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Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain (born 17 September 1953 in Karachi) is the founder and leader of the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM).

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none is taking serious Altaf Hussain these days.
till the time ur PM is busy in Panama Leaks, forget us being sleepless. Lol. Next time, vote for Altaf Hussain
No one can eliminate Altaf Hussain.. . So please you quit politics - https:/…
Imtaiz Alam , Marvi Sirmed & Hafeezullah Niazi call for lifting of ban on Chief Altaf Hussain .
Hong Kong Based university professor 'Gregory James' has used "Altaf Hussain excerpts" from his lectures. Sorry...
Oh, I am sorry. I was talking about Altaf Hussain. I have no idea who bhensa is or the page.
ppl need to study Altaf Hussain as an ideology not as a political leader to undrstan…
Altaf Hussain of London is daily wager of MI6...he is a murderer... Extortionist.., traitor.. And anti Muslim#
And these are the boys havin no more imp than mamnoon hussain in their homes😂and looks like altaf bhai😑
however I don't need to prove my loyalties with Altaf Hussain to anyone & yes I'm NO…
21st January the day to show Pak Establishment We Were,We are & We will be loyal to Altaf Hussain until our last br…
Is it me or someone else is also missing Altaf Hussain's antics that we used to see on national TV?
Thank you Mr Altaf Hussain for sending the beautiful Quran gift at my sister's wedding. It means a lot. ht…
Altaf Hussain bhai is our founder but you are dividing his followers by this negative propaganda.
Lafazi se kaam nhi chalega we are with Altaf Hussain bhai since decades and facing the same rough time but u r abus…
OK if it is so then who the *** are you to bash MQM representatives since august 23rd? Before that you never suppo…
Isn't it strange that he is loyal to Altaf Hussain but not an worker of Altaf Hussain's party? Bolo na yar k pese l…
QeT Mr. Altaf Hussain expressed deep sorrow over the sad demise of Senior Journalist Rauf Shaikh. RIP
BHC Says Pakistan has not provided enough evidence against Altaf Hussain
In these Anil kapoor pics, replace Sheikh Rasheed n Imran Khan with Altaf Hussain and PTI with MQM and just imagine the…
Mohajirs nation sympathies are with Altaf Hussain and Pervaiz Musharraf's sympathies are with Mohajirs .
Scotland Yard confirms to MQM that money-laundering case involving Altaf Hussain and others is over after investigation…
What a sane voice. Listen to this Punjabi journalist & see yourself what he has to say about Altaf Hussain.
Mr Nasir what can i say about the person who can defend Altaf Hussain..
Replace pervez Khattak with Altaf Hussain; replace PTI with MQM; replace Pattan with Muhajir. Only then pakistan media w…
Can someone explain me the difference bw what Altaf Hussain & Sheikh Mujeeb said and what Pervez Khattak is saying??. Articl…
It appears all four brothers in corruption Zardari, Nawaz & Shahbaz, MolanaF & Altaf Hussain have joined forces against you.
Neither attended Altaf Hussain's speeches nor cheered for him, Khawaja Izhar tells court: KARACHI (Dunya News) –…
Blind judgment in Pak.This is the law 4 a traitor here. 4 Altaf Hussain they demand Article 6, & forgive https:/…
MQM legislators pay little heed to Altaf Hussain's appeal for resignations, MQM tell Altaf he's no longer the leader ht…
Would MQM Pakistan disown Dr Azeem Ahmed Tariq and Dr Imran Farooq? . PS:They been called "Traitor" like Altaf Hussain from the same quarter
MQM seeks to invoke Article-6 against Altaf Hussain: KARACHI: Following categorical dissociation from its former Quaid over anti *** ..
MQM lawmakers call Altaf Hussain 'traitor' instead of 'Quaid'.
Altaf Hussain proposes referendum by the People... Quaid Altaf Hussain Istehkaam-e-Pakistan
I wish Altaf Bhai, my Quaid, My Leader many happy returns for the day long live Altaf Hussain
Happy 63rd Birthday to my beloved Quaid & father of nation Altaf Hussain. Long live Altaf. https:/…
Altaf Hussain lives in Hearts of people, youth, old, everyone!!. Karachi Celebrates!!.
Why is Malik Riaz still making a University named after Altaf Hussain? ht…
if you think 'Altaf Hussain university' should be renamed to 'Abdul-Sattar-Edhi university'. Malik Riaz must do thi…
Imran demands official ban on Altaf Hussain from taking part in politics, Support Farooq Sattar to prove himself
People of Karachi have unanimously denounced Altaf Hussain's comments: Haroon al-Rashid.
- Dr Imran Farooq Wedding Pictures with Altaf Hussain -. This video is about Dr. Imran Farooq (Late) wedding...
MQM people cannot work without Altaf Hussain: .
MQM people cannot work without Altaf Hussain: Ali Zaidi
Outside Farooq Sattar's home in PID , the new location from which new MQM is operating , poster of Altaf Hussain.
What a fall from grace- Mohajirs from being led by giants like Liaquat Ali Khan/Raja of Mahmudabad to Altaf Hussain
My dream is to meet leader of Empowering nation "ALTAF HUSSAIN" atleast once in my life. .
Like Altaf Hussain Geo would also say creation of PAKISTAN as the biggest blunder !!
You should raise your voice for ban on Altaf Hussain as well,he is also as patriotic as Dr.Shahid Masood
Q : If Nawaaz Sharif, Zardari and Altaf Hussain fall off a tall building, who will survive?. A : Pakistan
. only shahid why not Altaf Hussain?
Where was this sprit gone when they banned Altaf Hussain?
. If u raised the Voice for Altaf Hussain bhai when they banned him. Today thi will not happened
. if Altaf Hussain is your leader . FAV . for Imran Khan
Even after ban, ARY put Dr.Shahid on air today should resign.Bans R effective on Altaf Hussain only.
Indians are not cowards and Altaf Hussain sounds like Sonu Nigam
Altaf hussain and Mahmood Achakzai are traitors but Imran Khan isn't? They never said what IK is saying https:/…
National action plan applies only on Altaf Hussain. Is this not hate speech against army by Imran Khan in India? https:…
PTI now crying that 19th amendment has been violated after passage of Cyber crime bill,but celebrated the same when Altaf Hussain was gagged
For God sake pls don't say a word on ban what do u think about Altaf Hussain
Imagine the reaction if QeT Altaf Hussain had said what Mehmood Khan Achakzai and Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman said about the Qu…
Nation remained silent when article 19th of the constitution was disregarded in Altaf Hussain speech ban case, now everyone will suffer.
Cyber crime bill is against 19th ammendment pertaining to freedom of expression but one mustn't forgot Altaf Hussain case which is similar
My Leader QET Altaf Hussain and my Mayor-Elect Waseem Akhtar have the vote and support of millions. Play all you want, don…
A defamatory speech against the army warrants dozens of FIRs against Altaf Hussain. Why no action against the outlawed
criminal & anti state is only RAW agent Altaf Hussain,he is the killer of Dr Imran Farooq amjad sabri shame on u
Army Officials remain in contact with Altaf Hussain since 20 Years. .
Try this satire on Qaim Ali Shah, Altaf Hussain, Bilawal Billo, Shahbaz Shareef. U don't c these real life cartoons?
Indian Muslims know India is heaven, ask Adnan Sami, Salma Agha etc, your own Altaf Hussain begged for asylum
Why the *** are they investigating against Dr. Zakir Naik? Why on earth does no one investigate against Altaf Hussain?
Nawaz Sharif-Asif Zardari & Altaf Hussain,why r they so incompetent & greedy ? As they were created & groomed by Generals of lesser IQ.
Altaf Hussain,M Anwer,Tariq Mir,Saeed,Faheem,Tahir,Nasir & many of accepted in courts & that they r RAW
Ya Karachi will Vote to become Part of Altaf Hussain's London House lol. In a land of blind the one-eyed man in KING.
The founder & leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr.Altaf Hussain said that he would endorse the decision of all. 1/1
Despite all the allegations people of Hyderabad are still with QET Altaf Hussain bhai.
Latest Pictures of Altaf Hussain bhai. We love you bhai we are with you bhai
People of Karachi apart 4m Altaf Hussain & also Mustafa Kamal.At this critical time, their projecting of them as leaders will
Non-bailable arrest warrants again for MQM chief Altaf Hussain and 20 other senior party leaders
Pakistan has given Sadiq Khan to London, and London has given Altaf Hussain to Pakistan. Saroor Ijaz cannot improve upon this.
we vote to Altaf Hussain & kite not any known person! MK you neverget mohajirs single vote until ur last breath
(1/12) Altaf Hussain demands judicial inquiry on the death of Aftab Ahmed Chief Justice of Supreme Court and Chief
Is this warning, given by chief Altaf Hussain, meant for Rangers or Mustafa Kamal & Co?
Khalid Shamim alleges in video that chief Altaf Hussain was involved in Imran Farooq’s murder
no that Altaf Hussain does not have freedom of speech because he is a 2nd class Urdu speakin…
BREAKING: Jon Snow declared Altaf Hussain to be his successor - Farooq Sattar.
Mustafa Kamal today reaffirmed what we had been saying all along: the tyranny of Altaf Hussain including on his own suppo…
ALTAF BHAI is great leader in the World. We Love Altaf Hussain bhai. http…
Once upon a time Altaf Hussain declared Mustafa Kamal best Mayor of the world & finally MK declares AH a RAW agent.. http…
News: Altaf Hussain appreciates for courageous response
Altaf Hussain appreciates for courageous response
No, don't want likes of foreign educated Benazir and IK but then Local Educated Are Nawaz Shareef and Altaf Hussain.
So u mean a PK origin is the litmus test for sm1 to b pro Pkstani. Y do we have altaf Hussain then?. StupidPplGalore
People are talking abut Imran Khan asif zardari nawaz shareef being in London what about altaf hussain
Cute baby lover to altaf hussain bhai
I just clapped over the speech of my leader Altaf Hussain & if clapping is crime then I will commit this crime again & again - Rauf Siddiqui
Altaf Hussain of MQM too was declared a RAW agent last week by pak media
Watch LIVE address of QT Altaf Hussain Bhai on to elected representatives of Local Govt.
leader Altaf Hussain that was critical of the military.
MQM party leader Altaf Hussain…” A few excerpts relating to MQM from the report are being reproduced below. Readers could access the
Make a deal. You take our Altaf Hussain and Nawaz Sharif family, we will accommodate . Deal? :-)
On your face Mr all kinds of Niazi and over smart Kamal! . Clarification of over RAW & Altaf Hussain
Not only Altaf Hussain there are many more RAW Agents in Pak Politics but we are shy to call em Traitors,just think look around & analyse
Youth by the orders of Altaf Hussain became RAW agents
founder Altaf Hussain addressing to elected representatives in Karachi,Hyderabad,MIirpurkhas & other cities.
MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain Addressing to elected representatives of local government of Karachi and Hyderabad
Office bearers of listening QeT Altaf Hussain at Zonal Office
When i objected on a controversial speech of Altaf Hussain in Delhi in 2005 Gen Musharraf angrily told me "Altaf Hussain i…
Peoples show solidarity with Founder & Leader of Mr Altaf Hussain |
" PEMRA issued directive in reaction to news channels airing a speech by MQM leader Altaf Hussain that was critical of the A…
British authorities gave briefing to Rehman Malik regarding Altaf Hussain's RAW links when he was *** via
Altaf Hussain never ever talk about pm or president ship he is just a Quaid of us first collect information abt altaf bhai
PM Nawaz Sharif should see same veterinary doctor in London who treats Altaf Hussain bhai: MQM Rabita Comedy
QeT Altaf Hussain bhai speaking to Lines Area Sector saathis at 5am.
QET Altaf Hussain bhai will be on Web TV soon. Important personality joining the Party. . Please convey this message to all Sath
All set for today's General Workers Convention & address of QeT Altaf Hussain to workers! .
FIA prepares charge-sheet against MQM chief Altaf Hussain and Mohommad Anwar: According to details, the FIA ha...
QET Altaf Hussain bhai will address the residents of NA 245 on 2nd April.
Our spiritual leader only Altaf Hussain bhai.
And that's MQM and it's chief Mr. Altaf Hussain who r fighting on their own to these religious extremist.
Altaf Hussain's former chief of staff and confidante defects to Mustafa Kamal group, asks Altaf to return to PAK https:…
I believe his confessions ll include links to chief Mr. Altaf Hussain. Further endorsing the "rumours" about his connection with +
Mustafa Kamal Blast on Altaf Hussain for Making University With the Funding of Malik Riaz
Ali don't forget Anwar and Altaf Hussain. RAW agents, almost caught! .
The Nation Newspaper: Qet Altaf Hussain Bhai asks COAS to extend friendly hand to
The Nation Newspaper: Altaf Hussain asks COAS to extend friendly hand to
was seeing some very old speeches of Altaf Hussain,. like every other story this man's rise is a story of...
Those who were spreading rumors about wellbeing of my Quaid Altaf Hussain,today are in state of shock after see him
Rangers Stop killing Muhajir's MQM Workers If we Love Altaf Hussain why you are Afraid?
Shahid afridi is altaf hussain of cricket..
Congratulations to my great Quaid and " FATHER OF OPPRESSED NATION " ALTAF HUSSAIN on.
I added a video to a playlist Altaf hussain funny dance MQM
Altaf Hussain withdraws resignation on 'insistence' of workers. Read:
what's ur manifesto else opposing Altaf hussain
his party. Presently, broadcasting of Altaf Hussain’s speeches in Pakistan is not allowed by Lahore High Court. Due to which
friendly hand to MQM London - Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has requested Chief of Army Staff General Raheel
If every thing published/shown by channel is considered true, then Altaf Hussain must be included in dead people.
Leader of The Nation: Altaf Hussain by - via
shahid afridi is altaf Hussain of cricket
Altaf Hussain to his party supporters who are leaving MQM.
Exclusive Video of Altaf Hussain Dancing in MQM’s 32nd Foundation Day: via
The Model of One of Oldest "Sathii" of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai.. ☺.
Message of Haider Abbas Rizvi from Parliament Hill Canada, protesting against illegal ban on QeT Altaf Hussain... https:…
GNG It is because of Khan Sahb that today Altaf Hussain is getting exposed by his own workers
The 3 crimes of Altaf Hussain which made him national joker of https…
Widow and sons of Dr Imran Farooq, poses for a picture with the MQM leader Altaf Hussain
let them bark.they r in shock after ban on their father "ALTAF HUSSAIN"
So Nabil Gabol & media, still you will say, it was Baber Ghouri in disguise of Altaf Hussain? 😂
Altaf hussain was exampted from Money Laundering case because of his relationship of RAW. Arrest him
A man lives in UK. Funded by india . Running a terrist organization in Pakistan. Guess who?. Yes he is Altaf Hussain.
What if Altaf Hussain was offering 'Parnaam' instead of Imran Khan?
You must've heard of Iron Man, Bat Man. Now we present to you, RAW Man who is Altaf Hussain
Update your maps at Navteq
The MQM leader taking on Altaf Hussain in Karachi
On March 18, 1984 Mohajir Qaumi Movement was formed by APMSO and Altaf Hussain to safeguard Mohajir Rights.
we had a huge number of corrupt politicians for example 1.Altaf Hussain 2.Nawaz Sharif 3.Asif Ali Zardari come on now fam
If you are with me boycott Altaf Hussain..Don't hate his workers, they are our own people, they aren't traitors. Altaf…
Anis Advocate, once Altaf Hussain's chief of staff n bodyguard, will join Mustafa Kamal group too but waiting 4 the rig…
Difference after Rangers operation in Khi: billboards displaying pictures of Mumtaz Qadri instead of Altaf Hussain
Sarfraz Merchant is closed friend / Activst of PM / Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif. He neither belongs to MQM nor Altaf Hussain
I was told that Sarfraz Merchant is a British national like Altaf Hussain. Is it true?
Altaf Hussain says traitor group within MQM first claimed that they will hold a jalsa in Jinnah ground but later it was changed
Senior leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Nadeem Nusrat strongly denied the death of Altaf Hussain
Altaf Hussain is All Fine and Healthy: MQM: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has quashed down all the...
Altaf Hussain is in Rehab from alcohol addiction for 6 months ". Mustafa Kamal is the new leader of MQM ". Ch-Nasir .
How much more evidence is needed about Altaf Hussain and that he got funds from Govt must arrest anti…
close friends, CLOSED . meeting Mr. Altaf Hussain, who is at RISK?.
The buggers are moving court to bring back diamond Kohe Noor from British Queen.but can't get terrorist Altaf Hussain deported:)
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Pic7: QeT Altaf Hussain addressed to the workers at Nine Zero!. https:/…
Last night, while addressing workers Altaf Hussain abused me. Well, this is not new -I am sure he abuses his daughter …
You will be surprised but it’s not a secret . the person who helped Altaf Hussain to flee Pakistan was Ch. Nisar
Imran Khan was to first to question on mental condition and wrongdoings of Altaf Hussain.
From 'Bhai' to 'Sahib', Mustafa Kamal takes on Altaf Hussain: KARACHI (Dunya News) – After years of absence from the...
Phir Kehte hain ke Altaf Hussain se chutkara kun nahi milta...: If you will be honest with yourself, everyone ...
"Maslay ka hal Altaf Hussain hain" . Yea and Nawaz Shariff is not bald!
hassan nisar wrote in his column that Altaf Hussain ko critisize kar kay support nahin miltI. That is his mistake
Dr.Imran Farooq was the linked to RAW along with Mohammad Anwar, Tariq Meer along with Altaf Hussain.
Altaf Hussain = 0 performance in Karachi but still called BHAI. Afridiot = 0 in Cricket yet called Boom Boom. Noora + Zardari …
High Court will hear the case of ban on media coverage of founder Altaf Hussain today.MQM's lawyers & leadershi…
Zulfiqar Mirza is the pet man of those who imposed media ban on Altaf Hussain.
Altaf Hussain's lovers celebrating valentines night with fumes of our beloved QeT at Nine Zero.
" Altaf Hussain has run his brutal Pakistani political empire by remote control, shrouded in luxurious exile in London" - NYT
No action has been taken against the extra-judicial killings of our workers - Altaf Hussain
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As Many as 50 innocent workers have been extra-judicially killed by Rangers &as many as 150 are missing - Altaf Hussain
Appeal to Lahore High Court fulfill the justice & Lift ban on the speech of Altaf Hussain.
Khalid Shameem, the captured killer of Dr. Imran confirms what we knew always -- Altaf Hussain is a triple agent for RA…
What first thing comes in your mind when you think of Altaf Hussain
Memo or Articles -Any1 has ever read any Memo or newspaper article or Co-op ever written by Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, AAZ
The new Mayor & Deputy Mayor will give you new surprises all over the world. Says, Altaf Hussain.
"I also like artists, just like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan." -QeT Altaf Hussain.
Quaid-e-Azam's resignation led to the slogan of separate country for muslims - Altaf Hussain
Altaf Hussain pays tributes to martyrs
Army should end misgivings about MQM: Altaf Hussain
Conspiracy to murder Imran Farooq hatched in Pak & UK by Altaf Hussain, Anwar, Iftikhar, Moazam, Mohsin and Khalid.
FIR against Altaf Hussain simply a tactic of Army not to handover killers of Dr. Imran Farooq to ThankU R…
Chaudry Nisar is more interested in lodging FIR against Altaf Hussain than Maulana Abdul Aziz of who is sitting in his backyard!
Imran farooq murder case FIR registered against Altaf Hussain by FIA in Pakistan.
Time of registering Imran Farooq murder case FIR, against Altaf Hussain on LB Election Day is wrong decision, PP leader Moul…
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FIA registers case against Altaf Hussain and others, in Dr. Imran Farooq murder case
Case against MQM leader Altaf Hussain in Dr Imran Farooq murder case is of zero value to British investigators
The FIR on Imran Farooq case is registered to save Altaf Hussain so no need to get excited on that FIR
FIA registered a case against MQM chief Altaf Hussain in the murder of former MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq.: F...
Altaf Hussain booked in Imran Farooq murder case
Imran Farooq murder Case: Altaf Hussain, other top MQM leaders nominated in FIR.
I challenge Ch Nisar to arrest the convicted criminals, who were involved in Asghar Khan Case - Altaf Hussain
FIA nominates MQM's Altaf Hussain, Muhammad Anwar and Iftikhar Hussain in FIR of Imran Farooq murder case
Lucman is back Wikileaks revealed that, Altaf Hussain is an Indian intelligent agent: via
Liaquat Ali Khan was shot in broad day light, no one was ever arrested for his murder - Altaf Hussain
I promise you, in our province there will be no discrimination against the minorities - Altaf Hussain
MQM founder Altaf Hussain strongly condemned attack on Rangers in Ittehad Town, Karachi.
Someday I will read "Falsafa e Muhabbat" by Altaf Hussain and "Chah e Yousaf say Sada" by Yousaf Raza Gillani, but there r more imp books.
Dr Farooq sattar speech at the House of Parliament regarding Altaf Hussain media blackout ! .
The Apex court upheld the temporary order of the Lahore High Court banning Altaf Hussain speech. This is the supermacy of law.
The article blames Altaf Hussain to dvlp armed wing in Party. https:…
has exposed Altaf Hussain in his article https:…
. .has written this article agnst Altaf Hussain in ‘The Guardian’:
4: Ground , Azizabad. . Felicitating the new leadership on behalf of MQM chief Altaf Hussain, Adil Khan and Rizwan Baber
. must read and share. Altaf Hussain ... Tribute to Rangers and DG Rangers Bilal Akbar.
Amidst violence in India, Mubasher Luqman thrashes Altaf Hussain for seeking help from India and RAW
subject if it can be proved not like Ayan Ali and Altaf Hussain
the system which can not bring Ayan Ali to justice what he will do with AAZ, NS nd Altaf Hussain.
Mind your language, Asma Jehangir is most respectable whereas Altaf Hussain leading a party. oppose but with decency
Ch Nisar speaking to Kashif Abbasi that the agencies working in Pakistan wants to kill Altaf Hussain in London.
PTI Asim Khan Speech on 10 Downing Street in London at Protest against Altaf Hussain 26th July 2015 -
Yet another murder conspiracy of MQM's F&L Altaf Hussain is revealed by Ch.NISAR.
Agree Adil Bhai :** you are love! you should ask, We love you like Altaf Hussain loves Pakistan :*
Anchor Mubashir Lucman alleges that Altaf Hussain's father was born in Jhang, Punjab
Actually, Altaf Hussain's cousin, Iftikhar Hussain who lives with him, was arrested in UK for Imran Farooq murder. http:/…
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Right Now Only 2 persons are in Demand in 1. Ayan Ali. 2. Altaf Hussain
Lahore High Court seeks affidavit, that Altaf Hussain won't speak against the state
Case against Altaf Hussain's speech ban in Lahore High Court today. Guess who was Altaf Hussain's Lawyer??. None other than Atma Jahangir.
Media blackout of Altaf Hussain, leader of a major political party, while Hafiz Saeed and Fazlur Rehman Khalil still regu…
Mazhar Abbas Telling That what Will Happen with Altaf Hussain on Imran Farooq Murder Case: via
We want peace not just in Karachi but in every corner of Pakistan - Altaf Hussain
Mazhar Abbas Telling That what is going to Happen with Altaf Hussain: via
The Messages of APMSO spread out from Karachi university and Altaf Hussain founded MQM on 18 March 1984
No force of the world can separate Altaf Hussain & his lovers : Dr Farooq Sattar
people who support Malik Riaz or Altaf Hussain should read about Pablo Escobar. helping few of the poor does not mean one is clean.
Just when Zahra Shahid was killed, Imran blamed Altaf Hussain for her murder w/ investigations thats why
Ali u will b father of Altaf Hussain not DrQadri, v r not getting used u r blind & zameer farosh
TuQ is brother of Altaf Hussain make people like u fool & enjoys his life in Canada&Europe
must be a ban on the broadcast of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain's speeches
Amazing --> LHC bans Altaf Hussain's speeches but was sleeping when Imran Khan would say 'Oaye' to the police and govt every day for weeks
founder leader Altaf Hussain strongly condemned the attacks on Pakistani border areas by Army.
Breaking : QeT Altaf Hussain strongly condemn attacks on Pakistani border areas by Indian Army.
London Metropolitan police seek 3-month extension to hold cash seized from the residence of MQM chief Altaf Hussain
Altaf terms Karachi operation biased: KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has claimed that he can…
Please post your comments on QeT Altaf Hussain's exclusive interview
Fr. fr shozub look like if someone took altaf Hussain and stretched him out in … — that was. creative?. mad props
Dear Media: Before jumping the gun kindly wait for final statement from QeT Altaf Hussain regarding decision on MQM's resi…
What a shame moment for all those who Voted and supported MQM look at their faces its all because of Altaf Hussain failed policies
on ijma, ijtehad being cast aside. altaf hussain: is my telephonic interview 'jaiz'?. safi: yes. . AH: where is it written…
Video: Mr Altaf Hussain's exclusive interview with Saleem Safi in Special Jirga on Geo
Establishment didn't want Pakistan to see patriotism of Altaf Hussain that's why was banned.
Dear Dawn says you were specifically named by Altaf Hussain for deceiving him. Is bori ready?
LEA's do not like to know truth and honest comments of Altaf Hussain for obvious reasons.
If Altaf Hussain can b banned from Pakistan, it shouldn't be so hard to ban Indian content. What's in it for media to promo…
“Workers and sympathizers of the MQM and Haq Parast people of the country asked 1/2 featured in NBC s Science of Love
“Imposing ban on live address and telecast of recorded 1/2
MQM announce Rs.10mln cash prize for any pointing out any controversial remark.
to watch that interview and foil all conspiracies for maligning the MQM”.
Yeah True Karachi is the best Example no one can rule Karachi by force People of Karachi Love Altaf Hussain and MQM :)
Again copying Altaf Hussain, but you can't even reach his leadership level.
From Azeem Tariq to Dr Imran Farooq, all were killed by Altaf Hussain. Now it is turn of Rasheed Godail
News: Altaf Hussain did not send any letter to Indian High Commission in
QeT Altaf Hussain on آپس کی بات۔ -with Najam Sethi, very constructive conversation for the betterment of the country.
I don't know Why Nawaz Sharif Shahbaz Sharif Zardari and Altaf Hussain are alive. they should die . Pakistan Army Zindabad
Why Hussain Haqqani, Altaf Hussain & Mushahid Ullah Khan have been treated differently??? Just because they are all non punjabis???
In the Blackmailers Club Asif Zardari,Nawaz Sharif,Altaf Hussain ,Maulana Fazloo and Asfandyar Wali are very active
Altaf Hussain comments on members' resignations.
Altaf Hussain ,Zardari,Asfandyar Wali and other leaders can't afford to remain silent on the massive and ugly child sex scandal in Punjab
If a person is as corrupt as Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Altaf Hussain then he can win in Pakistan.
Strongly condemn Altaf Hussain's letter to UN seeking external intervention in our affairs & his invitation to India to i…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
UK govt must stop allowing its territory to be used by its citizen Altaf Hussain to advocate violence & external interven…
Shocked! Sheikh Rasheed is truly the exception today, as he's clearly sympathising with the madman Altaf Hussain!!.
Sheikh Rasheed says Altaf Hussain's speech created problems for Muhajirs, Pakistan will exist till Qiyamat, dont see goo…
Tirade proves Altaf Hussain working for the enemies of Pakistan:
Scotland Yard hang or put Altaf Hussain behind bars for life or accept his hunger strike request and don't allow him to cheat.
"Our demand is clear we want Mohajir province. We should be provided our right." -QeT Altaf Hussain.
The last 37 years i have been fighting for the rights of victims , Altaf Hussain .
Altaf Hussain has taken charge of protest outside MQM office in London. He's shattered. We will show him on Saturday wh…
Malik Riaz brought zardari close to Altaf Hussain.
Malik Riaz, Altaf Hussain & Zardari nexus back in action again to resist operation against PPP.
Malik Riaz is also pushing Altaf Hussain to give statements against DHA for the same reason.
leader Altaf Hussain is upset with the central coordination committee members in and
Pakistan Army Suffering From Internal Fissures - Altaf Hussain chief thinks. Is he right?
News: Altaf Hussain condoles with senior worker Shah Jahan Begum on the death of her husband
Social media users of Pakistan demand MQM chief Altaf Hussain to observe hunger strike in front of Rangers
What an effort.. Hats off. . of Altaf Hussain 😂
When Urdu speaking families have always been deprived of their rights only Altaf Hussain came forward to help us.
Courts got Jiyala & BHAI Judges sir, I got a Qs, Why don't Altaf Hussain come back to Pakistan? A Very simple Qs.
Altaf Hussain bhai himself, is to blame for the recent rangers raid at 90 MQM .. zaban ko lagaam dien!
QeT Altaf Hussain bhai live right now;
3 FIRs have been registered against MQM chief Altaf Hussain in Jacobabad for his hatred/provocative speeches against Army and Rangers.
Workers of religious parties in Jacobabad submit application for filing of case against MQM chief Altaf Hussain.
Scotland Yard launches probe into another controversial speech by MQM chief Altaf Hussain
Ch Nisar Ali Khan has strongly reacted to a recent speech by MQM chief Altaf Hussain terming it unacceptable and condemnable
News from London is the authorities have decided to reopen investigations into MQM chief Altaf Hussain's "hate speech"
chief Altaf Hussain had crossed all the limits, he spoke the ‘language of Pakistan’s enemies: Chaudhry Nisar
Altaf Hussain hung up in the middle of our phone conversation: Sindh CM Qaim ... http:…
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