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Alternative rock (also called alternative music, alt rock or simply alternative) is a genre of rock music that emerged from the independent music underground of the 1980s and became widely popular by the 1990s.

Hip Hop New Wave Classic Rock Smashing Pumpkins Pop Rock Hard Rock Sneaker Pimps

We're providing a local brand with some comfortable tees for their staff rock!
Every alt rock song from 1994-2003 was recorded by the same band I'm convinced of it and you can't keep me from believing this
Who doesn't like a little Rock n Roll with their circuit boards! Check out this poster by at
Rockin' Mamas all ready to rock!!. Kicking off at 4 with The Devine de Villes :-).
So I'm writing/producing this new project called SONGS FOR DESTRUCTION. It's an ALT Rock band. Find us here
Canada Day Concert in Bruderheim Free - Four Bands featured from Blues to Alt Rock & Country !
Youtube keeps autoplaying early 2000's pop punk/alt rock and it's all so nostalgic 😩😩😩
Lately, shoegaze and other alt/psych rock. . Listening to local college bands has been super cool.
Mike Doughty - Looking At the World from the Bottom of a Well [Alt Rock]
Now that's a great choice for kick-back music... and margs! I think yesterday I had on some Pandora mix of alt. rock.
To the man who pitched in and helped buy my groceries when I was shy a dollar this morning may good things come your way!
I am choosing not to read or view anything that will *** me off today :)
Protip: referring to people as "the transgenders" really isn't going to sell your argument to me. They're people, not an alt-rock group
is set to add a singing collaboration with English alt-rock band DINOSAUR PILE UP to her portfolio.
One of the most listened to shows on Blog Talk Radio seeking New Rock/Alt Music
Congrats to who have FINALLY hit on the Alt Rock charts with Spirits! One of the best songs of the year!…
any Rock or Alt DJs who want any of our tunes please contact infoand we'll sort it out for you x
A favourite from the Alt Fashion archives, as we look at the colourful wares of Candy-rock Couture!
PRESALE LIVE! Get tickets before general sale for They're here on 16th Oct! >
Shruti Haasan to collaborate with Brit Alt Rock band Dinosaur Pile-Up via
nah I think they're New Wave and alt rock
Songs About Jane made me fall in love with: Alt Rock,Soft Rock,Neo Soul,Funk Rock and Pop Rock.
I'm a Rock n Alt Rock fan but Taylor is good, soo sexy, she schools classless scrubs like Beyonce, Niki Minaj, etc
Get your band's on our airwaves. Tap into our fans!
review: Alt/pop outfit a little too wholesome to rock
I mean, it's a remote equipment failure then. You can cause those with a rock.
We bring the Alt. Country Rock Goodness!! You bring the beer!. See for more.
🎶🎤🎶 No. in Orlando FL on RN Charts for Alt. Rock. If you LISTEN, we could do better in the WORLD! 🎶 PLAY HERE: ❤️ http:/…
.lol I just keep it on alt 98.7 punk rock and indie
Of coarse I listen to hip-hop, trap music, neo-soul and r&b but I also got some alt. rock in my catalog that bang. I'm…
Vattica - "Run, Baby" [Music Video]: Alt Rock trio Vattica has debuted "Run, Baby," a track found on the upcom...
Smells like Teen spirit is still the best Alt Rock song to me! I just love that song it's so dope.
Acoustic, or ALt rock maybe a bit of metal but I'm starting a new band or joining a new one soon
This Fri. and . Orlando alt rock and Roots music with a NYC kick. going to be some show!
Local/regional Alt, Prog, Rock acts needed for 8/9 at Howlers Coyote Café in PA:
So, alt-rock gossip, are Ryan Adams and Natalie Prass dating or are they 'just good friends'?
Any of you who got "guest list for life" for helping fund album gonna be at this Thursday?!
Omg Portland needs a Rock Station! If I have to hear one more Gin Blossoms or 90's Alt Rock from my neighbors yard. 🎧💣
Latest ep. is up! We talk to radio legend Bill Reid about Alt Rock and more! .
Made it up to on the Alt Rock charts in 1994!. Weezer - 1994 - Buddy Holly .
Made a 90s & modern Alt Rock channel on today - inspired by last night Smashing Pumpkins talk. It’s pretty amazing.
One year ago we played our first show at the St. Mary's Club in Albion. This Saturday we are celebrating the anniversary of that show, with special openers DRIVEN!!! For those that don't know us, we play your favorite Grunge/Alt Rock songs of the 90's! From bands like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, STP, RHCP, Smashing Pumpkins, and many more. Come out, have some drinks, sing some songs, and be merry...for we have a couple surprises up our sleeves for this one, including a MAJOR announcement. 8:00P, St. Mary's Club, Albion, NY.
LET'S TALK RADIO Most music lovers assume that if artists are being PLAYED on the radio that they're being PAID. This is an understandable assumption. Music IS a product after all and radio stations sell it as their main product in the form of advertising. But let's set the record straight. There are thousands of radio stations in the United States. They are split up into two distinct camps: Commercial stations (Country, Top 40, Alt Rock, etc.) and College/Community stations like NPR. (This second group is often referred to as "Non-Comm", meaning non-commercial stations). In order for a radio station to broadcast it has to pay for a license of course. AND it has to pay a fee to one of the only THREE Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) that currently have a monopoly on collecting money on behalf of musicians for airplay. NONE of that money goes to musicians. You heard that right. ZERO. It ONLY goes to the songwriters. That's problem Musicians and singers starve while the songwriters barely squeak by. S ...
Single, Album, Artist, Group, Pop, Alt & Video of/Year Juno winners all played on but no love for Rock Album of the Year? What gives?
Hi. Looking forward to hearing from you if you've got a few minutes,I own Mirage and All My Music. All relevant to Alt/Rock.Tom
Do Not Give Up On Your Dream, we believe in you!
Are playing or on the steps of the pub opposite?
The moment you realize your life was dedicated to alt/Pop Rock during the late 90s.
hey Kibs. I am on the hunt for new indie rock or alt. I'm scrolling throught your TL to find out what you are listening to!
Growing up in the 90's I like the direction that House music was going, but can't say the same for the Pop Rock/Alt scene.
I guess pop punk alt rock covers would be the best place to start
I was straight alt rock and some Hip Hop through high school
Yes! I even bought the soundtrack album. FULL of awful mid-90s alt-rock.
Alt rock Pandora radio is everything
now why couldn't this festival of been around when I still lived in Notts 😏
If you've followed us over the past year, you already know that we are all big alt rock music fans, but tomorrow is our Christmas
Tonight we bring you MANIC MONDAY. The best of Rock, Indie, Alt & More from 10:30pm tonight with
Of Mice & Men, metalcore and the disappearance of alt-rock from the cultural consciousness:
Do any girls here love alt. rock... anyone at all. please find me
Exclusive teaser EP from The Modes, listen now at we are an alt-rock power duo from Brighton, UK.
The Maine's like alt/rock/indie/punk kind of band now compared to their early days when they used to sound like a trying hard pop-rock band.
Third Eye Blind's first album is an amazing example of how to do post-grunge alt-rock pop RIGHT. *** perfect record, it is.
I review the new E.P for . For fans of all things 90's alt rock and flannel shirts
Wildon Ash is on the reverbnation alt rock charts, on the RadioDirectX alt rock charts,
Vanessa Berry's career as alt-rock chick and band shirt collector
Whip out your CD player, put on those Doc Martins + check out the 10 COOLEST ’90s alt rock couples -->
Oi you, we're taking over Sound Circus on easter Sunday to host night Adrenaline ... .. £1.50 JD + Jaeger = true happiness
In love with this shoot on Rock 'n Roll Bride! Adorable couple and I'm literally drooling over their home!
I go for angry protest Hip Hop, RATM, grunge, 90s alt-rock etc
The mighty Kimono return with a pretty hefty slab of alt rock goodness. This is great:
Fissionary alt-post-punk album "THE CRUNCH" by Cryptic Rawker Gone Marshall on iTunes
Glad the alt. rock station in my area has a second channel, with better reception.
Looking for a bass player for an alt rock project I'm doing. Have an arsenal of original songs so gigs can start immediately. Think Gaslight Anthem/Green Day/Frank Turner/Foo Fighters/Autopilot Off with other various influences along those lines. I'm a bit of an ageist. 21-30 preferably, but can wiggle a bit.
Im no patriot, but I would live and die for early 90s Canadian alt rock
Check out this unsigned band in need of a label, called Somewhere In Between, Alt Rock, Austin/Laredo, Tx. They have a soon to be released 7-Track CD 'Textures' available for preview at The CD was recorded at Metro 37 Studios in Detroit, Produced by Matt Dalton and Mastered by Joseph Hall. We met you in San Antonio a while back.
Had a spa night with my girls last night, slept in today, Neil and I did P90x today and killed it! Then we got in the hot tub, relaxed and listened to 90s alt rock... What a great weekend! I adore my family and I have some of the best friends ever!
A compilation of western songs with Arabesque influence : Led Zepplin - Kasmir (Actually inspired by North Africa, not Afghanistan) : - wherever I may roam. Probably about Bedouin's. Rider - White Hot Z - Big Pimpin - Make me better Clash - Rock the Casbah Clapton - Layla Brothers - Galvanize (Galvanize by the Chemical brothers samples this moroccan classic: Rose - Sting of Lebanon - U2 café des délices - Patrick Bruel Timberlake - Let the groove get in sounds khaleeji as fu**. - White Flag (Live) again but not an actual released song with the Syrian National Orchestra Party - The Bazaar (Alt Rock) Maiden - The Nomad (Heavy Metal) Ali - In Other Worlds (World/Electronica) Joe - Foreign Land (Alt Rock) Smith - Party Starter (Rap) - Tales Of The Future (Neo-classical) - Night Boat to Cairo Cure - Fire In Cairo - Digitalism Edit Cure - Killing an Arab - Killing an Arab is inspired by Albert Camus' "the Stranger". The only significant Arab appearance in the novel is that of an unnamed character who gets mur ...
Tonight at the Orpheum! Alt Rock better than anything you've heard on the radio in 20 years...and homegrown right here in Iron Mountain! $5, 8pm, see you tonight!!
Local radio played some 90s Alt Rock song Remote Control and it started with that sample...
Stillpoint (Alt Rock, Belfast) are on the hunt for a new bassist if you're interested drop them an email on stillpoint "A lot of the time it's easier to deal with loss by making a joke about things. For once in our lives we're going try to be totally serious. It is with great sadness we're announcing the departure of Jack 'Baby Face' Courtney from Stillpoint. There isn't really much we can say about this other than we're gutted to be losing such a great player, sense of humour and most of all, friend, to bigger and better things. Jack brought a lot to Stillpoint and it won't be the same without him. All we can do now is promise to accept no less than the best to replace him. Whether you're on this island or not, we'd love to see you at 28 Loughabin Road on Saturday 7th of September for a MASSIVE send off party at Tweed Fest 2013! Bring your tents and your voices - it's gonna be HUGE!! And... if you're a bass player (or know one) who reckons (s)he's up to the job, get in touch. Bear in mind the aforementio ...
Why isn't there any good Alt Rock out right now? It seems like we're in the age of Hip Hop and Pop music right now.
Missed the 1st 2 days of Summerfest due to travel, but figure I'll list my top picks for each night over the next 9 days of the festival: My Picks: - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Classic Rock) with The Smithereens (Alt Rock) - Cake (band) (Alt Rock) You Might Like: - The Rocket Summer (Alt Rock) - Aer (Alt Rock) - Phil Vassar (Country) - Atmosphere (Hip Hop) - LL Cool J (Rap/Hip Hop) - Matt and kim (Pop Rock)
While brothas was in the streets struggling, Ethan Hawke & them GenX Whiteboys was herding Alt Rock white girls like shepherds.
I really thank you Pal. And is that Alt Rock, Progressive or some other kind of genre ??
You know what is not at the Honda Center- no sports organ music. You get rock music. Rock and Alt Rock, no top 40
Downloaded a full 'best of the 90's Alt Rock' CD. 3rd eye blind to Sneaker Pimps and everything in between. Taking me back!
Mals Totem - Gargantuan, song inspired by Felix Baumgartner. (Alt Rock) This is a track my band released, let ...
Hello, Remote Control Universe are an Alt Rock band from Bury nr Manchster, check out their tunes:
Drum roll please. Here is the 2013 entertainment schedule for "Harmony by the Bay" Please feel free to share, like our page, comment, and the rest of the FB things Sturgeon Bay “ Harmony by the Bay 2013 Wed Nights from 7 – 9: 00 June 19th Big Mouth & the Power Tool Horns a Maritime Museum Event June 26 Copper Box Copper Box’s sound connects the upbeat sounds of folk music with southern soul! July 3rd Green Tea --Indie, Alt Rock, Finalists for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2012 July 10th The Jimmys "The Jimmys are a powerhouse, eight piece band influenced by raw Chicago Blues to second line New Orleans funk. With touring experience throughout the U.S. and Europe, The Jimmys have amassed international acclaim. Members of this band have garnered Wisconsin's top honors in Blues to Grammy recognition to platinum records! "Guaranteed to make you shake a tail feather!" July 17th Terrance Simien & the Zydeco Experience.” Simien is a Zydeco master, his voice yearning like Sam Cooke, he delivers s ...
Everyone please go follow my band - Alt Rock from South UK, influenced by YMAS/Young Guns :)
People ask me what kind of music do you like or you listen to. I hate the question because I never know how to answer. I listen to many many different things, but that sounds like a cop out answer. So here is what I have listened to so far today: Dance/Techno (The Crystal Method), Manchester (Jesus Jones), Classic Rock (Motley Crüe), New Wave (Simple Minds), 70's (Kool and the Gang), 80's (Fleetwood Mac), 90's (Len) Ska Rock (No Doubt), Alt Rock (Garbage), Glam Metal (Poison), Indie Rock (Ellie Goulding) Thrash Metal (Metallica) Some Rap (Naughty by Nature, Meek Mill), Post Punk (Sioxsie and the Banshees) J-Pop (Scandal, High and Mighty Color, Orange Range), German (Rammstein), Pop Punk (Blink-182), Post-Grunge (Three Days Grace) R&B (En Vouge), Industrial (Ministry) Techno Pop (Republica) Old Southern Rock (.38 Special, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hachet, The Georgia Satelites, Three Dog Night) & that is not including what I heard on Songpop tonight. Which answer should I give?
Get 6 Free VitaTops
For everyone who is sick of the crap music they play on QBS and want a cracking mix of Indie/Alt Rock for an hour between 9pm and 10pm GMT on a Monday, check out my good friend, Federica's uni radio show, Hello Stonehenge - The Radio Show... it's one for the night owls if you are in Qatar or DXB, but well worth it. Listen live here:
Hey Hey Hey all you lovely Brisbane folk. For all of you dying for another night of dark delights, we have a wonderful night out this Friday the 25th, Downstairs at the Jube, featuring bands, our wonderful DSK DJ’s and loads of drinking and debauchery. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the artists we’ll be spinning over the evening. We’ll be doing a Bauhaus Retrospective so we’ll be playing lots of your Goth, 80’s Alt Rock and Grunge favorites all night long. Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Cinema Strange, X –Ray Spex, Siousxie & the Banshees, The Birthday Party, Skeletal Family, Nick Cave, Sex Gang Children, Christian Death, 45 Grave, Sisters, Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Bangles, Soft Cell, Eurythmics, Gary Numan, Flock of Seagulls, New Order, Depeche Mode, Psychedelic Furs, The Church, Billy Idol, MJ, Men at work, Garbage, Nirvana, Stone Roses, Sonic Youth, Sound Garden, L7, Perl Jam, Radiohead, Alice In chains, Bush, The Cranberries , Bikini Kill, Hole, T ...
We're looking at a slightly mellower vibe for our March gig. Any Indie, Alt Rock, R n B, Acoustic etc acts out there interested in a gig?
Best Albums of 2012 - A Personal List: This is the list of international albums released in 2012 that I'd personally recommend: 1) Good Kid, M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar (West Coast Hip Hop, gangsta rap): I am a fan of Rock Music and listen mostly to Rock/Alt Rock records (and the zillion subgenres), but I am not averse to music outside rock. Though I strictly go by recommendations from people/websites I respect when I hunt for new music (Non-Rock). It's hard to believe that I used to despise Hip-Hop & RAP blindly until a few years ago. I would have laughed if someone said am gonna place a Rap/Hip-Hop album atop of my list. But that's exactly what has happened now! This one here is my favourite album of the year hands down (and in top 5-10 of most major music magazines worldwide). Kendrick narrates his life in his hometown, Compton, CA, his gangsta life, his losses and how he managed to get back on life's track. This is his 2nd album and his major label debut. The good thing is you get the feeling that t ...
Eclectic mix of Alt Rock like Tool/APC, RadioHead, Massive Attack, Dandy Warhols,Cocteau Twins, Sneaker Pimps and Bjork
Classic Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Alt Rock, Glam/hair metal, Metal, pop, Pop Rock, Bluegrass, folk, Blues, Blues Rock, R&B, and Hip Hop. I'm not sure if some of these are considered a "genre", but whatever.
Hip Hop and Alt Rock! Come support us and our friends Joey Batts & Them !
Want to hear something fresh and new? Want to hear some of your favorites never played out before? Want it all for FREE?!!! Join us at Declan Quinn's TONIGHT in Bay Shore as we, Random Theory bust the doors WIDE open with awesome covers of classic, modern and flirting-with-the-boundaries Alt Rock hits!!! NO Cover 21+ 10p See you there!!!
Clinton Sparks has been on a roll in 2012 releasing music every week & remixing 90's Alt Rock songs from Lit to Puddle of Mudd & making th...
Walk the Moon at the Beachland Ballroom for $15. Yes, it means I will have to venture into the hood with Nicole Tomak in February, but you can't beat that price for some great Alt Rock
I may lose some fans, then again I might gain some fans over my next step in my music. The real people who just appreciates good music will understand. I am no longer limiting my future performances to that of Hip Hop. I have produced pop / R&B / Alt Rock music for years but have never publicized any of it. The next two albums to be released will be my LAST "Hip Hop" albums. From then music is just that...MY MUSIC! I'm dropping all the labels because quite frankly...I'm beyond that. Love it or hate it..and I'm okay with either way you feel about it...just know I'm staying true to my music expression. If you like Mic Doja music you are about to get a deeper perspective!
Alt Rock quartet Tonefarmer returns with a new full-length album, Helium 3, a stunning effort and the bands first recordings in five years. Plus, Cincinnati hosts the first in a series of statewide World Series Music Fests, Fountain Square features music
Just to let our regular customers know, Jack's has split off some genres of the used vinyl into their own sections. You can now search for titles in the following areas: Punk/Hardcore, 1990's Alternative, Classic Country, Folk/Americana, 20th Century/Avant Garde, R&B/Soul/Motown, 70's & 80's UK New Wave/Alt Rock, and Oldies/Doo *** Early Rock. Of course, albums from any of these genres may show up in the new arrivals section as well!
Billie Joe Armstrong (doesn't age. He's like the Bob Costas of Alt Rock.
N.W.A. on via the radio directory (Alt Rock category). YEAH so many places to listen to :D
Clarence Carter "Stroke It" 8^) found that on the company PA - unbeliveable! The company wanted no Alt Rock What ever? Smashing Pumpkins
Feeling like listening to some different stuff than Indie and Alt Rock- Kanye, Tupac, Jay Z and Johnny Cash!
Alt Rock cover of "Folsom Prison Blues" by Down-N-Out. Produced & mixed by Ville 'N Records. March 2010
I do not believe I will be watching "Rock of Ages" lol. Isnt Hair/Glam metal horrible torture on its own without adding horrible Glee-esque dance routines and Tom Cruise??? Yes it is, thats the correct answer. Hair/Glam metal was just about the death of Hard Rock and Metal. Luckily the 90's showed up with Grunge and Alt Rock and brought it back to life. Lol
Happy Birthday to two originators in the Alt Rock world David Byrne of the Talking Heads and Ian Astbury of The Cult!
Jack White VS. Jack Black White vs. Black Alt Rock vs. Heavy Metal Who do you think will win this battle of the Jacks?
Layne Staley from had one of the best and most underrated voices in 90s Alt Rock.
Tomorrow night we hit The Tunbridge Wells Forum for a night of Alt Rock/Metal. April 3rd: Nambucca, London.
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