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Altered Carbon

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I wish I liked Altered Carbon more than I did.
Going to pick up 3 books today I think. Synners, Neuromancer, and Altered Carbon
Well I know there are some other projects coming up that dip into it. The film Mute for one and Altered Carbon on Netflix.
“Catholics get on well with tyranny. It's in the culture.” . ― Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon
Just came across this.. Sree Rayalseema Hypo is getting into carbon business.. have altered articles.. same as Rain…
Are you already intimately acquainted with the works of William Gibson? If not, start there. Altern…
My brother from another mother! I’m so lucky to have had as my stunt double and teacher on Altered Carb…
I've learned more about the plot through Wikipedia/Smoop. Heard about Snow Crash, it's on my radar. Fan…
3/4 ...production. By that criteria subsequent seasons of Riverdale, DirkGentlys, Altered Carbon, Travellers, & LemonySnickets could all be
Altered Carbon took it to new levels. Hence why it's such a great book. Now Deckard is back, maybe Takeshi should b…
Anyone who enjoyed the original Blade Runner should check out a book called Altered Carbon. Very mature futuristic cyberpunk at its finest.
who called it Altered Carbon and not Diamonds, Another Day
Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan, along with the sequels. Enjoyed the various concepts enormously.
Hi Richard. Any news on when the Altered Carbon TV series hits? Next year?…
Yeah! That’s what Links are for. Escalation should probably be a switch to pull when you wan…
Altered Carbon w/aliens.In the Walled City, minds are the only commodity. Either you trade yours or you steal others to sell.
Like I said I don't read a lot of cyberpunk literature, last I read was probably Altered Carbon and that was a while ago
I love how the pictures you have made in your head while reading a book never fade away. I still remember every scene from Altered Carbon.
ALTERED CARBON- Skydance TV enters deal with Patrick Masset and John Zinman.
NETFLIX's ALTERED CARBON, based on the novel by offers outrage grist for ppl who hadn't read the book.
If you need a respite from the constant news coverage try The Good Place. Descent show. But soon…
Oooh, did you start with Altered Carbon or Black Man/Thirteen?
I’m still waiting for that Altered Carbon show Netflix was talking about
I just added Altered Carbon to my library!
But why stop at 1990. Humanity has altered the carbon cycle for much longer than that. But also a bit…
So Amazon is making Snow Crash, Altered Carbon is coming to Netflix, Blade Runner comes next week, and set Deus Ex on hiatus?
Did you know that Miguel Sapochnik, one of the Directors of James Purefoy's up-and-coming "Altered Carbon"...~Jan ...
With that and Altered Carbon coming, my early twenties are crying with joy.
Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon, another of my favourites, is coming from Netflix next year as well - going to be a big year for scifi tv
I've no books to keep for Saraswati pooja. Altered Carbon it is, then.
This will pair nicely with Netflixs Altered Carbon adaptation. Cyberpunk hype
The EPA killed more references to climate change and carbon dioxide on their website
I'm pretty interested in how Netflix is going to pull off Altered Carbon least they aren't…
One of my favorite things about Altered Carbon is when describes a table as "shin-hungry."
Uh, this was half snark. It’s usually more like punishment or accident. Plot point in Neurom…
In terms of authors I've found Richard K Morgan writes awesome dialogue in his books. Alt…
3.5 stars to Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs) by Richard K. Morgan on LibraryThing
If you've not read Richard Morgan, get onto Altered Carbon
On page 235 of 526 of Altered Carbon, by Richard K. Morgan
I'm excited that Altered Carbon is going to be a Netflix series, and not a Joel Silver-produced film, as it was originally suggested.
I'm reading Richard Morgan's Broken Angels.Before that re-read Altered Carbon (doesn't count as read it 8 years ago)
Congrats to the homie Still wish didn't have to make the white dude the lead though.
When U fall asleep & opening your eyes here he is... to cast in 'Altered Carbon’... &
Altered Carbon on Netflix and Miguel is directing the first episode on it. I am literally crying tears of joy.
Martha Higareda/James Purefoy will star alongside Joel Kinnaman in filming here starting in November.
Take a look! James Purefoy to co-star in a new Netflix’s futuristic drama series, Altered Carbon! ~Jan...
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Huzzah! I just found out that Altered Carbon is going to be on Netflix. It was a fantastic read. I hope Land Fit for Heroes gets picked up.
3 people found your book recommendation for 'Altered Carbon' to be helpful this week. thanks! -
Yeah, it's annoying! They did the same thing with the Takeshi Kovacz series (Altered Carbon). I read the print version instead
I hope that Altered Carbon Netflix series is good because its by the same screenwriter.
Looks like the plot of Netflix Altered Carbon is going to be a little different than the book...
During my vacation I read English fiction translated to Finnish for the first time in a while. (Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan.)
If you'll go for sci fi noir, read "Altered Carbon" by Richard K Morgan - Also fantastic!
That said, we're getting Altered Carbon on Netflix, so maybe the day will come?
YES to all this. Miéville's NewCrobuzon trilogy, Morgan's Altered Carbon & Reynolds Revelation Space rule the roost.
If you're in the mood for gritty sci-fi, read Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan.
4 of 5 stars to Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan
just finished altered carbon lady week. Superb book. Did u know they're making a series?
hopefully we'll get that again with the Altered Carbon netflix series. The books are breathtaking. The scope, the ambition.
Reading some Richard Morgan books like Altered Carbon again. Related:
our TV dept working on Altered Carbon actually works at 4k now though, no upscaling allowed. Tv is ahead of film.
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Our transport of carbon from ground to sky has altered the atmosphere much like a comet’s impact
FYI: Altered Carbon will be a (hard) R-rated sci fi show, Netflix's answer to GoT
This week's is "Altered Carbon" by Richard K. Morgan. I wish I liked it as much as my neighbor did.
Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan was a very good book. Can't wait for the adaptation.
re-listening to Richard K Morgan's 13, he does cyberpunk well, give Altered Carbon a try (Audio versions is great)...
On page 207 of 471 of Altered Carbon, by Richard K. Morgan
Richard K Morgan - Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, Woken Furies. His world building and character development is top tier.
Larry Niven is one of my fav authors. Love his short stories the most. Also, have you read Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan?
Richard K Morgan's Altered Carbon focuses more on human advancements than megacity
Actually, I say that. Charles Stross' "The Glasshouse" was pretty good, as were the "Altered Carbon" trilogy by Richard Morgan.
I hope Altered Carbon does well so they get to the space archaeology of Broken Angels ... and hopefully inspire Morgan to write more.
you should read Altered Carbon by Richard K Morgan
Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan is a good one
The Sirens of Titan by Vonnegut. Valis by PK *** Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan. The Hunter by …
have you ever read anything by Richard Morgan? I loved Altered Carbon-- noir, gritty, and sci-future.
Deciding what book series I should start next. Thinking either Daniel Abraham's Long Price Quartet or Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan.
some of my favs are, Neuromancer, Snow Crash, Diamond Age, Altered Carbon, Ware Tetraology, Holy Fire
"And make no mistake about this: being taken seriously, being considered dangerous, marks the difference - the only difference in their eyes - between players and little people. Players they will make deals with. Little people they liquidate. And time and again they cream your liquidation, your displacement, your torture and brutal executions with the ultimate insult that it's just business, it's politics, it's the way of the world, it's a tough life, and that it's nothing personal. Well f[---] them. Make it personal." -Richard K. Morgan, "Altered Carbon"
"Nova Praxis rips off the singularity and transhuman elements from Eclipse Phase." See, here's the thing. As is pointed out in the video below, Eclipse Phase didn't invent the concept of the Technological Singularity (ask John von Neumann who first talked about it in the 50's), nor the idea of transhumanity. In fact, Eclipse Phase very clearly "rips off" aspects of Altered Carbon, Revelation Space, and many others. And so did Nova Praxis. And Nova Praxis also goes on to "rip off" Mass Effect, Deus Ex, and other inspirational sources. That's how fiction works. But the idea that anyone can "rip off" the concept of the singularity and transhumanism is laughable. These are not niche genre traits invented by a single author. They are cultural and technological movements. You can call it "transhuman sci-fi", but it's really just "sci-fi". It's the way things are going. It's the most reasonable and likely path for humanity's future currently proposed in fiction. I've said it many times, and I'll say it again her ...
Last night I finished reading "Altered Carbon", a cyberpunk Noir thriller. The universe is based around the conceit that human personalities & memories can be digitised, transmitted, and downloaded into fresh bodies (or "sleeves"). The tale follows Takeshi Kovacs, a mercenary hired (against his will) to uncover the mysterious death of billionaire Lauren's Bancroft. It's very good.
Anything by William Gibson, "Snow Crash"by Neal Stephenson (one of my favorites), Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan
Red Mars is by Kim Stanley Robinson. I'd look at Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon and Black Man.
he won a Hugo award with his first novel, Altered Carbon. He writes his fantasy very much like cyberpunk, but it isn't as good imo
Listening to "Altered Carbon" by Richard Morgan... pretty good, kind of a Blade Runner-esk thing going on
Market Forces (Paperback): From the award-winning author of Altered Carbon and Broken Angels–a turbocharged new ...
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