments such as table tennis, ECT which she was very excellent at. She also won game ...
As time passes, people forget things. Whereas everyone knows Venus and Serena Williams, many people have not known who Arthur Ashe was, and going further back, most haven't even heard of Althea Gibson. She was the first black tennis champion. And she she did too much to just be so casually forgotten.
Question: I'm doing my 40 pager on the most hated athletes in sports history. Could you give me some names please? I'm having writer's block lol Hate is a broad word when it comes to sports. There are athletes who were disliked because of their arrogance, but their talent couldn't be denied (Kobe Bryant, Martina Hingis, Pedro Martinez, John McEnroe, Floyd Mayweather, Roger Clemens). Then there are people who were simply hated because they were good at what they did and they weren't the status quo (Jackie Robinson Hank Aaron, Arthur Ashe, Althea Gibson, Jesse Owens). Then are the ones who were a combination of those two, and they stood for something and were very vocal about it (Ali, Jim Brown, Kareem, Bill Russell). The most "overall" hated one that comes to mind is Jack Johnson. I would add Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali during the 60s as well. Mike Tyson is another one. These days, I would say LeBron James gets more negatives his way than anyone I'm aware of. Researching those names alone should be able to h ...
I got Althea Gibson, Wilma Rudolph, Lisa Leslie, the Williams sis, and gabbie Douglas
Robert “Whirlwind” Johnson is considered the Godfather of Black Tennis. The Lynchburg, Virginia physician was a tennis master who taught black tennis champions. Dr. Robert Walter Johnson (April 16, 1899 – June 28, 1971) was an American physician and founder of the American Tennis Association Junior Development Program for African-American youths, where he coached and fostered the careers of tennis greats, Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson. Johnson graduated in 1924 from Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, a historically black college. He was a classmate of Melvin B. Tolson. Dr. Johnson was the first African-American physician to receive practice rights at Lynchburg General Hospital in Virginia. Johnson continued his medical practice in Lynchburg for his entire career. Known as the "godfather" of black tennis, Johnson founded an all-expenses-paid tennis camp for African-American children and hired instructors. In these years in the segregated South, they had no public courts where they could learn tennis, ...
Julia Roberts as Althea Gibson in: It Don't mean a thing if u ain't got that swing
Just a thought- Black History Month has been set aside for the month of February. We are a people rich in history and heritage that should be celebrated/recognized/talked about ... ALL YEAR LONG. Some noteworthy famous blacks mentioned in our Black History Celebrations, include: Harriet Tubman, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mrs. Coretta Scott-King, Mrs. Rosa Parks, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Arthur Ashe, Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, Althea Gibbs, Hon. Judge Thurgood Marshall, Wilma Rudolph, Medgar Evers, Mary McCloud Bethune, Althea Gibson, Willie Mays, Oprah Winfrey, George Washington Carver, Nelson Mandela & many, many others. However, we have black history of our own within the HELENA-W. HELENA-LEXA areas that should be talked about & passed onto to our children & community at large. There were a series of riots in Elaine, AR---known as the "Elaine Riot"; the Helena-West Helena Boycotts approximately 1976-1978; Local Civil Rights Activists & Supporters-Rev. P.L. Perkins, Rev. Dr. Conway Gilcreast, Sr., Rev. . ...
The daughter of sharecroppers, Althea Gibson became a tennis sensation in the 1950s. Her 1956 triumph at the French Tennis Championships (later known as the ...
Tennis historians have lauded the noble efforts of Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe in breaking down racial barriers. Without the guidance of Dr. Johnson, however, Gibson, Ashe, and countless others might not have succeeded so mightily. Dr. Johnson trained, coached, and mentored African Americans from…
Tonight Kylan Isabella earned Honorable Mention AND 1st place at the Paso Robles Arts Association Teen Art Show.. Super proud of her.. She also sold an art piece ... Way to go Kylan!! Thank you Althea Gibson, Emily Dierks French, Vicki Zekanis, and Mindy Sisemore for believing in Kylan and helping her to achieve her goals through the arts...
Black History Program during our morning service @ 11:00, speeches given by Famous African Americans such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Althea Gibson, and President Barack Obama and many more. :) Come worship with us and help us celebrate the DREAM. M.T. Ararat M.B.C. 2364 Park Ave. Memphis TN, Pastor Jerry Jackson Sr. and First Lady Delnetta Jackson.
Speaking of great athletes, player Althea Gibson won back to back Wimbledons before turning to pro golf.
Check it out, little known facts in Black History Fact Ellison; Before he wrote the acclaimed novel Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison served as a cook in the Merchant Marines during World War II. Fact before his mysterious disappearance in 1934, Wallace D. Fard founded the Nation of Islam. Fact Fitzgerald, known for having a remarkable three-octave range, got her start at the Apollo Theater. Fact After friend and musical partner Tammi Terrell died of a brain tumor, a grieving Marvin Gaye recorded his future hit single "What's Goin' On," having Detroit Lions' athletes Lem Barney and Mel Farr lay down vocals for the song's intro. Gaye later met with Lions' coach Joe Schmidt to propose the idea of playing for the team, which Schmidt turned down. Fact Gibson; As a young girl in Harlem, Althea Gibson was a local table tennis champion. Her skills were eventually noticed by musician Buddy Walker, who invited her to play tennis on local courts.
Welcome to day 15 of Black History Month: THEY MAKE US PROUD...Althea Gibson was they first African American to win the championships at Wimbledon in 1957. Today we have Serena and Venus Williams who each holds 5 Wimbledon championships.
Venus and Serena are freaking awesome! Paving the way after Althea Gibson. You ladies ARE Black History. Keep living in the NOW!!!
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Tennis Players. USTA, Central Realty, RK Builders and AmerenIllinois are sponsoring the Breaking the Barriers reception at East St. Louis City Hall next Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. You will learn much about tennis that you do not know. If all you know about African American tennis history is Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe then you don't know Jack. There will be some food and refreshments provided. All tennis lovers are invited!
Match Day!!! The Boxer men start the 2014 campaign with a battle against Division 1 Portland State University today at 4pm. The match is being held at St. John's Racquet Club (NE Portland). Prior to the match, the Boxers as Vikings are going to be working with the Portland After School Tennis & Education (PAST&E) group celebrating Black History Month. We will be studying the history of some fantastic tennis players (Arthur Ashe, Althea Gibson, MalaVai Washington, Zina Garrison...), and maybe showing them a few things on the courts. We are excited! Go BOXERS!!!
Tennis Pioneer Althea Gibson paved the way for Venus and Serena Williams and others (Zina Garrison, Lori McNeil, Chanda Rubin, etc.) to play Professional Tennis
I always wanted to be somebody. If I made it, it's half because I was game enough to take a lot of punishment along the way and half because there were a lot of people who cared enough to help me. Althea Gibson
She just wanted to be somebody. For Althea Gibson, it was an equally simple and impossible quest. She had the talent, certainly. She was, as she...
Awesome quote by Althea Gibson - right in line with ICT's definition of teamwork: putting we before me.
Who helped you get to where you are? Althea Gibson
What brought Duke Ellington, Althea Gibson and a host of other luminaries to Scotch Plains?
**BLACK HISTORY SPORTZ FACTS** In Tennis, the first black woman to play at the US Nationals was Althea Gibson in 1950.
INSPIRATION: "Most of us who aspire to be tops in our fields don't really consider the amount of work required to stay tops." -Althea Gibson (1st African-American tennis player to win Wimbledon)
Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe, Venus and Serena Williams and James Blake are among the most well-known African-Americans to have etched their way into the tennis history books. But they may soon have company. There are a number of young up-and-comers on the horizon who are poised for big things in the…
I bet if one of you guys asked a random kid who Althea Gibson or Benjamin Banneker is they couldn't tell you!! Where did the black history lessons go!!
Biography of Althea Gibson, tennis pioneer and African American athlete.
We will call this one a Friday 40th Flashback -- 40 years ago this coming summer these two girls became pioneers of sport -- maybe on a smaller scale than Jackie Robinson, Babe Didrikson-Zaharias, Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe and Jesse Owens. But pioneers just the same. Hopefully anyone on here that knows them (Shelley McCall Hari) can send them a shout out today! The BNGSA became a entity in 1978 and indirectly these two girls had to help drive it in that direction. Any other details would be great in comments section. I know Laurie went on to a great sports career at Normal Community including catching for some of the early Iron softball teams. Gale has two daughters I think her brother Steve told me - both playing volleyball up EPG way in recent years. Thanks to them for being pioneers, unafraid to be the first.
Today's Black History Month's tribute is honoring the legacy of ORA MAE WASHINGTON! (1899-1971) Before there were Althea Gibson, Venus & Serena Williams or the WNBA; there was Ora Mae Washington AKA the "Queen of Tennis"! A champion of tennis and basketball; she pioneered the way for many Female Athletes. Among her numerous tennis titles; she held the American Tennis Association crown from 1929-1936 and won 12 double and 3 mixed doubles championships. Because of her strong and intimidating tennis game; Wimbledon champion, Helen Wills Moody refused to play her. Because of this injustice, she never played at Wimbledon. Ora Mae Washington not only dominated the tennis court; but the basketball court too. From 1932-1942, as the center, leading scorer and eventually the coach of the Philadelphia Tribunes, her tenacity helped them win many games and ranked them as in the country. She was given the title of "Best Colored Player In The World". After years of dominating the sports world and 201 tennis/basketball t ...
Today is the first day of Black History Month. Honoring Kareem Abdul-Jabaar who grew up in the Dyckman Houses and former residents of Washington Heights: actor Paul Robeson, musician Count Basie, boxing champion Joe Louis, tennis star Althea Gibson, actress and singer Leslie Uggams, "Why Do Fools Fall in Love's" Frankie Lymons, NYC Mayor David Dinkins, Academy Award nominated actor Laurence Fishburne, and current residents Dance Theater of Harlem stars Antonio Douthit-Boyd and Kirven Douthit Boyd. And honoring our local heroes who make a difference every day, from Mr. Reynolds of Bruce's Garden, Renee Mancino of Carrot Top, Assembly member Herman Denny Farrell, opera singer Roosevelt Andre Credit to . . .
So bizarre listening to an interview with Billie Jean King yesterday on "Meet the Press." First, David Gregory says of King: "Breaking barriers has always been a part of the legendary athlete's life." What barriers did she break? She was outed as a *** she didn't "come out" and break any barriers. Certainly not on purpose, anyway. It gets weirder. King says that while growing up she "had an epiphany about tennis that everybody wore white clothes, white shoes, played with white balls, and everybody who played was white." I guess she never heard of Althea Gibson, or the "Queen of Tennis" Ora Washington, or Lulu Ballard, or ... Arthur Ashe? Anyway, after that "epiphany" she knew she "was going to dedicate the rest of my life to equal rights and opportunities for boys and girls, men and women." Except she didn't. She was outed, and didn't do anything for "equal rights" until much later - long after the game was already integrated and dominated by women. Harry Smith then intones, ominously: "In 1981, she ...
Taking one class strictly on the Jim crow sports era is crazy. thinking people are racist today is nothing compared to what it could have been thanks to some great people ,Jack Robinson,Ernie Davis,Jim Brown,Joe Louis , Muhammad Ali,Jesse Owens, Althea Gibson, Wilma Rudolph etc. if you don't know who some of these people are take the time to realize how much of an impact these people made just through sports, to help bring equality to America
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! I had wanted to personally mail everyone a card, but I depleted my Ray Charles, Althea Gibson, Zora Neale Hurston, John H. Johnson, Barbara Jordan, and other heroes stamps. So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Three African American women who preceded her: Marian Anderson, Leontyne Price, and Althea Gibson.
On this day: In 1978 - 35 years ago - Pope John Paul I died in Vatican City at age 65 after serving only 33 days. In 1993 - 20 years ago - Sgt. Alexander A. Drabik, the first U.S. soldier to cross the Rhine River in Germany during World War II, died in Columbia, Missouri at age 82. In 2003 - 10 years ago - legendary African-American tennis player Althea Gibson died in East Orange, New Jersey at age 76; film director Elia Kazan ("A Streetcar Named Desire", "On the Waterfront", "East of Eden") died in New York City at age 94.
Did you know that Althea Gibson was a Golden Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.?
Good evening! My devotional tonight is by one of our terrific WCS teachers, Heather Walker. It's about her year living in Haiti and it's called Daniel And Me. You can read it at Please continue to keep the mother of one of my players in your prayers as she is critically ill at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center here in Houston. The wonderful lady's name is Althea Gibson. God bless, Steve/Coach Luke 18:1
what about the women? Wilma Rudolph, Flo Jo, Althea Gibson to name a few...
Great crowd taking in local Shelby Rogers facing Grace Min on Althea Gibson Court. 4-1 Min in the first
Althea Gibson (August 25th 1927 - September 28th 2003) was an American tennis player. Gibson turned pro at the...
CONGRATULATIONS to Deputy Chief Linda Knoll on receiving the Althea Gibson Award for Women's Month!!!…
Honoring and celebrating Women's history month at Essex County's 2013 Althea Gibson Leadership Awards. Congrats to all the honorees.
Explore the life of Althea Gibson, who is often referred to as the "female Jackie Robinson" for successfully breaking the color barrier in both tennis and
Fantastic production. Congrats! Glad to see Monica Crowley. Too bad you didn't mention Althea Gibson.
COURAGEOUS WOMAN Typed by Diane Davenport Obtained information from the Amsterdam News Special (American Champions and BARRIER BREAKERS) Althea Gibson (1927-2003) AMBITION In the 1950's, no doubt helped by the successes of Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson, the spirited and ambitious Althea Gibson pushed past color barriers in tennis and golf. Sports were her passion and she simply wanted the opportunity to make a living doing what she loved. While many people dream of a career in sports, their skills aren't strong enough. Althea had the ability, but it was the color of her skin that initially prevented her from making a living as an athlete. Gibson's skill caught the attention of Florida A&M University, which awarded her an athletic scholarship in 1950. But even with her growing list of wins in African-American and international tournaments, Gibson continued to be barred from the most important competitions, which at that time were all-white events. Frustrated, Gibson considered quitting tennis altogether an ...
I will say though that I wish Powell had looked more at athletes like The Williams Sisters, Althea Gibson + Cheryl Miller
***Black History Month*** ; Barbara Jordan ( Texas Congresswoman , Brittney Griner ( women's basketball phenom ), Althea Gibson ( tennis pro, literally broke the color barrier in tennis ), Lori McNiel (tennis veteran who was ranked in the top ten, singles and doubles expert ).
Excuse me if I sometimes fail to say African American History Month as the journey from *** History Week morphed into Black History. As time has moved forward from me being a *** to colored to little black boy to afro american to African American to just being 'my *** to one of my boys it is hard for me to drop the identity of just, as Soledad puts it, being "Black in America." That said: Just four short years ago on the heels of having a black man inaugurated to the highest office in the land the first black man, Eric Holder, was confirmed as US Attorney General. Unlike the story of Jackie Robinson, different sources site golf's black pioneer. Sorry but it is nor was not Eldrick Woods. From John Shippen and Ted Rhodes becoming the first and second black men to play in the US Open to Ann Gregory on to Charles Sifford being the first black to earn a PGA tour card and other groundbreakers like Althea Gibson, Lee Elder and Calvin Peete today marks the birth (1935) of Pete Brown who is considered the ...
For Your FYI: Just once for Black History Month I would like to hear about other black people that helped shape our country. No disrespect intended, but I want to hear people talk about Marian Anderson, James Blake, Elbert Cox, Hiram Revels, Richard Allen, Rita Dove, Althea Gibson, or Dr Mae Jemison. I love what Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks stood for, but what about the ones that came before and after them? How about we hear how Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, founder and first presiding Bishop of the great Church of God in Christ, helped start the great Assembly of God Church with E.N. Bell. A black man and a white man working together so that blacks and whites could worship with one another because laws didn't permit such a thing. Just once I want to hear something different. I'm just saying
I was born in 1925. I have never heard about this horrible deed. The Worst School Massacre In American History Was 'Gun-Free' By Pete Winn December 19, 2012 Subscribe to Pete Winn's posts The worst mass-murder in a school in American history did not involve guns or shooters; it involved a bomb in an elementary school. It didn't take place in Connecticut ; it took place in a rural community in Michigan called Bath. The perpetrator wasn't a young man - he was 55 years old. And the attack did not occur this year or last year - or even this decade. The year was 1927. In an unspeakably horrible crime, Andrew Kehoe killed his wife and family, set his farm on fire - and then set off 500 pounds of explosives in one wing of an elementary school. The blast killed 38 children aged 7 to 14, two teachers and four others -- and the bomber himself. It would have killed more, but 500 pounds of dynamite that he had placed in another wing of the school failed to detonate. He did it 85 years ago -- before the Depre ...
No matter what accomplishnents you make, somebody helped you.-Althea Gibson
It had to be something to see Althea Gibson win Wimbledon in 1957...
Mondays are alot like Jody Fosters speech ... I'm confused at first, then I say to myself, 'we'll get through this- its almost over'... *** please don't start sending me hate posts ;) -
No matter the accomplishment you make,somebody helped you,Althea Gibson
AOL On - A Biography of Althea Gibson: Watch a short biography video of Althea Gibson, the first African-America...
baby This is nothing new. COLON Powell, Jimmy PAGE, ALThea Gibson, Lana DEL Rey...
"it would be dishonest of me to pretend to a feeling that I don't possess" - Althea Gibson
Althea Gibson, Tennis Pro: hollyhock Gibson, Tennis Pro The life of althaea Gibson, a…
Turnin up the heat at Free Fit Camp:Past Althea Gibson Tennis Courts at Cherry Blossom Welcome Center! 10 am! Woooho!
Monday.November 19,2012...Quote of the Day.Collective Work & Resoonsibility Good Morning.Collective Work & Responsibility.No matter what accomplishment you make, somebody help's you.Althea Gibson Whatever any of us achieve, we have to credit the many people who helped us in our development; Let's be proud of our accomplishments. We work hard & deserve our recognition. Let us also remember that we might not have been able to effect them had others left the struggle to Us. We stand on the shoulder's of some powerful people. "In Prosperity Our Friend's Know Us. In Adversity We Know Our Friend's" Only "GOD" Can Judge US!!! Henry 2!!! Holla @ Your Boy!!!
you must never heard of Bob Hayes, Althea Gibson, Sibley Mobly, Frank Marion, Hales Gaither... just to name a few
It played a role come on you forgetting about Jake Gaither, Sibley Mobly, Althea Gibson, and Bob Hayes just to name a few
Give me a fish and I'll eat for a day,Teach me to fish and I'll eat for a life time. The advances that have been made by Women,People of Color has been monumental in my life. For hundreds of years My father,His father and his father. Were given the slightest amount of education respect humility.When one of them rose up. He was quickly killed or his property was taken away,Or he put in jail. That was the fish that was given them. When Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver,Huey Newton of the Panthers rose up. It didn't take long to shut them down. You simply can't fight fire with fire. Women such as Angela Davis, Ms. Shirley Chisum,Ms. Barbara Jordan, Gloria Steinum,Athletic figures such as Ms.Althea Gibson,Billie Jean King. Stood,To lose much in terms of wealth and Career. But they were steadfast in their beliefs. When folk such as Prez Obama comes on the scene many of the Pretenders Black,Brown,white don't quite know what to do. Youcan't sway him with pieces of gold or silver. You can't threaten him with poverty, ...
Jammin to this playlist while my lazy puppy sleeps...reading these books on Althea Gibson so I can finally type this paper! A happy ending usually comes from a sad start...where you are today sets you up for where God wants you to be tomorrow never give up!
On this day in history...1952, Betsy Rawls won LPGA Carrollton Golf Tournament; in 1958, Althea Gibson beats Darlene Hard at 72nd US Womens Tennis; in 1980, John McEnroe & Bjorn Borg stage one of the greatest US Open finals as 21 year old McEnroe fends off Borg to win his 2nd straight title; in 1992, Nancy Lopez won LPGA Rail Charity Golf Classic.
In memory of Michael Faraday, Althea Gibson, and Truman Capote. Happy Birthday, Sean Connery. Past August 25s: 291 B.C. Poison gas first used in warfare by the Chinese. 1840: Joseph Gibbons of Albion, Michigan, patented the seeding machine. 1916: National Park Service is established in the Department of the Interior. 1924: F. Scott Fitzgerald finishes the first draft of “The Great Gatsby” in France 1939: “The Wizard of Oz,” which will become one of the best-loved movies in history, opens in theaters around the United States. 1944: Paris liberated. The Germans surrender the city. 1986: Paul Simon releases his “Graceland” album. (One of the best ever by anyone.) 1994: Jimmy Buffett’s plane flips after taking off from Nantucket. (He swims to safety.)
I just have to share the email birthday card I got from ESPN: "Happy Birthday to someone who would rather be watching sports than reading birthday cards." They told me that I share a birthday with tennis player Althea Gibson and baseball player Rollie Fingers. Speaking of sports, I'm on the verge of sending a sympathy card to the Miami Dolphins. We have a wonderful new quarterback, but we lack one important thing: enough receivers to catch the ball, not drop it and run some yards toward a score. This season I will watch the Dolphins out of loyalty but with no expectations. I will make myself feel better as a sport fan by watching OTHER NFL teams that know how to win games. The Colts, the Giants, and the Broncos look interesting. And I'll be keeping an eagle eye on the progress of Tim Tebow.
And there's more about Althea Gibson here:
On this day: August 22: Teddy Roosevelt goes for a historic ride, tennis player Althea Gibson breaks racial barr...
had total dominance.Such as tennis dating back to Althea Gibson and Bob Ryland.The purse wasn't great but white folks were taking notice.
Another great info for the sports fanatics Althea Gibson was the first black Woman to win the Womens Wimbledon Singles Title in 1957 Wow.!!!
The members of Gastonia Alumnae Chapter of DST love to applaud women who dare to be different. Todays round of applause goes to the Williams sisters: Serena and Venus. Congrats on the victories made this past weekend. Our own soror Althea Gibson, a sports pioneer who broke the color barrier in tennis and was the 1st Black win championships at famous tournaments such as such as the French Open, the United States Open, the Australian Doubles and Wimbledon in the 1950s.
Congratulations to Venus and Serena for winning Wimbledon! I wish Althea Gibson would have lived to see they achieve this. It was thought Zina Garrison was gonna be the first to repeat Gibson's feat t it didnt come until years later with the Williams sisters.
Venus won Wimbledon in 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2008 and here is a video of her glory. No copyright intended, I don't own this clip.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Good Sunday evening, I hope that everyone had a blessed day. I watched Wimbeldon & seen Serena win the singles and Doubles title with her sista Venus. They are history makers for African-Americans, and inspiration for youth of all color to play a wonderful sport. I was inspired by Arthur Ashe & Althea Gibson, who broke many barriers to excel in tennis. I remember When Ashe had a Afro and coached and worked with kids in the 70's. He coached U.S. Davis Cup with John McEnroe,Jimmy Conners, Peter Fleming. They used to beat up the rest of the World when he was coaching. I taught myself how to play, represented Caruthersville's Tennis Team for 3yrs. My Cousin from NY told me that he was inspired to play tennis from me. I applaud the Williams family for bringing 2 of the best players in women's tennis history. When I played doubles last week a man said to the coach,"what are you doing bringing in these Ringers into the competition". He pointed at my me, so I guess my skills & experience are good enough to alter ...
We should never forget those who came before us.
For the past decade, there have been only two names synonymous with winning American tennis. And those two names belong to African-American women: Venus and Serena Williams Have any two Americans since Chris Evert and Billie Jean King done more to revolutionize the pristine, often stuffy game? When ...
Some victories pivotal to African-American advancement in the 1950s occurred by way of boycotts, marches, and legal arguments. For other accomplishments, we have the tenacity,…
Mark this an historic day for Serena and the Black woman who paved the way for her!
3 US Opens, 5 Wimbledon titles, 1 French Open, and 5 Australian Opens. I think it is a matter of sports popularity and what sport is tops. I tend to think that women's tennis in America has been dominated by the racial Majority women with the exception of Althea Gibson. It seems American pop culture is willing to decrease the popularity of a sport that was dominated by images of majority in America and is know somewhat dominated by the Minority. Track is always elevated during the Olympics. What Kersey did is viewed as great because Track is is the Dominant US sport in the Summer Olympics. But to me you have to really look hard at what Serena has accomplished in this era when there is no dominant American tennis player. Wait there is, Serena is America most Dominant Tennis player. It as the Agassi - Pete Sampras era than Serena or Williams sisters era . That is a Historic!!
Interesting parallel you all. Althea Gibson was the FIRST. Now Serena!
I love my self some Serena (with her bad self)...but everyone needs to remember who really paved the way for Black players in tennis!
The front-page headline of the Liverpool Evening Express on July 6, 1957, read "MERSEYSIDE SIZZLES," in reference to the heat wave then gripping not just northern England, but all of Europe.
In 1957, Althea Gibson wins Wimbledon… I bet her success on the court started with an award winning nights sleep … and that’s your Fairfield Inn & Suites Medford History Lesson for the day
List-o-Faves: Tennis II. Who are your all-time favorite female tennis players? Billie Jean or Rosebud? Chrissie or Martina? Venus or Serena? Our Ginny? My top three are: 1. Steffi Graf; 2. Althea Gibson; 3. Monica Seles. Honorable mention: Justine Henin, Gabby Sabatini, Billie Jean King.
On June 28th 1762, the 1st reported counterfeiting of money was attempted in Boston. In 1770, the Quakers opened a school for blacks in Philadelphia. In 1855, the Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded at Miami University. In 1894, Labor Day was established as a federal employees holiday. In 1902, the US bought the rights to build the Panama canal from the French for $40 million. In 1928, Al Smith (NY-Gov) was nominated for president at the Dem Convention. In 1951, "Amos 'n'Andy" premiered on CBS TV. In 1965, the 1st US ground combat forces in Vietnam was authorized by Pres Johnson. In 1968, Daniel Ellsberg was indicted for leaking the Pentagon Papers. In 1971, the Supreme Court overturned the draft evasion conviction of Muhammad Ali. In 1973, the Black Sports Hall of Fame was formed: Paul Robeson, Elgin Baylor, Jesse Owens, Jim Brown, Wilma Rudolph, Joe Louis & Althea Gibson were elected. In 1976, the 1st woman was admitted to Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. In 1977, the Supreme Court allowed Fede ...
1957, I turned 13. I was a teenager. Russia Launched Sputnik, Elvis was drafted and Ford introduced the Edsel. Some of the top songs were Tammy by Debbie Reynolds, Bye Bye Love by the Everly Brothers. Gunsmoke was the top TV show and Have Gun will Travel, Maverick, and Leave it to Beaver were introduced. The Bridge on the River Kwai won the Oscar. Jimmy Hoffa was elected President of the Teamsters. JFK won the Pulitzer for Profiles in Courage. National Guard troops were sent to Little Rock to enforce integration and Althea Gibson was the first Black athlete to win Wimbleton.
in 1957 Althea Gibson won 5 major championships (2 singles and 3 doubles) and went 2 the final in the other won she was N (Australian Open)
It was on the streets of her Harlem neighborhood in the 1940s that teenager Althea Gibson began working on the tennis skills that would take her all the way to winning Wimbledon.
If I had daughters, I'd want them to look up to Billie Jean, Althea Gibson, Chris Evert, Martina...
Bronze statue of civil rights pioneer Althea Gibson dedicated in Essex County
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