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Allison Harvard

Allison Elizabeth Harvard (born January 8, 1988) is an American fashion model and internet celebrity. She is best known as the runner-up of the twelfth cycle of America's Next Top Model and the runner-up of America's Next Top Model: All-Stars.

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School of Public Health prof Allison Appleton selected as Health Fellow =>
not doomed as common rhetoric says, but it "stands at a fateful fork in the road"- G.Allison
Part of me wants to be Kat Von D... part of me wants to be Allison Harvard.. Part of me wants to just give up all together...
I WOULD LOVE TO COME TO HARVARD! Let me know when, where, and what to wear!!! lets g…
Allison Harvard will never not be my number 1😩😻
Alliaon Harvard is so weird but in a good way.❤️
Allison and her Mother, Linda Harvard♡ family time
In a sane country by now the mudueke and our mama harvard trained thief ought to be facing trial by noow.nonsense pple.
So loving Allison Harvard's big blue eyes envy.
Congratulations to seniors, Dan MacDonald (Tufts), Allison Wiggins (Harvard) & Mike Balsamo (UNH) who committed athletically on signing day
3.Allison Harvard liked my photo (I saw her while doing the m&g due to bioessence. 4.Laura Lafrate (1 of my fave antm model) followed me😝
25 Years Ago Today: The first African American is elected President of the Harvard Law Review
Allison Harvard has been my wce since I was like 13
Allison Harvard, is a doll. Ugh. Such beauty.
Allison Harvard Philippines is here for you 😃😍😘💞 Thank you
It was a good one, Are you going to Harvard this year?
Chelsey just got a letter from Harvard. OK
I liked a video Allison Harvard makeup tutorial by Anastasiya Shpagina
.and will both be visiting fellows at Harvard, which sounds like the premise of a sitcom http…
//in love with Allison Harvard's eyes//
Allison Harvard fan wearing and shirt
Allison Harvard Fashion and art merge in
Allison Harvard Fashion and art merge in via
Fashion and art merge in Bench x Allison Harvard |
is coming up! Are we going to see you there this year?
Learn how Harvard saved football from deaths on the field around turn of 20th century with Prof Allison - Go Pats!
Jessica Serfaty of ANTM14 Allison Harvard of ANTM17 Jourdan Miller of ANTM20 Lenox Tillman of ANTM21. My baess😍💕
Allison Harvard is everything I want to be in life.
Allison Harvard is cute and perfect and I love her big eyes and big lips and quirky personality
This is my first work I made with photoshop. I hope you like it! 💫.
Allison Harvard mentioning Philippines and Manila in ANTM sounds so unreal.
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Le Allison Harvard looks feels good to have right now.
you look like Allison Harvard sa icon mo 😍
Woah all this time, Allison Harvard is based in Manila? Wat wat wat
oyeah one of the best night talaga. Unexpected allison harvard. 💋
Allison Harvard living in Philippines say what
Allison Harvard is currently staying in the Philippines.. 😱😱😱
Allison Harvard, she's proud that she lives in the Philippines right now
Now watching i want Lenox to win, Lol. Looking forward to see Allison Harvard and 2ne1
Allison Harvard , you are talented and inimitable!!!
NO CATWANG VERSION of my picture with allison harvard .
There seems to be an uncanny resemblance to Allison Harvard.
I'm currently watching America's Next Top Model and Allison Harvard is there & telling the models that she's living here in the Philippines
Allison Harvard is perfect omfg marry me
BENCH/ gales the season with another collaboration, this time with Allison Harvard.
I can't believe Allison Harvard is on my tv I'm crying
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
RIGHT?? Allison Harvard is who I aspire to look like on the daily
Wah. The only reason I'm watching the ANTM finale is because of my forever crush Allison Harvard :p
Allison Harvard = ANTM GOAT, despite having never won.
Allison Harvard on the finale of ANTM 💕😍
Managed to watch America's Next Top Model finale tonight before hearing any spoilers. So happy for Keith! And love Allison Harvard :)
Love love love. Allison Harvard's outfit on ANTM All Stars!
allison harvard (loved her on ANTM - thought she should have won her cycle--those eyes!)
Allison Harvard an actress, model and Internet celebrity, best known as the runner-up of both Cycle
RIGHT? Talk about booty. Allison Harvard is bae though OH MY GOD
Yeah, I mean, she beat them in the video with Allison Harvard. Like ***
I love it so much :] “Allison Harvard wearing the TechnoMarine Cruise Love Set.
In my opinion the best model in amntm aside Allison Harvard. You both deserved the crown.
Allison Harvard is still the most important person to ever be on America's Next Top Model
Allison Harvard is beautiful I wanted her to win ANTM so bad 😢
.also Graham Allison of the Kennedy School at Harvard, and Baupost Group
Meet Black Singles 300x250
ew. I liked the cycle with allison harvard!
wow she looks like a happy Allison Harvard
Allison Harvard has the most pretty eyes i've ever seen.
A girl can be dumber than a bag of rocks but as soon as you get into an argument with them they'll turn into Harvard law grad…
Yay Allison Harvard and 2NE1 are gonna make a guest appearance on ANTM! 😁
IVAC's Allison Portnoy presenting on the costs of programs in low- & middle-income countries @ Harvard today
Allison Harvard will always be my best antm contestant.
We love you Allison Harvard have a blessed day
Allison Harvard. The most beautiful eyes on earth.
My fav past antm alumnis are allison harvard,analeigh tipton, eva the diva, caridee english,chantal jones and my most fav is adrianne curry
And here I am thinking my eyes are like those of Allison Harvard's...
the girl in the picture is Allison Harvard she's a model.
I wish I could have met Allison Harvard at 😭
Is it just me or does Beth from has some resemblance to Allison Harvard?.
How did Allison Harvard make her halloween costume?!?!?! 😮😮😮
Allison Harvard is still gorgeous in her Halloween costume... I sad XD
Ultimate Song list to sing out loud.
Repost from 'America's Next Top Model' sensation, Allison Harvard: alliharvard "Make-up by my lovebug…
fan art by valerieart Reflection of Allison Harvard
My name is Allison Elizabeth Harvard - i’m quitting my job and living in this post | via Tumblr
They Came Together Allison Harvard in case you are looking for a funny + awesome movie :]
Allison Harvard was one of the judges last Pasalamat Festival in La carlota. Ugggh!!! Freakin' out right nowww!
Allison Harvard I miss youuu and i might be in LA first week of July ✨
Waaat he's able to meet Allison Harvard!!! So envious ryt now huhu
Omg!!! I love youu so much allison harvard
what can you say na nakasama mo si Allison Harvard? :) — It was such a great experience! She's really kind and s...
Allison Harvard & Lana Del Rey are the two role models in my life
Allison Harvard is my goal aesthetic
Allison Harvard I've killed my world and I've killed my time
Allison Harvard have a magical weekend
I remember when i saw Allison Harvard from Atnm. wah! asdfghjklshiz
The only thing I like about Allison Harvard is that she wears drop dead! YASSS GIRL
Krystal looks like Allison Harvard in her comeback teaser photos *O*
Allison Harvard is actually my queen
This woman has been our hero during the M&Gs of Allison Harvard and Tim Yap for Thank…
Check out Divine Lee's blog post about her Style Icons hosting experience in Centrio Mall with Allison Harvard and...
my top two are Jaslene and Allison Harvard!
"It's a bit too chicken soup for the teenage soul for me" ~ Allison Harvard
HE EVEN GUESSED ALLISON HARVARD! Though it took him quite a while to guess. :P via
Allison Harvard was on the cover for "Mega Magazine" December 2013.
To Allison Harvard fan art by Felix Tinez. I love allison
Since when do colleges not look at GPA'S? Maybe I can get into duke or maybe even Harvard.
We hope you feel much better soon Allison Harvard We love you.
I used to think Allison Harvard is too thin but nahh. she's perfect just the way she is
I can see my friend! *Chinese eyes* ❤ I proud of you you hug Allison Harvard. 😜
took last sunday during Allison Harvard's visit for the event. :D
Happy fans with Allison Harvard and and Tim Yap for event
Allison Harvard and Tim Yap meet and greet for
Allison Harvard with budding model wannabes! The kids won something and they thought it was like a...
Allison Harvard Always in the zone. Makeup by
The fact that Allison Harvard's big blue eyes met mine!OMFG That moment was so precious. I miss you Alli! Hope to see you again
How do you feel after finding out Allison Harvard indirectly greeted you? — I died just a little inside
Allison Harvard was here and I didn't know ;c;
ALLISON HARVARD??? ?? she sounds familar who is she again
bc i dont even know their names :( i met them during Allison Harvard Meet and Greet last Friday, their cameras are the one
Guys guys guys! Do u guys know the official INSTAGRAM account of Ms. ALLISON HARVARD? HELP ME PLEASE :'(
Allison Harvard looks like one of the Tim Burton's characters...that makes me love her more
Daym !!! I totally missed Allison Harvard ... Forgot she was at Ayala today. ;(
Allison Harvard was in Cebu. David Kryz Camille and other style icons. I'm missing a lot huhubells.
Allison Harvard's eyes are so pretty and huge that it scares me.
Allison Harvard of America's Next Top Model Season 12 in Ayala's new wing activity center earlier. My…
I forgot Allison Harvard was gonna be in Ayala today. :(
Im with Tim Yap and Allison Harvard a while ago! feeling Lucky!
Allison Harvard @ Ayala Centre Mall. I can't get over with the fact that she shook my hand! 😁😃😋 OMG,…
I just meet the Runner-Up of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12. Allison Harvard. Nice to meet her.
I don't really expect that I go in to meet Allison Harvard. Oh Yeah Baby!.
*9 new messages* All from the cousin who allegedly just hugged Allison Harvard. Me: I hate you bye. 😭😭😭😭
Today: Allison Harvard waved and said hi to me after repeatedly going up & down the escalators screaming her name. Normal.
I'd like to take this moment to thank every person who decided to stay in the Philippines to work. SPECIAL MENTION ALLISON HARVARD ♥
Hit the road jack! And don't ya comeback no more. xD at
Allison Harvard in the fleeshhh... so prettyyy..
I should have gone to Ayala. Allison Harvard huhuhu
Allison Harvard in Ayala... And I'm just here, At home. Ok.
KK with friends and seeing Allison Harvard and Tim Yap may be the only good thing that happened today
Ohmygofmssb allison harvard was a real life barbie. So prettyy
Fan mode : close encounter with Allison Harvard
Even the best of the best bow down to Allison Harvard ;)
Graham Allison writes in on how to solve the crisis in http…
Nag meet and greet si allison harvard sa ayalaaa wish i was there rn
DOs and DON'Ts based from the 2 Famous Style Icons ( ANTM Allison Harvard and Style Guru Tim Yap )
Fashion is fun. If it's not then why do it? - Allison Harvard
Karlie should be like Allison Harvard a model who keeps on visiting Manila ;/
I still can't believe that I just met Allison Harvard yesterday. That living doll. Our fvking eyes met ! I just cant. She's so pretty!
Tim Yap interviews Allison Harvard at Ayala later. :( can't come. Yah!!
Can't wait to meet and greet America's Next Top Model Allison Harvard and Tim Yap. 😄😍
Backstage crew ang peg Catch style origin today at 6pm wtih Tim Yap and Allison Harvard
Allison Harvard have a Friday the 13th
Bobby Chinn's Visit. Tim Yap and America's Top Model Cycle 12 Runner-Up, Allison Harvard also showed up for the dinner hosted by Chef Gene Gonzalez. Bobby did a meet and greet with his fans in Cafe Ysabel. It's nice to be able to have a reunion with a classmate who you graduated with 28 years ago in London and he becomes an international celebrity.
Another dream come true,I was able to hug and asked Allison Harvard if she will be interested if there will be another antm all star and she said that she just wants to leave the competition on a positive note . I'm such a nerd as I was so star struck by her presence ... Forgive me for saying it again. I was able to hug Allison Harvard
are you really Allison Harvard? Coz your profile says Manila,Ph. Is it just because you're here in the Philippines?
Driving in my nova Allison harvard sitting next to me faded to reality me and my brother fighting when he's all I got left next to me this life crazy I lost my mom then my other brother to suicide so I try and take my own life accept this time I don't die so I still try but I'm running out of time the whole family split up but you never know what one is cable of I could get em back one by one accept my bro an mom but hey what can I say it's in the lords hands maybe wen I die and rise agin I'll see there faces agin !!!
Allison Harvard is my woman crush every day😍
I can't deal with how pretty Allison Harvard is
We love and support Allison Harvard judge for Celebrity Dance Battle on TV5
Allison Harvard fan art by pattysartworks Colored pencil portrait
By Allison Harvard a still from the new TechnoMarine 2014 campaign video ᒓᴥᒔ...
Congratulations to our Queen Allison Harvard for her TechnoMarine PH Campaign 2014...
I've always loved Allison Harvard from ANTM. Her eyes are so big and gorgeous.
Too boring. If it wasn't because of Allison Harvard, I won't even finish it.
Allison Harvard is so beautiful, I can't handle this
I really wanna see Allison Harvard and Sophie Sumner in person :)
plus I lack all the connections that come with a Harvard undergrad.
agree. Being mentored by company cso and she has Harvard degree and is pushing me to further ed...
Allison Harvard of America's Next Top Model and Phil Younghusband of Pilipinas Futbol Azkals wear Sprinto. We're now open at 4th Floor, SM The Block! You may...
Allison Harvard's eyes okay im so done
Allison Harvard booked campaign for Sprinto World alongside Phillip Younghusband! *** they're hot! http:/…
Have u ever met models like Laura Kirkpatrick from cycle 13, Raina Hein from cycle 14 or the lovely Allison Harvard from 12 & 17
More evidence regarding limiting screen time for kids...impacts sleep. via
there's only a few people that I would cry if I ever met them ezra koenig, lana, allison harvard, and kesha but literally that's it
Saw allison harvard and my crush at the fort!!
is it me, or does she look like Allison Harvard?
Still bummed that I didn't get to take a picture with Allison Harvard. 😢
Oh God! First it's Allison Harvard. Now, Sophie Summers is in Manila. I have gots to visit the TV5 office again. Lol.
loving my wallpaper right now ughh Allison Harvard!!
Allison Harvard and sophie sumner in one picture~ :'3 i just cant resist~
Oh my holy lord Allison Harvard is in the philippines, what...?? When..?? Why??
ANTM's Allison Harvard on this Saturday 11:00pm with Jasmine Curtis!
Allison Harvard is literally the prettiest person I've ever seen
Allison Fromm conducts Joyful Noise, Alice Parker, and the audience at Harvard’s Lowell Lecture Hall.
Allison Harvard is one of my favourite thinspos ever.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Wait... Why does Allison Harvard have Manila, Philippines on her location? IS SHE LIVING HERE? IS SHE HERE?
yup! 😭 I want to see Sophie and Allison Harvard! 😭
Allison Harvard (America Next Top Model cycle 12 and cycle 17 Runner up) love her eyes . love u so much Allison ..mwha mwha...
ABS-CBN News: Allison Harvard will be extending her stay in the Philippines …...
Whatt??? Tim Yap with Allison Harvard??. Waaa Filipino and American together. Ahh cute. They are friends.. :D
I am honestly obsessed with Americas Next Top Model I've seen almost every episode and season and my favorite model of all time is Allison Harvard (:
With doll-like eyes and a quirky personality, it was no surprise that many fans of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) runner-up took an immediate liking to Allison Harvard.
Allison Harvard looks so beautiful dress by Francis Libiran's
Francis Libiran's dress on Allison Harvard looks so beautiful
genuinely do think Allison Harvard is one of the most gorgeous women in the whole world
By Allison Harvard if there's one thing my father taught me, it's the importance of a good handshake.
Deymn. Allison harvard in the philippines xD
Allison Harvard is still in the Philippines 😳 woww
Phuck. Allison harvard why you so perf 😭
is our inspiration - Allison Harvard Philippines Official Group
I am, I think, as skinny as Allison Harvard from America's Next Top Model.
I thnk I saw Allison Harvard in Starbucks!!! u
Jessica Nalupta what is Allison Harvard doing in Baguio?!
♡ Mαriα Wiℓℓowee DC™ I am dying to see Allison Harvard in person!! :'(
Alexandra Gilbert If I could be Allison Harvard would never complain about anything...
Allison Harvard birthday is next Wednesday January 8 . (3 more days for Philippines and 4 more days...
Anonymous asked: How much money do you think successful antm models such as Allison Harvard, Raina, Ann...
ok.. got totally excited knowing the Allison harvard was at baguio city! omg if only shes still there when i go to baguio! i really wanna meet her!! omg my super crush!! wwah!
Can I just say how adorable Harvard Allison is?
just saw allison harvard at 50's Diner! 😍
saw it! omfg. allison harvard as in allison! ANTM
How I wish to see Allison Harvard here in Baguio. Even a single glance of her and of course a photo of us two. Hihi. Pleasseee! 🙏
what is Allison Harvard doing in Baguio?! 🙀
I am dying to see Allison harvard in person!! :'(
Allison Harvard host Reloaded Mondays 7pm on co-presented by...
Allison Harvard is in The Philippines for Reloaded Mondays 7pm on
Allison harvard is here. OMFG. guys kill me now. i need to see her
Good Evening! Hope you're having a great one. Well, don't forget to send all your fierce messages to the one and only Allison Harvard . January 8, mark it. tnx! :* xoxo
I love this woman .. because, she has Not only a beautiful face (camera love her) but also a very good personality .. Allison Harvard, the best runner-up of ANTM ever ^^
Oh my word. Allison Harvard is in Baguio. Bring me there pleassse 󾍁
That feeling when Miss.Allison Harvard of America's Next Top Model liked your photo!…
If I could be Allison Harvard, I would never complain about anything again.
I only really ship Harry and Allison Harvard she's a sweetheart and a beauty
Stll trying to find out where Allison Harvard is staying here in the philippines...a
young and wild and free :P partying with ANTM's Allison Harvard ;)
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Allison Harvard is now in the Philippine TV for the first time as host and resident judge for Mega Fashion Crew 3 Reloaded. Please only GOOD comments should ...
I dont hate Lisa, not a big fan. I love both Lisa and Allison. I know most of the people out there prefer Allison to win. Allison Harvard the shy quirky, big...
I just started my lunch when I saw Allison Harvard passed by. I really wanted to run to ask for a souvenir photo but I was too shy. While eating, I was thinking about the missed opportunity the whole time and I ended up not enjoying my meal at ALL.Gr
Allison Harvard AKA Creepy Chan FTW!!! These are pre-show photos. THOSE EYEZ Add "&fmt=18" to the end of the url for a resolution boost!
Allison Harvard Philippines shared the following link and had this to say about it: Mega Magazine Light and love to everyone today, wishing you all a MEGA Christmas!
OOC: While looking through gifs of Allison Harvard I've realized that she is both exactly like Misa while being her complete opposite. What even?
Loving this new editorial from Fashion Gone Rogue featuring our Bellen Brand Angelica Dress on model Allison Harvard.
Going to" the fort" for poshnails pictorial..with our first international endorser(Allison Harvard).
Allison Harvard is still here in manila oh my god :( please tell me where she's staying
Disadvantage pag malaki mata. Very sensitive to light. Feeling like allison harvard of ANTM hehehe.…
allison there's a close group in FB called allison harvard ph and were curious if you can grant us an exclusive meet and greet?
Allison Harvard is on this app thing called TagBrand and I messaged her and she messaged me back 😊
Allison harvard is my favorite human being
Found the asian version of Allison Harvard (♥▽♥ )
I want ALLISON HARVARD as a gift for Christmas! Can anyone give her to me?
My aunty's best friend is Allison Harvard's make up artist here in the Philippines and she also did our make ups for my parent's wedding
Allison Harvard is my idea of purrrfection.
Allison Harvard!! I was so torn when the ANTM All Stars finalist was annunced...
allison harvard is here in the Philippines (oops ok time for me to google)
OMG Allison Harvard is now a resident judge for mega fashion crew!!
Allison Harvard from America's Next Top Model; before she went there she was on the internet with her big eyes
the newest member of the foot massage lounge family :) welcome ms. Allison Harvard! ❤
Justin, I really hope you see the Allison Harvard gif I reblogged.
I know its monday but Allison Harvard :*
host/resident judge Allison Harvard and Season 2 host Maxene Magalona on the cover.
Stunning!!! Allison Harvard by Paley Fairman in “Spectral” for Fashion Gone Rogue via
Maxene Magalona & Allison Harvard on the cover of the December 2013 issue of Mega Magazine.
Editorial I shot w/ for is out now. Please enjoy her beautiful face. I do!!
Spectral - Photographer Paley Fairman connects with former America's Next Top Model contestant Allison Harvard for our latest exclusive. Styled by Alexandr
I love the fact that allison harvard from antm is in my cosmoprof catalog. She Is my favorite model ever.
When in Manila, Allison Harvard of America's Next Stop Model captured the hearts of Filipino fans! I have personally witnessed it during the Mega Fashion Crew Mall Tour and Meet & Greet that happened last December 7th, in SM The Block presented by One Mega Group’s TV100 and L’Oreal Paris Philippine...
Maxene Magalona and America’s Next Top Model’s Allison Harvard are the new faces of reality TV in the Philippines. Harvard serves as host/resident judge of while Maxene is Season 2 host. From Mega: Let’s end the year with a bang, shall we? Mega Magazine December 2013 issue p...
"It's a bit too like... 'Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul' for me." - Allison Harvard.
Showing the career of ANTM contestant Allison Harvard I do not own the pictures, the music or the clip.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
“Treat people the way you want to be treated." Allison Harvard ANTM Cycle 17
was trending bcoz of SNSD! They played dancing queen, I got a boy, chocolate and lastly gee. They don'T just play the video, jasmine curtis and allison harvard dance the GEE. feel so proud!
Tommorow! I will be Representing My School, a battle that they called battle of the brain(s) thanks you Thompson Christian School for giving me this chance to represent you, us! i'm soo exited to break some legs tommorow that's for sure!I'm going crazy! Its like having a long speech with Barack Obama, Singing along with Taylor Swift, Possing like a model like Allison Harvard, running along with Forrest Gump... i cant explain its like having a tumor. blah, blah! all i wanna say THANKS! God bless me!
Im so happy!!! As in super happy i finally meet her face to face!!! She even stopped in fron of me to pose at my camera!!! She is such a very gorgeous woman!!! I cant believe it!!! I love you allison harvard!
Today, i got picked by Moda Crew from Mega Fashion Crew to be their model and to get a free make over using L'oreal products..thank you Cj Cuison and to the rest of your glam team :) It was truly an honor to be on the same stage with Miss Allison Harvard of ANTM and to be mentioned as the L'oreal Woman, she also said that i look elegant and expensive. :) thanks too to my ever supportive mama Malou Liwag for coming with me today :)
Good times with model Allison Harvard and model Kate Pentek with Flair Designs Events custom masks and headpieces and Designer Shekhar RahateShekhar Rahate Haute Couture of Hollywood
TODAY is the day!!! Meet and Greet Allison Harvard by 3 p.m
By: Don't miss your chance to meet and greet Allison Harvard and Suki
I want to have human size doll that looks like allison harvard. .please please.
Regarding the trend of saying random things are your spirit animal, mine would be Allison Harvard
Show your favorite Reloaded hosts Allison Harvard and Suki Salvador some love. Meet and greet.
Check out the 2nd leg of the meet and greet with Allison Harvard and Suki Salvador this Dec 7 in SM North EDSA The Block at 3PM. Just visit Watson store and buy L'Oreal Paris beauty products at the activity booth in order to score that exclusive pass.
My makeup work for Allison Harvard for Mega Fashion Crew :)
Will not go home this weekend! Lipat gamit, SM North to see Allison Harvard then MOA!
I hope i get to see allison harvard soon huhuuuhu
Absolutely comforting that even Allison Harvard still has social jitters 
i just cant imagine myself meeting the human doll that is Allison Harvard she's too perf I might look like a potato (like fo sho)
Apparently Allison Harvard hosts this fashion tv series show here in manila.
Photoset: 9ri: Allison Harvard - BTS photos from the primer episode of Mega Fashion Crew Season 3 Stunning...
My social skills explained by Allison Harvard
*squeal* Allison Harvard is now a Philippine TV show host! ❤❤❤
Thanks bud now I'm Allison Harvard. Except she's still gorgeous and I'm still hideous lol
I will be looking for Allison Harvard in Manila streets now
i wanna take a photo with you. so that makes you Alli Harvard . congrats bud you're Allison Harvard!
I wish I could bump into allison harvard in the streets or some other public place but that's unlikely to happen to someone like me
Allison Harvard and Felice Fawn are literally the most perfect people ever
Can't get enough of MEGA Fashion Crew Reloaded? Fancy meeting hosts' Allison Harvard and Suki Salvador? Glam up...
America's Next Top Model babe Allison Harvard by Irvin Rivera / . hair and Make-up:...
Can I look like Allison Harvard yet or no?
Genalli, picture of me with allison harvard please!!! Sama mo ko sa set
Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded airs every Monday, 7pm, with replays every Saturdays, 10 am on ETC! Hosted by Allison Harvard and Suki Salvador, and co-presented ...
I miss watching allison harvard will always be my fave model
The fact that Allison Harvard didn't win the all star season of antm is still the reason for my depression
Allison Harvard host and mentor Mondays 7pm on co-presented by...
Allison harvard was on mega fashion crew ohye ohye
Allison Harvard as resident judge on Mega Fashion Crew!
Watching allison harvard at mega fashion crew.
I know it was a little while ago but Cycle 20 of ANTM was BS...I'm also still really upset that Allison Harvard didn't win Cycle 12 or 14
wow just wow Allison Harvard perfection ♥.♥
wait... Allison Harvard is in the Philippines?! :O
Allison Harvard on PDI 2bU Lifestyle, "Young, feirce and ready to mentor" Photos by Pamela Sta.…
Thirteen things huh, fair enough. 1) My favorite color is cerulean. 2) When I was in high school I used to write my thoughts on 5 Gum wrappers. 3) I used to collect 5 Gum Wrappers and soda can tabs. 4) I have seen ghosts, I have talked to a few of them. 5) I could watch the movie Labyrinth every single day of my life, I wish I owned it. 6) I am in love with Allison Harvard. 7) I cannot make Ramen. I just can't do it, unless it comes in the cup. 8.) Artificial peppermint makes me nauseous, so does ice cream cake. 9) I took ballroom dancing lessons. 10) I have never been off of the east coast. 11) If I had to choose to lose of my senses I would choose to lose my hearing. 12) When I am tired in a car (if the child locks aren't on) I like to curl up in the seat and place my head on the door so that the wind blows my bangs back. Yes kind of like a dog. 13) When I was five I decided I wanted to be a writer. When I was eleven I decided I wanted to be the one to close the curtains during the play, but I was too s ...
This is my favorite girl in the world ) Allison Harvard :)
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