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Alshon Jeffrey

Alshon Jeffery (born February 14, 1990) is an American football wide receiver with the University of South Carolina Gamecocks.

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To me Mike Williams is a better Alshon Jeffrey and Jeffrey is doing just fine at getting open and making plays.
alshon Jeffrey 2 bad I don't got a ps4
Because we drafted Treadwell, we didn't have to overpay a wr in free agenc…
Alshon Jeffrey. Jordan Matthews. Nigel Bradham. Timmy Jernigan. Those are the only players worth resigning. Maybe Sturgis if he can do it again
Levi: "Personally I like the Alshon Jeffrey move and I look forward to seeing what the eagles do…
Alshon Jeffrey's 38 receptions and 493 yards on the season extrapolates to 67 receptions for 885 yards if he had played all 9 games...
Something tells me the are going to miss Alshon Jeffrey more than they will ever be willing to admit.
Where was I when Alshon Jeffrey was traded to the Eagles? I did not know that.
Alshon Jeffrey is the 2nd coming of Terrell Owens
AFC Trade!! . Buffalo sends LeSean McCoy to Houston for Alshon Jeffrey, a 2018 1st and 4th...
That moment you realize Alshon Jeffrey is gonna start training with you>>
Alshon Jeffrey was at the 76ers game last night and his hairline is pushed hunny
Alshon Jeffrey getting introduced at the Bulls-76ers the new Eagles wide receiver 😢
On a very very superficial level honestly how good does "Yeah, the Eagles have Torrey Smith, Alshon Jeffrey and Richard Sherman" sound??
Now Carson has ALSHON JEFFREY, go route Torrey Smith. Jordan Matthews in the slot, Ertz, Sproles, draft a RB. healthy O-line. WATCH OUT
Did any of these *** realise the Eagles signed Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffrey??   10% Off
Alshon Jeffrey, Torrey Smith, Jernigan, will be back in my opinion.
Treggs? .. yeah they wish, we can't relie in Alshon Jeffrey without Treggs getting doubled
Y'all sleep but the Eagles receiving core consist of Jordan Matthews, Alshon Jeffrey, & Torrey Smith 😶
Wasn't that the view on Alshon Jeffrey when he came out? He slipped but turned out to be a good player.
says Alshon Jeffrey's hamstrings are made of silly strings and sadness. Romo's collarbo…
did i just read that Alshon Jeffrey is a top 10 WR? like currently?
The Birds could have $0 in cap space and Howie would wheel and deal and somebody. Who expected Alshon…
free agency grades: Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith give the offense some weapons:
Alshon Jeffrey's was the worst of them all.
We even looked at the loss of Alshon Jeffrey & how it affects the future of the offense .
who should I start, Wentz or Dalton? Also can Eddie Royal take over Alshon Jeffrey?
Meanwhile I need to figure out how to get rid of my Alshon Jeffrey jersey before the season starts.
Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith coming to the Eagles!!
How cool would it be if Wentz had someone like Alshon Jeffrey to throw the football too this upcoming season? Wait...🤔
For me, it's Sammy Watkins vs Desean Jackson vs Alshon Jeffrey. Who do you want?
Julio Jones is nothing more than knock off version of Alshon Jeffrey
Alshon Jeffrey giving Jalen Mills one of those "Welcome to the NFL" moments with this nasty stop and go
We have Alshon and Ertz too, Nelson. Ross won't be the primary target in the RZ
How good is Alshon Jeffrey? Similar WR options include Jordan Mathews, Corey Davis, Jehu Chesson but Alshon still bests the…
Alshon Jeffrey signs one year deal with Philadelphia Eagles
Welcome to Philadelphia to Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith!! Yo where are the playoff tickets?!
When news broke that the Eagles "signed" Kenny Britt but the next day they really signed Alshon Jeffrey
Selling Alshon everywhere I can while he's still…
Ballard was after Alshon Jeffrey and failed, we sign Aiken, He wants BIG playmakers. O.J Howard is a safe player to.
That's if you think John Ross and Alshon Jeffrey are good.
A WR corps of Alshon Jeffrey, JMatt, Torrey Smith, and John Ross would be pretty unstoppable. I still think like Corey Davis better.
Alshon Jeffrey + what 2017 pick would you give for Davante Adams?
WRs going to the NFC East: . Giants: Brandon Marshall. Eagles: Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith. Redskins: Terrelle Pryor
Eagles get Torrey Smith AND Alshon Jeffrey? They're building around Wentz with some talent man.
No cap space, no problem. Welcome to the newest Philadelphia Eagle, Alshon Jeffrey. Meanwhile, in Howie Roseman's offic…
Alshon Jeffrey, Jordan Matthews and Torrey Smith is an upgrade over Matthews, Nelson Agholor and DGB, I'd say. But did
The margin for error for Williams to become Alshon Jeffrey or Michael Floyd isn't particularly large. Floyd looked…
or Eric Berry , dontari Poe , Alshon Jeffrey, Trumaine Johnson , JPP, or bring in Jordan Cameron on a flyer
listening to u & schopp. What about cut Taylor, pass on romo, take savings & invest in Alshon Jeffrey & Josh mccown?
would you rather Draft Williams at 5 and sign Eric Berry or draft a corner or safety at 5 and get Alshon Jeffrey or D-Jax in FA
Alshon Jeffrey & Doug Baldwin are the two big 2017 FA. Alshon, maybe, but I think the draft is more likely. Williams, Ross, etc.
When the Eagles draft Cooper Kupp and sign Alshon Jeffrey and win the NFC East next year>>
Alshon Jeffrey or Malcom Mitchell for my flex spot? .5 ppt
Ray I have to replace Julio this week. Alshon Jeffrey, Michael Thomas or Sterling Shepard?
Alshon Jeffrey, Allen Robinson, diggs and Thielan. Pick 2. Also have AJ green on my bench.
Alshon Jeffrey, Taylor Gabriel, Malcolm Mitchell or Lamar Miller? Pick one, PPR league for flex spot.
need to start 2 of these 3: tyrell Williams, Alshon Jeffrey, Randall Cobb.
I'll NEVER draft Brandon Marshall, Allen Robinson, Alshon Jeffrey and probably not Stefon Diggs in ever again
Alshon Jeffrey, Nick Perry, Trumaine Johnson in the free agency and two "arrow pointing up" corners in the draft and I'll believe.
Best case offseason in my opinion? Add Kawann Short, and Alshon Jeffrey in FA. Pick up Jamal Adams, and Bucky Hodges.
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We'll still have loads of money to spend. We could get Eric Berry, Alshon Jeffrey, and Kawann Short if we wanted. And still have 15M left.
I traded Julio Jones and Lamar Miller for Zeke and Alshon Jeffrey
Trading away Lamar Miller and Alshon Jeffrey for Shady that a bad trade?
Alshon Jeffrey? Eric Berry? Kawann Short? We have the money. It's time to make the playoffs already. Stop getting r…
This man Alshon Jeffrey tryna catch the ball with his helmet 😭
just a quick start question. Would you start D. Adams or Alshon Jeffrey? Thanks my friend. Standard league
who to start between Alshon Jeffrey or Davante Adams
I have to drop someone to have a tight end next week. Would you drop Devante Adams or Alshon Jeffrey?
I need two of the four WR, D. Adams, Alshon Jeffrey , Enunwa, Allen Hurns. 12 team 1 ppt PPR
got offered Jamaal Charles for Alshon Jeffrey.. think this is a deal I should do? I have Green, Cooks, Monc, Murray, Gio.
If only my would make a move for Alshon Jeffrey or even Torry Smith for that matter
Alshon Jeffrey, Tyrell Williams, Allen Hurns, or Marqise Lee. Need 2 of the 4 - What's the best combo? Jeffrey scares me...
Yesterday the were in discussions with the about WR Torrey Smith, and now they're talking to the about Alshon Jeffrey.
So yesterday the Eagles wanted Torrey Smith today they want Alshon Jeffrey hmm which will they get
After Torrey Smith was linked to Eagles, some think Alshon Jeffrey would make an even better target for Birds.
Allen Robinson, Alshon Jeffrey, Maclin, and J. Mathews scored me a total of 9 pts in a non PPR this week.. Great job guys!
to expand, if Beau Allen is showing he's capable, don't sign Logan to save money for Alshon Jeffrey and Curry gets the start
Alshon Jeffrey and Allen Robinson need to stop playing with me
Alshon Jeffrey and Allen Robinson really let me down this week.
trade Randall Cobb for Alshon Jeffrey in ppr league? I just picked up Cameron Meredith. Thanks
I've got C-Mike on my bench. Our AP owner (also has Doug Martin) has Alshon Jeffrey on his bench. Offer a trade?
The man had Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Matt Forte, & Martellus Bennett on the same roster & what did he do?
Jay Cutler used to have the easiest job in the NFL. He had Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Martellus Bennett, and Matt Forte.
AB and garbage for Alshon Jeffrey and David johnson. What do u think? I am thinking I can get a solid receiver and maybe best RB
Alshon Jeffrey, Vincent Jackson, Pierre Garçon, Kendall Wright, Desean, Michael Floyd. Doubt they all reach the market
My top 4 would be Rogers, Lattimore, Alshon Jeffrey, Taneyhill. Sidney Rice is up there as well. Connor shaw is in my top 10 though
Either a QB or WR Julian Edelman, or Luke Keuchly, or Kevin White, or Alshon Jeffrey
Uhm. Alshon Jeffrey better than everyone listed here
make a beast Ryan shazier or alshon Jeffrey bro
I see Dez Bryant in the top 10 maybe, but you can't forget Calvin, Julio, Alshon Jeffrey, Larry, plus the older cats.
If Baalke was smarter and drafted Alshon Jeffrey,maybe his attitude toward drafting skill position players is different
Another player I'm excited to see? Kevin White. Him and Alshon Jeffrey together, good luck defending that.
Kevin White from a physical standpoint is far ahead of Alshon Jeffrey. Dude built like a Marvel Character.
and those guys weren't single-covered, as Braverman is certain to be, with Kevin White and Alshon Jeffrey getti…
but how will I ever get my news on Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace and whether to start Alshon Jeffrey??
Y'all need to stop trying to find and make up negative stories on Alshon Jeffrey.
That was a first. If that was Alshon Jeffrey he would have gotten an offensive pass interference for that push off
do you have any clue about what wr Kevin White and what Alshon Jeffrey do to people who throw them the ball
Hes got Culter, Alshon Jeffrey, drafted WR Kevin White high when they wanted Leonard Williams; they could end up trading w/jets.
trade back with Bears for WR Alshon Jeffrey take QB Lynch at 11 and # WR Thomas at 32. Playmakers
trade him to the Bears for Alshon Jeffrey
Missed on Alshon Jeffrey. Knew Clay Matthews would be good, but not as good as he's been.
Le'veon bell, harrison smith and alshon jeffrey may land in dallas?
Man I can't wait to see Kevin White and Alshon Jeffrey play together
Bears traded Alshon Jeffrey to go to in 2017
i heard patriots like him best hands in the Draft, fuller most explosive, treadwell is Alshon Jeffrey
Alshon Jeffrey is still a Bear. Say it once = Bad, Twice = You're thinking about Matt Forte.
Alshon Jeffrey is still on the Bears what is he talking about
can you stop saying the Bears lost Alshon Jeffrey... Guy got franchised.
Bears fans are proposing the idea of trading Alshon Jeffrey and their overall pick for the Browns pick. Where do I sign up?
Still mad the niners took AJ jenkins instead of alshon jeffrey
I've got a feeling Alshon Jeffrey is gonna have a phenomenal season!!
I really like Treadwell... Reminds me of Alshon Jeffrey. Don't be surprised if Hue trades back too!
Just feel like Treadwell's bigger body can be like an Alshon Jeffrey type for us!
Rams had a shot at Alshon Jeffrey and chose Brian Quick. That’s they type of pick GMs should get fired for
Anybody have the stats of julio, AJ green, and Alshon Jeffrey against janoris jenkins in college??
Can only have one; WYR keep Jimmy Butler or Alshon Jeffrey??
But that 10k for alshon jeffrey collectible was kinda worth it.
It wouldn't considering Anquan Boldin and Alshon Jeffrey.oh hey look how those 2 have turned out.
TRADE ANNOUNCEMENT: sends David Johnson and Alshon Jeffrey to for Lamar Miller and a 3rd rd pick.
Head Coach John Fox says that the team is working on a contract extension with WR Alshon Jeffrey, but it's been a slow moving process
No, we passed on Alshon Jeffrey, Bobby Wagner, and Doug Martin- We failed to trade up to get Russell... how does he not know.
Alshon Jeffrey is a Top 3 wr when healthy?? I think so
They should have went after Alshon Jeffrey when they had the chance
*Plays Draft Champs Game sees opponent have alshon jeffrey at TE. Leaves*
The Bears are just losing and trading everyone. Only key person they have left is Alshon Jeffrey. Hope for a good draft.
Thank god for March Madness I heard the Bears are looking to trade Alshon Jeffrey for a box of cigars.
Treadwell seems like an Alshon Jeffrey wr. Would love to have that
Absolutely agree. Wonder if guys like M Bryant, Alshon Jeffrey, or even Allen Robinson (WRs SF passed on) would do just as good
Seems like Bennett took over Marshall's role as the team's big-body outside opposite Alshon Jeffrey. This often put Miller on-line as the Y.
Alshon Jeffrey's Fantasy stock just went through the roof. WR 1 if he can stay healthy.
Now big thing for the is getting Alshon Jeffrey locked up long term and the draft along with depth FAs.
I pulled Platinum Alshon Jeffrey, is it worth much?
did alright in 2014 unless covering Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey
There was one game against the Bears where I swear Robinson gave up 650 yards and 7 TDs to Alshon Jeffrey. Good riddance
"Treadwell is not Julio Jones b/c he's not as explosive, but he is better prospect than Alshon Jeffrey was coming out." -
Bears out Franchise Tag on Alshon Jeffrey knew that was coming
It looks as though the Chicago Bears will Franchise Tag oft-injured wide out Alshon Jeffrey.
Basically, WR Alshon Jeffrey is NOT going anywhere! 60% chance he'll sign a long-term deal before Franchise Tag deadline on Tues.
will get a long-term deal done with WR Alshon Jeffrey before or after the deadline of the "Franchise Tag" on Tuesday, March 1st.
ESPN ticker just references a "source". "Source: Alshon Jeffrey will get Franchise Tag." Next time around, source is Schefter.
Bears looking to re-sign or tag Alshon Jeffrey. He is one of the FA targets for the
Alshon Jeffrey's at the Clinton rally, gonna pull a and ask him if Flacco's an elite quarterback
Bears are placing Franchise Tag on WR Alshon Jeffrey
Meanwhile...K-Michelle, Charlie Wilson, Star Jones, Garcelle Beauvais, Alshon Jeffrey...I could go on but I'll stop😒
If Alshon Jeffrey signs a long term deal with the Bears I'm avoiding him in all fantasy leagues.
Bears tag WR Alshon Jeffrey. Smart move. Can't let a young player that good walk into free agency.
I wish Alshon Jeffrey can play for a legit team
Why are the Bears tagging Alshon Jeffrey? Injury-concern? They have all the cap space in the world.
Kirk Cousins, Alshon Jeffrey, and Justin Tucker will all be tagged.
Makes 100% sense but I'm bummed the Bears Franchise Tagged Alshon Jeffrey
will reportedly meet with the agent of WR Alshon Jeffrey at the to discuss a long-term deal after tagging WR.
I would personally like to see the team add Alshon Jeffrey in free agency if his asking price is not too high.
have placed their Franchise Tag on WR Alshon Jeffrey, according to Will earn $14.4M in 2016-2017.
to place Franchise Tag on Alshon Jeffrey
Bears : Tedy Bruschi says Alshon Jeffrey "very important" to offense, because Jay Cutler plays well with big WRs
K Justin Tucker, WR Alshon Jeffrey given Franchise Tags by respective clubs today, per Adam Schefter.
now that Alshon Jeffrey has been Franchise Tagged, what are the chances the Rams trade their first round pick for him?
Why is it breaking news that the Chicago Bears are using the Franchise Tag on Alshon Jeffrey. No it's Jay Cutler Not breaking news just news
No Alshon Jeffrey to the The Bears are using the Franchise Tag on him.
News: to put Franchise Tag on WR Alshon Jeffrey.
*** Alshon Jeffrey just got Franchise Tagged 😳😳😳
welp Alshon Jeffrey ain't going nowhere
ESPN's reported the Bears have placed the Franchise Tag on WR Alshon Jeffrey.
Franchise Tag News: is reporting that the are going to put the Franchise Tag on WR Alshon Jeffrey.
have Franchise Tagged star wide out Alshon Jeffrey
Wait, why wouldn't the Bears Franchise Tag Alshon Jeffrey?
The FA class for WR is poor, Marvin Jones and Travis Benjamin are the only decent options. I doubt Alshon Jeffrey walks.
Fletcher cox is gonna get franchised tagged & so is Alshon Jeffrey
Absolutely. The Chargers need to sign a deep threat/vertical receiver. Alshon Jeffrey & Marvin Jones are my top choices.
Dear here is our free agent wishlist(in order) : . 1. Eric Berry. 2. Von Miller. 3. Alshon Jeffrey. 4. Chris Ivory. 5. Malik Jackson
hey, since I got a fellow Bolter here would you prefer Alshon Jeffrey or Marvin Jones?
In some ways ... Hinson is very similar to former Gamecocks Sidney Rice & Alshon Jeffrey. Very good bball player w/height (6'5)
As opposed to losing Alshon Jeffrey, Kevin White, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte?
Considering salary cap: my top two favorite WR free agent prospects are Alshon Jeffrey and Lance Moore.
The Giants have many options to fill WR2 -- Go big w/ Alshon Jeffrey? Rely on Cruz? Draft Tredwell, Coleman or Doctson? Sanu …
52 QBR to 60 QBR. 18 INT to 11 INT. 27 TOs to 17 TOs. All with Alshon Jeffrey & Forte hurt most the season
I'm all about it. Let's go buy Alshon Jeffrey while we at it and cut Nick Williams and Devin Hester.
Which one is the most likely for the 49ers to have a chance at signing:. 1) Mo Wilkerson. 2) Mario Williams. 3) Alshon Jeffrey
Vance McDonald w/ Kelce on the board.Mike Davis with Karlos Williams available. AJ Jenkins with Alshon Jeffrey.
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I want Wilkerson, Mario Williams, one of the Denver LBs, and if we could, Alshon Jeffrey...
I've seen a lot of Gator FB. Joe and Janoris gave it to AJ Green and Julio Jones. Not to mention Janoris locked up Alshon Jeffrey. Elite WRs
Bucs need to go out in FA this off season and sign Mario Williams and Alshon Jeffrey. A veteran on the line and a replacement for Jackson =🔑
Wait, so we're NOT going to employ a "Josh Robinson on Alshon Jeffrey" approach this time around?
Must sit one in full point PPR Julio Jones, Martavius Bryant, Alshon Jeffrey , or Sammy Watkins. Big Ben is my QB
Doug Martin and Alshon Jeffrey held me back from millions. But it's straight cuz the bucs won.
According to Gary, Alshon Jeffrey plays DT for Bama. It's no coincidence my phone autocorrects Gary to Fart.
Alshon Jeffrey would look good in Purple and Black tbh
is Parker similar to Alshon Jeffrey in terms of ability and style of play?
On your Starm Em Sit Em, you posted a picture of Alshon Jeffrey when you were meant Emmanuel we all look alike?
would you trade Lynch and Cobb for DeAngelo Williams and Alshon Jeffrey? 10 team standard.
pick 2 to start aj green,alshon Jeffrey or deangelo Williams
I'd rather get Alshon Jeffrey over Megatron at this stage. Although I think Megatron would be revived in this offense.
Mike, if you go & get Kaepernik either this season or the off season, would you go get Alshon Jeffrey as a free agent?
If Bradford plays well these last 9 games, I keep Bradford & sign Alshon Jeffrey as a free agent in the off season
I really need an answer Pat. Would you trade Antonio Brown or Deandre Hopkins for Eddie Lacy and Alshon Jeffrey? 12 standard.
try to trade chris Johnson and woodhead in ppr for Alshon Jeffrey?
If the panthers were smart they would go for Alshon Jeffrey like right now
trade Cobb and Blount for Alshon Jeffrey...have gurley Ivory latavius already
I've got Antonio Brown, Julian Edelman, and Alshon Jeffrey. After that it's just Jordan Matthews.
which is the better trade: alshon Jeffrey for demarco Murray or Jeffrey for Justin forsett or neither?
I mean Alshon Jeffrey is a UFA this offseason and Jalen Ramsey is a stud top 5 pick
in a standard league would you trade Alshon Jeffrey for Eddie Lacy
Should I trade my Alshon Jeffrey for their Amari Cooper and Charcandrick West? Standard PPR with a *** League commisioner
would you trade Alshon Jeffrey for dion Lewis?
Tre Mason and alshon Jeffrey the Cowboys should trade for
Alshon Jeffrey is on the trade block . We need a WR . WHY IS THIS NOT HAPPENING??
Who should I start Dez Bryant or Willie Snead? I already have Julian Edelman and Alshon Jeffrey starting.
trade question , full point ppr giving gore and martavus bryant for Alshon Jeffrey already have Antonio Brown , would you do it ?
I still think back to what could have been: 1. Alshon Jeffrey 2. Lamar Miller
*** kicking the tires on Alshon Jeffrey and the bears sounds like a better option than Jacoby to me imo. And i like Jacoby.
I have Matt Ryan, Do I give up Deandre Hopkins for Aaron Rodgers and Brandon Lafell? I have Alshon Jeffrey and ARob.
So the falcons didn't get Alex Mack, Joe Thomas, Alshon Jeffrey or Eric Weddle at the deadline?
Lost Leveon; trade Alshon Jeffrey and John Brown to get Justin Forsett and Allen Robinson?
Golden Tate and Alshon Jeffrey to the Panthers leettss go
Here's a list of players that have graced my 3 fantasy teams this year: Dez Bryant, Alshon Jeffrey, Jamaal Charles, Julius Thomas, (1/2)
watch his matchup vs alshon Jeffrey in college
A 2nd or 3rd for Alshon Jeffrey. 1st rounder for Calvin Johnson wouldn't hurt either
If Alshon Jeffrey sticks with bears next year will he still be a fantasy wr with Kevin White their?
Any chance of Rams prying away Alshon Jeffrey from the Bears?
I'm hearing rumors the Pats are in talks to trade for JMac, Alshon Jeffrey or Megatron. If we get any of them it will make my year
They in talks for the Bears' Alshon Jeffrey too. And Jason McCourty from TEN
After his 3 TD performance in week 3 vs. Atlanta, I traded Joseph Randle for injured Alshon Jeffrey. One of the best trades I’ve ever made.
Let's get Alshon Jeffrey and a pass rusher
Are any rumors out there true that the Bears are shopping Alshon Jeffrey as well as Forte?
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is there a reason the Alshon Jeffrey/Baltimore trade rumors have slowed over the past few weeks? Why won't they make a play?
I hope Atlanta gets Alshon Jeffrey today man... Another big reciever 🙏🙏🙏
really need to trade for a WR today! Calvin Johnson, Alshon Jeffrey, Brandon Marshall...
Was last in the league doing fantasy Made a trade for Carson Palmer, megatron, alshon Jeffrey and Steve smith now I'm in the playoff hunt ☺️
I don't know how realistic Calvin Johnson is. However, I think a trade for Alshon Jeffrey is very possible.
Just saw someone say we should trade a 3rd round pick for Alshon Jeffrey. *** if that's all its going to take, throw in next year's too.
Alshon Jeffrey the lone bright spot for Brent. The rest of the team looked like they belong on MRNH. Where they probably were at last year.
there's been a lot of speculation that Megatron or Alshon Jeffrey would be up for trade
Dream scenario for today is Alshon Jeffrey
Panthers trying to acquire Alshon Jeffrey from the Bears, per source.
Let's trade a 3rd round pick for Alshon Jeffrey & give Strief away for free
Standard league trade my AJ Green for his Alshon Jeffrey
trade my AJ green for his Alshon Jeffrey?
Really hoping Alshon Jeffrey ends up a Ram by 4 pm today.
Panthers need to go ahead and trade a couple draft picks for Megatron or Alshon Jeffrey because these receivers aren't cutting…
5th rounder for Alshon Jeffrey. A boy can dream right?
How true are the rumors of a trade between us and Chicago for Alshon Jeffrey?
I wouldn't mind if the Falcons got Alshon Jeffrey to compliment Julio on the outside and put White in the slot
can we just trade 4 Colin Kapernick and Alshon Jeffrey and get ready for the return of flash. At least we would have playmakers
If the go and trade for an Alshon Jeffrey or a Golden Tate, they have 4 very winnable games coming up that could bring them to .500
tre mason and a late pick for Alshon Jeffrey to the Rams
If the Bills were going to make a trade today, 2 guys that make the most sense IMO: Alshon Jeffrey (Harvin done?) And Eric Weddle (S help)
*** yeah bro, rumors had it that y'all might get Megatron and we might get alshon Jeffrey. Let's hope that would s…
Hopefully I wake up tmrw and the Falcons traded for alshon Jeffrey and Tamba Hali
It's time for the Trae Waynes Era. Newman totally outmanned by Alshon Jeffrey.
I have Keenan Allen, Deandre Hopkins, Alshon Jeffrey, Mike Evans and Allen Robinson all on one fantasy team.
I'll take Alshon Jeffrey, Von miller, Norman, mo wilk and a side of fries
I am at it again. I flipped Randall Cobb and Amari Cooper for Alshon Jeffrey
*** next week for fantasy my wideouts can be Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Alshon Jeffrey, Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb. Not too bad lol
My fantasy wrs in main league after some trades.. D Thomas, Alshon Jeffrey, Randal Cobb.. All on bye. Woo! Lol
well his starting QB is Alex Smith and his best WR is Alshon Jeffrey, so. lol
my receivers are Keenan Allen and Alshon Jeffrey.. I have Leveon Bell tho
I have Allen Hurns and Alshon Jeffrey. Both are questionable and I don't have a clue who to play for week 5. Thoughts?
need some advice, do I start Carlos Williams or Alshon Jeffrey as my flex?
need some advice, should I start Karlos Williams or Alshon Jeffrey as my flex?
Guy wants me to trade Alshon Jeffrey for Mike Evans. My other WRs are Colston, Stevie Johnson, Keenan Allen, Hurns and Mike Floyd. eh
Ty Hilton, Donte Moncrief, Allen Robinson, Alshon Jeffrey pick 2. I have no idea what to do
Hey field would you trade Karlos Williams for Alshon Jeffrey? Other RBs are Bell, Hill, miller and Bernard. THANKS!
Ease it in, Don't Forsett. Alshon Jeffrey or stevie johnson. ..non ppr
I'm thinking about trading Jeremy Hill for Alshon Jeffrey or Brandon Marshall
Blockbuster Trade: get Alshon Jeffrey in exchange for sending Dante Fowler, Allen Robinson, and '16 1st rounder to the
I can now report via multiple that the have acquired Alshon Jeffrey for Dante Fowler, Allen Robinson, and '16 1st rounder.
Flex play this week. Alshon Jeffrey, Rishard Matthews or Victor Cruz.
QB Jay Cutler and WR Alshon Jeffrey officially ruled out for Sunday's game at Seattle. Former QB Jimmy Clausen will start.
Cutler and Alshon Jeffrey both ruled out for Sunday vs the Seahawks. This could get ugly Jack Saldok Brian Saldok Tim Saldok Tim Dunn
Little Giant Ladders
We picked Stephen Hill over Alshon Jeffrey, we had Braylon Edwards and a burned out Santonio...God gave us Brandon Marshall
start Jordan Matthews or Alshon Jeffrey this week? worried about Alshon’s injury status…
would you trade ivory, hillman and Alshon Jeffrey for Julio Jones, tre mason and Jonas gray?
is trading Alshon Jeffrey and Chris ivory for Julio Jones a good trade?
Catching up on some trades, has traded Alshon Jeffrey and Jeremy Hill to for Megatron and DeMarco Murray.
Almost everyone I've ever loved on the Bears is gone. All I have left is Alshon Jeffrey, Robbie Gould, Matt Forte and absolutely ZERO hope.
Randall Cobb or Alshon Jeffrey for fantasy football?
Jonny keeping Randall Cobb, Alshon Jeffrey, and Lamar Miller of his beloved Miami Dolphins
Antonio Brown and Jimmy graham for Leveon Bell and Alshon Jeffrey. Good deal or rip off?!
the rest of my team is pretty good I got maclin and alshon Jeffrey at WR
Alshon Jeffrey or AJ Green in .25 pt per reception league?
Alshon Jeffrey finna do fed time this year
Jordy Nelson is the WR4 and Alshon Jeffrey is the WR5 over the last two seasons.
points per reception so if you have a Brandon Marshall type guy aka Alshon Jeffrey then you'll get STOOPID points
Congratulations to You won the Alshon Jeffrey Jersey! Thanks for playing!
2014 TARGETS. Alshon Jeffrey - We said he would have a better year than Brandon Marshall. He did. 10 TDs, over 1,100 yds.
Don't you think that Alshon Jeffrey's value goes up now that with Marshall's departure and Kevin White injury?
I'm glad Kevin White got injured, that means more targets for Alshon Jeffrey. That means more fantasy points.
Recommendation by :Alshon Jeffrey is likely to miss abou...
Would like to draft alshon jeffrey in the 3rd rd of drafts preseaso Injury news is sometimes bogus
Every skill player wearing white gloves and white tape now like Alshon jeffrey
Alshon Jeffrey is down too, at least the Ravens have Smith Sr. to rely on and a good QB unlike the Bears.
better them than the Texans. They already have Arian Foster out. The Bears still have Alshon Jeffrey
Kevin White on PUP going to get surgery on shin, could miss entire season. And Alshon Jeffrey already hurt.
Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffrey was seen in a walking boot after their game against the Miami Dolphins Thursday night
ya it is. More targets for Alshon Jeffrey now
With Kevin White out for 2015, top-3 WRs vs. in season opener figure to be Alshon Jeffrey, Eddie Royal & Marquess Wilson.
Kevin White injury good or bad for alshon Jeffrey fantasy value
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