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Allison Williams

Allison Williams (born c. 1981) is a beauty queen from Morgantown, West Virginia who was crowned Miss West Virginia 2003. She competed in the Miss America 2004 pageant but was unplaced.

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I found the new definition of Privilege
Big thank you to Lindsay Price and Allison Williams for basing the highlights of my life so far
Allison Williams often opts for gowns that add a dramatic, girly flare to an otherwise classic silhouette:
"I think Type B is just people that smoke weed"-- very solid snippet from on the You Made It Weird Allison Williams episode
My daughter just told me that in a movie about our family, Allison Williams would play my wife and Rick Moranis would play me. 😳
Allison Williams on the "Girls" finale, Marnie's legacy and her fav moments from the show
Listen to this podcast we did with Allison Williams, a
Listen to this podcast we did with our client - Allison Williams, a in
I loved Allison Williams' response when Pete Holmes told her he might be going to see Get Out with you. Swooning, it was.
I've been reading everything I can find about Get Out and this piece might be the most disturbing
Is a thing? Because if it is, Allison Williams has it.
Wondering about the liberal mind virus infecting the West? & Allison Williams
SARAH TAYLOR! Her RBI-single to right plates Allison Williams after a 1B & SB and we're tied again at 3-3 in the si…
Allison Williams' sac fly scores Tori Luke and Northwest is on top, 2-1, of EMCC in the 4th!
"Didn't you get the feeling of like being the magical white person? It was like being a celebrity!" -Pete Holmes, to Allison Williams
"Being the minority, that's what I loved about it." -Allison Williams, on You Made It Weird, about her trip to Ghana
did you know that Get Out is Allison Williams’ first feature film? The 28 year old actress is...
Listening to Allison Williams talk to while watching real-time updates to her page.
I love the life that I get to live, which is one of real independence & privacy and autonomy. - Allison Williams
All through "Get Out" I kept hoping Allison Williams would grab a guitar and sing Jojo's "Leave (Get Out)" like you know Marnie would.
Our featured speaker will be actress, Allison Williams. Learn more at and purchase your ti…
Thank you for the great conversation with Allison Williams!
I can't even get my own first and last name for a Gmail account and Allison Williams gets this on Instagram. RIGGED. htt…
‼️HELP‼️ pls donate towards funeral expenses for my friend allison. her family would love to have your help 💕.
Watch a special message from and Allison Williams before the series finale of in less than 2 hours on
New video Celebrity sex tape - Allison Williams has been published on play ... -
Allison Williams talks typecasting and how she managed to move on from Girls.
It's just Allison Williams and Beth Mowins and DA in my Fan Club!!
Allison Williams attends the 2017 DVF Awards at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City
Allison Williams in Diane von Furstenberg @ the 2017 DVF Awards at United Nations Headquarters
Me and some ESPN announcers/ladies at the NCAA Women's Regional in Lexington KY. Allison Williams, Beth Mowins, DA
Allison Williams & Dr. Sarah Jones highlight the need to identify and find out what works from people at risk of a fall
I liked a video Darren Criss, Allison Williams interview
Watched for Darren but Allison Williams w/him-just Wow! Such a fun combo! Hilarious! She made him fanboy! 😂👏
I think Allison Williams should consider doing an Ellen DeGeneres or Heidi Klein Bio-pic for her next career choice.
i whole heartedly thank for having allison williams & act out a scene from SLJ as 💯
So so you're not going to discuss the biggest movie out right now with Allison Williams.
I am loving actress Allison Williams and LEGEND on tonight!
props to whoever was in charge of Allison Williams' wardrobe bc you nailed that change from chill white gf to prissy white girl
is it just me or does blonde Allison Williams look like Literally thought it was her at first
"I have to talk to you for two reasons. One, our friendship is over. Two, I loved the movie.”
Samuel L Jackson and Allison Williams are about to be on
but allison williams as a therapist?? Unorthodox...
I'm pretty sure we haven't even gotten to the racist people in Get Out and Allison Williams character is already trash lol
Allison Williams blasts lack of diversity in Hollywood run by old white men. via
Allison Williams and MGyllenhaal share their feminist views at Keds's event:
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Allison Williams ‘completely’ lied to friends about the plot of ‘Get Out’
Allison Williams and share their feminist views at event:
Allison Williams... Brian Williams daughter... that's the one who destroyed Peter Pan, right?.
Allison Williams really wants to make a GirlsHBO movie:
Allison Williams really wants to make a movie:
In love with Allison Williams guesting on Here to Make Friends. I pray she gets that Kylie spon deal someday 😂💕
I feel personally betrayed by Allison Williams right now.
Still impressed by how brave it was for Allison Williams to go blonde
Watch: Allison Williams and Daniel Kaluuya talk racism and dating.
"Allison Williams blasts lack of diversity in Hollywood" of the all white cast on everyone.
to that time I hung out the incredible Allison Williams from the Amazing
Allison Williams blasts lack of diversity in Hollywood
Allison Williams blasts lack of diversity in Hollywood via Than put ur $ on the line and u too can produce
Allison Williams blasts lack of diversity in Hollywood
Allison Williams is the most beautiful girl on this planet
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
WATCH: Allison Williams channels her inner Julie Andrews and sings 'My Favorite Things'
It's okay to fantasize about tossing Peter Pan's salad... as long as it's Allison Williams.
With 'Get Out,' Allison Williams is breaking her goody-goody 'Girls' persona
Allison Williams could be Steven Colberts' frequent guest as was David Lettermans' -- a stretch, but the interview was great...
Napoleon girls 200 free relay: Allison Williams, Eadyn Miller, Jenna Pilkington, Abby Allison was 14th 1:41.49
This looks fascinating! (and I don't like horror) In Get Out, Allison Williams Makes 'Good White People' Scary
I confess, I've been tempted to see what I'd look like in Marilyn-esque blond. Tips here, if you go for it.
In her first film role, the actress plays with her impossibly Caucasian star image
I asked Allison Williams who would her first pick in a race draft be and her answer was rather shocking.
Allison Williams has been using the broken heart emoji a lot now that ‘Girls’ is ending.
So Allison Williams just said kind of interesting Allen only played 4 minutes in the second half. He picked up his 4th foul up around 16 min
"I'm a master assembler of Ikea furniture, in case anyone wants to know." - Allison Williams
Allison Williams & Kate Upton Step Out in Style in NYC - Just Jared
Why are all these brunette celebrities going blond? -
How Allison Williams mined the horrors of white privilege for 'Get Out' - Los Angeles Times
'I'm still getting used to it!' Allison Williams debuts blonde hair at NYC screening of Ge…
My two regrets thus far? Didn't bring Chap Stick, didn't photobomb fan's selfie with Allison Williams. Oh, make it three. The first half.
Downton Abbey's reflects on the show that launched his career + his new FX show, Legion
vulture: makes horror out of the microaggressions of everyday racism. JorCru on Allison Williams's role
since you always talk about Tracy Wolfson, where does Allison Williams rank in your book?
WOW, Allison Williams is such a Sagittarius! I heard they politely transported a spool of string...
Dad at dinner: I will never forgive Allison Williams for that Peter Pan performance
I started out really into musical theater. So you can imagine I...
Re: Lowe to Williams; Allison to Mercedes - what is really happening?: Massa will return for 2017 only if Bottas…
More moves off-track than on. Bottas to Merc. Massa back at Williams. Lowe joins Williams. Allison joins Merc.…
I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect. Between homework a...
It's very weird waking around a corner and being nose to nose with ...
Celebrate the new year with some sparkle like Allison Williams in
Bottas to Merc, Massa to Williams, Symonds out with Lowe in, whilst Allison fills the gap at Merc from Ferrari...bloody *** !
UPDATE: Key to Williams, Symonds to retire, Allison to where? (Update)
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Krystal is the new global face of Keds spring 2017 along with Taylor Swift, Ciara, Tori Kelly and Allison Williams
The Michigan-Michigan State game will be called by Bob Wischusen (play-by-play), Brock Huard (color) and Allison Williams (sideline)
Allison Williams' bangs in this snap make her look just like Ariel from The Little Mermaid: https:/…
In real life, we do things out of character, constantly. A couple of days ago, my shoes we
It's safe to say I'm a comedy nerd. I listen to so many podcasts. I just love to laugh.
'Girls' was my first audition. I'd just taken an audition class, and I was excited to impl
I love dancing. It's one of my favorite things in the whole world.
TOUCHDOWN, Mike Williams gets one for a 3rd straight game and we extend our lead at BC.
Allison Williams which is prob why I rarely use her anymore.
Jemima Kirke rocks a short blonde bob and our eyes can barely handle it
I don't understand how some of these young actresses are wearing such provocative, editori
Allison Williams once offered me her umbrella and chatted with me about improv during my rainy freshman orientation
a girl in my high school youth group looks EXACTLY like allison williams. Made watching girls very weird.
another day where I woke up and my face hadn't changed into Allison Williams' overnight
Allison Williams - QVC presents FFANY Shoes on Sale in New York City
allison williams is next to an old McDonald’s that had been converted into a project might have taken the transfer instead of doing it wrong
My mom has beautiful eyes, and I inherited a lot of her rituals, accentuating eyes.
Jordan Peele's racial horror movie looks absolutely insane. Watch the trailer:
I've done so many funny jobs. I worked at a farmer's market through high school. I worked
You've never seen a horror movie quite like Jordan Peele's Watch the insane trailer: https:…
See the first official trailer for the thriller "Get Out" from writer-director ht…
Watch the trailer for Allison Williams' new terrifying, but necessary, horror movie:
Allison Williams is some quality milk
Last day of Allison Williams (and the rest of the GIRLS except Hannah) filming 💔😭
Naomi Watts' birthday celebrations and Allison Williams' teary goodbye: this week's best A-list Instas…
📷 dailyactress: Katy Perry and Allison Williams at the  Unicef SnowFlake Ball in New York, November 27,...
Melissa Benoist & Allison Williams speak at the 3rd Annual College Signing Day at the Harlem Armory (April 26, 2016)
"It's meta, the way it worked out."- Allison Williams on reuniting with Christopher Abbott.
All the Looks From the 2016 Tony Awards - From gowns to jumpsuits, what Allison Williams, Jane Krakowsk...
photo 72is like shes a floating model...we should sell like to float on Allison Williams. via
Karen Gillan is finally on IG and she is following Amy Schumer, Taylor Swift, Allison Williams, Rose McIver, and Jean-Ralphio. confused.
Katys friendship with Allison Williams is flawless i love Ali aka Marnie aka my fav from queens!!
5 times Allison Williams channeled her alter ego Marnie Michaels a little *too* well
Allison Williams photographed by Carter Smith wearing Anthony Vaccarello for ELLE magazine 2014.
Allison Williams wears chic white ensemble to Met Gala film screening via
Vision in white! Allison Williams wears chic cape ensemble as she joins Ashley Graham and Anna Wintour at Met Gala
See the latest looks from Katy Perry,Julia Roberts,Allison Williams,Kate Hudson,Anna Kendrick,Diane Kruger & more at
Fun red carpet moment between and Allison Williams at Sean Parker's gala
Fashionista_com: Allison Williams and Katy Perry hit the red carpet as an odd fashion couple: …
Chris Tucker, Allison Williams and others discussed race at the dinner
The Most Bridal Red Carpet Looks of the Week for Brides: Anna Camp, Zendaya Coleman, and Allison Williams
Allison Williams wears a doily to The Tonight Show:
so gorgeous. I would love to see you have love scene with Allison Williams or Gaby Hoffman
ESPN’s Allison Williams says Mickey Mitchell took an elbow to the eye from Trevor Thompson. JaQuan Lyle was treated for back spasms
Allison Williams looked stunning in last night's girlsHBO wedding: …
domain names
Allison Williams looked stunning in last night's wedding:
Allison Williams I hope you guys enjoyed last night’s episode as much as we did making…
Watching and still shocked Allison Williams is marrying that dude!
How can Allison Williams be so flawless
Allison Williams pulls off her flower crown & looks in the mirror. "You're not Marnie," she whispers. "You don't have to be Marnie anymore."
Allison Williams talks about her weight in Allure Mag
Allison Williams is either the best actress on TV or she is the most insufferable person on the planet
he wasn't really did numbers you even had Juan Williams agreeing
Don Allison with the ABQ Home Alliance is our Keller Williams of the Day. Take a moment to say hi and...
Marnie is awful, but Allison Williams is genuinely great, IMO. Her annunciation of "white Christian woman" killed.
Allison Williams would you marry me?
Allison Williams rendering of every girl ever who wants people to think she's easy-going is still pitch-perfect to me.
Among the most fulfilling. Experiences of my life. Jealous of you Allison Williams
DEFINITELY cracked up for real when Allison Williams broke that chair in this scene. 😂
Allison Williams is the cute one on Girls... kept me watching up to a point. I rarely watch TV, so
Since it's the season premiere of GIRLS let's not forget that I met Allison Williams once and I drunkenly told her
Allison Williams is ruining any chance I will ever like her or support her in the future with each line she spews. I so dislike Marnie.
Allison Williams manages to make spanx attractive
Allison Williams is SO good in tonight's premiere. Marnie, forever NOT the wound.
What I want to know is whether I am going to see Allison Williams or Jemima Kirke naked?I've seen enough of Dunham's fat ***
Allison Williams revealed her new bangs this week - but have you seen these celeb fringes? https:…
The stars of preview Marnie's wedding day (spoiler: she was not a relaxed bride!):
Allison Williams should win some sort of award for playing the most unlikable character on television.
September 20, 2015: Katy Perry and John Mayer together at Allison Williams' wedding
After many long years of deliberation, I can now answer the age old question: Jessica Lowndes, Allison Williams and Aubrey Plaza.
Allison Williams says she wouldn't be married to her hubby if it wasn't for ‘The Bachelor’
& I don’t like Olivia on but I find it ironic that Allison Williams thinks she has room to talk about Olivia's anchor voice
Allison Williams would play the perfect Olivia in the Lifetime TV movie
Is Olivia the real-life version of Marnie though? Please elaborate, Allison Williams
Allison Williams appearance on Meh. On scale of Blake Lively to Kate Winslet she's just below Cameron Diaz.
All purpose parts banner
Girls 100 free: Amanda Hudson 2nd, Allison Williams 5th and Danielle Rieger 10th
Allison Williams reflects on what she learnt returning to health's frontline as a health board executive.
Allison Williams, meet the women who've played Peter Pan - Today 😜
Allison Williams taught me about love tonight:
I don't care what anyone says, Allison Williams is killing it as David Alan Grier! What range! Has she lost weight?
Via Dave Flemming, Mack Brown, Allison Williams on the call for Friday's Championship Game at Ford Field (8 PM, ESPN2.)
"Allison Williams is freezing downstairs." You probably don't want to know this - more than twice as warm as Nov. 20, 2014!
Your ESPN2 crew for Friday’s CUBuffs-USC game is Dave Flemming PxP, Mack Brown color and Allison Williams on the sidelines
Dave Flemming on the PBP, Mack Brown (yes, that Mack Brown) on the color and Allison Williams on the sidelines for ESPN on Friday.
ESPN2 announcers for at Colorado on Friday (7 p.m. MT/6 PT) ... Dave Flemming, Mack Brown, Allison Williams
Allison Williams- Fray I love the hoodie for a Christmas gift for Abbie,Lauren, and Karleigh :)
See Allison Williams flash her killer abs in this new spread:
Imagine if there was Uber, but instead of cars they sent you celebrities?
Please enjoy Will Forte & Allison Williams in this week's AFTER HOURS! What if Uber sent celebs instead of cars? https:…
📷 harpersbazaar: Allison Williams for harper by Harper’s BAZAAR  “Our latest cover girl does denim the...
Find out which workout Allison Williams credits for her toned, cover-ready abs via POPSUGARFitness
Allison Williams Dishes on Her Royal Wedding Dress Inspirations and Life as a Newlywed!
How Peter Copping was the perfect wedding gown designer for Allison Williams -
Check out the latest looks from Diane Kruger, Michelle Monaghan,Laverne Cox, Selma Blair, Allison Williams & more at
This Is What Everyone Wore at FGI's Night of Stars Gala: Meryl Streep, Diane Kruger and Allison Williams celebrated the fashion indus...
The ESPN crew calling the Memphis/Tulsa game will be Dave Flemming, Mack Brown and Allison Williams
Wedding bells rang&Allison Williams and Ricky Van Veen on Saturday. The "Girls" star and Van Veen, who co-founded …
lol for some reason this only reminds me of that scene Allison Williams had in Girls (
Girls actress Allison Williams posts picture of wedding ...
Allison Williams shares a stunning new photo of her wedding dress:
Allison Williams went the fairy tale route for her wedding with an Oscar de la Renta dress:
Today on Sarah and Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 7-8am –John Stamos really wants to be a daddy, Allison Williams...
Allison Williams just got married in She is obviously clued into the fact that it is the most beautiful place.
Allison Williams is married! The Girls star weds Ricky Van Veen--get the details! ❤
I'm actually in love with Allison Williams on Girls.
Writing for the Government by Libby Allison and Miriam F. Williams (2007, Pa…
Claire Danes, Allison Williams and more A-listers crowned as Hollywood's newest 'royals'
I feel so sorry for Allison, she tries to get Williams attention so bad and he doesnt seem to care! (Mia's Meet Joe Black commentary)
Happy birthday Allison love and miss you hope it's a good one 💗💗
Your ESPN announcers for Friday's FSU-BC game are Dave Fleming, Mack Brown and Allison Williams
10 times Allison Williams stunned on the red carpet:
You will NOT recognize Allison Williams on her W magazine cover
I really like listening to Allison Williams as Peter Pan, .
Allison Williams on the league is incredibleness several years too late, she's the bae to end all baes
Can we just talk about how underappreciated Allison Williams is?!?!
Allison Williams is a gorgeous girl we love her she looks like twilight.
Either that girls actress allison williams won the collapse of grey which featured the today when you ever.
Hey Tell Allison Williams it is Mangum not Magnum. Show some respect!
ESPN's Allison Williams still thinks Tanner Mangum's last name is Magnum. Just asked Bronco Mendenhall about Magnum.
Great reporting by Allison Williams. "Lost for the season with a season ending injury."
Mrs. Mangum now swapping recipes with Allison Williams. Get out of there, Allison!
Someone please tell Allison Williams how to pronounce Mangum.
Will someone please tell Allison Williams the kid's name is Mangum, not Magnum.
.Allison Williams needs to learn how to pronounce "Mangum" He's not a gun.
Since it's backwards, I wonder if Allison Williams pronounces it "MANGUM P.I."?
does someone want to tell Allison Williams how to pronounce Mangum?
Oh my, Allison Williams, it's ManGum, not MaGnum, as in PI
Did anyone tell Allison Williams her outfit is not honor code compliant?
For any interested, Dave Flemming, Mack Brown, and Allison Williams will be doing the Utah-USU game on ESPN2.
TV crew for Boise State-BYU on ESPN2 Saturday night is Dave LaMont, Ray Bentley and Allison Williams.
Photo: collegehumor: Another short clip from Jake and Amir’s podcast with Allison Williams! All episodes...
Allison Williams and Sarah Jessica Parker hung out after Hamilton's opening night on Broadway:
Saoirse Ronan, Allison Williams, Emmy Rossum and Margot Robbie auditioned for the role of Susan Stor….
All of a sudden, you're dying for Allison Williams' dad, Brian.
Mack Brown will join Dave Flemming and Allison Williams for Friday night ESPN games.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
More for Desperately looking for this Girls body - Allison Williams
Allison Williams' face has been hand sculpted by angels and is amazing.
Allison Williams The only semi-happy thing about wrapping Season 5 of GIRLS is the…
Allison Williams in Peter Pan and now Shanice Williams in THE WIZ...these NBC Live musicals reek of nepotism!
I would like to wish my beautiful wife Allison Williams a happy 26th anniversary love you loads...
Lol Mrs. Williams so nice how is Allison so mean
ya IRO was made for like Allison Williams
Famous concertgoers included Brian Williams and daughter Allison, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Wynona Ryder, and Bruce Springsteen
Allison Williams For user experience to improve services, we must engage continuously
I can't imagine it being worse than Williams.
Allison Williams in Rag & Bone Overalls in Coal: Allison Williams was spotted out and about in New York. The a...
Is it weird that my distaste for Marnie on carries over to a dislike of the actual Allison Williams? . thoughts?
Allison Williams has a face I just want to punch over and over again.
Matt Miazga after the match with Allison Williams of ESPN
They should cast Allison Williams in the Alex Morgan Story. Her father could play Gandhi.
.and Allison Williams visit and at -
Remake "Metallica Through the Never" as a western movie starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Allison Williams
Allison Williams relives the magic of Peter Pan as she mingles backstage with Matthew…
Dr Chris Jones, via Allison Williams, KISS - keep it simple, stupid - will help with feedback opportunities
Murder in Belize City. Oswald (Allison/Wally) Williams, a resident of Rivero Street, was murdered in Belize City...
I wish would get a house key so every time I stay the night we wouldn't have to sleep in the car 😑
Didn't think my summer job could get any cooler until I served ice cream to Allison Williams last night on the set of Girls 🍦
I must navigate the labrynth-like hallways of a magical hotel to return to my true love, Allison Williams, in the lobby.
Allison Williams beauty makes absolutely no sense
See why celebrities like Allison WIlliams and KendallJenner are obsessed with dubsmashapp:…
See why celebrities like Allison WIlliams and are obsessed with
Check out Loaded tonight for the after-party! Half price entry with your Pharrell Williams ticket!
I love Girls but Allison Williams is a terrible actress.
I've finally got it!!! Allison Williams as Marnie IS Ione Skye in Say Anything. Did I discover your secret?
From to Allison Williams, our portraits of movie/miniseries Emmy contenders
Huw Williams and MP Dean Allison have a chat about the power of political relationships. It matters
Allison Williams is now speaking about and at the Families in Canada Conference 2015!
R U aware of Dr Thompsons admission of CDC Fraud? ✅ ▶️
The traditional family is not what it was in the 70s. - Allison Williams, McMaster University @ Conference.
I liked a video from Pharrell Williams-Happy (EFIX & ALLISON Cover)
Marge & Homer separate in the 'Simpsons' season premiere
Marge & Homer to separate in the season premiere:
Allison Williams in a Fred Leighton 19th Century Diamond Flower Brooch on her gown at the
Allison Williams takes on Nicki Minaj's rap in "Monster" and absolutely slaaays it! Watch:
'Girls' stars are pals on and off camera: ​It's was a girls night out for co-stars Allison Williams ...
Big shout out to Allison Williams- Fray, Greta Ford Hall, and Shana Weeter Hall for helping me and Jeremy...
“$20 says they'll let Allison Williams play Dorothy in the live Wiz.” Christopher Walken as Scarecrow.
Allison Williams defends father Brian Williams: 'He's an honest man':
If this Allison Williams at the game had a better nose, she'd easily be a 10. Still gorgeous
Why can’t I look like Allison Williams? My name is Allison. I have a boring last name. Surely this should be enough.
I like Allison Williams but she definitely seems like she yells at her mom a lot.
A vote for Frank Underwood is a vote for Allison Williams.
no offense to her but if she's the same Colleen who has Allison Williams site then everything is MQ.
Hes an honest man. Hes a truthful man: Allison Williams breaks her silence - Salon
So, so kind! Honored to connect with each of you! Thanks for inspiring us!
Marnie is a terrible person. That doesn't make Allison Williams a terrible actor. She is remarkably effective on that show.
Allison Williams defends her father: He cares so much about journalism video -
- love re-reading these kind words after a long day in the VP office. Have a wonderful weekend folks!
Allison Williams speaks out for first time on dad Brian Williams
Publicist email: here is what you can ask Allison Williams about on the red carpet at an event you aren't going to
serjio1112: Allison Williams to soar as Peter Pan on ThursdayKansas City Star...
What do Allison Williams, Michele Cahill & Nancy Devine have in common? They'll all be part of a panel plenary session at Nat. Mtg!
do we know what Allison Williams' Dad thinks about this?
Allison Williams getting the eaten out.
Do you think Allison Williams is really Brian Williams’s daughter? He could be lying about this too.
'Peter Pan' trailer is a song-and-dance with Allison Williams, Christopher Walken
Allison Williams says her father Brian Williams is 'an honest man'
Allison Williams speaks out 4 1st time on dad Brian Williams
Allison Williams postpones wedding due to dad Brian Williams scandal: Allison Williams has postponed her weddi... http:…
star Allison Williams has defended dad anchor Brian Williams: 'He's an honest man'
Allison Williams defends her father Brian Williams, wants him to return to TV.
Actress Allison Williams defends her dad - Sacramento Bee
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