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Allison Harvard

Allison Elizabeth Harvard (born January 8, 1988) is an American fashion model and internet celebrity. She is best known as the runner-up of the twelfth cycle of America's Next Top Model and the runner-up of America's Next Top Model: All-Stars.

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ABS-CBN News: Allison Harvard will be extending her stay in the Philippines …...
Whatt??? Tim Yap with Allison Harvard??. Waaa Filipino and American together. Ahh cute. They are friends.. :D
I am honestly obsessed with Americas Next Top Model I've seen almost every episode and season and my favorite model of all time is Allison Harvard (:
Allison Harvard looks so beautiful dress by Francis Libiran's
Francis Libiran's dress on Allison Harvard looks so beautiful
genuinely do think Allison Harvard is one of the most gorgeous women in the whole world
By Allison Harvard if there's one thing my father taught me, it's the importance of a good handshake.
Deymn. Allison harvard in the philippines xD
Allison Harvard is still in the Philippines 😳 woww
Phuck. Allison harvard why you so perf 😭
is our inspiration - Allison Harvard Philippines Official Group
I am, I think, as skinny as Allison Harvard from America's Next Top Model.
I thnk I saw Allison Harvard in Starbucks!!! u
Jessica Nalupta what is Allison Harvard doing in Baguio?!
♡ Mαriα Wiℓℓowee DC™ I am dying to see Allison Harvard in person!! :'(
Alexandra Gilbert If I could be Allison Harvard would never complain about anything...
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Allison Harvard birthday is next Wednesday January 8 . (3 more days for Philippines and 4 more days...
Anonymous asked: How much money do you think successful antm models such as Allison Harvard, Raina, Ann...
ok.. got totally excited knowing the Allison harvard was at baguio city! omg if only shes still there when i go to baguio! i really wanna meet her!! omg my super crush!! wwah!
Can I just say how adorable Harvard Allison is?
just saw allison harvard at 50's Diner! 😍
saw it! omfg. allison harvard as in allison! ANTM
How I wish to see Allison Harvard here in Baguio. Even a single glance of her and of course a photo of us two. Hihi. Pleasseee! 🙏
what is Allison Harvard doing in Baguio?! 🙀
I am dying to see Allison harvard in person!! :'(
Allison Harvard host Reloaded Mondays 7pm on co-presented by...
Allison Harvard is in The Philippines for Reloaded Mondays 7pm on
Allison harvard is here. OMFG. guys kill me now. i need to see her
Good Evening! Hope you're having a great one. Well, don't forget to send all your fierce messages to the one and only Allison Harvard . January 8, mark it. tnx! :* xoxo
I love this woman .. because, she has Not only a beautiful face (camera love her) but also a very good personality .. Allison Harvard, the best runner-up of ANTM ever ^^
Oh my word. Allison Harvard is in Baguio. Bring me there pleassse 󾍁
That feeling when Miss.Allison Harvard of America's Next Top Model liked your photo!…
If I could be Allison Harvard, I would never complain about anything again.
I only really ship Harry and Allison Harvard she's a sweetheart and a beauty
Stll trying to find out where Allison Harvard is staying here in the philippines...a
young and wild and free :P partying with ANTM's Allison Harvard ;)
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Allison Harvard is now in the Philippine TV for the first time as host and resident judge for Mega Fashion Crew 3 Reloaded. Please only GOOD comments should ...
I dont hate Lisa, not a big fan. I love both Lisa and Allison. I know most of the people out there prefer Allison to win. Allison Harvard the shy quirky, big...
I just started my lunch when I saw Allison Harvard passed by. I really wanted to run to ask for a souvenir photo but I was too shy. While eating, I was thinking about the missed opportunity the whole time and I ended up not enjoying my meal at ALL.Gr
Allison Harvard AKA Creepy Chan FTW!!! These are pre-show photos. THOSE EYEZ Add "&fmt=18" to the end of the url for a resolution boost!
Allison Harvard Philippines shared the following link and had this to say about it: Mega Magazine Light and love to everyone today, wishing you all a MEGA Christmas!
OOC: While looking through gifs of Allison Harvard I've realized that she is both exactly like Misa while being her complete opposite. What even?
Loving this new editorial from Fashion Gone Rogue featuring our Bellen Brand Angelica Dress on model Allison Harvard.
Going to" the fort" for poshnails pictorial..with our first international endorser(Allison Harvard).
Allison Harvard is still here in manila oh my god :( please tell me where she's staying
Disadvantage pag malaki mata. Very sensitive to light. Feeling like allison harvard of ANTM hehehe.…
allison there's a close group in FB called allison harvard ph and were curious if you can grant us an exclusive meet and greet?
Allison Harvard is on this app thing called TagBrand and I messaged her and she messaged me back 😊
Allison harvard is my favorite human being
Found the asian version of Allison Harvard (♥▽♥ )
I want ALLISON HARVARD as a gift for Christmas! Can anyone give her to me?
My aunty's best friend is Allison Harvard's make up artist here in the Philippines and she also did our make ups for my parent's wedding
Allison Harvard is my idea of purrrfection.
Allison Harvard!! I was so torn when the ANTM All Stars finalist was annunced...
allison harvard is here in the Philippines (oops ok time for me to google)
OMG Allison Harvard is now a resident judge for mega fashion crew!!
Allison Harvard from America's Next Top Model; before she went there she was on the internet with her big eyes
the newest member of the foot massage lounge family :) welcome ms. Allison Harvard! ❤
Justin, I really hope you see the Allison Harvard gif I reblogged.
I know its monday but Allison Harvard :*
host/resident judge Allison Harvard and Season 2 host Maxene Magalona on the cover.
Stunning!!! Allison Harvard by Paley Fairman in “Spectral” for Fashion Gone Rogue via
Maxene Magalona & Allison Harvard on the cover of the December 2013 issue of Mega Magazine.
Editorial I shot w/ for is out now. Please enjoy her beautiful face. I do!!
Spectral - Photographer Paley Fairman connects with former America's Next Top Model contestant Allison Harvard for our latest exclusive. Styled by Alexandr
I love the fact that allison harvard from antm is in my cosmoprof catalog. She Is my favorite model ever.
When in Manila, Allison Harvard of America's Next Stop Model captured the hearts of Filipino fans! I have personally witnessed it during the Mega Fashion Crew Mall Tour and Meet & Greet that happened last December 7th, in SM The Block presented by One Mega Group’s TV100 and L’Oreal Paris Philippine...
Maxene Magalona and America’s Next Top Model’s Allison Harvard are the new faces of reality TV in the Philippines. Harvard serves as host/resident judge of while Maxene is Season 2 host. From Mega: Let’s end the year with a bang, shall we? MEGA Magazine December 2013 issue p...
"It's a bit too like... 'Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul' for me." - Allison Harvard.
Showing the career of ANTM contestant Allison Harvard I do not own the pictures, the music or the clip.
“Treat people the way you want to be treated." Allison Harvard ANTM Cycle 17
was trending bcoz of SNSD! They played dancing queen, I got a boy, chocolate and lastly gee. They don'T just play the video, jasmine curtis and allison harvard dance the GEE. feel so proud!
Tommorow! I will be Representing My School, a battle that they called battle of the brain(s) thanks you Thompson Christian School for giving me this chance to represent you, us! i'm soo exited to break some legs tommorow that's for sure!I'm going crazy! Its like having a long speech with Barack Obama, Singing along with Taylor Swift, Possing like a model like Allison Harvard, running along with Forrest Gump... i cant explain its like having a tumor. blah, blah! all i wanna say THANKS! God bless me!
Im so happy!!! As in super happy i finally meet her face to face!!! She even stopped in fron of me to pose at my camera!!! She is such a very gorgeous woman!!! I cant believe it!!! I love you allison harvard!
Today, i got picked by Moda Crew from Mega Fashion Crew to be their model and to get a free make over using L'oreal products..thank you Cj Cuison and to the rest of your glam team :) It was truly an honor to be on the same stage with Miss Allison Harvard of ANTM and to be mentioned as the L'oreal Woman, she also said that i look elegant and expensive. :) thanks too to my ever supportive mama Malou Liwag for coming with me today :)
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Good times with model Allison Harvard and model Kate Pentek with Flair Designs Events custom masks and headpieces and Designer Shekhar RahateShekhar Rahate Haute Couture of Hollywood
TODAY is the day!!! Meet and Greet Allison Harvard by 3 p.m
By: Don't miss your chance to meet and greet Allison Harvard and Suki
I want to have human size doll that looks like allison harvard. .please please.
Regarding the trend of saying random things are your spirit animal, mine would be Allison Harvard
Show your favorite Reloaded hosts Allison Harvard and Suki Salvador some love. Meet and greet.
Check out the 2nd leg of the meet and greet with Allison Harvard and Suki Salvador this Dec 7 in SM North EDSA The Block at 3PM. Just visit Watson store and buy L'Oreal Paris beauty products at the activity booth in order to score that exclusive pass.
My makeup work for Allison Harvard for Mega Fashion Crew :)
Will not go home this weekend! Lipat gamit, SM North to see Allison Harvard then MOA!
I hope i get to see allison harvard soon huhuuuhu
Absolutely comforting that even Allison Harvard still has social jitters 
i just cant imagine myself meeting the human doll that is Allison Harvard she's too perf I might look like a potato (like fo sho)
Apparently Allison Harvard hosts this fashion tv series show here in manila.
Photoset: 9ri: Allison Harvard - BTS photos from the primer episode of Mega Fashion Crew Season 3 Stunning...
My social skills explained by Allison Harvard
*squeal* Allison Harvard is now a Philippine TV show host! ❤❤❤
Thanks bud now I'm Allison Harvard. Except she's still gorgeous and I'm still hideous lol
I will be looking for Allison Harvard in Manila streets now
i wanna take a photo with you. so that makes you Alli Harvard . congrats bud you're Allison Harvard!
I wish I could bump into allison harvard in the streets or some other public place but that's unlikely to happen to someone like me
Allison Harvard and Felice Fawn are literally the most perfect people ever
Can't get enough of MEGA Fashion Crew Reloaded? Fancy meeting hosts' Allison Harvard and Suki Salvador? Glam up...
America's Next Top Model babe Allison Harvard by Irvin Rivera / . hair and Make-up:...
Can I look like Allison Harvard yet or no?
Genalli, picture of me with allison harvard please!!! Sama mo ko sa set
Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded airs every Monday, 7pm, with replays every Saturdays, 10 am on ETC! Hosted by Allison Harvard and Suki Salvador, and co-presented ...
I miss watching allison harvard will always be my fave model
The fact that Allison Harvard didn't win the all star season of antm is still the reason for my depression
Allison Harvard host and mentor Mondays 7pm on co-presented by...
Allison harvard was on mega fashion crew ohye ohye
Allison Harvard as resident judge on Mega Fashion Crew!
Watching allison harvard at mega fashion crew.
I know it was a little while ago but Cycle 20 of ANTM was BS...I'm also still really upset that Allison Harvard didn't win Cycle 12 or 14
wow just wow Allison Harvard perfection ♥.♥
wait... Allison Harvard is in the Philippines?! :O
Allison Harvard on PDI 2bU Lifestyle, "Young, feirce and ready to mentor" Photos by Pamela Sta.…
Thirteen things huh, fair enough. 1) My favorite color is cerulean. 2) When I was in high school I used to write my thoughts on 5 Gum wrappers. 3) I used to collect 5 Gum Wrappers and soda can tabs. 4) I have seen ghosts, I have talked to a few of them. 5) I could watch the movie Labyrinth every single day of my life, I wish I owned it. 6) I am in love with Allison Harvard. 7) I cannot make Ramen. I just can't do it, unless it comes in the cup. 8.) Artificial peppermint makes me nauseous, so does ice cream cake. 9) I took ballroom dancing lessons. 10) I have never been off of the east coast. 11) If I had to choose to lose of my senses I would choose to lose my hearing. 12) When I am tired in a car (if the child locks aren't on) I like to curl up in the seat and place my head on the door so that the wind blows my bangs back. Yes kind of like a dog. 13) When I was five I decided I wanted to be a writer. When I was eleven I decided I wanted to be the one to close the curtains during the play, but I was too s ...
This is my favorite girl in the world ) Allison Harvard :)
Allison Harvard and Sophie Sumner are both doing hosting jobs here in the PH!
I wanna meet Sophie Sumner and Allison Harvard pls :((
The latest from allison harvard (new host of mega fashion crew reloaded! 7pm every monday on ETC ✨ for inquiries alocalkitten& prints. los angeles, california
Allison Harvard of ANTM 17&AllStars is the new host of Mega Fashion Crew
Watching MEGA fashion crew on ETC. -Allison Harvard is there.
The amazing Allison Harvard from a photoshoot as a contestant on ANTM. She should have won. Really.
So stoked to see Allison Harvard on Mega Fashion Crew! UGH Fan boy mode on.
MEGA Fashion Crew is back! Catch the MEGA Fashion Crew Reloaded primer episode on November 18, Monday, 7PM on ETC! Hosted by ANTM finalist, Allison Harvard a...
This is allison harvard, this is the best photograph of her i've ever seen!
Cory Hindorff... MAD because the amazing Cory was eliminated at the last minute prior to the final runway show. What makes him so great us that he's unabashedly himself. One of those models who is 100% chameleon. He was actually bashed quite a bit throughout the run of the competition...repeatedly asked by photographers, stylists, judges, if he could be MORE MASCULINE. I've never seen people in the industry...really, you'd think fashion people would be more so judgmental. There's SO much more out there in regards to what a male model is. It's NOT all about being an abercrombie/hilfiger/ralph model anymore. At least it shouldn't be. To me, fashion...great, amazing, groundbreaking, design is about crashing through boundaries. Is there a line, that if crossed, "masculinity" is lost? Anne Ward, Allison Harvard, and others have proven that atypical beauty rules. Hoping that Cory kicks traditional masculinity in the *** Gaultier, Westwood...Rootstein, too...snap him up!
Allison Harvard, Young, fierce —and ready to mentor shares apart of her life, art, and being a mentor … via
Allison Harvard, also known as Creepy Chan, is an Amercan artist/model who garnered= attention for her ghastly portraits on the imageboard site 4chan.
Treat pipol like the way you wanted to be TREATED:!,,, --allison harvard--♥♥
Who can forget Allison Harvard, the svelte, tall, doe-eyed girl well-loved among fans of “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 12 and its All-Star season?
Allison Harvard cat shirt is NOW AVAILABLE at
ᒓ◕ᴥ◕ᒔ we love and support Top Model and Artist Allison Harvard
Allison Harvard as our mentor- judge at Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded. Watch its primer on November 18, 2013 7pm - ETC Channel
Allison Harvard was a contestant and runner-up during Cycle 12 of ANTM. The American artist and fashion model from Houston, Texas, resided in New Orleans, Louisiana during her appearance on America...
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Allison Harvard go to VIGAN, ILOCOS SUR ! it's like Spain there! awesome to have photoshoot!
a friend of mine was Allison Harvard's makeup artist earlier :(( so luuucky
Allison Harvard is like a definition of perfect.
I love Allison Harvard she's here na and if ever there will be an event I'm so going! :)
Allison Harvard my spirit animal iz u.
Oh em! Allison Harvard liked our photo on Instagram! 😱😱😱
With doe eyed Ms. Allison Harvard at last night's event 😃 @ NBC Tent
Its the ANTM Doll Allison Harvard in our latest DAS54 in black ! We love her❤️❤️ so…
This pretty girl on instagram who looks like Allison Harvard is complementing me what do I do.
Allison Harvard and Sophie Sumner is in Ph!. please bring Cara Delevigne too!!!
My other photo with Allison Harvard! Next photo: my eyes are bigger than her. ...not. :))…
OHHHEMMGEEE! Allison Harvard on I'll watch it for sure..
󾬏 Allison Harvard will be a guest judge on the next episode of this Saturday, 7 pm on...
Allison Harvard is in the Philippines right now? YES
Allison Harvard is in Manila. I want to meet her, please :D
Selfie summers and Allison Harvard in the Philippines right now wow
Sophie Sumner and Allison Harvard is here in the Philippines now! I wish you come here too, Alex!!! :)
One of my favorite America's Next Top Model contestants who SHOULD have won, Allison Harvard.
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might be a good time to reach out to your aunt doing post-doctoral research in bio-chemistry at Harvard for a lil tutoring!
Another fan picture with Allison Harvard at the trade launch ♡ Tent
Beautiful time with Allison Harvard at the trade launch ♡ Tent
Stunning eyes!!! Allison Harvard at the trade launch ♡ Tent
Allison Harvard at the trade launch ♡ Tent
Precious Allison Harvard at the trade launch ♡ Tent
To: Allison Harvard hello Alli, your fans and asking about any meet and greet or something? because...
Allison Harvard is my fav ANTM contestant, she's so cute and rly rly good
got the biggest crush ever on Allison Harvard
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — Allison Elizabeth Harvard obviously (~^o^)~
Allison Harvard is absolute perfection. I'm so in love. 😍
Allison Harvard i need a jacuzzi next to my bed so i can just roll in the moment i wake up
Allison Harvard at the trade launch ♡
Allison Harvard resident judge of joins this coming Saturday...
Foto: topmodelcentral: Dominique Reighard and Allison Harvard for Impalpable by Michael Cinco ~ America (10,...
Website Builder 728x90
With Allison Harvard, Finalist of America's Top Model and our Host for the Mega Fashion Crew ETC watch for it soon!
cant wait for tommorow shoot for inquirer americas top model ALLISON HARVARD thanks sir jj and mis mau for this break thanks
Photo: topmodelcentral: Allison Harvard test shot ~ America (12 and 17) ~ by Paley Fairman
One Mega Group Inc. Trade Lauch again today! After seeing Allison Harvard last night, I'm hoping for Georgina Wilson Tonight! Gotta love it.
I want to be Allison Harvard when I grow up
Allison Harvard and Gutierrez family last night. Sino kaya tonight?
I'm just so in love with Allison Harvard, I want to be her.
Next Saturday, Allison Harvard guest judge on next episode of
Allison fans!!! watch this video clip of Allison Harvard modeling for L'Oreal Paris Philippines...
Must watch!!! video clip Allison Harvard model for L'Oreal Paris Philippines
With the hosts of MEGA Fashion Crew Reloaded! Yikes! I look so dark beside Allison Harvard!…
Allison Harvard getting ready for a shoot :] but first halo halo for breakfast 󾔗󾥱󾥸
Allison Harvard is so beautiful and kind thanks event
Allison Harvard and her expressive eyes! event
I love Allison Harvard expressive eyes! event
Allison Harvard and hosts of every Monday...
Allison Harvard and hosts of every Monday at 7:00 p.m starting Nov 18
Allison Harvard on Philippines. What can you say?
Allison Harvard Another unique beauty. To my "mannequin pals"...I keep wondering why Rootstein hasn't recruited she and Ann Ward...
Ugly Pretty make up. To catch up for Halloween. Allison Harvard ANTM Cycle 17 (All-Stars) Fav ANTM finalist.:)
Allison Harvard for MEGA Fashion Crew. The Stunner is back in the Metro. When in Manila, it’s not every day that one gets to meet an international model, let alone an alum of Tyra Banks’ highly popular model search reality show, America’s Next Top Model. Last Sunday, though, with a brilliant stroke…
Here, this is for you Maddie Allison Harvard ANTM Cycle 17 (All-Stars)
O.M.G! Allison Harvard is on the Tim Yap Show. can`t let go .
Aside from passing all my course subjects, I'm wishing for one SPECIAL GIFT and that is... Kahit makasalubong ko man lang si ms. Allison harvard habang nasa pilipinas siya. Wah.
Oh my god Allison Harvard like, replied to Georgina Wilsn oh my god
IT'S REAL!!! Allison Harvard in Manila... I want to go there T.T
Allison Harvard in Manila. Five words: I want to see her
Allison Harvard is in the country :o >:o
Allison Harvard on The Tim Yap Show. Please let there be blood and awesomeness. ♥ (You should have guested Mike Carandang as well! Pft)
good day , will Allison Harvard be present in tonight's event it Prive?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
OMG. I can't believe I'm talking to Allison Harvard
oH mY gOD allison harvard will be the host of the ew mega fashion something
So Allison Harvard really is here in the Philippines :)
I hope fans will get a chance to meet Allison Harvard :)
Stunning Allison Harvard working the set of Reloaded
Allison Harvard working the set of Reloaded
Im still mad Allison Harvard didn't win Americas Next Top Model, even though that was like 3 years ago .
One second I'm Allison Harvard and suddenly the Allison Harvard is me.
I love that shir made by allison harvard!
Still can't believe Allison Harvard's in the Philippines :') She's my all time ANTM fave ♥
"Love this! X it's look like allison harvard :)
LOL GAME LIKIN ALLISON HARVARD why have I never seen this before
Allison Harvard the moment you drop your phone but are too afraid to see if the screen is shattered...
nakakatomboy naman 'tong Ann Ward at Allison Harvard na 'to.. i love you both.. super much!
Post your fan art appreciation to Allison Harvard
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Anthony Luis Gonzaga, Mr. Garage Man! now i know why Allison Harvard is here! :-D
Get ready! Allison Harvard is back in the Philippines for
Status: Happy!!! Allison Harvard is back in the Philippines for
Allison Harvard is in Manila !!! I wanna see her... I heard she will be hosting at the same time as mentor for Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded :))
Angelica S. Garcia Catch us this November in Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded with Allison Harvard of America's Next Top Model
Now I can't sleep! Because im super excited! Allison Harvard (of ANTM is one of the host/mentor for (to be aired on November). So, she will live here in the Philippines for quite some time. Oh gawd. I pray for another picture with her. here! :)
Already here at One Mega Group for our Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded shoot and Allison Harvard of America's Next Top Model is here! She's quite the stunner. 󾌵
Allison Harvard me dio Fav otra vez!
Allison harvard of ANTM is here di ko kinakaya.
allison harvard so many exciting things to announce on sunday :D
Oh Allison Harvard What mesmerizing eyes you have...
2012 - Kylie Jenner, Rob K., Adam Levine, Allison Harvard all went to the Philippines. And I never got to see any of them :-) mylyfiscoolio
Oh how I wish I had Allison Harvard's eyes. Psh.
someone just do a job in modelling without doing anythin.. Allison Harvard + Sophie Sumner+ Kayla Ferrel = Nina Burns
I want to have a eyes as big as Allison Harvard :)
To this day i still think allison harvard should of won ANTM.
Allison Harvard is so attractive woah
By Allison Harvard order your shirt today
By Allison Harvard order your shirt today.
Allison Harvard order your shirt today at ✨...
I wish I was Allison Harvard. She's so cute ♡
Might be in love with Allison Harvard. …
Top Model Allison Harvard have a blessed day
I liked a video Allison Harvard:The best moments..
hi you've bought a shirt from Penelope Allison harvard
I want to see allison harvard in person...nakakalalaki kc sya eh
Allison Harvard had to remind me of my new favourite Korean League of Legends team competing. Thanks
allison harvard of all the flavors you guys sent i LOVED the chocolate chip cookie...
Allison Harvard 󾁚 Penelope shirt is NOW available at 󾥼 󾥼 󾆸󾠄󾬏...
Allison Harvard is so amazingly perfect.
I want a girl like Allison harvard.
Allison Harvard and Raina Hein are both beautiful :)
Allison Harvard is has got such a unique look, unbelievably stunning and beautiful🌸✨
Allison Harvard ..when a lot of people asked me of portray her and her eyes. This was one of the five special paintings that I made for Christmas, I made one painting for color, this was the pink o...
Happy birthday Allison Harvard. I love your wit, words, selflessness, and tan. Heck, I even love your scoliosis.
Women that can make me a real man. Hayley Williams and Allison Harvard. Hehehe good night.
Allison Harvard accidentally sent me two copies of her lovely painting! One 11X14 and one 8X10!
two of my favorite contestants... Sophie Sumner and Allison Harvard
Allison Harvard for Flair Designs Events custom masks and headpieces.
Lets Welcome Allison Harvard to the world of
Allison Harvard is so very perfect gah
1 my favorite antm contestant is allison harvard 2 I am an industrious kid 3 i like to sleep in the morning :D
"you look like allison harvard but less creepy" THE BEST COMPLIMENT I'VE EVER GOTTEN
I'm going to go have an unhealthy obsession with Allison Harvard lol
unique women in the world that I love that is allison harvard and :)
I would cut off my pinky to look like Allison Harvard, Maddie Carina, or Hannah Snowdon bye
Allison Harvard is so pretty. Love her big, blue eyes 💙
If I was a judge on ANTM I so would've made Allison Harvard America's Next Top Model in Cycle 12 and... htt…
Allison Harvard thank you for always supporting me :D
Allison Harvard thank you for always supporting me :3
ANTM's Allison Harvard, you are an angel.
Allison Harvard is still my superfavorite top model.
hi my name is Allison Harvard , I'm from America's Next Top Model All Stars
If you could be another person for a day, who would you be?... — Georgina Wilson please or Allison Harvard
//Allison Harvard was born to be in a York peppermint patty commercial
Allison Harvard is my all time fav Americas Next Top Model gal <3
Funny thing is the celebrities that people say I'm similar to don't even look alike: Yoon Eun Hye, Shaina Magdayao and. Allison Harvard?
Allison Harvard please come again here in the Philippines ..
Gemma Ward, Allison Harvard, and Lily Cole are basically living, breathing dolls.
Top Model Allison Harvard direct link to the originals section of her shop...
Allison Harvard For Joe, an original 11"x14" watercolor painting just added yo her shop :3...
allison harvard another little original watercolor painting I just added to my shop :3...
Allison harvard is perfect idek what to do
One of my biggest inspiration. One of the most beautiful creature in the world. Allison harvard.
I think I'm having an Allison Harvard phase
someone buy me this. thx Penelope An 11 x 14 Print By Allison Harvard by eluelizabeth
hi! i am thinking about putting a bunch of old and new original paintings + sketches into my etsy shop. I was wondering if there was any interest? I'd rather have people enjoy them then let them sit in drawers.
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Allison Harvard is got to be one of the most beautiful models
I want to be Allison Harvard or Daphne groeneveld
Just found out that Allison Harvard got her start on ANTM so watching that all day.
POT LEDOM is TOP MODEL spelled backwards. Underwater by Allison Harvard.
I wanna be am imaginative creature thought up by Allison Harvard and been brought to life from the iris of her eyes .
Stares at my Allison Harvard phone background regretting that I didn't sit in the entrance area the whole time
My girl crush has to be Allison Harvard. She's just stunning and awkward 😍
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Allison Horenberg AP US History exam score * 5 * you are awesome. Your hard work and commitment to learning is evident by this result. Once again you have made me so proud.
Many years have passed and I'm very glad to know that I'm not the only one who felt that Allison Harvard should have won ANTM Cycle 12.
Her eyes put me in this trance. I think shes very relatable despite what most people say about her.. I wish she wouldve won
Looking for a dog trainer for my 6 month old St. Bernard/ German Shepherd mix. Please inbox me names and rates. Stacy Sweat
Salsalate Lowers Blood Glucose in Type 2 Diabetes, Study Suggests Science Daily July 2, 2013 — Joslin scientists report that salsalate, a drug used to treat arthritis, lowers blood glucose and improves glycemic control in type 2 diabetes. These findings, which were published today by the Annals of Internal Medicine, provide additional evidence that salsalate may be an effective drug to treat type 2 diabetes. The scientists became interested in studying salsalate, an anti-inflammatory drug, after research conducted by Steven Shoelson, M.D., Ph.D., Head of the Section on Pathophysiology and Molecular Pharmacology and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, identified inflammation as a factor in the development of type 2 diabetes. Stage 1 of TINSAL-T2D (Targeting Inflammation Using Salsalate in Type 2 Diabetes) evaluated varying doses of salsalate in 108 participants with type 2 diabetes for 14 weeks. This study was reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2010. The current findings are base ...
Sen. Mitch McConnell is “scared to death” of running against Alison Lundergan Grimes, Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) said Thursday morning. “They’re showing how much fear they have about this race because our airwaves are already crammed with negative ads about Allison,” Yar...
1) Water bender! 2) Slytherin!!! 3) Pegasus 4) Does Tank Girl count as a super hero? (She does to me!) 5) Elvin most definitely 6) Vampire only if I get to be An Anne Rice Vampire 7) I'd like a black lightsaber with a purple glow 8) Creepy Chan (Allison Harvard is my spirit Animal!) 9) Ghost or Psychic (I am not picky!) 10) Mage!
So I want to have a hashtag starting tomorrow for crazy stuff at AX, including me or just in general. It will be forever archived hehehe. Any ideas? Moon Farron, Nicolette Taylor Church, Lauren Perrin , Vanessa Walton, Chloe Doan, Allison Harvard, Sasha Kirstien Araujo Mua , Takuji Shibata, Ayyouokay Uokaydaddy, Lian Yu ??
Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to flood the 6,000-acre Gettysburg National Military Park and surrounding town this week to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Diane and her guests discuss the significance of the Battle of Gettysburg and how it's remembered.
Harvard Study: More Red Meat = More Diabetes Increasing one’s consumption of processed and unprocessed red meat could lead to a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a major study has found. Published online last week by the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, the study analyzed the meat intake over 20 years of some 149,000 health professionals. Researchers working at Harvard University found that increasing meat consumption by more than half a serving a day (roughly 1.5 ounces) was associated with a 48% increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, compared to those whose meat intake did not increase. The risk was highest when processed meats like hot dogs and bacon were consumed. Those cutting back on red meat, researchers found, had a 14% lower risk of developing the disease over the long-term. “Our results add further evidence that limiting red meat consumption over time confers benefits for [type 2 diabetes] prevention,” the study authors wrote. And in an email to Medscape Medical News, the st ...
Macfarlane Sworn In for Full Term on U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Dr. Allison M. Macfarlane was sworn in to a full five-year term on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission today and has been designated by President Obama to continue serving as the agency chairman. Macfarlane, who joined the commission as a member and chairman July 9, 2012, for the remainder of a term ending June 30, 2013, won confirmation from the Senate June 27 after being nominated by the President in March. She was sworn in during a private ceremony in her office. “I am honored to continue my service as Chairman of the NRC,” Macfarlane said. “I look forward to building on the past year’s accomplishments on the critically important issues our agency faces.” Macfarlane, who is the 15th NRC chairman, is an expert on nuclear waste issues and holds a doctorate in geology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s of science degree in geology from the University of Rochester. Before coming to the NRC, M ...
This version does not use clips of Tyra and Keenan Cahill - SO I've decided ...
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