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Allison MacK

Allison Mack (born July 29, 1982) is an American actress, director and producer. She is best known for her role of Chloe Sullivan on the Superman-inspired television series Smallville.

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Allison Mack who played best friend Chloe Sullivan in is evidently under investigation for b…
I can't believe it's the year of our lord 2017 and I'm reading an article about Allison Mack being a cult leader. S…
I'm saddened/disgusted to hear of the alleged cult that Allison Mack is apart of. *** is going on in this world??!!
Smallville star accused of recruiting women into a dangerous cult that brands its members.
The creep just gets creepier ... still waiting on the big bombshell .
sadly with this Allison Mack story we may not be safe from anyone :(
With Mariah Carey and Allison Mack now in the mix, how far are we from “Not all women?”
Apparently former child actress Allison Mack is the leader of a sex slave cult?? Lohan sounds pretty hireable now, doesnt s…
The Media: Men in Hollywood are such abusers. Allison Mack: Hold my beer.
Allison Mack just out- Weinsteined half of Hollywood. Did not see that coming.
Never really liked Allison Mack anyways when she directed Season 8 Episode Power how she used the iconic Clois scene 4 Clana 😷
Talk about quitting your day job. now member of sex - reports
Hollywood actresses are said to be involved in the controversial group - but what do we k…
Uhh, did y'all hear about Allison Mack?
let's see... done with:. Depp, Gibson, C.K., A. Baldwin (still like Billy), Spacey, any Miramax/Dimension/TWC movie…
You might think feminists would be more concerned with accusations of actresses & doctors luring pe…
Wow it's almost like when I said the stuff in the entertainment industry was true I was on to s…
Hollywood actress Allison Mack revealed as high ranking member of horror NXIVM cult
Hopefully sooner rather than later. And now I just read about Allison Mack being second in command o…
First of all, Allison Mack is a Teen Choice Award winning actress.
Allison Mack, Chloe from Smallville, is allegedly second-in-command in a sex cult, where she's holding captive the daughter of Cat…
Reading about how Allison Mack is 2nd in command of sex cult sounds like a really bad episode of smallville
*** .just heard about the Allison Mack news
way more shocked by this than the Louis CK thing, never would have expected this from her.
So much has happened in the past couple of days that we completely forgot about Allison Mack’s sex cult ring
What the *** is wrong with our timeline. I mean, if you asked me "where is Allison Mack today?" this would not even... sigh.
"Allison Mack is under FBI investigation for a NXIVM cult that rape, branded and abused young girls" oh my god?…
Is this former 'Smallville' star a leader in a sex cult?
I just read the stuff about Allison Mack. Holy crap! Not my Chloe!
Interview with would be interesting..
I know we're all dealing with the Louis thing right now but I would love to circle back to the Allison Mack sex cult when we get a chance
I know this is the Daily Mail! But look at Allison Mack's website!
Smallville actress Allison Mack ‘brainwashed into recruiting up to 25 women into the terrifying NXIVM slave cult'
I can't believe that Allison Mack, who played one of my favourite characters in Chloe Sullivan has done somethi…
"On November 8, 2017, the Daily Mail and a former spokesperson for NXIVM reported that Allison Mack was second in c…
'Smallville" actress Allison Mack recruits up to 25 women as slaves for a cult /r/news
If this is what Allison Mack is up to then good lord in heaven above WHAT IS KRISTEN KREUK UP TO?!?
*** Chloe from Smallville alison mack accused of running a sex cult and sexu…
Hollywood actress Allison Mack 'brainwashed into recruiting as many as 25 women into the terrifying NXIVM slave cul…
Wait, what? Allison Mack stuff. I don't know this stuff. Tell me.
One bummer after another.The Allison Mack stuff, although we knew about the cult, it's still very sad.
Allison Mack (b.1982). American actress, director and producer
Gonna post a video on YouTube soon. I'll be singing "Seventeen" from Heathers. Check me out on Allison Mack.
I like the consistency of a TV show, but I like it for three months out of my year, not nine. Allison Mack
Two player. Allison and I used to play
This new daughter looks like Chloe Sullivan and *** it would've been cool to see Allison Mack in a DC universe again.
What happened to this show?! What happened to awesome Allison Mack? Erica Durance? Michael Rosenbaum? John Glover? Aaron Ashmore?
a pleasure to watch Smallville with beautiful Allison Mack :D.
I always want to be telling stories in whatever fashion I can, and directing is really just un
man that is soo true and so right. Two fav. Thing I do to start my day one listen to Pastor Joel Osteen and Allison mack.
Allison Mack - Mack Trucks in the Big Apple Allison Mack - Mack Trucks in the Big Apple -
Getting harder every day to make excuses for Trump
You know, I've never been a comic book person, just because that's not my gig and I don't have
Using clothes to transform was a huge part of my childhood. But also, I've been acting forever,
Mack and Simu are currently hanging out with Allison!
Allison Janney's character in 'The West Wing' was so rocking! I am a huge fan of Mary Louis Par
Happy Birthday to the lovely and talented Allison Mack! Hope ur bday is super awesome just like u r! 🎂🎉 h…
I liked a video Allison Mack at Comic Con
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLISON MACK you're such a huge inspiration to me I just hope I can meet you someday❤. Hope u see this
Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan on "Smallville", born in Preez, Germany on July 29, 1982 ht…
Happy Birthday to Allison Mack aka the incomparable Chloe Sullivan Queen on !
domain names
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1982, Allison Mack was born on this date in Preetz, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
bts, Tom Welling and Allison Mack from the episode Tempest
Don't do this often, but hat's off to Juan's cheap shot remark abt Trump's McCain comment
totally! I will always love Justin Hartley, Allison Mack & But now I love Stephen Amell, Emily Bett & too!
Smallville meets Izombie. I could talk to Allison Mack all day. She's an incredible person.
LMAO no I am not clothing that poor thing
Growing up, my mom made us this amazing thing called The Mack Theatric...
As far as behind the scenes, I absolutely want to get into making my o...
it better be cookout if I'm paying 7 dollars
I'm so mad I want more choices than chicken tenders
Please , put Tom Welling and Allison Mack on and
But he will allow the little people to cook, serve and clean up He's a disgrace
Allison Mack with Red Shirt and Sexy Cleavage 8 x 10 Photo for USD8.99
lmao same at first. Obviously this is not a G rated movie tho lmao
*** is this LMAO who makes a movie like this 😂😂
There's a relationship in the reality with how theater is presented - you c...
Watch for Allison Mack's lollipop body in Smallville (few bonus pics in comment)
Smallville finished from start to finish. Loved It. Miss seeing Allison Mack on tv
I bet Leo wishes he could be this happy
Allison Mack is in this episode! I hope she's evil and not just murdered.
What's annoying is that they've already chosen ??s, why bother asking during live show! ? dumb btw
Allison Mack is my new celebrity crush
Hey guys, are Allison Mack photos from April 2014 available on the site?
You 're very beautiful allison mack
. Allison Mack , you're familiar with the work of Konstantin Stanislavsky : "The work of the actor "?
Of course not! Just kidding, I'd be happy to! Anyone who's met Allison Mack is cool by me :)
I FINALLY made it in. Made Mack drive me to Flatbush for a WORKING train.
Iain De Caestecker totally pulled an 'Allison Mack' on me this year; when amazing actors get you way to invested in a show.
What if the only reason you watched was you were having a Lurid affair with Allison Mack that she didn't know about? 😍
I once saw Allison Mack in a deli on 45th St. I did not speak to her. I regret it.
These videos of Mack have me dying rn
The answer is yes: Could Missouri boycott be catalyst for more? via
Not sure we need this, but I'd say Jayma Mays or Allison Mack.
I had lunch with John Travolta,. I had coffee with Brendan Frasier,. I had brunch with Allison Mack.
Tom Welling at the Smallville 200th Episodes with Justin Hartley and Allison Mack! !
Ooh... Yea... that was cool,Allison Mack!!!. Aka(Chloe Sullivan). Those were the days!. Don't u think?
if I were to look back at my life and choose the best smile & laugh I've come across it would be you Allison Mack
Aundrae Allison was awesome. Why did the Vikings cut him?
Fanboy Expo is very excited to announce a rare appearance by the talented and beautiful Allison Mack. Allison is...
I think me & Allison are going up there at the end of the month for Shelby's birthday
Congratulations to Chef Joseph and his beautiful wife Allison on the birth of their son Mack born today at 4:30...
"I always tell Kristin she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn" - Allison Mack
Penultimate day off. Think I'll spend it with Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack & Erica Durance
Photo: smallvillebts: Allison Mack in the Smallville make-up trailer during production of Lexmas.
How is a senior like I feel like just yesterday I was kicking her knees in Kentucky 😂
Watching Wilfred rn and OMG why is Allison Mack so 😍😍😍 lol
Al and Mack visiting me at work was probably the best part of my day
Ian somerhalder and Allison Mack May be the closest I ever get to meeting Tom Welling.
1. I was a huge fan of Smallville (SV) back in the day. 2. Allison Mack was one of the most popular actors on the show who
Allison Mack is great I love her posts. I'm just a fan of the way she's so positive cause I want to master that. Staying positive
Tom Welling and Allison Mack red carpet reunion
Had the pleasure of meeting Allison Mack at the 2014 Comic Con in Toronto back in March
Hopefully Tom Welling makes a cameo in Arrow. Allison Mack should too.
Tom Welling and Allison Mack film a scene from Devoted. Today, October 13, 2014, is the 10 yea…
Justin Hartley is a good Green Arrow. He's the main man. It was heart warming when he finally kissed Allison Mack.
Thank you for this Allison Mack aka Chloe Sullivan. Just the right amount of positive thought before I…
I don't mind saying that I miss Chloe Sullivan but hope Allison Mack is happy!!
Do you think we might see anyone from Smallville like Allison Mack or even Tom Welling maybe Michael Rosenbaum ? Thanks
.. also got John Hancocks of Danny John Jules, Chris Barrie and Allison Mack.
Have you heard the punchline to the joke about when Han Solo, Bilbo Baggins and Nathan Drake walk into a bar? If not, chances are you may hear it at MegaCon! This Friday the pop culture all-things-nerdy swoops into the Orlando Convention Center from March 21-23. Guest artist and writers such as Stan Lee, Darwyn Cooke and George Perez. You can also meet the actor who played the original Chewbacca, Wil Wheaton, Allison Mack and many many more. There's so much to do, see and play this weekend. We'd like to see your CosPlay as well. See you there!
We were at the this weekend. See our interviews with Brandon Routh, Allison Mack & artist Leonard Kirk
My fan made cast list - David Tenant as John Constantine, either Michael B Jordan or Will Smith for Cyborg, Katee Sackhoff for Harley Quinn, Grace Park for Katana or they could also go for a Japanese actor for that role as well, Felicia Day or Allison Mack "Returns' as Chloe Sullivan, and Sarah Michelle Gellar as the Black Canary or who ever is currently playing the Black Canary on Arrow, Eliza Dushku as Catwoman, James Woods as Owl Man, Zac Efron as Nightwing, Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow, and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, and quick! someone take the Steve Trevor or Hal Jordan role before Nathan Fillion gets it. lol Benedict Cumberbatch or Johnny Depp for The Riddler, Robin Williams as the real Penguin from the comics. Megan Fox or Kirsten Stewart for Zatanna, Kevin Smith as henchman, Jason Mewes as henchman Christopher Lee as the Shazam (couldn't think of the right villain yet). An unknown actor for John Stewart, Justin Bieber as the dark angsty version of one of the Robins, Jensen Ackles for Red *** ...
Super excited about seeing Phantom at the Cadillac Palace Theatre with Allison Mack tomorrow night! He might as well wear his mask, because our seats are so far back in the balcony we weren't going to be able to see his facial features anyways.
Mack you don't even know what short is
Allison Mack and Erica Durance were always my favorite actresses on Smallville. I really miss them.
Feel like we missed an opportunity by not requiring Allison Mack interact with Kristen Bell in the Veronica Mars movie.
sipping champagne and wishing my friend Allison Mack a great new year from NYC 2014.
Allison Mack - Open Mike Part 2 How adorable Allison is??? Just found this, unbelievable!
It might not have been the way he wanted to go out, but here's to a great career. . Take a bow, Mack.
I must admit that Allison Mack is cool. She was, in fact, my favorite in Smallville. ok.
Allison Mack and Justin Hartley sharing recipes gives me a lot of joy
Allison Mack and Justin Hartley can go ahead and get married.
awh thanks mack! I'm honored to be cool in your eyes 💁😂☺ see you when we get back!!
“Kristin’s an amazing individual, and anyone who gets to meet her and know her is very lucky." - Allison Mack
don’t get me wrong, I know who you are, but, “Who is Allison Mack?”
"If you are not sharing the Gospel IN WORDS, you are not a missionary, no matter how many good works you do." -- Mack Sti…
"We are not all called to be missionaries, but every Christian is commanded to be involved in - Mack Stiles //
“I don't understand how the person that makes you the happiest in life is also the person that makes you the maddest.”
the sad part is not only was I in between kasey and Chris but I was in between Allison and her 23 year old man 😂😂😂
Allison is the definition of a basic white girl
intrest I'm hope allison mack find her way on there lol bt it awesome too meet another fan of my 2 favorite show :D
TIME CAPSULE ALERT: Superman Celebration 2006 -If you look Closely you will see Allison Mack (Chole Sullivan) of the TV series Smallville and Noel Neill (Lois Lane) From the original TV Series "The Adventures of Superman" and in some of the Superman Movies. (Ned Beatty (Otis) in the Superman Movies!!
OMG OMG Getting more and more excited about wizard world comic con next year! they just keep adding amazing people! New people added are: Williamd EFFING Shatner, Eliza Dushku (faith from buffy and from the FIRST Bring It On Movie!), Sean Astin (from Lord Of the Rings!), Michael Rosenbaum (lex from Smallville), Milo Ventimiglia (from Heroes!), Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan from Smallville!), Plus all the people I was already exciting about: Adam West (The orignal Batman) Burt Ward (The original Robin) Norman Reedus (walking Dead) Alan Tudyk (Serenity and Firefly) Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid movies and My cousin Vinny) Jon Bernthal (walking dead) Jason David Frank (Best power ranger of all time) Robert Knepper (Heroes, star trek: TNG, prison break Hitman etc) Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock saints 1 & 2 etc) plus all the Authors and Artists and vendors and doctor who stuff! COME ON APRIL 4th 5th and 6th!
my moms questioning why I have mack in a heart written on my shoulder
Allison Mack coming back to Megacon???...I will consider this.
How could you make Allison Mack cry? What kind of human being would ever do something so despicable?
Allison Mack for me on a personal level! Her character Chloe Sullivan in Smallville is my 2nd favourite female character of all time seriously personally for me her character is immense! She makes Chloe Sullivan timeless! My number one though is Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley! My number three is Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman! My number four is Patricia Arquette as Alabama Whitman! My number five is Whitney Houston as Rachel Marron in The Bodyguard!
Most of the blondes tend to be more cute then hot. Like Allison Mack is a one of my girl crushes.
yeah! Allison told me you go there. I really want to take the spinning class and just need somebody to do stuff with.
Here's an idea; cast Allison Mack as Karen Page in the Daredevil series.
Photoset: Justin Hartley and Allison Mack react to the idea of Chlollie at Comic-Con 2009.
Who is for real tho — Nobody, i was just making fun of allison and mack lol
When I was 14 I thought that she was Allison Mack aka The Secret World of Alex Mack.
i won't talk you down bc you need it so you can remember when people gave allison mack jobs LIKE SHE DESERVES
I thought so but I couldn't remember lol come to Allison's right now!!
Me and Allison just about live together now
There was a show that had Milo Ventimiglia, Chris Evans, Allison Mack, and Kyle Howard. *** Christopher Mendez
Allison text got me spazz'n extra hard now !!
Ok so a while ago I was unsure of my favorite seniors but Gus Hannah Allison and Mack are all great so there
Whoever Allison Mack is, u r in every single one of my classes
Why are my parents talking about getting a futon for my room so Allison has a place to sleep.
Photoset: smallvillebts: Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum share a laugh during production of the episode...
My little brother covered Mack up with blankets lol so precious
We support you as whoever Allison Mack really is, but now we miss you as our favourite amazingly talented beautiful Actress.
Millie from SS reminds me so much of Allison Mack!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Allison, it's not nice to take pictures of peoples *** at that close of range
Allison Mack & Justin Hartley want to kill me right??? Oh please, someone put them in the same tv show as main characters!!!
Don't I wish! I would also accept Allison Mack, Erica Durance or even Kristin Kreuk as the culprit.
a surprise guest star in Revenge with Justin. Your website is going to be online. Allison Mack the talented actress is back :-)
Everyone needs to read Allison Mack's blog, it's super interesting to read it really makes me think. Check it out. htt…
Photo: smallvillebts: Tom Welling and Allison Mack from the episode Toxic.
Personally I prefer the sequels cuz Keri Russell and Allison Mack. They pretty.
I thought the sex dream I had the other day was about someone I knew, but now I remember... It was about Allison Mack from Smallville. Omg
Mark you made a sex tape with Allison Mack?
"The soul should always stand ajar ready to welcome the ecstatic experience." ~~Emily Dickinson Shared by Allison Mack
Justin Hartley and Allison Mack are the reasons why Chlollie work so well.
Justin Hartley and Allison Mack make one heck of a team on Smallville. Love watching these two on my screen.
Michael Rosenbaum, John Glover, and Allison Mack are guests at MegaCon next year. I cannot breathe.
"Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I'll tell you his entire philosophy on life." Fransisco D'Anconia. Therefore, this leads to the following selection for the lead role of Dagny Taggart in the movie Atlas Shrugged Part III. 11. Greta Gerwig, 10. Beau Garrett, 9. Leelee Sobieski, 8. Peta Wilson, 7. Claudia Black, 6. Charlize Theron, 5. Jeri Ryan, 4. Amanda Tapping, 3. Laura Ramsey, 2. Allison Mack, 1. Anna Paquin. Therewith ends the list.
I'll post my camera pics when I can panel Allison Mack, John Glover & Julian Sands (not in frame yet)
So, I'll be getting photos taken with Jason David Frank, Stephen Amell, Allison Mack, and Laura Vandervoort this week.
Not things but people - Davina McCall, Rachel Riley, Helen Skelton(?), Allison Mack.
Between Allison Mack and Erica Durance, I'd pick John Glover everytime. But in all seriousness, Allison Mack is an extremely pretty lady.
smallvillebts: Erica Durance, Tom Welling and Allison Mack shoot a scene from Spirit.
I want SO BADLY to go to in Chicago this year. James Marsters and Allison Mack and Aaron Ashmore and Michael Rosenbaum AHH.
Appearing at the convention will be John Glover (Lionel Luthor), Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan), Laura Vandervoort (Kara/Supergirl) and Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen).
Allison Mack and Erica Durance are my gals! But Tom Welling as Clark Kent was perfect choice!
Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan), John Glover (Lionel Luther), and Laura Vandervoort (Kara) from Smallville just added to the 2014 MegaCon Media Guest List! More exciting announcements to come!
I heard about the new detective so: Allison Mack, Chyler Leigh, Mia Maestro -> Pick One!!! :D
Check out this article on "Exclusive Interview: Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, from 'Smallville'".
You the Superman Celebration draws closer, I find myself musing about "Superman" and how much I really, REALLY didn't like Margot Kidder as Lois but idolized Christopher. This led to how much "Smallville" missed the mark for me - except for John Schneider, who made me find an entirely new respect for Jonathan Kent - and - who made me CRY so often (in a good way!). I also have been thinking about how I began to watch "Smallville" for the singular purpose of seeing Allison Mack, then Justin Hartley (sans shirt!) and then Sam Witwer but never for Tom Welling/Erica Durance. Then, as I was making my Superman checklist, I thought of how much I enjoyed "Lois and Clark"...mostly because Dean Cain was often without a shirt and Teri Hatcher was just SO clever in her line delivery. It occurs to me that no matter how much I LOVE Superman, his many forays into the visual television/movie media haven't been all that memorable for me and how I seemed to have found other reasons to watch "Super" titles other th ...
Morena Baccarin, Candice Bailey, Allison Mack, Sara Underwood, and Tara Strong are gonna be at Wizard World Chicago! I gotta find a way to go this yeah!
Check it out John Glover and Allison Mack will be at Dragon Con this year.
The announcements for guests at Dragon*Con just keep getting better and better! This time it's John Glover and Allison Mack (Lionel Luther and Chloe Sullivan on Smallville)
Exciting news for Smallville fans...John Glover and Allison Mack will be joining us for Dragon*Con 2013!
Loved Motor City Comic Con this year. Here is my wish list for media guests I'd like to see at MCCC next year! Who would you like to see? Cast members from Freaks & Geeks, Peter Weller from Robocop, some voice actors like Billy West or John DiMaggio, cast members from the movie The Sandlot, more Smallville cast members like Michael Rosenbaum and Allison Mack, web-celebs like Nice Peter & Epic Lloyd, The Gregory Brothers, and MC Frontalot, Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster), Jonathan Ke Quan (Short Round from Temple of Doom, and Data from The Goonies)...
FYeah Tumblr smallvillebts: Tom Welling and director Allison Mack from...: smallvillebts:...
Photo: smallvillebts: Allison Mack and Justin Hartley shoot a scene from Masquerade.
hoping for some Smallville cast members this year! Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack & Justin Hartley the most!
Yeaaah we can't count Riley out of that hahha 🙅
Happy Valentine's Day to all the special women in my life; Luann, Samantha, Allison, Mom, Jessica"sis", Caty, Leeny, Lisa Blunk, Janet, Cricket, Brenda, Danielle. You're all family.
Are any of you wearing that SADD shirt tomorrow
This is an interesting tarot profile for Allison Mack. I see strong figures in the background..
I second this but I want allison mack too be actress to play that love intrest cause she amazing and cute plus I read too much
Whenever I come home I'm coming to race Jervone YoungVone Mack, Tushai Edwards, and Brison Allison so be ready!
Miss Allison Mack, is a very pretty girl., .in my personal opinion and my taste is very good actress. .¡super!
Got to the Gym smashed out five miles, good sesh on the stair climber,good swim, lovley Jacuzi, nice Sauna, only to find my kids had taken my Jeans and my skiddies out my Gym Bag, had to travel home in the car with my *** wet shorts on id used for swimming, well hacked off and the drivers seat is Soakin, God i hate kids, !
Allison Mack, as Chloe from smallville movie
Allison Mack's latest tarot profile was almost more than I could take! Wow...
allison mack on spn ifthey should have girl join in but nono of love dramaDon't need it :) it why luv all abt is mystery
some Allison Mack and/or Erica Durance next season please :)
lol yeah I was like granny this Allison bf she was like the mack? Lol
Do you still stay close to Allison Mack and other Smallville alums?
Can I just say that I have the most awesome staff in the world! Aurora Martinez, Ellie Mack, David Cleinman, Jacqueline Driggers, Rebbekah White, Stacey Bee. You all have blessed me so much today. It's really nice to work with your friends.
I'm not too familiar with this working out stuff. I actually did a 30 min ab video on Friday morning. I didn't do it very well, but I DID it. My "muscles" are so sore! Are you supposed to keep working out if you are sore? I want to do the video again but are my muscles already overworked for right now? Do I wait for them to not be sore before I exercise them again?? I'm clueless! I'm still just in shock that I'm getting out of bed wanting to work out. This is so not me! I LOVE this new Allison chick! Zeal for Life!!
Allison Mack is so brilliant. I think I love her.
give me love was my lyrical at rapture. It was awesome!
Transmissions and differentials ! we have over 800 in stock ! Eaton,Rockwell,Mack and Allison! If we don't have it we can build it !
Sick as a Dog up all Nite Throwing up wow hope this Doesn't last long not much in the Stomach
Love my Friday night cuddling with Mack watching PLL and having an all night convo with my Bestie Stephanie Walters-Allison :)
What a bad joke! Morristown has 4-5 inches, roads covered. Here in Hackettstown just wet roads!
Tall drink of Time Lord Matt Smith has been cast in Ryan Gosling's How to Catch a Monster movie. Which means that at some point these two men will touch hands, thus forming a squee supernova that will be felt throughout the internet for decades.
it was a very emotional episode. But then I think they all are lol
when he wa like debating about the thing with Clouse I was a mess
Day 3 of 90. Ab Ripper made me cry.
I put together a revealing reading for Allison Mack. What if it's pointing at the truth??
Its said 'Home is where the heart is'. Deciding where 'home' is - the difficult part. My heart is in Pennsylvania with my girls...Allison Notter, Lauren Notter, & Jennifer Notter Mack. Miss & Love you all!
Tip: Do not carry your Social Security Card in your purse, or wallet.
We found a house that we really like last night and so did Mack. She says that's my room lol. Anyways, now it's time to get the ball moving a d kindof fast like in a hurry.
Has anyone seen the Sasquatch! Line-up yet?! I may have to come out of retirement and get my festival gear out of the attic. I would give everything I own to see The Presets live. Holy cwap!
If u don't inbox me once in a while or comment on my shyte why r we friends *** are u still on my page for pls really r u a stalker or you just wanna know what's goin on with me take ur nosey rosey *** on the next persons page
smallvillebts: Stunt double Laura Lee Connery and Allison Mack during production of the episode Rush. Today (…
Had great weekend,got to spend alone time with my Hubby, Met my great niece for the first time and she truly is a GREAT one she is beautiful {way to go Keila and Gerry} We saw John & Robin and Shawn. Of course we saw Mom Kathi and Jen. Mack and Peggy. Then we stopped and spent some time with Danny and Allison. Had a Blast but missed seeing Pat and Sheila. We have made it 22 years today. Got married 22 years ago come July. I finally married into the best family in the world . Dropped Shane off with Jeri and Greg. Hope they have a good time. Love You All. Our prayers are going out to Robert Matthews,who is having Lung Surg. today. Prayers for Debbie and Frank Collins grand daughter awaiting her surg. and of course our own Jacob May they fix him soon. God be with them and their families
I hope you guys are following me on my new tv show.
So much hustle and bustle here at the office to get ready for next week. We have a HASTI conference here in Indianapolis, World of Concrete in Las Vegas for Allison Transmission and Mack Trucks, and next week also is the start of the Indiana Construction Industry Conference in Marco Island, FL!
GOOD LUCK to the Wilmington Spiritline today as they compete in the State Cheerleading Finals today at 11:05 am!! Head Coach: Jeannine Bejlovec Asst. Coach: Kelly Michelkamp Melissa Busch (So.) Alicia Headrick (So.) Paige Jones (Jr.) Paige Mack (So.) Breanna Petty (Fr.) Jordan Pretto (Sr.) Lauren Rhodes (Fr.) Brianna Sanchez (Fr.) Maggie Schultz (Fr.) Allison Stewart (So.) Haley VanDuyne (Sr.) Emily Welps (Jr.) You can watch for the results posted online at the link!
There is NOTHING that will reform a shopaholic like moving at the age of dang-near-sixty! WHERE did i get all of this STUFF?
Working on my backstreet boys/90's awesomeness playlist for the trip to charlotte tomorrow to celebrate the births of the beautiful and irreplaceable Kate Hipps and Allison Cardella! Any song suggestions?!
Yesterday's winner was Jon Hummel. Jon won tickets to the Drake Women's Game for Saturday. Jeff Mack won our tickets to the Men's game on Saturday. Please call and/or text Allison to arrange a time to get your tickets. 515.559.3998
Like our status to win two tickets to the Drake Women's game this Saturday, February 2. Yesterdays winner was Jeff Mack.
Cassidy Freeman in , now can I have Allison Mack in please?
Peaceful protest taking place tomorrow night 6-7pm at the roundabout at top of the prince William road to show support for our friends in Belfast and disgust at the removal of our countries flag. The last one was a great success spread the word and make this one the same! Can everyone please copy and paste this and get as many support and flags as possible ..! Thanks ..!
If there is to be any Chloe Sullivan in any other DC movie, it just has to be Allison guessing she should tnk Alfred & miles 4 that
LOL! I watched because Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack are super cute.
Looking forward to cheering on Selbyville, Sussex County, Delaware native Alyssa Murray, aka Miss Delaware 2012, as she competes for the title of MISS AMERICA 2013, live tonight at 9 on ABC. Make sure you tune in, support & send that positive energy to Vegas!
cas-is-sass: Personal photos of Allison Mack and friends
Tara Brasher,Greg Hobbs,Jared Gibson,Harriet Terry Byers John Bauer is putting together a concealed carry class on February 9th, being taught by Driscoll Tactical. Let me know if you want to do this, it will be an all day class. Bauer wants to get a list of people attending. Got a few people I know going to this class already.
Well there I was once again at the same church my daddy & mommie going home services were at. This time to say farewell to my Uncle Mack. My uncle was not just an uncle, he was a husband, father, son, brother, cousin, nephew, Deacon, Trustee, mentor & a friend. Uncle Mack will be missed by plenty. R.I.Pradise uncle Mack Andrews.
I've been sitting on the floor talking with Allison for 45 minutes. Love her
Hmm...very revealing (but curious) reading here for Allison Mack. I can't believe it...
Rest of the night probably with Allison and Jenna. What of it.
This girls night tonight is about to feel so good
Subject: The Garbage Truck Rule – anonymous One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And, I mean, he was really friendly. So I asked, “Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!” This is when my tax driver taught me what I now call, ‘The Law of the Garbage Truck’. He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they’ll dump it on you. Don’t take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don’t take their garbage and spread ...
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