First Thoughts

Almighty Allah

May Almighty Allah Allah Almighty May Allah Muhammadu Buhari Insha Allah Happy Birthday

Wrong wrong, no wonder Pakistan is in such a state. May Allah Almighty save our country from the blind…
Especially pray for Pakistan May Almighty Allah protect our country from the ppl like godfather etc
Forgetting is easy.Forgiving is v tough..hence greater reward from the Almighty for those who forgive.May Allah give us t…
Just imagine he was praying to Allah or whatever!! There would be no problem but THE GOD,…
Can a stone benefit someone, or every thing that benefits is lord? There is no Lord except Allah Almighty.
Almighty Allah will protect you from all evils mission of myanmar dirty army
Fear none but Allah and remember the last day. May Almighty Allah continue to guide us Ameen.
Allah Almighty, put a limit on all the obligations that He ordered human beings except for Dhikr. For it there is no…
Never ever lose hope in Allāh the almighty! He is always there! He always listens! Not a second or a minute goes by where All…
Let people plot and plan against you. If you have Almighty Allah by your side, nothing can ever break you.
Addu-X-Files wishes the Mother of a very Happy Birthday! May Almighty Allah pours his blessings u…
Almighty Allah please Give Kano pillars this day!.so that MFM can win the league, This PlateauU that ta…
Happy Birthday wish you long life and prosperity May Almighty Allah blessed your new Age Ameen…
May the Almighty Allah guide and protect you anytime, anywhere,
US can never win in Afghanistan because, Taliban has greater support of Almighty Allah than the support of Pakistan!
They can never win in Afghanistan, and the reason is that they have greater support of Almighty Allah tha…
Wishful thinking of stupids. Pakistan is not Palestine by the grace of Almighty Allah. India fully…
A part from politics and to the political workers, we should answerable to Almighty Allah as well...
A true leader. May the Almighty Allah continue to bless you.
By the grace of Almighty Allah, 50 new machines just arrived at IL Bangla Limited.
By the Grace of Almighty Allah, We thank you all the donors who donated and gave their best for the sake of poverty.
Happy Birthday 🎂🎂 Adi many many hapy returns of the day to you &your family, Almighty Allah give you long and prospers life.
Hope you are doing your Haj Mission very fine by the grace of Almighty Allah
Happy Sunday. Thanks to Almighty Allah for a very peaceful election all over Lagos State and…
Congratulations . May Allah Almighty bless him with health & long life. . Very cute MashaAllah
These are the traits made by us. Allah is Almighty. He don't get jealous.
nothing dn jxt give all tnkx to Almighty Allah
When Almighty Allah wills good for a household, He instills kindness & mercy in them. It is super important for both to…
With the blessings of Allah Almighty my first research paper in IEEE Transactions has been accepted.. Feeling Blessed.
you guys should fear Almighty Allah, U're only passing bills that will help u
In Islam there is only one Almighty who is Allah. Lat was worshipped by on believers like you.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
The path Allah will show,may Almighty shower his countless blessings upon you, stay blessed sister
We need to live according to. what Almighty COMMANDS,. not by what the society DEMANDS
God Bless You Sir (real God the Almighty who is running this Universe not only Allah or any other God) U r an asset to world
New rebals new warning for India 😈😈. Almighty protect him oll de tym ameen . Allah u Akbar
He is right, But those evolved in this, Insha Allah will be punished by The Almighty Allah.
May Almighty Allah forgave all their sins... They are our brothers from chinab valley.
Alhamdullillah ☺.U just need to have a strong faith in
Doesn't matter how much sins u have in your life.Just seek help from Almighty.That door will never let u go…
Alhamdulilah for what Allah doing in my life May Almighty Allah do more good things in my life
Allah knows what you conceal and what you reveal. He is th…
"Islam and Kalima form ideological basis of Pakistan and despite few flaws, this country is a divine gift from Almi…
Alhamdulillah. Cry of Innocent Muslim Children of Iraq will not go unanswered in the court of Almighty Allah.
MashaAllah May Almighty Allah Bless and protect you and your family
Eid mubarak to all Muslim May Almighty Allah wish us many years more n much prosperity 🔑✌️
Don't get yourself attached to something that is temporary, leave it to Allah Almighty and just pray for it. It's better wor…
Almighty has said: “And whatever you have of favor - it is from Allah. Then when adversity touches you, to Him y…
we iseyin indigens of iseyin needs something meaniful from you, May Almighty Allah Bless You. Amen
Happy Eid-El-Fitri to all our Muslim customers. May Almighty Allah accept our fasting as an act of Ibadah.
There is no God but Allah and Hazrat Muhammad( S.A.W) is the prophet of Allah Almighty .
Oh Almighty Allah kindly enable us to retrieve all the fund looted from our country since 1960.Our infrastructure will be improved upon.
Almighty Allah blessed me with daughter
Oh Almighty Allah kindly heal our dear president Muhammadu Buhari and let him come back to Nigeria hale and hearty aamin
At last the computer fundamental exam has been finished. Thank to the almighty Allah who gives me such a strength...
Definitely, Almighty Allah will judge this. At least 75% of the money should have been use to clear salary debt but our gov t…
SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL QURAAN COMPETITION. Alhamdulillah, with the Grade and Mercy of Almighty Allah, Naseeha...
I am totally speechless after reading this bhaiya. . All i can do for u is, to make dua for u that May Allah the Almighty…
they know that they are in real trouble and they can't get rid of it as easy! NS has to go now coz Al…
May Allah the Almighty gives us the strength.
Great, salute to your services, Almighty ALLAH give you more energy to serve your people's of your constituency
Jazakallah bi khair sir,May Almighty Allah continue to bless and protect you and your family
Nice work bro.May Almighty Allah bless you n great American people.
I am sleepless nights to seek your Mercy upon my life and family and all my friends. May Almighty Allah stamp my prayers
Astagafirulai 5,000. May Almighty Allah forgive all my shortcomings and granted my request
May the Almighty Allah accept our prayers.
Mubarak Tariq May Almighty Allah be your helper, may you enlighten the towards peace , I am quite proud of you
May the Almighty Allah continue to shower his mercy upon you and your family.
I pray May Almighty Allah give you his bless you with the power to lead this our great nation kenya we…
we can if fear of Almighty Allah is there in the hearts and educate abt the life of hereafter…
At Juma’a prayers President Trump offered du’a to Almighty Allah for AHCA passage and end to munafiq investigations. God is a…
With the help of Almighty Allah every person of the community is now with chemists
Now with the help of Almighty Allah every one of the community is with the chemist and the druggest association and…
Almighty Allah help Muslim World to Unite, to enjoy economic prosperity, peace & to join hands with rest of the wor…
By the grace of Almighty Allah ppl of will second 🇵🇰 categorical posture.
Thats pure ignorance n wishful thinking DO NOT underestimate the power of Almighty Allah is with His ppl 😂 Who is with you?
Of all the worship that pleases Almighty Allah, the most is the granting of relief to the humble and the oppressed.
Congratulations to H.E on the occasion of his daughter's wedding Fathia. May the Almighty Allah bless their…
Among my people today at Zaida swabi. May the Almighty Allah be merciful on the departed souls & give health to the pati…
Oh my God, it's enmity with Almighty Allah 🐝🐞
Thank God, it is well with our president. . Almighty Allah will heal him completely.
I am fully glad to see my dear President today, but life and death belongs to Almighty Allah, May Allah heal Baba Buhari.
May the Almighty Allah forgive all his shortcomings and grant him Aljannatul Fiddausi, Aamen Ya Allah!
wanoriyya amana thanks for good duying May Almighty Allah protect u and bless u amin
todays Juma'at service was awesome. May the Blessin of Almighty Allah never depart from your home. Alhamdullilah .
May the Almighty Allah (ﷻ) accept our efforts as acts of Ibadah in this day and every day.
Not the Law of Land, but the Law of Almighty Allah. This is not the glorious work of jour…
Almighty Allah is the reason for my life
and believe and put ur relationship to Allah. Allah is almighty know what the best for you.
Shaaban is significant because it is the month wherein our deeds are taken up to be presented to Allah Almighty. Us…
May Almighty Allah let us end well.
These holly kalma's mean you got kindnesses of Almighty Allah like " ALL IN ONE "
well done sir, how is the family sir? The Almighty Allah continue to protect u sir.
As you spend Ramadan fasting and praying for Allah’s grace. May the Almighty bless us and answer all our prayers ! Eid Mubarak.
Almighty Allah has warned of bad outcomes for the employer if he gave his employees’ wages that do not fit their work.…
Happy Birthday Sb. Many happy returns of the day 🎂. May Allah Almighty Bless You...
Brother, Hayakum Allah, I have something very important to take care only Allah Almighty knows about.
Love and peace brother, wallah I'm so tired.May Allah Almighty make us steadfast on the Haq.
Allah is Almighty, Please pray for those people who are not in right way,,May Allah show us what is right path,,,
Never give up your salah. Always ask for forgiveness from the Almighty, no matter how big or small your sin is. Allah is the most merciful.
Everyone has to have a cause;taught us how to have a true great cause with support of Allah , The…
His believe in Almighty Allah is strong enough ! May you succeed in all your hardships !
may the Almighty Allah bless ur new age Happy Birthday to u 🙏🙏.
A bit late, wishing u a many happy returns of the day May Almighty Allah shower his mercy and blessing on u ❤❤
I was touched by this video, May Almighty Allah make it possible for you to walk again.
Bacha ta atto cute. May Almighty Allah bless him
So you have started your own blog. That's nice May Almighty Allah put barakah in it.
Happy Birthday our messiah May Almighty Allah strength your power and bless your new age.
Reading the holly Quran is a one kind of important media for going to Almighty Allah's contentment. Allah may gives…
May the Almighty Allah reward you abundantly for that. Aameen
Assalamu Alaikum Sir...Hope You are doing well by the Grace of Almighty Allah
Happy Birthday . As you add another year, May Almighty Allah continue to bless you now forever & beyond
by God grace their will succeed May Almighty Allah bless them and protect them day in day out
There is no god but Allah and Prophet Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W.W. is the greatest and last messenger of Almighty Allah...
I love Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), the last prophet of Almighty Allah, with my heart and soul. https:/…
. (no God But ALLAH). ISLAM is LAST divine religion . The (Holy Quran). Is the last book . Sent down by…
(no Gog But ALLAH). ISLAM is last religion. The Holy Quran the last book. Sent down (by Almighty ALLAH). That…
weather gods?. How can u be polytheist ??. You kafir.. there is only one almighty .. Allah . 😀😀😀
A colourful picture of Ali Bakhsh, devoted and loyal personal servant of Allama Iqbal sb. May Allah Almighty...
Let nt ur happiness depend on temporary things or ppl. Happiness comes from Almighty Allah SWT.
from - It is your attachment with Allah Almighty that will b…
who am i to question Allah the almighty
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Is there no morality left in journalism? If you are true to your profession and Almighty Allah, p…
By the grace of almighty allah, I am one stp away to achv andr mlstn n my life n d frm of spcl thnks to Dr.F.…
without forgiveness from Almighty Allah, it is impossible to go to Janna h.
Happy Mubarak! :-). Many many people gone before this EiD! :-(. I pray to Allah for give them Jannat!
Almighty Allah is there for you. “When you make dua, it is a sign that Allah loves you and has intended good for you.”. - Ibn…
Surely Allah's promised is true. May the almighty guide us all to right part
May Almighty Allah gave highest place in Jannah
If the servant of Allāh begins the day & evening, without having any other concern except Allāh The Almighty, He will fulfil all his needs.
U've asked the Almighty Allah, u know He heard you. Fill your heart with patience, have faith that in the right place & time,…
2) and especially thanks for those friends who has prayed for my recovery, and cared about my absence, May Allah almight…
May Almighty Allah bless and rewards us with good.
Almighty Allah please grant my which
Alhamdulillah, May Almighty Allah bless her (our gently mother) again and again and again. Thank you Sir you are ri…
Almighty Allah grants our amiable president speedy recovery
Countless blessings of my Almighty Allah,I have cleared FCPS part 1 MEDICINE & allied . Thanx to ami, Abu and all wellwishers.
Last year i wasn't a Muslim. Thanks Allah Almighty who showed me the right path. Amin.
Mashaa Allah up Kaduna up our great Governor, may almighty support you more & more.
Asked why he was fasting on Mondays & Thursdays, the Holy Prophet said: "A person’s deeds are shown to Allah The Almighty…
. I believed in allah . Muhammad ($.)is. Friend of almighty allah. I love her most. He is a believer
thanks and May Almighty Allah guide you to a successful end
It is not only to say but abide by the rules of Almighty Allah
The Good and Bad Nigerian leaders in one spot. May the almighty Allah help the current leader to deliver. htt…
HBD to you Sir wish you Long life and prosperity many more years ahead May Almighty Allah
May the Almighty save our marriages in this age of divorce for the minutest reason. Aameen.
Almighty is within us with us and over us... May Allah the Almighty guide us to a reverred path.. aameen
Thank Almighty Allah for taken us this far as friends may He continue to strengthen,bless and protect us and our entire family,amin.
Ahappy Earth Strong to May da almighty bless yah
If we want settled and grateful hearts, we must tie our hope to Almighty Allah Himself. We must set our focus fully and fir…
Almighty Allah is the best friend,he never leaves me lonely.
inshallah final will be play in Lahore with the help of Almighty Allah
May the Almighty Allah do the same thing your husband has done for Nigeria to this marriage.
Wow How Time files . Not just a friend but a brother. May the Almighty Allah bless the friendship.
Thank you Almighty Allah for the gift of life
Thanks to Almighty Allah such incidents which were happening in the back drop of militancy in 90s, do not happen today.
to us by Almighty Allah (swt) in order for it to be implemented & for the whole of mankind to abide by it.
In Sha Allah I will take their power away from them.May the Almighty Allah take us above our enemies both known d &unknown.Amin
May Almighty Allah guide us through is pleasure
God will see Baba Buhari thru. This is from Almighty Allah
For such historians even Almighty Allah and God don't exist? They have a view.
When we put Almighty Allah first, all other things fall into place. Give God. What is right, not what is left...
Don't tell Almighty Allah how great your problems are, tell your problems how great Almighty Allah is.
Jummah Mubarak. May the Light of Almighty Allah shine on us all.
In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful. Almighty Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Qur’an that, “Invite...
A very Happy Birthday to BB Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari. May Almighty Allah bless you with more success and health.. ameen 🎂🎉
HAPPY birthday May the Almighty Allah bless you and give you many more years. We appreciate your leadership. htt…
Hamilton Collection
My mum, you'd departed this sinful world, May Almighty Allah have mercy on you and grant you Aljanah Fridaos
May Almighty Allah continued to protect us in this world, May Almighty Allah continued to increased us love our prophet Muhammad S W A Amen
May Almighty Allah be with her to save her life Ameen.
We really need prayers for rainfall ,may the Almighty Allah bless us with condensed vapour inshallah.
Alhamdulillah,congratulation and May Almighty Allah makes it easy for you,salaam
Congratulations Sir. May the Almighty Allah guide your thoughts to make Ghana Great again
Wailers are not happy is succeeding. May the Almighty Allah help in their efforts.
May the peace, Mercy and blessing of Almighty Allah be upon you all.
may the Almighty Allah continues to grown your efforts as you lead the masses to their comfort zone all the times.
May God Bless U, UR Noble deed & helping nature shall make Almighty Allah also to help U with his mighty might. Stay Blessed.
May the departed soul rest in peace and get high place in Jannat and Maghfirat from Almighty Allah.
May Almighty Allah get well you soon ,Aamin
May the Almighty Allah help u in ur gud intentions to revive or beloved country
circumstances, May Almighty Allah make this presentation successful and may Him help you to implement it and to also achieve its 2
peace be upon you and good evening my beloved Daddy, May Almighty Allah continue to guard and guide you Baba all the time, at any 1
Happy 70th birthday to H. E Alhaji Abubakar. Wishing you more years of Almighty Allah's grace, wisdom and stre…
May Almighty Allah continue to forgive and pardon our beloved dad, your excellency peace unto u and good morn
Almighty Allah is the only one who will bless you when you obey Him and will forgive you when you fall short. . No one…
Almighty Allah swt. I pray that you show Mankind another sign. You did it with Barack Obama. Please do it with Donald Trump.
It's the time for us to realise humans can never predict 100%.When Almighty God(Allah) wishes,any situation turns u…
Almighty Allah is everything Trump is nothing, , , , , ,
May Almighty Allah keep u and the baby safe throughout the pregnancy and make the delivery a easy one
There is no might nor power except with Allāh, the Almighty One. Remember that.
Hujjat ul Islam Najafi Rouhani . Mourning on Imam Hussain (AS) is connection with almighty Allah. According to a...
Allah is always be the Most Powerful and Almighty. He is always there control, take care of us. Not trump. So pray to Him. He knows.
'Mosques are a means of bringing people together in humility for the worship of Allah the Almighty.'
so sad. Wishing them Almighty Allah's protection always
May The Almighty Allah guide us always to the right path, ameen3x..❤🍃🌙
Allah is the Almighty, while Trump is nobody. Remember that my dear Muslims. Allah bless you ❤
Not wearing hijab just becuz you afraid of the new law? . MasyaAllah... . ALLAH is ALMIGHTY and you turn over from ALLAH? . Read back Quran
Although, Almighty Allah says: “…it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing that is b…
Never give up on your hijabs dear US Muslimah, you shall fear no one except the Almighty ALLAH S.W.T
May Almighty Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) make it easy for Muslims in America Ameen! Today is a sad day in history 😔
Dear sisters, fear Allah the almighty and not Donald Trump
I'm so sorry. Be safe. May Almighty Allah be with you and your family.
God?Allah? If excisting and almighty this is his will! . Here is your proof there is NO god! Praying does not help. Never!
Fear no one but Allah the Almighty.
All thanks and praises to Allah, God Almighty. I prayed for Barack Obama, he won; I prayed for Mr.Trump, he won. God does a…
May the Almighty Allah guide you to fulfill it.
May Almighty Allah protect us frm Zina
May Almighty Allah grant you Aljanat fridaus.
May Shri Jagannath n Almighty Allah bless him abundantly for his service to humanity.
I pray Almighty Allah to help you my beloved Daddy on the course. May Him be your guard and guide. Aameen
in sha Allah my president, May Almighty Allah make it easy for you Aaameen.
may the Almighty Allah continue to see you thru.   10% Off
Jesus(Issa ale salam) is one among our prophets N the messenger of Almighty Allah!! May peace b upon him!!
May Almighty Allah continue to make ur trip peaceful and successful. Aameen
may the Almighty Allah gave him the highest place in jannatul firdausi Ameen
exactly my beloved Daddy, May Almighty Allah help us. Aameen
May the Almighty Allah continue to guide and protect us. Ameen
Congrats, May Almighty Allah bless him with happy & prosperous life.
May Almighty Allah protect us from such end. Ameeb
HBD to oga . May the Almighty Allah bless you with more fruitful, healthy and successful years
May her soul rest in perfect peace and May Almighty Allah make Firdaus her final and eternal home.
nyc...dts wt em trying 2 do...May Almighty Allah c us tru
May the peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be with you this year and always. Happy Islamic New Year!
Happy Birthday babe🎉🎈🎁 may the Almighty Allah grant you all that u desire,long life,good health and success have a lovely day💙
I want to commend ur hardworking Commissioner for Youth & Sport and his staffs May Almighty Allah continue 2 bless SOKOTO STATE
May the Almighty Allah forgive us all
Officially entering the "Favour" market with both legs tomorrow. May the Almighty Allah bless my hustles.
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Congrats! On your appointment as new UN Secretary General. May Almighty Allah increase you in wisdom & understanding to excel.
May Almighty Allah be with all Palastinians and help them out of the problem they are facing in shaa Allah
Teachers day:) May Almighty Allah bless them. Heartiest thanks and lots of prayers for all teachers.
"May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us...😨😤..."
A great person is one whose silence and speech is punctuated with reflection and the remembrance of Almighty Allah.
Shalla to the latest graduate on this street yo! Baby boo boo May Almighty Allah continue to increase you successfully
May Almighty Allah protect our president which is Muhammad Buhari and our lovely country Nigeria.
Good day sir,firstly I would like to appreciate and recommend all work done, May Almighty Allah strength Your efforts..
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun. May the Almighty Allah grants you Jannah
Long live federal republic of nigeria and long live our uncorrupt leader Muhammadu Buhari,may the Almighty Allah help and protect you Ameen.
from - . Subhan'allah! May the Almighty Allah accept each and every…
May Almighty Allah guard and guide you to administer upright and to tackles all the challenges.
May the Almighty Allah (S.W.T) make us amongst those that are punctual with their prayer. Insha Allah. Ameen
Dad ur exit is a big lost to us, is still like a dream to me that u are dead, May Almighty Allah grant u aljanat fidau, love u Daddy
Wishes on the anniversary, may Almighty give more strength and courage, achievements praiseworthy, Almighty Allah's blessings shower upo...
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Happy Birthday shanawar May Almighty Allah give u long life with health
May her soul rest in peace and the Almighty Allah grant her a good place in Jannah, we shud expose such dirty docs
. May the Almighty Allah shower all the blessings upon Pakistan on the Independence Day.. Ameen..
Thanks to Almighty Allah for today's win on this special day congratulations and well done team for this win May Allah always help us Aameen
Happy Birthday Mother and Motherland!. May you both always stay under the blessings of Almighty Allah!. Ameen!
All thanks be to Almighty Allah who owe us a life to witness this Month, May He accept our ibadah and grant us his Jann…
May Almighty Allah forgive you, cus you dnt know what u re uttering
Happy independence day to all Pakistani nation. On this day I thanks Almighty Allah for giving us a wonderful country full of riches and
I'm a creation of the Almighty Allah and so are you,created equal are you and I..Let's get rid of all pride in our hearts, I…
May Almighty Allah protect and guide you President Muhammad Buhari
May the Almighty Allah grant you internal piece. We wel miss you Baba. Allah ya ye Rahama
May the Almighty Allah bless you and your family with peace and happiness on the auspicious occasion of Eid - ul - Fitr. Eid Mubarak
Gudnyt...mama Bukky Ajayi may your gentle soul rest in bossom of Almighty Allah!
May the Almighty Allah shower His blessings upon muslims all over the world. Have a great Eid Day !!!
Wishing you all a blessed Eid-Al-Fitr. May the blessings of Almighty Allah brighten up your lives with peace, prosperity,…
Alhamdulillahi for the successful completion of this year Ramadan, May Almighty Allah accept it…
Ed Mubarak. May Almighty Allah accept all our fasts and efforts from dis just concluded ramadan…
Wishing all Nigerians a Happy May the Almighty Allah continue to bless our nation.
Almighty Allah have Your mercy and keep all the muslims united
We should not send it unless requested by S.A.. Moreover, We believe Almighty Allah will protect it Himself I.A.
Farewell Khutbah for the Last Friday of Ramadhan. In the Name of Almighty Allah,. Most Gracious, Most Merciful...
Alhamdulilah with the grace of Almighty Allah, help from donors and Members we have provided further ration...
Alhamdulillah I'm always greatful to the Almighty Allah.
May the Almighty Allah grant him health
Prayer is the link between the Almighty Allah and His salve.
We are mostly and only concern with the sources of things which are peresent not considering and having faith in the power of Almighty Allah
Sad to hr abt the beautiful being ruined by da flood.My da Almighty Allah gve strngth 2 the families affected.
I feel sorry who lost their love ones. May the Almighty Allah give the strength to the families affected.
Sad to hear about the beautiful city being ruined by the flood. May the Almighty Allah give strength to the f…
Alhamdullillah ...Ramadan is finally ending..may the Almighty Allah accept all my good deeds and wipe away my mistakes...
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May Almighty Allah give us the strenght and guide us.
happy anniversary May Almighty Allah blessed the well deserved union and continue protect us all. Our proud
Its not about all that. It's about going to the Masjid to praise the Almighty Allah.
Allahu akbar. Its Day 29 the Holy month of ramadan all thanks to the Almighty Allah. Retire Happily...
"There is one Angel of Almighty Allah ﷻ whose one side is in the East and one in the West. When anyone sends...
We have to show the world that Islam is a religion of peace. May the Almighty Allah help us perfect our imaan and spread this deen. Ameen
1: I am tankful to Almighty Allah, because isn't belongs to Pakistan's Muslim if he is then killed in
Glory be to Almighty Allah. As Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is the beat President in African, let's support him and...
By the grace of Almighty Allah we shall come out to pressurize the thrives to bring tax payers money back f strong country.
Mubarak.Its special night of seeking forgiveness and repenting to Almighty Allah. May god bless all :)
Almighty Allah may bless people who extend their fullest supports to flood victims with very much difficulty & sanctification
. Mother is one of the greatest prize of Almighty Allah for his peoples on the Earth . Person' who have parents alive is lucky one
I believe life & death is with the Almighty Allah,these were the words of Hassan Al-Banna & Syed Qutab http…
Hunnnmmm! Which of the favours of Almighty Allah will I deny. Alhamdulillah Robil Alamin
May the Almighty Allah protect and guard us all the days of our life. Ameen
22nd May 2016... date set for my very important day of my life... may the Almighty Allah help me in achieving it.
As each door has a special key, the door of the Compassion of Almighty Allah has its special key, either
Despite the rigorous attacks against Islam, it'll remain the best way of life chosen for us by Almighty Allah.
May Allah ease everything . I put my trust on Almighty Allah .
May the Almighty Allah continue to grant you eternal rest in peace.Ameen
Happy Birthday to snr man Mohammed S Hamza. May all your dreams be fulfilled by the Almighty Allah.
We will forever Miss you and May Almighty Allah grant your soul Al-Janat
May Almighty Allah grant him aljanat firdaus, amin.
May the Almighty Allah reward you with Jannah, a leader with great vision for his dear country.
= Best Action in Islam =. Almighty Allah and Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam have declared...
Jokingly...its two yrs.May Almighty Allah make union enjoyable n last forever in good health and wealth. A...
Earth is a gift from Almighty Allah. A single plant may worthy reduce the pollution..
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